Iron was seconds away from being killed… but then, something happened…

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I received an urgent call from our veterinary clinic. In there, standing in the reception area there was a man accompanied by an incredibly beautiful black dog. The dog´s name is Iron, and the owner´s request, for Iron to be euthanized.

The reason? His wife had a severe medical condition that makes her allergic to Iron´s hair. They had him as a puppy, they loved him as their child, but since she was diagnosed with the condition it was impossible for them to keep him.

They tried everything, every friend, every family member, every rescue group, every no-kill shelter and in the end, they had nowhere else to go. Someone told them that the best option was to euthanize Iron, that he would just fall asleep and never wake up. That he wouldn´t suffer.

And so Iron found himself at our vet, they had taken the decision to kill him.

Our vet couldn´t do it… they were trained to save lives, not to take them away, and so they called us to ask for help.

And that call, saved Iron´s life…


Please watch this video… Iron is one of the most beautiful dogs we´ve ever rescued. He is incredibly playful, the King of Fetch, he is GREAT with people and every dog he has met.

I don´t want to imagine what went through Iron´s mind when his owner left him at the clinic and walk away… but I promised him Let´s Adopt would make it all right for him. I promised him he would spend the rest of his life playing…







We are looking for an extraordinary home for Iron. Iron is in Valencia, Spain but Let´s Adopt Global will cover all costs of his journey home.

Please help us find the perfect home for Iron.

Write to me on and tell me everything about you and your animals… If you are the perfect home for him we will make sure he gets to you…

Help us continue rescuing … Please, if you can, contribute to the Let´s Adopt! Global rescue fund!


Many thanks!!




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  1. My God, what a beautiful black German Shepherd… He is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to give him a home. I can only imagine how it must have broken his owners hearts to make their decision to euthanize Iron….It broke my heart when I read his story and just knew I had to save this beautiful dog. I hope he gets along with cats. I am so very happy that this wonderful and sweet dog was brought to you and your team….Iron so deserves to live a happy life, a loving family.

  2. marion crist says:

    He is an cute beauiful dog bless him i will share on fb for sure hope he finds his forever home soon x

  3. Such a beautiful dog!! He is so lucky to end up with you Viktor, please keep us posted ! Praying he finds a loving home with a special person or family!!! God Bless you Viktor !!

  4. A shame they had to let min go. So very glad you didn’t. Impressed as always Viktor.

  5. Amanda mercado says:

    Send him to me … I already have a beautiful cat named prince and I would love a dog he’s gorgeous

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Send him to me is not an adoption application.
      Please be serious, at least as serious as we are. We are saving lives here.

  6. Mitchell Johnson says:

    Is he still available, how old is he?
    What’s the cost to have him come to the U.S.A. ?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Iron is five years old and he is looking for a family.
      To send him to his family would have no cost for the adoptant, Let´s Adopt would cover those expenses.
      However we would need to make sure the family is perfect, and for that they would have to meet our adoption criteria:
      1. MUST have a dog right now.
      2. Iron will be an indoor dog. Garden and yard are fine but only when supervised.
      3. Iron will eat a biologically appropriate diet. A RAW diet, please look into it:
      4. No smoking inside the home..
      If interested please write to me on

  7. Shared your article in my FB wall! Praying Iron will find a wonderful home.

  8. Viktor,
    Bless you and your incredible team, as always!
    Iron is GORGEOUS!!!
    Keep us all posted on his search for a home!
    I was raised with German Shepherds, I love them, Mitchell, our boy, is part Shepherd, and all black too! They look like brothers!
    All the best to Iron, he deserves an incredible home!

  9. will share Iron on my page . He’s a lovely boy .
    He needs someone younger and more energetic than me and I already have 2 shepherd dogs , 10 yrs old
    Hope he quickly finds his new forever home xox

  10. ben rolyn j. nativivdad says:

    Great dog! Hope someone could adopt this dog ^_^.

  11. Rachel Sechan says:

    Iron is absolutely stunning. I am moving in two months and will be able to have a dog. I will be living with my significant other who has a dog. Also, I would have a yard for supervised playing, and I would plan on taking him to work with me every day, as a true companion animal. I have two cats and I only believe in feeding biologically appropriate diets. My cats get high quality raw food and non thermally processed starch free food, plus enzymes and probiotics.

    Once I have moved, if iron is still available, I would absolutely love to spend the rest of his life with him. I grew up with a German shepherd. He was a remarkable animal and I cannot wait to give a dog a home!

    Thank you for all the work you do. Let me know if you have questions! I will be checking in to see how iron is doing and if he is still available regularly! Wish I could just move tomorrow!!!!

  12. Jeff Corry says:

    Has he been adopted yet?

  13. Jacqueline Robinson says:

    What a beauty I can’t believe that he has not been adopted yet!! Thank you and all your staff for what you do to save all the precious souls.

  14. Robyn Medley says:

    Another heart felt story……I know you will find the perfect home for him. Sadly again Australia is not an option…. Love to all at LAG, and thanks Viktor….

  15. priscilla says:

    he is a beautiful dog people upset me when they do this so sad now he has a chance u all are very sweet for helping all these animals GOD BLESS

  16. Wow! I can’t believe some people! I find it hard to believe they tried all those options but couldn’t find this beautiful dog a home. I think the owner might be full of it. If my wife had a medical condition and couldn’t be around our pets, I’d sooner get rid of her than them! You never ever EVER turn your back on an innocent life who’s relying on you to survive. The wife could have found her own place. 😛

  17. I think he’s perfect. For our family, sent an email with info, GOD bless whomever gets to love him.

  18. If I was 10yrs younger I’d apply ! I’m too old for him ! He needs lots of excersise . I’ve shared his post and I hope someone appears very soon