Help Tay on her final journey

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IMG_8183 It´s been six weeks since Tay was rescued and the transformation is now complete. When she arrived to us she was totally dejected, depressed, broken…  Her soul had been broken. I honestly thought she would never be a normal cat again. IMG_8187 But she surprised us all by doing what cats do best… living in the moment and thriving! Look at this!.. Look at TAY NOW!!! Priceless…  IMG_0171 A couple of weeks ago TAY and Maggie were adopted by a beautiful family.. the kind of wonderful human beings that will make sure she never again suffers pain or neglect.



THANK YOU!, we couldn´t do this without you.

If you enjoyed Tay´s video, please  donate and help us carry on our work…


Many thanks!


Help us Save Lives.. SHARE!Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on RedditPin on PinterestEmail this to someone

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  1. Lana Miles says:

    This is absolutely wonderful!
    Our entire family is in love with Tay and we wish her an incredible life.
    Sending 20 towards her journey! Go Tay Go!

  2. Donated <3 Bless this sweet baby xoxo

  3. Thank you :)

  4. got it….she hasn’t arrived to her new home yet

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Exactly…. next week you’ll have pictures of Tay with that same girl and Mr. Moustache..

  5. so very glad Tay is all better & going to have a real family of her own, she is such a beautiful girl, good luck with the big dog lol

  6. So happy to see this !!!!! I hope that doggy is proven cat friendly.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      The doggie LOVES and protects cats… they have a cat in the family..

  7. Oh sweet Tay! Her before pictures were heartbreaking. So glad she was adopted into a loving family. I will send a donation next week towards her care, etc.

  8. Is this kitty with that little girl is Tay!?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No… that´s the family´s cat. Tay is still in Spain, waiting to travel to them

  9. It’s been a while now that I can’t share your blog on my FB page. I ALWAYS share the animals but somehow, I seem blocked from sharing your blog.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Marie… I don´t know why is that.. what browser are you using?

  10. Jacqueline Robinson says:

    Thank you for all you do to save these sweet babies!~~

  11. Viktor once again you have done the impossible. Tay looks great and wish her all the best. Where is her new home? Do you travel with the cats and dogs that you place to make sure that they get there okay? That always worries me.,

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Jassmond… her new home is in Germany.. you have pictures of the family there, they have a dog and a cat that live dream lives. One of us always delivers the animal home, but 99% of the cases the decision has been taken in advance and there are no issues.

  12. Victor….YOU ARE KIND, GENEROUS, EMPATHETIC, AND SELFLESS! I believe there are some good people left in this world when I read about you…….I read sooo many stories of abuse that sicken me to the core, but then……there is someone like you that steps up and makes a difference. Thank you… will be rewarded richly. May God continue to bless your efforts and support for these little souls that are in such desperate need. You are a gift!!!!!!!!

  13. I hope you saved the other kitties from that same household that Tay was living in. I can’t stop thinking of them!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      We never went to the house. Tay was dumped at the shelter… I don´t think there were any other cats in that home.

  14. mark futgus says:

    The coloring on the pictures is different, why is that?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      It´s the hue created by the different lighting. In the first picture it was white fluorescent light, in the second picture some natural light was coming through the windows… Just that, different time of the day, different light

  15. marion crist says:

    So happy Tay has found her forever home she so deserves this bless her so glad to that the doggie loves and protects cats that is awesome x

  16. What a wonderful man you are Viktor …
    I send money every month to help your beautiful rescues . God bless you. This makes my heart so happy.

  17. Donated for this sweetheart, Viktor is Maggie also going with her?

  18. Bless you Viktor and team, for saving this sweet baby, Tay!
    It restores my faith in humanity to see these transformations happen! I can only send a little bit as we are saving for our sweet Lady Marmalade, her new name! We have so much love, cuddles, yummy vittles, care, and a healthy happy life for her. I know she is still healing, but please give her a hug, kiss, and a tummy scratch from her new mummy and daddy!
    And congrats to Tay, I wish her a life filled with love and light, cuddled up to that darling girl!!!
    Anna Brown

  19. Not convinced this is the same cat….have enlarged both pictures and the facial markings are different?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      This is what happens when you do an incredible job. People can´t believe it real.
      Here is another example when people couldn´t believe it was the same dog:
      OR another one: Romeo:
      When people start enlarging pictures to look for markings usually they don´t have a clue.
      Here is Tay´s original post with more pictures and videos of her evolution:
      Please stop watching CSI

  20. Edda Kenney says:

    Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,(you and your team)
    for the wonderful rescue and recuperation you are performing.
    You truly are a blessing !!!!!!I am sorry to say that I am ashamed to be part of the human race after seeing what some people are doing to these
    innocent animals. It truly makes me sick. The farm animals as well.
    I am now vegan.But thanks so much for the wonderful work you are
    doing. Please continue and please don”t stop.
    Again, many,many thanks.

  21. Another great rescue and saving of an animal:) make me so glad I and others give a little to help :0

    the results make it all worthwile :)

    Viktor, you and the team are saints :) never worry about all the bullshit printed against you, we know the truth :)

    Gary :)

  22. Katherine sharp says:

    What a transformation. How beautiful she became again. Your all my heroes!

  23. Donated.

  24. Sherry Gould says:

    There is no photo of that at in this family. The cat in these photos has black spots on each side of the face. Where is the photo of the emaciated cat in it’s new family again?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      IF you read the blog as blogs should be read you would know that we were raising funds for her journey home.
      In a few minutes I am updating the blog with a video of his journey
      Please read the blogs fully

  25. Beryl E. Sanders says:

    Tay is absolutely beautiful and Chris,now, if only were 1/2 as intelligent as you think you are! This is TAY, the same neglected and abused baby that Viktor first shared on their post. She is just so much more strong and healthy in her latest photo……if you are going to be a cyic, keep your opinions to yourself and stop trying to undermine the wonderful work Viktor and his associates are doing for these beautiful animals that are tossed away like garbage!..

  26. Denise prick says:

    She is so beautiful now!! I also wanted to adopt her. Ik wish her wel. Ik want to help you and donate but i need a normal accout so i can transfer money!! Can anyone help me to an account of a bank. I live in belguim but i am dutch. Is there an account? Xx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Denise, being an international group the best possible way to handle micro donations is using a paypal account.
      Please follow the link we gave on the post and it will take you to a paypal site. You can donate securely through paypal using any credit or debit card.
      Any amount will get to us without having to pay massive bank fees..
      It´s the best system there is.. trust me.

  27. pissed off animal lover says:

    How beautiful! You people do God’s work here. Thank you :)

  28. Sherry the black spots on each side of her face was dirt… she was dirty, can’t you see that?????
    Viktor es un Angel. Yo soy Portuguesa y admiro mucho tu trabajo. Yo so desejo muchas felicidades a ti e a tu familia.
    I have recently moved from Portugal to the UK and unfortunately I had to leave my cat Leo behind for now, because I couldn’t afford to pay for his journey, but I will have enough money to bring my old mellow cat with us again, and from then on I will also be able to help you financially.
    Gracias por todo!

  29. I am so happy for Tay…now he can live a happy life he so much deserves. Thank you Viktor for everything you have done not only for Tay for all the other wonderful animals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart….God Bless you and everyone involved.

  30. I just noticed it is a she….I was reading somewhere it is a he….Sorry for my mistake.

  31. How could anyone have neglected Tay in such a way. Really, apart from being utterly cruel and deplorable, they must be imbeciles. Tay is absolutely gorgeous and what beautiful amber eyes she has. So glad she has found a kind, loving family and I hope she lives a long and very happy life with them. Well done Viktor for rescuing this beautiful cat.

  32. Beryl E. Sanders says:

    Viktor, thank you for sharing such a wonderful video. I am so happy that this dear little girl recovered with your help and the help of your team. Tay is now home with loving people that will love her and take care of her for the rest of her life. This is a dream come true for any rescued animal. Thank you so much once agin for being an Angel of God…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Beryl… thank you for being there for our animals..