Let’s Adopt! Inspirations

Diego – Walking back from Death

Mickey Walks!!

Marty – End of a Stray

Angels of the forest

Bertha (2008 – 2010)

Mr. Bones

Everything Changes

Gulumser, our miracle baby

Let’s Adopt: NO-KILL

Vanilla: the harder the life, the sweeter the song


Maya the Rock Star!

The Story of Nader and Maheen

Nokta and Apricot

Ivan the Dog


Afghan Puppy Rescue

The rescue of Hope and Pipas



Sookie’s Story

Goodbye Abuse

Brave Boy’s Ordeal

Making Dreams Come True

Three Turkish Panthers


Second Chances

20 Dogs

Fathma Balkanli’s horror. A rescue operation (1)

Ghosts of the City (English)

Ghosts of the City (Turkish)

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  1. margaret anne kluck says:

    Has villa got a home

  2. Nancy-Jo White says:

    My hope is that the dogs in the Fathma balkanli’s video were rescued…:-/

  3. margaret leat says:

    hi do you every get the one who did all this to the dogs and cat, if that was me i be doing to them what they do to the dogs and cats and see how they like it back i would love to help but i do not have the money i also have two lovely dogs, if any think happen to my two i would adopt one. keep up the good work

  4. God, how I hate people. There’s a special place in hell for the bastards responsible for the neglect and outright torture of lovely animals like these, and a special place in heaven for the likes of you, who go out of your way to save these babies. I’d take them all if I could.

  5. Racheal Tycoles says:

    What has happened with Axel?

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi, unfortunately our Spanish partners have stopped updating us on the situation of Axel. We are also worried and have done everything in our power to help him. We can now only hope his current carers care as much.

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