Tara has been living 30 days on the streets of India with two open fractures!!. WE ARE GOING TO SAVE HER!

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Madrid-New Delhi-Madrid: 9.028 miles (14.528 kms)

It´s been a week now since I first saw this image. Standing on her two hind legs, a dog is given some food by some kids in India. Both her front legs are broken, open fractures. Her bones are sticking out of the bandages trying in vain to hold her legs together.

Tara, was brutally attacked by a thug with a steel bar, about a month ago and left crying for help on the streets of Patiala, Punjab, India.


Anyone would be overwhelmed by shock and emotion when imagining her pain. Despite their best efforts infection has spread through the tissue and bone. I knew that, despite the incredible efforts of her carers, the Guardians of the Voiceless, Tara would be condemned to a double frontal amputation and a life on the streets crawling on her chest as a handicapped dog.


I have been following their work for months now, armed with barely more than the purity of their spirits they are always there, doing life saving treatments to absolutely destitute animals. It´s awe inspiring. This amazing group of people embodies the spirit of Let´s Adopt! and Tara was more than they could handle.

We had to save her.

I asked our friends in Delhi to speak to them and tell them we would help her with Tara. Their response was incredible… total joy!. They knew Tara had absolutely no chance on the streets and they welcomed our help.

Tara was immediately driven to Delhi and we started her evacuation procedures.


The plan is as daring as it gets. I will be personally flying to India on Wednesday morning. I will arrive to New Delhi at midnight. From the airport I will go where Tara is being cared for, clean and prepare her injured legs for the journey and fly back that same evening.  Literally, in and out.

24 hours in India to save Tara.

Please watch this video… it was taken at a Veterinarian in New Delhi and it sadly shows the reality of veterinary care in India, that is, a an amazing amount of love but very basic means and lack of proper health protocols. I cringe when I think of a veterinarian doing Tara´s cures without the use of simple gloves, but that is precisely what Guardians of the Voiceless and ourselves are fighting against. And that´s why Tara must leave India.

Wednesday 4 June 11.00

We are on the way!!!


Friday 6 of June…

This has been the journey of a lifetime.. around the world in 36 hours to save a street dog. 

In India dogs like Tara are called DESI dogs, PARIAH dogs… to us she is not a Pariah, she is Tara, and her life is priceless.. 

Please watch this video… join me and Tara and our journey until now.

I went on this trip knowing Tara and I were not alone. We both knew you were behind us.

It´s to you that Tara owes her life. To fly around the world for 24 hours to rescue a dog with two open fractures? Who does this? We do… Because this is who we are.


Monday 9 June..

Tara has been operated.  Her bones were in a terrible condition, very infected. We had to cut small sections in order to ensure proper healing. Everything has gone well and we are very confident she will run again. HOWEVER, the next few weeks are going to be critical. We will be monitoring those legs looking for infection and possible vascularity issues.


photo-59 copy 4

photo-60 copy 14

photo-60 copy 12

Update 18 june.. 


Here is Tara… smiling at life!!!  She´s doing incredibly well, whenever we look at her we remember how she was when we rescued her and feel like crying.. 

And how have a look at this!!! Her bones are healing very well… see the little part of new bone being formed?



Update 26 of June… 

A close-up picture of Tara´s leg… in there you can appreciate the extraordinary level of healing it is experiencing.

Tara is doing wonderfully and in a great mood….



UPDATE 1st July…  

I believe this image speaks by itself…

photo-61 copy 2

Tara is in the best hands she could ever be. The fractures were absolutely terrible, the bone was extremely infected, but day after day, she is making great progress, just look at the injuries and you will see they are nearly closed already…

photo-63 copy 2

Update 5 July

This is the moment we were waiting for… TARA WALKS!!!!

Step by step…

Update 18 of July…


Tara continues making progress. The condition of her bones continues improving although the treatment is being far more complicated and costly that we could have ever imagined. 


The problem was that her bones were affected by severe osteomielitis, they were terribly infecting and dissolving. We´ve had to work very hard to keep infection under control and to provide enough stability for new bone to be formed.  The plate above shows the newly operated and infected bone on the left and the new bone growing and little by little providing stability to Tara´s leg.. And now.. you are going to Love this video…!!


Please Help me save Tara´s life… You can see the work we are doing, I give you my word she will run again one day, but we need your help to make it happen..  




UPDATE 21 of August

This is AMAZING AND INSPIRATIONAL AND WORTH SHARING. This image speaks 1000 words as it´s probably the first time a rescued indian street dog has this kind of facilities at her disposal.
There were SIX PEOPLE assisting on Tara´s surgery today. Two surgeons, two anaesthesiologists, and two vet techs…
Without a doubt we are giving Tara the best modern medicine can afford. All of this thanks to YOU… 




photo-63 copy 4

 A few hours later… Tara wakes up!

photo-63 copy 5

So… the first leg has been fixed… now we need to operate the second one!!!

photo-63 copy 6


Update 8 September… 

Tara´s first operation was a total success… There hasn´t been any infection and the bone has started to re-grow… it´s time to operate her second leg and to finally end what we started the day we went to India to rescue her.

Tara´s second and final operation is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning. The procedure will be slightly more complicated than the first one due to some issues with blood circulation inside the bone but we are very optimistic..


Please help us operate Tara´s second leg.. She has gone through so much, WE MUST FINISH WHAT WE STARTED…. this is the last stretch, the last sprint until she is finally able to walk freely, like your dogs do, like any dog should…


Update 9 September…

It was a three hour procedure, everything has gone well.
We have given enough stability to the bone for it to scar perfectly and regrow… We hope this will be her last procedure.. if everything goes well we should be able to show you TARA´S NEW WALK!!!!

photo-64 copy 33

Update 16 September… 




Don´t miss this video…



Five months have passed from the day Tara was rescued.

During this time Tara went through endless cures and multiple surgeries in order to rebuild her TWO DESTROYED LEGS…

And finally.. today… Tara is getting to experience what she dreamed all her life… the warmth of a home, the love of a family, the feeling of belonging to a pack.


This was the most impossible of impossible cases…

From the streets of India to the family´s sofa… TARA IS FINALLY HAPPY…



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  1. Linday May says:

    I have been following your rescues for the last two years, since you rescued Tidus. I have never met a rescue group like yours. You inspire us all to be better, to reach further, to change the world.
    I´m donating to Tara´s rescue and I hope everyone will do the same.
    With love and respect

  2. Carole Moore says:

    Thank you for highlighting the compassion and love for animals that exists in other countries! These young people are amazing… thank you for helping them. THIS IS THE WAY! Tara will be fine…you will ensure that. Donation sent with much love to you all.

  3. Pat McKeon says:

    Oh Viktor….Here you go again…!!
    I want to go with you and help you do your rescues!!

    I love this dog Tara, and Gosh is she Blessed and Lucky to have found Lets Adopt Global….

    I am 1000% Certain that Tara will be on the mend very soon!!
    She is already healed just by you putting her in our community!!

    I would definitely adopt her…Please consider me!!
    I am sharing and donating !!

    Thanks Viktor…Safe Travels!!

  4. donated!

  5. Donated.
    Oh my god, what she has gone through in the last 30 days. I cannot believe it. Please save her.
    Thanks for all your work; god bless you and your team.

  6. I leave a small donation… the pain of this little girl makes me cry. Thank you so much for your help. All the best for your flight and for Tara. She’ll make it :-).

  7. If the fronts end up being amputated out of necessity, she will at least be in a sanitary and loving environment. Hoping for the very best outcome!

  8. Jaylin Billig says:

    Poor sweet girl! I cannot believe the horrors visited on innocent animals like her. Please help her, Viktor. Your team is the only one who can.

  9. Great Victor that you travel that far for this poor baby. In all of my imagination I can’t believe how many animal cruelty there is. And it make me feel unhappy. What if lots of people can see this. If I should see something like that I will help immediately. And I know that there are a lot of people really poor. But there will be somebody that can help this lovely lady.
    Now she is in the best hands she can be for the moment. I hope that the team of let’s adopt can fix her . Respect for you all.

  10. She’s just so lucky to be in your hands now.
    A beautifull dog, I wish her the very best..
    A big hugg off me and a small I try to give for each animal you save…

  11. This story is the most heart breaking and at the same time so uplifting , when I see the love and care bestowed on poor Tara by the wonderful group who looked after her , it is almost too much to bear .
    I still have practically no money but am donating $10 and will improve on this eventually I promise . I hope you have a successful journey to fetch Tara . Bon voyage and keep safe. All love XX

  12. Go get her, Viktor! I sent a pledge and btw the way I do have some neat pictures of Baby for you. Where do you want me to send them?

  13. I’ve donated for Tara awwwww. Please save her & make her comfortable
    GO LET’S ADOPT GLOBAL Woo hoo! You are so awe inspiring!

  14. Renee Adams says:

    I have just paid my bills and will send what I can when I get more money. I wish i had more I can only donate a tiny amount. Thank you for the work you do.

  15. Pam Garlisch says:

    I respect you very much Viktor for doing this work. I know the animals you save are very thankful and one at a time maybe there will someday be no more homeless and abused animals. We can only hope and keep trying to educate people that abuse is not tolerated in any society. Tara is in the best of hands!

  16. Judi Abbott says:

    Beautiful Tara–praying she will not lose her front legs. Thank you for going to get her.

    I donated a small amount in memory of Ebru who I will never forget!


  17. Carol Allaire says:

    I am saying a Prayer for Tara, and Dr. Viktor, that everything goes the good way , and Help our little Tara..Nobody deserves to be treated this way..Can’t they see how Loving our Pets are?? I know deep in my Heart, God will send all his power for Tara to recuperate and get some GOOD OWNERS for the Best Love she deserves..Dr. Viktor, I have been reading these Wonderful Accomplishment you Perform, and God does have you on his side, giving you the strength to do as you are for these Animals..I have told my Friends who Love the Animals to offer their Prayers, just for You and Tara..I know it will be the Best Thing to Happen, and the Love that’s here to make this come true..Keep us Posted and it will make us very releaved, and Happy—PLEASE??

  18. It’s beyond belief that people could be so cruel and inflict their disgusting behaviour on innocent animals. What Tara has gone through, and the pain she is in, is almost unimaginable and I hope that whoever did this to her rots in hell. Thank god though that she has been looked after as much as possible since then and that you are coming to her rescue so that she stands a chance to recover as much as possible. I wish I could donate right now but I’m not able to at this moment – I will in a few days though. In the meantime I’m sharing this on Facebook and hope you’ll receive many more donations towards Tara’s care.

  19. I hope she can make it …
    Any news of the little cat rescued in Jordan, please ? How is he now ?

  20. marion crist says:

    you do such an amazing job Viktor and your team you go where ever you are needed i call you and your guys angels because you always go get them and then help them to recover and then you always make them better no matter how long it takes go and get her viktor bless you xx

  21. Hi Viktor..I have donated 30 usd for Tara….best of luck with your travels and give her a big hug from me please! :)

  22. Kevin Inkster says:

    Donated….wishI could adopt Tara but I’m in the United Kingdom. Victor and his team are angels….

  23. Eres un ángel. Si sólo 1 de cada 10 personas en este mundo tuviera la proactividad y la valentía tuyas, este mundo sería un paraíso.
    Compartido en facebook! seguiré la historia de Tara por esta vía.

    Good luck!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Muchisimas gracias Ennovy…

  24. Thank you so much for saving her! I just donated. Love what you are doing.

  25. God speed Viktor. I will donate somthing soon, I promise….

  26. Once you have travel documents to fly maybe you can scan and update the thread? Pics of you with the dog? Vet’s name and vet board ID number, etc.. So as to the validity of this. I’d pay the entire expense with valid proof of it all. Communicating with the vet and you via phone and not blogs and FB would be mandatory. Work for you?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Would you also like me to wear pink and jump through a hoop?
      Do you really think I´m going to put my life on hold just so that I can keep you personally informed over the phone?
      Next thing we know you’ll want to come over here and me taking around town showing you the sights.
      Come on.. Please don´t donate.. just follow this blog and see what we are going to do to Tara. And honestly, don´t bother applying for adoption. Can´t stand the attitude. Sorry.

      1. This is an example of why so many people dislike Let’s Adopt! How many times are you so unreasonably rude to people who are willing to donate large sums to help the animals you have rescued get veterinary treatment?
        Answer: Too many times.

        Common courtesy matters Viktor. Maybe not to you, but more animals would benefit if you were polite.

        Have a think about it.

        PS: The lack of date stamp on these posts makes it possible for these appeals to be endlessly churned around social media. Tara’s appeal is doing the rounds today on Twitter. The post about her seems to be at least one year old.

        1. To address the fact that someone shared the post again, there is an update on this. If people read the post fully, they will decide whether to donate or not knowing that she is adopted. For those that donated without knowing that she was adopted, they were offered a refund. None of our wonderful community wanted one. They chose to use the donation to continue helping many of our other animals. We have really amazing supporters.

    2. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Ill of course update the blog and put up a video of me and Tara but that´s because what I always do, not because someone around the world DEMANDS me to do it. MANDATORY… come on..

  27. Suzie Politis says:

    Donated. Thank you to you Viktor and your wonderful team for saving Tara. I can’t believe people are so cruel and I struggle to understand how anyone could just walk past an animal in pain, or simply in need. Thank God for people like you.

  28. Deborah McCaffrey says:

    You’re the best. What would the animals of the world do without you. I am sending a small donation. Best of luck to both you and Tara

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      thank you Deborah… thank you..

  29. my tears falling so so sad for her,bless you for going to get her,i pray that karma gets the heartless person who did this to her suffers much pain,then is sent to burn in hell! i can’t take that there are so many heartless people that hurt a helpless animal without any feeling of guilt! i hope that this person has nightmares every-night till he dies!nightmares of dogs beating him with a steel pipe!!,thank you viktor for being so caring,u are 1 in a million!

  30. Barbara Brassell-Witten says:

    I have donated to your cause for rescuing these animals that deserve the best care I am so impressed to your dedication and will always donate to helping you rescue animals around the globe. Kudos to you.

  31. God may someone save her i wish there was a way i can donate- don’t have a creditcard

  32. Deborah Sinclair says:

    Hi Viktor, I don’t post very often but I just want you to know how amazing I think you are. I donate every month by direct debit and you’re the only charity I donate to because I’m out of work but what you do is definitely worth me going without a few cups of coffee a month for. Thank you for being one of the good guys in this world and for everything you and your team do every day for those beautiful animals that just want someone to love them.

  33. Awesome rescue. Amazing organisation. Will send a little more for Tara’s rescue.

  34. Susan Gardiner says:

    Hi Victor – love your response above. Can’t really afford it but making a donation all the same. Good luck Tara.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Susan… some people are just amazing. Anyway

  35. Susan Gardiner says:

    I spent over $6000 (NZD) getting my dogs front elbows fixed! It’s only money.

  36. I realy want to give donations if only I had a number. I don’t have a creditcard and don’t want to buy one. Please is something like a banknumber possible? I do too want to write: donated! Have a good flight for you and Tara as well. Thank you that you decided to go!

  37. Gary Simpson says:

    As always Viktor and the team :) donation sent :) Gary, England, UK

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Gary!!

  38. Rosa Borisova says:

    Donated and shared, thank you so much for caring. What a great doggy…all the best o her and her wonderful saviours too. XOXO

  39. If I could adopt from you, Let’sAdopt!, Tara would be the one. She is EXACTLY my type of survivor dog. Bless your kind hearts, all of you involved in her much deserved rescue.

  40. Donation is done! God bless Tara & everybody who helps her

  41. Paul McMaster says:

    Donated.Heartbreaking story..Hope all go’s to plan.

  42. Great Work Viktor!
    May god bless you.
    I wish more people were like you on earth.
    Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful work.


  43. Tara made me do something I usually don’t do…donate to two animals in the same day…I donated to help a dog have a neck tumor removed at Noah’s Arks in South Carolins in the USA, and now for Tara…you both work miracles for animals in extreme need…keep us posted on the trip and getting Tara back safe and sound…

  44. do you want me to wear pink… that is Funny Viktor!!

    I guess Patty doesn’t realize the stress of this rescue…

    anyway, its all good….Wishing you a peaceful flight both ways…

    and I do want to bring Tara to NY….

    Lets put her healing in your teams hands and Gods!!

    Muchas Gracias Viktor!! Love you Tara….Hold on Papa is coming!!



  45. Geraldine Watson says:

    TI donated when I received the first email last night. Please Viktor, if anyone can save her you can. Inam sending you Godspeed and pray you are not too late.

  46. Irene Nielsen says:

    Donation made. Sending love and light to Tara and all other animals in need <3

  47. Manta Sidhu says:

    A Big Thank You to all you wonderful people for contributing…its very heart warming :) And big hugs to Tara !! Woohoo !!

  48. donated….good luck to you both…I am constantly shocked at how evil people are…I almost understand it more when we do horrible things to each other as we are full of schemes and guile….what on earth could this poor girl have ever done to anyone?

  49. Viktor so glad you told patty where its at! some people are just so lame…praying for you n Tara,oh want to let you know that poor old JJ had to cross the rainbow bridge,that was so hard for me,which is why i’m so sorry that i can’t donate for Tara,vet bill was high,now he’s with our lord n is happy,i pray that you are in time to save her,as i said before you are 1 in million! we need more caring people like you in this world,bless you.I know you’ll do it n i know you will find the best 4ever home for her.thank you for being you. linda

  50. Donated with the utmost Love :)

  51. Toni Ostroskie says:

    Donated with the utmost <3 :)

  52. marion crist says:

    Have an safe journey Viktor and Tara to hurry back with the little lady and help her like you do all the other animals i will pray for you and tara and the team that you arnt to late you do such an amzaing job give her an hudge massive hug from me please viktor blessings to you all x

  53. sarah pratley says:

    We know you’ll do all you can for her Viktor. Have donated.

  54. ¿Qué tal está la perra? ya está en Madrid??

  55. 10 euros donados! mucha suerte Tara!

  56. Shampee Chanda says:

    I ama so inspired by your work. I am based in Delhi. Do let me know if you need any kind of assistance while in Delhi.Or you can share the numbers of people already in Delhi. Will do whatever I can.
    My Number is +917042357220

  57. wonderful wonderful people and you Viktor are amazing – compassion and love flow from you – i have so much respect and love for what you do

  58. Shelley Ball says:

    No words, just sending love. xx

  59. Martina Quinlan says:

    Good luck everything crossed for this dog

  60. Jenny Cutforth says:

    What can I say again…VIKTOR & THE TEAM YOU ARE JUSTVTHE BEST & of course everyone that makes it possible for you to get to these far away places, to save these poor dogs …my heart goes out to you forvthevlove you have for these animals….Thank you, Thank you again…Hugs xx

  61. marion crist says:

    Bless you Viktor you guys do amamzing things i will donate on friday when i have some money payers to you and the team and tara viktor safe journey for you both x

  62. Geraldine Watson says:

    I donated when I received the first email last night. Please Viktor, if anyone can save her you can. I am sending you Godspeed and pray you are not too late. Thinking of you and the wonderful work you do with all animals in need.

  63. Meghalaya man travels 4,000 kilometres for his pet’s cure .check the link.

    Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) Hospital is one of the best Veterinary hospital in India .Kindly make use of TANUVAS , hope this saves many pets in future.


    N Aanandh

  64. Thank you Viktor !!!!

  65. Faye Edmonds says:


  66. Karen Jones says:

    Bring her home Viktor, and dont forget to thank the courageous Guardians for all they have done for her.

  67. Conrad Penman says:

    You are all amazing people Ty so much from the bottom of my heart this is so touching that you are helping this poor girl it just shows there is good people everywhere in the world Thank you.
    ive shared this on Facebook. Hope Tara has a,speedy recovery after her Operation.

  68. Where is she going? In the U.S.A? And if so where. .

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      She came to Spain… she has been operated today..

  69. Judy Stewart says:

    I donated and so thrilled to know that someone is helping this poor baby girl Tara. Thank you for your kindness. There is such cruelty in the world and it is wonderful to find people like you that truly care about God’s creatures. Blessings to you and I am praying for a great outcome for Tara. I hope see gets a forever loving family that spoils her like she so deserves to be.

  70. Terri Cranke says:

    Tears are welling up in my eyes. The work you do is incredible, i am at a loss for words. I will donate when i can xxx

  71. Vickie Hollar says:

    It isn’t much Viktor, but donating what I can.

  72. Maria Giovanna De Franco says:

    Hi Victor, first…TANK YOU SO MUCH for what you are doing for Tara, I’m not in condition (unfortunately) to make a donation, but I did share your departure story on PLF (Pelosi Liberation Front) on FB, that has about 40.000 thousand followers so I hope you can get from them some donations for Tara. I personally think you are an EXTRAORDINARY COURAGEOUS MAN and you are truly an inspiration. God bless you and give to Tara many hugs and kisses from me. You are my hero!!!

  73. Good luck! I follow and donate to the guardian’s and will send a little something for Tara, exciting day x

  74. Viktor, there are many working for street animals in Delhi and there are many qualified vets who would use gloves. I applaud your rescue however if you would work with one of the rescuers or an organisation working for the cause of stray animals from Delhi , I think Tara would benefit from it. I am a rescuer from Mumbai and we have many such cases coming to is. Unfortunately none of us have the funds ( especially funds since people like me are just struggling to somehow help the ones at hand ) and time away from the rescues at hand to go and save Tara. God bless !

  75. Gabriele Trice says:

    Thank you for all you do, I send $ 10, that’s all I can do for now. Please keep me posted. God bless you

  76. Hope she will be fine. Donated.

  77. Patty, oh boy, it is YOU again. You made absurd silly comments about Diego’s rescue, and here you are again. How many FB accounts do you have to use different alias do you have woman???

    You are asking to see his travel documents now> haha, why? When Viktor stands in the airport ready to board the plane to India on Video? Nobody but YOU would ask such an absurd question as to see his travel documents???

    Viktor always shares not only photos but videos with the animals, he is the one holding the camera!!! We prefer seeing the dog or cat he is saving, but yes, Viktor is such a handsome man, us women do love seeing the good looking man with the biggest heart in the rescue World anyone has known, but for YOU to personally ask for his travel documents is really creepy. Are you stalking Viktor??? I think so. Poor guy.

    You do not need the Vets name and Vet board ID silly woman, there is not only one VET who works on these animals, there are many. Did you not see see the Vet working on Tara in India???? What more do you want? Really……

    You stating. “I’d pay the entire expense with valid proof of it all.” I do not think you have the monies at moment to refill your prescriptions for your numerous medications, it appears you are not taking them again.

    You are now being ten fold over paranoid and utterly ridiculous to ask Viktor to personally phone you and have the Vet speak with you over the phone. Patty, there is something Doctors and Vets are obligated by law to follow, it is called confidentially.

    Most rescues do not share anything but a mere photo and a request for donations for help. Lets Adopt Global, shares many photos, videos, daily updates on the cat or dog being saved. In fact, not only do they share more than other rescues do, they even share surgical Xrays, videos of the surgery, (If the Vet clinic allows it, most do not due to sanitary codes of conduct expected.

    You really are asking Viktor to phone you for a date Patty, You know he is happily married. so please either volunteer your time at a local shelter or find a new hobby.

    Have a lovely day Patty.

  78. Vidhi Malla says:

    I am in New Delhi, India and work with a number of rescue organizations. Yes, the situation in India for desi or pariah dogs as we call them is bad but we can definitely get some kind of mechanism going to her. We can get her to a shelter in India once the operation is done or take her to a better vet. Since I do not know the person who currently has Tara, I can’t help as much as I would like to

  79. donated.

  80. Christina Jha says:

    We have done worst cases here in mumbai. I had told them to come here….there is enough and more here……i had the same kinda case. both back legs broken and out of the body. She is walking today. I am grateful for what u guys have done….but the delay was too much by the time i saw the post and it was shared and shared so much I did not know who was the original sender…..

  81. John Tancao says:

    This is just beautiful….

  82. Vix Kirkpatrick says:

    you are the best human i know – donation to keep you on your mission – i know you will find Tara a wonderful new home xx

  83. Val Orner says:

    God bless you Viktor–and all the innocent animals you save from the horrific behaviors of man. What could possibly motivate some monster to hurt this little baby?! I am sending another donation, but most of all, I pray for your continued successes in mitigating these ghastly injustices to these creatures.

  84. Have a safe trip! Hope you can take home both dogs. Thank you for everything you’re doing.

  85. Angela Sklyar says:

    I follow your for some time and i did donate you one time. I appreciate what you do ! Don’t even have enough words to express my gratitude to you . Guys please visit , invite friends and share Let’s Adopt! Global page and donate !!!!

  86. So glad you are keeping us updated! Almost there!! I’m holding my breath imagining what she is going through. Thank you Viktor!

  87. Words just don’t express the admiration I have for you & your team, I have had to reinstate my DD as for some reason it had stopped so hopefully mow up & running through PayPal. I am praying for you to have a stress free journey & that Tara & Rockett get to safety & treatment can start, got everything crossed that you can get Rockett back with you, will follow blogs & sigh of relief when you are all back. Thank you & also the young guardians in India, they are awesome.

  88. Alexander Damyanovich says:

    I’m so looking forward to Tara’s (and Rockett’s too) COMPLETE RECOVERY!!! I’m so glad you have gotten there to New Delhi: now get them over to Valencia!! [Presumably only then will you set Tara’s bones and do whatever else is necessary…]

    Sorry I couldn’t donate more than I have – it’s SO VERY GOOD to know you and your colleagues are out there doing your utmost to minister to the animals the way the late Mother Theresa ministered to “the poorest of the poor”!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Alexander… please follow this case you are going to love to see Tara running again..

  89. Lizet Bernburg says:

    Donated – Good luck

  90. Very best wishes for your journey back ! I see in Tara’s eyes the unmistakeable look that says ” I am important to this man – and boy does that make me feel good ” XOX
    DON’T miss the flight ! I hope Chico can fly too fingers x’d

  91. Managed to donate a little for you. Always on my mind to help you out whenever I can. You are a very brave soul…..

  92. Sending donation with love and best wishes, bless you both on your travels!

  93. Jim Freeberg says:

    I just made a donation and thanks for all you do for all of the animals!!

  94. Pam Garlisch says:

    Have a safe trip back! What happened to the sweetie that didn’t have a reservation?

  95. Amazing victor ….hope all goes fantastic for you and tarah and the other pup. Thank you and get rest .

  96. Viktor, I hope you saw the comment by Shampee Chanda a few comments above, who is in Delhi and has offered help (and given a contact number) if you need it. I wish you well and can’t wait to get updates about Tara. You’re doing a wonderful thing and I hope and pray that she can be helped and recover as much as is possible given the terrible injuries that evil person inflicted on her. She is a special little girl to have gotten through that horror and if anyone can help her to survive, you and your team can.

  97. Hi Viktor,
    I am honored to help you with a small donation anytime I can. Your work and your care of these animals is amazing! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Tara. Hope you made the plane in time and are on your way home.
    Love, Nancy

  98. Carolyn Silvestro says:

    Thank you for what you are doing for this wonderful dog. It is just beyond imagining what she has been suffering, and yet she still trusts people- I can’t wait to hear updates about how she is progressing!

  99. prem kumar Bijja says:

    tara should recover soon as possible
    thank you VIKTOR !!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Thinking of you so much. I do hope you managed to have the second dog too. It would be heart breaking if you couldn’t take him away for bureaucratic reasons. Looking forward to news.
    Sending positive energy to all of you. A very difficult and stressful journey indeed. You are amazing.
    Ah, and of course in the middle of all this, don’t forget to scan your tickets etc :-) … Really, some people have too much time on their hands and they don’t know what to invent.

  101. Vickie Hollar says:

    Lynne, You rock sister! You just saved me from doing a written verbal lashing.

    Thank you Viktor for all you do.

  102. Nice one Lynne – Go team Let’s Adopt Global! I’m so proud. You all at team LAG install faith in human nature again!!!

  103. Pam Garlisch says:

    Viktor, you must be “dog” tired! What happened to Chikoh? Were you able to “sweet talk” the officials to take that one too? Keeping my fingers crossed that you were able to take her too.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No sweet talk.. he didn´t have a valid booking. Hell fly next week.. Hell be fine..

  104. How’s Chickoh did he make it too??

  105. Were you able to bring both dogs, Viktor?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No.. just one… Chikoh will come next week..

  106. Patricia McCue says:

    Shared on our “For pets sake Sharing” Page on facebook Poor Tara was dealt a bad hand, but now she is in good Hands… Wishing the best!

  107. Viktor, you and all of the LAG Team are amazing, been following you guys for a while now and helped a few times and you are angels amongst us, thank you for all that you guys do from the bottom of my heart, will try to help you again very soon !!!!

  108. Barbara Siegrist says:

    I sent a donation, and did so out of faith. Sounds like Paula is afraid you are a scam. And there is much of that out there today. But you have so many updates on your animals that you save and pictures.
    I think God said we need to help others, and he also gave us dominion over all things, and that means caring for the animals. It is our responsibility to “give for the good of others ” and if the money is not used in the correct manner, that would be Gods place to pass judgment.
    so I say, GIVE TO HELP ANY ANIMAL IN PAIN!!!!!! If someone is out there to save it………….. and that is what Victor is doing!!!
    Everyone can do SOMETHING. and should!!!!!
    thank you Victor from a fellow rescuer in U.S.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Barbara… sounds like Barbara is an idiot.. please read the blog and you will see the level of updates that are never provided by any other rescue.

  109. Alexander Damyanovich says:

    Dear Viktor, know that I’m following this case quite closely – your latest YouTube video already shows Tara as looking happier while riding in the back-seat of that car!! She knows that where she’s going she’ll be getting better…

  110. Woohoo! Magical against all the odds

    Sleep well rescue team and Tara xxx

  111. Donated…………My heart goes out to Tara…..I can’t get my head around how despicable a person could be to do such a deed. I’ve had dogs as companions my entire life and it really pains me to see this. Keep up the wonderful work Victor.

  112. Marilyn Turney says:

    Donated to Tara and all the others you rescue. You are an inspiration to me!

  113. I had donated. You can tell she know’s she is being saved. Hopefully her bones are savable.

  114. Mary Prubant says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Viktor for working so hard to create miracles for these beautiful, wonderful animals.

  115. Virginia Stewart Carton says: thinking of you now. I fly longhaul all of the time…you took TWO very long trips back to back….you took 85mg of aspirin a day before your trip I hope. AND another 85 the day of your trip and another 85 the two/three following days….SERIOUSLY…I hope that you did this!! Tell me you did this…Take care!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Aspirine? why? I didn´t… :-(

  116. Donated. Prayers for Tara and many blessings to you Viktor for all you do. My babies are so precious to me, I want Tara to have that love. I want all fur babies to have love and security.

    Thank you, again.

  117. will enjoy to help you people because i love animals as well

    bring back tara to Jaipur
    together we take care for and and meet a good veterian and try to figure out her problem to make her life live freely
    my number is 9799996645
    call me if you are interested

  118. Natalia Szczepańska says:

    Need to wait for my salary,but for sure I’ll donate.Tara deserve to all what good,beautiful and painless,she’s such a poor princess :'(
    Victor,Your team are divine,and U are the best person I’ve ever “met” in my life.Thank U for doing what U’re doing.U’re restoring my faith in human.I have no words-THANK U SO MUCH…

  119. Jennifer Gyory says:

    Thank you so much for saving Tara, but PLEASE can you update us on the what happened (and what is going to happen) to Rocky, the poor little dog which was going to fly to safety too?

  120. I love your work!
    Your Rescueteam is really amazing!
    We need so much more people like you all over the world!
    I thank you so much for your spirit and for all you do!!!!!

    Vegan greetings

  121. Brilliant news Tara’s safe :) once my pay cheque has cleared, a bill will be unpaid this month (I am good at keeping my debter’s on side so i will avoid charges;) ) money be on way :)

    As always, love you all, don’t worry abut the filth that cause trouble on threads, we know the good guys :)

    I am not sure if you are a Muslim, if you are then I hope Allah Blesses you always, if of another Faith, I hope your Almighty Blesses you too :)

    In my prayers. Gary.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Gary.. me Muslim? No… I don´t believe in God, instead I believe in what we do while we are alive. After that there is very likely nothing

  122. marion crist says:

    thank you viktor for the great work you and your team do so happy you got her and she will now get better becasue you went and got her i was wondering was you able to bring the dog back to xx

  123. Wow you’re amazing!!!!

  124. Very happy to know that she is now safe. Yours has really been an ordeal. I hope that the other dog will be rescued soon.
    Just sent a donation from me and my husband. Thinking of all of you.

  125. Still think of that woman asking for photos of the documents. I can’t believe the cheek in the middle of all this stress and the difficulties of such a journey.

  126. Dianne Schneider says:

    Your group is the best so glad Chikoh will be coming in next week. Thank you for trying your best with Tara. Well donate again soon.

  127. marion crist says:

    thats great news viktor glad you are getting him to no Barbara Viktor is not an scam as he says he does many updates and videos to when he is rescuring the animlas the amazing work this man and his team does is so amazing thank you Viktor you are def these animals angels and your team bless you all x

  128. :) cuanto me alegro de que el viaje haya salido bien! sois geniales, muchas gracias por lo que hacéis!
    ¿Qué tal Tara? Ya le han operado?

  129. Faye Edmonds says:

    well done, terrific job !!!!!

  130. Janine Wright says:

    First of all I want to send my thanks again to you Viktor for this incredibly harrowing long rescue , I admire with ore the work you undertake. Were you able to rescue the other dog which you thought didn’t have the permits to fly etc ?
    But I also want to say to people like Patty that “Lets Adopt Globally” is a registered charity and if people are sceptical that it’s bogus they can always research”Registered Animal Charities”. I’m sending my prayers to Tara and to the team looking after her.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes, we rescued him but he had to remain behind in New Delhi.. we will be bringing him this week..

  131. Janine Wright says:

    I just saw your comment about the other dog i was referring to , Chikoh, that’s great news Viktor.

  132. donated. please keep us posted on tara. God bless you and all those involved in saving Tara.

  133. I cannot believe your dedication to helping save and heal these animals ! You are Angels from Heaven ! I cannot imagine the pain that poor Tara has gone thru ! I pray she will make it and I will be watching for updates….God Bless You All !

  134. Please do NOT amputate her legs! Save her!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Noone is going to amputate her legs..

  135. James Meadows says:

    What youve done is amazing , the time and effort and emotional investment you have put into saving Tara, there are no words that do you’re efforts justice. You are truly an animal angel and im glad people like you exist in. Thankyou thankyou for what you do :-)

  136. Judi Abbott says:

    Beautiful dog, beautiful story–thank you!

  137. Donated again; praying for her recovery.

  138. I’ve shared this and hope everyone who sees it is affected by it .
    Tara is an exceptionally aware, brave and intelligent dog ,. and the children who brought her to your attention deserve lots of recognition .XXX

  139. Pradip Satan K Becheta says:

    Hi Viktor,

    I am glad that you were able to help Tara. I did donate and hoped you would be able to do your best. Belief is one thing doing is completely another. Thank you.

    So what happens to Tara now? Will she stay in Indian or return with you?

    I would like to help further with other sentient beings like Tara, how do I go about doing that with you? I am not rich by any means of the monetary but am rich in family, friends and time.


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Pradeep, Tara will stay with us until she is totally recovered and then well find her a home among our friends and members. I will email you directly and see how we can involve you in our work in India. I’ll be in touch. Viktor

  140. I have donated a small amount also! You guys are angels. Thanks for all that you do…Sharon

  141. Acabo de ver la foto de después de la operación! sois grandes! :)

  142. Barbara Siegrist says:

    I was really afraid the bones might have de-calcified by now and would not have been repairable. We have had that happen to a couple of our rescued dogs. After being in casts for months, the bone immediately broke again when being used. But I am guessing you will be stabilizing with many rods and pins.
    So I am praying the surgery is successful!!! your team are amazing!
    and you are all Angels on Earth!

  143. Kay Nelson says:

    Just donated a small amount and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the really hard work you do rescuing and repairing all these poor animals. Thank god for people in this world like you and your charity. You are a rare man and men like you are rare in todays society. Your wonderful kind caring helpers deserve praise and recognition too. I hope you can all carry on for many years to come and you are rewarded in this life for all you do for these brave animals xxx

  144. Viktor I just got your email…brilliant news that Tara’s operation has gone well…she’s so brave and you are all doing an amazing job! My offer still stands for adopting Tara, Lady or Roxanne once they are recovered enough..I’m going to make another donation to wee Tara now,..Payment will show as mo clingan :)

  145. Anonymous says:

    You are awe inspiring.. I have donated, it’s not much but little and often I hope !

  146. That’s Another donation sent for Tara

  147. Viktor, the bones on her X-rays don’t seem to be lined up properly. How does that work? Are these final X-rays? I know you guys are experts at this, but I’m just curious.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Inna… There are two bones fractured, the radios and the ulna. The ulna plays a minor functional role and it’s ok if not aligned properly, something impossible due to the time passed between the accident and the operation. On the other hand this is not a final surgery… We have installed ax external fixation to begin setting the bone while at the same time allowing for infection to be treated. Had we installed a plate as we would normally do in such cases the osteomyelitis affecting those bones would have made the surgery failed. It’s not over yet.. Will take some time…

  148. I’m not planning to die anytime soon, but I’m going to add Let’s Adopt! Global to the list of beneficiaries named in my estate plan. I admire LAG’s work very much.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Gerard, but please please dont die before having adopted one of our dogs in your lifetime :-). Millón thanks! Viktor

  149. Kate McCormick says:

    Awesome .. What live & care can achieve ,,well done u guys xx

  150. Janine Wright says:

    The operation, looked very intricate so fantastic work by the Veterinarian.So I’m praying now the infection clears and bones knit. Many thanks to all involved , without you all Tara’s life looked very grim.

  151. This is an incredible story! You are an amazing person and I wish everyone was more like you. Truly amazing.

  152. Rania Kanellou says:

    Great Job once again Viktor! You are an angel! Well done. Cross fingers for Tara to get well soon.
    I donated for Tara. I hope i helped a little.

    Thank You so much for caring!!!

  153. You are an incredible person. May God bless you and those who help animals around the world.

  154. Karen Jones says:

    Dear Pradeep, what you do is wonderfula nd many of us have little by way of funds, but we all try to help where we can. I hope now that LAG and Guardians of the Voiceless are going to become firm friends in the mission to save animals.

    Tara looks so much better.

    Well done everyone.

  155. Virginia Stewart Carton says:

    Yes aspirin!! Silly man!! It will, in someone young w/no “clotting antecedance” prevent your blood from clotting…longhaul flights, PARTICULARLY several in a row, are hugely common causes of thrombosis, embolism…hence strokes and worse!! JUST take your aspirin Viktor! Ask questions all around of those who fly all the time….especially professionals…they will tell you!! Be thoughtful, mindful…concerned w/your own well being…blessings! Virginia

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I promise you I will not neglect your advice again Virginia… I know you want the best for me. So there, next flight Ill be thinking of you and do what you tell me.

  156. Chapeau for my hero friend !

  157. I’ve just learned about your organization through a petition on CARE2 and donated some money… I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never heard of you before. I sign a lot of petitions, I donate what I can and I move on to the next one…. I’ve been on the brink of major burnout, so depressed at so much misery. Wow – a week later I get this email with a photo of this beautiful, calm dog who obviously had some medical work done. Then I read the story and remember and am deeply touched. It took some thought for me to realize why when there are so many animals that need our help. Tara, and all the ones before and to come, are symbolical of Hope for me. I get so overwhelmed with all the atrocities that happen to animals and sometimes feel so helpless. This is why I think you and your group are so incredibly wonderful. Tara, and the others, are individuals we can relate to and to be able to help one animal at a time like this story, feeds the soul. Your organization has given me faith again in man kind. God Bless you, you are truly a deeply compassionate man and the world is blessed to have you and your group participating in the evolution of mankind. I will be following your group and donating again to future rescues. Namaste.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Maica… Absolutely love the way our work has touched you.
      This is what is all about… Let´s Adopt! is a beacon of hope. I promise you we will never let you down.

  158. Autumn matthews says:

    God bless you Tara and Viktor and all the other folks involved. A special baby indeed Tara you are loved by so many sweet girl.

  159. Ah she looks now so satisfied and happy, althought her pain. She is unbeliavable.

    And Gerard you are unbeliavable too. Thats a great idea, this should do everyone.

  160. Isabel Clark says:

    Good luck Tara and good luck to all your team. You are doing a wonderful job. Tara was so lucky to land in your arms.

    Donated and shared.

  161. I just saw where Barbara thought I thought you were a scam. Hardly Barbara, I have two Let’s Adopt dogs and Let’s Adopt also helped me get my kitty home. So no I have no doubts about Viktor or Let’s Adopt. Remember the scene of the poor dog in the middle of the 4 lane highway in the rain? Baby now lives with us and he is gorgeous. I was asking about the other puppy because we will need to take up a collection for him as well!

    If anyone ever asks, no I do not doubt Let’s Adopt or Viktor. He and we are real.

  162. Donna Bachman says:

    I feel sorry that I could not do more than pass the post on and I am so thankful that Tara was saved from any more damage than what has already happened to her she is a beautiful dog and deserves better I wish I could take her but not allowed Bless you Tara and hope you find the perfect forever home

  163. Kim Worthington says:

    Virginia Stewart Carton – funny as hell. Viktor take notice of her. She is right, You can’t rescue if you are not well. xx

  164. Kim Worthington says:

    Tara looks happy – and why wouldn’t she be. Awesome as always. If I was there I would kiss you. Just consider yourself lucky I am not 😉

    I am guessing the bones are being held slightly apart so they build extra bone and eventually knit together Is that right?

    Thank you LAG. WE LOVE YOU xxxxxxx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Well.. yes.. but not exactly… it was impossible to align them completely and some won´t ever rejoin, but the essential ones will.. wait.. you’ll see how everything evolves.. Trauma surgery requires a mid term view… you’ll see..

  165. Faye Edmonds says:

    A truly amazing job, well done guys !!!!

  166. just and simply FABULOUS!

  167. Thank you for what you are doing for this precious baby. I cannot imagine the pain she had to have been going through. Do they know who did this awful cruel act towards this baby? If so, did they convict the worthless piece of shit?

  168. Viktor,
    You are such a awesome human to be the voice for these animals. I think of St. Francis of Assisi ever time I read your post. No matter what religion the Gods are going to bless you. I am so sorry for all the scammers and negative posts you have to deal with. I so wish we could take Tara on 5 acres but it is open land we keep our dogs inside and a fenced front patio. But on a very limited income, but so want Tara. We are praying for her new home is the best.

  169. Annette. Astin says:

    Thank you for doing this for Tara. You are truly wonderful people. She’s a lucky dog but it’s her turn to be happy. Xx

  170. Il faut remercier tous ceux qui se sont acharnés à sauver ce chien lequel grace à eux va avoir une vie normale, il faut sensibiliser les autres et essayer de mettre des vétérinaires valables en Inde ainsi qu’un refuge

  171. marion crist says:

    i love seeing the work you do with these beatuiful and wonderful animals you are wonderful viktor and your team the vids you post and the things you post really touch me so much i am so glad there guys like you and your team viktor i thank god for you all love seeing the vids and all the updates you post i will one day adopt one of your dogs i have 3 cats at the moment i am only allowed 3 cats or 2 cats and 1 dog i absouletly love animals and so does my daughter when she leaves college she wants to work with animals i also take in stray cats or injured cats and i give them over to the RSPCA as i cant bear to see an animal suffer as im not allowed to keep them i would love to but if i did i know that i would have to find another home for the animal so i think it would be unfair to keep the animal knowing that but i know the RSPCA will give the animal vet care and then the cat will get rehomed so i would love to have one of your dogs my daughter and i would take such good care of the dog and it would get so much love and attention eveyrthing that the dog would need even my neighbour next door would tell you that the dog would have an good home with us as we do love animals and thank you viktor for taking care of this sweet baby you and your team are angels x

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Marion… please be in touch, when the time comes we will be happy to let you have one of our rescues.. xx

  172. Tara looks so brilliant now . Working wonders for her ! XOX

    I can give $10 to help , and am thinking also of Rockett and Lady as I send
    it .
    Also for the lovely Nube

  173. You do a incredible work
    We live in Holland

  174. so happy

  175. Nonz Omar says:

    poor Tara
    i wish it were by my hands i would adopt you bbyy i love u & all pure souls
    i cnt believe how u suppot all this feelingss .. open fract, !! you are an angell hold on :)

    who rescued her is a herooo .. thnks is not enought

    am crying & always crying .. these angels must NOT be in that damn world ! :(

  176. Susan Englebry says:

    This is just the best! To see the fear and desperation vanish from this dog’s face. She is so elegant! Thank you a million times for the work you do on our behalf for these wonderful animals who deserve the best of care! I’m donating again for Tara’s future needs.

  177. Thank you for doing this!

  178. Viktor…unfortunately the only thing I can donate this time around are my prayers for Tara, and all the other animals in desparate need that are helped by LAG…and as you know, prayers do work…take care of our little Tara, OK???

  179. ewa oscarsdotter says:

    Tara looks wonderful !!! Such a beauty, she smiles……I believe she is very grateful for all the help she has got ! Thank you Victor and “team”…for everything you do for the animals!

  180. alison gathercole says:

    How will Tara’s bones heal when they are not touching????

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Please see the pictures and you’ll see the bone is already starting to grow.. check the latest X-rays..

  181. This made my day!! What a beautiful dog, she has such a calm, gentle spirit and to think of what she has been through…. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ALL DO!! You are the BEST. God Bless.

  182. Good luck Tara! Let those stems heal and take it easy until it’s time to play again!

  183. Thanks so much to the people that helped it shows faith in humanity

  184. donated, only could afford to donate very little, sorry.

  185. hi there every time i read one of your stories i am always amazed at the sheer determination of saving one individual animal from around the world!
    I support wwf, rspca, animals australia, and environmental causes debited monthly
    and every time a special story of yours touches me i donate to yours as well which i have just done for the last story i read about Nube
    and as i will for this one also

    keep up the amazing its so thrilling to see that at least for all the heart breaking stories there are out there occasionally there are magical ones too

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Fiona… thank you…

  186. Rania Kanellou says:

    That is so wonderful!! I am really happy for Tara!! Great work Viktor!

  187. all we need is LOVE

  188. Cathy Cascia says:

    Made my day!!! Tears of joy!!! So glad I could help!!!
    Please keep up your amazing , miraculous work on behalf of all animals!

  189. Star Merlin says:

    Well I’m a heap your amazing compassion and determination to help Tara has deeply touched my soul ! I am Pankajs biggest supporter and Guardians of the voiceless are true Angels but there is only so much they can do in an extreme case like this .. So this miracle you’ve provided is God sent .. I love you all ! Thank you so very very much .. God bless Tara I can’t wait to see how she recovers xxxxxx

  190. She is amazing! Such a beautifull doggie! Love her!

  191. She is so happy! Love seeing her like this. I will donate later after I get paid again. TY for saving this baby.

  192. Karmen Sarioğlu says:

    Dear Viktor, unfortunately I can not donate as much as I like, but I am sure/know you can understand this. I am closely watching her situation and know you doing your best. PLEASE, take care of our little Tara, OK???
    With all my best wishes,

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Karmen… I will take care of her.. promised.

  193. Anonymous says:

    What you’re doing is amazing… wish it was me but not yet. I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for Tara, so very pleased with what you&ur team did. I’m gonna follow ur page from now on

  194. Sonia Regina Booqua Reyes says:

    My prayers for this extraordinary courageous dog! My sincere thanks to all those who were involved in her rescue!

  195. Thank you for saving this little injured innocent girl. God Bless you all.
    Love from Sweden,

  196. sara wigner balazs says:

    Have donated and shared. Tara looks such a gentle, appreciative soul. You do wonderful work.

  197. deepak singh rauthan says:

    This is truly very heartening …no words to describe my joy of see angel tara back to normal …all hails to you all loving kindhearted peoples …who given there everything to see this beautiful day of tara life…..god bless you all and prayers tara speedy nd happy recovery…. Hope all other lovely help you in this heartthrob journey of saving this beauty

  198. Anonymous says:

    That is unbelievable Thank u for caring It’s people like u that do this work that is So wonderful Thank u again. For having a heart.

  199. I have been following you Viktor since Tidus, and Tara is now in your safe hands, and am truly grateful, it is a miracle and hope it continues for a very long while you are a man in a million, or two million, and your team thanks so much lovely man – good luck Tara xxxxx

  200. Denise Jansen prick says:

    Hello Viktor AnD de rest of THE team!! Yes your work is priceless and given off god. I love you and your work. You do so manny things for THE animals. Thank thank you!!!! I spread THE word about you and i wish to donate but can i give Some money to an account here in europe?? Denise xx
    Tara is so beautifull, thanks for saving her xx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Denise, many thanks for your help…
      Should you wish to help you can just donate in euros to paypal:
      Many thanks for your help.. Glad Tara inspires you..

  201. marion crist says:

    thank you Viktor when the time is right i will contact you about having one of your rescue dogs :) but that will be some time in the futrue when at happens that will mean that one of my dear cats have passed away but until then i will donate when i can but will contact you when i am able to have an dog i would so much love to have an dog thank you for all the work you do and your team espcially for this sweet baby :) xxxxx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Marion…

  202. Victor I am so excited to see her starting to walk. She must be scared because of all the pain she was in. I cannot help right now money is too tight, but I will share on Facebook in hopes that my friends are touched by her story and your team and will help. I will help just as soon as I can. TY for everything you do. She is a beautiful girl. She deserves the best and the best forever home.

  203. Conny Näther says:

    Tara ist one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen!
    Can’t wait to see more pictures :)
    Thank you for saving her!

  204. Elizabeth Audas says:

    Thank you for the wonderful update on Tara!! What a beautiful face!! I don’t know of another animal rescue organization that does what you do. Thanks, Viktor for all you do for animals that would otherwise not even be alive!!

  205. Anonymous says:

    So very pleased to see her walking but even more to see the cheeky happy expression on her sweet and intelligent face. This shows how well she feels. Best wishes and a lot of kisses to the girl.

  206. Maria Garcia says:

    So pleased to see how beautiful Tara is making progress with the help of you Victor and your wonderful team. God bless you for all your kindness and the work you do , on behalf of Tara, THANK YOU XXX

  207. Thank you all for the love and compassion you have for these poor innocent animals that need so much care and love. I wish I won the lottery. My donation will be sent.

  208. Lynette Elliott (Morrow) says:

    Love, love, LOVE her progress and your work! So inspiring! I was cheering her on the entire video (c’mon girl, c’mon baby!)–my own dogs kept coming to my side saying, “What, Mom, I’m here?” This is fantastic and thank you for sharing. Totally made my week! <3

  209. liz spina says:

    You have all worked miracles I cant wait to see her run and pray for a loving family for her

  210. Rudolf Schimpf says:

    See this with tears in my eyes! Tanks Viktor …

  211. No, don’t let her run now. I fear! slowly, very slowly! 8:o|

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Don´t worry Juergen…. she´s under total control.. :-)

  212. Viktor, she looks beautiful! I have followed her from day one and this is so exciting to see. I will share her story with all of my friends because right now I not only lost my little dog, my job and now my car just broke down I can’t help you. Please keep taking care of her. She looks so happy. This is just wonderful news. Can you give me an update on Coco and Mila please. TY

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Sue… yes.. updates on Coco and Mila to follow… They are both fine… VERY fine, you’ll see…

  213. Ensari Cicerali says:

    You are a real real good person! Me and my wife love you; you are the best animal helper we’ve ever seen! Thank you soo big much for helping animals with such compassion and making them smile!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Ensari… my love to you and your wife…
      Thank you

  214. Gareth Thomas says:

    What to say? Viktor thank you for all the work you and your team perform to help animals.

  215. Viktor this is so exciting to see Tara has a home. I loved her from the day I saw her but knew I couldn’t have her. Can you tell us a little bit about her new home?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Sue…
      they are a beautiful family with a young baby and three dogs of their own plus one more they are fostering for us. The baby is called Martita and she was born on the 15th of February… she is my niece. :-)… Her father is my brother.
      We kept Tara in the family just in case she needed further visits/treatments to the vet. The family lives about 500 metres from our main clinic…

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    my favorite dog rescue!

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  220. Sheila Dewey says:

    You are all awesome!!

  221. this is amazing!!!!! what wonderful work you have done and how caring you must be to save this beautiful dog Tara

  222. Arden Allen says:

    With all the naked cruelty that goes on in this world every glimmer of hope that human kind will come to its senses should be hailed as a victory. It makes me very happy to know there are people who so love life and do everything in their power to protect it. We love you, Tara!

  223. Living in India, there a numerous battles we fight on a daily basis.. Saving our strays from some atrocious humans is a tough reality.. Seeing cases like Tara daily fill my Facebook wall is an extremely disheartening.. With the limited facilities we have here the knights in shining armour to these dogs do the best they can within their reach..
    With all the money in the world we still would be unable to save the numerous children that fade away without names.. Never knowing the love and affection of a human.. Fighting daily just to survive..
    The issues are endless.. The battles never ending.. Fighting for their right to live and share this planet with us.. Calling the streets home and not pushed or thrown around like garbage.. These little children of God have a tough battle we need to help them fight.. Add to this the pedigreed children that insensitive families abandon for reasons you will be appalled to hear and its only getting harder..
    But your post shows there is hope.. Each Tara saved is an inspiration to us to save many more.. Thank you for sharing this and rekindling the light in those who need the strength to keep going so save others like Tara!