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Hada, a chihuahua with 15 broken bones

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A fairy is sitting on my lap.

As I write this tiny dog, a chihuahua called Hada (Fairy in spanish), looks at me in the eye and wonders what’s going to happen next. She’s only three months old, barely 2 kilos, most of her teeth haven’t come out yet.
There is no fear in her eyes, she feels safe….

It’s been already a few days since Hada suffered what must have been horrific abuse and had her tiny little body broken in 15 places. It’s rare to see a dog so small with as many fractures, and a real miracle that none of the 14 broken ribs perforated her lungs and killed her. Personally, based on the injuries I believe she was kicked like a football.

And then there is the jaw... brutally fractured and unable to heal by itself stops her from being able to eat. Every bite is a struggle.. even licking my finger makes her whimper afterwards.

Imagine the pain and anguish of being prisoner in such a tiny, broken body, living in a world of giants, struggling to breath because your ribs and your jaw are broken.

For once, imagine being a Fairy…

The ribs seem to be setting on their own but we are going to keep a very close eye on them to make sure there are no complications. But the jaw must be operated immediately. Operating a dog of Hada’s side is a challenge in itself, the equipment is different, so is the strategy to follow.


Please, if you can, help us fix Hada’s multiple fractures and offer her a great new life by contributing to her Chipin.  Whatever happens I promise you we will not let Hada down…

Many thanks!



Update December 17

Baby HADA was operated this weekend… The operation went very well, she has been so brave…  the moment she woke up she was hungry and attacked the food like a tiger!!!  what an incredible relief!!!!!

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  1. How can I make a donation to this sweetie’s care and to Tidus also? Am fairly computer stupid and can’t find the donation link!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Terri… many thanks… if you wish to help Hada, this is the link to use.. .

      Many many thanks for your help… if you place there your contribution for Tidus it works also, everything goes to the same fund that covers all our treatments.

      I can’t thank you enough… Glad to have you with us..


  2. Rose-Maria Babalik says:

    Hi Viktor i have just seen your feed on the little Chuhuahua …Hada…it breaks my heart to see such abuse on such a small little animal. I have 2 chihuahuas myself and would desperately love another one…does she have a home to go to when she recovers as I would love to have her in my home….I live in Marmaris and I regularly help at the Marmaris Animal Shelter…I have 2 chihuahuas a German Shepherd who was a street dog that I adopted from there and I am currently fostering a little girl called Treacle…please please please could you keep me in mind as she would be given a very loving home with me and my family…thank you…and thank you and your colleagues for your brilliant work

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Rose-Marie.. thanks for your note..
      the thing is, she is in Spain right now, I’m hopeful we will find a good place for her here.. Many thanks for being there for the animals.. Viktor

  3. Have made a small donation. Please kiss her from me & thank you, you are an angel xxx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Julie… kissing her on your name.. :)

  4. Viktor, I was finally able to get it to go through. Sorry it was not more wished I could give me. This story hits very close to home. I adopted an abused Chihuahua two years ago. She was not as bad but as soon as I read Hada’s story it brought back tears. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Jean!

  5. so sad that humans do this to those who cannot defend and speak for themselves. ive got a chihuahua and she is my life, my baby, my all, i cant imagine how anyone who does this to a animal could have a heart, because if they did they would feel what we as animal lovers feel, sad,lost,depressed and the list goes on. all my love and blessings for little Hada. may she heal and may the right family find her and not her them!!!! xxxxxx

  6. just wanna know how will it work if i give a donation, i’m from South Africa and we work in rand will it automatically be turned over to dollars if i do a transfer???? sorry for asking i’ve never transfered money to another country!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Charmain, yes.. I think it gets automatically transfered into USDA…
      thanks for your help..

  7. Viktor … you are an amazing man and your staff as well to care and mend these animals that are abused. Did they get the person who did this ? Please keep us posted on the donations and how Hada and Tidus are coming along. God bless you all for your life-saving abilities and your compassion … hugs (“”) (“”)

    Speedy recovery for you Hada and Tidus <3

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Joanne, we have no idea who did it… it’s impossible to know really..
      I’m going to try to send an email to all Tidus donors today, there was a problem with the software and I couldn’t get all the list. Will do my best, in the meantime I’m trying to update as much as I can from our page..
      Many thanks Joanne, thank you..

  8. Miriam Rance says:

    I just donated for Hada and previously donated for precious Tidus. Thank you Viktor and your organization for all you do. You are all Angels on earth. These gentle animals don’t deserve any of the cruelty they have been through. Per Hada…she’s just a baby that hasn’t begun to live her life yet. I’m so happy that you have her now and to know that she is on her way to recovery. I also pray she’ll eventually be placed in a loving home that she deserves. Many hugs and lots of love for the work you are all doing for these precious animals.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Miriam.. we are going to operate her on Monday and she already has a foster home to go to.. I will be sending you an email about her.
      Thanks for being there for our animals… thank you

  9. lana verbon says:

    Dear Lord be with this beautiful little girl. She needs lots of love and care and bring her good health, heal her and find her the perfect forever home. God bless her sweet disposition – giving kisses while she must be in pain. Thank you. Amen!

  10. Donated a little, just sorry I couldn’t give more right now…sending hugs and lots of love to Hada from our entire family and dog pack (and chihuahua kisses from my own chi, Foxy)

  11. Michelle Schuman says:

    Oh Hada – sweet baby – Viktor, I donated money to Tidus, and to a dog named Molly at a rescue near my town, I want to help Hada, I have a Chihuahua and no matter how mad she makes me I could never imagine kicking her (or any animal). I wish to have all of the money in the world to be able to help all of the animals of the world to not have to suffer from anything. As soon as I am able I will make a donation for this sweet little dog. I live in the US, and perhaps there are ways I could help without money because I don’t always have extra to donate. You are wonderful for what you do, please kiss her on her cold wet nose for me!

  12. Kathy Jones says:

    OMG I want this baby! I am already in love with this baby… I have 2 Chi’s and 2 cat’s. I have a huge house and lots of loves… I can do their food, shelter, toys, loves… I can do the nursing and getting this baby to and from the Vet… I just can’t afford the surgery…

  13. do u know who did this