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Let’s Adopt! started as Facebook-based group motivated by one single goal: to help animals in need, wherever they may be.

Let’s Adopt! was and continues to be about building new bridges – one animal at a time, one individual at a time –  to connect a new generation of animal activists in the world with one another and leave the old guard behind.

In recent years Let’s Adopt! has expanded exponentially.  Reaching to rescue animals throughout the globe.  With chapters in the USA, Germany, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Canada and several others, Let’s Adopt! is establishing a network-of-good where animals will be given the best opportunity for rescue, immediate care, and survival.  We incorporated in December of 2011 in the State of Massachusetts, USA as a charitable non-profit organization with the goal of continuing this growth and furthering our mission and in 2014 we were granted our 501c3 tax-exempt status after an exhaustive examination of our operations (EIN: 45-3204451).  While being tax exempt allows us to put resources right back into the mission, rather than taxes, it does not take away from the goal of being a community and not a company.  Our strength comes from our connections to individuals — rescuers, supporters, advocated, and any person willing to step forward and away from the crowd and make a difference… one animal at a time.


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Comments or opinions expressed on this blog, including those by readers, are those of the respective contributors only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of  Lets Adopt!

Lets Adopt do not accept any form of legal responsibility for those views and additions provided by the readers.

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  1. Hi,

    Last year I have found a little baby cat, 2 small to eat by himself… I brought him home, took care of him and found him great family.
    Few month ago, same thing happend but… after 4 families… he turn back to me… no bobdy wants him saying that he is to much energic and crazy.

    I try to keep him next to me… but ı’m travaling a lot and live in an appartment where he is not happy..

    Do you think you would be able to found him a place with garden (very importa cause very energetic cat)???

    Watng reading from you.

    Thank you very much


  2. Melody Edwards says:

    Hello, I do hope you can help me! I’m about to leave Istanbul. I live at Kucukbakkalkoy, Kadikoy.
    Due to economic crisis, I have lost my job. I must move fast for this reason.
    So, booked a flight out of Istanbul for Monday 20th April 2009.

    I’m British, and managed to rehome one of my kittens. They are both 6 months old. I now have a very small cat, takir (tabby) Her name’s Tabby! She’s cute, and house trained, vaccinated. I have her Health Book.
    I don’t have money to take her with me, unfortunately!
    I’m very sad about that! But, frantic now as I don’t know anyone, or speak Turkish and have very little money left.

    I’m contacting you as a last resort. Can you help me?


    1. KnightCat says:

      Start a go fund me page to get money to take her home with you!

  3. Susi is a red cat, so he looks like garfield. and now he is looking for his new home !

  4. Gamze Ilgaz says:

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  5. Sevil Sungur says:

    Sayın Larkhill,

    Facebookdan oluşumunuz sayfasına ulaştıysam da yardımınızı rica edeceğim aşağıda detaylarını belirttiğim konuyla ilgili herhangi bir yönlendirmeye ulaşamadım. Vakit ayırıp bana yardımcı olabilirseniz çok memnun olurum.

    7 temmuz günü Rumelihisarı sahil yolunda yol kenarında tasmasız, son derece korkmuş yaşlı bir golden retrieverla:Paşa’yla karşılaştım. (Adını ben koydum, bulduğumda tasması yoktu).

    Bulduğumun ertesi günü Emirgan’da bir veterinere götürdüm ancak veteriner üzerinden bir hafta geçmeden herhangi bir ilaç vs. vermeyi uygun bulmadığını belirttiği için komşumun bahçeli evinde 2 gün baktık. Paşa son dört gündür yine köpeği olan bir başka arkadaşımın evinde. Ancak evin diğer köpeğiyle anlaşamadığından ona artık kalıcı bir yer bulmak zorundayım.

    Arkadaşlarımın yardımıyla kısa süreli barınmasını sağlayabiliyorum Paşanın. Ancak yol kenarına bırakılmış olmanın olası travmasının üzerine bir de ona yaşattığım bu göçebe hayatı eminim yaşlı bünyesine hiç de iyi gelmiyor. Paşa’ya kalıcı bir yuva bulma konusunda beni yönlendirmenizi rica ederim.

    En iyi dileklerimle,


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  7. Hello.
    My Name is Cindy and i Live in Denmark.

    My Parents just returned from a trip to Istanbul. First of all they were in chok from the horror they saw in Istanbul. The way the animals were threated were unacceptable. After helping alot of animals and almost deticating there whole holliday to animal rescue, they thought they had witnessed enough! But they were wrong.On their way home to the hotel, they found this stray dog, with a missing leg. the leg had been cut off, probably by the trailway and it was still red, bloody and you could see the bone. They feared for the dog’s life and a local taxi driver took them, and the dog to a pet doctor. The doctor did not understand english so the taxi driver translated. The Doctor told my parents they would ambutate the leg and keep it for five days, then set it free. My parents were confused and fustrated, they were leaving the next day and were running out of time, so they agreed and left. The taxi driver told them he would pay for the operation, which my parents did not understand.

    They have now returned to Denmark and they cant calm down, they worry bout the dog 24/7 and cant put the puzzelz together.
    Now they are talking about adobting the dog and giving it a safe home. The only problem is, the taxi driver isn’t anserwing his phone, the doctor doesn’t speak English and we dont know the rules.

    So my question is: do you think theres any chance they are helping the dog, that they are doing surgey on it?
    and whats the possiblity for us adopting the dog? is it even possible and if yes, how?

    please help us


  8. Darlene Bergeron says:

    I am interested in Hannibal…the cute little baby that was hit by a car..I live in Louisiana and I have a poodle and a pom who are both going to be 4 years old. I have no children at home..Just me and hubby and my two boys. I would love to be able to get Hannibal and take care of him after he is released from the doctor. Could you tell me about how old he is and how much does he weigh? He would be spoiled rotten along with my boys. I looked around your site to see how to contact you but could not figure it out…Please email me about Hannibal…My heart broke for him..He seems so small and needing much love. Thanks for your reply in advance.

  9. Risa Creech says:

    Please send me all the information you can garner to mail to me so that I can become familiar with the adoption procedures. Anything you can to document what your advertising, some form of proof that I can be of help and that you are legitemate. Love and kisses. R. Creech

  10. Regarding Raw Diet: In America, everything is processed, even raw meats are injected with dyes, the animals are fed hormones…it’s just not healthy! So my suggestion would be to edit your requirement to specify ORGANIC RAW foods. Organic foods in America are the only foods not touched by pesticides, hormones or any other unnatural ingredients. Also, it’s important to note, when feeding your pet the RAW diet, not to feed them bones that have been previously frozen as they are prone to splinter. Splintered bones in a dogs tummy is bad news and a very painful way to die. Thank you Ivan for all you do. <3

  11. I was thinking about pet foods as a possible cause of Katie’s growth on her leg and I agree 100% that most commercial food is terrible for pets . Also it is made from the meat of horribly badly treated animals sent to horrific abattoirs, + biscuits of cereals from industrial “farms”. I donate also to compassion in world farming when I can , as animals are appallingly badly treated in industrial farms . It is possible to buy good wholesome foods – not expensive but perhaps not widely advertised so people don’t hear about them .

  12. Paulo Menezes says:

    I’m pleased that there is an organization like you guys, that rescue animals with love! God bless you! My support to you is sharing your work, here in Portugal! By this, I hope get some money to send to you!

  13. Paulo Menezes says:

    I’m pleased that there is an organization like you guys, that rescue animals with love! God bless you! My support to you is sharing your work, here in Portugal! this I hope join some money to send to you!

  14. Dear Victor, thank you for flying to India bring Tara back, and hope the operation goes well. I am donating now, and would like to share your video on facebook, and is it on U tube please, have signed up for you newsletter and followed your from Tidus, rip poor boy, you are an amazing man and know that you will always do your 100% best for any animal in your power to help, with our help too of course – god bless you your team and Tara, and believe you are going back to India for yet another rescue soon, is that correct xxx

  15. Sarah Young says:

    Thank you so much for the fantastic, life saving work you do and the happiness you bring to animals and people across the globe. I admire you all.

  16. Perrie-Belle says:

    I live in the UK, have rescued, rehabilitated & rehomed 23 cats myself (with my husband), I was wondering if you had anything for Let’s Adopt! over here?
    I wish I could adopt from you guys but I don’t think I can, considering where I live..

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi, so sorry we’ve missed your comment but we have sent you an email now. Thank you!

  17. Susi Haisty says:

    Dear Viktor, I am very concerned about little Arthur. I’ve sent some money and am hoping he will get the surgery and be alright! I am already in love with that sweet little angel. Please keep us up to date on how he’s doing…he is in my thoughts constantly. I am sending him all my well-wishes and prayers!! Thank you for all you do for animals! (I’m sure there are many who want to adopt him, and I wanted you to know that I would love so much to adopt him too! <3)

  18. Hi,

    A family donate a six month old puppy (husky) after an accident. The family decided to euthanise this beauty if they can’t find someone to adopt in two days! This lovely puppy has spinal cord injuries (broken) and needs help to urinate :( Isn’t it possible to fix the spinal cord of this just 6 month old beauty? Good news: there is family to donate but they don’t want to look after :( I belive you can reach beautiful people who may want to care for this baby beauty :) They can send or bring the puppy to you! Please please please, if you accept searching a home, maybe they won’t euthanise :( Please I need your urgent reply. The puppy is in Turkey, İstanbul.


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Janet… Tidus died two years ago and Candy died on September 17 this year…
      They were two of our most complicated cases..
      In between we´ve saved hundreds of animals…

  19. I just lost my beloved dog Ebony to cancer and pneumonia. I have her sister, father and Aunt. I always have some type of rescue animal, currently, for the past six plus years, it is Tiger, she was the victim of a cruel abuser, and is partly crippled, was beaten and starved. She is very happy now on my ranchette, with her warmblood buddy who protects her, and she loves babies of any species. I would like to support your efforts in some way…right on!

    1. Thank You Denisa!! Defintely a scam. They seem to have stolen several videos now and have set up their own YOUTUBE channel. We’re reporting them now.

  20. Rawia abdulrahman says:

    Dear all,

    I have a dog her name is Opie and she’s a Jack Russell terrier, she was born in 20/07/2014, spayed

    I can’t take care of her anymore do to some family issues. I live in Riyadh – saudi arabia and i’m looking for a family to take care of her

    Can you please help me!

    She really loves to be around family members and she’s very playful

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi there, we are unable to help owned pets as we barely manage to find homes for strays. Please do everything in your power to do the right thing for your baby.

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