Lady, a kitty torn apart in Istanbul

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You are going to have a very difficult time watching this video.

It’s going to be difficult not only because of what you are about to see, but because of what you can only imagine.

Her name is Lady, and this is the state in which she has come to our clinic. The  injury took place many days ago. Possibly weeks. During that time, the mangled leg decayed and rot, miraculously infection did not spread to the rest of the body.

We do not know what kind of accident she went though, but we suspect she must have been sleeping inside the engine of a car in a cold winter night. In the morning, when the engine went off it tore her apart.

But for days, possibly weeks, Lady crawled along the streets of Istanbul, trying to find water to drink, some crumbs to eat. We know for a fact that she ate during this time, probably fed by animal lovers that, incredibly, didn’t think of taking her to the hospital urgently, until finally, miraculously, someone did.

Lady’s remaining bits of leg need to be amputated. Her recovery is going to be a long and painful one, but this is an incredibly cat, a fighter, brave and resilient like each and everyone of the animals we rescue.

Many vets around the world, and most rescue groups would not hesitate to kill her. Why making any efforts for a cat in this condition? Why treat a cat that will never be perfect?

Well… precisely for that reason… because we are a rescue group, not a mail order catalog of cute puppies and kitties, and because rescuing those that truly have no other chance is right at the essence of what we do.

This is why Lady is going to have the very best treatment an injured animal can have, and after the treatment is over she will have a wonderful home, where she will forget about all of this, and will go on to have a wonderful life as a tripod kitty.

Look at your cat, or your dog, sleeping quietly next to you and help Lady on his / her name… because she matters. Please SHARE this post across all social networks. Lady needs our help.

Thank you.


P.S.  If you are an amazing human being and are willing to adopt Lady please don’t hesitate to contact me on . Sadly, chances are she will never find a home in Turkey, we will be delighted to send her to you if you meet our adoption criteria.


UPDATE Jan 30 2013…

It’s been 15 months since Lady was rescued… how life changes. The streets of Turkey that nearly costed her life nothing but a distant memory. Whilst in her previous life people ignored her, right now she’s a STAR.. cherished and loved, admired by all for her beauty and kindness.. Lady… Lady…. Lady….

Update November 13

A postcard from New Hampshire… :-)

Lady was treated, rehabilitated and flown across the world thanks to the amazing support of our incredible community of which you are part. Please, should you wish to support our work so that we can continue saving animals like Lady, please contribute to our working Fund today. This is how we make miracles happen…


Many thanks!…

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  1. jean thornley says:

    you are amazing god must have put you on this earth then sent you to sweet lady,bless you xxxx

  2. Julie Robbs says:

    Thank you for all that you do to help each and every life that comes your way,you truly are a dedicated group of angels that these babies need and love. Please never stop doing what you do. Also what is the verdict on this beautiful Lady,has she been adopted ???

  3. melody constantino says:

    You are all so awesome!! Thank you for finding and fising these poor babies that woud otherwise die.. God Bless!!

  4. This is a great story however sad that this cat had to live through this nightmare. why she had to drag around for so long with no one helping makes me sick. but thank God for the one person who did help and took her to a vet or rescue. Its amazing to me how an animal can go through hell and survive and have such a loving attitude.

  5. Lady looks great your team and you are great some day I will.I can only pray that the animals that sick or inguryed will get to you and your team in time to be saved and know what love is.thank you

  6. Michele B says:

    I absolutely love you guys! You are so amazing, I have donated recently and will donate regularly in the future as you are one of my top rescue groups to support for all the wonderful things you do for these beautiful creatures. I’m fairly new to your site so seeing this story filled my heart with both sadness & joy. I can’t imagine what that prescious baby went through and the pain she endured. The fact that her body wasn’t filled with infection was an absolute miracle & proof that she deserved to live! Animals can do very well with 3 legs and clearly she deserved a change to be painfree and happy – bless you all!!!

  7. You are so amazing, thank you for showing there are still good people in the world. I wish the best for you and every animal you save, thank you for being fantastic.

  8. Siete un gruppo di persone meravigliose, avete salvato Ledy che altrimenti non ci sarebbe più è bellissima assomiglia alla mia piccola bimba che da 11 anni con noi i gatti sono animali dolcissimi che ti danno tanto affetto e guai a chi gli fa del male!

  9. William Testa says:

    Poor thing…I know she will survive and adapt. My sister found a kitten with a leg that was useless due to , what we think, was someone throwing him from a car. The leg is gone, yet he is happy and thriving. I know Lady can do it…I would have taken her to a vet ASAP, if I saw her..That poor thing!!

  10. nancy lazeski says:

    bless her heart she is so amazing how could this happen to her she is a good fighter thank you so much saving this beautiful cat who did this to her God Bless You All for saving her life I love you guys for this amazing come back for her

  11. You are truly Angels!!!! God bless you for all you do.

  12. Damn this really makes me cry.. damn God Bless you guys.. i wish i was there and give a ig fat hugg to all of you guys.. and thank god for the good people you are.. Dios te bendiga man…

  13. you guys are awesome thank you for taking care and love to that sweet cat

  14. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  15. Ginger S. says:

    I am so glad she is safe and happy now….

  16. LORRIE D JOHNSON says:

    I would love to adopt Lady – I live in Brighton, Colorado. Have 3 cats, all rescue cats, and two (2) smaller dogs, both rescue dogs. Princess will be 12 this fall, Little Cat will be 5 this summer, Mini Cat will be 3 this year. Dogs are both 3 and love cats – I don’t allow my cats outside, they are indoor cats only, and I have a great relationship with my vets in Brighton so they can give me a recommendation.

    What would the next step be?
    Lorrie D Johnson

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Lorrie.. Lady has been adopted over a year ago…
      In any case, you may want to adopt another one of our kitties.. please write to me on


  17. WOW! what an amazing story and look at how beautiful she now looks…. Gratitude to the angels that helped her <3

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad that lady found a home, and was rescued, I cried when I saw this video….God bless her and the people who saved her…

  19. Alli Love says:

    A beautiful and wonderfully precious life saved. My heart is full today knowing people like you are working towards a greater goal and a life full of love for all. Thank you. :)

  20. Why ??? how could anyone do this, it is barbaric cruelty at its worse, I am comforted by the fact that she has survived and is now in a safe loving home but her picture will be with me for a long time, Lady I am sorry for what was done to you but you now know that not all human’s are cruel xx

  21. Amazing cat and amazing work!
    Love to all of you that help these animals in need <3<3<3

  22. How sad this poor baby I really don’t know how we can be so inhuman that the life of an animal doesn’t matter anymore. When we are all gods creatures. At least she did find love in the end

  23. Nancy Bell says:

    We need more people like you. Thank you for how you help Lady. She looks great and very content

  24. Viktor, I would love to help with her or Kola. I have semi-ferrals and they are great they would love them both. They have come along way from living on the streets sick and starving to death. I would love them I have worked with my guys and they have learned to trust me and learned to play again and just be happy. Let me know I would love to help if I can. Thanks Margo

  25. sue gerber says:

    Has this special Lady found a loving forever home yet?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      YEs.. she has been living in the USA or over a year

  26. susan callanan says:

    OMG so sad!!! Thank God someone stopped to help and God Bless your organization!!!

  27. Viktor –

    Thank you for helping all these wonderful animals – God’s creations… May God bless you according to your needs…



  28. Linda Schubert Arms says:

    I admire and love people in this this place….I do not know you….but I pray for you all the time…your each and everyone a HERO in my eyes and to the precious animals you save and you help so very much. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.

  29. Zaida Jorat says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and compassion.

  30. thank you so much Viktor!!!
    I remember when i was a little girl, my grandmother was a cat lady and my grandfather had always a cat sleeping on top of his hat inside his hat!!! Well one of this cats was also a cat living on 3 feet, after a tragically accident in the forest, she was found in a trap set by local hunters and my grandmother did not wanted to put her to death as she was only 9 months young…they amputated the front leg and this cat live long and happy, and passed away in my grandfathers hat at the age of 22 years…she just passed in her sleep…Thanks again for all the life’s you safe, you are a angel on earth send by god!!!

  31. Sooo happy for miss kitty!!!!! You guys are truly amazing people along with all people who care and help !!!!

  32. Thank you for taking care of her, and thank you to her new owners, and all that have contributed to saving this kitty. I am so glad to hear she is doing so well!

  33. Jim Frageman says:

    Vicktor your a first class act the things you do for injured animals your a God sent man thanks for everything.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Where is Lady Now ?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      She’s living happily in the USA

  35. gaynor dibenedetto says:

    how absolutley beeeeeauuuutiful ! much love to all concerned.

  36. hello!
    it has always been a great whish for me to adopt a “non-perfect” cat. when i will adopt a cat, i will not look for a perfect little kitten who is guaranteed to have a happy life. i would like to adopt a cat (maybe, eventually more than just one) who suffered a lot. a cat, to which people have done a lot of harm. a cat like Lady.
    in country where i live, we don’t have organisations which would make even the smallest effort to save a cat like that, because “a cat like that would never survive”. but since i found you, i wonder, if there is any way for me to adopt one of cats you saved? what would i have to do to, for instance, adopt Lady? i live in Slovenia (EU).

    thank you for your reply and thank you in the name of all animals you saved. you’re doing a great job.

    best regards, Katarina

  37. Glenn McNeish says:

    Amazing the will to live by animals. By the way, the “Monzter” in my e mail address refers to my car.

  38. You are all wonderful and from us all thank you so much as with out you all these poor souls would have no one to help them x

  39. Judith Sinclair says:

    I will most gladly adopt Lady and show her the love, respect, trust, and devotion she can handle. I used to work with the ASPCA and work with animals that had been abused. It is so amazing what love can do. Please let me adopt her.

  40. Thank you, Viktor, for an uplifting update. She’s so happy.

  41. jean mapplebeck says:

    i am so pleased that she is fine i would donate but iam going though a painfull time myself . My form of help is i will pass everything on as to help with anything you send me .

  42. Ventsislava says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for your strenght and heart, Victor. Dear Lady, you deserve this better life. Love you although haven’t met you….you are incredible!

  43. ich finds von euch ganz schön traurig,zu filmen.statt sofort zu helfen.
    ich weiß nicht was das noch mit tierschutz zu tun hat.
    lieber lasst ihr die katze noch bisel länger da liegen mit ihren großen schmerzen.
    ich bin mal wieder fassungslos
    und zwar übe euch

  44. Vickie Herndon says:

    Wanted to tell you that I would want Lady. Any cat that could go through that and then I saw the happy ending. God Bless the folks who are her new family. She is a special angel. Thank you Viktor.

  45. lanier severine says:

    merci ! pour tout ce que vous f aite pour ces pauvres animaux!! je leur fait plein de caresses !!

  46. christine says:

    Ohhh dear what a vidio it made me cry, hope she will survive, and get a nice home and a lot of love <3

  47. Celina Fiorino says:

    Viktor, God Bless You for all the incredibly difficult work you do to help these poor, defenseless animals, like Lady! I am on a limited income, with 4 animals to take care of, myself, and cannot afford a donation, but my PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR THE ANIMALS <3 ! You are truly one of God's finest human beings, and I am honored to know you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you do!

  48. Karen tafe says:

    I’d adopt these animals myself. It costs so much to get them to where you live. My heart goes out to animals abused, neglected or any thing else. On disbility myself. Could afford the food, give all the love as well. But costs of getting animals here is way out of my pocket

  49. Serap Bahadir says:

    chances are she will never find a home in Turkey, Which is not true false information I have just recently adopted a cat with three legs and have lot’s of friends having cat’s blind, 2 or 3 legs …. would you like to have more examples or pictures ??!!!!????

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Congratulations Serap.. you did a great thing.
      However I wrote.. CHANCES ARE … that means, it’s most possible.. let’s face it, your case is an exception to the rule, just go to the streets, see the amount of cats roaming outside and you will understand

  50. ROSER PLA UBEDA says:

    Os envié un mail para adoptar a una gatita y todavía estoy esperando que alguien me conteste.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Roser, no lo recibi. Podrias por favor reenviarmelo a Escribe IMPORTANTE en el sujeto. Un abrazo

  51. Stephanie Cicconi says:

    I don’t believe that you can ever be told enough, but you are amazing! A true God-sent!! Words can not express how truly grateful and thankful I am for you doing what you all do…I speak of your foundation often to others…May you all be blessed eternally for the love and tender care that you make possible for each and every angel that crosses your path..Gods Blessings and All My Love and Support Always!!!

  52. ursula foster says:

    thanks viktor!

  53. paula fleming says:

    great ending to a horrible horrible story. so happy for her

  54. sharon cuson says:

    OMG…the pain this precious soul had to Endure.Thank you for caring for her…She is amazing..Stay Strong my Love…

  55. I want to adopt her

  56. I want to adopt her
    I have a girl we call her lola she has the same story

  57. donna ackley says:

    i wish i had something to give . all i can give now is my thanks and god bless all that take care of poor animals that have been hurt and mistreated . i cry everytime i see these pictures . i can only say these animals are survivers , god is with them but all can’t be saved . how i wish it were so . turkey and what ever other country can not be allowed to let these things go . i know their people may need help but you don’tlet a nother human or animal suffer even if you don’t have anything . there is always someone or something you can do no matter how small . i’m so sorry for such cruelty and neglect . god bless

  58. Lainy Small says:

    I couldn’t watch the video but was praying that there was a happy ending for this poor kitty and thank you so so much for being there and saving this beautiful girl and giving her a chance to have the wonderful life that she and ALL animals deserve!

  59. Robin D. Sighaus says:

    Truly an amazing story~ Thank you to the many people that were involved in Lady’s journey to her forever home~ I only wish it could have been less painful… *Time heals all, I wish you the best possible life and maybe even all 8 more lives.

  60. Diane McLachlan says:

    Wow. You are amazing for not giving up on her when so many would have. She is such a sweetie. Congrats to you all and her. <3

  61. Is there any more video update? Where is she now? Was she adopted?
    I have donated – thank you for helping her.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Alison.. yes… she was adopted in the USA, in New Hampshire.. she has a great life now..

  62. amazing recovery! thank you so much for giving her a chance to heal! she looks so good after all she went through, just wow!

  63. Thank you Viktor. The world needs more people like you. I have a cat with three legs and he is adorable. Lady has been very lucky.
    I hope she recieves the same amount of love that pain she suffered.
    Go on helping. Help is good. It is such a reward itself.
    Help helps to feel better.
    Thank You

  64. Meltem Ozcelebi says:

    Conrads on your efforts. Where is she now? Which country? Keep up the good work.

  65. Meltem Ozcelebi says:

    Congrads on your efforts. Where is she now? Which country? Keep up the good work.

  66. Dear creature <3. I'm so happy knowing she is better now, if I understood story.

  67. Ana Chavez says:

    Tears of sadness turned to tears of joy. Thank you Viktor!

  68. ewa oscarsdotter says:

    Just two words: THANK YOU….<3

  69. Minerva Alvarez says:

    I can’t donate. I have no money to send, but I shared all of this cases, because, may be, others can donate, or adopt. I admire your work, and I pray for you organization to be alive as the animals you saved, for ever. God bless you!

  70. Thank you for saving Lady.. she is precious

  71. thank you for this uplifting story and for restoring some faith in the human being

  72. Wow she is now so clean and nice like an ANGEL!

  73. Carol Link says:

    Praise God that this baby was found & taken to the vet & her leg was removed, Lady is a Beautiful fur-baby, & I am so glad she is being cared for & loved <3

  74. send her to me , i will take that poor baby. but i’am in the usa. she looks like my cat i took over her from germany some time ago
    and thank you guys for helping her you people are the best.
    please let me know, i live in colorado springs maybe there is a way for her to come over her.

  75. Debz Jones says:


  76. Alison Hill says:

    I am so glad this lovely little cat is looking great again. God bless xxx

  77. I’m glad Lady was rescued, but why, whenever I see these kind of videos, are the injured animals always lying on cold, hard floors or steel tables? You guys do realize that those kinds of surfaces suck the heat right out of little bodies, right? I know, there was a towel NEXT to Lady, but she should have been on TOP of it. In fact, she should be lying on a big, thick, soft blanket with something warm to cuddle with.
    And what’s with that loud music? That can be stressful to sick animals. Please remember these tips and think of the animals’ comfort. Thank you from a veterinary technician in California.

  78. MaryEllen says:

    Oh Victor i find you to be such an amazing person for what you do for all of t the animals you treat over the years, i show my daughter all of these rescue pets and the work you do to save these animals and she is so inspired to do this herself someday..Thank You for your Love and Compassion.

  79. Robin Kerns says:

    Thank you for saving this beautiful cat! She is gorgeous!

  80. I had tears in my eyes (and felt sick to my stomach) when I initially saw the first pic…but once I have tears (of joy) in my eyes!!!! Thank you for saving her 😉

  81. Pam Fitzpatrick says:

    So sad.. but happy this sweet angel has a loving home :)

  82. Thank you for helping her – she looks great!

    I too found a cat with a horrible leg injury and had to have his front leg amputated – just like Lady. He is not perfect either (3 legs) but is happy and healthy. Losing a leg does not prevent a cat from living a wonderful life. All they need is someone who cares.

    Thank you for caring.

  83. Beryl Sanders says:

    Thank God for you Viktor and your magical medical team…I was so overcome with emotion when I saw how mangled poor little Lady was…It breaks my heart that people would take the time to feed this little beauty but didn’t think to pick her up and take her to a Vet or at the very least, to a shelter…I is hard to believe that the little waif you rescued looks so beautiful and healthy….I really hope that Lady has the most precious life that a little Angel like he so richly deserves….Be happy in your Forever Home Lady….xoxo

  84. Anna Crochet says:

    I Thank God for people like you, Viktor as well as your wonderful caring staff who works so hard to save the lives of these little angels!! We are blessed to have you to do this HONOR and saving these precious innocent babies! It is my prayer that justice be carried out TO THE FULLEST extent of the LAW to the inhumane beings who perpetrated this sick act on such a defenseless little angel!! It would only be fair to want the same treatment for them as they so horribly dispensed on this harmless little kitten! The only difference here would be that THEY deserve every bit of pain, fear and desperation that they heartlessly dispensed to one of God’s most innocent creations!! Many heartfelt thanks again to you and your staff-Will pass this on so that others can donate to this important cause!! Your efforts will NOT go unrewarded!! Sincerely, Anna Crochet, Dallas, Texas

  85. Desiree prinsloo says:

    Great, sometimes I miss out on some of the details of the horrific stories but Im glad to catch up and celebrate a happy ending. Thank you dr and your team for great work. It touch my heart and a cry a silent tear of joy

  86. Charmaine Morgan says:

    You guys are amazing, so glad she made a recovery and has found her forever home. Very sad video to watch.

  87. Lesley Hall says:

    Such a heart wrenching story with a beautiful ending! God bless u all for your tire less efforts for the helpless! She is beautiful now and u helped her become that again! Stories like this help restore my faith in humanity!