Terrified and broken – Duke needs you today.

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Do you know how a desperate, broken, and terrified animal looks?

Like this.


Duke was first noticed limping on three legs, dragging a broken fourth.

He was also eating dirt.

After several attempts the starving, emaciated, visibly hurting and badly scared dog was finally caught and urgently rushed to a vet clinic. For his safety and hers, the rescuer secured him with the first thing she could grab as Duke screamed when his damaged leg was touched.

The examination and tests revealed a smashed knee, severe anemia, malnourishment, indications of heart trouble, a possible liver problem, as well as sky-high white blood count and low platelette count, perhaps due to a serious infection or internal bleeding. When walking Duke cannot keep his balance and falls over even when using his good legs.

Duke cried through the examination and the vets could not tell if it was pain or fear. He is weak. He is traumatized. And he needs us.


He only relaxed when placed in his cell later on, and that is when he trusted us to come close enough for this photo.



Duke is still soiling himself, peeing and pooping from fear, but as soon as possible a blankie or mat will be placed in his cage.

The vet team’s conclusion considering his injuries and how petrified he is, is that Duke was severely abused. His inability to walk could be a sign that he has been badly hit on the head — possibly tied, kicked and beaten up. He is terrified of men and leashes. Only the gentle touch of a woman seems to calm his fears.

Duke is now under observation, his stool and urine monitored for signs of internal bleeding. He has been started on a general antibiotic, fluids and pain medication tramadol while the vet team is fighting to stabilize him.

UPDATE | October 24, 2016

Baby steps is the code phrase when describing Duke’s progress.

Very slowly Duke is starting to believe humans could after all be trusted. Still incredibly spooked he continues to soil himself when touched or moved. His overall condition has improved fractionally; we expect his most recent examination and tests to determine whether he is stable enough for his injured leg to be seen to.



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If Duke gets better he will need a great home — please email us on adoptions@myletsadopt.com if you can provide it! Duke is in Jakarta, Indonesia, but transport to almost anywhere in the world can be arranged if the right home is found. Share his story, comment and follow updates on our Facebook page Let´s Adopt Global.

* Let’s Adopt! Global is a 501c3 charity and your donation is tax deductible. All funds will go towards the animal’s care. Any remaining funds will go to support our other rescues and mission.

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  1. Faith Collins says:

    Oooooh this story makes me cry How could anyone hurt an innocent animal like this How evil can the heart of man be I just donated to his care I hope you help him and he recovers to be able to be put in a loving home Thank you so much for what you are doing for these precious innocent creatures that did nothing to deserve this pain and sadness I read he is okay with women Maybe he was stolen from a woman and abused by men we will never know Im so sorry for him and my heart cries for him Faith

  2. Joan Hunter says:

    I am donating. Please keep us posted on Duke’s progress in getting well. My heart is broken for him.

  3. I pray Duke recovers from his injuries with no permanent damage to his brain. Poor baby no animal deserves to be beaten I pray someone will love him and he will be happy again. This makes me cry dogs don’t deserve this they’re our friends I’m heartbroken when I see abuse stories shame on people! Monsters! Thank you for helping him!

  4. constance says:

    Thank your for helping this poor dog, hope he will recover quickly.

  5. Littlenan says:

    This is so sad. I have sent a little but if we all send a little it will make a difference.