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Let’s Adopt! Testimonials

A  couple of days ago a new member left a question in the wall of our Facebook Page.

She was considering contributing to the Simba Fund but wanted me to give her a detailed explanation of how our organization works…

I could have done that, but I felt it would be better if the community answered instead..

This is what happened… I think we must be doing something right… :-). Please read.. and be amazed… if what you read convinces you, please contribute to our Gas Chamber rescue Fund.. it is currently completely depleted and this has forced us to stop rescuing from the Nashville Gas Chamber..

Anyway… I leave you with this… amazing reading!

Hello Viktor, I am a newcomer to your page and I have much exoerience in animal welfare and the seconding of finacial support for their help. I have just had a quick look through your posts and I have to ask you a couple of questions before I assess my willingness to finance a rescue organised by yourself or your volunteers. What are your motives apart from the obvious of a rescue? How do you hous…See More
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    • Mims Dot Mosby I am guessing you are busy with saving the animals, I will await your reply a while longer before moving onto discover other needy organisations I feel are valuable in the fight against animal cruelty.

      Wednesday at 6:20am · 
    • Let’s Adopt! Global Mims.. sorry, I am a human being and I need to sleep. I’ve just seen your message, will reply shortly, in the meantime I will let other contributing members tell the story themselves… it may be more convincing that anything I could ever tell you… wait please.. they’ll answer themselves here, I will chime in at the end.

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    • Mims Dot Mosby Okay – unusual way of seconding help but will see what happens

      Wednesday at 9:45am · 
    • Let’s Adopt! Global We are a very unusual group mostly due to the fact that we are all unusual people.. :-). I’m going to leave you with a couple of videos for now… they will open the way to the comments of some of our adoptants, fosters and contributors. I want them to tell their story..

      Michelle, the full story
      Wednesday at 10:13am ·  ·  1 · 
    • Let’s Adopt! Global and here is Gulumser… the rest, I will leave it up to our members to explain..

      They said she had no chance but then a miracle happened… she fought back! We c…See More
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    • Let’s Adopt! Global Mims, here is a post that explains what we are doing in Nashville, NC.. In the last 8 weeks we have saved over 100 animals from there.. have a look…

      We are on week 7 of the Operation No-Kill Nashville and we are close to reach th…See More
      Wednesday at 10:24am ·  · 
    • Let’s Adopt! Global Mims, in this link you will find some of our latest rescues. Whenever you read ADOPTED you can click on that link and see the whole rescue story.. from beginning to end… there are hundreds and hundreds of them in that link only…

      Wednesday at 10:27am · 
    • Let’s Adopt! Global and here you have our video section… there are LOTS of them.. that weird voice you hear in many of them it’s mine.. sorry about the accent and the occasional cursing.. :)

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    • Anita Claydon Mims, welcome to Lag, I have only been on here a few months & although I am not in a position to help personally there are a lot of dedicated people on here. Viktor was born to save Animals & every penny he gets clearly is spent on getting treatment & a good home for these furbabies. Just wait & you will see what this group is all about. What it’s NOT About is just collecting money & dumping them on the first person to put there hand up. Viktor is very thorough to make sure they get the best ever loving home. Well that’s just my ten peneth lol, wait around & you will see :)

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    • Anita Claydon Oh I forgot, LET’S ADOPT ROCKS :)

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    • Sandra Nutellamonster Nueffelpriemel Good morning Mims!! =-)
      I was soooo thrilled when i read your post – because you sound like someone who is concerned about things that matter and willing to put in what is needed to offer real help!!! And this actually is what sums up this group Let’s Adopt Global.
      I am a normal person with the same questions like you – wanting to know that my money and effort is NOT swallowed by meaningless administration time wasting staff. A life is at stake. I want to see ACTIONS not words!!!
      When i joined this group i was astonished how swiftly and most efficiently they make things work!!! There is no time wasting. No meaningless blabla – but ACTION, as the animals mostly do not have much time as it is! There is a huge network with people all over the world, from all kinds of background – all focusing on thing FIRST – the wellbeing of that suffering animal!!!
      I myself adopted Moses just a few weeks ago from NCAS in North Carolina. He was supposed to be gassed. Nobody would step up. LET’S ADOPT DID!!! I was vetted thoroughly not only by Viktor, but also talked to everyone involved helping getting Moses out of there!
      Let’s Adopt do not use just anybody – but people with enough experience to make things WORK!!!
      If you decide to help them – you can most certainly be assured, that whatever contribution you are willing to give – it will be used SOLELY for those active rescues and the costs involved with the animals. We are all helping and working together because we BELIEVE that things can be done!!! And we all do it for free – for those ones who cannot help themselves.
      Have a look around on this page – and find those videos and photos Let’s Adopt has been tagged in – ALL HAPPY ENDINGS of animals that made it!!! If you need proof – look for that happy tail and that smile in that face of a saved dog or cat – THAT is ALL the proof someone should need to want to be a part of this amazing group!!!!
      Have a fantastic day – and THANK YOU for wanting to help!!! =-)

      Wednesday at 10:40am ·  ·  5
    • Sandra Nutellamonster Nueffelpriemel This is Moses – the little man i rescued – SAVED by Let’s Adopt:

      One of SO MANY!!! =-)

      This was the first picture we saw of Moses, and his description. It was owner s…See More
      Photos: 36
      Wednesday at 10:43am ·  ·  2 · 
    • Julia L-a Hi Mims, I adopted two stray kitties from Let´s Adopt Bulgaria: Rijko and Mira! I was in contact with their responsible person, Mariya, about the kitties and also with Victor. The communication was highly gratifying and pleasant, everything worked out successfully (transport, vaccination…). These people give their heart´s blood for the animals! Go to Let´s Adopt Bulgaria´s site and see with your very eyes…beside Rijko´s and Mira´s story…so many amazing stories! Greetings from Austria! and for Mira:

      ‎15.11.10 Рижко днес замина за Виена при мама Джулия! Благодарим безкрайно на Ад…See More
      Photos: 81
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    • Michelle Jones Hi Mims, I’ll try to answer… I’m a long-time supporter of LAG. 1) Motives, to save the animals typically thought too difficult to save by traditional rescue orgs, the disabled, the severly sick or injured etc, and we have witnessed some miracle rescues where dogs and cats have been given zero chance of recovery by medical professionals, those animals have gone on to actually make full recoveries, with paralysed animals walking again for example, purely because of the experience of Viktor and his team, knowing the scope of advanced treatments available. 2) Housing is done via foster carers unless a clinic stay is needed. Foster caring ensures that these former street cats and dogs are introduced to a home environment before adoption and then their character assessed so a home that is the right fit for both cat/dog and person can be found. 3) Financial assurances – every penny is spent on the rescue operations themselves, and Viktor uses his own business to further support the rescues as often there are shortfalls in the rescue costs. In summary, being a member of the LAG group is a bit like being on an amazing rollercoast with it’s emotional ups and downs from the hardship of the rescue to the thrill of the result, Viktor is passionate, funny, rude, yet above all else has the biggest heart and he has an incredible amount of energy and dering do to achieve great results for even the most difficult of cases. Honestly, you couldn’t find a better rescue group to support. Hope this helps :)

      Wednesday at 10:46am ·  ·  7
    • Let’s Adopt! Global Gratifying and pleasant? You must have spoken to Mariya… :-) ahahha.. un beso

      Wednesday at 10:47am ·  ·  4
    • Mims Dot Mosby Thank you for the testimonies, you have given me much to think about. Yes I am a person with a huge heart for animals and I am sure that you would all agree a person willing to part with charitable monies for a great cause would be remiss not to ask these questions. I shall sit and read thoroughly and then certainly get back to you for further collaboration and discussion. Thank You

      Wednesday at 10:50am ·  ·  3
    • Julia L-a Jejeje, asi es! Muy amable y agradable persona! Besito:-)

      Wednesday at 10:50am · 
    • Julia L-a

      ‎10.11.11 Имаме уникални, невероятни, прекрасни новини за Мира! По препоръка на …See More
      Photos: 39
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    • Diana Zhivkova Mims, a quick note from me – just stay around for a while. Follow the page, follow the posts, follow the stories. You will love Let’s Adopt and may be become one of our great supporters…the way I did. :)

      Wednesday at 10:52am ·  ·  2
    • Mims Dot Mosby I will but I must attend other duties for now – I will read and watch all that is here – thank you for the reply

      Wednesday at 10:57am ·  ·  1
    • Mariya Kutreva -Williamson Hi Mims, a quick answer from Let’s Adopt! Bulgaria :) Our motives? Every life saved gives you an incredible feeling, impossible to explain. You know that without you a soul would have died. We find foster homes for our rescues, where they spend the time until we look for adopters, with us ourselves fostering the most difficult cases (for ex. I have a paralyzed kitty in my home at the moment). We take great measures in ensuring they go to a good home, by laboriously reviewing their facebook accounts, looking through photos, numerous skype and phone calls where we discuss their experience with animals, their home environment, current animals, living habits, and except for international adoptions – always a meeting in person with the adopter. With international adoptions we cannot do that obviously, but we do not mass-export animals, and we are 100% sure where they go to and what happens to them. We have strict rules for adoption and not everyone passes those – animals must go to a home where there already is one animal, where they will be fed a perfect diet, and the home must be non-smoking. We stay in touch with the new family and ask for photos from the new place, which we add to the facebook albums of our fur-babies. Please have a look through our albums at the link I gave in the beginning of my comment – you will see the full history of each case, in English as well, photos and everything. Thank you for wanting to help. ♥

      Wednesday at 11:04am ·  ·  1
    • Alexandra Molitor A few months ago I found this group. Here are animals with violations and cruel destinies. Here you fight for animals that had no chance to life without this group. Here miracles happen. From each animal, you can read the story. If my English was better I would write you 100 pages of reasons that speak for LA. i adopted a paralyzed cat named SOL . he was not alive without viktor, because paralyzed animals have no chance in the most countrys. You can see the stories from all animals in the let´s Adopt Photo album.And you can see the stories from the dogs/cats which was rescued from the gas-chamber. For this rescue group i would give my last penny then i know everything is for the animals. here is a video from sol as viktor brought him to germany.

      Length: ‎5:20
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    • Alexandra Molitor

      Let´s Adopt

      Length: ‎3:22
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    • Mariya Kutreva -Williamson Just to make it easier for you – here are our stories. A picture speaks a thousand words:

      Wednesday at 1:26pm ·  ·  2
    • Cagri Sert hi… i have been a member of this groups for about 4 years, since the very early times of its foundation. i am an adoptant; i adopted a tripod dog and a blind cat among its rescues who were my fosters and i have been a foster too; have fostered around 30 cats and 4-5 dogs during this time. i tend do foster animals that need special care and treatment and that are usually the cases vets here don’t mother to “waste time on”; paralyzed cats, blinds, spine fractures, tripods, chronic illness that need special care etc. i did not start rescuing with LA , have been into animals all my life as many on this page but my whole idea and world of “animal rescue” changed when i met Viktor. i live in Istanbul and so have had the chance to work on some really difficult cases first-hand and in some, vets returned animals to us saying that they had done all they could and the animals would die so we should take him. those cases ended up in great homes only thanks to this group and especially Viktor as if it hadn’t been for his stubborn and insistent research on the cases and doing not only what “we have in hand” but try every way, those animals would have suffered terrible deaths. it is in this groupd that i have witnessed paralyzed animals walk and animals that are expected to die end up better than ever. i can speak so clearly on this as i have witnessed many cases of the group and took part in many them.

      the adoption rules may sound harsh and sometimes people don’t get “why” they are there but those rules was not written in one night. it took the group time and experiences with many rescues, mistakes, losses to come up with the current adoption rules that cares only about the well-being of the rescues and nothing else. LA will not give up any of the conditions to please anybody because the issue in hand is a life that is no less important than ours.

      a few links to Let’s adopt rescues that i have fostered and Bonnie is my tripod dog:



      Bonnie of Let’s Adopt:


      Wednesday at 1:49pm ·  ·  4
    • Fred Wicks Hi Mims my name is Fred. I live in Canada and I’ve adopted one of the dogs that Viktor rescued from Nashville County. He and his organization not only rescue these animals from certain death but care about the homes he places them in as well. He has four simple but important rules that must be adhered to if you are to adopt one of his rescues (all which Benifits the animal and can be viewed on his link above). Viktor has continued to stay in contact with me now two weeks after the adoption to provide support and ensure compliance of his conditions of adoption. I don’t know how he finds the time between all his rescues but he obviously cares for these animals long after he has rescued them to ensure their continued well being. Viktor is one of those very rare individuals whose entire life is devoted to saving animals nobody else would even care to look at, if you can financially help him save even more I beg you to please do it … For the animals sake!! You won’t find a better animal cause out there because there is only one Viktor

      Wednesday at 2:03pm ·  ·  5
    • Daniela Beier Hi! I’m working with Viktor and Let’s Adopt for almost two years now. I was involved in finding families and bringing the animals to their adoptants a lot of times since then. The special thing about out group in my eyes is the relationsships we are building. We in germany try to make sure that the new families here and the foster families ins Turkey or Bulgaria get in contact with each other so that everyone involved in the rescue of one animal is taking part in his future life one way or the other. One year ago, I adopted Monica from Let’s Adopt. She has an incredible story which I like to show you here:

      Wednesday at 2:16pm ·  ·  4
    • Daniela Beier

      Monica is one of our most beautiful rescues. Here is her transformation from an…See More
      Length: ‎2:44
      Wednesday at 2:16pm ·  ·  3 · 
    • Ana Rodriguez Hi Mims, Viktor is Spanish same as me and I can tell you I have never meet in my life somebody like him, he is the bes animal advocate I have ever seen and this little organization has saved more lifes than PETA in one year. I am sure Viktor has sent you lot’s of info by now but I have been following all his work and I have no one little doubt about where the money goes or how is spent but what I admire the most is the incredible amount of people that are working for let’s adopt and make this incredible amount of miracles happend. It will be great to have you as well helping and supporting us. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST IN LET’S ADOPT.

      Wednesday at 3:33pm ·  ·  2
    • Andrea Rosebrock Mims, I am from the USA and have donated and have hands on with a LAG foster cat and helping to transport a Kitty from the USA to Germany. I would not take the time and money to do so if this organization was not worth it. They work. Everyone of them wherever they are located. AND they have RESULTS.

      Wednesday at 4:26pm ·  ·  3
    • Anja Bull I don’t want to repeat what everyone else has said, but as someone who has donated money to other groups/individuals and later found out they were more or less frauds, I can tell you that this group is real and they use all the money to save animals. I have short term fostered a little cat family and been a flight volunteer and what other groups only talk/dream about, this one gets it done. They save animals that no one else would save and find great homes for them. Viktor is amazing :)

      Wednesday at 5:03pm ·  ·  4
    • Andrea Rosebrock I would like to add just a little more. Some – many of the LAG rescues are have injuries and problems that would, in the eyes of some, not be worth saving. That’s not the case with LAG. They have taken dire cases and got them their medical care and rehabilitation to live long and happy lives. To LAG, the life spark in the animals is no difference than ours. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing these animals recover and placed in loving homes.

      Wednesday at 5:15pm ·  ·  5
    • Roberta Pozzoli Hi Mims. We recently adopted Benji through LAG. He is an incredible dog who has been through and most importantly survived, more than most humans could deal with. Without LAG he and many many animals would have ended their already desperate lives alone, scared and in pain. What LAG achieve isn’t a miracle, it’s down to hard work, tenacity, a love and respect for animals and the belief that every animal is worth saving. I am constantly inspired and overwhelmed by what they do and they deserve every bit of help and support they get. thank you!

      Wednesday at 6:40pm ·  ·  1
    • Ranette Thorpe I am in Canada and fostering 3 brothers rescued by LAG from Turkey-2 have been adopted and approved by LAG and myself and both Lag and myself have been in contact with the familes. I have visited them since the adoptions and will continue to see them. All costs to get the boys from Turkey TO BC were paid by LAG-The boys are healthy, vet checked and up to date on shots and neteured again all paid for by LAG….I am honoured to be part of this group and make a difference to any animal that needs help.

      Wednesday at 7:11pm ·  ·  1
    • K9 C.A.R.E. Inc. Mims, Welcome! We totally understand where you are comming from and appreciate your inquiry. Please allow me to share our personal experiences with Viktor and Let’s Adopt!.
      We are an Aquatic Rehab. Facility for dogs, located in the USA. We are a unique facility, one of a very few in the world. Over the years we have worked with other rescue groups to assist with rehab of various dogs. Each experience while rewarding in the sense that we helped the dog, which is what we are all about, the human experience was lacking in some respect. There were a lot of disappointments working with rescues, we were discouraged.
      Then Viktor joined our Facebook page.
      We give our heart and soul to each and every dog that comes to us. We do everything in our power to ensure the dog is successful, we expect the same from the dog’s humans, whether it be a foster dog, a rescue’s dog, or your own. We quickly saw Viktor was the same…exactly the same. Thus our relationship began… we have never looked back.

      We do Trauma Foster for LAG. exclusively now. Currently we have with us “Prince Pookie” who was dumped at the gas chamber in North Carolina, with a broken leg, Heartworm positive facing certain death! His leg has been fixed, his heartworm treatment will begin shortly. ALL this has been funded by Let’s Adopt Global.
      Please visit our page to see “Prince Pookie’s” pictures:

      We were also involved with the Gas Chamber Rescue from North Carolina. Over 100 dogs saved from certain death. Forty of those dogs stopped over at our facility on their way to Canada. By the time they arrived here they had been travelling for close to 11 hours. We were here to give them an overnight break, ensure they were exercised, happy, rested and ready to continue their journey.
      The welfare of each and every animal rescued by Let’s Adopt is first and foremost.

      To sum it up we choose to work with, and support Let’s Adopt exclusively. Viktor Larkhill is an amazing man, Let’s Adopt Global is a group of incredible people, doing amazing things, worthy of support.
      We are please and proud to be associated with Let’s Adopt Global. Mims, I am sure you will feel the same way!

      Wednesday at 7:15pm ·  ·  3
    • Mutlu Jones I do agree with the every word that has been said about LEt’s Adopt. I have been supporting (donations only) LA almost since they have been founded. They are one of the rescue group that I give money and know that it will be used to save an animals in need for sure. It has been proven every single time!!! No wasting time, they walk to walk. Never doubtful. I will keep supporting them as long as I am able because LA rocks!

      Wednesday at 7:16pm ·  ·  1
    • Carolina Fajar What can I say more? Everything I have in mind has already been written by the people above :)

      My friends and I in Let’s Adopt! (Indonesia) are very blessed (and proud too!) to be part of Let’s Adopt family — we are guided and fully supported by the best people in this rescue and adoption world.
      To know more about us, you can visit here:

      Well, nothing more to say but LA rocks!

      Wednesday at 8:03pm ·  ·  2
    • Cenk Karayazgan Hi Mims, I’ve been a volunteer in this “family” for about 3 years. I am Turkish citizen, among all the work worldwide Let’s Adopt established in Turkey. Animal movement in our country is so new. I am a clear withness of Let’s Adopt’s role in this movement. Many things have changed in this country and LA played the key role. We still have a very long road to go.
      “Saving Lives & Inspiring People”… This is what we do & it is so damn hard thing in a country like ours. “A spanish guy comes and shows & teaches us what to do, how to do and makes miracles come true plus he speaks the truth with heavy words” We make fake news, tell lies and treaten to kill him!!! Yes Viktor is treatened to death many times, a few of them I withnessed with my own eyes. Is he affraid? No, but I would have left this country so many times if I was in his shoes… You need to be nuts if you continue.. Well he is nuts and he doesn’t know what fear is…
      Victor is a guy with amazing skills and talent. What makes Let’s Adopt is not only V. himself, this group is a concentration of amazing people giving amazing effort which only “volunteers” can do, with passion and sacrifice.
      What is the motives? For me the principle of doing the BEST and never satisfied, always moving furter, better… Only way to make “miracles” come true. I’ve seen LA stop massive killings no one believed we could like in Kas, Bolu, Istanbul Municipality… ect. I’ve seen so much that I would never believe if I didn’t see with my naked eyes.
      I’m an architect and my work needs so much time, I don’t work any other organization because in this one every minute and any penny I spend is for an amazing resulted work.
      Finance? Well LA is an organization who has ZERO employee (Victor included) Doesn’t matter how much money is collected, always more money is spend because there are much more animals that we can save in Turkey & worldwide. When you see a dog that “only” you can help you don’t count the money in your pocket, you say “I’ll do whatever it takes”.. And it takes always more, and we are always in dept, never balanced.
      I have a stray dog sleeping in my bed, sharing my pillow every night for 6 years, I rescued her she was going to die on the streets. If one day I need to give away my dog (maybe if I die) I would know that my dog will be rehomed by Let’s Adopt, and she will be as or more happy & healthy in her new home. I have “no” doubt!! This kind of trust is not easy gained.
      As knowing Victor for so long as a friend I want him to stop what he is doing and use his time, skills & talent to his job which will make him happy and rich, he’ll have a great life. But as a Turkish guy trying to do as much for the animals in need, I pray to God for V. to continue doing what he is right now… “Saving lives & inspiring people”


      Wednesday at 8:24pm ·  ·  6
    • Susan Seljan Yannacey Hello, I first come accross LAG about a year ago through a friend. I sat at my desk day in and day out watching the great work Viktor and friends were doing. I was amazed at the care, concern and movement of this organization. This group is filled with people who want to do the right thing and help. I don’t donate unless I know for sure that I know that my money is well spent…I give when I can. Because of the awareness that this group has shown me, I do what I can to help save as many lives as I can. LAG has motivated me and opened my eyes. Because of LAG, I got involved about 2 months ago and I am now a proud foster mom of two happy healthy boy kitties…Gabe and Sootie. I can assure you that Viktor is careful who he fosters and adopts too. I have never seen someone so passionate about the work that he does. He is sincere in his battle to save as many lives as he can. I have yet to see him say that a dog or cat is too sick or injured too help…he goes out of his way to do what he can to save them. He has a big heart and I know that he will always do the right thing no matter how hard it is. I never once had to worry how my babies were going to be taken care of…I know that when they go to their forever home, they will be happy.

      Wednesday at 8:32pm ·  ·  1
    • Isabel Carvalho I second everything that has been said in the posts above. I’ve come to know Viktor as someone who not only has a huge heart for animals (especially the ones that not many other people would even try and rescue) but also someone who manages to motivate and inspire others in a way that things actually get done. I don’t always agree with him but I do admire the way he sticks to his principles, how he deals with questions being asked and the fact that he will always go out of his way to help. He has made LAG a very special group in a very short time.

      Wednesday at 8:54pm · 
    • Yvonne Bollinger This is Angel, an about 12 weeks old kitten when he was convicted to be put to sleep because there was noone who was interested in him. LAG helped to rescue and to get this little guy from Dallas, TX to Germany!! Many of the fantastic and selfless people of LAG helped to give this little life a chance. Viktor although he seems to be all around the world to help the forgotten and miserable creatures never forgot this little one until he managed to get a flight volunteer to get him to his furever home. LAG is doing amazing work and the people working there are extremely extraordinary. First of all they are thinking about the animals and alltogether they are a real awesome and powerful community that is working really global to do as much as is possible and many times even more. I know many organizations who are helping animals but LAG is most remarkable, it is no anonymous thing to work with them; to every answer you get a reply and you will be never forgotten. Exactly like every single animal they already helped and they will be helping in the future. It would be fantastic if you decided to support this organization and become a part of the wonderful and amazing work LAG and every member of them is doing day by day.

      Wednesday at 9:09pm ·  ·  2
    • Yvonne Bollinger

      Adopted 9-20

      5865 DMH 12 WK M
      ADMIT 9-14
      POSS EUTH 9-20


      Wednesday at 9:09pm ·  · 
    • K9 C.A.R.E. Inc. Mims, Right now, at this very minute, the Let’s Adopt community is at Defcon 1. Two dogs that were adopted out to a couple in Canada have gone missing. How did we find out?, Viktor knew they were gone as he keeps track (amazing but true!) of every dog every cat he has placed. He is as we speak doing everything in his power, enlisting the help of the animal community to find these dogs and return them to Let’s Adopt. A higher testament to his dedication and care of these animals could not be found.

      23 hours ago · 
    • Mims Dot Mosby Hello I am back briefly as I have meetings to attend very soon but I am amazed by the stories, granted I have not had time to view them all, however those I have do impress me. I shall continue viewing later this evening. I am curious as to how Viktor can know animals are missing? Keep up the great work, I can understand it is a never ending job unfortunately. Be back in touch very soon.

      23 hours ago · 
    • Lisa Mt The rescue activities of Let’s Adopt Global! aim and succeed in providing freedom and equality for animals. Countless rescues who’s lives were literally on the balance. Those abandoned and completely left alone, were given a wonderful and loving home. It’s often said “the best things in life are free”… but that is only one part of the entire dynamics…. since the animals’ welfare under LAG’s protective shields, is achieved with hard work, struggle and pain… still, they find the time to honour their rescues with the truth….


Lady, a kitty torn apart in Istanbul

You are going to have a very difficult time watching this video.

It’s going to be difficult not only because of what you are about to see, but because of what you can only imagine.

Her name is Lady, and this is the state in which she has come to our clinic. The  injury took place many days ago. Possibly weeks. During that time, the mangled leg decayed and rot, miraculously infection did not spread to the rest of the body.

We do not know what kind of accident she went though, but we suspect she must have been sleeping inside the engine of a car in a cold winter night. In the morning, when the engine went off it tore her apart.

But for days, possibly weeks, Lady crawled along the streets of Istanbul, trying to find water to drink, some crumbs to eat. We know for a fact that she ate during this time, probably fed by animal lovers that, incredibly, didn’t think of taking her to the hospital urgently, until finally, miraculously, someone did.

Lady’s remaining bits of leg need to be amputated. Her recovery is going to be a long and painful one, but this is an incredibly cat, a fighter, brave and resilient like each and everyone of the animals we rescue.

Many vets around the world, and most rescue groups would not hesitate to kill her. Why making any efforts for a cat in this condition? Why treat a cat that will never be perfect?

Well… precisely for that reason… because we are a rescue group, not a mail order catalog of cute puppies and kitties, and because rescuing those that truly have no other chance is right at the essence of what we do.

This is why Lady is going to have the very best treatment an injured animal can have, and after the treatment is over she will have a wonderful home, where she will forget about all of this, and will go on to have a wonderful life as a tripod kitty.

Look at your cat, or your dog, sleeping quietly next to you and help Lady on his / her name… because she matters. Please SHARE this post across all social networks. Lady needs our help.

Thank you.


P.S.  If you are an amazing human being and are willing to adopt Lady please don’t hesitate to contact me on . Sadly, chances are she will never find a home in Turkey, we will be delighted to send her to you if you meet our adoption criteria.


UPDATE Jan 30 2013…

It’s been 15 months since Lady was rescued… how life changes. The streets of Turkey that nearly costed her life nothing but a distant memory. Whilst in her previous life people ignored her, right now she’s a STAR.. cherished and loved, admired by all for her beauty and kindness.. Lady… Lady…. Lady….

Update November 13

A postcard from New Hampshire… :-)

Lady was treated, rehabilitated and flown across the world thanks to the amazing support of our incredible community of which you are part. Please, should you wish to support our work so that we can continue saving animals like Lady, please contribute to our working Fund today. This is how we make miracles happen…


Many thanks!…


Open your eyes Dolores!

You are born but at first you don’t see. It’s suddenly too cold and not damp enough. You are on the concrete, waiting for your turn to be licked clean. Mom cleans you up, things start looking up but it’s still dark. You snuggle up to mom, maybe it’s not that bad after all. You decide to sleep on it for a few weeks in between milk time.

Then you open your eyes.

All the voices have a shape, shapes that pass you by. Mom is still around though, and it’s October.

You wake up on October 30th, mom is not there. It is unnatural, you assumed she would always be there. She’s gone. You watch the shapes, hear the voices. It starts raining. You have a place to go, but you always followed. There is noone to follow. You take the leap, not of faith but of death, a shape with a creaking sound runs you over. No, it’s not painful, it’s beyond that.

You open your eyes, like you did in September for the first time. Shapes move around you, they talk about you, not for long, because they always have something more important to do. They decide on a date, next week on November 10, you will be put to sleep. If you knew about them, you would hate euphemisms. But you’re asleep already, and you are just a kitten. Your hind legs don’t work. You can actually move one of them. But they don’t see that. You are happy, though, you are happy it’s warm, you are happy there’s food and water, you are happy because someone touches you once in a while. Actually, you are happy because sometimes they look at you and that’s good enough. It’s November 9, you open your eyes to another day of happiness. It will end in two days. You start purring.

It’s November 10, you see a new shape, loud voices, you start purring. That’s the only argument you have against your own execution. The new shape approaches you. You are covered in your own shit. That’s why noone touches you, but you purr for the prospect.

You are placed in a box, it feels bumpy. You fall asleep.

It’s November 11. One of your hind legs work. You have a home waiting for you in California. You almost died. You have no idea. You open your eyes and you purr.

Before Dolores can go home, she needs intensive care and treatment for her infected wounds and the nerve compression in her leg. After a final operation in two weeks, she will have a wonderful life where she will be able to open her eyes every single day for the rest of her life. But this is only possible if you give us a hand. We cannot let Dolores down.

Please help us with Dolores’s treatment and flight expenses. She needs you.

Otto garden

Saving Otto: an Amazonian Rescue


It’s been 5 months since the day we heard of Otto’s plea for the first time.

During these months Otto remained with his foster in Lima, healing from his injuries and learning to trust again. Otto is happy, very happy, and so is the family … a match made in heaven..


Two weeks ago we made a promise… we would fly to the jungle outpost where Otto had spent so many months languishing in agonizing pain, we would rescue him, fly him to Lima, fix his DESTROYED leg and fly him to a wonderful home in the USA.

What follows here speaks by itself… and it could only happen because of YOU.

Otto, leaving Madre de Dios…

A quick hop in a car and the drive to the airport…

With Kari… ready to fly!!

Arrival at his new clinic in Lima

Everyone he has met tells us OTTO is the most amazingly sweet dog…   ALL LOVE

HE LOVES to have his belly rubbed!!!

Now.. have a look at this.. this is the picture of Otto’s leg AFTER his accident.. the bone was broken…

What happened afterwards was a tragedy.. Otto was not operated by a veterinarian but by some local healer.. this is the state of Otto’s leg after that first operation in the jungle… check this out!

He has been in this condition for MANY months.. can you imagine the pain?

Luckily for him… his bad luck is OVER!!!

He has now been operated and his leg has been fixed!!!!! A new external fixation has been applied..

Everything is looking MUCH BETTER .. and Otto is now happy again!!!

Meet the team!!!!!

Amazing right? Well… Otto has been moved to Kari’s home in Lima. He will be there until he is in a condition to travel… and the good news is that we know where he will fly to from Peru!!!!… He will go visit our friends at K.9 CARE INC to continue with his rehabilitation with the best team in America. What? You don’t know who they are? Well.. check them out HERE… Amazing people..

THANK YOU all of  you that are making this rescue possible… if you are reading this and you can please spare the price of a coffee (or two) and contribute to Otto’s rescue Fund)… he still has quite a way to go…




Update, November 21.

Our volunteer, Kari Ureta flew this weekend to Puerto Maldonado and rushed to see Otto and evaluate his condition.
This is the state in which he has been found. 5 months after his horrific accident and a series of blotched procedures by the local veterinarians Otto is in a pitiful condition.
When Kari entered the room where he has been confined for months Otto lifted his eyes and his tail started wagging. He was inside the cage in terrible state, malnourished, dehydrated and in obvious pain from his infected leg. The injuries created by the external fixations are infected and are oozing pus. His entire leg is inflamed and swollen. He has lost most of the muscle tone due to the lack of activity and the pain he feels when he stands on his leg.

It’s a disaster.. horrible and infuriating.. but at the same time we are happy because finally Otto’s ordeal is about to finish.
We are working on booking Otto on his flight to Lima where he will be rushed to the best vet in the City for an evaluation and the beginning of treatment to diminish the infection on his leg. From there, he will fly to the USA for his necessary therapy.
We will keep you posted… right now, we can only wish him strength for the coming days..
Don’t worry Otto, this nightmare is about to end.

Please, if you can, contribute to Otto’s Rescue Fund.. the logistics of this rescue are extremely complicated and costly. Please Chipin whatever you can… even if is only the price of a coffee… this baby needs to start a new life, and he will only do so with your help…


This is how Otto, a once mighty and proud German Shepherd looks today….
Otto is  trapped in one of the most isolated places in the world, deep inside the amazonian jungle, in the Peruvian region of Madre de Dios, bordering Brazil and Bolivia. If you are lost already, don’t worry, so did I, I had to use Google Earth to find the place.
His condition right now is as dramatic as you can see.

A few months ago Otto, was playing with some of the kids in the village when one of his legs got stuck into a wire trap of sorts. A painful muted “crack”, and the leg was badly broken.

Otto was taken to a village vet, who, operating in conditions I will leave to your imagination, fixed the dog as best as he could.

Sadly, he couldn’t do much…

I have been informed the external fixation used to repair his broken leg is infected and needs immediate removal. We hope infection has not spread through the bone, in which case, an amputation would be necessary. The veterinarian that has cared for him doesn’t have the right antibiotics or equipment and has recommended for him to be killed. Otto’s condition is critical.

We are coordinating Otto’s urgent rescue and his transfer from the jungle where he is right now, to Peru’s capital, Lima, where he will receive emergency care in the city’s best clinic. Once his leg is fixed, and regardless of the outcome, Otto will fly to the United States or Canada, where he will be adopted by one of the amazing families within our network.

This is going to be an extremely complicated and costly rescue, completely out of reach for a normal rescue or a private individual.

We are Otto’s last chance. Crazy as it may seem, there really is noone else willing or able to help this beautiful dog that is suffering so much.

Once again, we need the Let’s Adopt! community to come together as one, and to help an animal that in a cruel twist of life has found himself at the end of the road.

Please contribute to Otto’s Chipin… let’s get him out of there.

Many thanks for your help…


AJOO big

Ajoo, The far edge of pain

There is something in common between doctors, relief workers and animal rescuers. Forced to witness the ravages and pain caused by disease and brutality we erect walls around us, layers of protection to shield us from the pain of those that we save. Those walls are, what keep us sane at times and allow us to keep calm and take the right decision at times when normal people would run away in panic (most of the time, leaving the victims behind).
My walls, however, were shattered to pieces yesterday when I was received an email from one of my friends in India telling me about a little dog she had rescued.
She named him Ajoo.
The picture was brutally clear, nothing was left to imagination. Laying on the rocky floor, a small puppy lays unconscious.. he had been hit by a car. But what choked me and nearly brought me to tears was a gruesome detail, the layer of skin and fat of his abdomen had been totally eaten by flesh eating parasites. The pup’s genitalia has also been devoured, the skin surrounding his penis, gone, eaten. I have no idea how long it took for the insects to finish their job, but I guess it couldn’t be less than two weeks.
Two weeks of torture, or intense burn in that most sensitive of areas, skin and flesh slowly eaten away, larvae planted in the pup’s soft tissue that would end up eating away the puppy until the moment when a car would hit him and send him flying across the road, at the far edge of pain, where he would collapse in shock and finally die.

This would have been the end of the story hadn’t my friend picked him up and rush him to the vet for emergency treatment.
Vet’s in India, are, however, incapable of doing anything else for Ajoo. Many of them are so repelled by the injuries that have offered to kill Ajoo, not to spare him suffering, but to spare themselves the trouble of having to deal with such horrific injury and its treatment.
The only way forward for Ajoo is a procedure called ureterostomy. That is, the creation of a stoma (a new, artificial outlet) for the uretra. In other words, the equivalent of a full sex change.
Once the operation is performed, this little pup will be able to have a normal life, to run, to play, without feeling the excruciating pain of the injury and the burning pang of rejection by whomever sees him.
No Veterinarian in India will perform this operation on a dog. Some human doctors can perform it on a human but they all have refused to perform it on a lowly animal.
We are going to do everything in our hand to save Ajoo’s life. In little less than two weeks, Ajoo will be flown to us and our surgeons will perform this most delicate procedure. After he has recovered and he is in a condition to travel he will be rehomed in the USA or he will fly back to India back to his rescuer.
Let’s Adopt! is an incredible community, week after week we perform feats beyond the reach of most rescue groups, that would never consider taking up a case as complicated as this one.

Let’s offer Ajoo a second chance, a new shot at life.

Together WE CAN make this happen.



Update 2 Febrary 2013

How life changes… and what happened to Ajoo? Wow… what a story that one was…
Here is it..

First: Ajoo and his rescuer, Manta were flown to our base in Istanbul. It was a great experience for both of them. For Ajoo because it was the beginning of his new life and for Manta because that gave her the chance to meet me :-) (that was a joke)…

In Turkey Ajoo tried Spaguetti for the first and last time in his life. He didn’t like them, like a good Indian, he found them bland …

then Ajoo went through an operation called Ureterostomy, in other words, we amputated the troubled penis and created a stoma, a new exit for him to urinate. This is a very complicated and risky operation, and quite painful, you can ask Gord Macey, he will tell you.

The post op went well, and after a few weeks Ajoo was ready to fly again!!! this time to Germany, where he was rehomed and has lived happily ever since!!! Look at him now!!!

Amazing story right? How a helpless living being was snatched from death went through a sex change and ended up living life in paradise… You don’t get to read stories like this every day …

Well.. that’s what we do…

Ajoo was rescued, treated, rehabilitated and rehomed thanks to the amazing support of our incredible community to the Simba Fund. Please, should you wish to support our work so that we can achieving amazing rescues like Ajoo’s please contribute to our working Fund today…


Many thanks!…