The Rape of Sincan

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We have named her Luna.
For the last few days this beautiful dog has become known all around the world as the Dog Raped in Sincan… She deserved better. She deserved a name.
Here is to you beautiful Luna. Noone bothered giving you a home, and a pervert took your life away in the most horrendous manner. Giving you a name and showing the world how beautiful you were when you were alive was the least we could do.
The world cries for you…

… well.. maybe not the whole world… certainly the Sincan Municipality has no tears for Luna. The discovery of her broken body didn’t bring sadness but shame to the municipality and they did what each and every single Turkish municipality has ever done whenever we have uncovered one of such cases: Deny and Attack.

The first reaction of the Sincan Municipality was to threaten to sue us for dirtying the image of the Mustafa Tuna, the Mayor. Shortly afterwards Omer Demir, Lawyer of the Municipality called us to sincerely apologize for their threat and expressed how sad he was at this situation. He sounded very sad. We believed him.

Today, in an strange twist of events and after realizing that the news of the crime have gone viral the very same apologetic lawyer told us he intends to sue us for insulting the honor of the Municipality and for creating false news. According to Mustafa Tuna, the Mayor of Sincan and Omer Demir, his lawyer, everything is a lie. No dog has ever been killed and raped in Sincan, the pictures have been fabricated by Let’s Adopt!. Luna didn’t exist, and if she did this happened in another country, as noone in Turkey would ever think of raping a dog (!!!)

I let you have a look at the pictures, and be the judge.

Please contact Mustafa Tuna and tell him that his honor is intact, but that taking this stance is making him look foolish in front of the world. His priority shouldn’t be to cover or deny the events, his main priority should be to improve the plea of stray animals in his municipality.

Mustafa Tuna (DIRECT LINE) : +90 3122693830
email (he checks them himself):

Do these pictures look fabricated to you?


March 22: There is nothing strange about finding a raped dog in Turkey.
It happens everywhere and you only have to spend some time on Facebook to discover many many cases, sometimes on a daily basis.
But this case is a little different. The end result is the same, a dog is raped by a human and is killed afterwards… what is different is the LOCATION of the crime.
The rape took place right behind the building of the Sincan Municipality in Ankara.

A few meters away from a building constantly surveiled by security a dog is being raped, his screams are loud, can be heard from the distance…
But nobody did anything…

Please call the office of the mayor Mustafa Tuna on:

Mustafa Tuna (DIRECT LINE) : +90 3122693830
email (he checks them himself):

Tell him dogs are being raped behind his office. Tell him to today was a dog, tomorrow could be a little girl or a boy…

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  1. Kate Cassidy says:

    I am absolutely appalled at these atrocities….these poor dogs are made to suffer so much for the gratification of demons who then kill them…this is shameful and must be stopped immediately. These evil devils must be caught and severely puinished. Is nothing sacred anymore? Animals are God’s creatures and should be cherished and respected. I love all a imals and it breaks my heart to see the pain that they are made to go through .

  2. Schit:-((((((((((((((((((

  3. this is so abhorant, may the evil scum who done this be escorted to hell by the devil and his demons personally. a dog’s life is worth more than the bastards who done this. i am so very sorry for the pain and death caused to this beautiful dog. we are susposed to be a civilised society but this just reinforces the fact that humans are the cruelest breathing beings on the planet. the list of atrocities against animals seems to have no end :(

  4. I broke down in tears when I read this – and I am reminded why I despise humans so much.
    How pathetic & sick to prey upon a innocent animal – what chance did this baby & all the others that suffer the same torturous & sickening act before they are killed? Why does this keep happening? What is wrong with people? Animals are so loyal & loving to us – they do not deserve this.

  5. Why, why why! This is beyond my understanding. This cruelty has to be stopped.

  6. Dalile et Rebelle says:

    Simply disgusting, shame on them

  7. Feeling sick … human perversity knows no limits …

  8. luckyorangedog says:

    One cannot be a human being an allow such pain and suffering. The people who commit these crimes must be punished for the safety of everyone! But first these offenses must be declared a crime! Such a red flag.. …..must represent the blood shed by abused animals in the country of Turkey. All countries have their problems but this abuse is unacceptable. First impression, last impression….uncivil.

  9. Chaminda Fernando says:

    This is such a horrible act. Honestly I am just lost for words. When I see the heading of this article and the photo of this innocent victim. I could not go to sleep without cursing the evil bastard who did this. I know humans carry lot of bad genes but this is the lowest any human could get. Surely he didn’t have any self respect let alone respecting for any other living being. But the question is should these kind of people roaming free in our society?
    Even if it is a common thing in Turkey, they are not normal people. they are maniacs. Need to give sever punishments.
    I have already sent an email to this Mayor, but pretty sure he wouldn’t even bother to read it.

  10. LiLy Allen says:

    omgggg what is the world coming too!!firstly in the fact that some kind of subhumans are going around raping and murdering these poor innocent lil souls but that nothing is being done!!!
    there is no difference betweeen animal and human rape and MURDER…its a living thing abused and its life taken end off……THIS HAS TO BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN RAPE AND MURDER!!

  11. Beyond what I can take in…is this for real? The only way to end this is a massiv e-mail campaign to the person responisble!

  12. I am disgusted with Turkey, This poor animal and others too, What is the matter with you humans, I think you are cowards and evil people, Shame on you Turkey, put your heads down in shame,

  13. Angelika Schulz says:

    Those who did this are the scum of the earth!!! And those who did not react aren’t anything better. This earth could be heaven – without the humans.

  14. It goes without saying that when inbred monsters abuse animals, more often than not, these same monsters carry their abuse on to human abuse. Turkey has a long history of carnage against their fellow man. I will not, and cannot, use the term “human” for these pathologically defective creatures who will destroy all that is good in Turkey. Nothing good will come to the maggots who continue to devastate their most vulnerable citizens, not the politicians who turn a blind eye or the perpetrators of these crimes. All one has to do is look at the conditions in Turkey to know that this country is bringing about its own demise.

  15. Stéphanie LE MOIGNE says:

    Absolutely speechless. RIP Angel. To your tormentors: the only thought that comforts me is that you may be watched by someone who will make you pay for all that evilness.

    I think I’m going to be sick.

    I’m sending a mail right now.

  16. Sandra Jurjevic says:

    No words…I`m speechless…what a deviant…there`s no justice for something like this…..
    One can only cry……
    where is this world going???????????????????

  17. Erol Özlav says:

    First of all I am from Turkey. This thing that happened to an innocent creature is really disgusting and everything-every humiliating adjective that you can think of..
    BUT; what is the relation of nationality and country has to do with it? do you people really believe that just because I am from this or that country that I can do this kind of thing anytime?
    so just because USA, France, UK and some other world bullies think that they are the rulers of this world and they can interfere with any country using brute force am I supposed to think anyone from these countries can suddenly pull up a gun and kill me and everyone that I know and care? that would be stupid wouldn’t it?
    the person who did this is clearly a psychopath at some level and nationality has nothing to do with it!
    now with that said, we are doing all we can to make this ineffective official to feel some responsibility and shame and take action.. Turkish people are as disturbed from these cruelties as any other sensible person from any other part of the world..


  19. jaren lyons kalmenson says:

    what type of filthy monsters inhabit the earth
    an epidemic of cruel and stupid, yet of kindness
    a dearth
    and many of those who do not perpetrate
    sit around and do nothing,
    for what do they wait?
    karen lyons kalmenson

  20. Why am I not surpised ? Because its Turkey and because its an animal. Its almost to be expected. One thing people can do is spread the word about the “real” Turkey and boycott it as a tourist destination. Money talks louder than words in this world. Make it clear to everyone in every media outlet possible why you won’t be having a family holiday in Turkey. Thank you.

  21. nina susu says:

    I can’t believe that “people” are so sick in their heads. I wish that who ever has done something like this will end up in the worst pain ever. The way that it was said: that some day it may be a little girl or boy, is totally true.

  22. Damned Devil!!!!
    Here go to Hell!!!!

  23. Lisa Shaw says:

    Dear Sir,

    It is my understanding that dogs are rountinely raped in your country – this is appalling, and reflects poorly on a people that consider such outrage acceptable. It is also my understanding that one such victim was being raped right behind your office, his screams plainly audible and his torment witnessed and videotaped by your own security cameras. No one came to aid of this poor dog and no one arrested the abuser. This clearly suggests that raping dogs is considered an acceptable activity – I consider it barbaric and evidence of sadistic tendencies and mental defect. If raping dogs is tolerated, are other victims also fair game? Is rape a common past-time? Who would qualify for assistance – a female or male child, an adult woman or man? Do these pathetic abusers represent the men of your country? The world is watching.

    Sincerely, Lisa Shaw

    “Never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”
    King, Martin Luther Jr.

  24. Conny Gottinger says:

    I send already a mail. im so sad.

  25. Why are animals raped in Turkey? Are the man over hormoned psychos? They are not normal that no woman want to marry them I guess.
    But why take it on animals? Because it’s for free?
    I can not imagine how these people are ignored in the Turkish Society, specially wanting to be in EU, which is more sophisticated in the way of thinking.
    WHY IS THIS IGNORED IN TURKEY is my big question. No TV or news paper reports Why are they not disgusted with this? Why no animal protection law?
    It is lower than Medieval period’s morality.

  26. Humans are a shame. Humans are the nastiest virus on the face of the Earth. Only a human would do that. Made in God’s image ? I think not.
    This dog was a puppy.
    I am utterly disgusted. I have no faith whatsoever in the human race. Greed, violence, rape, theft, destruction, murder, abuse. The list of twisted behavior is endless.
    These people kill their women for honor and rape animals…
    This is not the 21st century. It’s the Dark Ages. Still.

  27. I have sent an email to Mustafa Tuna..Turkey should be boycotted until this man who has the power does something humane & stops this salways starts with animals & then moves onto whatever they doing to animals now they WILL eventually move onto humans.
    Tucker I know that came from the heart..I too feel enraged as everyone on here does..we really need to campaign & seriously not let it fade into distance because it will..
    I really wish I had the money to go over there n drag a few A.L.F members with me, Id hunt them evil fukers down n serve them the moses law…eye for an eye..except it wont be a dog that’ll be dishing out the punishment!
    Bless you all for taking time to comment & share xx

  28. sharon elder says:

    This is unbelievable, discusting, sick, i really am lost for words, what sort of human scum can do this,and i`ve read it s not a rare occurance in that country, something needs to be done about it,it`s not a very good advert for Turkeys tourist industry is it? I certainly will not be going, these little darling dont deserve this, it` sickens me to my stomach.I`M SO ANGRY.This will sent to all i know,including friends who are visitors to Turkey.

  29. Sheila White says:

    Sent letter, and requested a reply. I never get one, but I tried. This is physically sickening.

  30. I feel so naive. I didn’t even ever consider this possible!
    I hope his dick falls off.

  31. Have emailed to this guy..cannot believe people give birth to these evil monsters..poor poor dog, exactly happened to a lovely sweet dog in Spain called Regina actually in the Shelter where she felt safe!!What is the world coming to?? So so sad…incomprehensible…

  32. This is below any scum, slime, POS, now words to say. And i know it happens likely in every country on Earth. Not just in Turkey.
    And it matters not if it ever happens to a child, or any other human, this of itself, is enough to make me sick, and enraged to kill whoever would ever do this to any animal. I hope I am the gatekeeper of hell the day this low trash arrives.
    Beyond unimaginable. No other animal on earth does this…only humans, lowest form of life.

  33. Johnnie White says:

    I never knew that Turkey was the opening of hell. The devil must delight in The people of Turkey and their evil ways. He must get lots of new recurits everyday. The person that would stoop so low as to do this to a puppy or any of God’s animals, is a punget bowl of stark raving luacy, a nightmare , he should know how it feels before they relieve him of his penis.. And I hope they shove it down his throat.

  34. Jayne Matthews says:

    These are the scumbags who believe they are part of the human race. THEY ARE EVIL, PERVERTED, SICK MONSTERS who deserve to rot in hell for their acts. A slow painful death would be too good for them, I hope they are found guilty by a group of animal lovers, so they they can feel the pain these poor babies go through.

  35. Jayne Matthews says:

    These are the scumbags who have the audacity to consider themselves part of the human race!!!! They deserve to die a very slow painful death at the hands of animal lovers and then to rot in hell for eternity. THESE SCUM ARE SICK, EVIL AND PERVERTED, in fact calling them sick is wrong because then some STUPID PEOPLE (generally do-gooders who consider animals better than us!!!) out there may start to feel sorry for these monsters and insist they need help instead. YEAH, THEY NEED HELP ALRIGHT, HELP TO GO STRAIGHT TO HELL WHERE THEY DESERVE TO BE!!!!

  36. This is the email I have sent with a link to the post. I hope all of you that are sickened and have added a comment here have bothered to email your thoughts as that’s the only way things can start to change.

    I felt physically sick when I read and saw the above.
    Can Turkey be called a civilised society when dogs are raped for human pleasure and then killed.
    This didn’t happen in a back street, uneducated eastern village this was done in the Capital City of Turkey, Ankara and within hearing distance of a government building.
    The screams of torture must have been heard by hundreds and yet no one did anything.
    Does Islam condone this sort of behaviour ? I cannot believe that the Koran says that it is acceptable for a human to Rape a dog or any other animal.
    Turkey can never be considered as civilised until Turks are educated that this cannot happen, this cannot be accepted, this is disgusting.
    If this becomes International news tourists will never come to Turkey.
    Stand up and be counted and help to stop this filthy, disgusting problem.
    Mrs Robson

  37. Hope you feel the worst pain in this world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Psycho!!!!!!!!

  38. Email all the national newspapers in your country. Contact TV stations. Ask them if they would PLEASE cover this story about Turkey and their animal “welfare plicies”. The reason no one knows about these “practices” is that its never in the media, its never public. LETS SHOW TURKEY we have one voice and we will NO LONGER accept this behaviour and these atrocities against INNOCENT animals. Just draft one powerful email with various Lets Adopt Global links attached to it, google all the media outlets, newspapers, go to the “contact us” section of there websites and copy and paste into your email on a bcc (that way no one else knows who you sent your letter to so they wont rely on the other one to publish) then hit the send button and fire as many bullets out – one will hit, one will be published. The more media outlets who know, the more likelihood of this being a GLOBAL issue. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE with one email. PLEASE … do it for Sincan and do it now. THANK YOU, THANK YOU … Namaste xxxx

  39. Jeanette Ulbl says:

    The people who commit these crimes must be punished for the safety of everyone! But first these offenses must be declared a crime! Such a red flag.. …..must represent the blood shed by abused animals in the country of Turkey. All countries have their problems but this abuse is unacceptable. First impression, last impression….uncivil.

    If you dont learn how to become and behave as a CIVIL culture…you need to be forbidden to be part of the EU!!! I will stop supporting and have anything thing to do with your country in any FORM!!!

  40. Stephanie says:

    This needs to become viral as the world needs to know about this problem that happens all over this sick world and put an end to the suffering of the innocent animals….

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      It has become viral already… over 1000 times shared on FB only…

  41. The first instant on viewing the photo of this little soul was the blood draining from my legs and head,felt physically sick!
    This has got to stop!
    It’s brutal and the fact that it was carried out in a business district and behind a government building there must of been scores of people working scores walking within ear shot of a pup screaming,yelping any blood curdling screams would of been heard resembling something in trouble ,loud as a banshee!
    Human behavior is appalling and horrific that some person could even fathom to do this and also no one came to help.JUST TRYING TO GET MY HEAD AROUND IT.
    Mental Health issues are here also the lack of respect for life.
    I will be spreading this around maybe hitting the Turkey Tourism Board in London.
    Hit the Turkish Tourism Dollar!!!

    This needs to get into the Turkish Universities so the Educated Youth of Turkey can be pro active!

  42. GRO Ottesen says:


  43. Rick LoneWolf says:

    Such shamefull & barbaric act,Disgusting
    There must be the same law for poor animals as humans do.

  44. This is SICK! I am speechless! And I will pray for the bastard who did that to get the same!


    Dear Sir
    This is an incredibly important issue to address please read and don’t ignore,I’m sure you are a caring soul we KNOW Turkey is a GREAT COUNTRY please help to stop these horrifically disturbing atrocities, this is happening around your building!

    Please check your security cameras as you will discover horrific animal atrocities are happening around your building.

    Surely a raping of a pup disturbs you beyond and makes you feel sick that this appalling and very violent and disturbing behaviour is happening around you.
    This dog would of been yelping,howling and in immense pain and no one came to the pup’s aid.I really can’t believe that the co-workers in you building heard nothing.

    The back and front legs look broken ,really look at the photo and tell me that you are not disgusted and saddened by this image!

    A small child could be the very next victim! I’m sure this pup won’t be the only victim of the sick and deplorable act of violent rapes.

    Mrs Dore

  46. omg I WILL VOMIT… :((((((((((((((((((((((((( this is … “sick” is not that strong word!!!

  47. Estrella Zamodio says:

    This is soooooo cruel. HUMANS, WHERE’S YOUR HEART????

  48. lynda chabane says:

    Absolutely sickening, and nothing was heard!!! For God’s sake Turkey HAS to start caring!!! I am heartbroken for this poor baby, and as for the scum that committed this foul crime, he needs castrating and hung up!!!!!!!!!

  49. Victoria Thomas says:

    I cannot comprehend the savage depravity of a so-called human to do this to ANY creature. It is sick beyond description. I thought I was pretty shockproof by now. I am not.
    This MUST be stopped, the ‘men’ who carry out these acts must be castrated and imprisoned.
    I will never visit any country that allows this to happen, we must all hit them in the pocket and not visit these countries.
    Rest in Peace beautiful dogs, you’re too good to inhabit such a world of savage neanderthals.

  50. Christine says:

    Disgusting and degenerated people. Email sent to this deaf person..
    And yes, maybe he did it…

  51. Doris Lamprecht says:

    Dear Sir,with all due respect to you as honorable Mayor of the CITYof Ankara ,i am astonished that you permit these heinous astrocitis, commited by the citizens of your town,
    Sir,i am sure you have many dutys to perform as a Mayor ,but to ignore the needs and the well beeing of the Animals in your City ,as well as the crimes commited against these poor and defenseless Dogs is an absolute testimony to us ,that you are breaking the UNIVERSAL LAW ,wich is :PROTECTING ALL LIVING, BREATHING CREATIONS OF THE ALL MIGHTY.
    Sir ,if you and your fellow citizens are MEMBERS of the HUMAN RACE you MUST step forward ,show COMPASION and formulate Protection Laws for the VOICELESS and DEFENSLESS ANIMALS who have the same right to LIFE as all of you have.
    If you do not wish to be labeled as the CONCENTRATION CAMP of the EAST ,the STOP THE EXTERMINATION of your ANIMALS.
    Doris Lamprecht

  52. I am speechless and apalled. I had no idea such things were happening in Turkey. I will pray for the poor creature who suffered so much.

  53. I understand that the mayor received more than a few letters and phone calls. The eyes of the world are right in his back yard, and threatening to sue you didn’t help him one bit. Turkey has a serious mental illness problem that walks among the people, and every official needs to know that the rest of the world recongnises this. Thank you for everything you do, Viktor.

  54. lillian h says:

    I can’t even muster up any words to describe how disgusted I am. This could have been an child, I don’t understand how these people can be roaming the streets, when are they gonna start paying attention tothe danger that these vile vermin inpose on society. Little children get raped all the time in that country and nothing is done, so it does not surprise me that no one went to aid this poor defenseless puppy while he was being tortured. Shame on Turkey and the citizens of Turkey for keeping their mouths shut. Those that see things like this and stand by and do nothing are just as guilty as the culprit.

  55. Patrizia Scally says:

    Sick individuals like that need to be shoot!!

  56. What a bestian, but now the world is looking !!!
    Shame , shame on you over there !!!

  57. CINDY COLLIER says:


  58. “Whoever keeps a dog, other than the dogs for hunting, securing agricultural land or livestock, indeed two qeerat (a weight of about .195g) are taken away from his rewards everyday.” So I guess that the sorry muslim that did this will will now have rewards deducted!!!! Hope that you catch some disease from this and your penis rots off.

    The Qur’aan also tells us to believe in the truths of the previous scriptures, and they clearly reject bestiality. In the Torah, it is especially regarded as a detestable, disgusting act of indecency…

  59. Dianne Hillier says:

    Among the sentient, there are no second-class citizens. According to Buddhist teaching, human beings do not have a privileged, special place above and beyond that of the rest of life. The world is not a creation specifically for the benefit and pleasure of human beings.

    Furthermore, in some circumstances according with their karma, humans can be reborn as humans and animals can be reborn as humans. In Buddhism the most fundamental guideline for conduct is ahimsa-the prohibition against the bringing of harm and/or death to any living being.

    The doctrine of KARMA teaches that any wrong behaviour will have to be paid for in a future life – so cruel acts to animals should be avoided.

    Buddhists treat the lives of human and non-human animals with equal respect Buddhists see human and non-human animals as closely related: both have Buddha-nature both have the possibility of becoming perfectly enlightened a soul may be reborn either in a human body or in the body of a non-human animal Buddhists believe that is wrong to hurt or kill animals, because all beings are afraid of injury and death: All living things fear being beaten with clubs.

    All living things fear being put to death. Putting oneself in the place of the other, Let no one kill nor cause another to kill. Dhammapada 129

  60. OMG You obviously have the person on film why can you not find and castrate him, even that would be to human. Words can not explain how I feel about this. SAD very very SAD :(

  61. nazli orhon says:

    they are deffinatelly not humans Ihope same thing happens themselves

  62. Scot Meara says:

    Makes me want to patrol the area with a Louisville Slugger and exact a bit of barbaric justice! You want pain, let me help you fell it you SICK SON OF A B****!

  63. Pamela Brokenwolf says:

    This is sodomizing a dog… It is rape, bestiality and sodomy. I will find a way to make it known to all Muslim nations that Turkey allows it’s perverts to sodomize dogs. Somehow, I will make sure that it makes it to the newspapers and internet blogs all over the world. Turkish perverts are video taping it and putting it one Ytube…Is this what Turkey wants to look like? This ranks with sodomizing children…Rumors start. They could say it is the Mayor who goes behind his building to sodomize puppies like this one…then what?

  64. Suzy Forwood says:

    Sick sick fuckin perverts. may god strke you with infertility and dementia.

  65. rebecca pearson says:

    I am horrified by this hideous act. People who do these things dont deserve to be on this earth, very very upsetting

  66. Michelle Woods says:

    Every evil demon needs to be destroyed in our universe. If a law is not made against vicious acts of violence then the people behind government are just as evil because they are allowing evil demons to get away with torturing innocent in our universe. Letter to the Government, the government is going to loose the faith of the masses as far as making laws to protect animals rights and must return to its highest function as a servant of humanity. This is a truly high and noble role no government on earth has yet demonstrated. Untold creative potential and human resources would align for such a daring government as one willing to have a “political” enlightenment experience that revealed the answer that is united. We do not accept that no law exists for animal rights+ protection which is an insult to both our animals & innate human rights.
    We will continue to act in allegiance to our individual and collective conscience steered by love and kindness as our only authority as to what we as human beings can and will do for all animals rights and freedom on this planet now and forevermore. Michelle Woods

  67. What kin of sick country is this??????????????? I could never live there because I would end up in prison.!!!!!!!!!! sick bastards,,,,,,,,, Mayor included for letting this kind of thing go on…………

  68. catherine turley says:

    i’ll address erol’s point. it happens in every country. the difference lies in how the majority in each country views such acts and, consequently, how the law deals with the offfender. when the people of turkey start caring, the laws will change.

  69. Dear Sir,with all due respect to you as honorable Mayor of the CITYof Ankara ,i am astonished that you permit these heinous astrocitis, commited by the citizens of your town,
    Sir,i am sure you have many dutys to perform as a Mayor ,but to ignore the needs and the well beeing of the Animals in your City ,as well as the crimes commited against these poor and defenseless Dogs is an absolute testimony to us ,that you are breaking the UNIVERSAL LAW ,wich is ROTECTING ALL LIVING, BREATHING CREATIONS OF THE ALL MIGHTY.
    Sir ,if you and your fellow citizens are MEMBERS of the HUMAN RACE you MUST step forward ,show COMPASION and formulate Protection Laws for the VOICELESS and DEFENSLESS ANIMALS who have the same right to LIFE as all of you have.
    If you do not wish to be labeled as the CONCENTRATION CAMP of the EAST ,the STOP THE EXTERMINATION of your ANIMALS.
    Sabine Jost

  70. As I sit here looking at my beautiful puppy it is beyond comprehension that a human being could inflict such pain on such an innocent, loving animal. I am so deeply shocked by the image, sickened by the fact that there are people who obviously find this kind of practice acceptable. My initial reaction was to close the email down quickly as my stomach lurched, but we cannot turn our heads and pretend that it hasn’t happened. People need to be held accountable for their actions, I’m in agreement that rape is rape, whether it be human or animal. These cowards choose the animals as they know they cannot speak and defend themselves. I’m a big believer in what goes around comes around and I’m sure that they will at some time in their life pay for their dispicable behaviour, but we must stop this before yet more innocent animals are violated and murdered. The mayor must also accept responsibility and take action.

  71. suzanne o'meara says:

    eternal hell !
    dog must be compensated in full.

  72. Anastasia Karagiannidis says:

    This so heart breaking. What can one say about such attrocities inflicted on poor animals?? Does it make a difference anyway? There will always be the unconscious people on this earth who don’t feel anything for anything around them.
    The people who will continue to do harm, inflict pain, destroy etc.
    Two wrongs however, do not make a right (I have to keep telling myself that, otherwise I will become the same as these people).
    My heart bleeds for these poor animals suffering at the hands of humans.

  73. Vile beyond belief!

    Erol – you say – “Turkish people are as disturbed from these cruelties as any other sensible person from any other part of the world…”

    I’m sure that’s so, but do they raise an outcry – email, write letters, call those responsible for enforcing the laws which must surely exist against such aberrant practices?

    And why are we reading of SO MANY such atrocities in Turkey – other countries have terrible cruelty and abuse, true, but it’s from Turkey that we are hearing of unnatural and deviant atrocities like these – maybe the authorities there need to know that this is the view the international community has of Turkey, and that urgent action must be taken . Raping animals is simply beyond the comprehension of normal decent people, and it’s deeply disturbing to read that it’s regarded as an everyday occurrence…..

    I know that there are many decent people in Turkey – it’s sad that these horrendous acts reflect badly on everyone, maybe they need to add their voices , and join with the international community in demanding that these hideous practices are promptly and severely dealt with.

  74. Pamela DS says:

    Absolutely sick, one day a dog, raped then killed, what next a child!. Why did security turn a blind eye?.

  75. Email sent – I wonder if they’ll be read……

  76. Elisabeth says:


  77. The comments above say it all! I am an animal advocate, but never realised this was going on. If the Mayor cannot stop this evil practise, shouldn’t the UN step in here?

  78. bonnie witten says:

    wtf can anyone do something about this sickening crime the poor animals, its makes me want to puke

  79. im totally sickened by what i have seen. If you allow this thing to keep happening , it shows that you have no feelings what so ever.The scum who did this should be caught and punished to show that what that scumbag did is not acceptable to any animals as it isnt acceptable to humans either. Id make a example of what would happen to any one else if they did the same. That scum will move on to women, men and even children. You have the footage of who it is, i hope you make an example of that thing and imprison the piece of scum.

  80. Mary V. Shaw says:

    I do agree this is horrific violence. I also agree that this kind of brutality is not limited to any one country. Every country, every state, province, prefecture or other jurisdiction has examples of these. This has been going on since we came down out of the trees. There is no excuse for this behavior. It has to start with teaching empathy and compassion to children, everywhere. The so called First world countries must demonstrate to the countries less fortunate that they have empathy and compassion. We, as humans, have to stop killing each other over such silly things as religion, land, money, oil or power. We have risen above our primitive instinctual animal nature on so many other levels. Let’s keep it going. IMAGINE!

  81. Panagiotelidou matina says:

    How many sick people walk around free…First the animals then our kids! STOP THEM!!

  82. neşe demirci says:

    Biz Türkler Allah ın yarattığı her canlıyı sever,yaşam haklarına saygı gösteren bir toplumuz örneklerini tarihimizle ispatlamışız,yukarıda görülen fotoğrafa sebep olanın bırakın Türk olmasını insan olamıyacağını sebep olana izleyici kalanlarında bu vahşete ortak olduğunu düşünen biri olarak içim yanıyor
    izleyici kalmamak bu fotoğrafın tekrarlanmasını engellemek çocuklarıızın,hayvanlarımızın korunması için gereken her şeyin yapılmasına bu hastalıklı bedenlerin cezalarını alakla beraber topluma karışmayacak şekilde rehabilite edilebilmeleri için yazılacak her yere başvuralacak her yere ve destek olacak her eyleme katılmak boynumuzun borcu

  83. nancy elizabeth green says:

    Well Midnight express showed Turkey ‘s prisons in a negative light; and changes were made. Unfortunately in a muslim society, dogs are not granted status as “living things.” But with an orifice, available well, you know the rest. Keep this circulating, and ask, “What would Muhammad do?” Please let there be karma for the evil that perpetrated this!

  84. nancy elizabeth green says:

    everyone please send email. He probably doesn’t give a damn, but clog up his inbox. Let him know the world is watching> We can at least do this for that pup(and the thousands of others) that suffer so.

  85. I am so tired of the testosteron terrorism, so very very tired.

    So very very boring it is, such a waste of time.

    I am also so very very tired of regimes, countries, the world, being run by guys.

    All physical less strong suffer all the time.

    Little children in prostitution, babies being wraped alll over the world., this little dog, (my little wolf), being fucked by a brainless dick.

    Brainless dicks rule the world, and all sweet lovely animals are fucked by them.

    As I am nearly 60, I think that it will never change, so,
    Rest in Peace little child/puppy of mine,
    All of us will try to save day by day whatever victim we can.
    And no, no prayers, just Namasté.

  86. Audrey Johnson says:

    This is one of the most sadistic, evil, cruel things I’ve ever heard of. People who commit such terrible,inhuman, horrific acts should be punished to the full extent of the law and I don’t mean just a slap on the wrist. The should be imprisoned and severely punished.This made me so sick and heartbroken. Those poor, innocent, sweet dogs have feelings the same as we do and they should always be treated with kindness, reverence and love. What is this world coming to

  87. If you want to send an email, here is a translation for the Turkish Mayor: Nasıl bir zararsız evcil karşı bu dispicible hareket affetmek olmak uygar bir insan?
    erkekler ne tür bu kendi arka bahçesinde olmasına izin verdikleri ülkende yaşıyo…r?
    Eğer bir sonraki kurbanları için onları biz turist uygulama izin var. Ben asla geri dönecek
    ülke ve birlikte arkadaşlarımla orada happining ne olduğunu kelime alacaksınız!
    Korkunç Korkunç insanlar. Copy and paste it into your email to:
    English translation: How can a civilized human being condone this dispicible act against a harmless pet?
    What kind of men live in your country that you let this happen in your own backyard?
    Are you letting them practice for their next victims, we tourists. I will NEVER return to your
    country and along with my friends will get the word about what is happining there!
    Horrible Horrible people.

  88. Sylvie Rochat says:

    Sayın Bay
    Bu ve okuyun adresi için inanılmaz önemli bir konudur gözardı etmiyoruz, seni biz KNOW Türkiye’nin BÜYÜK ÜLKE bu horrifically rahatsız edici vahşeti durdurmak için yardım lütfen bir bakım ruh, bu, binanın çevresinde oluyor emin değilim! # comment-7954

    Eğer korkunç hayvan vahşeti binanızın etrafında gerçekleşiyor keşfedeceksiniz olarak güvenlik kameraları kontrol edin.

    Kesinlikle bir yavru bir tecavüz ötesinde rahatsız ve bu çok şiddetli dehşet verici ve rahatsız edici davranış etrafında oluyor ki hasta hissettiriyor.
    Bu köpek çok büyük acı ve hiç kimse gerçekten de ortak çalışanlar hiçbir şey duydum bina inanamıyorum yavru’s aid.I geldi inleyen, oldu yelping ve olacaktır.

    Ön ve arka bacaklar fotoğraf bakmak ve tiksinti olmadığını ve bu görüntü üzüntü söyle bana, gerçekten kırık bak!

    Küçük bir çocuk çok sonraki kurbanı olabilir! Bu yavru şiddetli tecavüz hasta ve içler acısı düzenlemenin tek kurbanı olmayacak eminim.

    Çok samimi Sylvie Rochat (İsviçre)

  89. Bloody hell!!! Call me’ thick’ but i honestly thought talk of such acts were made up crap. NEVER ever did i think anyone was actually so sick, depraved & desperate enough to do such a thing. What sort of person does this?? Is this not a crime?? How can this happen, we live in the 21st century surely there are other devices that that can assist those so…Find them. NAME them. SHAME them. WHIP them. IMPALE them…NO lubricant…

  90. First thing, is that those who do this sort of evil are lower that a pigs butt and aren’t even men if they have to hurt and kill innocent animals to get their jollies. I guess they are so low and such slime balls that no woman would have them so they attack and murder innocent animals. Listen up you slime of the earth………you will be held responsible for all the evil that you do on this earth one day and I’m so glad that I’m not you because you will pay for your evil. I guarantee that if you find these perverts that they are doing their evil deeds to young children also…………so WATCH THEM. They must be caught AND punished asap.

  91. Tears of sorrow.Do they have no shame?No feelings?No compassion? Just vile!

  92. RIP Sincan … you are at peace now…

    Why did no-one help ? Sincan died in such a degrading, humiliating way, at the hands of some psychotic, unhuman beast, that deserves to die in such an inhuman way I cannot express !! Animals are loving, loyal and precious, that need us to stand up and help the laws change, to protect them, not ignore or slap the monsters that harm,and commit torture on innocent animals….The ruling Government in every country NEED to realise the situation will only get worse ………… beasts that commit horrible crimes think they are untouchable, as the laws are laughable …… Im sick to my stomach and crying ..Animal abuse Must be stopped………….Please help …xx

  93. Roger Henry says:

    Is this the result of not allowing sex with women? Dogs, okay. Women, No, No!
    Is having sex with women considered beastiality? Womanality? Humanality? What?

  94. Here’s where those public whippings and stoning to death should be utilized, these crimes are the ONLY things those punishments should be used for. How dare anyone do this to any animal. The HELL for these people will be so horrible that they will forever regret doing this, the poor deranged, idiotic, perverted brutes. These sadistic freaks need to be chased down by mobs of the public and made to pay, since the government seems to turn a blind eye…how idiotic can they get?

  95. Cruelty to animals and the killing of animals are moral crimes. The systematic torture and killing of sentient beings show us what is the lowest point of debasement mankind can reach.

  96. What sick and crippled characters crawl upon this planet! It is too terrible to think about . I had nightmares last night. I dreamt that I knocked the creep that did this to the ground and I stomped him to death. It felt real good!!! I hear certain religious people say that one should turn the other cheek. I make no apologies for the fact that I do not feel that way. I want the filth that hurts these animals to suffer the full consequences of their crimes. I am emailing Mustafatuna as soon as I finish this comment. Shame on you Turkey. It is time to join the 21st century and do something about your animal rights laws!

  97. disgusting.

  98. indri lokasuryadi says:

    the most sickening thing i have ever can a man do something like this to a puppy?? even the strongest words of curse couldn’t express my feelings to whoever did this

    Mr Tuna, if you are reading these comments, i hope you are, i believe deep down inside you are good decent man..otherwise your people wouldn’t made you a Mayor, you need to have stricker regulations to avoid something like these to happening again, establish good shelter house for stray dogs so they won’t be victims of sick people
    you do realize that dogs are another God’s creations that deserve to live and cared can you glorify God but forsake His creation?

  99. Leyla Al ghazi says:

    I was absolutely sickened by what I read in this report and I just could not believe it and this poor dog what it must have gone through. I will certainly be mailing Mustafa Tuna to tell him what is going on and what is he going to do about it. If those offices are always under surveillance then one hopes there is footage of the culprit but like was said in the blog it could be a child or woman next time and just because it was a dog does not make it any less sickening and cruel.

  100. This is just horrible!
    BUT it is not only done in Turkey, also in Rumania, Bulgaria, Spain and a lot more ‘European’ countries.
    Rape is one thing, what about throwing acid on the skin of the dog or cat? Or hanging from a bridge?
    Looks like there are a lot of real sick people around the world!
    Myself I adopted a dog from Turkey and there might come a dog from Spain.
    Perhaps this is a small way to help some animals……

  101. Bütün sapıklığı, cehaleti, hiç bir inancın bağışlayamayacağı bu çirkinlikleri, hiç bir tepki vermeden izleyenlerin de en az yapanlar kadar “olduklarına” hiç bir şüphe yoktur.

  102. Disgusted from Twickenham says:

    I cannot believe this, I have sent the email, poor dog, If I were in charge of justice, there would be no mercy shown

  103. Is there a petition to sign for this poor baby? I can’t stop thinking about it and I want to do as much as possible to help. I’ve already wrote an email to Mustafa. Let me know if I can do more. THanks

  104. Rebekah Long says:

    As Ghandi said…… “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

    Turkiye is a Beautiful country…..shame about many of it’s people…No respect for themselves or the Poor ‘Street Animals’……


    Rebekah Long
    Marmaris Cat Welfare Trust
    Reg UK Charity .

  105. Anna Virgini says:

    If I was there, I would castrate all these sons of a b… ,and then, send them all in jail for the crime commited towards these poor innocent animals! It is still a country of barbaric people ”Turcs”,as we saw in the past!!! R.I.P. BEAUTIFUL JOY!

  106. it is truly a shame how the cover ups continue…. fabricated? these people should be removed from the offices they occupy….. preferably taken somewhere that involves jail cells. just incomprehensible what is going on in this country. i applaud your organization viktor for giving these animals a voice that is being heard worldwide… thank you !!!

  107. Humans are really disgusting, besides raping and killing a defenseless and inocent animal, the authorities, who should defend and protect them, will sue those who try to have justice done???? The more I know humans, the more I like animals !!!! Shame on you polititians, and people in general.

  108. karina zimmermann says:

    your no man of honour… you are a shame for all the turkish people who really do have honour because of their sense of humanity, but maybe your doing nothing against those kind of things because your a pervert sodomist too?
    youd rather watch your son and daughter so if you have children. maybe next time it could be them if theres no dog around?
    yours sincerely

  109. He probably did it himself!

    Hope you can find peace now, beautiful Luna.

  110. i called and someone pick up the phone…he start talking turkish with me. I speak in english, but he said: NOo English… no understand English..

    I said: Mustafa Tuna
    and he was like: Mustafa Tuna Yok.

    Which means is not here… whats going on?

    why this people dont take responsibility!! I wrote once.. i called once.. if i go there and want to speak with them i will get RAPED from 10 Muslems believing in FUCKING ANIMALS is a good thing to go to Heaven!

  111. Maybe this is next step?

    Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan
    Prime Minister
    Republic of Turkey

    I’m sure that he will take it seriously if people won’t visit Turkey as turists because of things like this.

  112. Thanks Rebekah – I was just about to find the words of wisdom by Gandhi and you just postede it. And it is so very true!

    It saddens me deeply that this kind of sick behaviour is somewhat accepted. With accepted I mean that noone does anything about those sick bastards doing this – I know (of course) that not many turkish poeple would do a thing like this, but then show those who do this, that you don NOT accept this and punish them!

  113. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT 10 MINUTS WITH A RAPIST!!!!!!!!

  114. Oh my God! This is absolutely sicking! I wish the one who did this to die in the same manner!
    And this mayor… may he be cursed!

  115. Kate Cassidy says:

    I am absolutely appalled at this heinous act committed on an innocent sentient being…..this is shameful to the extreme….I feel sick to my heart that anyone could do such an evil act on a poor innocent dog…I hope taht whoever did this is caught an severely punishe. Have some respect for animals !!!!! I am in no doubt that the good people of Turkey as as horrified as we are in UK. Dogs are God’s creatures and shoul be respected as so.

  116. Debbie Burnell says:

    This is throughly disgusting and needs investigating immediately,

    Come on ‘News Of The World’ investigate this !!!!!!!!

  117. mandy donoghue says:

    i am absolutly disgusted how anyone could do such a barbaric thing maybe they should know how it feels ,,i was also shocked that there is someone on you tube bragging he was raping his horse ,,what is wrong with people these days

  118. I read all of the above comments and It makes me feel better knowing that there are others that are so upset by this. Thank you for caring and thanks for the work you do for animals, especially “Let’s Adopt Global”.

  119. Give me 5 minutes with this man in a room. I will do the same to him!!!!

  120. doesn’t this guy realize that his equal alarm and disgust instead of denial and lack of concern make him and his country look even guiltier…what are they gonna sue for…give me a break…people would be suing every media broadcast in the industry if he had a leg to stand on…hey…maybe he was the one who raped the dog to begin with…they are obviously not believers in Turkey if this is a rampant practice or they would know that it is absolutely forbidden by GOD and the penalty is DEATH…so we know where Turkey is headed in the end days…the lake of fire with Satan himself…we will have all their victims in heaven with us after the Lord hopefully lets these innocent victims have their way with these monsters…another country I am writing off as a sub human species…they are disgusting…dont they have enough woman over there?… if not why don’t the men just stick it up each others asses…homosexuals atleast arent looked upon so harshly by GODas these pieces os shit are…

  121. So sick!!!! I wish their peter would rot off! Bless the poor animals heart!

  122. This is horrible! What devil do this??? He must be castrate!!

  123. fucking savages !!!!!!!!stop to torture animals !!!!!!!!

  124. Discasting.This person who did this is very sik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Barbara Bacci says:

    People capable of such abuse clearly lack empathy, they are dangerous and should be locked up. Animal abuse leads to violence against other humans. They rape and kill dogs because they think they can get away with it, but they’d gladly rape and kill women or children. I don’t recognize myself in people who hurt such beautiful, defenseless, and lovable creatures. As Leonardo da Vinci put it “For as long as men massacre animals, they will continue to kill each other”.

  126. This is a response from the Netherlands.
    Again, I and several horror read what happened to Luna.
    We can not understand why no one helped this puppy she must have screamed that must be heard.
    This is awful hard to believe any monster gets it into his head to do that.

  127. Aysha Rasit says:



  128. Glynis Martin says:

    For those of you who can’t comprehend how these things can happen in Turkey and all over the world, I can explain. The reason that some men”?” need to rape children, dogs and other small animals is because they have such small penis’s that they cannot satisfy a real woman. Tip for all vigilantes: A man with no penis can’t rape anything. My personal feelings about Mr Mayor is that he doesn’t want it stopped because then he won’t be able to watch it through his window while “pleasuring” himself.

  129. Toni Rodel says:

    I am sickened and have been heartbroken since i have herd about this poor innocent dog, how can they allow this to go on they are as guilty as the evil monster who did this, i will never to to Turkey or buy anything from them either. I hope that the person responsible suffers the way this beautiful dog has, IN MEMORY OF LUNA, Our dear sweet innocent Luna, you have touched my life beyond words, your suffering is heartbreaking beyond belief, every time i think of what you have endured my heart cry’s for you, i want you to know that in your suffering you have touched the lives of thousands, you are loved by us all, we will do what we can to stop this happening again by letting everybody know, and to get justice for you Luna and make this evil person pay for what he did to you. your memory will stay with me until i die, you will be in my heart always, Rest in peace over the Rainbow Bridge you are with the Angels now who will love and cherish you. Toni xxxxx



  132. Many said the Holocost never happened.
    But it did.

    Keep this alive, it’s shared on my newsfeed as well

  133. please stop this sick people.why always ra,pe innocent animals ????what kind of sick person does this??know its a dog he raped tomorrow a child.
    punised this sick bastard please!!!!!

  134. hi All,

    we should do something to stop all of this..cursing and swearing wont help.. Lets Adopt! is there anything we can do ?? i really really want to do something for those little poor doggies :(

  135. Simply have no words for it! Just Heartache!!!

  136. june bullied says:

    i already sent an email and told him he was being made a laffing stock of because his people feel he is powerless to do anything about beastality. and such a man of his stature shd demand respect by enforcing a strict law protecting the animals. this is such a deviat act. i hope all these sicko cretins get an agonizing disease from this. what a hellhole for those poor animals.

  137. Constance says:

    Thank you for posting. Sent email to Mustafa Tuna actually several days ago, along with other email addresses supplied on C2 site. Thank you to all the people who took action on behalf of Sinca, and the dogs of Turkey.

  138. Constance says:

    Sent email to Mayor Mustafa Tuna several days ago. Thank you to all who took action

  139. Thank you for posting

  140. tis is a response out of the neterlands
    i think that the poeple ho are responseble for tis must tro to jail and never let him go what a sicke person i hope he go to hell end burn forever

  141. Turkey wants to join the EU. I say NO. We will never let them join unless they clean up their act and they can start with addressing the issue of raping stray dogs. Since when is this an acceptable past-time? It isn’t. It is sick, vile, disgusting, deviant and won’t be tolerated in any shape or form.

    If the Mayor of Sincan can’t understand this then he is not fit to sit in his office and hold title. If he really wants to show people he cares, then he should stand up, be a man and do something about it. By keeping quiet, he is basically telling the world that it is not important and/or that he condones this behaviour.

    Sweeping it under the carpet isn’t going to make the problem disappear and it’s high time the Mayor realises that unless he addresses this situation, he is in for a rough ride.

  142. CINDY COLLIER says:

    this is so evil what has been done to this dog and how many more ???that we do not know of grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Zulke daders mogen ze niet vrij laten zonder psychologische onderrichtingen met levenslang toezicht vind ik, en dan nog, soortgelijke daden zijn tekens van een persoon die niet normaal kan functioneren, geestelijke ziekte heeft en ook een gevaar betekend voor de maatschappij.zieke geesten die opgeruimd mogen worden,is de aarde gelijk niet meer overbevolkt.

  144. I find it very disheartening that anywhere in the world this would happen…. to so torture a weaker vessel is a crime so great that such things were talked about in only Soddom and Gamorah… It would do well to take this as a well documented warning of what befalls those who practice such disgusting and horrible things. Weaker vessels count on the stronger to help them grow and thrive. Children, animals and older generations should be loved and cherished not victimized. Shame on any Government that would hide this instead of kicking some ass and hunting people like the one, who did this and those doing similiar things, down and letting them rot in prison.

  145. If you tolerate this sort of behavior ‘ Your just as sick as those who carry out this sort of sick crime’………..!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. I didn´t know that it could exists, and that it was so “normal” in Turkey that nobody cared, …people who do this tarrible things must hav medical care.

  147. I didn´t know that it could exists, and that it was so “normal” in Turkey that nobody cared, …people who do this terrible things must have medical care.

  148. Cinnamon Landman says:

    I’ve read all the comments; was especially touched by the words of Toni Rodel. The article and pictures were unbearable to see; how much more unbearable for poor Luna to have experienced. I’m pasting below, the email I just sent:


    I hope you read English, or that you have a translator. Surely you’ve had many comments on the subject of that beautiful dog, raped and killed behind your office, where her cries must have been heard, her torment and suffering must have been seen–either while she was being tortured, or whenever you monitored your cameras.

    I feel sickened; I’ve read comments from angry animal lovers around the world, who are also sickened–sickened and angry that this has happened, and that no punishment has been given to the evil criminals who did this. That dog, now named Luna, was so beautiful when alive; I wish I could have seen her, could have helped her.

    But her suffering, immense as it was, is now over. However, the criminals who caused her suffering and death are loose somewhere in your streets. I’m sure the world is waiting to know that your office, your government, is working to find these cruel subhumans, and to punish them to the full extent of your law. I personally cannot imagine that any law will be justice enough; but surely you won’t ignore this blasphemy and let Luna’s pain and death go unanswered.

    Surely you can’t sit comfortably at your desk, day after day, then go home to your family, knowing that you did nothing to make a difference here. If, indeed, this rape of dogs is commonplace, it’s all the more important that you show your citizens what your office is willing to do to stop this kind of crime. Without your action, there is no hope for other dogs, who will suffer the same fate. Without your action, the world community will be aware that your country is a safe place for perverse criminal activity.

    I’m certain that your own citizens would want you to act on this. Very few humans, in Turkey or anywhere in the world, would condone this bestial behavior. But as a leader, you must show the way. As a leader, you must be the example, find and punish these criminals, and set the record straight, that Turkey is a civilized country.

    I belong to many national animal rescue groups, and plan to send a link of this story, since I believe that even more of the world community needs to know, and perhaps can help to make an impact.

    Please, sir, make every effort to find and punish these criminals, and show the world that this cruel torture of animals is not condoned in your country. The world is watching.

    Thank you,

    Cinnamon Landman

  149. There are no words to describe the horror of such despicable deeds. God must be devastated at what these so called people do. My heart bleeds.

  150. De Decker Henri says:


    Ik ben van mening dat soortgelijke gebeurtenissen niet ongestraft mogen voorbij gaan,
    Onaanvaardbaar zijn zulke daden, ik wens dat de schuldige onmensen niet ongestraft zullen blijven, en de dieren betere rechten zullen krijgen in alle opzichten, want zij hebben geen stem en zijn eveneens voelbaar als wij.

  151. monsieur le maire honte a vous ….; honte a votre pays … faites cessez ça c’est abominable !!!!!

  152. monsieur le maire honte a vous !!!honte a votre pays !!! c’est abominable il faut que cela cesse

  153. this is so sick…no respect or mercy to those people anymore! just take some armed men, go up to them and let them suffer…together with their lawyers and their sick security staff…they deserve nothing else than that! this is the only language, they understand! arrogant bastards!

  154. Vesna Pinterič says:

    Does Turkey have Animal welfare charity? Does anybody have an Idea, how to help?
    Vesna, Slovenia

  155. sent the following message to your the mayor, your P.M. and several other ministers i could get email add. for…might as well spread the love to those who have the power to do something about it IF they want to???

    To Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan;
    For the last few days this beautiful dog has become known all around the world as ‘the DOG RAPED IN SINCAN’.
    She deserved better. She deserved a name. She has been named LUNA…
    Poor sweet innocent defenseless LUNA. No one bothered giving her a home, and a sick, demented, pervert, who walks your streets, took her life away in the most horrendous manner!!! The world grieves for her and she, her picture has been sent from country to country and that has now become Turkeys SHAME!!!
    Mr.Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan, the people of world cry for LUNA..
    It was reported, that after realizing that the news of the crime have gone viral, a lawyer told LETS ADOPT GLOBAL that he intends to sue LETS ADOPT for insulting the honor of Mr.Mustafa.Tuna, the Sincan Municipality and for creating FALSE news. According to Mr.Mustafa.Tuna and his lawyer, Omer.Demir, everything is a lie. No dog has ever been killed and raped in Sincan, and the pictures have been fabricated by Let’s Adopt Global. So Mr. Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan, basically Mr.Mustafa.Tuna, has said that LUNA didn’t exist, and if she did, LUNA lived in another country, which of course means the RAPE of LUNA had to have happened in another country, as no one in Turkey would ever think of raping a dog?!?
    Mr.Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan, I urge you to read some of the comments associated with this story, or with the photos taken of LUNA, a battered, broken & abused little dog. These comments left by sone of your fellow country men & women go on to say that, it is commonly known that dogs get RAPED in Turkey, by socalled humans.(Yes the same socalled humans that walk the street with young kids, old women, your own family members…)Surely such a large number of people can’t get it so wrong? Why would so many people make up such a sick story, which can be of no benefit to anyone but can/will bring shame & bad publicity to all concerned…if it was a lie.?
    Mr.Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan, the more Mr.Mustafa.Tuna, tries to deny what has taken place, what does take place, the more foolish he looks!!! This in turn results in your name, his municipality, your country and this SHAMEFUL story continuing to circulate. He still has time to come forward and tell the truth about this SHAMEFUL act and with that said put an end to all this BAD publicity. I live in Australia and I know it has spread like wildfire with the animal lovers & groups here…and that can not be a good thing for you, Sincan municipality, and your country.
    Mr.Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan, please don’t ignore whats going on. You’re the no;1 person who can turn this around. You’re the one who can make a sweeping change in how your country treats its stray animals. You’re the man in a position of authority to take on such a challenge which will bring the recognition to you. Please make this matter a priority. Please don’t let it be seen that Turkey is trying to cover up what has happened, what does happen in denying the events.
    I ask you Mr.Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan, to please make this matter a priority and in addition Mr.Recep.Tayyip.Erdogan, you also try to improve the conditions for the stray animals in your country of Turkey. If you were to communicate with some of the active animal groups in Turkey who are having success with the strays, it would be seen by so many as a huge leap forward in animal welfare. The reason, there so many strays to start with is because of irresponsible humans. All domestic animals want/need a home, protection from elemental & physical harm, a daily feed & human companionship; they need humans to successfully survive. NO domestic animal would chose to be roam the streets & be homeless, live in constant fear of the unknown, to go hungry day after day, to not have human attention, a pat, a rub, someone to love/care for them. There are many reasons why there are so many stray animals not just in Turkey but worldwide but every reason, every story comes back to an irresponsible owner. It is NOT the animals’ fault that it became a stray!!!
    I hope it ‘ll help.
    If ever an ‘innocent one’ has helped put a smile on your face, been a part of your life, wagged its tail at you to say hi…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, acknowledge it by at least sending 1 email, to give LUNA the voice, some perverted human waste, distinguished prematurely…

  156. neşe demirci says:

    dünyanın her yerinde çocuklar hayvanlar vahşete maruz kalıyor …başka bir haberle karşılaşmamak için çevremize duyarlı olalım İNSAN nüsvettelerinin aramızda yaşadığını aklımızdan çıkarmayalım
    Belediyelerin,yasaların duyarsızlığına inat elimizden geleni biz yapalım dünya daha kötü olmasın…

  157. annalaura Ranazzi says:

    I can’t stand it. I can’t accept it. I can’t even believe.I’m disgusted and disappointed.
    To let happening all this, is one of the hardest crime. That’s why I hate often human behavior. I hope that rapists and their condescending responsible will suffer the same fate and die humiliated as well.

  158. Monsieur Mustafa vous devez honir! Je ne crois pas que les images sont falsifiquer….. Et je veux que le auteur de viol gain son peine!!!!

  159. poor baby…RIP Luna…i hope those bastards will be punished…shame on them….my heart goes with you and to all victims of animal cruelty….thank you Lets Adopt for all the efforts and hardwork…

  160. Oh my god…. :,-((((((((( this is not human……
    i’d like to put a gun against head of this stupid “huma being” who did this and… bang!!!
    if i stay here…..i can’t believe it, i can’t!
    we are all worried about italian situation, which is terrible, but this is very very worste!!!!!!!
    this happen ’cause some muslim still believe that dogs are dirty animals!!! GRRRR

  161. Time & time again those who have compassion, love & respect for our animals are heartbroken, speechless, furious & disgusted by the actions of someone who has the utter audacity to call themselves “human”. This act of disgusting cruelty, (never mind the perversion) may no longer surprise me, but still breaks my heart & reduces me to tears.

    Is there not enough sickness & depravity between humans? Do these vile, twisted & grotesque skins of cowards really need to remove the last semblence of compassion for animals in this putrid manner?

    As for the government stance – did the civilised world really think anything else would happen?…These are not people who deny this, these are greedy, selfish & small – terrified to stand tall & fight for the silent – & should have no place in society, – OR your holiday plans.

    So, adopt a dog via one of the many european societies & strike Turkey from your list of holiday destinations. When there are no dogs left to torture & no tourists to feed the pockets – hopefully these sick people will turn on each other & do the world a favour.

    Turkey, you are a disgrace.

  162. Really, do you think this is confined to Turkey? Their attitude is appalling. Their lawyers will sue even though it’s on their security tapes and heard. At least other countries try to find these perverts and put them in jail. Beastality is as old as the Bible and Koran. Both have laws against it. Why not modern day laws? The Bible’s is death, so is the Koran. So let’s practice what is being preached and death to the abusers. Allah and/or God must be getting really pissed off. Looks like the people are. May the killer be found and the same done to him. An eye for an eye, for those who preverte their bodies the penilty is death. Just remember don’t blame all of Turkey. Not all of their citizens are perverts. This happens in every county on the planet. Blame the officals for not doing something about it

  163. Beatrice Mollo says:

    Beyond any consideration of disgust, despair, anger, and disbelief that such as an action so low and gross gives in every being reasonable and healthy, I wonder and ask you, Turkish friends, what the Sincan Municipality have to hide or to be ashamed to denounce and pursue strongly these abominations? Who is impure, I ask myself and I ask you, Turkish friends, the poor dog that has nothing unclean, if not the blame to be regarded as such or the very unclean being despicable and impure that has raped and killed the poor dog? It amazes me and distress me and discomfort me the stance of mayor of Sincan that certainly gives no hope to a right and fair solution of this real horror that, moreover, is very frequent in that Country, I know. Do not do anything against it or, worse, trying to hide everything harshly attacking those people who denounce these horrors, is a true disgrace and an insult to the whole civilized world and civilized! SHAME!!! Mr. Mayor of Sincan, SHAME!!!


  165. its hard for me finding words..i really could throw up—sorry——so terrible, raw….awful….this poor little angel….oh no……..and its happening a lot……whats going on, wrong in some societies, religions????There must be a change …starting from being a baby…to respect all creatures…so sad……………………………feeling so sorry…a shame….

  166. So much bizarre religious stuff on this thread that it is disturbing.

    Don’t lose your temper/mind completely and post racist stuff. You know it is wrong.

    Don’t bother with the mayor. He probably can’t speak English and has no aides who do.

    Mail ministers, the president, the prime minister and of course animal rights organizations in Turkey. Set up an online petition.

    Don’t use Google Translate. It sucks and gives you messed up garbage. Use a human translator if you need a translation.

    Going crazy and yelling obscenities won’t change anything. Try to actually help these animals. Donate to animal charities in Turkey, help shelters, support awareness campaigns.

  167. To read and think about this behaviour revolts me. What is going on in someones head to even think about doing this to any living creature. There are some really sick twisted people living amoungst us…….. Beware!!!
    Why can people not control themselves or even care about the innocence and vulnerable in our world. Instead they target, exploit and abuse, what a sad existance we live in.
    This type of behaviour is inexcuseable, unacceptable and dangerous, a person that could carry something like this out is a risk to all others in society and needs to be held respossible for their actions for everyones sake.

  168. Whoever did this should be castrated and stripped of their human rights. Whoever allows this should be ashamed and step down because they are insignificant as leaders.

  169. Tanja van der Walt says:

    Humans are disgusting forms of life – they do what they want to whom they want never considering the consequences. I have to believe that the rapist will go to doggy hell oneday and get his dues there.

  170. I feel shame to be a part of human people because they don’t respect animals.


    For you, LUna, now, you won’t feel anymore pain, affraid, hungry and human’s unrespect.

    Be happy on the rainbow’s bridge.

    Resta in Pace

  171. Why can’t we just BLOW UP these “ppl”??

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many reasons, amongst them because many of us are actually pretty nice people…

  172. This is a horrible atrocity!! This poor animal did nothing to deserve such abuse and therefore, the abuser should suffer the consequences. To let this slide by with no justice is preverse and promotes this type of behavior. Please put penalties in place that will punish people who cause these crimes to humanity. PLEASE!!!

  173. Shan Thomson says:

    I am completely convinced that terrorists like the filth who did this to this sweet dog will pay for their crimes, if not in life, then in death. They will suffer what they did to others here. For eternity.

  174. Jayne Matthews says:

    It is time that people were made to pay for their crimes against animals. We are on this earth as Guardians to the animals, not abusers. I am disgusted and ashamed to be part of a species that can do this to another species, or even to the young of our own species. THESE PEOPLE ARE EVIL AND NEED TO BE STOPPED, If I had my way all animal abusers would be gathered together, lined up against a wall and shot, but not a killing shot, start with the knee caps and work the way up their body until everything was broken and let them bleed to death. Shared.

  175. suzanne o'meara says:

    i think this is extremely highly bad & evil & unpardonable ; & obviously it is permitted & condoned by the society & govt etc generally. so they are all wrong & to blame .
    the poor dog & all the animals there should have special intervention & rights & special compensations & so on .

  176. Pat Goldberg says:

    So terrible. This poor dog still had a sweet puppy like face. Why would anyone want to rape her//// and hurt her. She looks like she was in so much pain. I’d be running if a heard a dog in pain. Thay do not ever ever deserve that. I do not have room for this on this planet. The evil can be sent off in a rocket and never come back

  177. I cried when I first heard about this. Now I am bawling. To put a face to her, while she was alive, makes it even more real. This sweet baby never knew love. She never knew a REAL life. Then she was raped and broken by some sick son of a bitch who wanted a few minutes of pleasure (SICK pleasure), and took her life away without an ounce of regret. How could he have left her body there with trash and walked away without any remorse? What I want to know is what was done with her body once she was discovered? Was she given a proper burial? I truly hope she was buried with respect and love. At least now she’s safe and no one will ever hurt her again. I’m so sorry, angel. I am crying for you. You are loved now.

  178. Liz Pinkerton-Reynolds says:

    Just when I think I’ve heard the worst……I just emailed the mayor of Sincan. Who knows what good that’ll do. I have to believe that ALL animals (for they are the innocent) go to paradise (heaven) when they die. Meanwhile, I think those bastards should be castrated.

  179. Anja Kögel says:

    Auschwitz fängt da an, wo einer steht und denkt, es sind ja nur Tiere.
    (Theodor W. Adorno)

  180. Alice MuirNorth says:

    There is no Heaven on Earth ..therefore to be continued unless those in power can stand up and do the right thing..otherwise it’s time to change the ones in power and that must be done by the PEOPLE!! RIP sweet Luna Your life behind a trash can was Hell on Earth and there was no one to recue you not even the Powerful Ones!!!

  181. hope each member of the family of whoever did this dies in the exact same wat,sick evil bastards


    Müvekkil Sincan Belediye Başkanlığı hakkında internet sitenizde 22.03.2011 tarihinde yapılan yayında gerçek dışı, iftira ve küçük düşürücü nitelikte ifadelere yer verilmiştir. Yapılan bu asılsız ve iftira niteliği taşıyan beyanlarla bir kamu kurumu olan müvekkil Belediye töhmet altında bırakılmıştır.

    Bilindiği üzere Hayvan Hakları, herkesin üzerinde hassasiyetle durması ve bu konuda gerekli önlemlerin alınması gereken insani bir ödevdir. Ancak hayvan haklarının korunması için mücadele ederken gerek kişileri gerekse kurumları haksız iftira ve beyanlarla karşı karşıya bırakmak ahlaki bir tutum değildir. Bir konu veya olay hakkında toplum haberdar edilirken konu gerçekliği ve tüm yönleri araştırılarak yayın yapılması gerekir. Bu sorumluluk ve hassasiyet gösterilmeden hiçbir ilgisi olmayan kişi ve kurumlara iftira atmak hiçbir canlının hakkını arama ve bunun için mücadele etme anlayışı ile bağdaşmamaktadır.

    Sincan Belediye Başkanlığı, ilgili yasaların verdiği görev ve yetki çerçevesinde hareket eden üzerine düşen sorumlulukları, en başta kamu yararı gözeterek en iyi şekilde yerine getirme gayret ve hassasiyeti içinde olan bir Kamu Kurumudur. Sözkonusu olay son derece üzüntü verici ve herkes tarafından kınanması gereken bir olay olmakla birlikte, bu üzüntü verici hadisenin meydana gelmesinde en ufak bir ilgisi olmayan Belediyemizin haksız bir şekilde hakaret içeren ifadelerle zan altında bırakılması kabul edilemez.

    Sincan Belediye Başkanlığı’nı olayın sorumlusu gibi gösteren ve iftira niteliğindeki gerçek dışı haber ve yayın içeriğinin 5651 sayılı yasanın 9/1 maddesi uyarınca çıkarılmasını, İngilizce ve Türkçe cevabi yazımızın bir hafta süreyle sitenizde yayınlanmasını, aksi taktirde yasal yollara başvuracağımızı ihtar ederiz.

    Sincan Belediye Başkanlığı
    Av.Şükran DOĞAN – Av. Ömer DEMİR


    Statements that have the qualifications that are out of reality and that are slandering and humiliating about the hirer Sincan Mayoralty in the publishing on your internet web site on 22 03 2011. The hirer Sincan Mayoralty, which is a public organization has been left under offences with these baseless statements that have the qualification of slandering.

    As it is known, the Animal Rights is a humanitarian duty that everybody must take care with great sensitivity and on which the necessary measures must be taken in this regard. However, leaving both persons and the organizations against unfair slandering and statements is not an ethical handling of the matter while struggling for the protection of the Animal Rights. Affecting of publishing works by researching being real and all of the aspects of the subject matter while a subject or event is being informed to the public. The slandering of persons and the organizations that have no relation without exhibiting such responsibility and sensitivity never fits the understanding of looking for the right to live of any living creature whatsoever and the understanding of struggling for this.

    It has been clearly stated in the discussions that have been carried out with the responsible persons that affected the publication that there is no event in relation to the Sincan Mayoralty and this situation is also known by them. However, they have stated they will continue to publishing in order to provide an organization on the matter of Animal Rights and to be able to draw attentions.

    The Sincan Mayoralty is a public organization that has the effort and the sensitivity of performing its responsibilities that fall onto it and that carries out its activities within the frame of the duties and the authorizations that are given by the related laws by performing these by watching out for the public benefit in the first place. The subject event is an event that causes great sorrow and that must be condemned by everybody. Whereas the subject event of leaving of our Sincan Mayoralty that has no connection even to the smallest portion in the occurrence of the event under suspicion through statements that are unjust and that covers cursing statements cannot be accepted.

    We hereby request that the unrealistic news and publication content,which are slanderous and which accuse the Sincan Municipality to be the responsible of the event,should be removed in accordance with Article 9/1 of the Law No.5651,our reply in English and Turkish should be published on your website for a week,otherwise please be warned that we will initiate the required legal proceedings.

    pp. Sincan Mayoralty

    Adv. Şükran DOĞAN – Adv. Ömer DEMİR

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Sir,

      I would advice you to read carefully the content of our blog post. Nowhere in our text the Municipality is behind held responsible for the rape of Luna.

      HOWEVER, you, as Municipality of Sincan have a duty to make sure events like this don’t happen again. There is a dog rapist running free in your municipality. It is in your interest to make sure events like these don’t happen again.

  183. I just e-mailed Mr. Tuna, the mayor. Thanks to everyone for your work. I’m sure that you will be rewarded for your efforts.

  184. Working with animals myself i can not believe anyone anywhere in the world would do this to any animal. If someone can do this to a animal imagine what they would do to a human?! No animal deserves cruelty like this, some people in the world are so sick and is does make you wonder what the world is coming to! People who do something like this deserve the same back to them, its not acceptable regargless of which country you are in!

  185. Whosoever lets atrocities as and like this one go unpunished is just as sick and perverse in heir power trip as the perverse perpetrator that did it.

  186. sussn ellsworth says:

    Oh please sir find it in your heart to right the wrong which has been done to the poor animal. I believe you feel sad about this event even though some had told you to say otherwise.

  187. Please do not turn your head away from what is clearly in front of you. To use an animal in such is discraceful way is absolutely discusting but is probably just the beginning to what a human is capable of. Please look at it further than this was just a homeless dog that lived on the streets but look at it as a creature that is helpless, voiceless and is a creature of God. You do have a voice, Please use it.

  188. Her soul is in peace while the rapist is not going to exist anymore.

  189. Pelin saglam says:

    I am from turkey. I do regret to say unfortunately in the middle and the eastern part of turkey, these kind of closed minded, sick, disgusting, bone cracking things do happen.. I have to admit that.
    As a community we try to educate people, try to communicate with them and still trying to a deal with the government to save these beautiful creatures. Till now I have saved 220 dogs from the street only in Izmir 5 of them are mine. I lived in many countries all over my life, London, USA, Dubai, Greece, Thailand, Germany, Armenia, Scotland, Norway ext… And faced with these cruelty in Most of them but hidden…
    We get calls from neighbors informing us there is a dog or a screaming.
    I faced with an ass hole trying to boil her puppy, I met a freak who lucked up her dog and left the house for 5 days, I found dogs locked in bins seeking for help…

    My job is to help animals in wherever country I go so this doesn’t really happen only in turkey.
    In Istanbul, in izmir in Ankara, and many other cities in turkey, they open their shops for dogs to heat them in cold and feed them. Or they call people to adopt them, to give them home.
    There are people who care about them. They do fight against government to help animals and it will work one day. Because there are so many of me. The government tries to NOT educate people in eastern part. We try to fight against that… That’s why we get jailed… Not going to talk about politics..
    One more thing that get stuck in my mind;
    No matter you tell your friends to not go to turkey for a vacation it doesn’t really effect us. Turkey has one of most beutiful landscape in the world like Greece like Italy like France, like Thailand. There will be millions of tourists visiting because most of EU countries are more expensive then Turkey. That country has the most beutiful beaches, camps, hotels, bars, clubs, jaz festivals, mountains, rivers, lakes, architecture, history…
    You can still suggest your friends to not go there Ofcourse.
    I just wanted to share my opinion, thank you very much for reading, if you read this.

  190. Pelin saglam says:

    I also wanted to add this,

    If we adopt these pets in the country and abroad we will help these angels.
    We can also go to the municipality and try to push this case to go further. There are shelters made by government to take care of animals who are on streets. Instead of talking all these on this blog, we should donate money to shelters or buy food for them and bring more dogs to the shelters. By doing all these we will provide a warm place for animals and then market them around so people can adopt them. They would have family. And then we can push the government to punish people who treats them bad. We need a community we need unite do that.
    There are groups in turkey working for this matter such as
    “hayvan severler dernegi izmir”
    “Istanbul barinak”
    “Izmir barinak”

    We should be in touch with these groups work with them and help these beautiful babies.
    We would really appreacite if you guys can helps us to improve this.

  191. this poor defenceless puppy was raped and murdered right under the mayors eyes and all he concerns himself with is his reputation, he should be worried about his reputation, this was not only a truly barbaric act of someone that calls himself human and doesn’t deserve to do so , but a barbaric act to know about and condone to accept, to watch to know and do nothing about it. He should be hanging his head in shame allowing these act to occur , he should be prosecuting this person that raped and murdered that puppy not threatening to sue the people that told the world what he was allowing to go on under his nose. SHAME is all these people deserve for these BARBARIC acts to take place in an acceptable fashion. This beautiful poor little girl did not deserve to be brutally raped and murdered she deserved love and kindness at the very least !!!! Shame on you you barbaric people (if you should be allowed to be called such)! Bless you Luna may you rest in peace and finally receive the love and care you so desperately deserve!
    Bless you luna! And thank you let’s adopt for bringing these barbaric attacks to the eyes of the rest of the world, so that hopefully something can be done about it. Shame Full and barbaric !!!!!!!!

  192. THE GRIM REAPER says:

    I’m sorry for my language it’s just how could some one do this

  193. OMG! Who does that to an innocent little animal. Who ever did this is a sick person and has no life

  194. Who ever took that poor puppy’s life and raped the poor thing youra mother fucker, go to hell bitch. fuck you dickhead.

    sorry for the language

  195. sick!! It goes to show that humans nowadays are turning into monsters esp for those in the power seat and not doing anything about it!! Lets share and be the voice for those who cannot speak and defend for themselves. Shared!!

  196. The fur trade routinely electrocutes animals by sending an electric current through their body using an electrode up their anus and another clamped between their teeth.

    If you care about animals, go vegan.

  197. Dog Raper says:

    Bleeding hearts if the world unite! Your all a bunch of fucking pussies!!!