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Tidus has died

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Let life be as beautiful as summer flowers
And death as beautiful as autumn leaves.
– Rabinandranath Tagore


Tidus, the hero, Tidus, the beautiful, Tidus, the dog that inspired the world and showed us all the true value of life passed away yesterday in the loving arms of his owner and surrounded by us that came to love him.

His sweetness, courage, and strength in the face of a fate that many a human would consider worst than death gained him the support and admiration of millions, not only in Spain, but around the world. At a time when people strive to find signs of humanity around them and don’t find it, Tidus plea provided us both hope and it made us reflect about who we really are, and where we are going, as individuals and a society.

Through his battle for life, his small daily conquests and his ultimate loss, Tidus has giving us all a lesson we shall never forget, and the lesson is this:

Every life is priceless…. every life.

Tidus was not just a dog. He was SOMEONE. He knew what he liked, and disliked, he had preferences, and wishes, and he didn’t wish to die after providing a few minutes of fun to a heartless gang of thugs. He enjoyed playing with this friends at the park and chase after cats. He preferred the bed to the sofa, and above all, he loved people, and children. He was kind, calm and carried his suffering with a dignity that noone that met him or heard of his please will will ever forget. Yesterday, whilst he exhaled his last breath, his vets broke up in tears, and then, he was gone, and there was silence.

And what of his killers? They remain on the loose. And they have burned three other dogs in the past weeks.

And what of the police? The police is busy, placing parking tickets and pretending nothing has happened. A pretend that will continue until someone, maybe a kid, maybe an elderly person, surely someone weak and helpless, incapable of defending himself will appear charred to the bone, as Tidus was. The day it happens, Police will be slapped on the face with the fact that they allowed serial killers to live among us.

Goodbye Tidus. It was a pleasure to meet you. Look out for us, could you?


Viktor Larkhill







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  1. Susan Mah says:

    RIP Tidus. I was really hoping that you were going to make it. I am sorry that humans did this to you and your owner.

  2. Cannot believe this – in floods of tears. Poor Tidus, what a fighter. So sad his little body just could not cope. XX

  3. Lina Herzig says:

    Qué tristeza! No tengo palabras para decir lo que siento por este pobre perrito, la rabia que me da que haya gentuza capaz de hacer tanto mal, lo que me gustaría que esos degenerados fueran atrapados y encerrados donde no puedan volver a salir y alguna pregunta sobre la dueña del perrito que sin duda lo quería, pero que tal vez es ignorante, pobre de espíritu o negigente pués esperó dos semanas antes de darle atención médica al cachorrito! Esto no puedo entenderlo. Uno puede no tener dinero, pero corre con el perrito donde un veterinario que con seguridad le ayuda y después aunque sea se pide limosna para pagar! Cuanto sufrimiento para nada tuvo que soportar este pobre animalito. Me siento deshecha sobre todo porque ayer pareía estar mejor.

  4. Claudia Kalnischkies says:

    In loving memory

    R.I.P. kleine Fellschnute..

    du warst so tapfer und hast doch verloren..

    ?¸. ?* ¨) ¸. ?´¸. ?* ´¨)
    ? (¸. ?´ (¸. ?`* ¸. ?´¸. ?* ´¨)
    ? ¸. ?* ª??¨¨¯¯¨¨??ª¤…. ¤ ª??
    Stehe nicht an meinem Grab und weine.
    Ich bin nicht dort. Ich schlafe nicht.
    Ich bin wie tausend Winde, die wehen.
    Ich bin das diamantene Glitzern des Schnees.
    Ich bin das Sonnenlicht auf reifendem Korn.
    Ich bin der sanfte Herbstregen.
    Wenn Du aufwachst in des Morgens Stille,
    bin ich der flinke Flügelschlag friedlicher
    Vögel im kreisenden Flug.
    Ich bin der milde Stern, der in der Nacht
    Stehe nicht an meinem Grab und weine.
    Ich bin nicht dort. Ich bin nicht tot.
    ?¸. ?* ¨) ¸. ?´¸. ?* ´¨)
    ? (¸. ?´ (¸. ?`* ¸. ?´¸. ?* ´¨)
    ? ¸. ?* ª??¨¨¯¯¨¨??ª¤…. ¤ ª??

  5. Amy Shorter-Koenig says:

    No. No. No no no! What happened?! Oh, this breaks my heart! Tidus. Poor Tidus. And these poor other dogs. How do officials just turn a blind eye? I will never understand. Tidus came so far. This is just gut wrenching.

  6. Connie Sills Klein says:

    I am so so, upset and sorry. What a dear sweet little angel. I just pray to God the scum that did this, and the police pay for this little ones pain. RIP little baby.

  7. I have tears. Brave , brave dog. May he Rest inPeace. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Noel Grein says:

    My heart is broken for Tidus. When I first started following this story, I believed it would have been more humane to end his suffering – that is until I looked into his eyes in the pictures and saw a fight and will to live. What happened to this sweet, gentle, innocent soul shows the worst of mankind – that any human could look into those happy, playful eyes and light him on fire for amusement . . . and then it showed the best of mankind in all that took care of him, loved him, and donated time and money to try to save his precious life. If it were not for the good that I saw, I would have entirely lost all faith in man – not wanted to live on this planet any longer with such evil – so thank you TIdus and all who loved and cared for this special baby for giving me some hope in this world.

  9. The individual life of Tidus mattered to this individual in Canada. His death is a common one. His life was not. None of them are. I join you in your grief, and also in your resolve to make the world a safer place for these uncommon individuals. No more words.


  10. Lena Sahlman says:

    R.I.P Tidus! You will not be forgotten!

  11. No words, Viktor… Just tears and a bleeding heart </3 xoxox

  12. Claire Wilson says:

    Dear Tidus may your soul be at rest. My deepest sympathy goes out to your owner and to all the people who worked so hard to save your life and give you the life you deserved. I am heartsick that not only are these monsters who hurt Tidus still at large but that they have since burned three other dogs. Your prediction of the likely course their savage torture will escalate to is mostly likely true. This must be stopped. I am a pacifist and anti-vigilante but in this case I hope that neighborhood people will band together and keep the areas under surveillance so that they will not only find the perpetrators but will mete out the justice to them that they deserve.

  13. Ирена Антонова says:

    През сълзи…почивай в мир мило кученце.Толкова много се надявах,че ще се пребориш с човешката мерзост.Искренно вярвам,че си на по-добро място..

  14. lisa lackey says:

    whyyyyyyyyyyyy did he dieeeeeeeee whyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyy whyyy

    i cant breath i cant breath

    oh my god ohhhh god

    ohhhh noooooooo no no

  15. Becky Patlan-Garcia says:

    My heart is broken. Just as it did with Biscuit. RIP Tidus. You fought the good fight but perhaps it was more than you could handle. Go find Biscuit and together the two of you can run and be free again. Know that the whole world is mourning your loss and you will forever remain in our hearts. <3 <3

  16. RIP Tidus I am so very sorry for your pain and suffering do to humans ‘I will always pray for you and remember you, I had hoped and prayed you would be ok and know not all humans were like that Bye Tidus,

  17. Rebecca Anderson says:

    For you Tidus http://youtu.be/ZcQvYh_3Atw
    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
    There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
    There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
    The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…

  18. David Briscoe says:

    very sorry to hear that. hope the people who hurt him are punished.

  19. Already shedding tears in this early new year….just endless sadness and so much anger…R.I.P. sweet Tidus.

  20. Ivonne Contreras says:

    How sad end, for this sweet Tidus…..I Pray for him God Bless him loveing dog…………..

  21. Julia Leyva says:

    Todas las nubes del mundo estan llorando en mi corazon. Que duermas bien, angelito :´(((

  22. As a mother of two children who were burned by arsonist in 1975 at the age of 3 and 4. As a proud guardian of two German Police/Anatolian Shepherds. I am in tears after seeing this about Tidus and hearing that arsonists of the worst kind are out there doing this to these dogs, next people. I am sick inside that law enforcement and others who may have witnessed this and did nothing, have not caught the person/s who did this. God will make them pay, if nothing else will. What a cruel world we live in. I believe if I saw this happen I would shoot the arsonist, just as I would if they did it to a human being. Enough cruelty, enough pain. I am just heartsick.

  23. RacquelMM says:

    I really thought he would make it. RIP Tidus.

  24. Murat Kavlak says:

    This very very sad news really breaks my heart…I thought he was doing really well, considering the horror he faced….I’m so very very sad by this news…R.I.P., Tidus…

  25. polina deghton says:

    Gosh!My beloved Tidus i thought you would make it rest in peace where there is no pain and cruelty i would always keep a memory of you

  26. Devorah Bowen says:

    I am both shocked and saddened at the loss of Tidus. I too believed at first that he should have been relieved from all his unimaginable pain and put to rest. It was the love, hope and amazing care that you provided that help change my mind. Not to mention that with each new picture and update I was rooting for his quick recovery and falling a little bit more in love. As much as I would like to spew hatred for the monsters that did this to Tidus I will not. Not here and not now. Now I choose to recognize the beautiful soul that we have all lost. To Tidus’s owner and the many amazing caretakers, I grieve with you. My heart is broken. May he rest in peace and only remember the unmeasurable love that will always remain for him.

  27. Jennifer Pape says:

    Poor baby!! This is HEARTBREAKING!!! :(

  28. I have followed this little dogs story from the beginning , it’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last at night . This morning when I read this I couldn’t believe it I am so upset , that little dog really tried to live and all the people looking after tidus tried so hard ,a big thank you for all their hard work and I am so sorry for the owner I am in tears, goodness knows how the owner feels

  29. Roann Nowark says:

    RIP, sweet Tidus. You are now free of pain and can run and play at the Rainbow Bridge. :'(. <3

  30. Melvin Graham Beasley says:

    I really thought poor Tidus was going to make it. A curse on the evil scum that did this and now are continuing to do the same. May they all die a painful death by burning.

  31. Lizet Bernburg says:

    Dearest Tidus – I have just woke up, logged on FB to see if there were any news about you – and then I read that you have died. I am totally out of words – tears just keep running, my heart is beating so fast that I can’t breath – sweet sweet Tidus, I had so much hoped for a happy ending for you- you deserved it so much – thit is completely meaningless that you had to die. My heart is totally broken.
    Dear Viktor – thank you so much for all your and the vet teams efforts – I know how hard this must be for all of you. Could you please telll what happened with Tidus since things suddenly turned out this way? Lots of love to all of you from Lizet

  32. Pam Knoener says:

    Viktor, I am so saddened by this and cannot stop crying. Thank you for all your effort and care that you gave poor Tidus. I pray he is in a better place now.

  33. Tidus, descansa en paz perrito lindo. Ahora eres libre d la prisión de la carne y la materia, vuela alto y sé feliz…. T llevas el amor d miles de personas q se interesaron y conmovieron con tu caso y estuvimos pendientes de todo lo q te sucedía…. es triste la noticia porque estábamos muy esperanzados con tu recuperación :'(

    Muchas gracias al equipo médico, todo lo q hicieron en Tidus favorece a todos los animales del mundo, exploraron nuevas técnicas y tratamientos q antes solo eran para humanos, esto abre una puerta gigante para tratar a otros animales…. esperemos q no sea a causa de desgraciados infelices como los q le hicieron esto a Tidus. Son los psicópatas del mañana y gente muy peligrosa q debe ser aislada d la sociedad. Es preocupante q la policía y las leyes no den ese tipo de tratamiento a los animales. Debemos seguir luchando para q sean considerados nuestros familiares y amigos y no un simple objeto o bien material. NO MÁS MALTRATO ANIMAL.


  34. Kathy Jones says:

    I am just heartbroken…

  35. Kathy Jones says:

    And in total tears…

  36. mary mcdonald says:

    RIP tidus love your home now rome free no pain were all the dogs in heaven your the star in the sky my heart goses out to the owner god bless them for there sad lose xxx

  37. Three other dogs this is terrible!, i hope they catch this evil gang very, very soon and they get what they deserve.

  38. Im so sorry you lost your fight for life little man, Rest in peace you little darling ,you were such a little hero,and now your pain has gone,go and play with all your friends at rainbow brigde,You will never be forgotton,As for your mummy, i feel her pain, and so sorry for you, we can just hope and pray, that the thugs who did this will oneday be found, and recieve the punishment they deserve , Thinking of you all xxxx

  39. Viktor, I’m so sad. I had really started to think that Tidus would survive this. Everything is just sad, this poor little dog has done nothing wrong, how could these monsters do this to him .. Is it really true that this continues in Spain, it is now burned more dogs? The government must do something to stop this .. This is something the whole world must react.
    This will be a painful time for all, we are many who loved Tidus, I have followed his story here, and I’m broken today as so many others.
    Rest in peace dear Tidus <3 I will never forget you.

  40. Lisa Shaw says:

    I am so sorry. Tidus, please be at peace now you brave boy! I hope his torturers are found and prosecuted to the fullest, which sadly is not enough! Bless you Viktor!

  41. Qué triste noticia para empezar el año… Descansa en paz Tidus.

  42. Becky Patlan-Garcia says:

    Do you know that animals are sentient?
    They feel pleasure, joy and pain
    Have you seen their faces when they’re crying?
    Have you heard them calling out in vain?

    They are conscious; pure in their existence
    And they have the right to stay
    So will you have the kindness
    Not to look the other way, the other way?

    For the time has come to take a stand
    To honor and respect
    To do no harm
    To help rebuild the lives that have been wrecked
    The time has come to make it known
    For everyone to see
    That beyond the feathers, fur and skin
    The heart is beating free.

    Have you seen the tears of the abandoned
    When they’re yearning for a home?
    Have you felt the ecstasy of beings
    Who are finally free to roam?

    Do you know that you behold the power
    To make a difference every day?
    Speaking out and taking action
    Spreading compassion all the way, all the way.
    Not sure who wrote this but a friend of mine just posted it on her wall and I think this is why we try so hard…. RIP Tidus <3

  43. Anonymous says:

    So so sorry little Tidus, You were very brave.I really hoped that you would make it,. I hpe the scum who did this to you get there deserved punishment in time.RIP sweet baby

  44. poor baby I was hoping with all my heart you’d pull thru this but sometimes the fight to stay just takes to much from us when we’re so hurt . Fly free now baby all your pain gone run and play at the rainbow bridge where no cruelty exists theres only love.

  45. Christina Morley says:

    My heart is broken. So so sorry little Tidus, You were very brave.I really hoped that you would make it,. I hope the scum who did this to you get there deserved punishment in time. RIP sweet baby.

  46. Proverbs 11:17 says:

    Somehow, someway…God will punish these killers and those who ignore them. Until then let’s all pray for the helpless animals that are tortured by these hateful souls. And continue to pray that it is in God’s will that each and everyone of them will face their truths and one day feel the same pain they have thrust upon God’s creatures in tenfold.

  47. Priscilia Widjaja says:

    I broke myself in tears when I know that he’s gone. He had a strong will to live, but maybe he thought it was enough.. Rest in peace Tidus, you have been such an inspiration for humanity..

  48. Oh No … I’m so sorry … Sending love to all of you who knew him and who fought for his life with him … A new star will shine in the skies tonight … L x

  49. Béatrice says:

    I’m very sade… I believed in his healing

    I hope the new medical technologies will be benefit to other animals; so he will not die for “nothing”.

    Poor poor dog !

    So much suffering because of human stupidity

    Sometimes the days are difficult ! Thinking too to you ! It must be much more difficult for you all !

    But I wish you a wonderful year 2013, empty of succes animal stories !

  50. jackie ross says:

    May you rot in a fiery hell you scum of the earth who did this to that poor dog and the others…. R I P little one xxx

  51. Ewa Skarin says:

    Oh no poor Tidius my heart are braking i thousend pices.You brave angel.But now you can run on green medows and play with other angels with no pain.You will be missed and we will love you for the eternity.
    You brave dog. <3 <3 <3 <3 Rip dear angel Tidius
    And why are thoes maniacs still free and still burning dogs can't someone stop them?? Where are the law when you need it the most?
    But I will pray that all the angels in heaven shall bring them to justice.I call uppon all angels to do whats right here.Don't let thoes humans torture any moore dogs.

  52. Trisha Chapman says:

    such beautiful, loving eyes you had. My heart is breaking. :(

  53. Marie-Laurence says:

    I believed so much in his healing.I always followed the updatings.Rest in peace Tidus,Thank you to everyone for loving him

  54. Stacie Shiffer says:

    It is inconceivable of how some humans can be towards living things! What these people did to Tidus is hideous and should have the same thing done to them. Poor beautiful Tidus wasn’t bothering or hurting anyone that day he was burned, he loved life and people and he trusted YOU!!!! Damn you may you go to hell and never return!!! Tidus you are now free if the pain and suffering and may you run free at the Rainbow Bridge and soon you will be with your owner one day and everyone who was praying for you. Love you little one you will always be in my heart forever!!!! Stacie from Pennsylvania

  55. Yvonne Wahlström says:

    Nooo !
    So sorry sweet Tidus. But now your pain has gone.
    Run free to the Rainbow Bridge and play with all your friends.

  56. Miguel Angel says:

    Descansa en Paz campeón…te llevas un trozo de nuestros corazones pero has dejado la dulzura de tu mirada grabada en nuestras almas, no te olvidaremos, mucho ánimo a sus dueños y gracias a todos los que han luchado por el, y espero que los responsables de esto paguen por ello.

  57. hi
    I was deeply shocked and moved today, as I followed Tidus from the start.
    could you please give out the address or website for the police in the area this happened so we can bombared them with complaints. Its worth a try. I feel so angry this is still going on. or maybe you could start a petition and then present it to the police with the local press? we must do something!
    from his life must come some good

  58. So sad, I wish he had made it. He will be running free in the most beautiful place now. I followed his story and had so much hope, this has brought me the first tears of the new year. RIP sweet Tidus x

  59. Beverly Kinsella says:

    I’m so incredibly sad and heartbroken. RIP you beautiful precious little soul. Always in my heart.

  60. Jan Rotheram says:

    Never ever will we forget the beauty that was yours. Your love and faith in the very race who did this to you…..

    Rest in peace sweet angel…………

    RIP Tildus

    In tears and heartbroken for you……and for those who fought so hard to save you…….your fight and spirit was strong, unfortunately your injuries were too much for anyone to bear………………..


  61. Rizia Ortolani says:

    Only tears, this is the worst start we could never have. I love you Tidus, since the first day I saw you, I loved you so much, you were part of my daily life, always looking for you, always praying for the special dog you were for all of us. No words Tidus, for your pain, for the hope you gave us all the days, you were something that noone could be imagine. You were the LIGHT, the HOPE, you made some of us better than before, you will never be forgotten… Tidus, God will love and deserves for you the best in Heaven…. With ALL my love <3

  62. fiona Hughes says:

    My heart stopped when I read that Tidus has died.. I have been following his progress every day… waiting to see the day when he could lead as normal a life as possible. you have done so so much for him… I’m turning inside out thinking about the thugs still on the lose, inflicting this kind of pain on othe dogs… something really has to be done about it.. I’m going to contact a British National Paper with the story.. see if they can give the authorities a bit of a kick up the arse!

  63. R.I.P babyboy no more pain run free at rainbow bridge, glad you knew what love was b4 you went <3 <3

  64. damn . I am so sorry for what was done to you. I hope that those responsible will soon have to answer for what they are doing in every way possible.

    Rest in Peace sweet one

  65. I can’t believe it. Noooo!! It can’t be true. ;(
    Tidus, sweet boy you will be never forgotten.
    Run in heaven happy and healthy.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry for Tidus and his owner. My prayers and tears are with you both. I know it may sound silly but I feel prayers are needed for those responsible that God work a change in their lives, that they see the horror of what they have done, and it NOT be done again. Maybe one day they will become advocates for God’s creatures less fortunate. There is nothing so painfull as the loss of a love one…just remember to treasure those memories…love ones are a gift. My love and prayers…

  67. Should start donating for taking down killers and their families

  68. I’m in tears. RIP Tidus. I didn’t know you but I loved you.

  69. Jill & Judy says:

    We loved you too! You reminded me to keep fighting and to love life and to try a little harder. Please look over us….love to you Tidus. Love to those who cared for him….

  70. Nancy Weitzman says:

    I am heart broken ….. Did his heart give out…. ? Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to help Tidus and for everything you do each day to help animals.

  71. stò piangendo … povero piccolo,spero che l’anno nuovo a chi ti ha ridotto così sia per loro un anno di inferno e sciagure una dietro l’altra…

  72. So very sad….

  73. Melissa Palmquist says:

    RIP Tidus:( My heart is broken for you and my eyes are filled with tears. I am so sorry the human race failed you. Run free and frolic at the bridge.

  74. This seriously breaks my heart. I prayed and prayed for him . He is in a good place now. Thank you guys for all you have done and for believing in tidus.. r.I.p beautiful tidus<3

  75. poor tidus. rest in peace boy. the police never seem to care much about anything which makes being a police officer meaningless unless the job is actually done proper and respectfully. the police have become these serial killers as well because they let it happen and do nothing when its there job to stop wrong doings such as this. if they shoot them so what a couple lives ended to save many people and animals from dying or burning for no reason. god watch over all the helpless and innocent where all this is happening this isnt right and i know you will help us all

  76. RIP Tidus. This is not the news that I wanted to hear in 2013. You are my first tears of the new year. RIP sweetie.

  77. Kevin Inkster says:

    Today is a sad day, so sorry to hear brave Tidus passed away, the culprits make me feel embarrassed and ashamed to be part of the human race. Thinking of him at the Rainbow Bridge. R.I.P.

  78. I am at a total loss words as tears pour down my face, this little pup had endured so much pain and come so far in his recovery……….. While I know he is whole again and able to run and play on the other side now it still hardly seems fair. While it may not help my karma any I sincerely hope who ever did this to him catches themselves on fire so they to can feel the pain that he felt! Rest in peace little Tidus – you certainly didn’t deserve what happened to you……….
    Dear lord,
    Please take this humble creature into your kingdom, allow him safe passage over the rainbow bridge to where the fields are full of grass and tennis balls have wings, and where Doggie bones drop from trees like leaves. Hes master will be along in time but for now let him be whole again knowing no pain, no suffering and no more abuse – let him run free and play and romp in the sunshine. Dear Lord please take Tidus – and hold him close, comfort him and let him know it will be ok.

    In your name I pray,

    Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, thank you for having entrusted us with such a loyal pet.

    Thank you for letting Tidus teach us unselfish love.

    Thank you for the good memories that we can recall to brighten our days for the rest of our lives as well as the fighter spirit that we can hold onto for inspiration in our own troubles times.

    Finally, in gratitude, we return the soul we knew as Tidus to you.


  79. My heart breaks! I looked for updates on Tidus everyday. I must admit I was truly surprised at his progress, I often wondered how any living being could endure what he was going through…I am truly sad to hear this-my eyes are filled with tears! The world loves you Tidus, RIP sweet boy! I wish pain and agony to the ruthless people that put you at deaths door. To those dedicated to his healing, God bless you — Viktor !! ♡♡♡

  80. My heart is broken the tears won’t stop been up all night wondering why this baby had to suffer by the hands of evil,he fought so hard to live and I truly hoped he would make it but now your gone sweet angel,no more pain or suffering will you feel baby boy,now’s your time for peace, life with no pain,a place to run be happy and watch over all whom have loved you and you loved back,to young a boy to have your life end this way but no more will anyone harm you.I’ve asked myself why if you murder a person you serve life or death why if you kill a animal you walk away free,animals cry, feel pain, bleed love and protect they feel the same way every person does like people they love,need love,hugs,kiss’es the way we all do,so why do the people that kill these angles walk away because of laws,laws are made to be broken a animal is human also the people who have done this should suffer the way a person would suffer for murder in this case I said death for all.They have taken taken this angel from the person who loved him best and whom he loved back,they not only murdered this baby but have broken anothers heart have taken from them his love his kiss’es play time and the life they had with him.Now tell me why should they walk free because I see no reason.My heart hurts so deeply for the owners I”m truly sorry for your loss of this beautiful baby,he will never be forgotten he is part of everyones heart who has followed this story he will forever be loved.Rest now baby angel suffer no more,love,
    hugs and kiss’es from me to you forever.

  81. Bambi Tuckey says:

    Viktor, you will always be Tidus’ hero! You were with him through the good and bad. You loved him and kept him comfortable. You will be with him again someday. :(

  82. Tidus. God said let vengence be mine. The evil people that did this to you, will know gods fury 10 fold…You however will always be near the throne as one of the many animals god has wept over but has now taken under his wings forever.

  83. So so sorry that poor Tidus did not make it. I am also sorry that his suffering was prolonged for so long — through painful treatment and surgery. In this case, it may have been more humane to let him go peacefully and avoid all the pain. The suffering was just too much for him to bear and he made the decision. Sometimes we have to understand that life at all costs is not the answer, especially with burns — the most excruciating pain imaginable.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:


  84. It’s New Year’s Day and for the first time this year my heart is absolutely breaking in two. This poor little baby just didn’t deserve this. My thoughts are with his owner and the staff who looked after him, you must be absolutely devastated. I hope that the people who did this to Tidus make a mistake and set themselves on fire – maybe then they will understand the meaning of pain. In fact give me a light and I will rid the world of this scum myself! I’m sure Tidus is looking down on us all from his cloud, proudly barking “I’m okay now, I’m all better and look at my wings, they’re so cool!” The amazing thing though is how one small dog can bring so many people together across the globe. Just look at the posts from so many heartbroken people in different languages. This amazing dog has left an amazing legacy, Rest in peace baby boy, you deserve it.

  85. Aysen Ertur says:

    the suffering humans can inflict on other living beings leaves me speechless. i stand humbled before tidus, who found it in himself to love and trust humans despite the torture humans put him through. and i apologize, on behalf of all who could not stop this horrible thing from happening.

  86. Jude Medhurst says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo!! I can hardly see my computer screen through the tears. I so hoped this brave little soul was going to make it through. Have fun in heaven – whole, healed and happy. <3

  87. Bless his heart. I have been following this story from day one. May he be at peace now, sweet baby. We live in a very cruel world. Very sad :(

  88. Anonymous says:

    absolutely heartbroken I really thought he was going to make it..all my thoughts are with the team that looked after him and hank you for always caring for animals.

  89. Really cannot believe it… I’m in tears as well… poor little darling soul, dearest and so brave Tidus, we learned to love you each day more and prayed every night that you’d get saved, healed and that you might start a new life… This won’t happen on earth… Goodbye sweet Tidus, rest in peace with other companions and be another angel for your owner and us all – Thanks Viktor and all the team to have tried whatever you could… So sad…

  90. Julie van Niekerk says:

    I am so very heartsore. A piece of my soul died too. I am bitter and angry too, because those animal criminals will keep doing this to other dogs too in the future and will not get punished for their evil deedsds. I blame the law makers, for they give people the permission to be cruel to animals. My New year started with very sad news, but I will send. Bad Karma to those evil low life scum that are worst than satan.

  91. All my love to you, Tidus. May this be an end to your suffering and may you realize your Buddha Nature. May we all continue to cultivate the Love and Compassion that this kind of shared experience has generated in us so that we can express our own Loving-Kind Hearts to all sentient beings.

  92. Cathy Steed says:

    I am crying. This cannot be. Oh no. You sweet boy. No more pain and cruel people. You arre playing with the angels.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I won’t forget ever

  94. I can’t believe this poor little soul has been taken. He had so much fight in him and things looked promising. All I can think is that he was lent to us for a short while and now he has been called home. His life was not in vain, even after the cruel and vicious treatment he received at the hands of thugs. He showed us all that whatever they suffer animals will still trust and love. A lesson to all humans I think . . .

  95. fernando alves says:

    I am so sad….
    I am ashemed of the human being, cause Tidus will still be alive.
    I hope we can change the laws, so that we can protect animals. I am so sad, cause i belived he will get better one day, but the suffering was to much and he leaft us to join our God in heaven.
    He was not one more, he was someday like me and belongs to nature as all of human being does. Tidus, now you are safe, far away from the pain and from the bad people of this world. Rest in peace and take care of our little friends. You give us a huge story of life and how to face the bad moments in life, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose!

  96. This has truely broken my heart. I can’t explain why this one touched me so deeply. I can only imagine what pain your caregivers feel over your death. May your memory comfort them. You reached so many hearts, brought awareness and compassion from around the world. I am at a loss for more words. Viktor I thank you for sharing this amazing story. Yidus, may you rest in peace without pain. <3

  97. rachel sedgwick says:

    Bless u tidus.i have thought about u every day.i have lit a candle in your memory.u r an inspiration.and u r running around up there.xxx

  98. “I believe there is another world waiting for us. A better world. And i’ll see you there Sweet Titus”
    He is finally at peace running across the fields of Heaven – The day cruelty to animals stop, the day mankind will be at peace. Titus showed us how to love like we have never knew before – Thank you Titus for being in m life – You now live in all our hearts!

  99. sharon amey says:

    its so sad.he was a fighter but obviously to much for his poor little body.r.i.p.

  100. please understand that I’m NOT accusing anyone of anything but what “we” all NEED to know IS WHY? He was doing better even had pictures taken to mprove it, he WAS never in a critical state after surgery, so someone even though your “grieving” and your heartnhas been turned into mush, as all of us. “we” who have carried him in “our hearts” also have the RIGHT to no why? what happen all of a sudden at “years end? He “Tidus” suddenly deceided to “stop fighting? no way Im NOT buying it!!! Explain!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      He was in a catabolic state, no matter how much we fed him his body was breaking down.. in the end he developed meningitis. That was the point of no return.
      That’s why he died.
      Now you can buy it or not buy it… but please kindly treat me with the same respect I treat you. Thank you.

  101. Viktor, I am so sorry for your loss and that of his caretakers and the owner. I was so sure that Tidus was going to make it. Treating burn victims is never easy.

  102. Laura Horner says:

    I really believed he would make it. I’m so sorry, Tidus. I fell in love with you a half a world away. I thought of you everyday. My heart is mourning your loss and my soul hopes the humans who did this will be found and severely punished for this cruel, inhumane act. RIP I’ll see you on the other side, man.

  103. Dear Viktor, you can see from all the Facebook comments that so many people are terribly terribly sad today and I’m sure all/many of us want to do something to try and make the police take notice and to shame them into taking action – something which they should already be doing. I am horrified to think of other dogs being burned – do you think emails to the police dept would help, or a petition calling for action, or emails to local media?. When you have a moment and feel strong enough please tell us how we can help stop such acts of cruelty and ensure that those who inflict it are severely punished X

  104. Karen Hall says:

    I have no worfd to describe how heartbroken I am for Tidus, Viktor, LAG, his owners, the entire of the lets adopt community. I have spent most of today crying and dont think it will stop any time soon. I am so so so sorry we couldnt save you baby boy. So sorry.

  105. I have been following Tidus for quite a while now. I am totally heartbroken over this beautiful dog.Tears are streaming down my face. What happened to our sweet boy? He seemed to be doing so well for what he had been through. He fought to live for 2 weeks after being injured, fought through 2 surgeries on his legs, his skin seemed so much better. What happened please. I loved this dog and I will never forget him. Such abuse should never be forgotten. It is an injustice for what these sub-humans do to God’s beautiful innocents.. Run wild and free sweet Tidus. You have made a huge impact on the world.

  106. I am so heartbroken by Tidus departure :( :( what a brave boy he has been still showing humans love after what he has been through poor baby,i will miss him dearly,i really cant believe it, my heart is crying for him, i thought he would pull through with all the care he was getting. He is in a happy place now RIP baby boy,i love you.I hope they get these people for what they have done.xxxxx

  107. stefan Roovers says:

    He’s now over the rainbow bridge,no more suffering,just peace and love,rip my friend,your story really “moved” me fur shure!
    I will continue my fight against animal abusers even stronger!!!

  108. RIP my love I know you are with our LORD JESUS CHRIST and have no more pain.
    Can anyone send me the town web site for the police?
    I want to punish that gang to the fullest !!!
    I am reading a book “Biblical Proof Animals Do Go To Heaven” it is written by Steven H Woodward.
    My love is with you Tidus, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Thanks to everyone that helped him Viktor and your team.

  109. Alida du Preez (South Africa) says:

    Dear TIDUS, I am crying over your passing on and I am crying because the human race is soooo cruel!!! You suffered, you were so brave, you as an innocent doggy was tortured by criminals, We prayed for you, but the good Lord came to take you over the Rainbow Bridge to run free and without pain. My heart goes out to your owner…Lord give her peace……and may you RIP, dear little TIDUS

  110. Mary soldano says:

    So sad this precious little boy is gone-no animal deserves this horrible cruelty and pain-my heart is broken-for his owner and everyone that loved him and loves animals-sometimes animals are more humane than humans ! I thank you for all that you have done for Tidus and all animals-you are truly angels! I hope his torturers get the worst punishment ever- I hope the police find them so no other innocent animal suffers! RIP little Tidus-I will never forget your sweet face-may God Bless and keep you safe in heaven!

  111. Steve Vincek says:

    I am so sorry to have to hear this once again, a innocent dog playing in a park with his family. I am really sick of these animal abusers getting away with the shit they do, more needs to be done to protect our animals we love, do we not see a pattern here of kid serial killers? I’m for charging them as murders, stop the slaps on the wrist and take them to jail and let someone have there way with them.. Let them learn..

  112. May Tidus find peace and happiness on that end of the rainbow he has always dreamed of……

  113. Noooooooooooo Poor baby Tidus, R.I.P. Im in tears have been reading your story from day 1.Like so many people have been praying for you on your road to recovery, But you couldnt take any more and slipped away and have gone to rainbow bridge and all your pain has gone. So sorry for your family but you will meet up some day with them and all be together again, untill that day run free little one nobody can hurt you any more. :(

  114. Jackie Ressler says:

    RIP Tidus. Your death has made me cry may tears. May you run free at the rainbow bridge. So sorry that this world failed you and that the thugs that did thios to you get what they deserve.

  115. R.I.P Tidus! You will not be forgotten!

  116. Leslie butler says:

    My heart is broken…I am in tears and cannot fathom the cruelty of this. I can sit here and wish the people who did this suffer the same fate, but that will not reverse the suffering of that beautiful baby, Tidus, or the other dogs to whom this happened. Where are the police? Are they really just not caring about this? When will these poor animals be treated as God’s creatures, and not just as unfeeling things? It is time for a change in laws- cruelty to animals must be a felony and real punishment must be instituted upon those less-than-humans who commit these horrific crimes. May they rot in the inferno of hell- May they be dragged behind a car and their skin ripped from their bodies the way they deserve. Tidus, RIP, SWEET BABY! Know that you are loved by so many. XO Run free forever!

  117. jeannie camm says:

    My heart is breaking Viktor. You all tried SO hard. God bless you all and rest in peace darling Tidus

  118. Salpie Ajemian says:

    Buckets of tears is not helping…I want to see those monsters and the parents who raised them suffer pain and cruelty for ever. I wish I could see a memorial with Tidus’ sculpture and story at exactly the same spot he was tortured for a constant reminder…nothing less!! I hold and kiss your cold body with all the love and warmth on this earth…Gentle Tidus.

  119. Sherri Labay says:

    Poor sweet Tidus. My heart is aching to know that you are gone. I believe in karma and those who did this to you will get there’s one day. Run free dear boy. For now you are whole again and pain free. There are those who waited for you at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome you and play.Rest in peace dear boy. Victor I am so very grateful for all you did to help this boy and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly an Angel sent from God to help those who need you the most..

  120. Anonymous says:

    Rest in peace tidis you were strong and I hope I get the chance to meet the little pricks who done this to u so I could show them how it feels may god bless you

  121. Kay Coates says:

    Dearest Tidus – you showed us the worst of humanity, but also the best of it. May justice be swift to those who caused you such suffering, and may those who loved and cared for you find their broken hearts soon healed. Run free little man. <3

  122. This is heartbreaking. You, the angels that cared for Titus and others, are wonderful human beings and I am so glad that he was able to know how much you all loved him and tried so hard to save him.

    A strong united movement needs to begin to identify those who are perpetrating these horrific acts. Bring it on people of Spain!!

  123. My heart is breaking! Tears run over my face… :’-(
    I hope you will have a better life wherever you are now.
    R.I.P. little Tidus!!!

  124. Sharron Davis-USA says:

    Dearest Viktor, and owner, I am so saddened to hear of Titus’ passing,I was afraid the burns may have been too dramatic- but I prayed and cried anyway – how wonderful it was to have Titus leave us knowing and feeling the courage and love and compassion you all fought so hard to give him. I am not saying the injury was wonderful- just the opportunity for his owner to hold him and let him know he was not alone. This is a very cruel world, I know because I have witnessed the tragedies set forth on man by man- which unfortunately is easier for me to handle than those on chidren and animals- do not stop what you’re doing, do not feel there was not enough done- Titus will always be ‘on your shoulder’- his owner will feel his breath on her cheek when she sleeps, she’ll feel him walk on her bed, even though her mind cannot wrap around the fact that physically he is not there. God took him so he would not feel pain anymore- burns are hell. We all know that- the damage that is done. But you never gave up, you never threw in the towel and I hate those who turned away his owner saying it was more humane to euthanize. That is one of my faults- the hate I feel for some. I will always pray for Titus, for your Viktor and for his owner. I am so sorry! We love and pray for you….

  125. Poor guy Tidus – rest in peace!
    Such a cruelity … I can’t understand it … 3 more dogs? what about the police over there in Spain? Don’t they care? These guys who do it to a dog don’t have respect for anyone … so … whom do they kill next :-( ?

  126. heather morris says:

    omg so so sad really upset me,y r people so evil,i look into this wee souls eyes and even tho in pain they expressed love,trust and faith,god rest ur wee soul,these people r ………………………………….:(

  127. He received so much love and caring his last days. God bless you for trying to save his life. He was and is such a wonderful soul.

  128. Vyvyan Shelton says:

    Tidus, may you rest in peace. I am so very sorry this happened to you. I am hoping the people who did this get what they deserve; however, I am sure that will never happen. Don’t know what gets into people that they have to abuse animals. Again, may you rest in peace. Love.

  129. Vyvysn Shelton says:

    Viktor Larkhill

    January 1, 2013 at 5:43 pm


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Vyvyan Shelton

    January 2, 2013 at 1:44 am

    reposting as I typed my email address wrong. Sorry

    Tidus, may you rest in peace. I am so very sorry this happened to you. I am hoping the people who did this get what they deserve; however, I am sure that will never happen. Don’t know what gets into people that they have to abuse animals. Again, may you rest in peace. Love.

  130. Jennifer Tarr says:

    Truly an inspiration, Tidus will never be forgotten, may his legacy live on to teach everyone about strength, love and forgiveness. I was just curious, did something else happen to Tidus, or did he just sucom to his injuries, and didnt have the strength left?

  131. lynda chabane says:

    Noooooooooo!!!!!!!! My heart is breaking for our darling Tidus…….I prayed every day for him to have the strength to pull through……it proved all too much for his little body to bear…….I only hope he did not suffer over the past 2 weeks, and his pain was kept under control…….His passing will affect so many of us, not least Viktor, his owners and the Vets that fought so hard to help him…..I feel empty…….tearful…..angry…. but above all thankful that at last he is at peace. God Bless you Tidus……your name will never be forgotten……..your torturers will be found eventually and punished and your soul will now join so many friends at the Bridge…..Poor, poor baby, just devastating news…..I loved you too darling boy :(

  132. Absolutely unforgivable! May the felons who tortured this beautiful dog rot in hell. And may they begin soon. Come on karma, kick in!

  133. Linda Hall says:

    The collective howl of anguish
    Could be heard
    Reverberating all round cyber-space,
    Announcing the New Year,
    As one by one
    Around the globe
    The Facebook users
    Switched on,
    Logged in
    And read the awful news:
    Tidus has died!

    Stunned silence,
    Then flowing tears.
    The outrage at the evil meted out
    To this poor dog
    Was equalled by the love
    And hope
    And prayers
    Of this world-wide community,
    United in their yearning
    For veterinary miracles.

    They tried so hard,
    That dedicated team of vets;
    We know you did your very best
    And we salute you for it.
    Tidus, we salute you too,
    The living proof that every life
    Is precious
    And worth fighting for.

    The fight will now go on
    For justice;
    We will not rest
    Until the evil monsters
    Have been caught
    And tried
    And sentenced.
    They MUST be stopped
    Before another victim
    Suffers agony.

    No cruel act should go
    No matter who the victim –
    Furred or feathered,
    Man or mouse,
    ALL are God’s creatures
    And deserve respect
    And love
    And kindness.

    God bless you Tidus.
    Rest in Peace.

  134. my heart is shattered, I know this sweet boy suffered so, and he is at peace… but I am heartbroken for his pain, and livid that what did this remains loose… my prayers for you sweet Tidus RIP you are pain free and healthy now

  135. Leslie Bair says:

    RIP beautiful brave Titus. You are with God now. You were with Viktor and those who loved you at the end.

  136. Poor little Tidus

    What a shame that you had to lose this heroic battle that you fought.
    I hope that i may have the privilege to meet you at the rainbows bridge when it is time for me to join the furry friends that i have lost in the last three decades.
    I am sure you are playing with them now.

    Gods speed little friend.

  137. I’m so sad right now. I was cheering for tidus all the way. So sorry he lost the fight. I hope those who did this to him will be brought to justice! R.I.P. TIDUS!

  138. My heart is with you. No more pain. Run free and have lots of treats. You were an innocent baby and an worrier who fought to tough battle
    To my hero. May I meet you in heaven

  139. Angela Mesarchik says:

    Sweet Tidus,

    Run free at the Rainbow Bridge. Healthy and strong. You will not be forgotten.

  140. Anita Phillips says:

    At the Rainbow Bridge there is no pain or suffering, only beauty and love exist there. Run free, sweet Tidus, run free…..

  141. Rochelle Palermo says:

    I had such high hopes for Tidus and so appreciated seeing his progress along the way. It breaks my heart to hear he has passed. But what hurts even more is knowing the criminals are free to hurt again and again. Education is so important to help prevent this kind of violence against animals from happening. May Tidus rest in peace and may we all continue to help and protect animals – they are truly blessings from God (imagine how dull our world would be without them!).

  142. Marge Janiak says:

    Can you explain why Tidus died? I thought he was doing well for being as harmed as he was. Did an infection set in?? Please explain so that all of his fans can understand why this beautiful dog is no longer with us?
    Thank you & God bless you for all you do!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      He was in a catabolic state, no matter how much we fed him his body was breaking down.. in the end he developed meningitis. That was the point of no return.

  143. Gina Lombardi says:

    I am so very sorry to hear that Tidus passed away and even more devastated to know that the people responsible are out there continuing to harm innocent animals. I wish I could help more. Thanks for all that you did for this dog. I am very sad that he didn’t make it but have faith that he is in heaven, free from his suffering…

  144. Janice Berwick says:

    Viktor Larkhill, I wish so much for you as I think about this terrible tragedy, I’ve followed this story from the start and with every update I felt a new sense of hope for Tidus, but what I wish for most is that you and your team of miracle workers don’t quit now. I can only imagine how sad and defeated you all must be feeling. I also wish that Tidus is at peace on the rainbow bridge. You and your team are truly a special group of people sent to do the work of angels and I hope with time you will all heal and find peace.

    God Bless you and your team, keep the faith…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Total devastation Janice….
      but there is no quitting here…

  145. francoise Hughes says:

    Tears rolimg down my face, I spend so much efforts , time and money and tears looking after neutering, saving and loving animals . i am not equipped to understand that type of cruelty. lets hope they will be punished and shame on the police who does nothing

  146. Viktor…what happened? I thought he was getting better?? Poor baby. When I read this, it felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. I’m so very sad. :(

  147. jeannie collins says:

    R.I.P.sweet little angel, you were a brave little boy. I prayed you would make it, I’m so sorry sweetie. you were loved by so many. you will be in my prayers always, xoxox

  148. Shayzzwayzz says:

    Oh My Word! I’m devastated. I truly thought this sweet boy was going to make it. Rest In Piece Tidus. Run free. You are so very loved and will never be forgotten. To Viktor and everyone that fought so hard to help him, My heart goes out to you. I’m so very sorry that we live among monsters in this world and Karma will bite them hard soon. Too bad we could not all watch it happen to them, but they will get what is coming to them real soon. No precious, loving soul should ever have to endure this pain. Our loving creator will put a horrible fate on them. An eye for an eye. I truly believe.

  149. Dion Schwulst says:

    Have followed Tidus’ journey from the beginning! My tears of sorrow flow like a river with this reading~

    Not the news we had all hoped for! R.I.P., Tidus! May we humans have the courage and fortitude to not forget you and find your perpetrators and hang then from the highest tree! You were a trooper, Li’l Man! See you at the Rainbow Bridge! ♥

    Thank you, Viktor for the wonderful tribute to such a brave sentient being!

    In Spirit for the animals ~ Peace and Light to Tidus!

  150. OMG, what teenagers did this. It is horrible. How can anyone do this to a poor little thing like tidus. My sypathy goes out to the owner and staff who looked after tidus. There are no words that I can say that have not been said already except I do wish those teenagers to be caught or better yet let someone set them on fire.

    WAKE UP THE POLICE they have to know what is going on. DO YOUR JOB find these thugs and bring them to justice.

    Bye tidus I know you are in a better place now, even though I did not have the pleasure of meeting you.

  151. meglena wahrlich says:

    Oh poor poor baby! He really wanted to live! The people who did that and continue doing it deserve to die the same way! And my conscious is clean when i say that!! I just hope they get caught because my heart breaks and hurts just thinking that they continue doing this….

  152. I really wish I had the means 2 find the punk ass kids that did this. I’d poke out their eyes and cut off their fingers. That way they couldnt see to or grab another animal and do this again.

  153. Sheree Martin says:

    Poor baby dog, your suffering is now over. May you have the peace you so deserve in this better place that you’re in now. Such a cruel and senseless act was done to you sweet Tidus. God will catch up with them some day!

  154. Mark Sonntag says:

    Voices have the power to bring justice, we must all cry out for what is right, plaster the net, send out petitions. JUSTICE will be one so long as nobody forgets.

  155. Cathy Jarolin says:

    RIP my Dear Sweet Tidus. My heart is aching and my tears are falling..You surely didn’t deserve to die like this…You were such a sweet boy..As you cross over the Rainbow Bridge to join all your friends waiting for you. Remember you were very much Loved~~ Love You Sweetheart..

  156. I am so sad,I don’t have words to express….I will always remember Tidus,Why did this happen…..It makes me hate some humans…Can’t stop crying……Poor Tidus love you where ever you are,sweet little dog

  157. When the police departments can’t handle a situation. Call the attorney general and explain the situation. Remember everyone has a boss.

  158. The cowards of this world are sometimes the very ones that took it upon themselves to say “I’m a peace officer.”ok well then what happened to protecting and serving? Uuuhhhhuuum.

  159. Veronica Marco says:

    My heart is broken and I am weeping, really weeping….I cannot stand
    the cruelty of humans to the sweetest beings like Tidus…..I am broken.
    I pray God gives you freedom and joy now sweet boy.

  160. Sorry to hear about your loss. Animals like this I believe come along to teach humanity. Time has come for the Tidus law to rise from this loss. A law I helped write in colorado USA called the animal domestic violence act makes it a felony to harm an animal during the comission of another crime (in this case arson). If there is a serial killer or group doing this time is of the essence! I can’t imagine spanish law is different that a law must be in force when a suspect is caught/charged & can’t be added later because it applies. My suggestion because of the US found links between animal mutilation in youth & adult serial killing of humans is this law gets taken a step further…if a person is found guilty of multiple animal injuries of the same type that monitoring requirements include no pets ever, public registry, inspection under prevailing serial killer laws normally applied to humans & some kind of additonal sentencing requirement because of the multiple counts.
    May also be the time to start a “find tidus killer fund” that will reward those coming forward with credible evidence on his injury & the others like it. Getting the media involved will be important towards getting the message out police aren’t doing their job, here are similar cases, witnesses, etc. Because this would likely be a fund people all over the globe would contribute to cap rewards at say 10,000 euro each & use other monies to help with medical costs of new victims as well as legal advocacy.

  161. People who cannot bear the sight of torture, pls try not to see the pic of Tidus after being rescued, but at least go through this brave boy’s story and try and educate one and all, old, kids, TEENAGERS, middle-aged, that life is priceless for all and every living nonhuman/human who have a right to live a beautiful life…
    As far as the LAW/POLICE are concerned, they should be given a session of love and compassion towards non-humans and giving equal rights to non-humans when they are tortured, bullied, brutalized coz they too have a heart that beats like us and they too breath the same air that we breath and last, but not the least….They too are Children of God like we humans are.

  162. Ligita Mikelsons says:

    I sob as I write this. Poor, poor dog. When I saw the initial pictures of his injuries, I didn’t hold out much hope for his recovery. Then, he rallied and began to improve, and I was heartened. I am so very sorry that Tidus has passed away. Karma will catch up with the non-human perpetratorsand they will be severely punished, if not on this earth, then, hopefully afterward, in the fires of hell.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      When we rescued him he was a mass of burned and infected skin. He was in a terrible condition and we had very little hope. It was a desperate case… But he improved, and we gained hope. The blow was when we realized the full extent of the destruction on his knees… that complicated things enormously. A real tragedy, can’t tell you how sorry we are. Viktor

  163. Andy and Julie says:


  164. Goodbye for now beautiful Tidus run free with your friends at rainbow bridge and wait for your loving owner so you both can move on and live your lives in paradise without pain, cruelty and sorrow.
    And to the scum that burnt tidus when your time comes which hopefully will be soon may you all burn in hell!!!
    Love you Tidus xoxoxoxo

  165. Damn i cant believe it,he’s gone Rest In Peace Tidus and you’ve given your best

  166. I am heart broken I prey every night for god to protect the animals and I am hurting my belive as god is protecting the animals but the wrong kind these animals that hurt a loving dog must get a death sentence the same way they hurt the loving dog .I am in tears looking at the picture the hurt and not understanding in his face as to why it happend rest in peace my friend !

  167. cc clements says:

    I am so taken with sadness about Tidus’ passing this first day of 2013 in our country. So brutal is the human spirit and sometimes actions and yet so caring as shown in your kind hands with this small, beautiful animal. He was strong and showed the world what life can be…if given a chance. In the end his small physical body could not endure the wrath of shameless inhumane treatment. The caring you gave Tidus will not be forgotten nor go unnoticed in this world.
    RIP little Tidus. You are in a better place for sure and no one can hurt you again.

  168. Shirley Collins says:

    I can’t believe he is gone, the tears are rolling down my cheeks, I can hardly see!!! That sweet dog suffered everything, bless his heart!!! I truly hope those kids are caught and are severely punished!!! I have kept up with his progress and thought this sweet baby was going to make it!!! How cruel people can be!!! Dogs have a bigger, loving, and caring heart than some people do!!! Thank you, Viktor, and all the caring people who tried so hard to save him!!! Please continue your job trying to save these beautiful animals!!! R.I.P.Tidus!!! I Love You!!! xoxo

  169. Marina Alescekevich says:

    ma non ho capito se cagnolino è morto????Se si,mi dispiace tantissimo,ma che pezzi di merda sono i esseri umani bastardi assasini

  170. Lori Dimaiuat says:

    I am so sorry this happened…..he seemed to be doing better. When did this happen? There seems to be a “quite time” since December 21st when the surgery on the knee took place. Did he not make it though the surgery? It sounds like the owner was there….I hope she was with him till the end. The vets that refused treatment should be fired!!!!! I hope that they find and PUNISH the people that did this to this poor dog!!!! Thank you to the team that did try to save Tidus!!!! I am so broken hearted about this situation.

  171. Gabriele Shultz says:

    I can’t believe it that our Tidus is gone.While I am writing this my eyes are filled with tears,my heart is broken.I love you Tidus and never will forget you….never.R.I.P my friend Tidus :(


    Weinet nicht an meinem Grabe,
    goennet mir die ewige Ruh.
    Denkt was ich gelitten habe,
    ehe ich schloss meine Augen zu….

  172. Gabriele Shultz says:

    Thanks Victor for all the help and love you gave to Tidus and still do to all the helpless pets….

  173. Tidus, no words can describe how I am feeling right now. Rest in peace my baby <3. Love and hugs

  174. Anonymous says:


  175. I’m so so sorry………….I loved Tidus as many of you here. There is only one thing that I start to think about………….was it really ethical to keep him alive all this time????? I do beleave in authanasia, and animals are lucky, the law dondt force them to live. They can’t talk and they can’t explaine to us their needs or what they whant. Is life always what we want…….I don’t beleive that. Now we se that all this paine did not lead anywhere……he only suffered……..to long I beleive.
    I hate to hear that the youngsters that did this has burned 3 other dogs since Tidus………….now something has to be done, no other dog should have to go thru this…………spend the money to get theese monsters to face law. I live in Spain, and I would love that the laws were stronger and stronger punishments for everybody who hurts animals.

  176. RIP Tidus, thanks to you all who tried to help him and give him a good life. after the horriffic ordeal he endured.

  177. Misty Melchert says:

    Thank you for everything you did for Tidus. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  178. Rip beautiful tidus… May u b free of pain.whilst i write this,i cry. Why cud any1 b so cruel. Sleep tight sweet boy. My thoughts go to ur owner.xxx

  179. These killers need to be found and executed!

  180. So, so sad…..It just makes me sick to see what Humans can do to loving animals…..they are not humans at all, but disgusting monsters!!!

  181. It is always so sad when any animal dies, but there are some cases that wrench your heart out and this is one of them. I can see from your eyes how sweet and humble you were, innocent Tidus. I am shedding tears for you and will always remember you. R.I.P love x

    Thank you to everyone that cared for and loved him.

  182. peggy morrissey says:

    I could not look at the pictures as I am so sensitive and already sobbing when it see the title, poor sweet baby, I honestly cannot understand how anyone could do such a thing to an innocent dog and the sweetheart did all he could to come back, God bless you baby, you were one of his creatures and He cared for you, RIP and I love you and believe we should not think that we cant do anything for you until it is done to a human, we can do something, we can fight and not stop and that is what we need to do and to encourage others to do that to and sweetheart we will get justice for you xoxooxxo

  183. Tidus, rest in peace. My heart breaks that these evil boys did this to you and the suffering you went through. Pure evil!

  184. OMG!!!! I read that Tidus had died and I went and cried a river of tears for that poor baby!! I work in animal rescue and there is nothing worse than losing one that you try to save. But in this case, this poor animal should have been put down in the beginning. Sometimes, there is just nothing that can be done! Such is the case with Tidus. Do you really think he wanted to endure all the pain he had to go through after what had happened to him already?? He had no choice!! Did you not see his pictures?? He wasn’t just burned, he was charred down to the bone.

    The only thing that could have saved him was if JESUS came down and laid his healing hands on him with a miracle!!!!!

    Tidus, dear sweet thing, I am sorry for all that the humans on this earth did to you and will pray that you are in Doggy Heaven with all of the other sweet little innocent animals that had to suffer too. We loved you and I will pray for you tonight.

    I have a lot more to say about this but am too upset right now. All I know is this: anyone who had a hand in this animals suffering for the wrong reasons will all pay one day to the Creator who knows everything!!!

  185. Anonymous says:

    That is very sad!

  186. Anonymous says:

    RIP Tidus, I know you’re happy now where you are but for the safe of the ones who are still suffering for a barbarian heartless it won’t stay in the shadows :-(

  187. Dear Viktor, after reading what has caused the death of poor Tidus, tears are just rolling down my cheeks….this poor dog!!!! what a courage and what a fight!! Thank you so much for what you and your team have done and have tried to do….to save his life, to give him a chance to live again where others were giving up on him….I do hope that all the donations that are left from Tidus can be used by you to safe other animals as you do such wonderful work!!! Please tell everyone who has known Tidus in person that i send lots of love….Hilde

  188. Let’s the killers burnt in the hell…

  189. Marcy Benicaso says:

    I cry as I read this! Many thanks for giving him the chance he so deserved.

  190. So so sorry that you had to go, but arms that loved you held you know

    Remember humans do care and enjoy running free on the rainbow bridge.

    You are a brave hero and now your spirit can live. with love

  191. to takie smutne… Badz szczesliwy za teczowym mostem…

  192. So sorry to learn of his passing, he’s running with good knees in heaven as all dogs go to heaven. His sweet face and smile is forever etched in my mind and I’ll never forgot Titus or his sad story. At least Vik and the Vets gave poor Titus every fighting chance to make a recovery instead of not trying at all. To fight along with Titus on a daily basis and feel his pain, be encouraged by his improvements and experience his last moments had to be extremely heart breaking. My heart goes out to those who were closest to Titus because I can imagine the heartache. It is the good fight you are fighting. God Bless all of you.

  193. I am so sorry some jerks found you, poor baby! You didn’t deserve what they did to you and hope you finally are running and playing without pain. Where you are now is a much better place and a happy place, just look down on all who love you and know you will see your loving owner again. YOU WILL BE MISSED AND YOU FOUGHT SO HARD! NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS TO ANYONE!

  194. Deniz Tolgay says:

    Nooooo!!!!! :((((( i cannot believe this! he was doing so good, what happened?… ahh, i’m terribly sorry.

  195. Beverly Kinsella says:

    RIP darling. Fly high with your angel wings. Forever in my heart.

  196. Those fuckers that did this deserve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LESS than the FUCKING DEATH PENALTY!!!!………. and even that is too damn good for them!!!!………. I can promise that God will take care of them. What comes around goes around. No bird ever flew so damn high but what it didn’t come down!!!!……May God bless Tidus’s owner and all the vets who did everything humanly possible to save this beautiful, sweet, precious animal……..If he had been treated sooner he might have made it……..Those vets who did nothing to try to save him do not deserve to be veterinarians. Why are they even vets if they didn’t do anything to help him? Was it because of the money?……For God’s sake if I was a vet I would have done everything I could to save him whether the owner had money or not!!!!……. What the bloody hell is wrong with people’s minds????

  197. Alison Hill says:


    Those of us who have followed Tidus’ story from the very beginning know how hard you tried to save him. We are all heartbroken. I cannot understand anyone criticising you … This poor baby has touched so many hearts – I just hope these people all sign the petition to be sent to the Spanish authorities. Please keep up your good work – without you many more lovely animals would be dead.


  198. karen lyons kalmenson says:

    tidus, the world cheered on your fight,
    and now your tired, pain wracked body
    has said good night.
    we admire your courage,
    your strength and your valor,
    now free from earth and its torments
    you rest in angels arms, for eternal hours♥

  199. This loss hits hard, so hard. And the criminals run loose in full throttle endangerment. Thankyou for trying. PLEASE, LEARN osteopathic cranial sacral which gently reboots nervous system, the underlying organ of the body. This will enhance immune and life drive. Also flower and gem essences like Bach, Australian, Alaska, Perelandra, FES, etc. Also homeopathics like Boiron, Nuage. With the AMAZING critical work you ate doing, these are very, strong tools to add to your pallett. Also, hemp oil. All above can be dabbed on side of lips. Essences can also be dabbed on pulse pts. Cranial sacral is palpating with hands. Look up Upledger, Sills, etc. Australian essences are even used in Australian hospitals. For Tidus, osteo cranial sacral palpations at least every hour, as a emergency technique. During surgery, it can be done without interfering by cradle hand under sacral and back of head, still point induction it is called, and cv–4. My heart to soul was with Tidus. Now we must STOP these evil entities.

  200. absolutely heart broken…thank you for the people who helped tidus!! my hope is the people who hurt him will be punished for their actions…police need to step up and do their jobs!! HELP THE HELPLESS!!

  201. repose en paix mon loulou ;-( j’ai si mal de voir que l’homme a tout les droit même pas puni honteux de voir que la justice n’ai pas capable de faire son travaille…. Je voudrait qui et une justice qui défens tout les animaux <3 <3

  202. samaya haddad says:

    omggggg nooooooo !!:( i never saw you tidus but loved u ..this is heart breaking :s,,,RIP sweet tidus..hope the people that did this to u will burn in hell

  203. Yvonne Hutcheson says:

    Some times like now there is no understandable answer. What is it in a person that could do this? This was a beautiful living animal. He hurt no one. Who ever did this. God knows! Your time will come. You will answer for what you have done. Rest in peace little friend. You are now free from your pain.

  204. Monika Schreiber says:

    You did a very good job. I am sure that most vets wouldn`t even have tried the rescue. Tidu and your Team wonn the fight, because so many people had followed and cared. It`s good to know, that not all people are inhumane.


  205. Estella Tennyson says:

    It breaks my heart to hear this sweet baby has passed. He fought so courageously to live but apparently his body was too damaged. R.I.P. sweet Tidus. We sent our Lucy to the bridge recently and know that you two are romping and playing together until the time we can be reunited with those who love you here on earth.

  206. Estella Tennyson says:

    I am so upset I forgot to thank and bless all of you, especially Viktor, who tried so hard to save this little guy. My heart goes out to Tidus’ family and to everyone who cared for him because I know he became close to all of you because he knew the love that you had in your hearts for him.

  207. Viviane McCreary says:

    This was horrible, twisted and senseless. My heart goes out to Tidus. Rest in peace.

  208. DAVID PISTOLE says:

    Angel wings to you my dear friend. Our world is a much sadder place without in it Tidus. Godspeed my little friend

  209. Deborah Speden says:

    so sad to read of Tidus passing. What a brave boy he was. My heartfelt condolences to all who were involved with “Tidus” and doing the best possible for him, you are amazing wonderful caring people, God Bless you All. R.I.P TIDUS may you now run free, free of pain and join our beloved dogs on the other side of the “RAINBOW BRIDGE” gone but not forgotten. xx and hugs

  210. I am so sorry. Run free now Titus, we’ll never forget you… :*(

  211. Viktor, thanks for everything. I still think of Tidus night and day. I still cry. I am glad you helped this beautiful soul.

  212. Gloria Glory says:

    I’m so sorry Tidus suffer at the hands of evil individuals, this should never in life happen to anyone, it’s a painful thought & even more painful to see an animal suffer like this. Satan is on a Rampage seeking to kill & destroy any & all good in this world & include our precious, loving animal. We need to watch over our animals the same as we do our children, & we must understand our pets are like children they depend on us for their needs & protection. To Tidus owner I pray God’s peace & comfort to you. Take comforter in knowing God’s will repay these individuals for this evil act. Bless you & rest in peace Tidus, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  213. T S Williams says:

    Tears. Sorrow. Pain. Anguish. Disbelief. Anger. Hate. Confusion. GRIEF. Goodbye Tidus. God Bless you and your family. I was so praying for a miracle.

  214. Anna Crochet says:

    I am heartbroken and saddened by this news!1 Tears flood my eyes for th

  215. Anna Crochet says:

    I am heartbroken and saddened by this news!1 Tears flood my eyes for this our wonderful precious and courageous Tidus!! As you now watch over all of us in the arms of God just know that YOU our dear courageous wonder were loved and adored!! You are

  216. Anna Crochet says:

    I am heartbroken and saddened by this news!1 Tears flood my eyes for this our wonderful precious and courageous Tidus!! As you now watch over all of us in the arms of God just know that YOU our dear courageous wonder were loved and adored!! You are now whole again, perfect in every way with no pain, no worry only peace and resting in the arms of GOD!! RIP

  217. fernando wickrama says:

    Please wakeup Tidy. wake up. we need you. this world is a real hell. how crual people did this to innocent animal. at the last moment Tidy found the real love and kind from the humans. that means definitely Tidy will go to the heaven. Tidy you gave us the courage to fight against all animal crualities. I promice you Tidy. I do what ever I can do for it. your faice is similer to my dog Shadow.that is why i loved you so much. finally I know one thing you will make me cry every day. good bye Tidy.I love you for ever

  218. This is so sad .I thought Tidus had made it.Something has to be done to find the people who did this and punish them to the farthest extent possible.

  219. RIP Tidus you beautiful boy. Be with God and may the humans that did this go to hell. You have always been beautiful and feel no more pain. Follow the rainbow and go be happy in God’s field.

  220. Dora Hardegger says:

    The scum who make TIDUS suffer and who killed this innocent animal should be tortured like he did an should be killed. I realy hope this scum will be killed one day the same way!

  221. tracey crans says:

    Tidus our loving beautiful boy…i say our cos you have become ours in our life….may you rest in peace baby boy u deserve the peace…i only wish that you didnt have to suffer this way for us to meet…may god make your heaven as it should have been here….i sit here crying for you my love but i will dry my tears and send my prayers to my Lord n beg that your tormentors be captured …i will beg for some warmth of the policemans hearts…i love you Tidus as we all did n i deeply thank all those that loved you with their knowledge their hands and their love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  222. This breaks my heart. I can not comprehend the cruelty of humans. I am glad that someone was caring for him and that he was loved. If he had to go, at least it was in the arms of someone who loved him.

  223. Christine Jones says:

    RIP Tidus. I’m glad the poor little bub is no longer suffering, and that he spent his last moments with people who care. May the ghastly people responsible for this outrage be brought to justice soon.

  224. Meg Rasmussen says:

    This is a copy & paste of the message “Noel Grein” wrote. I couldn’t have expressed my feelings better myself. All I can add is, there is no doubt that you got instant wings Angel for you already earned them. There should be better laws in place to punish hateful people with no conscience. The law should be the same for hurting an animal as hurting a human, that simple!

    Noel wrote: My heart is broken for Tidus. When I first started following this story, I believed it would have been more humane to end his suffering – that is until I looked into his eyes in the pictures and saw a fight and will to live. What happened to this sweet, gentle, innocent soul shows the worst of mankind – that any human could look into those happy, playful eyes and light him on fire for amusement . . . and then it showed the best of mankind in all that took care of him, loved him, and donated time and money to try to save his precious life. If it were not for the good that I saw, I would have entirely lost all faith in man – not wanted to live on this planet any longer with such evil – so thank you TIdus and all who loved and cared for this special baby for giving me some hope in this world.

  225. Cynthia Merriam says:

    Until one has loved an animal,
    a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
    -Anatole France

  226. Andrea Orzesek says:

    <3 I miss you so much,Tidus! <3 Never ever a dog, which I didn't know personally,will touch my heart the way you did………

  227. Denise Geary says:

    RIP Tidus and a mega thank you to all who were involved in his care. Karma will get those evil idiots tenfold and Tidus will get justice. For now he is running free with more love than he ever expected to carry him until the day you all meet again. God bless you all and may you find peace in knowing you helped relieve his pain and filled him with human warmth kindness and love instead. Sending love and hugs x <3 x

  228. Eileen Kulp says:

    OMG!!! I’m sitting here in tears!! That poor soul, I hope his owners know that many of us are sadden, shocked and out raged that these PUNKS are still out there!! If I would ever see these kids, they’ll never know what hit them!! I know that Tidus was LOVED by so many caring medical professionals and others, who donated countless hours and time and resources to help this beloved pooch. I am so upset and heart-broken over this. I hope those PUNKS are found, prosecuted, imprisoned, and fined so heavily that they eat DIRT for the rest of their miserable lives.

  229. Linda Labrie (Canada) says:

    I sympathise so much with you Viktor… My hearth breaks reading the sad news. Even if I just found out that Tidus lost his battle because his immuned system was not strong enough to fight Meningitus over all he had to fight, I can stop my self to cry for Tidus and his suffring.. It’s SO UNFAIR all the pain you had because of those CRUEL HEARTHLESS CRIMINEL.. Many of us had faith with all the great people that were taking care of him… My thoughts are with you Viktor… We are many that have get attached to you, Tidus, the great fighter.. You were loved by many people around the world.. <3 <3 Rest in peace dear Tidus.. Xx <3

  230. Jennie McCloy Holland says:

    Sleep peacefully; when you wake, run & play with all your friends.
    No more pain, no hunger, no thirst.

  231. Nicola Smith says:

    How truly awful

  232. I found out about you after you had already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I’m fighting tears. Such a wonderful, brave boy you are. I say are because I know your soul lives on and you are still the sweet, courageous boy you were on earth. Now, life is different for you. You’ve crossed the Bridge into a beautiful place with green grass to run on, bright sunshine to bask in and to breathe in fresh air and gentle breezes. By now, you’ve been reunited with old friends and made many wonderful new friends. You are having so much fun. In your beautiful heart you remember the kindness you were shown by those of us who love you and care for you and mourn their loss. So, for now you are in our hearts. But, the day will come when you will be together again with all your friends. I hope I get to meet you someday. I want to give you a great big hug and hold you tight to my chest where my heart beats. I will carry you in my heart until that time comes and look forward to you giving me big, wet doggie kisses. Until that time, be at peace little fellow. You are loved and remembered by so many.

  233. Jen Johnson says:

    Rest in peace sweet baby. I pray you are now pain free, and playing with all of the other animals at the Rainbow Bridge <3