Animal abuse: Time for change

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Animal abuse: Time for change

Dear friends,

The turmoil we are witnessing in the aftermath of Ebru’s death was expected. Its the usual succession of events, surprise, shock, anger, denial, acceptance and in the end the realization that some things have to change and that those changes must be led by us as individuals.

We don’t know who killed Ebru, but we know she died because of massive trauma. We hope one day we will find out who did it. I’m sure we will.

We must now look at the bigger picture.

Ebru was a lucky dog who enjoyed a long life because of the protection or the Marmara Hotel. Not every stray dog is as lucky. As a matter of fact very few are. The average life of a dog in the streets its no more than four to five years, and those years are marked by constant abuse. I shouldn’t go into it but I will. The amounts of animals being kicked to death, tortured, burned, chained, confined, knifed, is staggering. Animal welfare organizations across the country deal with those cases on a daily basis. We know that. Only a oerson of limited intelligence  would deny it (there are plenty of those amongst us infortunately).
To those cases we must add the tens of thousands of abandoned animals that we find cheap generic xanax online wandering losts on the streets regularly.

This problem is not Turkey’s alone. It is specially bad in Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy or Spain.

We are, however going to focus our attention in Turkey. Why? Because this is our nation and because here is where, each one of us, can make lasting changes.

The tragic death of Ebru, sad as it is, must serve a purpose. The outcry created by her untimely death must translate on changes in the law, and most importantly on the way the law is applied.

Let’s Adopt will create a separate section within its organization solely dedicated to exposing and uncovering cases of animal abuse. Our purpose won’t be to judge, well leave the judicial powers to that. But we will be bringing to light such cases and publicise them to the full extent.

We will require volonteers to join us in this quest. We will need lawyers, photographers and in general people who are tired of seeing such cruelty around and would want to do something.

We will target four cases specially:

– Extreme cases of animal neglect

– Dog fighting organizations

– Animal abandon.

– Abuse in shelters/animal hoarding
We have set up a special email address:

If you hate animal cruelty as much as we do please get in touch


Please join Animal Justice


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  1. Thank you to Lets Adopt for this.. I truely hope the good people of Turkey will shine through and make a difference for the sreet dogs around them .

  2. YES!!! That’s exactly what I thought (one of many anyway) as I was reading about Ebru’s death; the many3x that go on unnoticed…
    Thanks for putting a face on this Viktor & the gang.

  3. diane davison says:

    I will help in anyway i can, i will even come to turkey at the end of the season and help with the strays, feeding whatever. I live on rhodes island and i look after as many strays as i can here and i have one big stray dog i named sunny who was sliced open by some horrid person and whom i would never part with because he is my baby, i also fostered a starved dog who is now rehomed in germany and is very happy. Lets Adopt is a great idea and i hope i can help. Its a shame Ebru had to die before i saw the post about him and this post made me want to help

  4. I do hope that we get to stop animal cruelty and abuse. I feel that they the animals too deserve the right to live a happy life and a peaceful one. So, please show love and care for all creatures great & small.

  5. Monica Polidori says:


  6. Monica Polidori says:

    Basta con l’uccione di animali e lo sfruttamento di animali gratuiti