Lee was abandoned in hell two years ago. He loved his couch.

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The shelter notes read brief and to the point: Lee is very affectionate loving, likes to play and loves the couch.

That was over two years ago. Since then Lee has languished in something that can only be described as a concentration camp for dogs, abandoned in a refuge miles outside the city where his only chance of adoption would be nothing less than a miracle.

To make matters worst for the last six months Lee has been suffering of an acute ear infection. The volunteer going three weekly says his ears hurt a lot but that he is so loving that when they are being cleaned and they are putting drops he stays still, crying and rubbing his cheek against her hand, but still, letting her do the cures without complaining.

Have you ever experienced ear pain?

We really, really REALLY want to rescue Lee. We can´t stand the idea of a dog suffering of horrible pain in the ears for months without much hope to be cured and above all we HATE the idea of a dog that once played and lived with a family, a dog whose favourite place in the house was the couch!, now living for years in a dump.

We are getting Lee out of that hell immediately, but to turn his life around we are going to need your help.

Lee is going to be taken to our clinic, we must deal with his ear infection and health issues caused by neglect and stop that pain right away. It really can´t go on.

Lee is also going to need an extraordinary home. One where he is allowed to once again live a family life and to sleep in a couch as he used to do.

Update 7 January…

Lee is out of the shelter… Life has taken a 180 degree turn for this wonderful dog… This is the moment when he gained his freedom… look at his reaction when he saw us…

Update 8 of January

Lee has began treatment for his ear infection and has received the haircut of a lifetime. If there ever was a happy dog this is him today.. whoa!!!

Lee has found his couch…

UPDATE 5 of February…

LEE has been adopted in NEW YORK!!!!

How life can change… unbelievable…  Just a few weeks ago he was living in the most appalling conditions and suddenly, thanks to people of Let´s Adopt Global, he is in one of the best boarding facilities in the country waiting for his flight home, to New York!

In the meantime Lee is wasting no time and he´s getting to make good friends !!!

Update 8 of June… We promised Lee a great life, and we honoured our promise. Lee has now the perfect life in NEW YORK!!. Don´t believe me… have a look!















Winters in Manhattan… summers in the Hamptons… what else could have Lee dreamed of?

Please if you can, help us continue rescuing other animals like Lee… Please Donate to our rescue fund.. 


Many thanks!!!


P.S. Lee has been lucky, but we have other rescues still needing homes. Please write to me on and tell me about you and your animals. Please open your home to one of our incredible dogs, you will NEVER regret it.. 


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  1. Lisa Judd says:

    Lee really looks like a Teddy. He reminds me of my first dog, Lulu.
    I don´t normally donate, but how could resist? Get well soon Lee.
    Can´t wait to see him sleeping in a couch, find one for him and provide us with updates.
    Good luck!

  2. eric lavoie says:

    Lee is in good hands now, will do my part to help as soon as i get home from work, thank you guys at LAG

  3. Tamila Mendoza says:

    I would love to have him. He reminds me of the dog Benji from TV a long time ago. I had a dog just like him. I even named him Benji. He passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 12. I have a couch and a lot of love I would like to share with him.

  4. Carolyn Hughes says:

    Donation sent, hoping a new home is found soon. Please keep us updated,

  5. It must be hard for him :( Thank you for helping him.

  6. Bonnie Smith says:

    please…get back to me!!! I am sooo ready to adopt!!!! I make Gourmet dog treats as a side business ,here in Washington state and he would have a VERY loving home!!!!! I know my 13year old rescue “puppy” loves his couch!!!! I am soo serious..I know I am along ways away…but ready!!! good luck…

  7. jean barnett says:

    small donation to help him on his way.


    He looks so tired. Hope he finds that couch soon that he well deserves. Where is he located and what kind of dog is he? How big? Looks small in one picture. Get well soon.

  9. Sarah Thompson says:

    You save him and fix the poor thing and we will adopt him. If you can get him to California we will take the poor love.

  10. Victor…….My question is why can’t you and everyone that works for you and in the organization go and rescue these poor loving dogs that are living in such humiliation and horrid conditions? Thank you for rescuing Lee who does have love written all over him!! Is it possible that all the other dogs in that horrid concentration camp also be rescued??? Please do everything you can to save and rescue those dogs and get them the hell out of there!!!!!! Thank you!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Deidra, you would be surprised at how much we can do by acting methodically and systematically..
      Unfortunately it’s totally out of our reach to save them all. I wish we could…

  11. Tammy Bevis says:

    Just donated $50. Thank you Viktor for helping animals that would die without you xox

  12. Heather Love says:

    Thank you for getting him out. He looked so sad in that grotty wheelbarrow. Will donate as soon as my next paycheck hits my account. Donated for Lola with last one x x

  13. Please find this beautiful dog a wonderful home and take care of him. He does not deserve to be in pain. TY People are so cruel to animals. They should be put in their paws to see what it is like. I donated.

  14. Lee is just adorable and we would love to adopt him however we are in Sydney, Australia. I really hope you can cure him of his ear problems soon and please keep us informed of his progress – and please, please buy him a doggie couch!

  15. fiona turp says:

    can you tell me where he is please xx xx

    thank you


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Lee is in Valencia, Spain… He’ll be out of that shelter soon ..

  16. How much are you trying to raise? what is the name of your agency? I have to say..saving Lee doesn’t seem the real intention here..where is he located? Thanks for answering these questions(before i donate)…*******please reply****

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Paul…
      I understand you are new to let’s adopt.
      Lee is in Valencia! Spain, and he is going to be out of that place soon.
      I encourage you NOT to donate and follow our work, better, come to this blog in a couple of weeks and see what will happen to Lee….

  17. Kathy Crowell says:

    Please help Lee! The other dogs in the background don’t look very good either. These shelters need to be monitored by someone!

  18. My heart breaks just looking at this picture… he looks so sweet. Thanks for rescuing him and giving him new hope of love and care. Thanks to yall I believe one day he will have his very own spot on a couch with a famiy that adores him.

  19. Beryl E. Sanders says:

    I used to have a little dog that looked exactly like this little sweetheart and he indeed was a Teddy Bear..If Lee has had ear infection for a long time, chances are that he could be hard of earing because of the infection against his ear drum…I hope I am wrong! I really hope that Bonnie is able to adopt Lee because by the sounds of it, he will have a very good and loving home which is exactly what this dear little moppet needs. Please keep us posted because like me, everyone is very worried about this little guy and wish him to be safe with you Viktor and your wonderful crew of staff and Vets///

  20. Elizabeth Ann Ross says:

    Hi Victor.. I am in Northern Ireland and I would love Lee. I have a male and a female boxer, the female is about 11 yrs old but as I rescued her we are not sure of her age and the male was my last breed pup and he is now coming up to his 8th year. I have rescued 8 dogs in all and one of them had 5 puppies whcih I also rehomed. I have been donating to your causes as I believe in what you do and achieve. I love to see your dogs after you get them well and my heart soars again!

  21. Joëlle, from Brussels says:

    Sent a little donation as usual dear Viktor, to help cute Lee… So loving and kind… I do hope he may find a golden home as soon as possible, when his ear’s healed! Thanks for helping him and God bless you all!

  22. where is this dog???/ not enough info

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Valencia, Spain.. plenty of info, believe me.. plenty of info.

  23. Donated and hoping you can turn this lovely dog’s life around Viktor, best wishes from London.

  24. disculpa como puedo adoptar a lee? soy de mexico

  25. Where is Lee? US? City?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Valencia, Spain.

  26. Lorraine Evans says:

    We could offer this beautiful dog a home here with our family.I am a dog groomer who has a shop attached to a vet surgery. He could come with me everyday to work and would never be on his own … He is so handsome and deserves another chance to be happy. Xx

  27. W LaBeaud says:

    I’m in New Orleans Louisiana….I’ll adopt that baby…
    Is he anywhere near me???

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi.. He is in Valencia, Spain, but he will travel to the best family we can find. Please write to me on and tell me all about you and your animals. Best..

  28. Liesl Feldman says:

    I’ve sent my donation for this sweet soul. I so hope he is adopted quickly.

  29. sondra krem says:

    I have tried getting through on your email, but I can’t get it to go through, I am really interested in l sweet lee.

  30. cherie d
    cherie, the dog is in a shelter in Valencia, Spain. The doggie, Lee is a new rescue for LAG, but tons of information was already shared. When LAG rescues an animal they provide all the information they have, sometimes these poor babies are found so they is NO information at first. Be patient, once Lee is safely in a good Vet hospital that LAG uses, more information will become available. For Now, Viktor asks us all,We are getting Lee out of that hell immediately, but to turn his life around we are going to need your help.

    Lee is going to be taken to our clinic, we must deal with his ear infection and health issues caused by neglect and stop that pain right away. It really can´t go on.

    Lee is also going to need an extraordinary home. One where he is allowed to once again live a family life and to sleep in a couch as he used to do.

    Please help us cover Lee´s treatment and all his rehoming expenses. Help us turn Lee´s life around… Help us change his life forever…

  31. Lee I think you are beautiful and praying u get well soon and find a wonderful forever home where you can sleep on the couch again and get loved and spoilt rotten x x God Bless x x

  32. so beautiful to see this video. It is so emotive. But seeing the other dogs barking…. are they ok? are they safe?

  33. Patti Bilinkas says:

    I donated to Lee today. Keep up the good work, God’s work.

  34. Lulu flores says:

    Please unchain them

  35. marion crist says:

    he is an lovely dog i would love to have him if i didnt have the cats i have i would def give him an forever home even thou i live in the UK bless him good luck boy you derserve it so much xx

  36. Janice Nolan says:

    So glad you are helping Lee, but so sad about the other dogs at that shelter, it would break my heart to leave them there……

  37. I can’t adopt this sweet dog but i’ll donate a little for him. Ear infections are VERY painful. Wishing him to find a good home soon….

  38. Norma Jones says:

    I am so glad Lee will be safe & receive the best treatment he is such a lovely dog & so glad to see al the people who are willing to give Lee aloving home but do hope the ones who are not lucky in having Lee will look at all the lovely dogs still waiting for their homes & give them a chance. I donate monthly what little I can by DD. Thank You all again.

  39. My heart goes out to you all. I sent something to help and hope this helps Lee on his way to finding his forever home. He deserves nothing less.

  40. Nina Davies says:

    Why is he and the other dog on such a short lead ? … Lee can’t lie down …

  41. Carolyn Rowley Birkbeck says:



  43. Beryl E. Sanders says:

    OMG…Dear little Lee is so happy that there is no way he will ever let you guys leave without him…certainly brought tears to my eyes…The sound of all the rest of the poor dogs in that dungeon made me want to cry…they all were so see good people that they were all hoping to get the hell out of there too!! My heart bleeds for lost and abandoned and abused animals.Lee is so safe now and for this I am so grateful to you and your crew…you guys are all so phenomenal. Please keep us updated with Lee’s progress …Bel;ieve me, if I could, I would adopt this perfect little dog…he is so easy to love…….

  44. Darlene Besuchamp says:

    Would love to have him, we have a very comfortable couch, a sister for him to play with and plenty of love. How much does he weigh and his old is he?

  45. Heartbreaking about all the other dogs. Where is that place?

  46. Nigel Webb says:

    Hi, I have just moved to Spain near Valencia and asked Victor if I could meet him and the dogs. I have just spent the day with Victor in Valencia, he showed me the ‘Pension’ where the dogs are kept and I have to say that I have never seen a better place, it was immaculate and the staff are so caring. There are 2 open yards for the dogs to socialise in and there are 2 shallow pools for the dogs to play in during the summer. There are sofas for the dogs to lay on as well. If I had to go away and let someone look after my dogs I would definitely let them stay here.

    He also took me to one of the Veterinary Clinics where the dogs are treated and again it is a fantastic place.

    I met Lee, Tom, Starsky and Hutch and loads of other dogs on the LAG site and they are so well cared for and happy. As soon as we entered the kennels all the dogs ran to Victor jumping and wagging their tails.

    Keep up the good work Victor!! And thank you for showing me around.

  47. Is NYC to far for Lee to Travel? We want him! We have lots of love, just lost our 14 year old perfect puppy — and are ready for a new best friend! We would love to help out this guy. Please let us know more.
    Many thanks for all the hard work you all do to save, nurture and care for animals in need.


  48. :) thanks for your answer. I love Lee´s video

  49. I was just thinking about Lee how he is doing. my feeling was he got a new home. thanks for your update on him. thanks for your open heart work brother. Love&Light,Compassion,

  50. Racheal Tycoles says:

    Bless you Viktor!! You need to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I wish I can donate, being a starving artist, it’s hard. You are amazing. When I win the lottery!!

  51. Jill Quinto says:

    You are so wonderful for all the work you do for the angels who need love and a caring home. I want to tell you about a perfect home for Lee. It is with Julie M. And her dog Oz. Lee and Oz would be the best of friends and there is more than enough room on the couch for both of them. Julie has sent you two emails and pictures of Oz and her comfy couch. Please consider her home as Lee’s New forever home. She has an enormous fenced in yard too. I have donated twice so far and I would be happy to help sponsor Lee’s trip to Illinois USA!

  52. Darlene Besuchamp says:

    Did Lee find a new home? He needed one so badly.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Darlene.. yes!! he was adopted in NY!!! he is awaiting for his flight.. the moment weather improves he´ll fly home.

  53. Anonymous says:

    I feel so bad for all the other dogs chained up barking in the background

  54. Dios te bendiga Viktor

  55. What a doll! LOVE hearing positive endings to these stories!!!

  56. Catrina Anderson says:

    I live in the state of New York, I will be looking for him in my travels!! I think you are amazing and I watch your posts and pray for your rescues. My family will be making a donation as soon as our taxes come in, I wish our circumstances would let us make a donation weekly but for now we will give what we can. Thank you Viktor for all you to for those poor souls with no hope!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Catrina… Thank you, we can´t do it without everyone´s help..

  57. Lisa Atamian says:

    So HAPPY for Lee – What a handsome boy!! You guys are so awesome!!!

  58. Dios mioo que bello me dan ganas de llorar tantas cosas hermossas que haces Viktor dios te bendiga

  59. dierdra…Viktor is needed where he care for the animals that are brought in..there is an army of men and women out there doing everything they can to rescue as many as they ca..i was one of those people oce but my health prevents me now although i still have 5 cats, 3 birds and a Guinea pig that i one time i had 10 cats, rabbit, guinea, 6 terrapins, 3 birds..believe me its not so easy to get these poor creatures away from their sad horrid many countries have laws that prevent it to an extent and you have to work with it all

  60. Jennifer Cassill says:

    Thank you so much for helping Lee! So happy for him that he found a good home! Good Luck Lee and God Bless you!

  61. Roxanne Hicks says:

    Best story! Gorgeous Dog! Thank you for all you do and for the wonderful people who adopt!

  62. You are right. I have not regretted opening my heart to yiur organisation or to Lee and also to my beautiful Carpi. Carpi was rescued by you, loved and mended by you and after all that, transported all the way to my door for me to love forever. Xx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Kim… and we never regretted sending Carpi to you… he lives in the best home in the world. Yours.

  63. Thanks for the update. That Leo is one good looking dog !!!!

  64. Oh Leah! Leah!how the angels looked after you. You so deserve to be with your forever humans. Thank you thank you viktor and team. May the angels be with you and give you may you alwsys have the means to carry on your work

  65. marion crist says:

    beautiful dog so pleased he has got his forever home and an family who loves him and he has his couch back againbless him :) xx

  66. That is soooo awesome, he’s a beautiful dog and bless this family who adopted him and you Viktor and crew for saving his life <3

  67. jackie du toit says:

    he reminds me of Oscar from South Africa, great work you are doing

  68. jackie du toit says:

    love the work you are doing

  69. What a little charmer he is thank you for giving this dog a new life.

  70. Sharmala Haines says:

    Che bello! What a gorgeous boy. So thankful to you guys for rescuing him. :)

  71. Beautiful photos indeed. So happy for him. His situation was heart-breaking.

  72. Victor I am so grateful for everything you do. He looks so so happy. Now he will be loved and have his couch. What a great looking dog.

  73. Thanks for sharing your lovely story about Lee. It’s wonderful! I have 3 dogs and 4 cats, but I am always tempted!