Save Rudolph, blind and unable to walk

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Someone sent us his picture. Rudolph had just been taken to a shelter and literally, stored there among many others.

Rudolph was abandoned as a kitty, left to fend for himself in a feral colony. Poor thing was never much of a stray cat. His kind and loving character didn´t help him assert himself in the colony, everyone hit him all the time. And then there was the problem with his eyes… people thought it was a small infection at first but in time Rudolph´s eyes had become progressively worst, reaching the point where he couldn´t open them. He was walking around with his eyes closed, blind. He lived like this, barely seeing shadows and using his sense of smell until he was hit by a car.

He was taken to the shelter unconscious and barely able to stand… and that´s how we found him.

This video describes his rescue until now. We have done all possible tests on him, he has strong anemia and he has FIV. The impact of the car has triggered a vestibular syndrome that we hope we will be able to resolve. But most importantly, right now he needs an urgent eye operation to allow him to see again.


We need to raise funds for his surgery ASAP… Can you imagine living your life with grains of sand scratching your eyes? This is how Rudolph feels… we hate even thinking about it. We must give him his sight back.

Please, if you can, help us with his surgery… he is a wonderful cat that deserves far more than what he has had so far.. Please help Rudolph regain his sight, and his life…


Many thanks!!!


P.S. As usual, there will be updates on his condition through our page, Let´s Adopt Global. Please join us there.

P.S.2 Rudolph is an incredibly sweet cat with a big cheeks. It´s impossible not to fall in love with him. FIV is a disease mostly unknown by the public. It is transmittable only through blood in bites and through sexual contact. He´s wonderful, and peaceful and there is NOTHING that should stop him living in a home with other cats.
Please write to me on and tell me everything about you and your family. Together we will decide if Rudolph should join your home..

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  1. Mary Brewster says:

    What a precious boy!. I have four cats, one of them has FIV. This has never been a problem for him. With the right care and enjoying a happy and stress free life he will have a normal life.
    I´m donating, please save him.

  2. Zara Benton says:

    Oh man, this is heartbreaking to see him like this. I know you will do all you can to save him and as soon as I can I will donate a little for him, You are right he is the sweetest boy and deserves another chance at life. Thank you for helping him and I will share ….. Prayers for Rudolph xxx

  3. gill turner says:

    Hi I’m gill I live in England in Cheltenham Gloucestershire with my husband terry.we are both in our sixties and love animals.we have a 17yrold cat called billy a 9yr old dog called buddy and a conurre called buster.we have a lovely quiet home with a garden that is enclosed.Rudolph would be very welcome to come and live with us where he would receive the best love ever.gill.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Please Gillian, drop me a line on . I will reply right away.. hope it works…. write to me please..

  4. Jenny Cutforth says:

    I would love to donate for them all, this is so very very sad, but I donated a small amount this morning & one last week & to other charities, I am now a pensioner & can only do so much, but be sure if I ever win any money ”Lets adopt Global” will be the first to get a cut….I really hope that you will get the amount you need to get this beautiful cat some kind of life again with a loving home, I would have them all if I could, it breaks my heart to see….Pleas keep on doing the work you are doing Viktor & your team of angels….<3 <3 <3

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Jenny.. please take good care of yourself first. Thank you for being there. Ah.. don’t waste money on lotteries.. chances of winning are microscopic. For now just help us spread our cases through sharing, and yes, if you ever win that jackpot, remember us.. :-). Love. Viktor

  5. Isabelle Bernhardt says:

    This is heart breaking! Please save him!
    I will be donating in a couple days!
    All my love for that poor soul❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Isabelle, we are going to operate him on Monday, maybe even earlier.. well see…

  6. Ohh poor guy!! I donated a small amount. Please let us know of his condition soon.

  7. Where is this cat located at?

  8. How can you leave an animal on the streets knowing he is blind. People just amaze me at how stupid they are and uncaring. Thank you for trying to save his life!!!

  9. Brian Coffey says:

    I just made a small donation for Rudolph. I wish it could be more, but I know every little bit helps.

  10. Joëlle, from Brussels says:

    Poor little Rudolph… Let’s try saving his eyes first (donated!)… Then maybe afterwards, if the car trauma did not cause too many damage, he can walk again normally and who knows, DANCE the way Nuryeev – the other Rudolf 😉 ) did… Thanks Viktor for giving him the chance he deserves!

  11. Norma Jones says:

    Wish my monthly donation could be more but on a pension & have 4 resc; cats & 4 resc dogs well 2 dogs are rescues, do so hope this little one survives as know you will do all you can for him & would be wonderful if Gill is able to adopt him as Cheltenham a lovely area. Thank you so much for all you do for these animals as no one else would attempt what you do.

  12. Norma Jones says:

    Wish my monthly donation could be more but on a pension & have 4 resc; cats & 4 resc dogs well 2 dogs are rescues, do so hope this little one survives as know you will do all you can for him & would be wonderful if Gill is able to adopt him as Cheltenham a lovely area. Thank you so much for all you do for these animals as no one else would attempt what you do. Fingers crossed all will be ok.

  13. I only want to leave a message of encouragement I fostered a kitten a year ago that is mostly blind has epilepsy and some brain damage from a drug house it was in. They wanted to euthanasia her, I declined and kept her. Yes it was a lot of work at first getting her to be healthy and adapt our life and house to her. Today we dont give to her, she gives to us everyday with her special wonderful loving amazing energy ways and I could not imagine had we not chosen to do this. even though today all trips out have to be planned for a “baby sitter” to come home to her is amazing. may you all be blessed for your efforts

  14. Donated and will share! God bless Rudolph and all you do at Let’s Adopt Global. These brave animals are my heroes…they make me believe there is hope to overcome anything! I’ll keep them all in my prayers. Thank you Viktor!

  15. Sauvé ce pauvre chat. j’ai fait un don et il fut que vous le sauvé car les animaux sont aussi des créatures de Dieu. Alors sauvez-le .
    Merci et que Dieu vous Bénisse

  16. Victor I might be able to donate next week when I get paid. Right now I have donated for several of these beautiful animals. I am single and living alone so it is hard. I want to help each and everyone but I cannot. Please let me know how he is doing in the meantime. I will flag this email so I remember to send something over next week. You and your staff are angels. TY I wish there were more people like you on this planet. Too many animals are abused and suffering. I have a small black dog that is my little angel and spoiled rotten. I rescued him 14 years ago when he was a puppy. He was dying and tiny. He still is tiny but healthy for his age. Always keep me in the loop. I have a dream that many people know that if/when I win the lotto I will be donating money to you people that help these poor animals. Also I want to build a retirement home for old dogs that no one wants so they can live there lives out in comfort. This is my dream. Keep doing what you are doing.

  17. Janice Meyer says:

    Rudolph is such a beautiful cat. I hope you will be able to fix his body so he can stand and walk again, as well as his eyes of course. What does the vet say his chances of seeing again are? I’m sending a small donation, which is all I can do right now. Every donation helps and if I can do it anybody can as I’m quickly becoming part of the lower income group. Sending $$ now.

  18. Beryl E. Sanders says:

    Poor little Rudolph…you are such a beautiful cat and I can tll by looking at you that you have a very sweet nature. You are very fortunate to be with LAG because they will help you more than anyone else ever could and hopefully, you will regain your sight and perhaps they can help you to be able to walk once again. My love showers you with love and hope. God less you sweet baby…I look forward toyuor updates.

  19. Tammy Bevis says:

    Thank God for you Viktor. You have saved so many that would have died without you. I have donated to Leo and Lee and I will also donate to Rudolph. Thank you for your amazing work. I look forward to seeing his recovery. Bless you x

  20. Deb Slaton says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking. Thank you for taking care of this baby. Donated a little. Please keep us updated.

  21. shelby dixon says:

    please save him what a dolly please post photos

  22. larry ciolino says:

    hope everything turns out great for Rudolph I donated.

  23. Clare Earl says:

    This just breaks my heart so much, also seeing the brief glimpse of the other babies in cages where Rudolph was being held. I just will never ever understand how anyone could abandon animals. This little boy has suffered enough and deserves to be loved and respected and given a chance to heal and live a life of joy and fulfillment. I think it would be amazing if Gill Turner and her family were suitable for Rudolph’s needs, and what a beautiful part of England for him to live!!!!.
    I am also from UK and would so love to take Rudolph. My only worry though is that I have two 9 year old cats (Brother and Sister) and my boy Bert has epilepsy and such a nervous cat. My little girl is very jealous of other cats as well and do not think this would be fair on them or indeed Rudolph. I would not hesitate though if there was no one else who could take Rudolph on but I have a strong feeling there is going to be no shortage of offers though!!!!.
    I was wondering if I would be able to make a donation next week Viktor as I have just donated towards little Leo’s surgery. I so wish I had a lot of money but I am disabled unfortunately and on a low income. Whatever I do have left over I always put towards animals and charities like your’s Viktor. I never buy new clothes, go out for dinner or rubbish like that anymore, not when the money can help towards animals such as Leo and Rudolph. Please look after this beautiful boy and make sure he knows just how loved he is. I will wait to hear some updates when you are able to give them and I promise a donation next week xxxx

  24. Where is this shelter?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      the shelter is in Valencia, Spain…

  25. Nancy Neimeth says:

    Donated with love and prayers for sweet Rudolph. I’ve rescued FIV/FLV kitties before – they can live long, happy lives. I hope Rudolph finds his forever home, where he will always be safe, happy, loved and cherished.

  26. Sue Swartz says:

    Bless you all for continuing to help the “least of these.” My heart aches for this dear kitty, and I am grateful that you saw him in the shelter! My brother who is a cancer survivor has that syndrome where he always feels like there’s sand in his eyes (a side efect from chemo.) Praying that the operation is successfull and that it works out for Gill to provide him a home! <3 Donating now. :-)

  27. If anyone can make this baby better you guys can. Glad the surgery will help the entropian. Get well soon big lovable guy

  28. Jill Salinas says:

    I donated 25.00, I know it’s not much. I live in Kansas and would love to pamper this sweet baby, please save him. I will donate more as often as I can, I wish I could save them al,.

  29. Ann Simpson says:

    Hi, I’m Ann and I live in Scotland with my husband and my wee rescue dog “Rhea” who was returned to the shelter 3 times! before we took her home. I commend the work you and your team do for all these poor unfortunate animals (you will get your reward in Heaven)…..god bless you and your amazing team – I will of course be donating within the next couple of days xxx

  30. Marci Dowd says:

    After watching him try to walk, I don’t know how anyone could NOT give. Heartbreaking! I gave. Thank you, Viktor, and all, for all you do for so many animals that just need one person to help them along.

  31. Jackle Hsieh says:

    Donated, from Hong Kong. Thanks for helping this little white buddy…

  32. Donated for Rudolph. Bless you all at LAG for doing what you do and a special prayer for little Rudy, you’ll be fine little guy!

  33. Please please save him. How is he now

  34. Beverley Covert says:

    What a lovely boy! Bless the person who brought Rudolph to your attention. He will now get the help and desearving life, he needs. I have donated.

  35. this is one of the most heart breaking video ever…it felt like he is literally giving up on this very moment when the video was taken! he has been lucky to be chosen by you (wish all those billions of animals had the same destiny). All the best to you guys!

  36. lori reinhard says:

    he looks so sweet. a balance problem is quite scary. he needs plenty of love and kisses. he would bee most welcome in my house

  37. Wishing Rudolph many, many blessings! I will donate to help him. He looks like a beautiful cat. Thank you for all the good work you do, and thanks also to people who help by donating and adopting!!!

  38. Jean Stewart, Scotland says:

    Oh, this is so sad……..what a sweet natured, gentle soul Rudolph is. I’m so glad he’s now safe and has a chance of recovery and a good home. I was so upset watching the video but having read all the comments it renews my faith in humanity that there are so many people who DO care about the less fortunate animals in this world. God bless you all for caring and donating. I’ve sent a small donation Viktor… so many others I can only afford a little as I give to quite a few rescues. x

  39. Hi for all, donation for rudolph done, we are a 30 old couple, we have two cats at home now, and we are interested ito give rudolph a home and uor love, we are from Lleida. Its 300km from Valencia

  40. Donated..
    Please save this cute boy. Waiting for the good news…!!!

  41. I donated $50.00 dollars last night ... Wildlife Rescue Fundraisers... Dianna Bickett. And today i am seeing that this is Rudolph's last 24 hours???????? I need to see that my donation is doing him some good! says:

    I donated $50.00 dollars last night … Wildlife Rescue Fundraisers… Dianna Bickett. And today i am seeing that this is Rudolph’s last 24 hours???????? I need to see that my donation is doing him some good!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Please Diana check the blog again and you’ll be very happy…

  42. Georgia Chamoulia says:

    I will gladly donate as soon as my salary arrives coming week.
    Is FIV really not contagious? If so, I’ve been looking for a male cat for a while, as a companion for my two girls and I don’t mind Rudolph having a handicap.
    I know Gill offered first, but if for some reason things don’t work out, I would gladly put myself on the furever home list.

    Thank you for helping him

  43. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    Donated a little for beautiful Rudolph. Thank you Viktor and the LAG team for the wonderful work you do. I also would love to win the Euromillions to help animals. I am 61 now and there is nothing I want for myself, but to give to help animals is my dream. Oh one request Viktor. Please can we do without the music on the videos. I and many others are hard of hearing and the background music is very annoying. When I viewed Rudolph’s video, I didn’t understand a single word that was said. I always have to use the subtitles when listening to your commentaries. Thanks and all the best,

  44. Donated. The poor cat, he doesn’t deserve this. Why can’t he even stand? He looked really miserable and unwell. Hope he can gradually get better and better. Thanks for saving him and looking forward for updates.

  45. Volpina bianca e nikka says:

    Made a little donation. hope Rudolph got well as soon as possible <3

  46. liz gillard says:

    Heartbreaking to watch beautiful Rudolph struggling to get around,i have donated and made a recurring monthly donation to,i pray it will help precious Rudolph.Much love,many hugs and prayers for you sweetheart.Bless him.Xx Thank you Vicktor for your caring heart.Liz Xx

  47. Victor I just could not wait until next week to help this little baby. I donated a little to help him. It is just hard I am single, but you know to help save a beautiful animal and give it a chance it is worth it. I have done quite a few now so I am going to have to slow down because of funds. I will always help when I can. Please help him so he does not have to suffer anymore. Keep me in the loop so I know how he is doing.

  48. Susan Gano says:

    donated. like most on fixed income, it is not large, but it sure adds up.
    Hope Rudolphs beautiful blue eyes light up the world for him now. I already know that he will have a full recovery because he is with your team. I will check for updates. Love to see differences from beginning to end.
    Thank you so much <3

  49. Anonymous says:

    Please let folks there know FIV is transmitted through deep punctures. Not through sexual contact. If cats don’t fight the FIV+ can live with non FIV cats

  50. Sending lots of love Rudolph. Hope your operation goes well x hope my small donation and others helps in a big way.

  51. Donated and praying you can stabilize Rudolph so he has a chance to live a happy, full life.

  52. Catherine says:

    Hi Viktor & Team!!! You guys do such an inspiring job!

    You always have me with tears and then happy tears with a happy ending! :)

    I will one day visit your centre.


  53. I’m crying with joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  54. Thank you Viktor… i did check the bog on this precious boy. You did a great job.. brought a smile to my heart and happy tears to my eyes to see him walking all around and taking in the scenery! GREAT JOB GUYS!

  55. sorry for the typo… should have be blog not bog! :-)

  56. Anonymous says:

    I am SO glad he was adopted and going to his new home!!!!! Great job Viktor :-) <3

  57. Marlene C says:

    Great job Viktor!!!! I am SO glad he was adopted and going to his new home in Texas :-) <3 You do AMAZING things for these poor defenseless animals – GOD BLESS YOU!

  58. Jennifer Cassill says:

    I watched the first video of Rudolph struggling to walk around it was as heartbreaking as anything I had ever seen. I started bawling so hard with tears streaming down my face. Thank God and thank you and thank the lady who saved him and adopted him. I would give anything if EACH AND EVERY ANIMAL ON THE WHOLE PLANET could be rescued and given a loving home like that.God bless you and your whole staff. You guys truly do perform miracles!