Angel: six minutes that will change your life. Please SHARE

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When we entered the shelter we had no idea what expected us. We arrived there empty handed and we left with four souls in our hands.

The story in this video is not a happy one, it´s a story of cruelty, neglect, pain, but ultimately it´s also a story of grace, hope and redemption.



Words are really not necessary… We did all we could to save them, went as far as it was humanly possible, but sometimes it´s written on the stars… Angel´s story can be different. With your help he still has a future.

This was Angel just the moment he left the box where he came in.


His condition is absolutely terrible. His mouth is destroyed by infection, so is his jaw, it must have been impossible for him to eat, no wonder he is in so weak. He´s terrified and it pains us to see a cat so terrified and scared from those trying to save him.

His leg is also badly injured with deep punctures all across…


The situation is as bad as it looks. We are Angel´s one and only hope.

We lost two kitties in this rescue, there was absolutely nothing anyone could do for them, we tried everything, we arrived too late., but Angel still has a chance. Right now he is terrified, but we know with time he will learn that not humans are bad, and I wish I could tell him there are so many right behind him.

Please, if you can, and in the memory of those we lost, help us save Angel, DONATE TO SAVE ANGEL´S LIFE TODAY..


Many many thanks!!!


P.S. Angel also has FIV. FIV is transmittable through deep bites and sexual contact. Angel will lose all his teeth and he has a very sweet character with other cats. He is also neutered. There is no reason why he couldn´t live with a family and other cats. Please take pity on him and adopt him. Contact me on  and tell me everything about your and your family. Adopt Angel, he deserves the chance he never had. 

Update 11 January…


After Angel´s treatment was completed he was driven to the North of Spain, to the city of Lleida, in Catalonia. 12 hours drive in total… ARGGG… Coincidentally Lleida is my hometown, I was born there. Lovely place with wonderful people that reach out and foster FIV kitties…

Angel will be here, with a wonderful family, recovering fully and become more social with humans.. that is Noelia´s mission… to turn Angel into a loving lap cat. :-)

Here he is.. Angel.. living one day at a time… still looking for a home.. .

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  1. Dany Stack says:

    Thank you for not ignoring their plea. We knew you wouldn´t leave them alone in that place. We are very sorry about the two little ones but as you say, we must save Angel in their honor.
    We are making a small donation in Grace and Hope´s name. Good luck with Angel, please keep us informed.

  2. Alba Tirado says:

    Viktor… ojalá, en otra vida, yo pueda ser como tú. Thanks for helping this animals

  3. OMG!!! How can a “human” beeing leave a little life suffer like that. Thank u so much for trying to save their lifes. I don´t have much but i hope it helps.
    You are angels, too.

  4. Nancy Bell says:

    Please help Angel I will follow his journey like I did Biscuits Journey

  5. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for these poor kitties, Viktor. Unfortunately, this animal rescuer has very little money to donate, having just blown most of it on surgery for one of my (rescued) cats. It’s a sad and common story, if only we had the money to fund organizations like yours. This video made me weep. Thank you for being able to do everything that I cannot. And hopefully I’ll be able to send some money your way as soon as I can. God bless you!!

  6. Donated, heartbroken story. It seems to me lots of cats on that shelter need help.

  7. I felt so sorry for these cats – so many uncared for and left to die. Well Hope and Grace at least died with someone caring even if it was for hte briefest time in thier lives.

  8. Why my message has been removed?

  9. so heartbreaking, like everytime, donation is on the way. thanks to team Viktor, hope you save some more of this little angles , god bless you all . camen

  10. Quenthel Baenre says:

    Ahí aporto mi granito de arena. No comprendo cómo es posible que estuvieran en esas condiciones. D.E.P. Grace y Hope. Fuerzas para Angel. Gracias por no dejarles desamparados.

  11. Tim Dawson says:

    What was wrong with the black and white one you guys were working on? Was that anesthesia or oxygen you guys had in the mask? because giving cats or dogs ANY kind of anesthesia is VERY dangerous especially when they are weak. I’m sorry but it seemed very strange to me to use it on him/her in that condition he was in. the video doesnt explain anything to us as to what was going on, etc.

    Any news would be appreciated, Thanks

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      That was not anestesia Tim, it was oxygen… we performed CPR.

  12. Viktor everytime I see a video from you I cry so hard, that I pray to god there will be more people like you one day. god bless you always

  13. OMG!!!!!…..I am still in tears…..I am so very sorry for the loss of Grace and Hope……watching this video was so very hard for me….and so very heartbreaking……knowing that you all did all you could for those two sweet babies was worth rescuing….they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with names and love that they felt for just a short time….Vitkor, thank you for trying….I am so hoping that Angel will recover… heart and prayers go out to her and those two that could not be saved. <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. I’m crying my eyes out.. Poor Grace, so painful to watch… :(

  15. Laurie McRae says:

    God bless you & thank you for ALL you do to help so many kitties! I don’t get paid again until the end of this week, but will definitely make a donation for Angel, in honor of Grace & Hope. Even though those two sweet babies didn’t make it, they left this world knowing that there are people who care, and that they mattered! Sending prayers, positive vibes & gentle hugs to Angel!

  16. Shelley Ball says:

    God Bless. xx

  17. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    Can somebody tell me what’s happened with these cats? Once again I do not know what’s going on. As I’ve written before, I and many others can’t hear because of being hard of hearing, because of background music and because of lack of subtitles. Deaf and hard of hearing people are used to being treated as second class citizens,but I didn’t expect this from LAG. Perhaps you don’t want our money???

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Sue,
      I apologize. Your money is certainly as good as anyone else’s, as you can imagine it was never our intention to offend you.
      Having said this, please take it easy… I understand you are disappointed but I don´t think we deserve this comment.
      I will make sure there is ALWAYS a text accompanying every video in the future.
      We rescued four cats, Rudolph, Hope and Grace and Angel.. Hope and Grace died, this is their story.

  18. Viktor, As always, you are such a caring and responsible person to rescue these poor kitten babies. I’m so sorry that the others couldn’t be saved as well. I, too, will send as much as I can to help out. We are saving for taxes, ugh!!!
    Bless you, your team, and these beautiful souls you have saved. I remember you all every night in prayers. You are a beautiful person with a heart of gold!
    All my love to you!!
    Anna B.

  19. Nancy Robison says:

    we have a cat in the shelter I work in who is 15 and he has no teeth, has a hairlip and is FIV+..of the 210 cats where I work I love him the best and best of all HE HAS BEEN ADOPTED! by a wonderful woman who is actually taking two FIV cats! there is always hope.. I have donated $10 to help him. he can live a wonderful life in the end. just like our Harry Capone….

  20. Beverley Covert says:

    You did your best forHope and Grace. They are in a better place now. Angel, still has a future in a for ever home and family. I have donated. Thank you,for showing everyone what you do for these children.

  21. Maria Thyer-Garcia says:

    Dear Victor and team,
    from my heart, Thank you for all you are doing for these poor animals. God’s blessings on you and your family for your kindness and your big heart.x

  22. Thank you Viktor for Angel and his friends

  23. Volpina bianca e nikka says:

    Donated for Angel…give us some updates of him..please

  24. ewa oscarsdotter says:

    I wish I was a very rich person….but I donate what I can…Thank you for everything you are doing, Viktor and friends…<3

  25. How sad to lose those little lives. So many animals suffer under human hands and it breaks my heart.
    Thank you for your caring.

    I would very much like to hear what you are saying on the videos you make but the music muffles your voice–could you turn the sound down some? It would be very appreciated.

  26. You are their angel Viktor.

  27. Katariina says:

    I have a ginger rescue cat and he’s my life, that’s why it’s so hard to watch any videos about cats in distress but that’s why I also donated money this time. I’d be willing to adopt Angel but I have to ask my boyfriend, we’ve been thinking about adopting another rescue cat.

  28. Tim Dawson says:

    ok, but what was wrong with the cat to begin with Victor?? That is what most of us want to know? Just curious. Because the video didnt explain anything.


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Everything was wrong Tim. She came in a state of hypothermia, and had a massive lung infection that didn´t allow her to breath. he entire system was shutting down. We never had the time to treat her at all… she collapsed in front of our eyes

  29. We love you guys :'(

  30. Shirley Schaeffer says:

    I cried when I saw the video. I cannot afford much but I donated 10.00 thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

  31. So incredibly sad… even knowing they weren’t going to make it, I still cried when it happened. :'( I hope Angel can be saved and live a long and happy life! God bless you all for doing what you do.

  32. Kristine Blanco-Hallman says:

    Gee whiz these people obviously have not been watching what you do. They don’t realize the level of scientific and philanthropic skills and what you can do when you plot together. You would never administer anything harmful. For those of you who have not been following Viktor and the team, these people are among the best in the world at trauma rescues. They hardly need our advice about that. They need a few bucks from anyone who has it. Because a few from a lot makes a lot. I support ROLDA as my favorite rescue organization.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for your words Kristine… thank you..
      Just a note.. we are Let´s Adopt! Global… ROLDA is in Romania… :-)

  33. Nelda Percival says:

    I knew better then to watch a video about cats. An animal activist myself, I know I will just bawl my eyes out. While in the United States Military I was a medic, I recognized the procedures you used on Grace. As an animal activists, I know we can not save them all but it still hurts. The clinic, the staff, yourself, the board of directors, you all are the pieces of the puzzle for excellent care.Your group about 2 yeas ago, is what awakened me and now I work for the street animals of Eastern Europe.
    I pray for your organization, I wish there were more like you – Thank you for being you! nelda

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Nelda.. it does seem like we did change your life somehow..
      Many thanks for your words.. Love

  34. God Bless y’all for all you do. What an amazing example you show of the love of Christ for the defenseless.

  35. Please let us know how Leo and Rudolph are doing.. Thanks

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Both of them doing great.. updates coming today and tomorrow

  36. Gudrun Holiday says:

    Hello Viktor,thank you so much for trying to save the kittens…may I ask where was this at? Thank you

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Gudrun, it´s at a shelter in Valencia, Spain..