Plata, farewell to a friend

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It’s so hard to see them go.

From the moment we rescue them we become emotionally invested.

We love them… like our own.

We offer them a second chance in life, the possibility, even if sometimes remote, of a new beginning.

This group goes to extremes to provide the best possible life to our rescues. To some we are nothing but a bunch of extremists on a massive ego trip wasting their time and money on a lost cause. We see it differently… we wouldn’t life our life any other way.

Plata died yesterday in Cagri’s arms. It was too high of a mountain to climb. Her little broken body decided it was time to stop fighting. Plata gave a one last look to Cagri, the girl that so lovingly took care of her from the moment we rescued her, and stopped breathing.

It was a good death.

After all was said and done we went home to focus on the living, to continue our battle, to continue fixing broken lives, knowing that what we do matters, that it has a meaning, happy to live our lives with honor and passion at the service of a sacred mission.

Look around you… How many people you know that live their lives that way?

Goodbye Plata. You were loved and will be remembered forever.


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  1. Karleen vegan Fosse says:

    I’m so sorry for this little angel on earth has left us. I have had to deal with alot of unfortunate deaths through the years of my dear loved rescues. I know it tears at your soul as it did mine. I will say thank u for giving her love and comfort in her last moments one earth. Love u all. Vegan4Ever, Animal Liberation Now:)

  2. I am called ‘crazy’ because I care too much. I see the others as the crazy ones because they care too little or not at all. These people don’t matter to me; I have a purpose to serve in this life and I am doing just that. To the ones who mock, ridicule, smirk etc… they are the ones with empty lives and will never know what sacrifice means, what love means, what compassion means. They steal oxygen by their mere existence and do not even deserve to be on this earth. Their sole purpose is to fulfill their own selfish needs without a thought of the less fortunate, voiceless beings who need our human voices and help. To those people, DROP DEAD!

  3. Good bye, rest in peace sweet lil kitty, have a great time without pain and sorrow, full of love and joy, at the other side of the rainbow. You will be missed Plata. Send my regards to my two lil cats, they had to go over the bridge a long time ago, tell them, when U see them, they are missed and we still think of the wonderfull time we had together.

  4. Maureen Kent says:

    You all did your very best for little Plata. She was tended and cared for and died surrounded by love. Who could hope for more? Now you are right, you will continue to fight for the living, the ones who still need you – remembering Plata in your heart.

  5. This is a great text which I intend to share further, and dedicate it to all the animals like Plata, and all the people like Cagri…I instantly remembered a small yellow cat I found with a a front leg and a tail almost completely ripped off the body…and the leg was already decomposing with an awful smell, and I wanted to euthanize it…the vet said it could live after being well amputated, so i went that way..the darling fighting cat lived for a month or so, played and was happy(at least I thought so)..still it couldn’t defeat it internal injuries, and finally, it died on my hands…Thank you Viktor, when I saw the line ”it was a good death”, I was touched so deeply, and in some way, it comforted me……

  6. Goodbey little angel, God will be pleased to have such a dear soul with him in heaven and the angels will heal you, I am sure you are now in the arms of the angels, thank God Viktor and God bless you, you showed what it was to be loved, but we stay behind with all the pain, thank you for trying to safe her and I am sure that little Plata won’t forget you aswell. Tears…

  7. MJ Murphy says:

    Thank you for being there for little Plata for helping transition this sweet soul on to the next part of life’s journey. Hugs and blessings to all of you for the amazing work you do and for your self-lessness and kindness to all.

  8. Sheila White says:

    Cagri, I am so sorry. Sometimes, the only thing we can do is let their little spirits know that someone loves them before they go. I know how painful it is, and it never gets easier, no matter how many timies it happens. People say, “How can you stand to see and deal with these horrors; I could never do that.” THAT is why we have to. That is why we can’t give up on the animals. Be strong and remember all the rescues who have survived their ordeal. xxxx

  9. Anja Bull says:

    I am so sad for sweet little Plata…but I am thankful that she was with someone who loved her at the end. I am glad she didn’t die alone and unnoticed. I don’t believe in an “afterlife” or a “rainbow bridge”… but nothingness is better than suffering. You won’t be forgotten sweet Plata… many tears being shed for you :(.

  10. thank you for all your devoted time and love you give these animals. i know how hard it is to let even one go, but you must look foward to others that need the same love, devotion and attention. i only know that Plata is free from pain and suffering and i still hope that heaven is where all these dear animals go. Good night little Plata. xxxxxxxxx

  11. Patti Bahen says:

    Plata’s story brought me to tears, as i remembered my beloved Squeaker, one of my rescued kitties, who died in my arms last March 18th. He was the best of the best, despite his beginnings. I do believe they wait for us beyond the rainbow bridge.. Recently, I came to believe that, after they pass, they send us signs that they are alright. I recently took in two kittens in need. I swear my last two rescue kitties who passed sent them to me to nurture and love, as I see Squeaker and Junior in Bella and Fearless, who have also been adopted by one of my rescue dogs, who guard, bathes and cuddles them. (He was rescued from being a bait dog for a dog fighting gang) Plata died knowing love, and that love will come back to those who loved her two fold! Looking through her bright eyed photos, it is obvious that her last days were happy ones, despite her limitations. Can we ask for anything more for those we love?

  12. RIP,little plata!

  13. I have had that experience many times of an animal dying in my arms. Its heart wrenching. RIP Plata….and Thank you for caring for that little creature and holding Plata until the last breath breathed.

  14. Outi and Paolo the Dog says:

    -“Every warrior hopes that a good death will find her-
    and that was a good death.
    Rest in Peace and wake up in Gods arms-

  15. Just find out Plata left us… the only thing that brings me some confort is to know she was in a warm and loving place…
    Its too hard to read all your news but i make that effort cos i want to be emotionally strong to help a rescue shelter where i live or at least to be a foster home.
    Animal bestiality is the most coward thing!!!

  16. This little angel was in the best hands.u r now at rainbow bridge happy and pain free.god bless u and the core.

  17. Ana Viquez says:

    R.I.P. Plata. I feel very sad for Plata and the family but I know that now she is in heaven. I know that you try to save her and you did a great job. People like you is very hard to find. My condolesnce to your family.

  18. plata you can now play with your friends!!!! Cagri and Viktor, GOD bless you!!!!!

  19. I am brought to tears by all the compassion and love in the above comments. You are all good guys.
    thank you for being there

  20. Özgür Özcan says:

    I can relate to the pain felt by Çağrı as I lost 3 cats to FIP on my hands too. The last one was even black, just like Plata. It’s a very difficult feeling to bear with to see an animal that you cared for suffer and refuses to live a little bit more every single day. Still, I was happy to not to let them to be euthanized. Although they suffered every single day that they passed alive at least they died in a blanket in our arms…