Accountability, Transparency, and Respect

To ensure that our mission is successful with your help, we must build trust.  Our rescues compel you to help us and join our mission and to trust us.  But to keep that trust we must keep earning it.  We must strive to never violate that trust and to operate in a manner that secures our ability to keep helping animals in need. The following are our policies and procedures and governance documents that make sure we deserve the trust you put on us.

Statement of Respect

Fundraising Policy

Travel Expense and Reimbursement Policy


Ivan Jimenez  a.k.a Viktor Larkhill Questions and Answers


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  1. Thank you for publishing the accountability information for your organization. It really does assure me that the animals come first in every way. The people in so many charitable organizations pocket a larger percentage of monies raised instead of using them for the intended recipients. It makes me feel better about donating my very hard earned money to your organization.

  2. Thank you for publishing the Accountability Report: I read the entire report and is sounds very reasonable. I don’t understand why Mr. Jimenez had a problem with this!

  3. This is definitely good news. Transperancy issue was always on my mind while donating, also made me waive donating in some cases… and to be honest, this was not going to happen if you didn’t part your ways…

  4. Susan Ford says:

    Viktor Larkhill is a scammer. Google his name. Viktor Larkhill lies to get you to donate. DO NOT DONATE!!!

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