Sherlock, on his last breath…

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On his last breath Sherlock reached the village square and dropped like a stone. 

Emaciated, dehydrated, there is no knowing how long it took Sherlock to get to this point. Initially he was taken on by a local rescue that did everything they could for him but his condition continued to deteriorate. Finally they reached an initial diagnostic, a form of Megaesophagus, a condition that stops food and nutrients reaching the stomach, leads to extreme emaciation and unless managed properly, death.

Then, when they were taking X-rays to fully asses the condition the most horrible thing happened. The vet used a contrast made with Barium, a highly toxic chemical product. Sherlock vomited the substance and inhaled it through his lungs… Barium spread all over his lungs and remained there, creating infection and Pneumonia.

This is the condition of Sherlock´s lungs right now.

At this point the rescue gave up and asked for our help. The first thing we did was to move him to our clinic.

At this stage Sherlock has multiple issues:

1. He has pneumonia created by the inhaled Barium. We are fighting against it with antibiotic treatment.

2. His original condition is called Estenosis of the Esofagus and it is probably caused by an injury. The only treatment is an Endoscopy and the dilation of the esofagus with a system of valves.

The procedure is a high risk procedure. Risk compounded by the pneumonia and by his extreme state of emaciation.

There is no other alternative but to operate him within the next 48 hours. Initially we wanted to do it today but we have preferred to wait 24 hours more while pumping in nutrients and see if he regains at least a tiny bit of strength.

This is a high risk produre but there is no other alternative.

We either do this or he will die.


We are treating Sherlock like we would treat a human being. Euthanasia is not considered because there is a glimmer of hope through a medical procedure.

Sherlock needs your help. And he needs so today. We only have an extremely narrow window of opportunity, after that, it will be too late.

Please, look at his face, he is a wonderful dog, incredibly kind and loving, everyone that meets him falls in love with him ..

Please help us save his life…  it´s life or death for Sherlock.

Please help Sherlock, Donate and share his plea…. his life is in our hands.


Many thanks!!!


11th of February

Sherlock went through an Endoscopy this morning. 

 We have good and bad news.. 

The good is that he doesn´t have esthenosis, hence it was not needed to proceed to the dilations of the esofagus we intended to do. This is good.

We have installed a sonda that brings food and nutrients directly to the stomach. For the first time in a very long time Sherlock is receiving nutrients right where he should.

The bad news are that the muscles of the esofagus don´t show any kind of activity. There is a total lack of muscular reaction. We don´t know what is the cause of this. 

 We are considering several possible causes: a problem of the tyroids, Lupus, Miastenia Gravis or even an auto-inmune problem.

Right know we just don´t know yet.

The gravity of the situation lies in the fact that unless we manage to reactivate the muscles of the esofagus, feeding him with a Balley Chair alone is not going to work. We need at least some level of muscular activity for the food to reach the stomach. Right now there is none.

We are trying to correct the situation. It´s essential that the esofagus recovers at least some functionality.

Sherlock has also a bleeding gastritis caused by the extremely low level of acidity in the stomach due of the continued action of the digestive juices and the lack of food in the area.

Unfortunately Sherlock´s condition remains GRAVE. We are trying to stabilise him and feeding him with a sonda is surely going to help.

Now everything depends on the care and attentions that he will receive while staying at our clinic.


UPDATE 18 of February…

It has been 10 days since Sherlock came to us, more dead than alive…

As long as he fights, we will fight with him…


Update 3rd March

Sherlock´s last chance

Sherlock has been with us for three weeks now. Three weeks of intensive care during which he has been in the loving hands of the most brilliant and compassionate veterinarians we know. Our vets. 

For three weeks we have been fighting multiple problems. The Barium inside Sherlock´s lungs triggered pneumonia. We had to fight that. At the same time we had to figure out the reason why Sherlock´s oesophagus didn´t respond at all, not even the slightest bit to treatment. For three weeks Sherlock has been receiving food directly into his stomach. It has been a very delicate balancing act. Administer too much and he would vomit, give too little and it wouldn´t be enough. His stomach would only admit 120 cc, that´s about half of a glass… we kept giving him this, increasing the frequency. It has been purely try and error but for three weeks Sherlock has been resisting, regaining strength and weight some days, becoming weaker others. 

We have been using the Balley chair with mixed results. He eats with great appetite but only a small portion of the food eaten through his mouth finds his way to his stomach. It´s not enough. The sonda had to remain in place.

Every possibility, every scenario has been studied, we discarded lupus as well as any infectious and viral disease. His condition is an enigma to us and to any specialist that we have consulted, and we have consulted many.

There is only one option left for Sherlock. There is a possibility that his is an auto-inmune condition, that his own inmune system is creating havoc with his digestive system.

The only way to be sure of this is to depress his immune system through the use of corticoids. Problem is, doing this will increase the risk of the Barium in his lungs killing him. 

We have no other option. We really don´t. This is Sherlock´s last shot at life. There is nothing else we can do. The treatment is risky but he is an incredibly strong dog and he deserves this last chance.

Over the last three weeks we have fallen in love with Sherlock. He has proven an uncanny strength, resilience and will to live. If there is a dog in the world that deserves to live, this is Sherlock today.

Unfortunately Sherlock´s treatment has completely depleted our reserves. At over 1.000 USD a week for his treatment the funds we raised for his care are long gone and we have been drawing onto our meagre safety net. 

Our work never stops, you see it on our page daily. Every day animals are saved, flown to their homes, Let´s Adopt Global has become a massive network working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is why we can´t afford to be in such dangerous position on a constant basis.

Sherlock still has a chance. Please help him take it.If you donated to him already please show your support again, and if you didn´t, please do it now. If Sherlock´s makes it it will be the greatest joy, but if he doesn´t, we will at least know there was nothing in this world we could have possibly done.

Please help Sherlock one last time…

18:05 SHERLOCK has left us.
We did EVERYTHING for him but sometimes everything is not ENOUGH.
Rest in Peace dear friend…

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  1. Andy Scott says:

    My God! Poor Sherlock! I´m shocked at his condition and his terrible luck.
    I found you a year ago when you rescued Ayten Hope in Turkey and I have been following you and supporting you since. It´s an honor to be a small part of this community.
    I know if someone can save Sherlock it´s you and your wonderful vets.
    You have my entire support. Donated $60, I hope it will help.
    Good luck Sherlock!

  2. Hi Viktor

    I dont have much but would like to donate. Wpuld 10.00 be helpful? Or will pay pal get most of that?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Ronda… Paypal gets just a tiny commission.. it´s the best way to make micro payments.. 10 will of course help!

  3. Vanessa Valles Mendoza says:

    Not to take away from the fact that Sherlock needs everyone’s help but I am curious to know why that vet gave this lovely boy such toxic mixture? I am not pointing fingers, just very concerned.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Vanessa.. There are two kinds of compounds used for contrast in internal organs Xray
      One is based on iodine
      the other on Barium
      Barium produces are more highly contrasted image and it´s widely used in veterinary and human medicine. HOWEVER, if there is a suspicion of rupture or like in this case the risk of vomit and inhalation doctors use the iodine type.
      The village vet made a mistake… now we are trying to sort it out and save Sherlock´s life..

  4. Poor Sherlock. What terrible luck all round. It’s disturbing to read that he has inhaled a toxic substance courtesy of the vets. However, I know that many procedures are loaded with danger.

    I cannot unfortunately spare any more money this month as I’ve donated to you and other emergency animals causes already over the past month. I know the need never ends, but I just wish I was still working so I could fund animal causes like the old days. Will see what I can do. Meanwhile, please give Sherlock an extra hug from a supporter over in the UK and let him know that not everybody in this world is cruel.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Sammi.. please don´t worry, I will see him in a few mins and I will let him now..

  5. Thanks for taking this case! Sherlock is so loving and tender… we wish the best for his surgery. We will be at home thinking about him. We hope he has enough strengh in such condition to survive. Thank you, thank you, thank you Viktor.

  6. Oh my! This poor dog. I cannot even imagine the suffering he has had. If anyone can save him you can Victor. Please take care of him. I donated.

  7. Wanda Lee says:

    Donated $20.00, he looks so much like a dog I used to have, who passed away many years ago, Bear was a Bouvier de Flounder, he was a huge boy, weighed over 120 pounds and was 13 when he was taken into God’s pack. Prayers for Sherlock’s speedy recovery, from Nova Scotia Canada…

  8. Troy Lynn Eckart says:

    One of my dogs has mega esophagus. Feeding her soft foods with a raised feeder, then gently rubbing her throat and neck to help the food pass into the stomach helps. When her esophagus is full I can feel the bulge and hear the gurgling as I manipulate it to send the food down to her stomach. Serena was diagnosed at 8 weeks old, with a barium xray, prognosis was poor at that time, but she recently had her 5th year birthday so has done very well with continued love and gentle care for her condition. My heart goes out to Sherlock. I hope he can overcome his medical issues.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Troy…. you were lucky she didn´t inhale the barium.
      Many thanks for taking such a wonderful care of Serena… megaesofagus is a complicated condition to handle but it can be done.
      Fingers crossed for Sherlock today…

  9. Sue Swartz says:

    Hi Viktor! Thank you so much for taking on the challenge of saving this sweet pup! I shared to my page and donated $20. Wish it could be more but I’ve already overstepped my limit for the month….I just couldn’t say no. <3 Praying for this sweetie and as the procedure is performed.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Sue… glad you couldn´t say no. Well do our best for him, I promise you that..

  10. Jean Stewart, Scotland says:

    Poor Sherlock…….he looks so weak and sad. How can people neglect animals in this way. He has such a lovely face… gentle and canny. Looks like someone has docked his tail……I hate this practice……Can’t bear to see dogs that have been mutilated this way. Have sent a small donation towards his recovery because I have faith that you will save him.

  11. Kevin Inkster says:

    Be strong Sherlock and good luck Victor, bless you and your team. Hope my small donation helps.
    Yours sincerely Kevin Inkster

  12. Paula Standley says:

    Dear Viktor, I wish I could donate, as I have done in the past, but right now I am very cash strapped. One of my own doggies is sick and will be going to the vet today. I am hoping it is nothing serious, but she is getting up in age and has not been herself for several days and not eating well. I am hoping for a good outcome. I’m not sure how much the vet bill will be. If I can spare anything in the coming days I will certainly donate. For now, please keep doing what you can for this sweet boy. I hope he makes it. It seems as if he has fought so hard for a second chance only to be delivered another setback to his survival. I will pray for him and keep him in my thoughts and wait for further updates, with hopefully good news. God Bless you for all you do for these loving, innocent animals.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Paula.. please take care of your dogie, hope everything will be fine. Drop me an email on and tell me how he is doing ok? Love

  13. Like Sammi, I so wish I could donate something to Sherlock’s treatment but I’m also not working at the moment and can’t spare anything right now, unfortunately. I am able to share his details on Facebook though, and I have lots of cross-posting friends on there, so I am appealing for help on his and your behalf and I hope to God you’ll be able to save his life. Please keep us all updated … I’m crossing my fingers and praying for Sherlock. He’s a fantastic dog, so sweet and he obviously has a strong spirit to have already been able to withstand so much horrible stuff that life has thrown at him so far. He deserves a turnaround in his fortunes now and to have great health, happiness and love.

  14. Can’t believe ur bad luck, Sherlock, but you’re in the best possible hands. You know you can’t let Watson alone, so keep fighting, like the barve dog you are.

  15. Liesl Feldman says:

    Sent $15.00 but this doesn’t look hopeful. Poor soul. All you can do is try and see what happens.

  16. Dean Marjanovic says:

    Donated $65.00

    Goodluck and God bless…

  17. Zara Benton says:

    Poor boy he is truly beautiful I can see how everyone can fall in love with him, I have too <3

    Please do your very best for him and please give him a hug and a kiss from me because I only have a little to live on and can only donate a little for him, I wish with all my heart I could afford to give more :(

    Love you Sherlock <3

  18. Q dios tlo ayude y tu viktor

  19. Joëlle, from Brussels says:

    Poor “little” darling Sherlock… how come… Who let you become that poor thing… after how many months, years of mistreatments…? Now if there’s any chance to seize life again, go for it!
    Donated as usual, dear Viktor, hoping there’s still something that can be done to save this beautiful guy…
    Sleep tight… and keep fingers crossed!

  20. OMG pure Sherlock, have shared his story, I hope you can work your miracles with him. XXXX for sherlock.

  21. Wendy Dodimead says:

    Oh dear Viktor, I have a German Wire Haired Pointer myself. If you can cure the pneumonia, hopefully you can but fluid on the lungs is always hard, have you seen you can treat megaoesophagus by making a special eating chair….. maybe cheaper….. The BAILEY CHAIR is easily made and the dog is put into the chair, fed and must stay there for 20 to 30minutes to enable the food to go to the stomach via gravity. I know of many who have used this chair successfully.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Wendy.. we have made a Balley Chair already. The problem here is slightly more complicated. I will update the blog this evening.

  22. Wendy Dodimead says:

    It would also be less invasive and actually works.

  23. Thanks Viktor. I sent 10.00. I wish it could be more. Im praying for him and you all. God Bless and be with you all and the sweet babies you rescue..

  24. Francesca says:

    God bless you Viktor. Without you & your team. Many of these little darling would die, without knowing love.

  25. Nancy Kwak says:

    My 2 cats & I will keep Sherlock in our thoughts & prayers♥

  26. Donated and sending my prayers for his healing progress.

  27. Pam Richards says:

    Thanks for helping Sherlock! I donated. I try and help every baby I can !! Thanks

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Pam… well keep you posted!

  28. maria petronzio says:


    I will try to donate what I can in the near future for sweet Sherlock….finances have been extremely tight the past few months. I want to say “Bless you”, and “Thank you” for doing all you can to help him. xoxoxoxo

  29. First God bless you all that work to help the animals and secondly for all the animals I pray for healing and Gods guidance and all the needs met fr the clinics and animals… God bless you Sherlock. I wish I were able to help but my prayers are with and for him and your work and I have shared on fb.

  30. Volpina bianca e nikka says:

    Donated….i hope Sherlock will be better soon..bless you alll and ligth ligth ligth to him <3

  31. cross my fingers for Sherlock! However – Viktor you are crazy – many thanks for! You are awesome.
    Again 10$

  32. Jennifer Cassill says:

    Unfortunately I am not able to donate but I will share this on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully there will be some people who will be able to help. I am praying for Sherlock to get treated and get well. God bless him and the doctor and staff that helps all these poor animals. Please keep up the great work you do!

  33. Kim Worthington says:

    If anyone can help this lovely creature you guys can. Your tenacity will give him chances he would never have got without you. Fingers crossed. I have faith in you – as do we all who follow your work. Love to you all and to the sweetheart Sherlock xxx

  34. Yvonne Ayala says:

    Give me the vets number so I may donate today 2 this poor angel.PLEASE!

  35. Janice Ayton says:

    Good luck Sherlock…although in the care of Viktor and team luck is redundant. But I was wondering how he’s managed to drink if his oesophagus muscle isn’t working?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Janice… He is not drinking right now.. he is receiving nutrition and fluids directly into his stomach for now. He is also receiving hydration through IV fluids.

  36. Hi Viktor,

    Where does one begin? You are amazing… I first became familiar with LAG because of Axel. I was able to donate money at that time because I was still employed. Alas, I am not working right now and my finances are so very tight, all I can spare are prayers… I was incensed when FB dropped you but elated when you won your fight. When Buddy came to Oregon I followed the story completely. You see, I live in Portland, OR and I was thrilled to see a story so close to home. Unfortunately right now, all I can do is follow these stories. I am amazed at what you do and thrilled that you save so many lives. Thank you a million times over. When you see Axel give him my love and Sherlock–Well he has a special place in my prayer box… Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Janice… your words mean the world..
      Love to Oregon!

  37. Victor I just sent a second donation for this poor baby. Please help him you and his staff are his only hope. Please keep us updated. TY

  38. Kathy Woods says:

    I am in love with sweet Sherlock…thank you for taking care of him.

  39. Darlene Attalla says:

    When I read this story about “Sherlock” my eyes welled up knowing how much he has been through and is such a strong determined dog and is a fighter, not giving up. I know it has to do with the exceptional care and love he is being given by you “Viktor” and your incredible “team.” Many many thanks for all you have done; are doing…and my thoughts, love and prayers are being sent up for this precious, sweet, loving boy. He is such a dear one I fell in love with the moment I saw him. Sending healing light to “Sherlock.” God bless you and your team…you are absolutely amazing…much love to all of you and prayers. Pls give this fur baby hugs and kisses for me…thank you. I donated 20.00$ which I hope will help. I will be following his progress on facebook. God bless you over and over again for all you do. Amen. <3

  40. Darlene Attalla says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and Sherlock <3

  41. I could only donate $10.00 but I hope it will help this poor boy.I pray we get some good news on him soon.

  42. Hi Viktor. How is Sherlock doing?

  43. Please give us some news. I am so worried for this poor baby. Thank you.

  44. Donated and thank you for all of your work.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Mah!

  45. Hello. Thank you for your amazing work. I have just donated to Hope and Sherlock. I am wondering what happened to Fox. I shared his page widely. I wish that I could take him but I have two adult male cats, and I live with my mother, who has Alzheimer’s…. Please post an update if you get a chance.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Cecilia… this morning I had confirmation that fox has been adopted in Germany. He will be flying there in a few days.
      Right now he is at our boarding facility. I will email you some pictures of him either this evening or tomorrow :-)

  46. He is a stunning looking dog. Nice to see you on camera too Viktor, putting a face to all that fantastic energy you have. Keep getting stronger Sherlock.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks David… what you see there is an exhausted guy…

  47. Just seen the latest video of Sherlock, so glad to see him in good spirits and the eagerness to eat, even if it to just lick the remnants of the liquid food. We are rooting for you Sherlock.

    Also thank you Viktor, its nice to see your face on the videos, keep up the good work.

  48. How is Sherlock doing?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      He is doing fine… Hard recovery but small progress .. Uodate coming today

  49. Thanks so much Viktor.. you guys are the best..

  50. i have to pay bills and buy food .if i can i will donate .love u SHERLOCK .please get well .KARMA for the person or persons that put u in this condition .it makes me sad and angry that the orignal owner put this baby at risk and didn’t care .do your miracle and please with GOD’S help save his life .hes a little beauty .

  51. Ana Rodriguez says:

    Here Is my help for you again my dear Sherlock, I have followed you from the beginning , before LAG took care of you. I know they have done everything to help you so far, but if there is any chance for you is with LAG so thanks again Viktor for being always there and make the impossible possible , please save him ….

  52. Donated another small amount. Please God let Sherlock live xxxxx

  53. A prayer for Sherlock that God heal him totally and completely and give him a second chance at life… and Bless him with a wonderful loving forever home in Jesus Christ name I pray,

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi.. I´ve just seen your prayer now.
      Many thanks.. Ill pass it on to Sherlock.
      Thank you Ronda.

  54. Shelley Ball says:

    I don’t usually comment when I make a donation, because, as an old aged pensioner, my donations are only small, but I would like to say God bless, dear Romeo and to Viktor and the Team at LAG please never give up the fight to defend and help all the animals. Thank you for everything you do. xx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Shelley,
      Honestly, I pay no attention to the size of the contribution, it´s the intent that counts. In the end, whatever is there is helping us continue saving lives…

  55. I really really hope he survives. Smashing looking dog and what a fighter. $50 sent, wish it could be more. Come on Sherlock :)

  56. Zara Benton says:

    I gave a little more today, only $10 all I can afford with no job. I promise with all my heart if I ever win or come into money you guys will be there on my list along with many other deserving souls.

    I just love this boy so much and I don’t want him to die. I pray that you will find a way to help him live his life, he so wants to live he has shown us all that and I wish with all my heart that a remedy can be found for him. Please give him a kiss from me when you see him next and tell him we are ALL holding him in our hearts and in our prayers.

    So nice to see you on the last video and I am proud to say that I support you and Let’s Adopt without any doubts.

    I read about Ebru today and her story totally broke my heart. One day the evil that was done to her will be revenged on those who murdered her.

    Thank you and God bless our Sherlock.

  57. Lizet Bernburg says:

    Dear Viktor – I have made a donation for Sherlock – I’m hoping with all my heart that you are able to save his life – sending all my love to Sherlock – and thank you so much, Viktor, I know you are doing everything possible for Sherlock – Lizet

  58. Hi Viktor I commented 1 day & 14 hours ago. Why is my comment still in moderation preview? Thanks

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I don´t know… Let me check again, there are 1917 comments pending, many of them are spam. Let me check.

  59. Francesca says:

    Just made the donation. It is very little, I know, but I’m totally broke until I get my salary. Give him a kiss from him, Hold on Sherlock! We are all fighting with you.

  60. Thanks

  61. Volpina bianca e nikka says:

    Made a little donation just now
    Sorry for the little one
    Bless you all and Sherlock

  62. Made the second donation and thank you.

  63. CAROL SIAR says:


  64. Thanks so much Viktor. May God be with Sherlock and you all that love and care for him.


  66. Donated $50 for the second time and pray for Sherlock’s recovery.

  67. Jeanette Loos says:

    R.I.P. sweet baby <3

  68. Rest in peace baby, at least you knew wt love is during your last days…this is the only thing that can make us always hope…..

  69. Volpina bianca e nikka says:

    SWEET BOY, Sherlock, I’m so sorry for you…

  70. Glenda Naomi Ryan says:

    Dancing with the angels. Sherlock, you were loved!

  71. Wendy Dodimead says:

    Sherlock, you were and are beautiful, a traditional representation of your breed in love, personality and strength. I am very saddened that even though you fought so hard to stay it was not to be. You were cared for, pain lessened, food given, and a love between all your carers formed. You knew that humans are not all bad and that soft hands upon your wiry head felt good. I send my sincerest condolences and the greatest thanks to all your rescuers as I am sure you will leave a pawprint on their hearts. Run free at the Bridge, as fast as you can, go silly, chase the butterflies and the birds. Be at peace sweet Sherlock. You will be thought of often by many and everytime I look at my GWP Gidget I will think of you too. Forever in many hearts. xxxx Thank you Viktor, the Vet team and LAG…. you gave him a chance, not only to live but to know what the kind hand of a human can bring.

  72. Oh my that is such sad sad news. I never met Sherlock and I’m upset, I can only imagine how you guys there must be feeling. Such a beautiful dog who could not hang on any longer. I thank you so very much for giving him every opportunity and I shall continue to support you in the future. Happy thoughts Viktor and Sherlock.

  73. Elizabeth Audas says:

    Oh Viktor, I’m so sorry to hear about Sherlock. I was hoping that he would somehow pull through. I’m glad that you were there helping him and giving him what he needed. He looked like such a sweet dog and I absolutely love his facial expressions. Thank you for taking such good care of him right to the end and never giving up. I haven’t been able to support you financially up to this point but soon should be able to start sending a little $$ here and there. Thanks again for all you do!!

  74. R.I.P Sherlock – poor little doggie! He fought to the end awwwww! Viktor – keep up the fab work you & the LAG team do,so brilliant you really are so inspiring! Thank you my heroes!

  75. RIP Sherlock and have fun at the Rainbow Bridge <3 I was really hoping he'd pull through…

  76. I was so saddened to read that Sherlock didn’t make it. At least he knew love and care at the end. I so wish he’d gone on to live the life he deserved. Hugs to everyone involved in his care x

  77. Viktor, you deserve a medal for all you do for animals. I know each triumph is hard-won and each loss hard-felt. My heart goes out to you that all your efforts for Sherlock were in vain. Am so upset that that gorgeous dog won’t see brighter days.

  78. RIP, Sherlock.. :'(
    i’m so sorry, but at least you could finally be at peace now..

  79. Angel with a Tail ………Rest in peace little Sherlock, this is just so sad I have a lump in my throat and water filled eyes this is just such a loss. His last few weeks were filled with love and prayers, Im so glad he was not alone when he passed. Thank you for all your hard work and constant love

  80. I’m so sorry Sherlock. Rest in peace.

  81. Zara Benton says:

    So, dear friend you are gone ……. I have few words for they are filled with sorrow along with my broken heart.

    I wish you peace beloved fur angel, I wish you beautiful days filled with love and happiness in a place where there is no more pain or suffering, where you are free to run again and to chase butterflies and know only love.

    Sweet dreams beautiful Angel ~ I will miss seeing your updates and praying for the recovery which was out of reach for you. Rest in Peace forever free beautiful boy ……. if wishes had come true you would have lived forever …… Sleep now little darling ~ you are loved more than words can ever say :'( xx