LIVE RESCUE!!!: Rescuing the cats from hell

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I love cats. There is something about their sweet meows that hits me right in the heart and makes me want to make it all right for them. I hurry, I know I don´t have much time.

Nothing really prepares you for a sight like this. Two massive structures filled with cat enclosures. Some of the cages are made of wire. Bird cages. Other made of cement and closed by iron doors covered in rust. The cats never leave this place. Some of them have been there for years. Two, three years. I suppose after that they just give up and die.

I have come with the intention of rescuing those cats needing urgent medical care, but what I´ve found is too much for me. I can´t select. I want to take them all because right now they are all living in hell. None of them is more urgent than the other. They are all equally desperate. Most of them have FIV, some have Leukemia.

But I need to chose. I´ve been told right at the last cage, at bottom level there used to be a small female kitty with three legs but they are are not sure she is still there. I go look for her. Every cat is calling for attention, some stretch their paws through the cages and try to grab me. I want nothing but to open those doors and take them.

When I finally reach the last cage it takes my eyes a few seconds to get used to the dark but then I see her, or should I say, she sees me. Within an instant, the tiny cat with three legs emerges out of darkness and screams a loud and desperate meow that pierces through my soul. I could be the last person she ever sees. Who else will find her in the darkness?

I leave the place with the little tripod hugging my arms firmly. Her name is Paton, spanish for Big Foot. Whomever gave her that name was cruelly mocking her for her condition. I need to change her name.

This is not a life worth living. Noone is going to adopt them. They are here, stuck in a dirty rotten hole away from everyone´s sight. They have nothing. Not even hope.

Until now.

I leave Hell not without making a promise. We are going to save them all. No cat will be left behind in that hole.

Over the last six years Let´s Adopt! has built a reputation for rescuing the destitute, those that truly have no chance. After leaving this God forsaken place I cannot imagine any other living being on earth needing rescue more than this babies.

We are going to rescue them all. This is my promise. We are going to empty those cages, one by one, every cat will be treated, his injuries fixed. Each one of them will receive a proud name that reflects the strength of their spirit.

We are going to turn that place around, and we are going to do it together. Here. In plain sight of everyone.

I leave with one kitty in my arms. But tomorrow I will come back for another one, or two, and the day after, and the day after that.

I am lucky, I can do what every animal lover would want to do. I can do it because I have the most amazing community behind me. I am not alone. And neither are they.

Please help me and Let´s Adopt! Global rescue themPlease. Help.


I need you to stand behind me. Please help me save them all. Please offer a home for one, for anyone of them.

Write to me on and tell me everything about you and your animals. Help me get them out of there. Please.

Update: PATON…

It is possible… it is possible…

We changed the life of Paton right there. On the spot. With a single act of decision.

I´m going back to the shelter tomorrow and I will rescue two more. And I won´t stop until they are all out, treated and in families.

Please help us help them…

Let´s do this!!


As promised, the rescue continues. I´ve been to the shelter this morning. It was my intention to get three cats out but at the last minute I could only leave with two due to the terrible condition they were in.

This is Carlos…. watch this and you will understand..

Carlos arrived to us in a state of shock with a massive gaping wound on his neck as well as severe respiratory issues. After running a complete blood test we have found out he also has FIV… He´s currently in intensive care… 

We are going to treat Carlos and Juan, stabilise them both, get then out of Intensive Care and head two rescue more.. step by step, it´s the only way.

This is JUAN… a beautiful male cat with FIV and a bad case of conjunctivitis.

Juan, like every cat coming out of that place has had to be neutered. Here is a video of his operation, I know it´s hard to watch, but it´s reality, and it´s part of rescue.


I don´t know of any rescue that will go and rescue such a number of cats in this kind of condition and to make things worst, with FIV. A nightmare, but we carry on because we know it´s the right thing to do and because we can look right into their eyes and see that we do, as a group, matters.

Please help us save Carlos, help us save them all…


29 January…

I had seen them last time I was there. Both of them were reaching out through the metal door, trying to call my attention. They both had been there for a tremendous amount of time. The male, Bello, had been in that same cage for over three years.

Last week he wanted me to save him. I couldn´t do it then, so today I went back for him…

This is the story, the rescue of Bello and Lovely. The two of them are at the hospital right now undergoing all necessary tests and neutering before we are able to find them a home.


Please if you can, continue helping us with this incredible rescue. As soon as Bello and Lovely are out of our clinic and into a foster/final home we will be able to save two more..

Please, help us save more... there are plenty of them in those cages we are their only chance… 




Thank you for your help. Please write to me on  tell me everything about you and your family of animals and well make sure our rescue reaches you with one of our flight volunteers. Please adopt one of these babies… we are their only chance. 

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  1. Lina Reed says:

    How is this even possible? How can those people to this to those beautiful cats?. What kind of hell is this?
    PLEASE SAVE THEM!. Please check your inbox. I have one cat and I want to help. I´m donating and I hope everyone does.
    God Bless you.

  2. Isabelle Anderson says:

    Hi my name is Isabelle I live in Spokane and I just got done reading this story. It made my heart wrench for these poor innocent cats. I was wondering where these cats are located cause if possible I would like to help rescue them. I have 4 cats of my own and I pamper all of the them with the care and love that they deserve. I am a big cat lover and I want to do what is best for cats. I personally can not take in anymore but I have a couple of friends that would like a cat. Can you notify me when the cats are rescued or if you need help rescuing them. I will do anything I can to help these angels find a better home.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Isabelle,
      they are in Valencia, Spain. Starting tomorrow we are going to be taking them all. It´s going to be systematic and it won´t stop until they are all of there.
      Many of them have FIV, a disease that is very misunderstood by animal lovers. Here is a good explanation about the disease.

      FIV is only transmittable through sexual contact (they will all be neutered) and through the blood stream, puncture bites (none of them are fighters). There is no reason why they can´t live in homes.

      Please speak to your friends. We need to find them homes, whenever those homes are, we will make sure the cats reach their families. I give you my word.

      We are going to need homes for all… and we need the community to help through donations. Our members know us well and we know what we do. I hope this plea reaches much further …

      Email me on

      Thank you for being there.

  3. Andrea Weisberger says:

    Victor –

    Save them all. In memory of Biscuit. It is what he would have wanted.

    How can we make sure no more cats come into this hell to take the place of the rescued?

    This place needs a plan to stop this cruelty. Thank you for everything you do – you are their hero.

  4. anita gossett says:

    Is this a shelter run by a humane society or a city? An individual? Just curious. I hear dogs too—how about them?

  5. anita gossett says:

    Is this a shelter run by a humane society, city , private individual? I hear dogs–what about them? How did you find this place? Are there no laws in Spain for protection of animals?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      It’s a no kill shelter with a contract with the city… I don’t understand why it is in this state ..

  6. I am sharing this and I do renew my promise that I will donate as much as I can as soon as I have my wretched bank card It’s a convoluted story but will get it – it’s with my daughter now and I will be there soon .
    Rescue these poor prisoners , as I know you will . Wish I was there to help you all , wonderful people and organisation that you are
    All love , Joanna xxx

  7. jean barnett says:

    what type of place is that??? just sent a small donation, sorry cant do more.

  8. Verena Kirschner says:

    Viktor, this breakes my heart… I’ve got a three-legged kitty at home and I donated a little. Please take them all out there. This is really hell! Thanks, Verena from Germany

  9. so heartbreaking to see these poor cats in small cages without a loving hand…donation is on the way, hope they will all get a family and a real life.Thanks so much to team Viktor, your all great.

  10. Malene Drost Rasmussen says:

    Thanks God you found them,thank you for being strong and for helping them all.

  11. Hi Victor, I know that it`s not easy to see those poor souls and I have to say THANK YOU !!!! I`m taking care of 62 Feral cats every day since many many years, And believe me…I saw so much pain in these last years…. TOO much! TAKE all of them out of this hell very quickly,please!!! I know you will!!! YOUR eyes are seeing when most of the others are looking away.
    The cat food that I need every day is expensive but I made a small donation as every time. Thank you,Victor!

  12. Katrina Rodriguez says:

    Hi my name is Katrina I live in California and this breaks my heart I would love to adopt the cat with 3 legs and a playmate for her if possible when they are ready and I will pay for then to come to the United States please keep me informed

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Katrina, thank you for your note. I will be in touch with you this evening..

  13. Do it, the universe is supporting you and giving you the opportunity to so this. If an animal stand in front of a human and asks for help, that animal is a soul offering the human the chance to feel compassion. Compassionate action is the highest action, all power to you.

  14. Donated. I am so thankful that your are able to help everyone of these cats. They deserve a better life. God Bless you!!!!

  15. For many weeks I have read and viewed your posts and each time I am amazed. In my eyes you are truely an Angel walking among us. You remind me that in such an unperfect world, there is still love and compassion and for that I am so very thankful. I am grateful for you and all that you do. Thank you.

  16. Thank you so much.. these cats deserve the best. It kills me to see them locked away begging for attention.
    Is this the same place Angel was in?

  17. you are a legend xx

  18. nothing other melts my heart more than rescuing the innocents, but how can some people do this?? why?? :( :( all animals have my heart, and to know this is happening, breaks it.. :( :( i would donate my life for those babies

  19. Thank You Viktor. I will send a donation at the end of the month when I get paid. I am also a cat lover, I have 5 myself. Please save them all.

  20. How does a place like this even exist? Is it a matter of caring people just doing the best they can with little to nothing to work with. Is it a government facility or private, and where do they get their funds to feed the cats and to do whatever else they do to keep some of them alive for years? Are the employees happy when they see you come and do you have to pay fees when you rescue the lucky ones? Will the people be happy when you take the last one? My head is spinning with so many questions because I want to know how improvements can be made to such a place and what it would take to make it happen. Is it possible?

  21. Rebecca (Central Indiana, USA) says:


    Little paton is beautiful! First thing I noticed about her as you held her was the look of happiness and pure contentment of her sweet face. In fact she was smiling! Felicidad is Spanish for happiness, so Felicia would be the perfect name for this sweet little girl.

  22. I still can’t donate but will share your story. God bless you and your team

  23. Donated & shared. Please save them all Viktor awwww poor sweet little kitties. It’s so sad – it makes me want to weep. How could people be so cruel. Go team LAG! I’m right behind you! ♥

  24. sent what I could….go get them Viktor

  25. Donated, please rescue them all; I can donate again in two weeks if need it.

  26. Claudia in Australia says:

    The words “thank you” don`t even do my thoughts justice for all that you and your team do, Viktor…but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart n` soul for your incredible work. I hope our community here with LAG showers you with donations for all of these gorgeous kitties. GOOD luck and love and healing thoughts from an American in Australia.

  27. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    Viktor , thank you for the wonderful work you do. I have sent a donation. Like Jean has said, there are so many questions, and I realise if you are rescuing you cannot be at your computer for long. How many cats are there in that hell hole? How many dogs are there also and what state are they in? I too worry that after they are all rescued, the cages will be filled again. Thank you all once again.

  28. Cathy Murphy says:

    I had a cat named Bigfoot (Paton) a long time ago. He was the most amazing cat I have ever known. So I have donated in his name.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Cathy… and Bigfoot!!!! The rescue continues..

  29. Christina Conte says:

    Viktor. I will give you a small donation. It’s all i can do right now. Question can we stop this place from the hell these animals are in? We have to try and shut them down as well!! Oh please Viktor, save them all!!! Much love,

  30. Let me know how I can help. I live in Pennsylvania, but I am an international flight attendant and I could fly to Madrid to bring one home. Maybe more if I spread the word.

  31. Joëlle, from Brussels says:

    You’re kind-hearted Viktor, that’s not new… Pray that you may rescue ALL of them and find their forever homes!
    What about the doggies over there…? They must also be living a life of misery… :'(
    Courage my friend! – Donated as always… and shared! Bless U. <3

  32. Viktor, I admire your work so much, and today reading this you have touched my life a little more. I along with a friend have rescued many cats recently mainly Oriental type cats, some have gone to rescue groups and others are still with us to become familiar with love, and attention prior to rehoming. We have done this all by ourselves as many in our country look on the cat as a pest, killing wildlife etc. I do not believe this as humans damage more environment than any animal could, eradicating green areas for houses and business.. I will spread your terrible plight with these poor lost souls. i wish I could donate to help but everything I have is going into my cats here…. Perhaps try to establish a Sanctuary for cats like this, where they can recuperate together and bathe in the sun and fresh air and then slowly find them homes. Good luck Viktor you have a very emotional and long task ahead of you and I wish you great success.

  33. Lelis Ceballos says:

    I am so happy to know that you will be there for them, you can count with my support. They deserve a better life and Felicia is a beautiful name for her. Wish the best! Blessings!

  34. Sallyanne says:

    Donated what I can. It’s so heartening to read everyone’s caring comments. Keep up the wonderful work you do Viktor, what a Lion heart you have.

  35. Katrina Rodriguez says:

    I look forward to hearing from you Viktor thank you

  36. Hi Victor, this broke my heart, please save them all.
    I adopt 4 abandoned kitten recently, they are my blessing angels.
    I sent little donation, not much but wish together we can save those beautiful souls.

  37. this breaks my heart – how can beeing human be that evil against animals? i love all animals and thanks god that peeple like you found them and go ahead with seraching and helping –

  38. Giselle Tonee says:

    Just donated. Used to be involved in cat rescue and others. Now just donated to various groups to help as much as can. Much love in your endeavours.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Giselle… thank you…

  39. i have donated today, will be sending some more, keep up the good work god bless the lovely little souls

  40. This is truly heartbreaking, indeed — a life in captivity and isolation, a life completely devoid of love and affection is simply unfair. Poor beauties… Then again, there are so many innocent animals out there who continuously suffer because of our negligence, egocentricism and total disregard of anything but ourselves.

    I contributed to this cause (although the amounts may be small) and will do so again this weekend after I get my pay check.

    I have all the confidence in the world that you will save them all no matter what.

  41. Viktor, you are just incredible and I wish there were more people like you. If yoou have any contacts in France that need help, please let me know, I’d love to help animals the way you do. I hope to one day adopt a dog from you. I have 3 cats in an average apartment so can’t take more but when i move to a bigger place i’d love to give back to you and your amazing community, I hope the donations help these sweet babies find homes soon.

    Much love and admiration. From Paris

  42. Norma Jones says:


  43. Nancy Robison says:

    this is a no-kill shelter? the one I work in is as clean as a hospital! imagine what the kill shelters must look like. well probably not since they are killing the animals..

  44. Er zijn heel veel katten, maar ik hoor ook een heleboel honden. Wat gaat daar mee gebeuren?

  45. This place cant “wear” the name SHELTER, its not a shelter :(

  46. Theresa Dufore says:

    Donated what I can right now, just can’t turn aside from this one. :-*( Thank you, Viktor!!

  47. Rita Lamey says:

    Viktor, please don’t think I’m not taking any notice of your pleas. I am donating and have donated for these poor cats and all you can do for them all. I’m not using my own paypal at the moment because there’s nothing in it!, but have money in my friends’ account after selling on eBay (thank goodness!) and I donate from there. I’m not leaving you and the wonderful work you and the team do Viktor, I’m an animal lover how could I possibly? Keep up the excellent work everyone, I will help you all I can.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Rita.. thank you for never loosing sight of our work…
      Glad to have you with us

  48. Lourdes Millan says:

    Just donated a little, please please save all those kitties living in hell in those cages with no room to run around in, :)

  49. lisa carrano says:

    donating for these beautiful souls…i’m a retired veterinary technician after 25 years. i would love to adopt a little boy but i live in that a problem? i’m in clearwater in north pinellas county. bless your heart for getting these poor animals out of hell!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could be there to help!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Lisa, I received your email yesterday. I´m going to reply shortly..

  50. Jackie Denton says:

    Viktor, I do not see any dates. Can you please tell me how many cats still need to be removed from the shelter and how much money you need for them?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Jackie, honestly? I have absolutely no idea at this stage. We are going to go in pairs, systematically in order not to overstrech ourselves.
      Most if not all of them need some form of medical treatment. Most if not all need neutering. And most if not all will have to fly out of Spain to their new homes.
      So we are taking one step at a time, if I look at the total problem I would probably be discouraged and not rescue at all.
      It’s better to cut the big problem in small parts … Ive gone to the shelter this morning, wanted to get three cats out but only got two because one of them is in a terrible condition. Need to go step by step..

  51. Claire McNaughton says:

    Hello, where are the cats? I live in Hungary with a 14 year old cat. I may be able to take one in. Thanks for saving them from hell. Claire

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Claire.. I sent you an email this morning. Add me to your friends list and let´s see if it works out..

  52. Viktor, I am so happy that you are going to save them all! Have donated and I wish I could take some but I have 15 of my own, all rescues, and several have issues right now such as cancer and bladder infections that require a considerable cash outlay on our part but I will take care of them until they tell me they want to go, neither of which is doing so right now. They all are doing great. So glad you and your team are rescuing these innocent souls.

  53. Carol Alaire says:

    I can’t see why so many Babies are not being taken care of..Victor has been my friend for awhile, and I see he does a Job that God has given him, with which he does fine..I Love when they say NO_SHELTER KILL, that’s the way it should be..Many people don’t realize that, and just go on with their lives, but God will take them and tell them, they aren’t doing right..Animals are our responsibility, especially when we take them at a young age, and say we will care for them..Now how many kitties did you see that need someone to take care of them,to feed them, play with them, and give them a place of their own ?? We are their caretakers, and it’s our Responsibility to act on..Don’t hurt them, be joyful with them.. I have 7 kitties, that I just Love so much..Except for 1, they are all strays..My 2 girls are called Buttons..aka Goggly, because of her eyes that aren’t right, and Twinkles who is just a Lover, we also call her Dainty..Then our Boys called Mittens,Bubbles,Runty,Snowy & Fluffy.. They always come by me, jump on the Bed so I can cuddle them, and just to relax with..They always know when it’s time to eat, and they are quite patient, but Mittens and Runty, who come to the Bowl First..They get Can Food, Dry Food, Milk, & Water..The Milk is special cat milk, and they are just set, and they love it.. Now I could do that with so many more cats, but I have a Limit, and I want to get a Dog, with which my Son is saving for..A English Buldog, who I say are cute..We have to get together, and help to keep these creatures Alive..It just takes a little from each of us, and they will be just fine..Try not to over breed, just take care of the ones we have now..It will make the environment safe, and give our animals a safe home, and nice Parents to look up too..Don’t you want to see that happen?? I surely do, and we can..Let’s put our heads together, and try real hard to help, and take care of all Animals that are Born in this World..

  54. As usual Viktor your kindness leaves me teary eyed and in awe of you. Thank you so much for all you do for cats, dogs, etc. Without wonderful, wonderful people like you I hate to think of their fate. I have four cats inside and two boys outside that I cherish so it is without hesitation that I donated for these wonderful babies.

    God bless you and thank you again. You never cease to amaze me with your love and kindness to those who need it most.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Gina… thanks for the kindness, we do and well continue doing all we can..
      Thank you for everything

  55. Andrew Maddox says:

    I just sent $5. Thanks for your efforts Viktor!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Andrew…. thank you

  56. Paton is beyond words sweet… what a little gem! I’m sure they’re all equally precious, though, and I cannot wait until you get them all out of that horrendous place.

  57. Christine Newnham says:

    I want to say thankyou, but thankyou does not seem like enough. You are the light in a dark world where helpless souls are suffering. You are the reason they are alive.
    Never stop

  58. Viktor, may I ask what about the dogs? I hear them barking on the video and if it is a hell hole for cats, it must also be for the dogs. Thanks for caring for all these fur babies and doing all you do..

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Janet,
      The situation of the dogs is slightly better although not much better. The difference is that they have volunteers that take them out and they are on plain sight. The cats are forgotten…
      Last year we rescued close to 20 dogs from this place.. Gordi, Rambo, Pinky, Troy just to name a few…

  59. Jo Agosto says:

    Thank you again Viktor for rescuing these beautiful spirits.I continue to donate and will continue to share your work with my friends. Bless you.

  60. Hi Viktor

    This is so sad. I would love to help!

    I live in South Africa, so I’m having some trouble donating. Im not too sure how paypal works, but I will not give up.

  61. Jackle Hsieh says:

    Donated, cat lover from hongkong…Thanks for helping these poor little soul.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks!.. My love to HongKong… some of the best days of my life were spent there..



  63. Tammy Bevis says:

    Dear Viktor, I have just donated and made a promise to you.
    I will donate every pay day until you rescue all the cats from that hell hole.
    You are my Hero.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Best wishes and love always Tammy xox

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      DEAL!!! Let´s do it…
      thank you Tammy…
      Just been to the shelter… got two… wanted to get three but one of them is in terrible condition… We have named him Carlos update on the blog coming shortly..

  64. I am also a cat lover. I have 2 rescue cats of my own and regularly feed a few colonies of feral/stray cats here in Cyprus. I donate by DD monthly already but I will make an extra payment this month to try to help a little with what you are doing. I wish it was possible to save every single cat out there in need of help, I know that is not possible but every one that is saved is better than doing nothing. You are doing a marvellous job Viktor and I am so happy I can contribute a little to your work.

  65. Kim Worthington says:

    Hi Viktor – This story and your commitment to help ALL these cats have helped me make a decision. I am changing my donations from periodic to regular ones so you can count on them.

    I encourage all of us who CAN do this to do it – and those of us who can’t to give whenever they can however small the amount is. As someone else said recently, we can move mountains if we work together.

    Bless you Ivan and your people. I look forward to getting news about my new adoption from you – Carpi. I have no idea how you fit everything into your day. You must never sleep.

    God bless. xxx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Kim… let´me check how is Carpi´s trip going.. checking today

  66. It is my understanding that cats with FIV don’t heal very well. How will you be able to do surgeries and expect them to heal? My mother has an FIV cat with a wound that simply will not heal – it’s been three years, and the wound won’t heal. Please help me understand how this works. I donate regularly, and will donate for these poor kitties as well.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Cheryl…
      FIV affects the inmune system but not the healing of an injury… what is happening is that your cat is probably struggling to deal with infection, and that is making healing take longer than expected..
      PLEASE give him some immune boosters as well as antibiotics to deal with the bacteria that may be causing that.

  67. Viktor TY so much for helping these beautiful animals. What could have happened that put Carlos in that condition? I can’t send money today but I get paid next week and I will send something over. I can only do so much because I have helped many times now but will continue when I can. You and you staff are angels. Also I suppose poor Coco has not been able to get out of the country yet? I have high hopes for that beautiful girl. When you know what is going on with her let me know and I will find a way to send more money over for her also.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Carlos was in shock caused by the infection on the wound of his neck…
      He recovered nicely, I´ve been fostering him and hope well be finding him a final home very soon…
      Coco is about to fly here for her surgery.. it´s going to happen within days.. :-)

  68. Danielle vela says:

    Have you tried any of the arf organizations? There are many all over the U.S. from California to Texas. It is my understanding that they are no kill sanctuaries for animals who have run out of options. There’s, Hope this helps. Would love to help myself but am at capacity with rescue animals. They’re in my prayers.

  69. Deborah Milgrim says:

    I have donated! Everytime I see you rescue an innocent animal, my heart aches from joy and from the pain of there surrondings and condition that they have had to endore. I adore you! And thank you so much for what you do.

  70. Just sent you £10 ($17). All my love to those Babies.

  71. Rescuing all the animals at a shelter is probably what everyone who is involved in rescue work dreams of at least once, but very few, if at all, can actually do or come close. Kudos for LAG. Please keep us posted. -donated and shared –

  72. For Nancy robinson………

    this is Europe, different ways of doing things.

  73. Hello Victor, I leave a small donation to HELL CATS (Carlos and others) also leave a small donation for cat ANGEL days ago. I am not able to help with more money. Sorry. I wish that things go well for these small felines. And how the cat feels LEO like this that cat? thanks a hug —–> Hola Victor, dejo una pequeña donación para LOS GATOS DEL INFIERNO (Carlos y otros) también deje una pequeña donacion para el gato ANGEL días atrás. siento no poder ayudar con mas dinero. lo siento. Deseo que las cosas salgan bien para estos pequeños felinos. ¿ y como se siente el gato LEO, como esta ese gato? gracias un abrazo ///

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Muchisimas gracias Slendy… Carlos esta muchísimo mejor, espero que se vaya a una casa muy pronto. LEO esta genial, estamos buscando voluntario de vuelo en Indonesia para llevarlo a los USA, Florida, donde ha sido adoptado, Paton ha sido adoptada y seguimos rescatando..esta tarde volvemos para alla…

  74. Deb Smith says:

    Hi Viktor,

    You are such an angel to these animals! I have followed your endeavors for quite some time, and so thankful there are people like you!

    I am usually a dog person, but when I saw the horrible condition these kitties are in it just broke my heart. I lost my 11 yr old dog in November, and have since been volunteering at our local shelter. I would really love to do rescue.

    I just want to thank you so much for saving the lives of these cats and all the dogs and other animals you have given new hope and new life to.

    I don’t get paid til next week, but will definitely send something, won’t be much but every little bit helps.

    Thank you so much again, for all the lives that you save.

  75. Where are all these cats locked up??

  76. Gaye Nelson says:

    Please give us updates on Carlos. He looks so lethargic and I pray he gets better. I will donate as soon as I can. You are an angel to these animals. I love cats and also dogs. What will happen to the dogs there too? Will they be saved? Are they there for the same reason?

  77. I could not see Carlos breathing at all. Is he ok still?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes.. He is ok, I placed an update on the blog.. Recovering

  78. You are wonderful. Please help these poor kitties. I am donating a small amount again. I wish it could be more but every small amount adds up , doesnt it.
    Thank you for your work Viktor !

  79. Yet again, you are wonderful. When my funds improve I will donate again. Make sure you get them all, each and every one, to find wonderful homes or to give a peaceful end. As for Big Foot – to me she is a Princess and Carlos he is a king. Now they just needs homes that will treat them like royalty.

  80. Bridget Savage says:

    Viktor I hope to god you can save every single one of those poor cats out of that hell-hole!! What steps are going to be taken if possible to secure the fact that those disgusting cages WON’T be filled with any more cats?? it would be so heartbreaking to think another sweet kitty could suffer the same fate as the ones already in there!!! Once all those babies are out of there, those cages should be taken away and destroyed but if it’s a shelter with a contract to the authorities would this be possible to do?? It obviously needs to be better equipped, cleaner and with proper caring people in charge of it. Will be donating whatever I can on Friday, if only I could win the big one on the lotto here in England :-( xxx

  81. Viktor, you & your staff are truly amazing for all the work you do to help all of these animals, without you they wouldn’t have a chance at a loving home, safe & secure. I wish I was able to send money to help with anyone of these deserving babies but am not able. Seeing these babies in those small cages broke my heart & made me cry, I would so love to be financially able to send help but I can’t, I do share all of the stories in hopes that some of my friends who can afford to help are able. I love the work you all do & you have my utmost respect for going above & beyond for these babies

  82. Julie bird says:

    Oh victor how awful I have six cats an I love them all dearly an cherish each an everyone of them
    I’m wishing you luck and know you will save each and everyone of them
    It breaks my heart to know of such a hell hole where them poor kitty’s will not know love
    But with your help and dedication I know you’ll achieve what you set out to do
    Good luck for all your hard work xx

  83. Dear Viktor, my donation 100 $ is on the way, I will support you each month. Did you already think to invite television to make a report or a newspaper? Maximum people should be informed………….. Hugs, Irina

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Irina… yes.. media have been contacted… still awaiting reaction..

  84. Violetta Holland says:

    Thank You, Victor! I read all about your helping for animals. I hope all cats will find new families. I hope Carlos feels better now because I saw him in horribly condition :'( Maybe I can adopt one of these cats, but I will write You about me in private email, Violetta

  85. sarah pratley says:

    You’re one of life’s angels, Viktor. Have donated. I just had to. I don’t understand how any ‘Shelter’ can get away with keeping animals in this state. Surely it should be shut down. You’re doing a magnificent thing in getting all these cats out of there. Wish there were more people like you about.

  86. Thank you, thank you for saving these precious souls. They deserve what you will give them, finally!

  87. Such a sad story. My beautiful cat aged 14 died in my bed next to me from leukaemia. It was a peaceful transition. It’s almost a year now. I would love one of these rescued cats, I live in Sydney, Australia it possible?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Megan, sorry, I´ve just seen this..
      While we send our animals to families pretty much everywhere Australia is the exceptions due to the strict quarantine laws… we would have to keep the kitty six months in a kennel other than the loooong trip… :-(. However be sure to feel part of this rescue even if we can´t send you any for now. Love. Viktor

  88. Joan Diamond says:

    Viktor: What you do is wonderful! I can’t donate right now, I just adopted a new kitten and he is really sick with upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. The poor little guy can hardly breathe! I have already taken him to the vet’s 4 times and I haven’t had him for 2 weeks yet. I think he was exposed when he was neutered at a low-cost clinic. That was before I picked him up. Anyway, he has emptied both my bank account and my credit cards. But, I am determined to get him well and keep him.

    I admire what you do for so many while I struggle to do it for one. But, we all do what we can. Once I am able, I will donate again.

    You are an inspiration.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Joan.. how is the baby? have the checked for Herpes or Calici virus? one of my own cats, Monkey, didn´t die from it… it was a very close call…

  89. Dear Viktor – hope my contribution will help you getting all of them out of there. Lizet

  90. Dear Viktor, thank you and your team for all you do! ♥ It breaks my heart to see these wonderful creatures being treated in such a gruesome way.
    If I could, I would swipe once with my credit card and send enough money to save all the “inmates” at once!
    I would close that wretched place down and build a new one with enough financial support that would make it what it should be: a true shelter to help homeless, sick and abused animals. Luckily, I can always spare some money for charity; unfortunately, it’s not enough to really “clean up” places like this. :(
    It must be really hard for you to have to do this in small steps. I wish you and your team strength and am sending a donation today.

  91. Jenny Cutforth says:

    What can I say that would add to what all these lovely people here have said, Its heart breaking to see these video’s, but I have to watch so that I can share with my friends & let them know the great work you do for these poor animals, Thank you Thank you ….<3 <3

  92. Victor can you please give me an update on Carlos?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Right now he is purring in my bed.. :-) I’m fostering… Still looking for a home !

  93. Joan Diamond says:

    Hi Viktor: My little guy, now named Oscar Wilde, is finally getting better. He is eating on his own now and he can breathe much better. While his eyes are still swollen, they aren’t nearly so bad as they were and they are not so red. We did take swabs last Saturday to send off for more tests to see if there is something more serious going on. Right now, he has specially-compunded drops and erythromycin salve for his eyes,an oral antibiotic, and prednesone drops for his nose. This combination is working. His personality is coming bck and we are now very bonded. He is a fighter.

    Thanks for your concern. I am glad that you do what you do. I wish I could do as much, but I do what I can in my small way.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Oscar Wilde wouldn´t think you do anything in a small way… :-)
      He probably thinks you are the best!!!

  94. How come I can’t click on the pictures at the bottom of this page to follow up on previous stories of some of your pets? I like to come and follow them.

    Thanks, Gina

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Gina.. I don´t know why it doesnt work. However, you can come here and scroll down.. most of our rescues are there as they happened..

  95. You are amazing Viktor. I can’t help until next month. Thank you for all you do. Hugs from the USA

  96. Julie Bird says:

    Guys your doing a fantastic job
    Having 6 cats myself it breaks my heart to see these poor cats in such cramped squalor
    I’ll live to help you more but by supporting you an sharing your work that’s all I can do
    If I was more financially well off I would help out and even offer a home to some if your cats
    But as I have 6 already with a German Shephard I think having any more cats would be unfair
    All if my cats are well fed have access to a garden sleep wherever they want an have a loving home
    I’m sure you’ll find homes for the cats your rescuing
    Your all trike angels xx

  97. Thank you for helping them! Poor cats! I wish them all happy lives! <3

  98. Amazing, I love what you are doing, you will most definitely go toheaven x

  99. Patricia González Lamb says:

    Viktor, no tengo dinero para poder contribuir, sólo puedo compartir tus mensajes. Sólo deseo decirte que desde muy lejos, en E.U., te sigo y pido a Dios bendiciones para ti y el personal lindo que cuida y sana a todas estas víctimas. Gatito por gatito, perrito por perrito, tu labor merece todas las bendiciones del universo, gracias!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Muchisimas gracias Patricia…

  100. Lisa Chadwick-firman says:

    God bless you guys! you are really angels! and God bless all those you rescue! God bless you! I pray they all get loving homes! :)

  101. Jennifer Cassill says:

    Thank you for all you are doing to rescue these poor animals. I can’t imagine how bad it is for them. God bless you for helping these cats. I unfortunately am not able to donate, but I will share this story with my FB friends and maybe someone will be able to help. My thoughts and prayers are with you and these beautiful animals and I will be praying you are able to rescue them, treat them and find them safe and loving homes so they will have a long, happy, and healthy life. I love animals and it literally makes my heart hurt when I read stories like this or hear about an animal being abandoned or abused. God bless!

  102. Hi Viktor I have donated some money towards the cat rescue, are you going to get the cat section of this so called shelter closed down or condemned , is that possible? I volunteer in a shelter in the UK in which the cats have an inside and outside room to move around in, unfortunately policy does PTS FIV and FELV cats which I do not agree with but otherwise its like a 5 star hotel, good luck in your rescue, you are a special human being.

  103. I check back for updates often…my heart breaks for these kitties – this is no life…..please save them. FIV is no big deal…never let it hold anyone back from adopting :) I have had FIV+ kitties living with negative kitties for YEARS….unless there is sexual contact or SEVERE fighting (deep feral male type bite wounds) it isn’t transmitted – thank you so much Viktor for doing all you do – it helps me see the world has good in it

  104. Andrea Weisberger says:

    Hi Viktor – any update on the rest of the cats in that hell? You said there were 20 more – what has happened to them?

    Please don’t leave them behind, please save them all.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Andrea,
      We got three more, they were healthy and found homes for them here. The rescue continues but we are surprisingly thin on the ground, there is only so much we can do at once.

  105. Hola Viktor, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con la labor que hacéis y creo que es admirable pero creo que no deberías valorar este lugar, que es una protectora (de la cual yo fui voluntaria un tiempo) como un infierno, somos pocos los voluntarios y se hace todo lo que esta en nuestras manos. Cierto es que circulan muchas enfermedades en este lugar, de hecho uno de mis perros y una de mis gatas procede de alli. Mi perro se contagió de Giardia y estuvo a punto de fallecer por deshidratación debido a la diarrea que sufría y por ello lo adopté, para poder tratarlo y la gata estaba en perfecto estado de salud y nos la entregaron esterilizada (ya que en este “infierno” realizan programas de esterilización sobre todo en gatos callejeros para evitar la superpoblación)
    No están en las mejores condiciones posibles debido a la sobrecarga de trabajo que hay, y por ello mismo antes de valorar esta protectora como infierno piensa que en ella colabora gente que ama a los animales y intenta hacer todo lo que esta en su mano al igual que tu, solo que con bastantes menos recursos.
    Valoro de verdad que rescateis a los animales que en peor estado estan de esta protectora y lo admiro, pero creo que nombrar como un infierno los humildes esfuerzos que se hacen en esta protectora no es justo.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Marta, como te habras dado cuenta no hemos mencionado el nombre de la protectora y no hemos querido en ningún momento entrar en polémicas.
      Y si, la verdad es que tanto esa habitación como la denominada de los nichos es bastante infernal, que quieres que te diga.
      Conozco la situación de la organización y por eso no los juzgamos, en vez de eso estamos intentando salvar a cuantos mas posibles pero no por ello vamos a adornar la situación. El video muestra lo que es.. y esperamos que la situación cambie muy pronto.

  106. Hi Viktor – just checking in and hoping more of these kitties are getting to safety – it breaks my heart to see them this way…I have a little three legged kitty myself and another that is FIV+…all 4 of mine live happily and healthy together :) please get more of these cats out of there – I can’t donate now because of the costs with my four and my rescue dog….but with you in spirit and will donate as soon as I am able…please help them – thank you!!!

  107. Amazing! Its actually amazijg paragraph, I have got much clear idwa on the topic off from this paragraph.