Bianca was locked up for a year, and this is what’s left of her.

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Bianca is a purebred Samoyed, but even that fact could not protect her when her owners got bored with her. Having decided that they did not want a dog any longer, Bianca’s people simply gave her away to anyone that would take her. Her reluctant new owners, in turn, did not want a dog to start off with — so they stuck Bianca in a cage outside and forgot about her.

Bianca spent the next year locked up in that cage.

Sometime she’d get food, sometimes water. Not often the two at the same time. Nothing but the rain cleaned the bare space she occupied, so she often slept in her own feces. She never ever left the cage. The unforgiving Indonesian sun shone down on Bianca, baking her in her thick fur meant for cold climates. Her skin became infected, and her once beautiful coat started falling off in clumps.

Still, Bianca endured.




This is when our Indonesian volunteers learnt about her and rushed out to the rescue. Thankfully they succeeded in removing her from her “home” and now Bianca is with us. She is emaciated and her skin is in a terrible state — infected, inflamed, flaking, itchy.

Samoyeds have double coats. They need daily grooming as well as professional grooming. They must also be protected from the sun because they can get sunburn. Yet Bianca spent a year under open skies, slowly stewing in her own fur, and then slowly burning in the places she had lost her coat.



Everything she’s been through did not change Bianca’s sweet nature.

During the rescue she never barked at our volunteers and wagged her tail the whole time. She is kind, gentle and loving, and it is beyond us to comprehend how animals are able to keep their spirits high in such unbelievable circumstances.

Join us tomorrow as we share more about Bianca’s medical condition and see how skinny she actually is — weighing only 9 kg at 2 years of age — after the vet team has shaved off her entire matted coat.

UPDATE | May 25, 2017

Bianca remains in a veterinary clinic where the care for her continues.

An ultrasound examination has found all Bianca’s internal organs in good health. The lining of her bladder is thicker than it should be which may indicate she has had untreated cystitis or bladder inflammation, but a urinalysis returned normal results, meaning she is ok now.



When Bianca was shaved we saw that her skin was covered with tiny red pimples, similar to mosquito bites. It has become apparent now that she is possibly infected with ringworm. A culture test has been done to confirm that and it will take 2 weeks to provide results. Ringworm is treatable with oral medication, topical treatments and medicated baths which we have asked the vet team to start immediately.

Caring for Bianca will take time, effort and patience, please help her continue her journey to recovery.



UPDATE | August 22, 2017

Finally Bianca has beaten the ringworm!

After months of hospitalization, after tonnes of TLC, Bianca is finally clear of ringworm, a highly contagious skin condition, which was preventing us from discharging this sweet dog from the veterinary clinic.

Yes, dear friends, this is what Bianca looks like today!

Bianca - Let's Adopt! Global

Bianca - Let's Adopt! Global

These days Bianca is loving life and is ready to fly to the USA where there a great foster is expecting her eagerly.

But why foster — you may ask — you said you had so many adoption requests?

In an unexpected twist of events Bianca was discovered to have what is known as ‘cow hock’, which may or may not have affected her hips, and be accompanied by hip dysplasia. An animal is cow-hocked when the legs point outward as a result of incorrect lineup of the joints in the leg. Cow hock results in a splayed look in the back legs and a weird gait when walking. Bianca may have acquired this condition during the year she spent locked up in a cage, and could walk all of 5 steps in each direction.

In the meantime the forever family we had selected for our baby opted not to proceed with the adoption, concerned that their home and their furry boy’s energy levels may not be the right fit for Bianca. Since nothing more can be done for our baby medically in Indonesia, we are moving her to the USA where she can be seen by professionals and her issues addressed and/or understood better.

Bianca - Let's Adopt! Global

We have a volunteer traveling from Indonesia to the USA on August 28th, and have until then to pay for her ticket. This is less than a week from today, so your help is very needed and will be much appreciated.

We are opening the world to Bianca. Give her wings so she doesn’t miss her flight!

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Thank you if you wrote to us about adoption! We are still catching up with conversations regarding Bianca, so overwhelming was the response received.

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  1. I’ve just donated 50€. Please let me know both her states and the developments.

  2. God bless and heal this sweet doggie!!

  3. these abusive fucking people that did this to this to this puppy should be arrested and fined put in cages and lay in their own feces for a couple days no food or water
    scum abusers

  4. Mortensen says:

    please keep us updated on her progress

  5. Kiva Huffman says:

    I will adopt her and pay for her to fly here . I live in pittsburgh pa. Have a rescue group contact me and I will give her a wonderful life.

  6. How can people be so cruel as to leave a sweet dog like that. Poor baby. I am so glad you found her. She looks so sweet ! even wagging her tail in that filth.

  7. Are her owners being charged with animal abuse?

  8. Hi there. Emailed yesterday and wrote a FB message also. Very interested and deeply moved by Bianca’s story. I’ve been checking back every couple of hours hoping to hear an update on this poor little girl. It breaks my heart such a thing would happen to such an innocent and loving companion. Please let us know how she is doing. Thank you for rescuing her!