Arnie, the Ambassador of Love

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Against all odds.

From the moment we rescued him we knew Arnie would be a difficult case from a medical point of view. He had several issues, not obvious at first sight but all of them extremely debilitating.

Like most dogs of his breed he had a problem with the excess skin on his head, it developed into entropion. His eyelashes were hitting the cornea and were rendering him blind. He had to be operated from that condition. We fixed it.

He also had artrosis on both frontal elbows. The pain stopped him from walking normally. We also operated and fixed his condition…

Arnie recovered wonderfully, recovered the weight he lost through years of neglect and developed into an absolutely wonderful dog.

During the time he has been at his foster home he has been amazing. He is extremely social and has friends of all genders, breeds and sizes.

Arnie is our Ambassador of Love.

Here is a video of him that shows his incredibly character and capacity for love.


Arnie is a dog that has gone through hell and back, and has come out victorious. He deserves an amazing final home….

Please adopt Arnie… “amazing dog” is not enough to describe him.

Please read our adoption criteria and write to me telling me all about you and your family. I read each and every single email application and do my best to reply personally. Write to me and offer a home for Arnie:

The Let´s Adopt! Adoption Criteria:
To ensure the happiness and health of our animals Let´s Adopt! has a very specific set of adoption criteria.
1. Family MUST have an existing animal.
2. Our animals MUST live inside the home, have a family life. Gardens are nice but the animal will sleep inside, as part of the family.
3. Our animals MUST be fed a RAW diet ( This is health-oriented requirement
 and finally…
4. The family will be a non-smoking family. Second hand smoke kills and makes miserable the lives of both humans and animals. Our animals have already gone through too much in their short life, at least now they will enjoy a clean crisp air in their new home.


  1. Carol Neto

    He is a fine dog now and this is thanks to your compassion and help, well done to all and I am sure Arnie is goi g to find an amazing home . Cannot help here as in Mozambique and it would be wrong to bring him here us my two rescues one being a Chow ( so many skin problems ) can’t actually cope with more . Thank you all again for the good work so very many people do not care it is a grave reflection on the world at large .

  2. joanna

    Arnie – what a gorgeous boy ! He has a blackish tongue – is he related to the Chow Chow ? Hope he finds a wonderful homexxxxxxx

  3. Anonymous

    He is magnificent!!!

  4. Roxana Callentine

    I am so amazed and very happy we still have some humans that care.. Thank you

  5. W. Lee Smith

    I love all of you great people ! THANK you for making their lives better ! God Bless

  6. Beryl E. Sanders

    Poor beautiful Arnie…I am so happy that you and your wonderful staff were able to help him. I would like to know how common it is for the eyelashes on an animal to turn in backward and attach to their eye? I have never seen seen it before. I hope this big sweetheart is adopted by someone who really knows how lucky they are to have such a beautiful dog las theirs. Please keep us posted.

  7. Carol Alaire

    Right now, I cannot have a Dog, not that I don’t Love Dogs..Arnie is a very nice Dog, and I have no thoughts of not us loving each other..I have a few Kitties, and I would be sure of them getting along together..I will get me a Dog, when the time is right, and I will give him/her unconditional Love from the very start, because all animals will be the Apple of my eyes..I feel so sorry for any animal that has had a rough life, they don’t deserve that..I would play with him/her in the Back yard, and will treat him/her with respect always..I have had a total of 4 dogs since I was married, little and small to be exact..Loved them till God took them to the Rainbow Bridge, but I know they will be there to meet me at the door, and we will never be separated again..There is never gona be pain anymore for God will make it to be good forever, and I will always cherish their being with me forever..Amen..xxoo

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