The dog that lived one thousand days in chains

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For three years, Gordi, the little sweet old lady greeted visitors to the shelter wagging her tail so hard that you would think it would come out loose. For three years, over a thousand days, this tiny little wonder of a dog reached out to everyone that passed, her eyes met theirs, pleading, while everyone looked away.

Looking at the hand scribbled notes on her admission file we learn about Gordi’s history. She was dumped in the shelter three years ago, a couple of days after her owner’s death, and she has been there every since, in precisely the same position where I found her. Two other dogs were surrendered but noone seemed to remember what happened to them. Maybe they were adopted, maybe they died. Noone really knows.

Why was Gordi ignored for so long?

Was it because of her massive size that would make her unsuitable for apartment living? No, we don’t think so. She’s little over three kilos.
Was it because of her aggressive character? No.. that can’t be either, the only thing she does ferociously is to ferociously give you kisses.

She was ignored because, sadly for her, she is BLACK, and OLD. No other reason.

Gordi’s desperate attempts to call my attention could very well have been her last. She wouldn’t have lasted for much longer.

She has anaemia, mange and she was covered in flies from head to toe. Her life must have been an endless scratching inferno. Her mouth is putrid. We are going to have to extract half of the pieces in it, many of them are moving freely and they hurt.

When a tooth hurts we go to the dentist. She had nowhere to go. Noone heard her cries.

Gordi also has a heart condition, an enlargement of one of the ventricular valves which will require treatment for life.

Here we have an incredible dog. She was 11 years old when surrendered, 14 today and she has absolutely no psychological damage. 3 years in chains would break a man… but here she is, she just wants to be held…

And being held she is… she is at our clinic right now where she is the absolute centre of attention!!!

She is 14, with a very weakened immune system, to say Gordi is delicate would have an understatement.

Update November 19

Gordi continue responding amazingly well to her treatment against mange. She has recovered from anemia near totally and she is on a full RAW diet. Her teeth, destroyed by years of horrible food have been treated, she has lost a few pieces but she is doing great.

Most importantly… For the first time in years Gordi is happy and loved… 

Please, if you can, help us towards making Gordi whole again. Help us restore this little firecracker of a dog to health so that she can finally find the home and the happiness that eluded her for so long..

Update 9 of February.. 

How much a  life can change..

Behind stay the days chained in the shelter… being ignored by everyone while she did her dance trying to attract their attention.

Gordi lives now in Switzerland, in a wonderful family, with friends, love, attention, companionship, everything that she ever needed but never had.

Have a look at this… Gordi´s new life..


Thank you for helping us save Gordi… Donate to save her, and donate so that we can continue rescuing dogs like her, the rejected, the invisible, the old, black, mangy, sick, the ones that nobody wants. That’s our mission, and we can’t do it without you.

For the animals. For Gordi.


P.S. Finally, you may not be able to help Gordi right now, but there is a simple way to help.. SHARE.. Share her post on FB and Twitter, help her reach out to the million animal lovers out there that she never go to meet at the shelter. Help her make eye contact with the world. Could you?


  1. Michael

    Poor lil’ thang :/

  2. angela

    What a sweet little dog i hope she gets to spend her twilight years in a comfy bed in front of s warm

  3. Jimena Garduño

    Hi I would like to know where is Gordi from? Really interested in her, I am from Mexico City and I have rescued plenty dogs from the streets here, and was really touched by her story. Thanks for doing such and amazing work helping dogs!!!

  4. angela

    What a sweet little dog,i hope she gets to spend her twilight years in a comfy basket, in front of a fire, with a loving hand resting on her head!

  5. Joy Hawkins

    How come she is still chained and in the same place, and plastic bowl !!!! don’t understand :-( ((((

  6. Diana K

    Where is Gordi at?

  7. Viktor Larkhill

    Everyone looked at her, and passed…
    she was never adopted, or treated. … until now.

  8. Viktor Larkhill

    She is in Spain, currently at our clinic being treated.

  9. Viktor Larkhill

    Hola Jimena..
    She is in Spain, currently being treated…
    No te preocupes, todo ira bien…
    Un abrazo

  10. Patricia

    I never understood why ppl don t like black dogs.Why color matter so much to them?The soul has no color…. I love black dogs,I ve always had black dogs.I have 4 dogs now,the one who know always know what s happening with me,the one who misses me the most when I m at work or away for a couple of days,well,she is black.I hope somebody will offer her the house she needs now,to feel good and protected.xx

  11. What a precious and strong soul petite Gordie has. I was so moved by her story and will definitely send support and share her story with some friends in Spain! As always, thank you Viktor for your Big Heart and generous caring spirit! We need more devoted animal lovers in the world like you! Kisses to Gordie!

  12. Nancy

    What kind of a shelter would allow this? Where in Spain is this shelter? it should be shut down.

  13. Malin S

    Poor little girl. Her tail is wagging so much it is hard to understand how someone could just leave her there for such a long time. I wish I could have donated more than $10 but that is all I can give at the moment since I am currently looking for work.

  14. sigrid smitley

    I am sorry cant donate this month any more,but like to know that after she is well again where will she end up if she wont get adopted?I have 3 rescues now ,live in CT USA,mine are all black too.At 14 she has quite a few years left,praying for her

  15. Troy Lynn Eckart

    If there is a way to get Gordi to Kansas she can come live with my family for her twilight years.

  16. terry clark


  17. Shared on my personal page and rescue network page…what a great save! Hugs for Gordi and her recovery!

  18. Aaly Lama

    Why is such a small dog in such a big chain??? She looks like a massive sweetheart. My love goes out to her, and I sincerely hope she gets a very loving home.

  19. Lorena Delgado

    Angelito! como puede la mayoria de los humanos ser tan apaticos? Gracias Viktor, como siempre ese corazon tuyo me recuerda que si hay bondad en este mundo de mierd…

  20. Zara Benton

    She is so very sweet. I would love her and care for her until she left this world in my arms if I could but I have 3 dogs who will not let another in to their pack, I already tried. But I have shared her story and will watch for updates on her and send her so many kisses and prayers for a wonderful loving home for what remains of her life. She deserves that in the very least. Please give her kisses for me and tell her that her life does have meaning and she is loved so very much. Thank you Viktor and LAG xx

  21. Teresa

    Viktor, I ask God to bless all rescuers, whether they are human or animals…and thank you for what you have done. I hope that little angel would get a fur-ever family!

  22. Jacqueline Vukman

    thank you for being there for her. will share.

  23. Ana D

    Oh my god Victor, this beautiful little soul was ignored for 3 years?? How could they – she is just precious. I have just sent you a small donation for Gordi.

  24. Sally McLellan

    Here is something I don’t understand. Animals with challenges like Gordi are unappealing to most people, but to me, the animal that needs my help the most is the one that is MOST appealing to me. Sometimes I wonder if I am even human.

  25. Cat

    Thank you so much for rescuing Gordi from the nightmare situation she was in. I hope she can get the treatment that she needs and a loving home. How could anyone possibly ignore such a wonderful little dog is beyond me. I would have given her a home in a heartbeat if I could have. I’m sharing this on Facebook and hope that you will get more donations for Gordi’s treatment and care.

  26. How could anyone ignore her..
    Thank you Viktor, for being there when no one else seems to be. Much love!

  27. Helen

    :-( How could they neglect & treat her like that & do this to such a sweet little thing! This is such another heart breaking story, but thanks to you Viktor, hpfully it will have a happy ending. Due to all of the animals that I have which all of them are & have been abandoned by/are all other people’s unwanted pets, I am sorry that I cannot help you out financially this time, but I have shared Gourdi’s story, like I have shared all of the others stories of the animals that you have saved. You do amazing work Viktor & it is an honour to help you, even if it is just by sharing the stories. I really hp that Gourdi makes a good recovery.x

  28. Judi Abbott

    I love this little oldie. I had one just like her back in the 60s and 70s. Her name was Jinx. My small donation is in her memory♥♥♥

  29. J Moore

    Where can I see updates on Gordi and what is her position now.

  30. Wiltrud Geldhauser

    Hallo, ich würde Gordi zu mir nehmen. Bitte um Antwort.
    Wiltrud Geldhauser

  31. Caroline Lalonge

    That breaks my heart. She’s not even barking. She seems just sweet. Oh, if I had the money and the place, I would have like to take her. She would have fit perfectly at home with my dogs. But hey, I would like to take a lot of them. I prefer to stay positive and think that now that Let’s Adopt has her, she’ll find a great forever home. ♥

  32. Anonymous

    gordi, you were not left alone, God has been your Guardian all this time and NOW, please somebody take her home with you

  33. Sammi

    How awful that sweet little thing was kept chained to big dish and was not treated for mange. She’s gorgeous. Hope she recovers well.

  34. daryl

    I will adopt her if shes still looking for nice home. please let me know

  35. sue

    What a sweet little thing. Thank you for resuing her from that life.

  36. Nancy Corsaut

    Viktor, I volunteer for a senior dog rescue, Muttville, in San Francisco and we see this all the time. Thank you for saving her! If you have time, check out – it is another amazing organization.

    Thanks for all you do – you are a saint!


  37. Ana Chavez

    She is beautiful .Thank you for saving this sweet soul.

  38. Jean

    Thanks for helping the animals

  39. Ty Jeffries

    Who left her in this condition? the same should be done to them..publicly to show them the backwardness and inhumanity of their actions x

  40. Harriet Freeman

    Where is Gordi located? She looks like such a sweetheart. I can’t imagin anyone living that way. I live in Florida. Is there anyway she can be transported to me. I would love to make her days warm, sweet and beautiful!! I also have another little dog who is 13.

  41. lori reinhard

    what a sweet girl. wasn’t aware until recently black dogs and cats r feared. go figure! she is welcome in america.

  42. Aleksandra Jankovic

    Poor little baby…I´m also interested in her.
    But why is she chained???

  43. lindsey lewis

    poor little girl.. i hope she gets the help and loving home she needs now xx

  44. Teresa

    Can’t believe this damn shelter would leave her in chains for so long. I could never forgive that. But dogs are so forgiving and loving and people need to care enough to change all this abuse. Will make a small donation to help lil Gordi

  45. Deb McCaffrey

    I had a beautiful small black dog and I loved her to pieces. Shame on people for walking past a dog just because it’s black

  46. sondra

    i live in the usa and love to take her and love her when she is ready!

  47. frances rawlings

    To sad to think of her 3 yrs. there especiall

  48. frances rawlings

    It is sad to think of her past 3 yrs., I cant imagine her spending those years with her Mom and then put in there…grieving I am sure, then to be left alone and neglected. My prayers are with her. May she find an amazing forever home filled with lots of love. I have no income so regretfully cannot contribute to her care. Love you all for what you are doing for the starved, negl

  49. mary ann Wheeler

    Can someone be more specific on where Gordie is right now? I can read some of the comment and someone is interested on her. Thank you guys for helping all these sweet animals. you guys rock!

  50. debra parnell

    I love all dogs I would not have went by and not of took her home l love black dogs

  51. Marianne Storm

    Where in Spain is she?
    Has she been tested for leishmaniose and heartworms?

    She is adorable and I can’t believe everybody ignored her for all those years, very sad. I prefer to adopt older dogs, the one nobody else wants, and has not regret this yet. But I have 7 dogs, and I would want her to have all the attention herself her last years. But if you need help to rehome her, just let me know, I live in Norway, but have rehomed over 70 dogs from Spain this year, and 5 of my own dogs are shelter dogs nobody else wanted.
    I really hope she gets her dreamhome now.

  52. christina tschuggnall

    hello victor,

    how long does she have to stay in the clinic and do you think she can travel to a new home?
    does she like other dogs and cats? i just fell in love with this sweety!
    thank you,

  53. Sue Fry

    Awwwww what a cutie ♥ bless you all for helping Gordi. I’ve donsted to save this beautiful sweet old lady who should be enjoying retirement in a loving home grrrrrr – it makes me so sad that this can happen in 2013. Thank you Viktor – you’re a star!!!

  54. Patricia Dalessio

    That’s heart breaking, I am so glad she is being taken care of in Spain now. Seeing so many cases of indifference and cruelty towards animals, just tears me apart. God bless her, and well done to the people who took her in to save her life. I hope she finds a new home to adopt her, which is warm, loving and kind, very very soon x x x x x

  55. Sandra Quelch

    Hi Viktor,
    Would Gordi be allowed to be adopted in the UK.
    Would love to give her a safe warm home for what is left of her years.

    Kind regards Sandra Quelch

  56. Viktor Larkhill

    Thank you Nancy.. Ill check them out.

  57. Viktor Larkhill

    She was just rescued yesterday. Next update will happen here, but not until there is something significant.. right now, she is in treatment at the clinic

  58. Viktor Larkhill

    Thank you Judy and Jinx…
    thank you

  59. Viktor Larkhill

    Thank you Sigrid… don’t worry, I’m sure she will find the PERFECT home..

  60. Shirah Gantman

    I’ve shared this in my news feed Viktor.
    Wish I could contribute, but my rescue takes up all my money and some.
    I will never understand how people can look into the eyes of a suffering animal, and treat them this way… Especially an older one like this. :’(
    Thankfully she is in your loving hands now… She’s suffered long enough. Here’s hoping, that after you fix this little girl up, you will find her the perfect home that will fill her last years with love and comfort. :)

  61. Anna

    I pray that she is sent to a loving home where she will be loved and cared for as she should have been. Please make sure she goes to a loving home.

  62. jJJ

    I just read this story..why after three years of her being at a shelter are they NOW giving her medical treatment? Why did it take so long to tend to her teeth and mange? They are saying she hasn’t been adopted because she is black. BS!!! If they tended to her properly when she got to the shelter three years ago she likely would have been adopted. This place should be shut down!

  63. JJ

    And to NOW video this dog asking for money? That makes no sense at all….How do we know this dog is still alive and how do we know money donated would eve go to this dog or any dg for that matter? Think about it…to post this NOW, after 3 years, and to see this dog is STILL being neglected…..Seems this is just a way to illicit money from people.

    If anyone can find out, because if that’s the case, they need to be arrested..for multiple reasons

  64. katja hakala

    Hi! I will donate what and share! Could you please tell what kind of home are you looking for her? Could you write a mail in facebook? thank you!!

  65. Deanna

    I wish there was a way to get her to the US–I’d adopt her in a heart beat!

  66. christina tschuggnall

    hello victor, so i`m asking she in the condition to travel to a new home? does she like other dogs and cat`s . I am interested but i need these informations. i have 3 dogs and maybe she want`s to live with us?

  67. Kiran

    I am wondering why the chain is still around her neck :( Let her neck be free if she is rescued. :) :)

  68. Viktor Larkhill

    Kiran.. that video was shot at the shelter…
    she will never have a chain around her neck again, don’t worry about that!

  69. Viktor Larkhill

    Because we are Let’s Adopt! Global… and this is what we do. Please read this post:
    If we saved Axel we can save Gordi, dont you think?
    Please don’t be so bitter.. life is beautiful if you let it be.

  70. Viktor Larkhill

    Obviously.. that shelter is terribly mismanaged… absolutely!

  71. Viktor Larkhill

    Thank you Shirah… hope all is well.. kisses to you and your beautiful family.

  72. Anonymous

    Please help him please!!!!!!

  73. Yet again Viktor, you & your team have risen to the help of this little sweetheart & remain positive even after all the cruelty you have witnessed, This little one is so beautiful & I would never of left her there if I had seen her, If I wa sin a position would offer her a home now but peace she would not get as have 4x small dogs one still a pup & from an unknown background as a rescue but very anxious & scared of men he doesn’t know yet pushy with other 3 dogs & also 4 resc; cats so feel this little one needs to be centre of attention & spoilt rotten, do donate dd. Keep up the wonderful work. Shared.

  74. Caroline

    JJ, you obviously posting on a blog that you just don’t know about. It’s easy to give away your opinion on the web. But please, when you do so, make sure to know what you’re talking about, make search if needed. If you give out your opinion without knowing everything you need to know about the matter, your opinion just worth nothing to me…

  75. Anonymous

    Victor can you tell me how is she doing now also we do want to see her new video now if you really helped her i know god sees that and will bless you. Thank you if you really helped her.

  76. Kim Worthington

    Viktor – well done for not shouting at the people are disbelievers and also for keeping the negative posts on here. I guess the internet breeds that sort of distrust. People see what they look for. I believe in you and the work you do.
    Please keep that in your heart more than the other.

  77. joanna

    Will share and share again . Will give just as soon as I can . I’m sending through the ether my love and kisses to this wonderful little person . Once my situation in life has achieved a more settled state ( ie no longer have to leave every few months to earn a living) I would LOVE to adopt if Viktor will pass me as suitable

  78. Rose

    I would love to have her…..I would spoil her like I did my poodle that I rescued when he was 12 years old and no one wanted him at the petsmart adoption event………..I took one look at that lil man and I said you are mine and he was the best dog ever.

  79. cindy

    so where is the update on this little girl?

  80. Lilli

    Oh my god… it breaks my heart to look into her begging eyes thats asking, will you please please get me out of here? Poor thing…
    If I had more space I would hesitate for a sec to care for her and to give her last years the best to come, but I already have three dogs and one cat in my apartment… Need a bigger house!
    I really really hope someone open their heart for this sweetheart and I would love to see an update soon for Gordi. God bless her and god bless you too Viktor!

  81. Lilli

    I mean of course would’nt…

  82. Shirah Gantman

    Hugs and kisses back at you! Our family here in Israel will always believe in your work Viktor, and your team. Let’s Adopt Global rocks! We saw this first hand, and will always admire you… Sorry for not keeping in touch as much as I should. xxxxxxx

  83. Nelson

    When I shared , the dog on the post is not Gordi!!!
    Anyway, great work Viktor!!!

  84. Stephanie

    Shared the link and will be donating later on this evening.. Love the work you guys do. Keep up the spectacular job of saving these poor souls!

  85. Erica

    Especially as I see more of what is going on in Spain, Bulgaria. Turkey and that pit of hell Romania it shines an even brighter light on the love and lack of judgement you bring to each being. Gordi is an example of
    the highest part of the problem, that no one “sees” – below that is those
    who do not see but also damage and destroy through corruption and ignorance. You are an example of the highest spirit in your ability to see and to take action.

  86. Gina

    Thank God for people like you!!!!! I hope your story inspires others to do the same.

  87. Teresa

    made a small donation for this precious baby a few days ago. Glad to know there are good people out there.

  88. fanny morton

    Hola Viktor , I would like to adopt Gordi , is that possible ? I’m in Canada.

  89. Nikki

    Hi, it’s only a small donation but
    I hope it helps. Breaks my heart x

  90. Jan Bowden

    So sick of people’s heartlessness… Romanians killing dogs in the most ruthless ways… people bypassing this little beauty… what;s wrong with humans??

  91. Lee

    Please give us updates.. dios te bendiga “Angel”

  92. Kim Ward

    I am
    Donating in Baby Ward’s memory. Bless little Gordi.

  93. Donna Iannone

    Poor baby!! May the rest of her life make up for the neglect she has suffered!! What a beautiful
    Little spirit she has!!

  94. Hola. yo acabo de hacer una pequeña donacion para Gordi. No es mucho dinero, pero es mi unica posible donacion. Yo espero que todo salga bien. muchas gracias viktor. un abrazo grande. SLENDY.

  95. ricardo

    Hola,me gustaría saber en que hospital veterinario de españa esta la perrita,tambien estoy intentando hacer una donación, pero en los datos que me pide,en el apartado donde pide que metas tu provincia,las de España no salen,entonces ahí ya no me deja avanzar,alguien me puede decir como hacerlo?

  96. Have donated $20.00 x i love this little old lady x i’d love to have her, but i have to be out most of the day so it wouldn’t be fair on her x she’s such a sweetheart x so glad you found her in time Viktor xxx

  97. Eliza Normann

    How soon can she go to her forever home? I come to Spain regularly to fetch dogs that are adopted here in Norway. I go to a town near Malaga and leave from Malaga airport. I will adopt her. I have a chihuahua, a mini pincher and a bodeguero, all from Spain, and Gordi will fit right in. Please contact me on email.

  98. Zara Benton

    JJ you really need to READ this post properly. LAG have rescued her from a shelter who took her in 3 years ago and chained her. She has been there ever since. LAG do the most wonderful work finding and rescuing dogs, cats, bunnies from all sorts of hell holes and try to bring them back to health and find them loving forever homes. LAG did not make her like this and YES she is still alive and very much wanting to be helped.

    Thank you Viktor for all you do, you can work miracles ~ please keep doing it for the voiceless creatures of this sad and twisted world.

    Love you Gordi, I so wish you could be mine :( I will share you again on twitter and FB. Sweet darling girl, be well, you are so loved.

  99. Debbie Godio

    This poor sweet baby ! Who would leave her on a chain for three years ? God bless this sweet dog ! I hope someone gives her a good home !

  100. djb

    Bless you all for the wonderful loving work you do.

  101. Monika Dudar

    Hallo Viktor! Where live now Gordi, – in Spain and notedly? In a shelter or..? How can I adopt her?

  102. Emma Daugherty

    Wow, this precious baby looks so much better already. Thank you Viktor and team for all you have done for her so far. These new pictures have made my day x

  103. Beryl Sanders

    I am so happy that you rescued this beautiful little old girl who desperately needed to meett someone with a heart and soul to save her.

  104. Julie Pearson

    Beautiful little girl! hope she finds a loving 4ever home <3

  105. Erica

    Imagine. Finally. Such a simple thing…to be held…to be seen. Her spirit is completely peaceful in the last shots.

  106. Katy

    There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing those last two photos, Gordi being loved & held. I am sure that is all she ever wanted. She had a millions odds stacked against her, but an angel looking out for her.

  107. sheila

    Hey these are so great pics, she is in loving arms xoxo thank you

  108. christina tschuggnall

    Dear Victor,
    i would love to offer a home for the little miss gordi! how would that happen?thank you for your Christina

  109. Carol Allaire

    Gordi is being taken care of by the BEST People I know..She is being Loved, and Spoiled the way she should be..Her owner being old probably wanted her near so she could take care of her, and tying her to a chain wasn’t the best for her, but by the owners thoughts, she was held close to her Heart..I am glad that Dr. Viktor can do what he is known for, and that’s his compassion for animals..He loves them all, and his job is what he knows the Best..Thank Dr. Viktor for his generosity, and his care of not only Gordi, but Kitty Luna, and every animal given him to make well again..God will reward him for everything, and make the animals happy for the right to live, just like you and me..

  110. Anonymous

    You’ve done amazing work, bless you Viktor, why is Gordi still tethered?

  111. Viktor Larkhill

    Please read the blog.. of course she is not tethered!.. she was freed from that chain and moved to a hospital for treatment. Shell never see a chain again..

  112. Michelle Schuman

    She’s so adorable. Unfortunately I am not able to donate at this time but I always share. Can you please give Gordi a kiss on that sweet little cold nose from me? :)

  113. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Mary Ann.. She is still in Spain but has been adopted in Switzerland where she will travel next week..

  114. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks Alex… Gordie is doing great and has been adopted in Switzerland. She will travel there very very soon..

  115. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Christina
    Sorry for late reply, I somehow didnt see this note. Gordi has been adopted in Zurich, Switzerland, beautiful family… I will be in touch with you later today. We have other dogs that would definitely need your help. I will be in touch. Best

  116. christina tschuggnall

    dear victor!!
    thank you soooo much for this wonderfull information!!!! great!!! i am soooo happy for her!!!! i am looking forward to read from you! thank you very much!! best regards , christina

  117. Patricia

    Shared on My For Pets Sake Sharing Page. Happy For Her… Patricia

  118. Rosie

    I would have loved to have her. She is so cute. I adopted a lil dog from the spca shelter and he would love her as someone else to play with.

  119. Rosie, Gordi (now Choo Choo) has been adopted and was transported this past weekend to Switzerland. We have several other wonderful rescues in need of a home. Please email, if you can.

  120. Cindy, please see the latest updates. GOrdi (now Choo Choo) has arrived in Switzerland with her new family!

  121. Renee Dagostino

    Congratulations to sweet lil Gordi-(Choo Choo.)And thank you Viktor for being the angel you are.Im so glad shell only know love in her twilight years.I hope shes all snuggled up right now with her forever family<3So happy for t hat poor little angel.

  122. Susan Campfield

    So because you are old we will place you in a nursing home and forget you. Never pay you any attention, or show you any love. This is so sad, to reject any living, breathing animal or human because they are old.

  123. sheila

    wonder … wonder… wonderfull!!!!

  124. Patricia Waters

    Victor – you’ve surpassed yourself this time! But then I think that every time I see one of your posts. Rest assured that if ever I win big on the lottery, a HUGE chunk will be coming your way! You are one hell of a human being.

  125. Jane

    Oh Gordi Gordi Gordi. Because of mans neglect you suffered. Because of mans love you were saved. Special girl you deserve every cuddle,, every kiss , every loving word spoken to you. May the rest of your life be happy sweetheart <3

  126. Lee

    Gracias Viktor por ayudar a estos angelitos dios te bendiga

  127. Jennifer Cassill

    Thank God and the people who rescued her and treated her and adopted her and gave her a loving home. So glad she is healthy again and not being ignored anymore! God bless!

  128. Anonymous

    Now she has a Chinese Crest as a friend and few other dogs as friends too.She deserved this <3

  129. Deb West

    As usual, I salute you and your wonderful team of rescuers, how lovely to read that Gordie is well, adopted and going to spend the rest of her days being loved and cared for properly….you all rock.

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