1st reason to beat cancer – Alex makes a dog friend!

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I did it!  I hit my fist goal on my Bucket List with a Twist!

I’m Alex and I have cancer. But cancer can be beaten. And there is so much I haven’t done in life, so I made it pretty clear that I’m not going anywhere! Click here to see everything that I want to do… and keep reading below to see how I hit my his first goal!

#1 Reason to beat cancer — Make a dog friend. Done!

First on my  Bucket List with a twist was making a dog friend.

First task:  find a dog!

A few days ago I set off on a search of my foster home, hunting for a dog.

I found a little, tasty looking one and decided to eat her instead.  She wasn’t crazy about the idea , so I went looking for another dog. I might come back to this one 😉

Luckily, I found a big scary looking one in the bedroom. I’m a badass so I’m up for the challenge!  The dog was sleeping quietly, so I snuck onto the bed and immediately pretended not to be there so as not to alert the sleeping giant of my presence. It was working so I pretended to be a dog too, hoping to remain unnoticed and slowly inching closer.


After a while  I was pretty sure this guy was ok, so I relaxed my camouflage. I decided it was time to start being a cat again and turned to face the big dog. There was no reaction.

I couldn’t resist that big soft belly in front of me, so I decided to release my secret weapon… Muffin Paws!  MUAHAHAHA!!!  I was in heaven.  I think he liked it, too.

I’m thinking, this dog friend business is quite good, actually.

It did help that the big scary dog is actually a sweet mush-pot, full of love, and a rescue just like me!  My friend’s name is River.  He was saved from a gas chamber in North Carolina.  I’m glad he’s here. He’s my pal now… but he does eat my food before I’m done so I’ll have to work on his personal space issues.

And this is how I made a dog friend and ticked the first item off my Bucket List with a twist:) Thanks for being here with me!

And before you go, please help me reach this week’s $1,000 goal  — all of which goes towards my treatments.



Will you join me in my adventure to life?

Since I started receiving chemotherapy I am feeling great. To keep beating cancer into a corner I must continue treatment. Over the next weeks I will be ticking life-moments off my wish list, and fundraising for my treatment.

Each week I will aim to raise $1,000.

The total cost of my life is over $10,000.



Please give Alex the gift of time. DONATE TODAY so he can keep ticking precious life-moments off his wish list.


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