Saving Baby, she has swallowed a pacifier!

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UPDATE 23 september


We never imagined the nightmare would happen again…. but it is happening.

Nine months ago Baby came to us in CRITICAL condition. She was about to die due to the obstruction created inside her stomach by a foreign object. We did all the necessary tests until we were totally sure of what it was. It was a pacifier. A harmless object to calm small babies was about to kill her.

We operated her, extracted the object and saved her life. She recovered well and went to a foster home that has taken wonderful care of her…

Until today…

We received an urgent call this morning. Baby was again extremely ill, and once again it was suspected she had swallowed a foreign object.

We can see an object in an ultrasound, and although we can’t figure out exactly what it is, we know it is there. Her digestive system is shot, nothing is coming out any longer and it’s impossible for her to eat without throwing up a fetid semi-digested mass that is not able to work it’s way down.

Baby is going to die until we manage to operate her urgently and extract the new object.

There is absolutely no time to waste. We are going to allow 24 hours to stabilize her and get her ready for the procedure.


PLEASE give us a hand saving Baby again and DONATE towards her urgent operation. We really don’t have a minute to waste…


Many thanks!!


Look at this… the saddest and cutest little puppy sitting on top of the Xray table wondering how the heck did she end up there…

Her name is Baby and behind those sad looks hides a lion ready to eat the world.. don’t believe me? read on..

She was brought to us this morning in a state of extreme weakness.

Apparently she hasn’t eaten for days, and when she tries to eat she vomits everything after a few hours..

We’ve done an Xray and we see a large object inside her intestines. Looks like a rubber ball, or a piece of plastic of some sort…

Are there any kids in the house?
How old?
2 year old…

A pacifier… the little monster has swallowed a pacifier!!!!

We must get that thing out of there immediately !!. It’s too far down the intestinal track to be able to take it out with an endoscopy. We must open Baby and get it out…

Baby has been administered IV and nutrients to get her a bit stronger before her operation tomorrow morning. That thing must be taken out of there immediately or we could be facing a high probability of damage to the intestine and a peritonitis that would likely kill her.

The operation is scheduled for Saturday morning, so it’s easy to see why we are in a hurry.

Please look at Baby, the sweetest and craziest little puppy. Could a plastic pacifier kill a dog? Yes… but with your help it won’t happen this time.

Please, if you can, help Baby and contribute to her Chipin so that we can perform this surgery tomorrow.

*As always, after treatment any funds left over will be used for the treatment of all our other animals under our care.

If you are using an Apple Computer please feel free to help Saving Baby by clicking HERE

Many thanks!!!


*As always, any funds left over (we rarely have funds left over) will go into our Simba Fund to help other animals in need that won’t be promoted.


UPDATE January 5

The pacifier is out!



Baby woke up very well from the operation and has had a good day recovering at the clinic. We have called her fosters, she can go home!

The operation took place, everything has gone well.. it was an emergency and we saved her life…

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  1. Michelle Pearce says:

    If this dog has an owner, why doesn’t the owner of the dog pay for the surgery????

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      She doesn’t have an owner Michelle..she has a rescuer that is fostering the pup…
      She doesn’t have that kind of money… do you?

  2. Just contributed (sorry I can’t do more)… good luck with the surgery! I know Baby is in great hands.

  3. ohhh…how sad…you are going to get her the operation and WORRY about the $$ later…right?
    please, let me know…do you ever help out animals in Washington state…where I could at least help you out???

  4. Terance Souza says:

    what will it take to adopt her, she is adorable and need a good home

  5. That is a DOG TOY!!’ Sue the manufacturer!!!

  6. Jaylin Billig says:

    Poor little girl – maybe she has a psychological condition called “pica.” Dogs (or even people) with this condition have an obsession with non-food items. I hope she pulls through and gets better soon. Sending prayers her way, Viktor.

  7. Louise Johnson says:

    Whyever is Baby going back to the same foster people with their two year old and its pacifiers?! How many more is the puppy going to swallow?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Louise… Baby is not with the original people. She is with another foster, there are no babies in that home. We suspect she has swallowed the tap of a coca cola bottle

  8. I donated what I can for now…wish I had more to help out! Please keep us updated on Baby. Sending much love to Baby + all of you who care for these helpless animals!

  9. God bless you always, Viktor

  10. Jonathan W. says:

    I just donated $10 dollars. How much is needed for the surgery? I can post it on all my social media sites to get more donated. God bless her and please save her!

  11. Lorna lake says:

    I’m so sorry this has happened to Baby for a second time – thankfully she is with you all at LAG. No-one could possibly have foreseen that this might happen for a second time … most puppies chew on foreign objects and mercifully only a very few get into such difficulties because of that.

    Please don’t express criticism on here … LAG are totally brilliant – let’s just behind them and do our bit to help save Baby’s life. She’s a dear little soul and deserves another chance … I feel quite sure that she will be watched very closely for the rest of her life and even into old age!

    Thank you Viktor and everyone with you.
    L x

  12. Hamsa Mukund says:

    Donated… all the best to Baby and Viktor

  13. Hopefully they take better care of her and follow her as much as possible. My dog was like that but I managed to keep the house free of objects from the floor (or clean) to prevent this. It is something that could have been prevented easily. hopefully if we see baby again it will be updates of her as a grown pup.

  14. Donated, poor baby.

  15. Don’t the owners (parents) have any money for this operation ? It just seems like they should be able to take care of this themselves . I’m not being mean , I always donate , but you have to be responsible pet owners also.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      She is in one of our foster homes Monette… we take care of needs that arise whilst an animal is in a foster home..

  16. terry clark says:

    sorry i cant help as i am disabled money is tight now. but i like to thank you for helping those animals and wishing all the best and good long life to you who ever comes to your surgery. thank you victor
    i am so sorry i cant help financial

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for being there Terry… everything will be ok..

  17. Kathy Hartnell says:

    Please help her,she’s the sweetest little girl.Like puppies and babies you have to watch them all the time.Praying she recovers from the new surgery,and goes to a new home kids free of any age.It’s obviuos she;ll be a chewer.She needs a responsible adult to watch and take care of her.Viktor you are a true miracle worker save this little one.Just one more time pray the last.Help save her with your team of angels.

  18. Nancy Davis says:

    Puppies are just like human babies, and are very curious, thus “everything goes in the mouth”. if a person has the pleasure of being a parent they would already know this. God take care of Baby and teach her fosters to be extra careful in knowing she loves to chew, anything. Amen!

  19. Joƫlle, from Brussels says:

    So she did it again, little Baby! Fosters will have to pay extra attention next time so as not to leave ANYTHING on the floor that she might swallow!! Good luck with the operation Viktor… and all the team!

  20. Paula Standley says:

    Poor sweet Baby! I hope her operation is once again a success. It breaks my heart to see an animal in distress. I know this could happen to anyone’s dog. I have 4 – one of which is a beagle puppy and being a puppy, he likes to chew anything he can get his mouth on. I am constantly chasing after him trying to get him to drop what he is chewing on when he gets hold of something he shouldn’t have. It only takes a split second and you can’t watch them every single minute of the day. I certainly hope this never happens to him, but I can certainly imagine how it could happen. I would be devastated if he died because of it. I made a small donation once again. I try to give what I can each time you post these. Most of the time I can give a little bit, not as much as I would like, but I hope it helps. I would never want to lose one of mine. I know that someday they will leave me, but I want it to be only from old age after many, many years of loving and cherishing them. I will be sending prayers for Baby and hope that she makes it through once again. Thank you for all you do for the animals. It’s too bad any of them have to suffer. You are a blessing and without you, so many would never have a chance. I will be watching for updates on Baby.

  21. I have donated $ 15. hope this helps!

  22. Karen Piper says:

    A massive well done to Viktor and his wonderful team of angels..good luck Baby and make a speedy recovery..praying for

  23. I do hope that this new emergency for Baby has been dealt with successfully x. I’ve been thinking of her a lot but cannot give for the nest couple of weeks unfortunately .
    These amazing people will save you Baby if anyone can ….. Keeping you in mind meanwhile xx

  24. so quit pissing around waiting on donations and operate already!!!!!she will die if you wait any longer.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      IT’s easy to say that when noone is going to contact you as the person financially responsible for an operation of this size…
      fyi… you can’t operate immediately on an animal.. there is a preparation time that is usually what we use to fund raise. We have never lost an animal during this process.

  25. Dagmar Adams says:

    Please don’t give dogs to people that are not responsible and can not take care of them, I don’t care how many kids you have, teach them, take stuff away, or don’t have pets. Parents I am talking about.

  26. Nigel Webb says:

    Donated again Victor, forget the criticism.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Don’t worry Nigel… I’ve become immune to it, only hear the voices of those that matter and many of those critics don’t.

  27. Victor conchale ojala y gane la loteria tu estas en mi mente .. eres un angel que dios te bendiga

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Gracias Lee!!!

  28. Maureen Trant says:

    Sending prayers and love for Baby she is just so precious,you are her Angels you have saved her before please,please save her life again.Please give a up date as to how she is doing.

    Thank you

  29. De nada Viktor, te lo juro que cada ves que compro la loteria pienso en ti, porque amo a la gente que ayudar, salva, proteje a los animales. Yo amo los animales mas que a un ser humano, pero ati te adoro. Neta dios te benidga

  30. clare elliott says:

    You are doing a grand job…I wish people would stop nitpicking(they would not dare face to face) and just encourage your great work…

  31. HOW IS SHE TODAY????

  32. chris harrison says:

    me and my mum donated $10 each ,really hope baby is ok , wish i could keep her she`s so cute