Fox was abandoned and neglected… his reaction when seeing his rescuer will shock you

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There are some dogs whose stories are so sad that once told they leave you thinking, what kind of people do that to a dog.. why?
Fox has received nothing but neglect and rejection from the moment he was born. He was adopted years ago but his owner dumped him shortly afterwards. Since then his entire life has been nothing but a succession of years spent with bad owners, in different kennels, farms where he spent long periods tied to walls… you name it, Fox has gone through it.
Last week we decided it was enough.. that this old and neglected dog would have the chance to spend the last years of his life in a wonderful home, loved and cherished.

This video shows his reaction when he saw me… This video shows PURE HAPPINESS!!!!

Fox is 8 years old. He is a wonderful dog, wonderfully social, he just wants to please you and be good. It´s like if he knew he doesn´t have much time left…

Fox is in Valencia, Spain but Let´s Adopt Global will cover all costs of his journey home.

Please help us find the perfect home for him.

Write to me on viktor@myletsadopt.com and tell me everything about you and your animals… If you are the perfect home for him we will make sure he gets to you…

PLEASE HELP US FIND A FINAL HOME FOR FOX… Share this post on FB and Twitter.. let´s make it happen.


Some images from his beautiful home in Germany!!!






image-6 copy



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  1. Smart dog!

  2. What a great video. He’s really enjoying his life at the moment! Hope he find a great home soon!!

  3. Love the song with the video! He definitely is on top of the world. He may be 8, but he plays like a puppy. Someone will be very lucky to get this happy, smart dog! Thanks for all you do Viktor!

  4. Awe he is so beautiful! He looks just like my own dog, Diego, who is 9 yrs old. He’s half Border Collie (father was pure Border Collie) with some German Shepherd & Rottweiler mixed in (mother was a mix of these breeds). Smartest, friendliest & most playful guy in the world! I hope someone gives this guy a great home for the rest of his life! He has a lot of life left in him! Thank you for taking care of him!

  5. Lynn Aime says:

    And this is what it is all about, isn’t it Viktor! Bless you and all that do this wonderful work for the neglected. I always cry tears of happiness when I see your victories! Thank you for doing what I want to but can’t.

  6. Sweet ! What a nice dog !

  7. Annette Davies says:

    He’s wonderful. He looks like he has some collie in him.

  8. rodriguez says:

    Que loco esta !!!! Loco de Alegria !! que placer verle. Gracias por lo que haceis para todos ellos. Besos

  9. How wonderful to see such enthusiasm and happiness. I know he will bring someone years of love and joy.

  10. hes such a hot mess its awesome to see him so happy

  11. Kevin Inkster says:

    What a welcome, can’t wish you enough that your forever home is the best after a welcome like that

  12. Wow what a beautiful boy x Im sure he has many years left in a wonderful new home x God Bless you Victor and the wonderful Fox x x

  13. Alison Hill says:

    This video is amazing. What a beautiful, adorable, sweet natured dog – how could evil creatures have hurt him so much. Live long and prosper sweet Fox – with luck you may have another six years or so left – I hope xxx

  14. It is as if this dog has been waiting just for you. He has so much love for life. Thank you for rescuing him.

  15. Annette Davies says:

    What a wonderful, lovely dog. I would love him to join my family

  16. Great story, fantastic video and the perfect sound track. You guys are the best!! Don’t ever stop

  17. Where is Fox?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      He is in Valencia, Spain… doesn´t really matter, he will travel whenever his final home is found..

  18. Viktor, another awesome rescue! This world is a better brighter place for animals, everyone, really, because you are in it!!! Bless you a thousand blessings for all that you do!!! I know Fox is in the best hands possible with you! I’ll continue to donate all I can to help these beautiful animals!
    Thank you again for all you and team do!
    Albuquerque, NM

  19. jude mignacca says:

    God bless you Viktor for saving this little guy….he is so full of love and appreciation for your kindness. You are doing God’s work every day; you are exalted in His eyes and know that He speaks your name to His Father. You are blessed among men because you see suffering and cannot turn away. Thank you for what you do for God’s most innocent creations…have a happy life, Fox!!

  20. What a beautiful video…I think Fox is so jubilant and full of joy is that he, in his own mind, is still the neglected unloved puppy, He is such a little sweetheart and I thak you so much for rescuing this sweet dog. He is so full of energy and so loving that it won’t be long before he is living with loving people in his Forever Home. God Bless you sweet little Fox, have a wonderful life . xoxo Hugs and Kisses.

  21. Nanette Valencia says:

    Sweet boy ~ God Bless him

  22. Leah Jones says:

    Viktor, thank you so much for rescuing this marvellous puppy-like older boy. What a wonderful family member he will make for some very, very lucky people, or person.
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do – I admire you more than I can say, and have donated once or twice when I could, when I can afford to.
    Bless you and all who work with you.
    Love from Leah in Australia.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Leah!.. love to Australia…

  23. Victor, That was an awesome video. That is one happy boy. I am so happy your helping him find a home. I would have so many dogs if I could I just love them. I am only allowed one and I have had mine for 14 years now and love him so much. My next dog will be a rescue dog again. Keep up the good work. I shared him on my Facebook.

  24. what a great video here is a sweet dog that has had a real tough life and still has not gave up on people.it is amazing the excitement he had when shown a small amount of love,what a wonderful sweet loving dog.i truly hope that he gets that loving forever home.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please someone take him!!! What a great pet he would be

  26. God bless you always

  27. David Barker says:

    You guys, as ever, ROCK. What a happy dog :)

  28. What a lovely, sweet and ecstatic doggie!!!! Thank you so very much for rescuing him – ah, if it weren’t for that you’ll disqualify me due to that I use commercial (albeit high-end) foods, I’d take him at once!!!

  29. What a doll! He looks so happy now. Praying for a good home for him.

  30. Josie Hampstead says:

    Bless his dear heart. He deserves a loving and caring home. Love and hugs to Fox.

  31. Fox is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen, so glad he’s going to finally have love!

  32. Carol Allaire says:

    I am so Happy that Dr. Viktor has him in his presence..Dr. Viktor has always been a friend to me, and has shown great interest in every animal that he has taken care of..I know he will go into great hands, and will make the Best Doggie in the World..I will get me a Dog, but right now isn’t the right time..Let Fox go to a Good Home where he will not be abandoned, or Neglected, for he is a wonderful Dog, and will make someone very Happy to take him..God Bless Fpx. Dr. Vikor, and the people who make his Life Bearable..Good Luck..xxxx

  33. He knew, these people will help me, I’m gonn get a proper home.

  34. Wouldn’t the sensible thing be to find him a home in Spain? It would save you a lot of money, and more important it would save him the stress of the journey!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Absolutely.. it would be the most convenient thing. However, noone here wants to adopt an old black dog. It´s not that easy. The stress of the journey is not really an issue. Please watch this video and you will see how beautiful the process is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9W9fepN1Jg

  35. Anonymous says:

    Bless him, I hope he doesn’t have to wait too long for his forever home, he’s lovely <3 Shared x

  36. Carolyn Palmer says:

    Bless him, I hope he doesn’t have to wait too long for his forever home, he’s lovely <3 Shared x

  37. Great thing you are doing, ever since.
    Watching this joy was pure bliss!

  38. Theresa Dufore says:

    Awwe, he felt the love and the HOPE OF A FUTURE coming from you, Viktor!! You are truly a blessing to these poor hopeless furbabies and we all love you! <3 Have a happy life, Foxy, you are now safe! ~ Theresa & Pack ~ XOXO

  39. Theresa Dufore says:

    @ ADHD – PLEASE tell me Viktor does not discriminate against potential adopters based on the KIND of food they feed their pets????? That just doesn’t seem right to me considering everything else that’s important…..

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Theresa… discrimination is not the right word. We just demand that our animals are being fed in the best possible way. They have usually gone through so much that it´s the least we can do..

  40. Awwwww what a gorgeous handsome little chap aaaaah, he looks so happy to be free! Brilliant work team LAG!

  41. Margaret Marriott says:

    He is beautiful has he got a home yet and could he live with a cat? and a collie dog? We are pensioners, but we take our dog for a walk twice a day.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      He doesn´t have a home yet, and yes, he could live with a cat and a collie.. write to me on viktor@myletsadopt.com and let´s see if it would work… Many thanks for being there. All the best


  43. I absolutely love Fox! I have two rescued greyhounds with special needs and two cats. But I’m in the U.S.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Paty… most of our animals are adopted in the USA. There is no cost to the family, we cover all expenses, we just need to make sure the family is the right one.. other than that, it´s quite straightforward. Write to me on viktor@myletsadopt.com and let´s see if it would work..

  44. eric lavoie says:

    AWESOME !!!! such a beautiful happy dog !!!!

  45. Mr. Larkhill, so you’re saying that a mix of high-quality commercial food plus a generous helping of whatever I eat (human food) is below your standards, even if the animal is cared for in every possible way?? I’m QUITE HURT… My current companion, who has been with me since 3 months on a permanent basis, is now 16 years & 4 months old and still doing quite well (even if she’s much slower than what she used to be).

    [And to speak on my behalf too: she has been having hip dysplasia since age 6 – yet I’ve done everything I could short of surgery for her.] Could you please reconsider?? [And I’ve helped already a couple of times and would like to again in the future…]

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      PLEASE don´t be hurt… this has nothing to do with you.
      We set up an standard quite a few years ago. Our animals would eat the only biologically appropriate diet for their species. This is not a whim, it´s to ensure their long term health.. Please visit http://www.rawfed.com

  46. Sandie Stone says:

    Thank you for rescuing Fox. Hope he finds a forever home soon, So glad that there are people like you in this world that make such a difference to the lives of these poor animals!!!

  47. Victor, happy dog it is the most beautiful view in the world!!!! I love dogs! There are not another animal in the world, who can enjoys like a dog!!!!!!!!
    I am sorry,
    I can’t adopt him, but I have shared on my FB.

  48. OK, Mr. Larkhill:

    Suppose I was to go to raw meat for my dog or dogs: is it too late for my pet after being on commercial plus human food after over 16 years? If it could reverse Molly’s periodontal disease, I’d be willing to try it…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No . it is not too late, he doesn´t have a final home yet. Please write to me on viktor@myletsadopt.com and let´s talk about it, I will explain you exactly why we request a raw diet. It´s for their own good, believe me. Write to me please..

  49. Victor I just stared cooking my dog his food after finding out he has a tumor. It is well worth the work and also I know exactly what he eating. I am in hopes he still lives a few more years. You are doing the right thing. After reading what they put in the dog food I was furious! Now I am happy I am doing everything myself.

  50. Becky Gutierrez says:

    well done, good and faithful servant….rest in peace. Run with the wind and wait for us to get there.

  51. Robbie Butland says:

    bless you, go in peace and run free and happy