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Let´s Adopt Adoption Conditions

Let´s Adopt applies strict Adoption Requirements. The toughest anywhere. Why? Because most of our rescued animals are unique, have suffered, have survived, and have won great battles.  They will only be placed in the best homes possible. Homes that understand their every need and will do everything possible for them.  Homes where they are family members and companions, not pets, or objects to be owned.  They are all individuals with feelings, thoughts, and desires and should be respected.

Let’s Adopt! always reserves the right to remove an animal from a foster or adopter if it is best for the animal.

There are a number of conditions for adopting an animal through the Let’s Adopt! network.

1.  At least one other animal in the home
Prospective adopters should have at least one other animal under their care and be able to demonstrate their ability to take care of animals through their history with this already existing animal.  Animals are individuals with thoughts, feelings, and personalities.  They are not objects to be discarded, or replaced when worn out. They are to be cherished for life.

Only by observing a relationship with an existing animal can Let’s Adopt! feel comfortable knowing that the adopters are aware of this immense and honored responsibility.

2. Animal must live inside the home
Should a prospective adopter live in a home with a garden, he or she should guarantee that the animal to be adopted through Let’s Adopt! will live inside the home as opposed to the garden only.  To live with the family. To be a part of the family.

3. Adopter must share future photos with Let’s Adopt
Prospective adopters agree to provide images from the new life of the animal on an ongoing basis and agree to them being published on our blog and Facebook page. This feedback is the glue that connects and inspires the community.

4. Animal must be fed appropriate diet
Let’s Adopt! animals will be fed a species appropriate diet. The commercial pet food industry has proven to at best not fully benefit the health of the animal, at worse, physically harm animals. With cancer as the leading cause of death for companion animals in industrialized countries, one common factor remains — the commercial pet food diet. With the ever expanding outsourcing of pet food and ingredients to unregulated production markets, a new danger has emerged.

Once Let’s Adopt! saves an animal we make every effort to ensure its long, healthy, and prosperous life.  We believe fresh, raw food is the only way to do this and we would like the adopting family to review information we provide regarding raw feeding. We ourselves feed our own furry companions raw and can personally testify to the many benefits we have observed through the years – greatly improved health, perfect coat condition, reduced quantities and non-smelliness of feces due to the animal not ingesting fillers, minimized litter costs for cats.

Please review the general information on raw feeding, or specific raw feeding guide for cats and for dogs. You are welcome to also do your own research. Then please let us know your thoughts in your reply email. If you already feed your existing pet a specially tailored diet, for ex. vegan/vegetarian, please share more details with us.

5. Our animals are only adopted into non-smoking homes
A Let’s Adopt! home must be a non-smoking home. Second-hand smoke kills hundreds of thousands of companion animals every year. Most of Let’s Adopt! animals have been close to death prior to rescue. We do not put them back in that situation.

We allow for homes where there are smokers who smoke outside and never indoors.

6. No body or behavior modifications
No de-clawing, de-barking, or any other kind of cruel behavior modification procedures or methods are allowed.  Ever. Period.

7. Additional conditions may apply in individual cases.

There are also important ground rules in Let’s Adopt!’s modus operandi that we would like all prospective adopters to be aware of:

  • Let’s Adopt! is entirely about rescued animals and animals in need. It does not assist individuals who are seeking to adopt a particular breed, or an animal with particular characteristics. It is those very mindsets that have put many of our animals in dire situations to begin with. Inquiries of this sort will simply be ignored.
  • We are accountable for all our animals for life. We rescued them; we will protect them; we will watch over them for as long as they live. Should the family ever become unable to properly care for the animal or should Let´s Adopt! decide the family is providing inadequate care, the family will be legally obliged to return the animal to Let´s Adopt!. To some this may seem intrusive. To us, and all of our existing adopters, it is comforting.

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14 comments on “Adoption ConditionsAdd yours →

  1. Whitney Ball says:

    Thank you so much for rescuing these adorable darlings! I do hope Little Arthur is placed with the perfect family. He is so adorable.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi there-

    I think what you are doing is great!! I am a college student and wanted to offer some suggestions for your ‘adopting conditions.’ I think the proper grammatical sentence would read:

    “Should the family ever *be in a position of not being able to *properly care for *him/her any longer, or should Let´s Adopt! decide the family is providing inadequate care, the family will be legally obliged to return the animal to Let´s Adopt!.”

    Or you could say:

    If the family is not properly suited to care for the animal, either mentally or physically, the family is legally obliged to return the animal to Let’s Adopt! so they may find a more suitable home.

    Just suggestions!! Thanks again for your great work!


    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth, we have implemented your suggestion into the text.

  3. Tina Redford says:

    Was curious if e-cigs were considered cigerettes

    1. Dear Tina, our concern is smoking around the pet, just as smoking around children would be unhealthy. If you use ecigs or smoke outside exclusively we could make exceptions. The safety of e-cigs are being debated right now, but there are some concerns. We congratulate you for making steps to quit! Great job!

  4. Hi I am wanting Patrick. I meet all requirement except what to feed them. I do feed my babies the food from store. But it is a higher quality then regular food. It has dried chicken chunks in it. I have a boxer and as you may know they have sensitive tummies. This is the only food he can eat without hurting him. We do feed them some table food but not too much as we don’t want them to become over weight. At Christmas they each get their own plate. My little girl (dachshund) ate so much her tummy was hitting the ground. Anyways, if this is not acceptable please tell me what to change for him and I will do it. Patrick stole my heart and God has told me he belongs with me. So whatever he needs he will get it from me.

  5. jill lafera says:

    i would love to adopt one of your beautiful cats please contact me anytime

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi, we have sent you an email, please check your Inbox!

  6. Hi, please keep me updated on Archie and if his condition improves. My husband and I would be interested in adopting a cat. We currently have a cocker spaniel. We Iive in the US.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      We have sent you an email, thank you for reaching out and considering the adoption of Archie!

  7. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

    We have sent you an email, thank you!

  8. LUZ D FRANCO says:

    Hello and God Bless you for what you do for the ones that don’t have a voice… Being an animal lover and sponsor to two shelters over sea, it hurts to see the cruelty to this beings that all they do is give us love. I saw the story of AXEL and wanted to know how he is doing. Has he been adopted yet?

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. Unfortunately, we have no information on Axel. Please read the information in this blog link for it explains the situation we encountered when Ivan Jimenez (Viktor Larkhill) left the organization.

      Ivan took possession of Axel and the rest of the animals after the boarding facility, where they were housed, sued him for outstanding payment. It was determined – in Spain – we had no claim to the animals he rescued. They were microchipped to Ivan personally and correspondence from him regarding these animals were always referred to as “his own animals”. Some were rehomed according to a few members of his network. Some are a “status unknown”. Axel’s whereabouts are unknown. Sorry we have no further information. Thanks for your inquiry.

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