Let´s Adopt Global Q&A: Why Location don´t matter (to us)

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LOCATION!!! LOCATION!!! Give us this dog´s location so that we can share his plea…

LOCATION!!! Where is the dog located??? If you don´t tell us where it must be that you are a scammer..


If you follow the work of Let´s Adopt! on FB you are probably used to see any of those three questions, usually being asked by obviously upset people but want to help but don´t know how… because they can´t figure out where the animal we are trying to rescue is.

Why does this happen? Other than the sad reality that most people don’t read past the second line, there is a second explanation why we usually don´t emphasise our rescues location.  For a international rescue group with an international community of supporters and based on Facebook, location, by definition, is irrelevant. 

The fact is that, somewhere in the world, there is an animal in distress, and Let´s Adopt! Global can be of assistance through it´s international network.

We rescue in Phases.. 



The vast majority of cases, by the time you read our plea the animal has been rescued and he is in one of our clinics for treatment. At that stage we rarely need someone local to do anything. This phase is usually accomplished before the plea is even launched on Facebook.

PHASE 2. The plea.

The launch of a blog post is the second phase of a typical Let´s Adopt rescue. By telling the animal´s stories we harness the resources of our community, we raise funds for their treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation processes and their final flight home. Through our pleas we also find loving families for our animales.

PHASE 3. Screening of adoptants and the final journey home. 

This is an extremely delicate phase. The decision taken will forever mark the life of our animals. Over the years we have developed deceptively simple screening procedure. It´s thanks to this procedure that most our adoptions are resounding successes. Of course, being humans involved, sometimes some things don´t go according to plan..


So.. why is location irrelevant? Because location has absolutely no influence over the adoption process. An animal rescued in Europe could be adopted anywhere in Europe or the USA, a USA Animal could be adopted anywhere in the US or Europe. I always tell people.. we are adopting animals to FAMILIES.. not to COUNTRIES.

People are, in most cases territorial, limited by their closest environment. Announcing an animal´s location, unless essential for the first phase of rescue, where human presence is needed to pull an animal to safety, is actually counterproductive when it comes to harnessing help or finding a foster or a final home for the animal. Even in a community as visionary as ours there would be many that would think.. oh.. the dog is in (let´s say) China…. there has to be someone in China willing to help the animal… and that would be it. The animal would get no help and he would never find a home.

Let´s Adopt! GLOBAL…. it´s all in the name… it´s all in the borderless visionAnimals don´t have passports, they don´t have nationalities. Those are conventions of men.




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  1. It has never mattered to mr viktor where the animals are. I know if LAG says its rescue, it’s a rescue no matter where.
    I don’t think people understand that you also do not care where the animal is because the world is your backyard. All th world is only s flight away for you guys nowhere is too far
    People do not understand that you rescue then ask for donations whilst you treat the poor thing. YOU have the animal, the person who wants to help csn be anywhere in the world and when the snalkis better snd they. Still want it, you will make sure that they ate both bright for each other. No
    Matter where x

  2. your agency is unique in the sense that it covers the entire world .
    The criteria is simply you have heard of an animal in dire need of help which is not going to get the help it needs for whatever reason .
    Your response is to go and rescue the animal and transfer it to one of your clinics .
    When it is recovered you go to great lengths to re home it with the most suitable person(s) on a case by case basis .
    I cannot see why anyone with an ounce of logic can fail to appreciate the uniqueness of your vision and the dedication with which you seek to carry it out

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Joanna… something so simple and so many don´t get it..
      You do… Thank you.. Viktor

  3. I’m so grateful for the measures and distance y’all are willing to go to help these precious babies, the voiceless and defenseless. I wish there were more organizations willing to do that. Many Blessings to you all.

  4. Karin Berglund-Kopitskie says:

    The beauty of Let’s Adopt Global is that love has no borders. You see an animal in great need, and often in a state of unspeakable suffering. What happens then? You instantly LOVE that animal. And, Love is Action! Love is not bound by location, nor by people who are trying to limit it.

    When you then rescue an animal, and give him/her unconditional love and the best treatment possible, you allow us to share in that love. And through that we also become part of that borderless love. We all do what we can, whether that is actually partaking in the actual rescue on site, help with organizing, donating, or simply sharing the message….whatever we can do.

    So many people sit on the sidelines and criticize the loving actions you perform everyday. But, what does this criticism accomplish? I wouldn’t say “nothing”, because what it does is to try to destroy the love for these poor, suffering, innocent souls. But, love is always stronger than hate and mistrust. It is because of love that all these animals are saved.

    I also love the way you always call animals he/she/him/her and not “it” like so many others do. I would never call an animal “it”. They too have a self, a personality, a heart and a soul, and we need to recognize them for that….and you do…you always do.

    You are there for the forgotten ones…the abandoned ones…for the ones that everybody else has given up on…no matter where in the world they are. I have never before heard of anybody traveling to he other side of the world and then immediately hurry back for 24-hour rescue missions.

    There will always be haters. There will always be those who seek to destroy and who seek to tear down what you have built up. Let them…because in the end love will win out. Let’s Adopt Global is global for a reason…..because Love has no borders.

    There is “Doctors without Borders”, so why not animal rescue without borders….?

    Thank you for being there and for saving the suffering ones across any border…because, LOVE HAS NO BORDERS.

  5. so very well said Viktor!

    “Animals don´t have passports, they don´t have nationalities. Those are conventions of men.” because so it is…they just want our love and care, and thats all, they dont care if they are black or white…

  6. when i read about the skeptic people.. as you can see they actually reflect who they are..( crook) to read about you take the time to give unconditional love to the unknown animals to them they think something fishy.. As for the wide world people knew your heart I wish I can do what you doing only I have so much in my plate and thank goodness that we have some kind human such as you to help them stray or the miss fortune animals fall in to the wrong hand being abuse and left to die.. yes we all should only just chip in what you can ..not have to show off but some to help because remember every penny is count and every little penny ad up to trillion people to help .. you will get your Wings as soon as you get to Heaven Viktor. I love your organization and appreciate all you do for the animals.. they too would love you for the rest of their lives. I do love my pets.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Tongbai… much love from us…

  7. Your vision for rescue and rehoming is so very unique, and your organization is tops. I’m so grateful for all that you do to help these poor unloved animals get back to a healthy, full life being loved by families that they so deserve. I just wish there more people willing to dedicate themselves to building similar rescues all over the world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for all of the animals who don’t get found by LAG to have that same opportunity? But alas, one at a time…and you are making such a huge difference in the lives of those you save. My husband and I have always dreamed of winning the lottery so that we could build a local rescue and take in all of the animals from our kill shelter. Maybe one day. Until then, I will continue to donate what I can to all of the rescues who are making a difference for homeless animals. God Bless you, and thank you.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Lori… beautiful words…
      the thing is.. Let´s Adopt Global was built without anyone having won the lottery. Actually, I´m sure if that had been the case it would be a very different kind of organization, and not necessary a better one…

  8. Your team always has my support and I don’t need to know those details. I am just so sad Australia is out of bounds.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Me too Robyn… we have amazing friends there and so many could have wonderful homes..

  9. For a dog It is not pleasant and comfortable to be on a plain for 10 – 14 houres. In some countries they have to stay in quaranteen for a few weeks! This is not done !! You better search for a family nearby, so Location matters .