EMERGENCY – 48 hrs to save Leilani, fighting for each breath!

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What if you had to fight for each breath? What if in the heat of summer you were freezing cold? What if all you could hope for was to wake up tomorrow?

Leilani was lying motionless on the road, as is life had already abandoned her. Flies had gathered to feast on the rancid fluids her body had expelled, she had vomited and had had severe diarrhea, soiling herself all over.

People just walked on by.

Until somebody stopped… and Leilani was rushed to a veterinary clinic where she was placed on emergency life support.

Leilani was diagnosed with feline distemper and requires immediate live saving treatment, with dehydration one of the main dangers to be resolved. The major goal is to restore body fluid levels and electrolyte balance. Leilani is extremely hypothermic as her little body is failing to control her temperature, so the vet team is rewarming her externally with special heating pads.

Because the virus affects the immune system, Leilani has also developed a secondary infection and has been placed on antibiotics.


The tiny kitten must have been lying in her feces for such a long time that her hind legs are burnt to the bone by the toxic secretions. Her legs are also being treated.

Leilani’s hind legs are burnt to the bone
Leilani is only a tiny handful of a baby

UPDATE | August 2, 2016

Yesterday the vet team brought us bad news — Leilani had taken a turn for the worse, developing symptoms of acute heart failure.

The vet team immediately performed a new set of X-rays and screening ultrasound examination, which discovered that her little heart is failing and struggling to work, and fluid was collecting in her chest, causing severe respiratory distress and difficulty breathing.

An emergency thoracentesis — a procedure removing excess fluid from the space between the lungs and the chest wall — was performed  to help her breathe. She is in ICU being monitored 24/7. Once the vet team succeeds in stabilizing her they will continue searching for the reason her heart is failing, which could also be due to the FPV virus.

Now we wait — thinking, praying, hoping.


Only the previous day baby Lani had just become able to maintain her body temperature, not needing to be additionally warmed up any longer, and had a great appetite, which we were preparing eagerly to share with you.

UPDATE | August 5, 2016

Only a tiny handful of a kitten, this is nevertheless Leilani’s second triumph over a life-threatening medical emergency. Special treatment is helping her little heart work properly, and she is feeling much, much better. After managing to stabilize her, the vet team performed a thorough ultrasound examination and concluded that she does not have congenital heart disease, and her recent troubles were most likely — as suspected — owed to the virus she beat only last week.

If all goes well Leilani will soon be ready for release into a foster home, so if you have any friends in Sofia, Bulgaria — please check if they could shelter a cute little kitty for a while, and get them to write to us. Baby Lani is looking for a great home anywhere in the world — so if you have not yet, please message us here on the page or email us on adoptions@myletsadopt.com

UPDATE | August 17, 2016

Last Friday a third emergency thoracentesis had to be performed because fluid had collected again in Leilani’s chest.

This is a very difficult moment so please read on for a very important note, further information and prognosis.


Lani is not an exhausted, desperate animal that we are keeping alive at all cost. Apart from when the above happens she is in no pain or distress, but is a perfectly happy kitten with a healthy appetite and normal body temperature, who enjoys cuddles and purrs when held.

The vet team is persevering with attempts to adjust Leilani’s therapy so that her body functions with lower doses. The medication she is receiving — which helps her heart work — cannot be administered tramadol pharmacy indefinitely as it will start doing harm, for ex. diuretics put a strain on the kidneys. Please keep Lani in your thoughts and hearts for a little longer, while we continue the fight for her.

But just before you go, spend a minute with Leilani.

Leilani wants to live so we stand and we fight with her.

Please support her by donating towards her treatment fund.

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If Leilani lives she will need a great foster or forever home — please email us on adoptions@myletsadopt.com if you can provide it! She is in Sofia, Bulgaria, but transport can be arranged if the right home is found in another country. Share her story, comment and follow updates on our Facebook page Let´s Adopt Global

* Let’s Adopt! Global is a 501c3 charity and your donation is tax deductible. All funds will go towards the animal’s care. Any remaining funds will go to support our other rescues and mission.

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  1. Susana Ibanez says:

    Prayers for this poor sweet baby…may God guide her and all those caring for her on her road to recovery. May she survive this horrible illness and find her furever home! !

  2. Please keep me updated on her…. =}

  3. that poor baby! thank you to the person who stopped to save her.

  4. MC Schultz says:

    Sent a donation of $20 under the last name of Koester……..PRAYING Lani gets a miracle……she is beautiful!

  5. Morticia Walters says:

    I wish I could help this beautiful kitten. I have several feral cats behind my house. We are fighting to help the kittens here. I sure hope that you can save this beautiful cat. My heart breaks for her. God bless you for fighting for her. Looking forward to positive updates on her recovery.

  6. Oh dear God…Please let this baby live. She deserves a a life of love and tenderness..

  7. Did she make it?

  8. How is Leilani? No updates for a couple of weeks.