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He lived closed in a shelter room, an unused bathroom of sorts covered in newspapers. He couldn´t see the light. His condition was too deteriorated to take him out for walks. Everyone felt terribly sad and powerless…

Unless something is done, and quickly, Romeo is going to die in a one square meter bathroom.

I look into his eyes and I see a faint spark that tells me he is helpless he doesn’t want to die. For months, Romeo has been fighting three diseases at once. The dreaded Leishmania, Ricketsia and Mange have joined forces to destroy this beautiful animal that day after day, alone, has been putting up the fight of his life just to get to this point.

This is the end of the road for Romeo….

Unless we save him.

I know we can do this… I know that the combined forces of many can achieve a miracle here. How do I know it? Because we´ve done it before many many times…

We did it with Angie, we did it with Axel, we will do it again with Romeo.

Romeo is suffering right now, but with your help, his life will be transformed.

Please, join us once again in this rescue… Please donate to save Romeo´s life…

Many thanks!


Please write to me on and offer your home to him… once we have completed our work he will be the most beautiful dogs you´ve ever seen…

UPDATE 3 February

Romeo is slowly slowly regaining strength and he is now able to leave the clinic and take walks outside. His eyes are regaining the spark they once had, and little by little he is coming out of his shell.

Leishmania is being treated with Glucantime and Alopurinol, so is Ricketsia. What worries us now is his levels of anemia. We are fighting to avoid the development of a medular hypoplasia, which would lead to chronic anemia. 

His treatment continues.. he is an absolutely wonderful dog, we are working really hard to enable him to make a full recovery…

UPDATE 4 February

An early morning visit to our clinic where Romeo is staying.

He is in a better mood. His tail is wagging and you can see that, even if weak, he is regaining his zest for life. His treatment continues, his blood levels are closely monitored…

This is Romeo today!!!

Anemia, unfortunately, continues… 

Update 21 February…

We promised we would transform Romeo´s life… and we did!

His treatment continues but he is not in the hospital any longer. Romeo is now in a foster home becoming the dream dog deep inside he´s always been…

Update 6 March

Romeo… LIFE.

April 9… 

This is Romeo today… We did it. We promised you we would o our best for him. The transformation is complete. Meet THE NEW ROMEO!


Romeo is extraordinary, a true survivor, a miracle of nature… He is funny, he is loving, he LOVES TO PLAY!!!

Have a look and remember his condition when we rescued him..











This is our work.. this is what we do… every day.  Help us continue our mission. With your help, we can change the world, one animal at a time… 

Please, if you can, help us …





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  1. Andrea Coonen says:

    You chose the perfect name for this poor soul. In the hope he will soon be everything he wishes to be. My husband and I donated to Angie a few years ago, we also donated to Axel, we feel part of their rescue and their new lives.
    We´ve donated to Romeo. Please update often. Good luck beautiful Romeo!

  2. Faye Edmonds says:

    Lots of love to the beautiful boy xx

  3. 2 days . Then I will help this lovely soul . My heart goes out to him

  4. Carol Allaire says:

    I know things will go right with The Beautiful Doggie–Romeo..I will donate for him at the Begginning of the Month..I have Donated for a few Dogs, and some Kittes, and I know they have come that way to appreciate what Life is..I know Doctor Viktor does many a times good work with these Animals, and I can be assured that he will get Romeo in the greatest of Being..Romeo will be alright..God’s Prayers are with him, and he will save him now,, Lot’s of Love to Romeo, and for the help of his Doctor’s care.. Bless all of You..xxxooo

  5. Fight hard Romeo! You’ve got the best people fighting with you! I can’t donate right now but I will in a couple of weeks when I get my next check.

  6. OMG.. I wish I could scoop him up and take him home and love him back to health – This poor precious soul.. I am so saddened after reading this. I will never understand how these things happen to hundreds of thousands of pets each day.. I get paid on Fridays and will donate as soon as I am able. I pray for your animals all the time and you and Barb are always in my prayers.. I will post and share Romeos story as well… God Bless you :) xoxo
    So much love being sent to you and yours..

  7. Im so very sorry for animals like this sweet boy…he looks so lovely and sweet, how can somaone dump him into a unused bathroom ???? how can someone let him there like a THING without living? My head and heart are full of tears…

  8. jude mignacca says:

    Little Romeo I’m praying for you baby…stay strong. You are loved!

  9. Mi donación es un grano de arena para Romeo,pero mi cariño es mi playa entera!!

  10. Mi donación es un grano de arena para Romeo,pero mi cariño es mi playa entera!!Ojala tengas una vida mejor!!Gracias Viktor!!

  11. TERRY CLARK says:

    sorry victor , i battling to get my disability money as they think hepatitis C is not a illness they cut my money down, this time i can not help i am so sorry,
    but i do hope others will come forwards and help romeo gl little strong !

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      What? What do they think hepatitis c is? A hobby????
      Be strong terry….

  12. Victor, please save this poor little soul. It just makes me sick that people treat their animals like this. They should get the same in return. Maybe in their next life. Please keep me updated. I donated. So many beautiful animals would not be around if it was not for you and your staff. Keep saving these beautiful animals.

  13. Just let him make it another two days and I’ll be VERY glad to give for his rehabilitation and recovery. I tried to help a little bit for Tom the Podenco you had a couple of months ago (he’s so MARVELLOUS to see in that YouTube video you posted yesterday), and I’ll be very glad to do the same for Romeo.

  14. Heather Love says:

    Sorry, I donated towards the rescue of the 30 cats and haven’t been paid since so I cannot afford to donate immediately but thank you for getting Romeo out of that place and for helping him start the fight to get well x

  15. Donated, couldn’t see from blog where you found him. Poor little bugger xxxx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      He is in Valencia, Spain… Many thanks Nikki… Fingers crossed..

  16. This is SO heart-wrenching!! WHY does an animal have to suffer like this all it’s life?! I’m assuming you’ve found who’s done this…are they ever reprimanded (legally) in any way???

  17. Love you. Hang in there. Donated

  18. I just donated $10. - not much....but it will all add up! - In memory of my Precious Pixi who lived to be 15+ yrs.old loved that sweet old baby...miss her dearly... says:

    A small donation for this poor angel….praying he recovers…Thank you for all you do!

  19. Donation sent. Please do all you can to save him.

  20. sondra krem says:

    I know you can save him… heart aches for him.

  21. jody j freeman says:

    My heart cries for Romeo!! Next time I see him I want to see him whole, healthy and happy wagging his tail!! Love ya and God bless baby!!!!

  22. Jenny Cutforth says:

    This is so sad, I just want to reach out & love him say everything is going to be ok, you will run with the rest soon Romeo…..I have donated, its not a lot, but if everyone just gave a small amount it would help so much…Thank you Viktor & the team once again…<3 <3

  23. Darlene Breit says:

    This poor baby deserves better. what happened with the owner, that treated him so poorly. I hope he doing a jail sentence. I would love to donate, but I cant right now.

  24. Darlene Breit says:

    Please keep us all informed on how Romeo is doing , Please

  25. Pam Richards says:

    I want to Thank you for helping Romeo. He deserves a chance and I donated to try and help.
    I wish him the best!

  26. Sarah Louise Young says:

    This poor poor boy, it makes me sob, he is so beautiful, I really want to help but I have no money but as soon as I start work I will send money. How did this poor boy become so ill? I am praying for him and for people to help him. It is heartbreaking. I love you Romeo <3 xxx

  27. I have sent you $10 US dollars – not much but its all I can afford.
    If others join me in helping this gorgeous boy he will soon be on the road to recovery. Please help all you kind people out there

  28. Jennifer Cassill says:

    I unfortunately am not able to donate, but I will definitely share this story with my FB friends. Maybe someone will be able to donate to help save him. My thoughts and prayers are with Romeo and the people who will work and donate money to save his life. Please save Romeo!

  29. It’s a small donation, but I hope it helps.

  30. J’ai un grand respect pour les animaux car, ils sont des créatures de Dieu tout comme nous. Ils sont si fragiles et nous devons les protéger. Il faut sauver Roméo à tout pris. Il a le droit de vivre. Je suis certaine que Dieu le sauvera ainsi que votre merveilleuse équipe. Que Dieu vous bénisse et garder cet amour pour les animaux. Faites lui un gros câlin de ma part
    Merci et donnez moi des nouvelles.

  31. Beverley Covert says:

    Have donated to this beautiful boy.

  32. Love Romeo. I hope we all help a little and he can recive the appropiate treatment for his diseases. Lots of cuddles.

  33. Im praying Romeo finds the love and affection he so rightly deserves and whoever done this is eternally unhappy, wishing Romeo everything good. God Bless him xx

  34. Thank you Viktor for this Angel Roméo . I hope the best for him.

  35. Forza Romeo!

  36. Lizet Bernburg says:

    Just donated 50 USD for sweet Romeo – I hope it will help to save his life. Lizet

  37. Donated & shared. Please save this poor little dog Viktor. You & the LAG team can do it! I know you will the human spirit of Let’s Adopt Global is truly amazing & inspirational! Go team LAG!

  38. Zara Benton says:

    Thank you for helping this darling boy, he so deserves that 2nd chance. How on earth did you find him if he was shut away like that? I am glad you did though and I know LAG will do all in their power to try and save this beautiful boy.

    Love you Romeo, sending a little, all I can afford and sharing you on FB and Twitter little Angel boy.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Zara.. viktor

  39. I don’t know where my comment went. It was there yesterday, because I was the third person in line now I am gone. Who takes these out? I donated and wanted to let you know how I felt. Where does my donation go if my comment disappears? This is the second time this has happened.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Sue.. Viktor here.
      All comments are approved unless they are insulting or spam. I approve them personally whenever I have a chance.. Please have some patience, it´s manual work :-)
      Thank you for your help, Romeo is now at the clinic being treated. It will take a while but he is a fighter.
      All the best

  40. OK now it is back. What is going on here? I actually looked before I wrote my second time. Something is weird.

  41. So hope he makes a full recovery, hugs to you all over there…

  42. Donated, I hope it helps; poor baby.

  43. Anonymous says:

    He’s already the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. I will take him we both need 4 ever freinds.

  44. Bojan Podgorsek says:

    Just donated, hope it helps, wish he gets well soon. Thank you for helping him :)

  45. God Bless him !!! SHARED ON MY FB WALL.

  46. Sharon Spero says:

    I don’t have a Payday for over a week but will tr to donate then. Prayers for this poor baby.

  47. Shawna Mason says:

    Where is he living and how much to adopt?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Shawna.. he is in Spain.
      We don´t have an adoption fee or any fee of any kind, however, we make very sure our adoptants are the ideal families for our animals.
      Please write to me on and well take it from there.

  48. Jean Stewart, Scotland says:

    So, so many abused and neglected animals….unbelievably I would say Romeo is one of the lucky ones as he has landed in your tender care and based on your previous success stories I think he has a chance. I sent a small donation and hopefully it won’t be long before we see an amazing transformation. God love you guys! x

  49. lisa pearce says:

    Do you have a place we can set up regular donations

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Lisa! many thanks! when you follow our Paypal donate link you have the option to make it regular payments.. Check it out!

  50. It’s not much, but I’ve donated. Hope it helps

  51. Such miracles you do there in Spain, somehow the human race has
    dissapointed all of us….bad things happen and that is why you and all the rescuers are around the globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely from the USA.:)

  52. Tomorrow . Hope paypal kept my a/c open but can start again with them .I’m praying for Romeo ,please don’t die darling doggly a lot of love from many people is surrounding you xxxxxx

  53. Donation of US 30 is sent. Please help this little soul to smile again..

  54. Im sorry i have not been around to help as much…….Romeo i pray that you get well… heart always with all of you. :)

  55. Anonymous says:

    S.V.P. Au nom De Dieu sauver ce pauvre chien. Vous en être capable. J’ai l’âme en peine . Je vais prier pour lui, pour vous et pour que les massacres sur les animaux et les humains cessent., Je vous aie envoyer mon don et c’est nécessaire j’en enverrai encore
    Merci à l’équipe

  56. sondra krem says:

    I would love to adopt romeo when he is ready…..I will give him a loving safe home with excellent care!

  57. eric lavoie says:

    donated for Axel and a few other animals, unfortunately i cannot remember their names but as soon as i can, i will donate for this pretty boy. Prayers with you Romeo and may those who left you like that, rot in hell, you are now in God’s Angels hands !!!! LAG, you guys are awesome

  58. Pam Richards says:

    I have donated to Romeo and I pray he come through all this very well. He is in my thoughts for sure. Thanks for helping him.

  59. Victor, please tell me how Romeo is doing now that you are helping him.

  60. Donated!Hope he recovers,have never seen such a sadness in anyone’s eyes!Thank you for saving him,you guys are truly one of a kind :) Best of luck,

  61. My comment was gone-very disappointed!! I love these creatures and follow you all the time. Any reason?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Comment not gone, don’t be dissapinted, they are all approved manually to avoid spam

  62. kim gordon says:

    Hey donated for recovery . How old is he ?
    He does look better. Thank you Viktor for doing what I wish I could do myself. Saving all the animals in need.
    Your awsome .

  63. Kerry Himmel says:

    Oh I would love to adopt this boy! Where is he?

  64. London Piarrot says:

    Donated $10 and LOTS of prayers!

  65. Thank goodness I’m now able to fulfil my promise – am so delighted to hear he was able to even have a brief walk!!! You can already see the improvement in his eyes and bearing – please keep up the good work…

  66. Janice Meyer says:

    Romeo still looks I’ll, but I’m the latest pic there is more life in his eyes. I gave for Romeo a few days ago. Thanks for helping him recover.

  67. Elizabeth R. says:

    Hi Viktor and everyone else there,

    I made a small donation (wish I had so much more to give) and was wondering if there was a way we could see how much is donated for Romeo. It would be helpful to see the target amount and how well the donating is going toward reaching that goal. I often feel as if what I give is never enough and I worry that the goal will never be reached.

    In addition, I have a question. I thought that no matter where an animal is from (Spain in this case) they are actually taken directly to you so that you are physically the main one caring for the cat or dog. But, I gather that is wrong. Do you have an office in Spain and elsewhere?

    Thanks for helping Romeo and all the other desperate abandoned and abused animals, Elizabeth R

  68. KIM DOLAN says:


  69. KIM DOLAN says:

    Poor Baby.. I will donate … Keep us all updated

  70. TERRY CLARK says:

    hi victor.
    i do not know not a illness to worry abouth, despite beeing a walking timebomb, hardly walk now,getting worse should change my name to keepon smiling.
    but thank you for your wishes
    how is little Romeo doing?
    you do a lot for them, if i ever come bk one day , i would love to be rich megga rich and strong to help all of those unfurtunate animals on top of it beat the living daylight out of those who are so unbelievable gruel,or invinsable to catch and stop others hurting them.
    you done well with axel he so diffrent dog and that little cat so greatfull,to you.keep on going, i know it hurts when u to late.not easy to forget.i know there are so many out there, and there will be more,but every little positive result makes it worthwhile for them to get love bk, like the wolfs and i am sign every petition, never give up!
    i wish sometimes i still go out and look for strays and leave the food out,sometimes even covered in scratches, self deffence of the little ones.or bring strays home thinking all the way another argument with mum we cant feed it, but knowing she will, one look at their helpless little bodies and mated fur, she would say- give it here than, hard also is to say goodbye when they find some1.mum always got angry when any 1 had a meal first before the animal,she always teached us animal 1st than you, you can think and can do ur meal , they can not. she was right!
    so, you just try to sit down and take a breather,stay warm , eat well and never give up,you are one out of few who care and that is whait is all abouth otherwise we are not human.
    have a good weekend and thank you so much!

  71. Kevin Inkster says:

    Donated, get well soon Romeo. The work Victor and his team carry out is amazing, well done.

  72. Beverley Covert says:

    Thank you Viktor! Romeo looks terrific! He has such gentle eyes.What a beautiful boy!

  73. God Bless yall for all for saving these babies and giving them a new hope at life and love.

  74. Hi Romeo and Victor!
    I adopted my female dog from Spanish shelter 2,5 years ago, wonderful girl. 2 months ago she started to be very tired and depressed,then I realized her gums were grey too. Doctor took bloodtests,results were Leishmania and strong anemia. She started to eat allopurinol too. I stayed home from my studies first 2 weeks to feed her regularly. I gave her raw meat,bloodpancakes,liver,eggs,bones,yogurt,omega oils,salmon… Every two hours a little bit,so she had enough protein in her body all the time.
    And that helped her to recover! After 2 weeks her hemoglobin raised from 78 to 110. I still feed her 3 times a day,but now she´s happy and energetic girl again. She must eat allopurinol the rest of her life but that´s ok because she stays fine then :)
    God blessings,lots of love and protein food to you Romeo, and thank you Victor to help him <3

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Leila, wonderful to meet you. Thanks for insisting with your dogie, you certainly did it perfectly, love the way you fed her raw. I´m sure you are both very happy.

  75. eric lavoie says:

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! Way to go Romeo, thanks to you LAG Angels !!!!!!

  76. I am so glad he is looking better. What a beautiful boy! Keep up the great work Victor. I donated to Romeo again. I want him to be happy in a forever home which he deserves.

  77. Awwwwe… Looks like Romeo is going to make it due to you and your staff’s heroic efforts! Made my day seeing Romeo’s significant improvement!
    I donated…my best investment!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
    God bless all of you!
    Praying Romeo will find the best forever family & home soon!!!

  78. Robin Kerns says:

    God bless you and sweet Romeo! My prayers are with him and with you who are caring for him. I gave what I could and will continue to share him.

  79. Susan Englebry says:

    It is a blessing for us all that this effort is made for Romeo and all the others you bring out of such misery and suffering. Many many thanks for bringing this fellow back into the realm of love and care. Donation for
    Romeo is on the way from the mountains in the Sonoran Desert!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      From Sonora!!! Thank you Susan!!!

  80. Norma Jones says:

    Hi Viktor can see the difference already in Romeo, as I have a monthly ongoing donation does this help Romeo & others? Thank you for your wonderful work, will share again, Feel for Romeo as I suffer with Aneamia but get B12 injections, so hope Romeo is getting better daily. What is the news on all the cats? Are they now out & safe?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Norma… the cats continue being rescued. We have pulled eight so far. Tomorrow well go for two more. 10 to go.

  81. Dios benidga a Romeo y ati que te multiplique todo.. dios te bendigaViktor

  82. Lorri Redmon says:

    Bless you for his beautiful transformation. What a DIFFERENCE in his affect and outlook!!!!!!!

  83. Jean Stewart, Scotland says:

    Thank you so much for the update Viktor…….this is so good to see. Romeo is like a different dog. He’s just so desperate to have human contact and please you. Despite his previous experience of being abandoned and neglected he still has love for someone who shows him a bit of kindness. Well done to all at LAG….this is why I support you. So happy that he’s in a foster home and hope he has a forever home soon. x

  84. Alison Hill says:

    This video clip made me laugh … he certainly loves life now … soooo very happy for him and he certainly knows how to show his love for Viktor!!!

  85. Unfortunately didn’t manage a donation for Romeo but some of the donation for Hope is meant also for Romeo . I am so happy to see him beginning to live xxx

  86. Great to see him playing with Tom. Another great rescue by LAG

  87. Patricia Bearer says:

    Viktor, Thank You for the updates. I know you have your plate full just trying to do the work necessary to save these poor abused souls, and yet you also take the time to acknowledge messages and personally thank donations. You do not need to respond to this, I just want to tell you that I watch, and follow, and donate, and you are blessed to be able to write and post these stories, which encourage others to help, which enables you to save even more. Each life matters. Especially yours. With your big heart. Patricia

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Patricia… yes.. it takes a lot of work but we do our best..

  88. Kim Worthington says:

    It made me laugh too. Such happy pictures 😀


  90. Romeo is beautiful! He reminds me of one of mine who passed at the ripe old age of 17. He was a sweetheart but thankful he didn’t have any of the problems poor Romeo has had to fight. Is there an address that if I wanted to send a small donation to help Romeo? Please advise. Keep up the good work!

  91. Beryl E. Sanders says:

    Romeo, yu are absolutely stunning… are so very handsome and so alive!!! I am so happy to see you looking so healthy with such a beautiful gleamingg;coat. I am overjoyed that you rebounded to become such a strong and handsome fella under Viktor and his co=workers looking aftr your every need. God bless you sweet boy and I pray that you now live with a very kind and loving family for the rest of your days. Have a wonderful life sweetheart…much love sarlin’…xoxo.

  92. Beverley Covert says:

    What a difference! Look at that beautiful smile! You guys have done a wonderful job in helping Romeo become healthy, happy, and filled with self worth! Please make sure he goes to a loving home, where he will continue to know love, and security. Thank you Viktor, for showing us this happy boy!

  93. Anonymous says:

    Wow what an amazing transformation. You and your staff are true miracle workers! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and may Romeo have a long long happy healthy life in his new loving forever home!! GOD BLESS HIM!!

  94. Viktor, you are an angel ❤️

  95. Vickie Hollar says:

    You are amazing. Thank you Viktor, and all who have helped and donated!

  96. Kim Worthington says:


  97. marion crist says:

    Romo is an beautiuful dog so glad you helped him get better and he is now well enough to be rehomed he georgoues thank you Viktor and all your team for what you do for these beatuiful animals xxxx