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Ayten procedure 1

Let me show you a miracle… Ayten Hope’s first operation!!

Because of the nature of our mission at Let’s Adopt! we regularly meet animals whose internal strength and capacity to overcome all difficulties leave us dumbfounded, at times as shocked as the cruelty that got them to us…

If you are reading this you are probably familiar with the story of Ayten Hope, there is quite a chance that you have been one of the 245 people that have joined forces to make this little miracle happen.

On Friday Ayten Hope was operated. We had to break the leg again, figure out the best way to take out the metal piece inserted by that criminal vet in Marmaris, eliminate all the bad bone formation that Ayten’s body had created and create a supportive structure that allows the formation of new bone. We had an added challenge. As Ayten’s other leg is not fully functional we needed to make sure that she would be able to use this operated leg from day one.

To do this we used two surgical steel plates, from the world’s leading manufacturers. The plates alone cost over 1000 USD… and that was just the plates!

There are many ways to do a surgery like this one, but there is only one way to maximize the chance of a positive outcome, and that is to use exclusively the best equipment and professionals available.

It was a long surgery, close to four hours. We used the most sophisticated equipment and we took every precaution to prevent the onset of infection, the biggest enemy in this kind of procedure.

When it comes to an animal’s life, for us, there are no shortcuts…

I have prepared a video that takes you to place very few people ever get to see, the inside of an operation room. I want you to see this, so that you understand the extent we go in each and every case. I never showed this before, instead just published the before and after pictures, but I feel everyone needs to see this to understand… Please Watch this video…

Update November 8, six days after the operation:

The improvement is astonishing… Ayten Hope’s operated leg is progressing extremely well, there is no infection and the implants are doing their function wonderfully well…

Our mission is not over yet. In a few days Ayten left leg will be operated, and that’s going to be a much more complicated operation as chances are the muscle is contractured (muscle mixes with bone matter and becomes solid).. That leg cannot remain in the condition it is right now. As it is it’s doing nothing but hurting Ayten and stopping her from having a decent life..

Please help us spread Ayten’s plea, please share this post on your social networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc… we need you now, more than ever..

Update November 15:

She now walks nearly perfectly… We are incredibly happy!!!

We are going to wait one more week for her second operation, we want her leg and new bone to be as stable as possible..



Angie 1

Angie’s chance

Please, after you finish reading this post, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks… the case, as you will see, it’s critical…

We will never know what Angie went through until she found us….

The moment I set my eyes on her I had to give a second look to appreciate the extent and gravity of her condition. Her skin is hard, covered in sores and scabs fall from every single inch of her body. There is no fur, and only a few scattered hairs hang on from the leathery skin.

There are few things that can torment a dog as much as a full infestation of sarcoptic mange. The dammed parasites dig into and through the skin, causing intense itching and the formation of crusts that usually become infected. I have seen dogs go totally crazy trying to chew the parts of their body infected by the mites. The condition aggravates when the animal has been starved, as it is obviously Angie’s case.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worst for Angie they did… a test this morning has confirmed she has parvo, a killer disease that unless treated inmediately could take her life in a matter of days..

We need to look at the matter with a broad vision, put her on treatment to alleviate the mite infestation as well as boost her very depressed inmune system so that she can fight the parvovirus. As you can see in the pictures she is currently on IV and has been isolated from the other dogs in the clinic to stop the spreading of the virus.

Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created. She is the dog with the contagious skin condition and the killer disease that can be fought only through dedication and the best veterinary care. Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created, because for animals like her we are the only chance of survival…


I give you my word we will do everything possible to turn her life around … Please, if you can, give us a hand and contribute to Angie’s treatment Chipin, she will make you proud..

Thank you..

P.S. If you cannot help, please, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks..  And of course, you are more than welcome to leave us a note in our Facebook Page, Let’s Adopt! Global


UPDATE 21st May

Angie is feeling much better. Whilst still fighting against Parvo her overall condition is much better. She continues receiving support treatment but we expect to be able to announce that she has fully beaten parvo very soon… from then on it will be a question of continuing boosting her immune system as well as dealing with the massive infestation of sarcoptic mange that covers her body.

Here are some pictures of Angie as of today, she really looks more comfortable don’t you think?  Please visit Angie Rescue Album on Facebook to follow up her evolution during her treatment…  Angie’s Album



Otto garden

Saving Otto: an Amazonian Rescue


It’s been 5 months since the day we heard of Otto’s plea for the first time.

During these months Otto remained with his foster in Lima, healing from his injuries and learning to trust again. Otto is happy, very happy, and so is the family … a match made in heaven..


Two weeks ago we made a promise… we would fly to the jungle outpost where Otto had spent so many months languishing in agonizing pain, we would rescue him, fly him to Lima, fix his DESTROYED leg and fly him to a wonderful home in the USA.

What follows here speaks by itself… and it could only happen because of YOU.

Otto, leaving Madre de Dios…

A quick hop in a car and the drive to the airport…

With Kari… ready to fly!!

Arrival at his new clinic in Lima

Everyone he has met tells us OTTO is the most amazingly sweet dog…   ALL LOVE

HE LOVES to have his belly rubbed!!!

Now.. have a look at this.. this is the picture of Otto’s leg AFTER his accident.. the bone was broken…

What happened afterwards was a tragedy.. Otto was not operated by a veterinarian but by some local healer.. this is the state of Otto’s leg after that first operation in the jungle… check this out!

He has been in this condition for MANY months.. can you imagine the pain?

Luckily for him… his bad luck is OVER!!!

He has now been operated and his leg has been fixed!!!!! A new external fixation has been applied..

Everything is looking MUCH BETTER .. and Otto is now happy again!!!

Meet the team!!!!!

Amazing right? Well… Otto has been moved to Kari’s home in Lima. He will be there until he is in a condition to travel… and the good news is that we know where he will fly to from Peru!!!!… He will go visit our friends at K.9 CARE INC to continue with his rehabilitation with the best team in America. What? You don’t know who they are? Well.. check them out HERE… Amazing people..

THANK YOU all of  you that are making this rescue possible… if you are reading this and you can please spare the price of a coffee (or two) and contribute to Otto’s rescue Fund)… he still has quite a way to go…




Update, November 21.

Our volunteer, Kari Ureta flew this weekend to Puerto Maldonado and rushed to see Otto and evaluate his condition.
This is the state in which he has been found. 5 months after his horrific accident and a series of blotched procedures by the local veterinarians Otto is in a pitiful condition.
When Kari entered the room where he has been confined for months Otto lifted his eyes and his tail started wagging. He was inside the cage in terrible state, malnourished, dehydrated and in obvious pain from his infected leg. The injuries created by the external fixations are infected and are oozing pus. His entire leg is inflamed and swollen. He has lost most of the muscle tone due to the lack of activity and the pain he feels when he stands on his leg.

It’s a disaster.. horrible and infuriating.. but at the same time we are happy because finally Otto’s ordeal is about to finish.
We are working on booking Otto on his flight to Lima where he will be rushed to the best vet in the City for an evaluation and the beginning of treatment to diminish the infection on his leg. From there, he will fly to the USA for his necessary therapy.
We will keep you posted… right now, we can only wish him strength for the coming days..
Don’t worry Otto, this nightmare is about to end.

Please, if you can, contribute to Otto’s Rescue Fund.. the logistics of this rescue are extremely complicated and costly. Please Chipin whatever you can… even if is only the price of a coffee… this baby needs to start a new life, and he will only do so with your help…


This is how Otto, a once mighty and proud German Shepherd looks today….
Otto is  trapped in one of the most isolated places in the world, deep inside the amazonian jungle, in the Peruvian region of Madre de Dios, bordering Brazil and Bolivia. If you are lost already, don’t worry, so did I, I had to use Google Earth to find the place.
His condition right now is as dramatic as you can see.

A few months ago Otto, was playing with some of the kids in the village when one of his legs got stuck into a wire trap of sorts. A painful muted “crack”, and the leg was badly broken.

Otto was taken to a village vet, who, operating in conditions I will leave to your imagination, fixed the dog as best as he could.

Sadly, he couldn’t do much…

I have been informed the external fixation used to repair his broken leg is infected and needs immediate removal. We hope infection has not spread through the bone, in which case, an amputation would be necessary. The veterinarian that has cared for him doesn’t have the right antibiotics or equipment and has recommended for him to be killed. Otto’s condition is critical.

We are coordinating Otto’s urgent rescue and his transfer from the jungle where he is right now, to Peru’s capital, Lima, where he will receive emergency care in the city’s best clinic. Once his leg is fixed, and regardless of the outcome, Otto will fly to the United States or Canada, where he will be adopted by one of the amazing families within our network.

This is going to be an extremely complicated and costly rescue, completely out of reach for a normal rescue or a private individual.

We are Otto’s last chance. Crazy as it may seem, there really is noone else willing or able to help this beautiful dog that is suffering so much.

Once again, we need the Let’s Adopt! community to come together as one, and to help an animal that in a cruel twist of life has found himself at the end of the road.

Please contribute to Otto’s Chipin… let’s get him out of there.

Many thanks for your help…



Operation No-Kill Nashville

Update: November 1st

We are on week 7 of the Operation No-Kill Nashville and we are close to reach the number of 100 animals saved!!!
As the time progresses we are facing a new number of challenges to which we are trying to find creative solutions…

1. We have a shortage of foster homes in Nashville and around. The volunteers there are amazing, and I cannot think of a better partner than our friends at Nashville Country Animal Friends but we need to find ways for them to grow their network locally so that we can rely on more short term fosters.
2. Winter is here. The arrival of winter is complicated things from a logistical point of view. Some airports are closed to animal transport, airlines request acclimatization certificates, snow and ice closes airports completely. Circulation and transport by road becomes somewhat unreliable. A possible solution I see here is to try to find more fosters and adoptants in Florida and California. Sadly, this will increase our costs significantly.
3. We are rescuing a number of animals that need more than just simple vetting and health certificates. In order to best deal with those cases we need to increase our network of veterinarians across the USA capable of offering the level of service we expect from our partner clinics. If you know an outstanding vet in your area please don’t hesitate to email me and give me his details. We will get in touch with them.
4. Funds: the total cost per life saved, including vetting procedures, transport and kennels/carriers is right now on average, close to 700 USD per dog, and about 400 USD per cat!, at times much more. We need to figure out ways to get our community involved, and to involve them in our fund raising efforts. For now, our Chipin is the only way we have to pay for all of this, and sadly, we are nowhere close to raising enough funds, which means we are permanently operating in the RED. We don’t know how long we will be able to sustain this rhythm, it basically depends on our community to make it happen. To this effect we have just started our November Chipin.. all our expenses will come out of it… Please, if you are in a position to help, please do… YOU are making this miracle happen. Many thanks!. Viktor


It’s been a month since we started our Rescue Action from the Gas chamber in Nashville. I cannot begin to tell you how hard we are working on this..

Here are some numbers:

- In the first month we have rescued 62 animals in total, 22 dogs and a whooping 40 cats!.

– When in Kill Shelters around the USA dogs and cats die for lack of adoptants in Nashville this month only 1 adoptable animal died, and this happened on the first week of our campaign, when we were not yet organized. Since then, no animal has died in Nashville. Each and everyone of them has been adopted, either by us or by other rescues. Whomever says that there are not enough homes for all animals in shelters doesn’t know what he is talking about. No-Kill is possible, if a group with as few resources as us can achieve this everyone can.

The shelter, however, has killed many animals that we never got to see, many of them feral cats and animals handed over by their owners with the precise instruction to be killed. The gas chamber has not stopped working in Nashville. This is completely unacceptable and we are starting talks to be able to rescue each and every animal delivered to the shelter, including feral cats and animals needing medical treatment.

– In the first month we have set up the bases of a formidable nation-wide network of foster homes. The search for fosters continues every day. This map will give you an idea of how far we have gone in just one month.

View Let’s Adopt Foster Network in a larger map

- Our two biggest challenges are:

1. To increase the number of short term fosters in/around Nashville. Short term foster homes are crucial, they are the ones where they animals go whilst definite transport arrangements to their long term fosters or final homes.

2. To increase the number of available Funds: After a month rescuing we have made a quick calculation. On average the cost-per-life saved in Nashville, including basic vetting and transport is 180-200 USD. This amount doubles in cases when we have to spay/neuter and can become much much more if more veterinary treatment is needed.

The cost of saving those 62 animals has been close to 12.000 USD. Sadly, we have only been able to raise 4.000 USD. Still, we are managing.

As you all know Let’s Adopt NEVER applies an adoption fee to the adoptants. This is a matter of principle. We will never be put in a position where anyone gets to say that they have bought a dog from this group. We believe in creating a relationship of partnership with our adoptants and Fans instead of one based on a fee transaction. Many organizations can’t understand this logic and continue applying absurd adoption fees. Adopting our animals is not a right, it’s a privilege that cannot be bought by payment of an adoption fee.

We need to find a solution to those two problems. The team of the Nashville County Animal Friends is working hard on increasing their network. From our part we need to be able to continue raising funds in a systematic way otherwise sooner or later the rescues will stop and that gas chamber will start killing animals again.

Let’s Adopt Global is committed to continue saving lives and together with NCAF achieve No Kill in Nashville.

We don’t make promises in vain, but the only way to achieve this is to do it together.. please continue supporting our rescue program in the gas chambers of North Carolina. Thousands of animals are counting on us…

Kadir Topbaş: Scandal at the Hasdal shelter

Update 27 April: Vida, one of our most dramatic rescues, an animal that had been disposed in the middle of the fields like trash, nearly died, experienced a wonderful recovery and she is now ready to go a wonderful home.

Please read the rest of the post to understand exactly what Vida went through…

Our conditions for adoption:

1. Vida MUST have an existing animal.
2. Vida MUST live inside the home, not on the garden.
3. Vida MUST be fed a RAW diet (www.rawfed.com)

and finally…

4. The family will be a non-smoking family. Second hand smoke kills and makes miserable the lifes of both humans and animals. Vida’s life has been miserable until now.. at least now she will enjoy a clean crisp air in her new home.

Note: The comment section in our blog is closed. The goal is to increase the number of posts shared on Facebook and Twitter. I would please request to share this posts in your profile and adding your own personal commentary in your wall.. I believe this will increase the spread of our appeals. Please SHARE


It’s an early morning in Istanbul.

The Istanbul Municipality van drives through a lonely road in a village far away from Istanbul. In the back, shaken and terrified, 5 stray dogs violently hit the walls with each bump of the road. The barks and screams can be heard by every villager en route.

Upon arriving to an isolated location the Municipal drivers brutally unload the frightened animals onto the side of the road.

Two of the animals are in good condition but the other three barely have any strength to move.  Mila is one of them. Too weak to move she lies on the grass, waiting to die.

We were there.

The entire event was caught on camera as part of an on-going investigation by Let’s Adopt! into the atrocities commited by Kadir Topbaş Hasdal shelter and the Municipality’s well documented practice of dumping dogs in the forests and deserted locations.

The events of that morning, together with undercover footage obtained by Let’s Adopt! proves, beyond any shade of doubt, the blatant disregard for the Law by Kadir Topbaş team and the constant and sustained lies of the Municipality to the Press and the general public.

It was barely weeks ago that the brutal killing of a cat made the entire turkish society get up in arms in rejection of animal cruelty.
The events and practices that have come to light show a different kind of cruelty, one no less brutal and affecting to a much larger number of animals, and cast serious doubts over the credibility and honesty of Kadir Topbas and his administration.

In recent months the European Union has granted the Istanbul Municipality large amounts of money in order to improve their sheltering practices, with a shelter currently being built in Istanbul with European Union funds.

European Union officials declare to be totally unaware and shocked by these practices. The scandal threatens to bring European Union funding to a halt.

Kadir Topbaş and the Istanbul Municipality deny any wrongdoing and claim the footage and the scandal to be fabrications. We let you be the judge of that.


P.S. Mila died this morning after spending a week in intensive care.

The second dog, that we have named Vida, was rescued, she is in a critical condition.

LIES from Istanbul Greater City Council !!


LIES from Istanbul Greater City Council, Truth is in the Album, See For Yourself

Dear Sir,

In your referenced mail, you are claiming that the Istanbul Greater City Council (IBB) dumps street animals in a forested area and kills them there.
IBB carries out its operations according to the Law No. 5199 and its regulations.


In accordance with this law, street animals are collected and brought to our rehabilitation Centers. If they have any sickness, they are treated for it. Then they are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and registered. After their operation wounds are healed, and if they have not been homed, they are taken back to where they were found. Dumping them in the forest or killing them, as you mention in your mail, is out of the question. There could be no justification for dumping and killing animals on whom so much money and effort has been spent.

For your information.
Recep Zafer
Veterinary Services Assistant Director???

We wish you a good day. ( !!!!!! )



ALO 153

We are hoping that Kadir Topbaş hears our voice, because the White Table sends “THIS LIE” in response… There is no investigation, no enquiry… The street animals you see in the photos are only a fraction of the total, and it is apparent from the (blue) ear tags that almost all of them have been neutered at HASDAL.

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Simba, Hayatımı Değiştiren Terrier… Simba, the terrier that changed my life

During her years with me we went through incredibly powerful experiences, including the break-up of our family pack. I am being
truly honest when I tell you that she kept me going at times when I considered giving up.

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Sahip Çıkalım! : Aidiyet – Let's Adopt: Belong

This experience proves to me once again that having an honest and direct approach, not playing political games and standing up for what it right builds trust, and in the online world Trust, not Cash, is the currency that matters.
Bu deneyim bana, politik oyunlar oynamadan sadece doğru olanı savunan dürüst ve net bir yaklaşımın güven inşa edeceğini ve sanal dünyada Paranın değil, Güvenin konuştuğunu kanıtladı.

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Kedi Venus! – Venus the cat!


Venüs iki gün önce kurtarıldı.

Yerel sahiplendirmeler için daha fazla sorumluluk alamayacak durumdayken, burada bir istisnada bulunuyoruz; çünkü kurtarıcı, bizim özürlü kedilerimize geçici ailelik yapan biri ve bu evi çok fazla işgal edemeyiz.

Karşınızda Venüs…Ne diyebilirim ki…Fotoğraflar zaten konuşuyor…

Venüs’ü sahiplenin: v.larkhill@googlemail.com.

Venus rises
Venus rises



Venus was rescued two days ago.

Whilst we cannot take responsibility for more local rehoming we are making an exception here because the rescuer is one of our foster
homes for disabled cats and we must keep spaces free in this house.

This is Venus… what can I say.. the pictures speak for themselves..

Adopt Venus: v.larkhill@googlemail.com

Venus reads!
Venus reads!