Diego – Walking Back from Death

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Have you ever met an animal one step away from death’s door? An animal, which had to fight for each breath of life every minute, and was slowly losing the battle?

This is that animal.  Meet Diego..

The heartbreaking short video above was shot by Diego’s rescuers on the day nobody believed he would pull through.   Only an hour earlier, Diego lay dying in the basement of a deserted house.   The only strength he had left was used to whimper weak, pained cries for help.  His rescuers, a young family, were walking by the desolate home when they thought they heard a cat’s cry from the basement window.  At that moment this family became Diego’s hope.   They entered the home risking their own safety and found the horrific living remains of the neighborhood tomcat laying motionless on the cold cement floor of the basement.   Once beautiful and strong, he was now reduced to a pile of bones and skin and unable to move – a true ghost. The only movement was his straining to cry pitifully for help.

Weighing but a kilo, paralyzed, thoroughly dehydrated, with collapsed veins, and temperature too low to be registered, Diego was critical.

The doctors immediately went to work stabilizing him while the young family launched a plea for help via their small Facebook animal rescue page and its few hundred followers. It was at the clinic that we met them during one of our visits. The vets had miraculously stabilized him and began to run additional tests in an attempt to understand the reason for his deteriorated state and inability to move.  A bad diet, severe infection and severe dehydration, coupled with major loss of Potassium had gradually rendered the big cat paralyzed.

Poor Diego’s life had been slipping away, slowly and painfully, with no help or hope, in that basement that was his safe place but became a death trap.

The road Diego faces is very long, and the young family was not managing to stir up enough support.  They reached out to us.

It was then that Diego became a Let’s Adopt’s cat. The biggest challenge we must help him tackle are the consequences of inadequate Potassium supply, which during an unknown stretch of time had transformed his minor weakness into complete immobility. His tasks now are to learn how to walk again, regain muscle tone and repair his vestibular system (the system that allows for balance and spatial orientation).  Imagine trying to walk without knowing which way was up or down.

Diego is an amazing cat and don’t you doubt – he has no intention of quitting.  He’s made his first step and only with everyone’s  help can he keep going.  Where would Diego be now without you?  The Let’s Adopt community exists solely for rescues just like Diego.  

Help us pull Diego through, and walk with him on his long road back to life.


If you prefer to donate in EUROS Click this button:

After his recovery he’s going to need the best home. We don’t know what permanent problems he’ll have. We suspect many long lasting ones, so only the best home will do. Are you that home?  Write us if you are!    ADOPTIONS@MYLETSADOPT.COM


The Let’s Adopt! Team


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1-2-thump.. 3-4-flop.. Here comes Mickey!

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If you meet little Mickey two things will happen – you will immediately fall in love with him and your heart will overflow with sorrow. Because the funky title of our story actually describes the way he walks.. 1-2, thump… 3-4, flop…

Tiny Mickey, a.k.a. Wobbly, was rescued in a critical state – severe dehydration, soaring fever, unconsciousness, and shock. Mickey received emergency life-saving care, and when stabilized he was put on antibiotics to battle a serious infection.

Only days after his seemingly successful recovery it started to become obvious that something was badly wrong.

Mickey could not walk.

The little cat was rushed to the vets once again for extensive examinations. He was prescribed Prednisolone (Prednivet) to address a suspected inflammation or damage to the cerebellum; lack of improvement however forced the doctors to abandon that line of thought.  Mickey’s condition was peculiar – he was having trouble walking but the reflexes in his legs were perfect.


Continuing the efforts to understand Mickey’s problem, he needed to have an MRI procedure done.  The doctors wanted to look inside the kitty to find out what was in there, was it fixable, and if not – could he live with it.

A specialized clinic with equipment, precise enough to examine a 1 kg kitten, was located. During a two-hour procedure Mickey was carefully sedated, placed in the huge bell of the MRI machine and delicately re-positioned at set intervals so accurate cross-section images could be captured. Those were tense hours since anesthesia can be fatal, and is especially dangerous for a patient with neurological problems.

Mickey MRI

Mickey MRI

Mickey made it!  After the MRI images were reviewed by the team, the vets concluded that Mickey’s problem is functional and not anatomical. There is no visible anomaly that could account for his troubles; no trauma or bone obstructing the spinal cord.  The problem could be atrophy or improper forming of the spinal cord lining. This causes the nerve signals to travel with incorrect speed and as a result Mickey does not have complete control of his legs. It is the doctors’ opinion that his body may eventually learn to live this way, and they are even hopeful of possible marginal improvements.

Micky MRI

Micky MRI

Currently Mickey is in a lovely foster home where he is receiving lots of love and care. When calm, he walks in a most endearing wobbly manner, and has been observed to be managing longer and longer stretches without toppling over. When excited and in a hurry he cannot walk at all – he jerks and flops like a bird with a broken wing; it must be that those nerve signals are arriving in a complete disarray at those times.. Mickey climbs cat trees and comfy laps, plays happily with his furry foster friends, knows where the toilet is and how to use it (well, occasionally there are some mishaps on this front but nothing a dedicated Human can’t handle).

Mickey is full of love and he is not afraid to show it – he can spend hours snuggled up on his foster Human’s chest with his head tucked under the Human’s chin – quite an amazing sight.


We promise you, you have not seen a kitty like Mickey.

So, while Wobbly Mickey remains unsure on his own legs, we move on in search of his new family.
If you know them, won’t you tell them Mickey is waiting?     Write to ADOPTIONS@MYLETSADOPT.COM

Share this story to help us find Mickey’s new family!

If the little cat with the big gait touched you, DONATE TODAY so the Let’s Adopt community can help other animals like Mickey.

** All funds will go into our SIMBA Fund to help other animals in need.

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Marty – the end of a stray

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Before we tell you about Marty we want to share two things. The first is that he is the saddest cat we have seen in a while… and the second is that every moment you spend reading this, could be his last. 

So if you find solace in praying, pray for Marty.

It was Sunday in a small Eastern Europe town, pleasant weather, happy people, nothing unusual except a dying cat.

Ginger fur caked with dirt, ribs poking through his skinny sides, unable to stand – he was noticed at his last possible moment by a local volunteer rescue, and immediately taken to a vet.
Marty, Let's Adopt



Infected and already necrotising wounds covered his body, blood tests signaled worrying news – severe anemia, sky-high leukocytes, an active infection.

We may never learn what ripped Marty apart, we only know that his life is in our hands now. We know that he was slowly dying while nobody noticed. 

Marty was critical but there was no 24-hour veterinary care in the small town. He needed intensive care and constant observation, which could not be provided where he was. This is when we learnt of him yesterday. Our local volunteers traveled through the night to collect him and take him to one of the best clinics on the Balkan peninsula.

At 03:00 this morning Marty was finally in intensive care and in OUR CARE!

A team of experienced veterinary doctors are fighting to save his life.

The fight, however, is not easy.

Marty is unable to maintain normal temperature and is being warmed up additionally. His body temperature is only 34 ℃. Haematology & biochemistry tests indicate serious functional changes in his kidneys and liver. Marty is throwing up blood, and there is blood in his urine..



Every moment may be Marty’s last.

UPDATE March 20, 2015

We’ve been to see Marty. Good news – he is still with us. Bad news – he is a very complicated patient.

Most emergency recovery approaches are unfortunately not applicable to him because of the terrible state of his liver and kidneys. The vets cannot at this moment determine if the problems are acute or chronic. Prolonged starvation and dehydration could provoke such condition – echo-positive liver, high levels of ALT, severely inflamed teeth and gums.

Marty is on an IV drip to resupply his body with water and electrolytes. He is also on two antibiotics.

He was given food, however he did not keep it. Parenteral feeding, done via feeding tube inserted into the esophagus, is not possible because Marty’s throat is one large wound, full of puss. He is also not stable enough to be sedated for the administration of gastronomy tubes, which could deliver food direct into his stomach.

The problem with not eating is the possible development (or worsening if he’s already got it) of hepatic lipidosis, “fatty liver disease”, which befalls starving cats.

So.. all in all.. This gentle cat is one big mess. Keep him in your thoughts.

UPDATE March 20, 2015

Marty is fighting.. He is receiving a blood transfusion as we write. It is done slowly over a few hours to ensure the process is controlled at all times, because even though the blood is tested and confirmed for compatibility, there is a chance of allergic reaction.

Marty blood transfusion


Marty blood transfusion

Marty’s condition continues to be precarious. He has hypocalcemia, decreased calcium levels, often reported in critically ill patients. Calcium is involved in critical cellular processes including the regulation of vascular and myocardial contraction. Calcium was administered intravenously, again under constant supervision, very slowly and over a few hours, since the procedure poses a risk for the heart.

photo (3)

We cannot promise you that he will be alright, but we promise you that we will do everything possible to save him.

Please help us save Marty by donating for his medical and hospitalization bill.
Don’t let this
be the end of a stray.

 * Please follow Marty´s updates at our page, Let´s Adopt Global

**Let’s Adopt! Global is a 501c3 charity and your donation is tax deductible.  All funds will go towards Marty’s care.  Any remaining funds will go to support our other rescues.

CRITICAL UPDATE March 22, 2015

We spent yesterday and through the early morning hours with Marty. There were some improvements overnight but other signs are showing serious problems. He was able to eat today and held his food down (finally). His temperature was also up and holding for the first time. However, his breathing is becoming labored. Sadly, Marty is still not stable. There was a little more optimism today, though.

At the moment, it’s going to be hour by hour; one step forward, one step back. Marty, we’re all by your side, buddy! Come on, Marty!

MARTY HAS LEFT US.. March 23, 2015

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that Marty has passed. He gave up his fight and we are all devastated.

He had quickly become adored by his medical team, by us, and by you.

Marty didn’t die in the streets alone and beaten. He passed quietly in a warm place with people who cared for him. An ultrasound and blood tests all revealed severe problems with his kidneys and liver. We were hoping it was reversible but it just couldn’t be stopped. A hard life, his injuries, and neglect were just too much for us to fix.

We were too late for Marty.

Marty was the kind of cat that only those who are lucky ever get to meet. He was gentle, kind, and comforting to those around him.

We gave Marty a peaceful end to his hard life and we will never forget him.

Thank you for caring about Marty. For giving him a chance.

Please SHARE this story.

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IT NEVER ENDS!   Many new friends have begun following Let’s Adopt so they may not know that we are exhaustively working behind the scenes and around the clock with many animals in different parts of the world.   While we make sure Magnus gets better, India moves into her new home, and many, many others recover, we find ourselves face to face with yet another life and death situation — usually caused by man’s cruelty, or indifference.   

A TRUCK CRUSHED TONY then just drove away!  He was rescued by a tiny shelter with little resources. They took him to a vet and after a basic exam the vet diagnosed it as a broken leg. An emergency surgery was needed, but the vet wanted payment before it could happen. The quote for the surgery was 15 times what the shelter has been able to raise for Tony. The shelter kept appealing for help, but the response was scarce. Crushed and in pain, TONY laid there for days. Until the 10th day, we learnt about him. We didn’t hesitate. That instant Tony became ours.

10 DAYS.

Imagine being crushed by a truck and miraculously surviving only to SUFFER FOR 10 DAYS while nothing happens, while those that want to save you are left desperate and helpless.

We were not going to trust him to a vet that allowed this baby, broken to pieces, to suffer until he was assured payment.  We urgently moved Tony to the best surgical center in Valencia, Spain where his critical care has begun.  Xrays weren’t enough to assess Tony’s fragile state.  A CAT SCAN was done and revealed the extent of the horrific injuries… multiple fractures…and much, much worse, a broken back!  Tony was crushed.


CT SCAN - Tony, lower view
CT SCAN – Tony, lower view

Tony has had 2 surgeries so far.  One to repair his legs and now his back, but he needs a third surgery.  And he NEEDS YOU to join us to make it possible!


He is in intensive care.  If he makes it through this critical moment he has a very good chance of having a great life, but we must get passed this with your help.  But we’ll be honest, he is weak and fighting for his life.



The surgery planned today was an attempt at recovering more feeling in his legs after his first 2 surgeries.  For now,  it’ s not needed.   Tony is showing signs of sensitivity.   Any pain he has we are managing, but sensitivity is a GREAT THING for this baby that may have been paralyzed!   It means he has a chance to walk again!   The bad news is he remains CRITICAL, ANEMIC, AND BLOOD RESULTS ARE CONCERNING US.


Tony remains critical and is being cared for around the clock in INTENSIVE CARE.  He is going to need us and our Let’s Adopt! community — YOU — to make sure he has everything in the world to give him that chance.  Ivan (“Viktor”) was by his side yesterday along with his medical team.

Tony is showing slow signs of progress.  His temperature was normal and he is eating.  His right leg is getting stronger.   BUT he is overall weak, fighting an infection, anemic, and his left leg is not improving .    He also shows the signs of his hard life on the streets before being crushed and then saved —  a severe case of mange, malnourished, and neglected. He’s a little fellow, a tiny helpless babe.       His medical team say that “Tony’s road to recovery is long and complicated but we will fight to give him the best chance…”




If you can help by DONATING, please click below.  If you can’t, please help by sharing his story.  It’s going to be long and complicated for Tony but let’s show him that we are all there for him!



Please help us do the work we do and fulfill the mission we share with you. Please help us save Tony by sharing your donation**.   


The Let’s Adopt! Team

P.S. Once Tony’s recovers and treatments are over, he is going to deserve only the best home where he can feel safe and enjoy life with no more worries.If you are that home, PLEASE write a letter to us at adoptions@myletsadopt.com telling us everything about you and your family of animals.

Please follow Tony’s updates at our page, Let´s Adopt Global


**Let’s Adopt! Global is a 501c3 charity and your donation is tax deductible.  All funds will go towards Tony’s care.  Any remaining funds will go to support our other rescues.

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India: A kid pulled her tail and injured her, now her owner wants her dead…

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Someone came to our main clinic with a wonderful kitty. Her request… to have her euthanized.

India is an indoor cat. About six months ago she was offered as a present to the ten year old kid of the family…

That decision forever marked her life.

For the last year India has been routinely abused, mishandled, kicked, thrown around the house, and finally, the injury that sealed her fate, grabbed and pulled by the tail with such strength that this injured her spine and damage the nerves controlling her ability to pee and poo on her own. She needs manual assistance to pee and she can´t control her defecation.


And so… the owner, annoyed with having to clean pee and poo didn’t hesitate to take her to the vet to have her killed.

Please watch her video and you will get to see what an incredible cat she is.. see the beauty and kindness of her character. Please, please, fall in love with her, because you are all she has today.


We need to ask our readers and members of the Let´s Adopt! community, to share her story in the hope that someone out there… someone will offer a permanent home for India. My email is: viktor@myletsadopt.com.

If you can´t open your home to her, please help us cover her medical and hospitalization bills as she is going to have to stay in the hospital being assisted manually until a final home is found.**


** Any remaining funds AFTER caring for this rescue will go into our SIMBA Fund to help other animals in need.


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Eagle: A baby abandoned on the fields with his intestines hanging out

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There are some sights you never get used to. An animal suffering. The sight of a little puppy, scared but at the same time desperately, silently, asking for help.

He is not even strong enough to bark, but the way he moves tells me there is something terribly wrong with him. And then I see it… blood dripping from behind and alongside his tiny legs.

Anal prolapse. His lower intestine is hanging out.



He is in a desperate position. Unless we act, his lower intestine will become necrotic and he will die of septicemia.

I give him a name. A great name. A name filled with dignity and greatness for a little whimpering puppy. Right there and then he is named Eagle.

I grab him and hold him tight against my chest. I don´t have a proper carrier to I place him at the passenger´s feet and rush to our clinic. His looks tell me, plead me: Save me.





He is the sweetest thing I´ve ever seen. His eyes seem to grow as they become fixated on mine, and so, in that awkward position he falls asleep, exhausted.

Eagle is at our clinic in Intensive care. His blood results show tremendous anemia and dehydration. His little body has been pushed to the limit for quite a few days. A big chunk of his intestine is already necrotic which makes this quite a delicate operation. A portion of his intestine will have to be cut off, all dead tissue will have to be removed.

His age and size make of this a very risky procedure but there is no alternative.  Either we do this or he will die.


Eagle is on Intensive Care right now. He is receiving fluid therapy and we are working hard is improve his anemia and other indicators to make sure he is be able to survive the surgery.

We live in a warped world… it´s very tempting to fall into despair and think that nothing will ever change, and who knows, maybe that´s so…. but of one thing we can be certain… together, today, we can save a little puppy´s life. To him, and to us, that should be all that matters.



P.S. After Eagle´s surgery and treatment is over, he is going to need an extraordinary home where he can enjoy the most amazing life.
If you are that home PLEASE write a letter to me on viktor@myletsadopt.com telling me everything about you and your family of animals.


P.S. Please follow Eagle´s updates at our page, Let´s Adopt Global

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Magnus 1

URGENTE!! Magnus el leon necesita una operación y una nueva vida

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De los cinco grandes depredadores que aún se pueden encontrar en estado salvaje ninguno cautiva nuestra imaginación como el gran león africano. Con cada vez menos ejemplares en estado natural se ha creado una gran industria alrededor de aquellos ejemplares que se encuentran en cautividad. En cada festividad, nuestras calles se llenan de circos que pasean enjaulados a tigres y leones. Esos felinos, desquiciados, pasan sus vidas tras barrotes con la única excepción de aquellos minutos de ridículo en que han de hacer “el show”. Mientras tantos sus cachorros son paseados entre las gradas y a las puertas del circo ofreciéndose un posado a los espectadores a cambio de quince, veinte euros para finalmente en ocasiones acabar muertos a manos de pseudo-cazadores en “cacerías enlatadas” para grandes bolsillos con ansia de sangre.


Magnus nació en cautividad, una víctima inocente de esa industria que humilla y abusa de estos magnificos animales, despojándoles de toda su dignidad y transformándoles en una simple foto de recuerdo de una absurda tarde de circo.




Al poco de nacer, Magnus fue separado de su madre y convertido en una atracción turística. Estos magnificos animales crecen a un ritmo sorprendente pero sus dueños quisieron que se mantuviese pequeño, lo más parecido posible al leoncito con el que todos quieren salir en la foto. Una vida útil de lo más reducida, ya que pronto se convertirá en un animal demasiado grande y dificil de manejar.

Para conseguir esto Magnus fué alimentado a base de yogurt y pan. Una dieta absolutamente catastrófica para un leon.




Esta dieta ha tenido terribles efectos en su desarrollo general, y ha dado lugar a una estenosis de esófago, un estrechamiento del esófago que hace imposible su alimentación de modo natural.

Al llegar a este punto el propietario del circo, al no servirle Magnus para nada lo llevó a un veterinario para que fuese eutanasiado.

El veterinario, consciente de que la situación de Magnus es complicada pero tiene solución quirúrgica lo remitió al que es, posiblemente, el mejor hospital veterinario de Valencia, el Hospital Veterinario Valencia Sur.




Nunca hasta ahora había estado en presencia de un león, y al arrodillarme a su lado experimenté una emoción indescriptible. Es imposible comprender la grandeza y el poder de un león hasta que lo tienes delante. Magnus tiene un serio problema que necesita cirugía pero no por ello deja de ser el Rey.

La decisión estaba clara, desde este momento tanto Valencia Sur como Let´s Adopt España lo haríamos todo para solucionar el problema de salud de Magnus y finalmente, ofrecerle el mejor futuro posible.

Juntos, podemos salvar la vida de este pequeño gran león y ayudarle a convertirse en el magnífico ejemplar que estaba destinado a ser.

Con vuestra ayuda podemos ofrecerle una vida alejada del sufrimiento, el abuso, una vida en la que quizás llegue algún día a tener su propia manada.



La cirugía de Magnus no puede esperar. Magnus será operado en el Hospital Veterinario Valencia Sur el próximo viernes 13 de Febrero.

Esta será obviamente una cirugía compleja y delicada y vamos a necesitar vuestra ayuda.


Actualización Sabado 14 Febrero

Llegará el día cuando mire hacia atrás y recuerde el rescate de Magnus y su historia como uno de los momentos más especiales en mi vida como rescatista.



Un extraordinario grupo de personas está uniendo fuerzas para salvar a este pequeño león español. Por favor, únete a nosotros! Por favor donad y ayúdadnos a salvar la vida de Magnus!


Una vez hayamos conseguido solucionar el problema médico de Magnus, nuestro pequeño gran león va a necesitar un maravilloso lugar donde vivir. La búsqueda de ese lugar ha comenzado.

Agradeceríamos el apoyo de instituciones nacionales e internacionales que puedan ofrecerle a Magnus la vida que merece. Contactar: viktor@myletsadopt.com


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Magnus 1


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What you are about to read is possibly the most challenging and complex rescue we´ve ever undertaken, both from a medical and logistical point of view. Please help us save MAGNUS… read the post through to the end and SHARE it on Facebook and Twitter…




Of all the big predators still living in the wild today none of them captures our imagination like the great African Lion. With shrinking numbers in the wild an entire industry has appeared around the number of lions in captivity. From Circuses still touring with their absurd and inhuman shows to Lion farms breeding lions in captivity to use them as photo ops by tourists ultimately ending as prey in the horrifying industry known as “canned hunting”.



Magnus was born in captivity, an innocent victim of that industry that degrades and abuses the most magnificent of animals turning them into nothing but a photo op available for purchase for a mere 20 bucks.




Barely days after he was born Magnus was separated from his mother and turned into a tourist attraction by a Spanish Circus.

Lions grow at an incredibly fast rate, but his owners wanted to slow down that growth for as long as possible before he would be too big and dangerous and therefore useless to them.

To achieve this Magnus was fed a mixture of yogurt and bread.




This clearly inadequate diet had severe effects on his bone, muscular and general development, creating what is called a Stenosis of the Esofagus, that is, a narrowing of the esofagus passage that renders impossible Magnus´s normal food ingestion.

At that point the Circus owner, having no use for a sick lion barely able to eat took him to a vet to have him euthanised. I was then contacted in the hope that Let´s Adopt Global would be able to help.




I had never been in the presence of a lion, in the wild or otherwise, and so, kneeling in front of this magnificent lion cub I was filled with an emotion unlike anything I´ve ever felt. The decision was taken in an instant. Let´s Adopt will do whatever it takes to save Magnus´s life and offer him the best possible future.

There are very few organisations in the world capable of taking such complex medical and logistical challenge. We hope, together, we will be able to save the life of this extraordinary animal, to help him become the great lion he was destined to be, and to offer him a beautiful future, away from suffering, abuse and maybe, who knows, a pride of his own.


Magnus´s surgery can´t wait. He will be operated in just a few days, on Friday 13 of February. This will obviously be a complex and extremely delicate surgery and we´ll need your help.

Update 14 February…

There will be one day when I will look back and I will remember Magnus and his story as one of the most special moments of my life as a rescuer.



The surgery part is over but Magnus remains hospitalized and will be with us until we have finally agreed on a final home for him. An extraordinary group of people has joined forces to save this incredible little lion. Become one of them!.. Please Donate towards Magnus rescue… Please help us save his Life!


After Magnus´s health condition has been solved, or at least improved to the point that he can have a normal lion life, Magnus will need a wonderful place to live. A haven for lions. The search for such haven has begun… We will welcome the assistance of reputable Lion Rescues willing to help us offering Magnus the life he deserves.
Please contact: viktor@myletsadopt.com

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EMERGENCY!!! Claudia has been hit by a car and crawled to the fields to die…

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We just received an email plea for help accompanied by this picture… A young dog, lays on the floor, completely paralysed, still in shock after having been victim of a hit and run. The driver didn´t even stopped.

Claudia somehow managed to crawl away from the road and find a comfortable spot on the fields to catch a breath, unable to move in any way she would have died there hadn´t it been for a young man that follows our work… He snapped a picture and sent it to me.



Claudia is microchipped. We contacted the owner, a hunter who came to the clinic, gave her a quick look and asked the vet to euthanize her before leaving without even looking back.

But we couldn´t allow this to happen… We have conducted a full analysis of her injuries and she is being stabilised waiting for surgery. I could describe in medical terms the extent of her injuries but I think with just a glimpse of her Xray you will understand the gravity of the situation…




If we had to describe Claudia with just two words, those would be INCREDIBLY SWEET.  She is one of the softest and most delicate dogs we´ever rescued. Used to run around free and agile she is terrified to find herself paralysed, not knowing where she is, not even being able to stand…


If you are reading this you are probably a close follower of our work and you´ve seen, time and again, what this incredible team can do for an injured animal. Let´s Adopt Global is a unique organisation where the combined efforts of all of us become the difference between life and death for animals like Claudia.

We are aiming to operate her on Friday morning, that is, in less than 48 hours…

Please Donate, help us save Claudia´s life… Right now she is broken, with your help, we can make her whole again…


P.S. After Claudia´s surgery and treatment is over, she is going to need an extraordinary home where she can enjoy the most amazing life.
If you are that home PLEASE write a letter to us at ADOPTIONS@MYLETSADOPT.COM telling us everything about you and your family of animals.

P.S. Please follow Claudia´s updates at our page, Let´s Adopt Global


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Linda, la tragedia de la caza del jabalí

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Linda es la perrita más dulce que os podáis imaginar, y eso hace aún más incomprensible lo que le han hecho.

Linda ha sido utilizada por los malditos cazadores para la caza del jabalí. Imaginaos esto, la perrita más buena del mundo lanzada a cazar un animal aterrorizado y salvaje, cuatro veces mayor que ella.

No hay nada como verlo así que dejadme que os enseñe como actúan los cazadores …

No tuvo ninguna oportunidad. En el momento en que el jabalí cargo contra ella y le desgarró la piel todo terminó.

Este es el estado en que ha sido encontrada tirada en los campos. Abierta e incapaz de moverse. Alguien tomo una foto, la colgó en Facebook y siguió su camino.




Uno de nuestros amigos vio la foto y de inmediato se fué para allá y la llevó al veterinario del pueblo más cercano donde le dieron primeros auxilios, y la cosieron para que pudiese llegar a nuestra clínica.

Linda llegó ayer a nosotros y su condición es lamentable. Además de la tremenda herida en la pata, tiene enfisema y derrame interno.


Linda se encuentra en cuidados intensivos y esta siendo tratada con todo lo que tenemos. Los puntos y el drenaje temporal que le hicieron han saltado y debemos cerrar las heridas de nuevo.

Esta es una tragedia y una emergencia..

Por favor haz click AQUI y ayudadnos a salvar la vida de Linda.

 P.S. Una vez el tratamiento de Linda haya finalizado va a necesitar un hogar maravilloso. Si estás dispuesto/a a abrir tu hogar a esta perrita maravillosa a la que tan mal han tratado  por favor escríbeme un correo a viktor@myletsadopt.com contándomelo todo sobre ti y tus animales y explicándome el tipo de vida que le podrías ofrecer.

Por favor seguid las actualizaciones de Linda en Let´s Adopt España.

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