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Let’s Adopt! Testimonials

A  couple of days ago a new member left a question in the wall of our Facebook Page. She was considering contributing to the Simba Fund but wanted me to give her a detailed explanation of how our organization works…

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Lady, a kitty torn apart in Istanbul

You are going to have a very difficult time watching this video. It’s going to be difficult not only because of what you are about to see, but because of what you can only imagine. Her name is Lady, and

Open your eyes Dolores!

You are born but at first you don’t see. It’s suddenly too cold and not damp enough. You are on the concrete, waiting for your turn to be licked clean. Mom cleans you up, things start looking up but it’s

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Saving Otto: an Amazonian Rescue

UPDATE 29 APRIL It’s been 5 months since the day we heard of Otto’s plea for the first time. During these months Otto remained with his foster in Lima, healing from his injuries and learning to trust again. Otto is

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Ajoo, The far edge of pain

There is something in common between doctors, relief workers and animal rescuers. Forced to witness the ravages and pain caused by disease and brutality we erect walls around us, layers of protection to shield us from the pain of those