Please help — they shot Santa for Christmas!

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Santa expected milk and cookies. But all he got was a bullet in the back.

Santa was a stray. He lived on small prey and scraps, which he could easily find when the weather was warm. Then winter came.

It was cold now. Santa had to go foraging for food further than he had ever ventured before.

He had to come close to people’s houses.


And one day someone shot him.


We know nothing more of how Santa got hurt. We will never know why anyone would shoot a beautiful white cat, who in the cold of winter approaches for a bit of food.

Santa was lucky, unlike many other shot cats. He was noticed and caught by kind people, rushed to a veterinary clinic and is now under our care.



Santa getting prepped on the Xray table

An Xray revealed viagra pills a bullet in Santa’s hind body. A tiny bit further up — and this beautiful animal would have ended up either dead or paraplegic, as the bullet would have ripped into his spine.


We are waiting to hear from Santa’s vet team later today on what his prognosis is. Please stay with us for updates, which we will be sharing on our Facebook page.

Please help us save Santa by donating towards his rescue and treatment fund.

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Santa will need a great home — please email us on if you can provide it! He is in Sofia, Bulgaria but transport to almost anywhere in the world can be arranged if the right home is found. Share his story, comment and follow updates on our Facebook page Let´s Adopt! Global.

* Let’s Adopt! Global is a 501c3 charity and your donation is tax deductible. All funds will go towards the animal’s care. Any remaining funds will go to support our other rescues and mission.

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  1. Janice Meyer says:

    Years ago I had a mama cat who went into heat regularly. Every time she would come home with a pellet in her hind side just like this. She would lick it until it got to be a big raw hole on her skin. People didn’t spay their cats back then….we always found homes for the kittens. We also didn’t vet them very often unless they were in dire need. So the pellets would stay inside and we would work to heal the hole and before long she was back to new again…..until the next time she went into heat. There was always another pellet, same place, same story. We always healed her up. Maybe Santa will heal up with a little wound care, but I would advise that he gets neutered so he doesn’t roam so far, or make night noises like cats do. Things are so bad financially for me that I’m not able to pay my bills, but I do read your posts and wish I could help with a donation. Maybe soon….every American is scared to death of what life will be like with the new soon to be president. Pray for our country and it’s economy. We can’t help others if our funds are taken away or lowered.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Thank you for taking the time to commend in detail! Santa is definitely going to get neutered, and we will find him a great home.