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IMG_1621 What follows is heartbreaking but it´s necessary. It´s animal rescue. Please help us transform Rockett into a symbol of Hope for every other animal out there, laying paralyzed, waiting for help… Please read, help if you can, and at the end, SHARE this post on Facebook.   IMG_1657   On March 9, the Guardians of the Voiceless received an urgent call, a little pup laid on the floor in a dirty street. They rushed to his help and what they found made them weep… There he was, Rockett, thrown on the floor like a broken doll, trying to protect himself against the curb. He had been separated from his mother, he been abused and bitten by other dogs. He was crying and like a little boy would do, he was asking for help.   IMG_1668   The Guardians took him out of harm´s way and brought him to their home. The following day Rockett was taken to a vet that with just a look immediately suggested euthanasia. Heartbroken they went to another vet for a second opinion. Same verdict… Paralyzed, unable to control his bladder, Rockett should be euthanized.   IMG_1658   But the kids would have none of it.. and instead of killing him they took him home and regardless of his condition and handicap they showered him with love… Surrounded by such pure and kind souls Rockett blossomed. The crying pup regained confidence and poise and decided that, no matter what.. he would live. 10428942_10152210848231819_353586828_n But without proper veterinary care and without any prospects of adoption Rockett was facing a very uncertain future. Everything changed the moment we offered our help. Excited by the possibility of Rockett being saved the Guardians asked us to please help them and save Rockett together with Tara to be treated and rehomed. We said yes right away. Tara and Rockett would be saved. Rockett and Tara travelled to Delhi and they would have flown to Europe together hadn´t he encountered problems at the airport in Delhi last week. Please Watch this video…   It´s time to bring Rockett home… it´s time for Rockett to have proper veterinary care and it´s time for Rockett to be adopted by a loving family that loves him, understands him and protects him.. for life.10467126_827201797304319_5292481250210461265_o Update 15 June Rockett is now in Spain… after a 16 hour trip he finally made it. From the airport he went straight to our clinic to meet Tara again and to make new friends with our other rescues currently on treatment. — IMG_1999 16 of June Rockett is feeling more and more at ease with us… what an incredible little dog… He is amazing. The nurses jokingly said they wanted to change his name and call him FLECHA, which means ARROW.. that´s how fast he goes around… We have done a complete radiological study and here is the main lateral image of his back. photo-61 We can see there is something there but we don´t know exactly what it is. The curvature of the spine is clearly atypical but we are not entire sure there is a fracture there. What is clear however is that Rockett has been paralyzed since he was a tiny puppy. We will be looking at this in coming days but we are starting to think at ways to help manage his incontinence and improve his mobility… Rockett is going to need an extraordinary home… Please write to me on telling me all about your family and your animals. HELP US Turn Rockett into a symbol of hope for all those handicapped animals that somewhere out there may be in similar conditions to Rockett. Rockett is here and we are going to do our absolute best for him…

Rockett is going to need an extraordinary home… Please write to me on telling me all about your family and your animals.  HELP US Turn Rockett into a symbol of hope for all those handicapped animals that somewhere out there may be in similar conditions to Rockett. PLEASE SHARE ROCKETT on Facebook and Twitter

Update 18 June


Look at this picture. Here you can fully appreciate the situation we have in front of us. Rockett is paralyzed, not only that but he is incontinent and has priapism, a constant erection of neurological origin.
Facing this the objective of the treatment is both to improve his mobility and quality of life as well as reducing the risk of complications due to his incontinence (appearance of sores).
The fact is that Rockett already walks on his two legs lifting his body. His body structure allows him to do that very easily. So we are going to give him total freedom of movement and at the same time we’ll eliminate those legs that because they dont have sensitivity and fonctionality they are a possible source of complications in the future.
Have a look this will be Rocketts evolution..

We believe this is the best option for Rockett at this stage… His first procedure will take place today.

Keep fingers crossed…

Update 18 June… late evening..

photo-61 copy 2

The operation went well… he woke up, looked around and starting saying he wanted to go out play with the others. Due to his condition he feels absolutely no pain and believe me.. he doesn´t miss his leg a bit!
We are going to wait three or four days for his next procedure.
In the meantime, all is well.. and yes.. HE´S HUNGRY!

Update 19 June


I see a dog that was struggling to survive in the harshest of conditions.
I see a dog that has travelled across the world to save his life and it´s starting to live again.
I see pride.



WE have a problem… ROCKETT has just started exhibiting neurological symptoms, strong shakes, convulsions. We have immediately isolated him from our other animals and are proceeding to do a full battery of tests. We have taken two samples and send it to two different labs to find out what it is. Normal hemograms show nothing abnormal. His operation went well and there is no infection, so complications from the surgery are completely ruled out. We have a set of neurological symptoms that would initially fit with two possibilities:
1. Toxoplasma, a parasite that spreads through the feces of adult infected cats or
2. Distemper, a condition that is very present on indian streets and shelters. Both conditions are potentially fatal.
Toxoplasma is not contagious to other animals without having a carrier in the middle but Distemper is highly contagious.
Until we have fully identified the problem we are taking measures to prevent spreading of the disease. We have separated Rockett from Tara, Lady and Nube, our other dogs right now staying at the clinic.
Right now Rockett is in a room on his own, mildly sedated to control convulsions, receiving fluid therapy and antibiotic treatment to prevent complications while we find out what the problem is.

We are doing detective work right now in order to prevent what could be a real crisis here. I will keep you informed as soon as we find out what´s wrong…

photo-61 copy 2


I have just returned from the clinic. We stayed up all night.
The second lab results arrived. It showed a clear positive to distemper. Facing different results we have just done a Cerebrospinal fluid extraction needed for a final and conclusive confirmation.
In any case Rockett is been treated for distemper since yesterday. He is receiving every single posible help modern medicine is aware of (and then some more). We are taking extraordinary measures to contain the spread of the disease.
Please keep Rockett in your hearts and minds…. He is fighting the fight of his life..

photo-61 copy 5

Sunday, 22 of June… 

Goodbye ROCKETT…

The lights have gone off for you, my beautiful Indian prince.
All the love, all the hope, all the illusions of a life that would never be.
All that is gone now.
Ten thousand eyes will weep tonight.
You leave many behind… Your Indian friends that rescued you and warmed you with their smiles, your doctors and those who loved you even if they never met you.
Your Spanish friend, Lady.
And you leave me.
To us you were never just a dog. You were family.
To us, you are, and will forever be, in our memories and our hearts… ROCKETT.

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  1. Anna Martin says:

    You are angels.
    I have been following Tara´s rescue. I was sure you wouldn´t leave Rockett behind. Please bring him home. Count on us.
    We are donating USD 40 to help you Rockett!

  2. Shelley Ball says:

    Have donated a little, wish it could be more. If I ever win the Lottery……Your video made me cry. Please help this poor little boy get the life he deserves – I know already that you will, so I thank you in advance and, when you see Rockett, please give him a big hug and kiss from me. He looks so much like my Benny, gone these 21 years, but still loved and remembered every day. x

  3. Thank You for helping these poor animals! Your are Angles of Mercy!
    I donated for Rockett!!

  4. Viktor, please keep us apprised of Rockett…you almost, just almost had him on the plane with you with the exception of those hiccups at the airport. What are your next steps for Rockett please?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Ted, we are bringing him with one of our Indian friends… Once here we will see what is the extent of his injuries and what we can do for him… We need him here first.

  5. eric lavoie says:

    i just shared on Facebook in order to help, doing my best to help you Angels!!!

  6. norma jones says:

    I have been waiting for news that rockett will be on his way to you for treatment and love. Tara will be waiting and the relief i feel to know now all his paperwork is ready to bring him to safety.i am now going to donate to those wonderful caring youngsters who like you do not give up on the animals they are an inspiration to the world. Have shared thank you i knew you would never leave him. Hope my monthly donation helps.

  7. Kerry Himmel says:

    I wanna know who these awesome kids are!!? I hope someone steps up & pays for their veterinary schooling. They truly are remarkable………

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes, we are going to set up a grant to send them to school

  8. Judi Abbott says:

    I can send something for this amazing and sweet dog the first of July. He deserves the chance to get his loving and forever home.


  9. Glad to help little Rockett, I can see in his eyes that he wants to live.

  10. marion crist says:

    Please help him viktor he is an amazing dog he is lovely i am sharing this to adorable dog you and your team are angels viktor you can change his life around for the better xx

  11. marion crist says:

    Please help him viktor he is an amazing dog he is lovely i am sharing this to adorable dog you and your team are angels viktor you can change his life around for the better

    Watching that video brought tears to my eyes made me cry x

  12. maya jenks says:

    Please please try and do surgery, he’art of the rescue had two dogs the same as rocket that were paralysed, they were flown to Spain for surgery and had a plate inserted and they can now walk again, Thankyou for saving tara and going to save rocket, please help him to walk again.
    How’s Kelly and sweetie have they found there loving family home yet,
    Many thanks, Maya

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Maya, we know Heart of rescue dogs, our vets did the operations :-)
      Well see what we can do.. We must look at the X-rays and different tests

  13. Poor baby…When will he have surgery?

  14. Victor, I am so happy your going to get him. I know you will do your best to help that little boy. It is amazing how he gets along. I guess if nothing else the wheel chair idea may work for him. Poor baby. I could only send a small amount but a little is better than none. Keep me posted on him and precious Tara. She looks so happy. If I can I will send some maybe next week.

  15. maya jenks says:

    Thankyou for going to save rocket, there are alot of nasty people in the world it really upsets me, good luck with the journey and I really hope you can help rocket to run and walk again, have you found a home for sweetie and Kelly yet,
    Many thanks maya

  16. Betsy Lintner says:

    Donated. Let’s get this baby out of there!

  17. Bettina Krüger says:

    Little Rockett !
    I know : you will rescue and have a wonderful life without pain ! You have angles by your site named Victor and Guardians!
    Look at Tara! Your friend!
    I will spend a little bit.

    Love Victor, love Guardians❤️❤️❤️

  18. Lisa Sheehy says:

    ugh such tugs on the heartstrings as with all the before of your rescues.
    That sweet faced baby – again God Bless you all for all you do and above. I am confident , as with all your rescues that Rockett will find a home and live a happy, loving . fulfilled life.

  19. Victor I have recently liked their page and let me tell you with all of the horrible and cruel images that come out of India as well as many other countries with Little or no rights for animals…. My heart instantly warmed up to see not only these gentle, caring people but more so all of the children who are out there every day extending their hearts and kindness and the little that they have To the injured and sick. They make me believe that tomorrow isn’t so bad and that there is hope for a world of kindness. I hope you can help them with the cases they have extended to you. I will donate again and continue to do so I am so grateful that there are people out there like you and the guardians fighting on. God bless!

  20. donna ackley says:

    viktor , thank so much for helping all these animals. i pray you can help him. you don’t just take a life without trying everything human or animal. god bless r amen

  21. Rockett has such a beautiful face and his eyes are pleading for our help to be able to walk again if possible. I will never understand how people could throw an animal away like trash. He is such a loving little guy and it just makes we want to hug and kiss him and make him feel safe ..I pray that you Viktor and your team are able to save this wonderful little dog so that he will be able to run and play once again…Please post every update on this wonderful little dog.

  22. Valentina Baccetti says:

    These kids are amazing! Thank you Victor for all your work, you always make my day :)

  23. Pat McKeon says:

    hmmmm….this video of Rockett had me in tears….Thank you so much Viktor and Lets Adopt Global for your committment ! I will share Rockett all over FB and Donation on its way..
    If I can help you with creating a fundraiser to send those wonderful people at Guardians of the Voiceless, I would be honored to help Viktor!!
    Many blessings and much love!! You are on your way to a great healing Rockett!!

  24. Alexander Damyanovich says:

    FANTASTIC, Viktor, that you’re going to set up a grant to send those veterinary schooling – India has so much potential!!!! What’s more, they are trying their very best in the teeth of such crushing poverty as we saw with Tara and now Rockett!!!!

    When I get more money, I’ll try to make a contribution for Rockett – it’s no fun being poor, though there are many, far worse things in life!!!!

    [Also, please keep us posted on Tara (and Lady too)…]

  25. Those children are angels… thank you for all that you do. I am only able to donate a small sum. God Bless you all.

  26. This has got to be the combination of saddest and most heartwarming story I’ve ever seen on this site. Like Kerry said, awesome kids. You all too often read about the cruelty inflicted by kids, nice to see the opposite side of that fence. First time donation coming your way.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Frank…. First time thanks from me. Welcome to this incredible community…

  27. Donated. Such a beautiful fur baby.

  28. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”― Mahatma Gandhi

  29. I just sent a smalll USD donation. I hope it helps this poor baby. God bless all of you for helping these poor babies.

  30. I hope Rockett gets the care and continued love, thank you for all you do!,

  31. Kevin Inkster says:

    donated. Victor and his once again come to save the life of a gorgeous creature
    Speedy recovery Rocket an so wish I could adopt you over here to the UK

  32. I may be able to donate again at the end of the month – sure hope so

    .In the meantime all my thoughts are with Rockett and hopefully it’s the beginning of a whole new life for him .XXX

  33. Thank you for saving Rocket and Tara and giving them the opportunity to have the best treatment and the possibility to be rehomed and to have happy lives!

    Thank you also to the sweet boys, and anyone else, involved in this rescue of Rocket. It’s so nice to know that there are caring kids in this world that have been raised right and to have respect and love for animals!

    Sharing this on Facebook.

  34. God bless this beautiful wee pup and those kind determined kids and of course all at Let’s adopt! Global :) I shall be making a donation to rocket this evening! Payment will show from mo clingan :) x

  35. These kids are fantastic, really. Amazing human beings. As someone else has also said, too often kids come in the news for being cruel to animals. These are angels.
    But who is the dog in the last photo? He/She is not Rocket because the markings on the face are different. Rocket has less white and also his nose is of a different colour. Is this dog ok? Does he/she have problems with the back legs? It seems so.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Renata.. The dog in the picture is Rockett.. the tone used with the indian camera came out differently but it´s the same dog. Why would we put pictures of a different paralyzed dog? we have tons of him already.. why use a different one? Just different tone.. that´s all.

  36. Donation coming your way for Rockett. Go team Let’s Adopt Global!

  37. Theresa Garzon says:

    Victor. Rebate is right. There is one picture where the boy is holding the dog and it clearly is not rocket. Either way. I know rockett is in need there is no doubt it’s him but seems there is another dog the boy is holding that also may be in need?? How do I donate for rockett??

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Theresa… it´s Rockett… I swear on my cat Monkey is Rockett.. :-)
      Just a different pictue hue.. that´s all..

  38. mitzi frank says:

    Just sent all I can afford right now…I hope it helps…This pup, Rocket, deserves a chance at life!

  39. Denyse S., SoCal says:

    You & your group are angels. I am unable to donate to every cause because I am low income, but I was very touched by Rockett & his fight for life. I used to have a cat (the shelter named him Elvis) who was hit by a car & had problems walking. He only lived about 6 mths afterwards and died of complications from his injury, but in his final mths, he was very loved!
    I am donating $10. I know it’s not much, but it is literally all I can. & every bit helps.

    Thank you for what you do. God bless you and your group.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many many thanks Denyse… thank you

  40. Denyse S., SoCal says:

    Rockett is being held by the man in the green shirt.

  41. Dessie Botham says:

    Dear Viktor.

    Where is Rocket now.?? Will he be having surgery.

  42. Poor baby

  43. I have seen so many animals get so much help from you, Rockett deserves the help you can give him. Keep up the good work with all you do.

  44. Theresa Garzon says:

    Ok got it!

  45. Eddie Cintron says:

    Viktor, I have shared on my K9 Partners Of Monroe County Page on face book. Indeed you have done a great work with Tara, I know that broken bob=nes can be healed as we help one dog last year and they put a plate and the plate is removed and today he is running and playing.

  46. Eddie Cintron says:

    Sorry, I meant broken bones can be healed.

  47. You are an awesome human being Viktor!! You saved so many lives, and I hope you can save Rocket and help him gets happy and healthy again! If done one can do it is you!!!made a small donation for Rocket!!! God Bless you all !

  48. Donated! whats the status? please update…and please tell us he is doing better.

  49. Viktor, I know you are very busy and alas … so many poor animals are in need of help. I thought it was the photo of a different dog that happened on this page by mistake or maybe another one you are going to help soon. We support a charity in India and one in Sri Lanka and we have seen videos: there are so many with their back legs paralysed. It’s quite common and … horrible. I hope Rocket will be soon safe with you. He has such a loving face poor thing.

  50. Apparently, some of the text was lost in one of my writing from the previous
    I hope Rockett find good loving forever home. He is such a lovely baby <3
    Good job Viktor, as usual!!
    Donated as always, if my financial situation will allow it to..

  51. Glenda Myers says:

    I was so confident that LAG would save Rockett that I already put it in my head he was safe!!! I will be following your updates on Rockett.. Thank you for caring.. Donated what I could to help.. God Bless!

  52. Glenda Myers says:

    Viktor, I think it’s just awesome that you are setting up a grant for those boys.. Kudos!!

  53. Donated….

  54. It isn’t much but I hope every little bit helps! My heart is broken yet warm for Rockett!

  55. Susan Englebry says:

    Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to help set things in the right direction for desperate situation like Rocket’s. It is wonderful to be a part of the kindness that this little guy will know from now on. I will look forward to seeing how things progress for him!

  56. ewa oscarsdotter says:

    Made a small donation………please get well, Rockett ! <3

  57. Kerry Himmel says:

    So where is his mother that he got separated from?

  58. God Bless little Rocket! Shared on my FB wall.

  59. I love you Rockett. Just donated so you can have a better life. Thank you Viktor for all you do. You are amazing!

  60. Kim Quade says:

    What a detetmined pair..I hope he gets a wheelchair so he can be normal and play wuth other pups..hes beautiful..thanks to the many are mean .glad ti see theres some good ones out there

  61. Thank you, Viktor for saving Rockett, too. I was pleased to hear this. I will send along a donation, as I do for every new one you help. I wish I could do more. I have also been following Panjak and the kids that help him. They are doing some incredible work with so little to work with. Im helping them out a little, too. Pure souls these children are. I pray for them daily. I pray for you, too that you will be successful in your endenvors. Maybe someday we will have a more caring world. Peace & Love, Nancy


    Thank you so much for what you do. It is wonderful to see such care for all these animals.

  63. I could made only a little contribution, but really hope he can get enough help for a necessary treatment that will light up his life. Thanks for everyone who devote their time and efforts for him.

  64. To be honest, since i know your page and all those great things you are doing, i guess i’ve never cried that much in my life. These days im really shocked by the cruel things human do, but to see such young kids helping a dog who seems to have no chance.. it breaks my heart. to see this little dog fighting im so overwhelmed.. i donated to help him if i could i’d donate every time 1million. Im prayig for him to find the perfect family he just deserves it.

    a million thanks to your and your amazing work.. now i gotta wipe off those tears…

  65. Do you guys have wheels for his back legs?????

  66. Myriam Corral says:

    Wishing the cruelty to all animals stops, thank you for saving Tara and Rocket (Chiko) lives, two of the many abandoned and suffering alone on the streets of India, I am so glad Rocket was able to make his life saving trip after all to be under your expert care. God bless you all. Donating.

  67. Thank you. I wanted to know what problem kept them from flying to Europe. And why 24 hours? Will you please explain more in detail? What is happening to them now? Appreciate your input.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Eri.. Rockett´s reservation had not been confirmed by the airline. Taraa flew without problems. They are both here now. Please check the updated blog..

  68. marion crist says:

    The ladies that thourght there was an differient dog in the pics its not they all look like rocket to me it could be how he is laying and also he is laying on two differient sides to Viktor wouldnt do that he is an great guy with his team x

  69. Is there an update yet Viktor? Has he made the plane trip yet?

  70. I would love to donate but can’t afford to at the moment – have you considered a set of wheels in lieu of surgery? I’ve seen other paralysed dogs thrive when fitted with a set of wheels – maybe enough can be donated to make this a reality for Rocket, as I’m sure it’s much cheaper than surgery also.

  71. marion crist says:

    rocket is an really cute dog x

  72. Alexander Damyanovich says:

    WOW, Viktor, that truly looks like a fracture (to my untrained eye) which then “healed” with one part of the break growing over the other part (overlapping). I hope you can operate upon it and fully restore his mobility and render him no longer incontinent!!!

    If any of this is patronising or condescending, I apologise – it’s just both appalling yet also fascinating how much this poor fellow has undergone so early in life… I’m looking forward to further updates of a positive nature!!! Truly, God Bless you and your colleagues!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Alexander, not condescending at all, don´t worry. I think what you identify as overlapping is the arch of the rib…
      Don´t worry, we are going to try something that will make him feel much better, you’ll see…

  73. Victor, I see the fundraiser is now over for Rockett. Does this mean surgery will not help this little man? Maybe the wheel chair idea will help him. He is such a cute dog. I know there is someone out there that will take him in. I cannot because I am allowed only one dog where I live and I am single. Please find a way to help this little fellow. Please keep us updated. I will still donate to his cause as it will cost money to help him. I have to wait until I get paid again.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Sue… no.. not really, is just that I feel we can cover the course of action we are going to follow. I will make an announcement tomorrow.. for now we are letting him get used to the clinic and feel at ease..

  74. Debra Llanes says:

    I will donate for Rockett on July 1st…Please keep me updated on his condition…PLEASE…..!!!

  75. Jacqueline Robinson says:

    Donated for sweet beautiful Rockett!~~ Please take care of him and let us know how this sweet baby is doing~~ Thank you for everything you do for these animals without you they have no hope!!~~

  76. Thank you Viktor. I will donate as soon as I get paid. xoxo for all you do.

  77. Kay Nelson says:

    Usually I can never follow these animal cruelty sites. They upset me so much it prays on my mind for weeks. especially when they euthanase the poor things. Yours Victor is incredible, yes it is upsetting but I know that you and your collegues will be working on that animal 100% to either make it well or it`s quality of life as good as it can be. I have great respect for you all. Sent with love. xx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Kay.. we are not an animal cruelty site… we have rescue cases, rescues that the vast majority of cases we manage to turn around. An animal cruelty site would kill our souls…

  78. He just looks so sad :( poor boy …
    wish you lucky and long life withnout pain and with loving people
    be strong ! hope you ll get well soon!!

  79. please help him

  80. this is almost exactly like another dog called i think ‘amish’ who is with guardians of the voiceless, see the url for a video they made recently and you will see him crawling….

  81. If he come back to India ,I can adopt him,I hope he become better soon:(

  82. Karmen Sarioglu says:

    Not much words to say, hope God give you always strength, the angels bless you always. If I could arrange to come, could I have the chance to see you all ones. I wish all respect to your team and you.

  83. Andrea Wilkie says:

    All my love to you Rocket: Your a fighter little man ; KEEP FIGHTING BUB;; You have heaps of love and support

  84. Laurel Wills says:

    Rockett has truly touched my heart!!
    He is so wonderful & brave
    Would you be kind enough to keep us updated
    On his progress.
    I am praying for him & wishing him much love &
    Thank you

  85. Jennifer Gyory says:

    I am very very impressed by this video of Duncan. I have a labrador x (adopted in Spain 3 years ago) with only 3 legs. She is already a miracle, since she could not lift herself on that leg for many months (she was amputated when only 4 months old).
    She now runs like any other dog. But. to see a dog with only TWO legs running like Duncan is quite simply miraculous. How wonderful if Rockett can do the same soon.

  86. Praying for Rockett…I hope she will pull through. Poor baby.

  87. Sorry again HE not She :-(

  88. Du bust Angel

  89. Jennifer Cassill says:

    I pray that whatever these convulsions or complications are that Rockett is having will disappear soon! I know you and your staff will do everything you can to help him! God bless you, your staff and Rockett!! I will be praying so hard for him! The poor baby!

  90. Pam Garlisch says:

    Sending strength and prayers to Rockett! You can fight little man!

  91. kay nelson says:

    If anybody can save Rocket and give him a good quality of life, you and your team can Victor. Thoughts and prayers for Rocket. X

  92. Laurel Wills says:

    I can’t get Rockett out of my thoughts
    Praying that he will pull through this setback,
    Pray that God will perform a miracle.
    Thank you Viktor, for all you & your staff are doing
    I have your picture on my screensaver, trying to connect positive thoughts to you

  93. Amy Lynn Bridges says:

    Praying for you beautiful Rocket <3 You are amazing Victor!!

  94. Nancy Stephens says:

    Can anyone give us an update on Rocket?? How is he now? And when would you know anything more?

  95. You gave all the love you had trying to save the little boy and he fought so hard. I am in tears learning that he did not make it.

    I am so sorry.

    Bless you all and may he have a wonderful place to live on now, walking on four legs again-


  96. ;( my Angel

  97. Laurel Wills says:

    I know you are with God now
    & have no pain, & are running through
    beautiful meadows
    we will all miss you so

  98. Je suis si triste, j ai suivie l histoire de ce petit chien depuis le premier jour et ai tellement esperé !

  99. Verena Ki says:

    Tears, tears! But in heaven you’ll have no pain anymore. And you’re playing with my Jeanno. Rest in peace, sweet little guy :-(

  100. Lara Sikora says:

    I really dident expect to see this when I seen the lights went out I had a flush come over me with tears I thought NO WAY ROCKET I WANTED TO FAINT ..I LOVED HIM LOVED THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK CARE AND REALLY LOVED HIM THANK YOU I JUST WANNA GRIEVE

  101. Anonymous says:

    Rest in peace, precious beautiful little Angel! ♥ May God Bless You all, who loved and cared for Him!!

  102. Ilona WalidR says:

    Rest in Peace, Precious,beautiful, sweet little Angel!! ♥ May God Bless You all, who loved and cared for this beautiful little soul!!

  103. I cant stop crying. I was originally checking in on nube, and remembered to check rockett too. It makes me sad and angry all these beautiful animals have terrible things happen to them. I love every single one you send to my inbox, and hate that i struggle so much in my own efforts here that i cant help babies like rockett. Goodbye, sweet sweet boy. I never met you, but i feel your loss as if you had been one of my own.

  104. Poor baby, after all he went through… but he was safe and loved at the end and I feel he went into the light with joy, free at last from his crippled body… Thank you for all your heroic efforts. God Bless you all.

  105. Well, this is a kick in the gut. Not sure why I got so invested emotionally with this dog. People suck.

  106. Anonymous says:

    I just read about Rocket and am devastated by the news! I wish God had chosen a longer life for him, but I know that God had something better in mind!

  107. RIP sweet Rockett. You’ll be back and I hope I get to meet you one day.


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Linda…. I´m sure Rockett looks down from up above and smiles.

  109. Christine Rose says:

    How in the world did he get distemper? There are symptoms in other animals that should have been apparent. This is heartbreaking for him to survive so long through so much misery, travel all the way to Spain only to get distemper! I am so disappointed and troubled by this news! :( RIP little Rockett life was not fair and just to you and I am so sorry you had to go through so much suffering.

  110. saga sundström says:

    At least little Rocket felt that somebody took care of him at the last stage of life. I wan to thank everybody involved in this-! God bless you!

  111. RIP Rockett, your Free to run around now

  112. This story of Rocket has just broke my heart. I love all god,s creatures and would and do all I can to protect adopt and help them all. It seems no matter how much you try ,pray and sacrifice there,s never enough you can do. I love you Rocket ,and I hope all my babies iv,e rescued loved and lost were there at that beautiful bridge waiting for you .you run in the meadows and know all you went through you touched the hearts of many ,and will never be forgotten , rip sweet boy .

  113. rip rocket !!!!!!!!!! least u knew a bit off love in your life xxxxxxxx

  114. Bonjour, avez-vous retrouvé ceux qui ont commis cet acte de barbarie ?? Seront-ils punis ?

    Hello, did you find those who committed this act of barbarism ?? Will they be punished?