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Deep inside the Middle East, in Jordan, a kitty lies helpless and scared inside a steel cage. His hip is broken, he is in pain and he is terrified.

His name is Diego… and it seems, there is noone in the world that can help him now…

It was all in an email..

It´s been close to a month since Diego appeared in the middle of a dusty Amman street, dragging his back legs behind him and stood in front of the cars looking at the drivers in the eye. It must have been an incredibly emotional moment. Someone got out of the car and tried to rescued him, he crawled away and hid under a truck. It took them hours to rescue him but they finally did.

Diego was taken to a local vet who diagnosed with a dual pelvis fracture and recommended euthanasia as they don´t have the necessary expertise and materials to operate such fracture.

Heartbroken the lady that picked Diego up went to another vet, that told her the same. Diego would die in Jordan.


IMG_0990 copy

It rained all night in Amman… Diego was kept in a cage in someone´s garden. The cage was covered but he couldn´t seek refuge anywhere, he was terrified by the water and the thunders. An evening from hell for a broken kitty.


His condition has worsened day after day. Right now he is barely eating and in the words of his rescuer, when yesterday he tried to stand up on his right leg.. he meowed like his soul is aching.
Life must be a torment for Diego in that cage. He has been there for over two weeks and he is getting worst. Pain, a broken pelvis and a blind eye..

The letter ended with these words:

Viktor, you are his last chance.  I cannot euthanize an animal, specially seeing how he is fighting for his life.   If he is not treated, he will only suffer more.  This is so unfair….he found a human that took him in, he has hope to survive it…It is so unfair to just let him down.  And you really are his last chance.I am so desperate for him :(    Maybe we won’t be able to save him completely, but we can fight the same way he is, till the end.


And so I was left speechless staring at my computer screen thinking about what could we do to save this kitty. Several scenarios passed through my mind including a desert trip to Israel like we did with Shuuja, but Diego´s case presents additional complications, among them fact that Diego is a injured kitty in obvious pain.

We don´t have much time. We can´t possibly hope to find a flight volunteer for this. We couldn´t entrust anyone with handling an injured kitty on such journey.

I can only think of a viable solution. I´m going to go get him myself!!


The plan is to fly into Jordan on Friday evening, arriving there in the middle of the night. Go rescue Diego from his current location and fly back on Sunday very early morning and have him operated early next week.


It will be exhausting and it won´t be easy…  There is going to be a lot of red tape and permits to be issued and we don´t really have time to organize that, so I´m going to have to use a heavy dose of “diplomacy” to make it happen. Difficult, but I know it can be done.

Usually when someone writes to me and tells me I´m his only chance I understand it´s not talking about me, but about the combined efforts of every Let´s Adopt! member making things happen. And this is exactly how I´m looking at this today.

I´m not going to be Diego´s rescuer. You will be.


Please help me on this mission to save Diego´s life. I don´t know of any rescue group in the world that would even consider doing this… and certainly to them it´s not about resources. There are massive charities out there raising (and wasting) millions of dollars on senseless fundraisers and advertising spots. Let´s Adopt! Global is different.

Let´s Adopt! is about going to extra mile for save one life, Diego´s life.. and inspire an entire community in the process.


Update Friday 23… past midnight…

Just arrived to my tiny room in Amman. Sights and Sounds of the Middle East. Tomorrow morning I´ll be up early to go rescue Diego from where he is. Yesterday he was in a terrible shape and they  finally moved him from the garden to a medical facility. I will be getting him from there.

Just snapped this quick video… an image tells a thousand words…  I´m going to bed.. I´m totally trashed.. But before I´m going to raid the minibar… I´m starving to death!

UPDATE 31st May

Diego has been with us for a week now. What a journey that was!!!

PLEASE have a look!!!


Diego´s surgery will take place on Monday…


Monday.. 2nd of June…

Diego has been operated. We have fixed his hip…  He will soon be running around without pain. He will soon be a cat again. 


photo-60 copy 4

Update 10 June… 

Diego´s operation was a total success.. he has fully recovered the use of his legs and he´s able to jump and climb… unfortunately he remains afraid of people… it will take time a love to help him gain trust in humans…

This is an extraordinary rescue. Thank you for joining me in this journey to save a life …

Please Help me continue rescuing animals like Diego.. Please Donate to our Rescue Fund…


Many thanks!!!


P.S. After Diego has been rescued and his fractures have been fixed Diego is going to need an extraordinary family that understand and helps him get rid of his fears. PLEASE, if you are that extraordinary family, write to me on

Update 12 of July… 

Uploading this from the road, somewhere between Zurich and Geneva…

Update 13 of July… 

Diego is home… and his ears are up!!!!

Little by little Diego is regaining his trust, in humans, in his surroundings and in himself…

An this.. this is just the beginning of a new story…


photo-63 copy 16




Update 23 September… 

Finally… the image we all had been waiting for…

Diego, the jordanian feral finally understood the meaning of the word..  LOVE…. 



Update 3 January 

How much life can change…




Thank you for having been part of Diego´ journey …  PLESE HELP US REMIND THE WORLD THE VALUE OF LIFE… help us continue rescuing animals in as desperate situation as Diego was…

Please Donate to Let´s Adopt Global, help us change the world, one life at a time.. 

Many thanks!


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  1. Pat Curnow says:

    We have been following you for over a year and we are in awe of your efforts.
    I have never seen such energy. You are singleminded and relentless.
    We are absolutely sure you will once again achieve the impossible.
    Please accept our donation. We hope it helps. Good luck to both of you.

  2. reading stories like this breaks my heart, i am a “crazy cat lady” myself and really wish i could help.. I will pray that Diego gets through all he has been through and becomes healthy and happy.

  3. Karen Jones says:

    Good luck with your mission, sorry I cant afford to donate at the moment, but I am praying for diego to get to Spain and be repaired and eventually find a loving family. To think someone in Jordan cared enough to try to save him is fantastic.

  4. I just sent $20…It’s all I can afford right now, but I know every little bit helps.

  5. Rafael Villafane says:

    Hi Victor, i will paypal a donation now, but would it not be more practical to find a local vet and pay for his operation locally? If a vet could take that x-ray could he not operate on him? Thank you.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Of course it would be… unfortunately Jordan is not like anywhere else. There are only two vets in Amman and none of them can perform this operation. Just look at the Xray I uploaded on the blog and it will give you an idea of how advanced their surgery techniques are. It just wouldn´t work.. at most they would amputate the leg..

  6. Can I donate Delta sky miles?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for the offer… honestly we have never done this, let me look into it, it may be of help for another case, not for this one, typically air miles tickets have restrictions on them and I doubt Royal Jordanian would honor them on the route we will be taking this time.

  7. I hope that you will get there in time for this kitty! If anyone can save him it will be you! I am such a fan of Let’s Adopt Global, you have helped so many needy animals and I pray you can help this one! I will donate when I can and will share this on Facebook!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Aline!!! we are on the way!

  8. Gary Simpson says:

    Donation will be coming your way tomorrow, as always Viktor, we are all behind you and your efforts………..

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Gary… it´s wonderful to have your support… honestly, it is..

  9. Hi Viktor. I read every one of your emails. I donate to the ones that really pull my heart-strings, as I too work for a 501c3 non-profit animal shelter. I normally try to help animals in my home country but have made donations for Axel and a few others. Diego breaks my heart. Just sent $10. If no one steps up to adopt him, how much does it cost to get a kitty like him to Denver, CO? I just want to see him get better and be a happy cat. There’s plenty of sunshine here for him to soak up and get rest.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Jesse… many thanks for your note. If you read our notes you will know that to get him to Denver would cost absolutely nothing to the adoptant family. All our expenses are paid by our community, by people that donate when they are touched by our different rescues.
      We don’t believe in our adoptants ever paying for their animals. If they want to contribute to our rescues they can do that whenever they wish, as you often do. So, the answer is.. nothing, it would cost you nothing to have him home. We would only need to make sure he would fit in your household.. Please email me on and let´s see if it would work out.
      Many thanks!

  10. John Rowan says:

    You’re doing it again, Viktor, going the extra mile…but if you want to have something done right, do it yourself, correct? I couldn’t donate much right now, but if little can put up the fight of his life, I can donate some money that will help him…do your best, as usual, Viktor…everyone has Prayers for you and Diego…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      In this case is a bit longer than a mile but yes.. we are doing it. See, this couldn´t be done with a flight volunteer, there is no way of knowing how Diego is going to react on that flight and if hell create any problems going through security. I figured if someone is going to be shred to pieces by an angry cat it better be me!

  11. Sent $50 Diego’s way.

    You guys are truly awe inspiring. I recently rescued a male cat, 7-8 yrs of age lying on the middle of the main road. The vet said “Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure”, 2 vets said he needed to be euthanized.. a few “animal lovers” opined the same and said it would be good for everyone’s sake. But I didn’t take their recommendation and continued treatment with a vet that believed in him, was ready to fight for him. The expenses went overboard, much higher than what I could afford alone.. still kept going against all odds.

    The cat is not fully better but out of danger, and still needs daily sub-cut fluids and blood tests every 4-5 days. The point being, you guys taught me, inspired me, to never give up. About going that extra mile, and inspiring an entire community in the process. I am inspired, and hope million others will be too!

    Lots of blessings and positive energy towards Diego. May you rescue him safely and get him out of harm’s way.


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Sib… my mother´s cat has chronic kidney failure. I´m going to be in touch with you through email and will tell you what medication he is getting for that..

  12. Bless you Viktor, and Little Diego too. I wish you GOD speed.
    Thank you, also to the kind and beautiful soul who rescued him!!!


  13. Henriette Matthijssen says:

    I sent $20.00 USD for helping Diego recovery! Praying for a successful trip & surgery for poor Diego! Bless you & kitty hugs & kisses. Thanks Viktor for taking on this to help Diego!

  14. Diego’s story really broke my heart. Thank You Victor for not giving up on him, and for going through the great trouble of going getting him yourself. I rescued a big beautiful cat not so long ago, and it has been truly awe inspiring to see him going from being so emaciated that he could hardly keep the balance, and avoiding cuddling, to becoming a super healthy big cat who now has the powers to jump HIGH, and who now begs or cuddles all the time. It is people like you who inspire the rest of us. I’m unfortunately unemployed right now, but will send you a donation as soon as I’m back on my feet.

    God bless you Victor. I will follow Diego’s rescue with love, hope, and prayers in my heart, mind, and soul.

    You are one of the really good ones.

    – Karin

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Karin… never.. we never give up…

  15. I pray for a safe trip for you and Diego. I can see it will not be easy one and know that poor Diego will be in unbelievable pain. God bless to you, Diego and to the one who rescued Diego in Jordan.Prayers to all

  16. Just sent a donation. It’s not much but hope it helps. I’d like those in Amman who rescued the kitty to know it can be done and every life is worth saving. I know how difficult it is when you try to do right by yourself. Thank you Viktor for all you do for animals!!

  17. Have just sent a donation, as Diego’s tale reminds me of my girl Nom Nom (her successful story can be found online)–rescued at roadside in Michigan USA near the end of winter, 2012. She was emaciated, had intestinal parasites, and both of her hind legs were fractured and one hip was dislocated. Nom Nom really needed friends back then, and many of us pulled together to help get her the orthopedic surgery and post-op care she needed. She’ll always limp a little bit when walking, but now lives happily (including running and jumping) with me and my other girls. Please help Diego find some very good friends of his own…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Gerard… we are going to, I promise you.

  18. Donated and many thanks for your work; many thanks that you let us to be part of this rescue and feel good about it. I wish I could do more but I live in Canada.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks For your help… Thank you!!!

  19. Viktor, you and your colleagues are incredible – giving animals the chance to recover from terrible situations and to have happy lives. I hope you will be able to get to Diego in time and to enable him to get the treatment he needs. He clearly has a will to survive, despite such injury and terrible pain, and he knows there are good people battling to save his life. I’m sharing this with friends on Facebook and hope you get lots more donations coming in. I can donate something in a few days time.

  20. I cannot donate much Viktor sorry, out of work but always find something to send you and for all your wonderful efforts. As they say, every little helps.
    Thank you again.

  21. Viktor God Bless you for saving animals every where. You are a God sent!! Just made a donation for Diego I hope you get to him on time and your journey be successful!!
    Praying for all the animals in heed to be saved!! Diego is going to be a wonderful kitty for some one really special !! Speechless of how you go beyond and above for this sweet boy!
    Please keep us posted!you and Diego are going to be in my prayers!!!!

  22. Pat McKeon says:

    Viktor, I am donating now to save Diego…
    I love him already….if you need me to go on rescue volunteer flights for you please let me know!!

    love all the great work that is going on here at LAG!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Pat!

  23. Thank you Viktor for helping Diego! I know a wonderful vet in Tel Aviv if you need help.

  24. Naomi Bergner says:

    Twenty dollars is headed your way, Diego. Be brave and hang on!

  25. Another donation sent for this sweet baby Diego….Ohhhh it breaks my heart to know the pain he is in….

  26. Viktor, I´m from Germany and it isn´t so common to have credit cards, here.
    For the future, is it perhaps possible to make a donation via paypal?
    And: can we give Euros (€) instead of dollars??? Is this helpful?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Elena, if you click on that link it takes you to Paypal..
      Of course, our paypal address is
      Million thanks for your help !

  27. sarah pratley says:

    Please do what you can to save Diego, Viktor. I know if anyone can save him you can. Sent a donation. Hope it helps.

  28. Donated for Diego. Bring him back home to safety Viktor please awwww. Poor little Diego! Go Let’s Adopt Global team! Awwwwwww

  29. Looking in the eyes of diego break my heart. I send you a little bit to help him.

  30. Shelley Ball says:

    Once again, I apologise that I have only been able to donate a small amount, but I so hope it will help a little. I hope to God you get there in time, Viktor and get this poor little boy the treatment he needs. It’s breaking my heart seeing him like this, but please keep us updated. Good Luck and Godspeed. x

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Shelley… of course it´s going to help!.. I will keep you posted in this blog… the rescue mission will start on Friday!

  31. donated…. get the poor baby out there Viktor! .. i have self a cat from a shelter.. and i know i would go through hell for her to be sure she is well…i keep my fingers crossed that in the end all goes fine like it did for Tay :-)

  32. Many thanks Victor!!
    Could use your inputs on the CRF case, whenever you can!


  33. Christine M. says:

    I have sent in a donation for your rescue mission for Diego. I hope all goes well and that Diego can be successfully treated. Good Luck and please let me know how it all goes.

  34. Diego will make it for sure, it is in his eyes. And Viktor, you really are an angel. It is absolutely amazing, what you do for the animals all over the world.
    Though not financially (as it is almost the end of the month) for now, my heart is with you and Diego. I wish i could be this middle eastern beauty’s family but my cat never allows any other cat at home (spoiled only child) :(
    Fingers crossed for lovely Diego..

  35. Dimi Tzounakos says:

    Hi Viktor, apart from my small donation and due to the fact that you never know what or when you might need, please keep in mind that I reside in Athens, Greece. If there is anything I can do to help, for Diego or any other animal in need,do not hesitate to contact me. I have been following your work for only a few months now, what you do and have already done is amazing ! Keep us all posted as far as Diego is concerned.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Dimi… may I ask you a favour? could you please drop me a quick email with this same text? If we have something in Athens I will be able to find you through my inbox. Please send it to me.. my email is
      Many thanks!… thank you for being with us

  36. Once again Viktor Thank You, you & your team restores my faith in humans. Over the years we have rescued/adopted at least 20 cats, many lived to a good age our last was 23.We have 4 now one who had to have his back leg amputated at 2days old he is now a beautiful terror & his Mum is spayed so no more kittens as are all the cats we rescue, we also have 4 dogs so gets expensive yet could never walk away from any animal, we have sent a donation & marked monthly recurring so hope this little helps. good luck & please bring Diego to safety.

  37. Linda Renfroe says:

    I am praying that God gives you strength to accomplish this rescue. That He will clear all obstacles and provide a safe trip to and from Jordan. And that Deiago will rest comfortably and get the surgery he needs! Thank you for all that you do for the sweet precious babies that need a Rescue Angel!! May Gid shower you with many blessings!!!!

  38. 10 euros donados, suerte!!

  39. Peter Leddy says:

    Just donated! Best of luck helping this little one Viktor!

  40. Sylvie Auger says:

    Good luck, Viktor ! I send you some money by Paypal.

  41. Pamela Ortet says:

    I have followed Let’s adopt Global for awhile and donated over the years. This little kitty really touched my heart. Diego looks very much like a sweet little feral cat that arrived at my door one day. She had obviously been severely injured at some point in her early years. She was quite wild, but after several months, I was able to scratch her head. She would hiss and purr at the same time. I named her Cossette. She came very early every morning and would be waiting on my porch for a meal. Then she would disappear until the next morning. Cossette would arrive daily for several years. One day she came in the afternoon to bask in the sun, but refused to eat for three days. I knew she was dying and touched she just wanted to be close. I made the mistake of trying to catch her, so I could take her to our vet. Sadly, she bolted when I grabbed her and I never saw her again. I was heart broken that I frightened her, broke her trust and could not give her a peaceful passing. I hope her guardian angel watched over her. In loving memory of little Cossette, I am donating to help bring Diego to a forever home. May he find a warm bed and lots of love.

    Vicktor, God Bless you and all you do for these precious babies. You are an extrordinary human being. Please be careful and God’s speed.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Beautiful story… I´m sorry it happened that way.. many thanks Pamela… Ill be thinking of Cosette when I get Diego on Saturday…
      Once again, many thanks.. I will keep you posted..

  42. Lourdes Millan says:

    Just donated a little to help bring Diego home and to your Viktor and your organization for all u do for these babies you are their angel and savior god bless u all and I will do my part to help when possible but please continue sharing your stories and all the happy endings these angels get thanks to you guys, safe trip and please update when Diego is home he needs so much help, :)


  43. Shared on my FB wall & asked all friends to donate if possible & share Diego on their walls also. God Bless all of u!

  44. Viktor,
    Praying for you and Diego, I know you will get him out of Jordan and to your amazing vet team! Diego’s life is in the best hands possible!
    I, again, wish you a safe and successful journey!
    Bless you, Viktor, and GOD speed!
    Anna Brown

  45. Angela Gerdes says:

    Thank God for people like you! You have such compassion and love towards animals in need. Its amazing what you are doing to help poor Diego. It brakes my heart knowing he is suffering. I donated what I could. I pray that he will get the care he needs and be out of pain and recovering as soon possible. God bless you for all you do!

  46. My God, this is a most incredible rescue. My heart aches for the pain that Diego must be suffering….I can hardly wait until Diego is safe in your arms and on your way home……he is a very sweet and handsome cat is being rescued and soon, his pain will be at bay and he will have surgeries to make him whole again. I pray that this little baby does well in his recovery. Please keep us posted….. Have a safe and expedient journey Viktor….

  47. larry spizzirri says:

    Poor little angel

  48. Claire Wilson says:

    I just donated – I wish Victor that I could afford more but I am retired and on a fixed income. I apologize but I am hoping when all of our donations are combined it will be what you need to accomplish this emergency rescue. I hope with all my heart that Diego will make it. What you are doing is amazing. Thank you for responding with such a sense of urgency – it is one of the many things that I so admire and respect about the uniqueness that is LAG. I will be following Diego’s progress anxiously hoping for a happy ending.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Claire… you wouldn´t believe the kind of situations we face… really… you wouldn´t believe.
      Glad to have you with us.

  49. Susan Gardiner says:

    Donate made for any of your worthy cases. Keep up the great work and good luck from New Zealand :)

  50. My heart is really aching of pain when i read this i knew i have to help somehow. I already have 2 cats so i donated and im praying everything goes well. If there is anything i can do or help with by living in germany or whatever let me know i need to help this fighter and angel.

    Ahh tears come up again.. world is cruel sometimes..

  51. I hate to think of any animal suffering. I just thought about my two cats and so I am happy to have donated to this wonderful scheme. I hope you make it in time. I shall be gutted if this poor little guy doesn’t make it. I shall be hugging my cats extra tight tonight for him.

  52. I pledge $50 to help Diego however it will be next week. I am a regular supporter. Please go get him and save him! Many blessings and prayers for Diego! And thanks to the woman who his seeking to help him. And all the supporters of Let’s Adopt Global! And you Viktor. Best…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Jane… thank you..

  53. ursula weyermann says:

    Victor, wishing you and your Team a safe Journey to Jordan and for Diego after his surgeries a great life with a wonderful Family. Donations are on the way to you. The world needs more people like you, thank you for all you are doing! xox
    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia


  54. Donated what I could. Thank you and all who work with you for the amazing rescues and life-saving care. May God watch over all involved in Diego’s rescue, surgery, and recuperation. May God bless.

  55. Si ton coeur te dit d’aller chercher ce magnifique chat. Va le chercher et Dieu le sauvera. Je t’envoie un don pour que tu puisses le ramener.
    Que Dieu bénisse tout l’équipe
    Merci Viktor

  56. Alyson Ball says:

    I just sent a small bit. I truly wish it could be much more! We just adopted a congenitally deaf dog that was going to be killed because of his deafness and setting everything up for him has stretched us to the max. You are truly an angel and I will be praying that everything goes great for precious Diego.

  57. Rebecca Hamilton says:

    Victor, I donated, and will certainly donate more tomorrow once I hear you are on your way. I am anxious to know how strong the donations have been. I am looking forward to hearing updates and pray you are not too late.
    Know we are standing behind you!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Rebecca… I´m writing from the train… just arrived to Madrid. Heading for the airport now..
      Ill keep you all posted… thanks for being with me on this journey!

  58. Awwe, bless his Sweet heart, his instincts are to surviVe to hold on to dear life. It is surprising how much adrenaline can be are strength in terms of survival. I pray with all my heart that Diego receives what he deserves for all his determination and suffering he’s endured. He is a innocent little soul and Like so many like him in this life he deserves a chance. Let’s delve into our pockets and give a little, as every little turns into a lot and a lot of hope and love, his life is love, let’s be inspired with precious life and celebrate through Diego’s fight for life. GodBless. . .

  59. Susan Gardiner says:

    Whoops, I meant donation made.

  60. marion crist says:

    I have donated Viktor hope you can get little Diego soon you and your team are wonderful people you do an great job to help these little angels you are their angel coming to rescue them and your team you just do what no one else will God bless you and little Diego i will pray for your safe return and Diegos to bless you both xx

  61. With you in thoughts from Brussels Viktor 😉

  62. boumeringue says:

    He looks so sweet and so sad we need to make him happy and healthy again. I will send something tomorrow.
    Bless you Victor

  63. Its not much,but every little bit helps.Very compelling story,please keep us posted.Thank you for what you are makes a lot of difference….Thanks.

  64. Elizabeth Audas says:

    Hi Victor, hope you sleep well and get something to eat. Thanks for going to get Diego, I’m looking forward to seeing more photos and videos of his recovery. The after pictures are always sooo awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  65. Rita Lamey says:

    So relieved you are there Viktor, not long now and this poor baby will be safe in your care. There’s no better place Diego could be and we are all behind you all the way.
    Thank you so much for doing the important things that so many of us would dearly love to do, but are simply unable to..and thank God for guiding you through this vital pathway through life. xx

  66. Gerard Jendras says:

    Safe travels…Diego’s not the only one who needs you, Viktor.

  67. Jenny Cutforth says:

    I am sooooo happy that you have arrived in Jordan Viktor, you are just amazing the lengths you go to, to help an animal & it shows here how much we all love you for the work that you do….I have donated a small amount, I wish it could be more, but I donate often to many animals on LAG on LAG…..if everyone sent a small amount like I have it would help a great deal, I always share on my page & ask as many of my friends to do the same….Thank you so much once again & Good Luck, please give Diego a big Hug from me <3

  68. Charlotte Keulen says:

    Donation is on the way! And I promise that as soon as I move out of my parental house, I will adopt one of your kitties and give him/her so many kissies and so much love, that all of its misery past will be forgotten. I deeply admire what you do.

  69. Hello what you do is amazing
    Please can you help a lady in Bulgaria who has been messaging me about a dog who is badly injured
    Her e mail address
    Is the v in kava maybe a u
    Thank you so much I hope you can help her she is like you doing so much for animals xxx

  70. Wishing you all the best. You are fantastic. Been in Amman in the ’90s but it was holiday: Petra etc. Love and kisses to Diego. MY thoughts are with him. Hope it won’t be too late. i am sure he will recover in the hands of your experienced team.

  71. Christine Dierckx says:

    Thanks again Viktor to save so many lives. Donation is on his way.

  72. Christine Dierckx says:

    I made a monthly donation because I’m not so offen anymore on FB to follow every rescue. Love you all guys.

  73. Just donated $30 to help Diego. You are amazing and I hope that this cat will have a chance now of a future without pain and fear.

  74. marion crist says:

    great news that you have Diego happy and safe journey for you both i will pray thatyou will both get home safely and give Diego an massive Hug from me to :) x

  75. Carol Allaire says:

    Well Dr Viktor, the Angels of God are coming your way to show you the Love and contribution of your Help for Diego..I have sent a Donation as I always have to give you and Diego the Fight of God, to really Help Diego, and your Special Help to give the Best Help you can give to each and every Animal you care for..I know God is sending his special Love to do what you can to help these sweet Animals, and that includes Diego for whom this message is for..I Love All Animals that are put on this earth to enjoy and savor their lives..I know sometimes things happen, and we should be there to offer our help..I know you are an excellent Physician or Veternarian for all so that they can recover from any type of problems that are given to us, and I am so sure you will give your Special Attention to Diego, and he/she will find that Loving Family for whom shall give him/her what they have coming to them..I will keep up with your emails about the Animals, and if I can help, I will be there..Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart to Yours, and I also include Diego for whome we speak for today..Love you Diego, now let’s show them just how Loving you will be when this is all over..God Bless you”s..xxxx

  76. Anonymous says:

    Have we had any updates???? Viktor must have the kitty now????? Please check in Viktor so we can all rest easy. <3

  77. Anonymous says:

    You are truly an amazing person and although I have no money due to being unemployed you inspired me to donate my time and energy. Thank you and your organization and others like it for all that you do.

  78. Dear Viktor. You are really doing a remarkable feat here, going out of your way to save poor Diego, and the other nine cats you just rescued.

    I just don’t understand why there are those who try to undermine you and all that you do for these poor animals. Why do they hate you and LAG so much? I just don’t get it. Since when is saving suffering animals something to fight against. I wish there was something we could jointly do to stop the hate. Please let us know if we can support you in any way to help stop the hate.

    Love always,

    – Karin and my precious fur babies. <3

  79. Hello Viktor. I just donated $30. Wish I could more right now. I will again in a couple of weeks. You are Awesome for what you do. I have had kitty cats since I was a little girl. They have been my life. My Reggie I have no was adopted from the humane society. He was the only one to come to me out of all the kittens there. He walked up to me, got in my lap and purred so loud. I told my husband that he is going home with us! He has been by my side every day and when I leave to go to the store or get groceries, he is always there to meet me at the door.
    You have a safe flight home with Diego. You are a good man Viktor and may you continue to be blessed many times over.

    Thank You,
    Tina H.

  80. Tina Goacher says:

    So glad you rescued diego hope all goes well i am often looking at your web site and think you do a fantastic job, love everything about what you do. xxx

  81. Dear Viktor, I follow you since a long time. I adore what you and Let`s adopt do for the animals all over the years. Donated a small amount yesterday. Keep on going! You are awesome! And if you ever need help in Switzerland please let me know. Regards.

  82. marion crist says:

    Pamela Ortet i have just read what you put that is so sad but at least you showed him love effection i have rescued some ferreal cats to and i have given them to the RSPCA as i am only allowed an certain amount of cats i have 3 cats and that is all im allowed but i do hate seeing cats or animlas on the street some people in my road just seem to move away and leave their cats behind why they do that i dont know and it really makes me mad i would never do that to my cats i love them to bits my daughter rang me when she out an couple of weeks ago and she found an stray cat so we brought him home it took the RSPCA 3 days to come and get him he wasnt well he might of had at flu and his claws were ingrown in his paw pad poor little thing but he did feel very at home with us he settled i was cuddling him the morning he was colleted he just put his head underneath my chin bless him he was really chilled i am ringing them to keep up with whats happening he has infections apparently so he is under vets care but they told me he is old bless his little heart so im not sure if he will survive but ive told them if they have to put him down then i want him back so that i can bury him in my garden as we showed him love and affection i was actually asked if i wanted to adopt him i wasnted to but had to say no as i have my qota of cats or i would of adopted him.

    i hope you can help little Degio i hope it isnt to late for him Viktor you guys do such good work and are these animlas angels god bless you all i will pray for Diego and you guys to x

  83. What’s the update on Diego? I’ve been anxiously awaiting to hear how he is recovering.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Becky… I´m going to make an update tomorrow. He has been on treatment and stabilised. His operation will take place on Monday morning..

  84. How is he? I hoped to have news by now. I have been thinking of him so much, sending him love and positive energy. Are you back in Spain? I hope everything went according to the plan.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Renata… it did… Diego has been stabilised and readied for surgery.. his operation will take place on Monday..

  85. So glad that Diego is in your hands now – I know he will receive the best possible care, & have a fighting chance at a healthy, happy life! Thank God for let’s adopt global, & all the caring souls who come together to make miracles happen, one animal at a time!

  86. Taryl Shack says:

    Are there any further pics of his rescue- Been thinking about this little boy for days! thanks

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Taryl… Publishing new pics today .. He is being operated on Monday..

  87. LauraLea Anderson says:

    God Bless You and your group!!!

  88. Thank you, thank you for doing this. I hope Diego will a successful operation and continue to live with a family that cares and understands her. God bless all of you.

  89. I am so happy to get an update. I have been worried sick over this precious baby. I check your site several times a day to see how he is. I pray his pain is gone or at least a lot less! I so wish I could have him and show him love and tenderness for the rest of his days. But I have 12 cats and such a small house and can barely feed the ones I have. But my heart will always be with this baby no matter where he ends up. I love him so! And I love you for saving him!!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for doing whatever it takes to save an animal!!! Please let us know (The Dollar Club) if you are ever in a dire need of fundraising.

  90. Thank you so much Viktor for sharing your journey to rescue Diego…My heart aches from the fear I see in his sweet little face. I would so love to adopt him but it would not be fair to Diego because I have 3 male cats, 2 are 11 years old and 1 is 9 years old….and dear sweet Diego doesn not need the anxiety that would take place while adjusting to my boys After everything this little guy has been through, he needs a lot of love, peace and quiet to fully recover from his surgeries. God Bless you Viktor and your team for saving this little guy from the pain, terror and exhaustion (all of you!) that has been his life since being hit by a car. Please keep us updated as to how he is doing. I pray that all goes well with his surgeries.

  91. SO VERY HAPPY he has been operated on and is doing ok. So excited for him to get better. I will send money from The Dollar Club – helping animals $1.00 at a time!!!! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to get this update. I’ve been on pins and needles all day.

  92. I sent some money to help rescue Diego; so glad you both made it, this is fanrtastic, and a lesson to everyone : fight, and go on fighting!
    thanks Viktor !
    Danielle, Paris (France)

  93. Linda K.. says:

    Great work you do. God bless all of you. I pray all goes well for Diego from now on.

  94. So pleased to have his news. The story of Tara was so compelling, but I didn’t forgot Diego. Fortunately you have managed to save his legs. If you didn’t go he would have died or at least amputated.
    You really make miracles. Thank yo so much for all of them.

  95. nonz omar says:

    Woww.. Wish i could adopt that angel.. ♥♥♥ viktor & the crew of rescue ure just awesome.Deigoo ure a beautiful egyptian cat.. ur in my heart bbe.. Luv from egypt

  96. your borderless rescues are brightens my life

  97. i was reading the blog about Diego. i’m so happy he’s healing and i am saddened by his look of terror </3 there was another animal you were going to rescue but weren't able to get permission to fly this sweetie. are you gonna be able to get it?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      The look of terror will take a while to go.. but it will go..
      Yes… we are organising Rockett´s rescue… we are not living him behind.

  98. I am so happy for you, Diego, that your legs work again, and thanks Viktor, and the vets, and the people who contribute and help, such wonderful news!

  99. Norma Azar says:

    Your job is an inspiring one ….I live in Jordan …I consider cats as friends of my soul I love them so much iam taking care of two…. Tommy&Max to live with my family as my children I hope that I can help in any way
    Thank you for helping those speechless creatures .

  100. I just finished a night shift at a large Australian hospital. I know how you must feel. As we say Buggered. .Will donate when I wake up. .Such a great update on LAG.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Buggered indeed.. .. :-)
      many thanks Robyn… thank you for being there..

  101. marion crist says:

    very happy you have been able to rehome him he is an awesome cat Viktor he is breautiful you and your team are awesome thank you for all that you do x

  102. Pam Fitzpatrick says:

    Really happy for Diago. Hope he has a loving home!

  103. Happy tears !!!so greatful for saving Diego !! He deserves the happy ending!!! Thank God for you Viltor!

  104. I donated on behalf of your efforts and what you did for Diego. We need more humanity like you. GOD Bless.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Jackie!

  105. larry spizzirri says:

    Thanks for all who helped. What a great story.

  106. Robyn Medley says:

    AWESOME NEWS as always. Always brings a tear to my eyes. Tears of happiness……