Tidus: a dog burned alive by teenage criminals fights for his life

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I’ve made a video that explains the story so far. If this doesn’t move is because you are already dead and nothing ever will.

His name is Tidus, and what happened to him, could happened to your dog…

Two weeks ago, Tidus was happily playing in the park with his owner, a normal evening walk/play socializing with other dogs… All of a sudden, Tidus was nowhere to be seen.

His owner looked everywhere for him. He was wearing his collar, tag with telephone number, microchip, surely if he was lost he would be found and returned to her… Minutes passed, one hour and there was no trace of Tidus. The park and every adjacent street are combed. There was no trace.

Someone says he has seen a group of youngsters walking towards a solitary part of town walking with a tail wagging dog.

Tidus was found three hours later, and nothing could prepare it’s owner for what she was about to find.

There he was, tied to a fence, she called him but he doesn’t come, he twists and whimpers in agony.

Tidus had been burned alive. Someone dozed him in alcohol and set him alight.

Judging by the extent and depth of the burns, for a time that must have seemed like an eternity Tidus was transformed into a ball of fire. 75% of his body presents third degree burns, both the epidermis and dermis have been consumed by the fire.

The brutal attack happened two weeks ago. During this time, the impoverished owner tried to reach out for assistance, but noone helped. The offers of help she received never materialized, some people sent her gaze, others towels, serum, gave her suggestions on how to tend the wounds herself, but noone offered help to take the dog to a vet.

Two weeks… two weeks living as walking burnt skeleton, in excruciating agony, barely able to eat, every single move hurts… no treatment.

Tidus has lived in hell for two weeks, but the wait is over now.. Yesterday night we heard about his plea and immediately took action. It was late at night when he arrived to our clinic, the stench of rotten flesh engulfed the room instantly.

Tidus is now on intensive care. He is receiving IV, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics. We must bring the pain down to manageable levels, keep him hydrated, and stop the spread of infection before starting work on how to get his skin back naturally or through skin grafts. But for now, the challenge is to stabilize him and keep him alive.

This morning Tidus received a blood transfusion from one of my own dogs…

Tomorrow we will start the painful process of cutting the dead skin, cleaning the area and carefully treating the burns section by section. The healing process will take months.

We are Tidus last hope. His last chance, his last shot at life. After us, there is nothing but pain and death for this little brave dog.

Please help us offer him a second chance. Help him prove the world that he is a big and strong brave dog. He has survived two weeks with little to no care.. We must help him. I cannot think of more worthy cause today …



Update November 28

Today it has been an incredible day for Tidus. We would go as far as saying that this has been the first day since those criminals burned him alive that he experienced something similar to peace and comfort.

Right now our priorities are to strengthen his immune system so that we can avoid widespread infection. We are using antibiotics and painkillers and their effect has given Tidus the first few hours of deep sleep in a very very long time.

Tidus condition, however, remains critical. His blood levels are horrible and although he is fighting infection as hard as he can it’s too early for us to say that he’s out of danger. Once he’ll be totally stable and on the way to recovery we will start looking into the best possible option to treat and repair his burned skin. For now Tidus is being treated with a special cream, honey-based, that works wonders for burn patients….

Some of you ask me, is he in pain? Wouldn’t be better to gently put him to sleep? The answer is yes, he is in pain, now, but he won’t be in pain in the future, and would it be better to kill him? Better for whom? For Tidus? No. He wants to live, he’s eating, he’s fighting, he’s someone that has seen a crime commited upon him and he needs help, not a needle in vein.

We are a rescue group, we rescue, we treat, we heal… killing is far too easy, doesn’t even require much thinking or skill. Everyone could kill Tidus, that’s easy… not everyone can cure him…  That’s what Let’s Adopt Global stands for…



Update November 30

Dear friends,

I really don’t know how to start… well.. I do… I must start by saying thank you. Thank you for your incredible vote of confidence and trust.
Last weekend I was away from home when my brother alerted me to an article in the newspaper, it described a horrible story about a dog that had been burnt alive. The owner was desperate, she had no money whatsoever and everyone she had contacted had either ignored her plea or told her to kill the dog.
Deep in my heart and I knew the poor dog was dead unless Let’s Adopt took charge and accepted the full responsibility for his treatment.
When Tidus arrived to us he was in a state of shock, completely dehydrated and with blood levels so terrible that we didn’t understand who come he was still alive.
But things are changing…

Over the last three days we have stabilized him, we have hydrated him, we have treated his pain so effectively that for the first time in two weeks Tidus can sleep at night. There has been a remarkable improvement in his attitude, and at this stage on his eyes, he doesn’t look like a dead dog walking, now he looks like a severe injured dog that want to live and is on the way to recovery…

It won’t be easy, it won’t be cheap, it will be long, the road is an unknown both to him and to us, so many things are in the air, so much uncertainty. But right now I can only tell you that we are very optimistic, that he is doing well, that he is getting the best possible treatment and that we are looking for solutions in the mid and long term…
The best thing I can do is to show you Tidus TODAY:


Please look at him, feel the change in his position and energy... and be proud because he is here today, and will be here tomorrow, purely because of your help…

Many many thanks…


For further updates please don’t forget to visit and Like our page, Let’s Adopt Global: https://www.facebook.com/LetsAdoptGlobal


Update December 7

I do not know where to begin to tell you the rollercoaster of emotions we’ve had this week. One one hand Tidu’s condition has improved remarkably, he is awake, alert, you can see in his eyes and demeanour that he is ready to make the most out of life, like only a dog can do. On the other hand, we have had some very sobering moments, where even us, armed with all the determination in the world may have had some doubts and fears.

The state of his knee is worrying us enormously, but Ill get to that a bit later.

Here are some pictures taken during this week that show his evolution and some of the moments we have lived with Tidus at the clinic:

Tidus receives cures two times a day, over the last week the state of his skin has improved enormously, and we can notice scattered areas where new skin tissue is being formed. We are treating the injuries with Hanuka Honey, specially imported from New Zealand, and we are very pleased with the results.

The road will be very long… this won’t happen in a few days.. .

One thing is for sure… even if his condition remains critical, Tidus is absolutely full of life, I have never before met a dog like him. Tidus EATS life… literally:

But then… right now one of the biggest problems is the condition of his knee… but I won’t write about it now, I want to be able to give you as many details as possible on how we plan to solve this problem.

For now please rest assured Tidus is in great hands. A multidisciplinary team is taking care of his every need, and we will spare no effort to restore his health and give him a second chance in life. As long as he fights, we will fight for him.

The support for Tidus has been overwhelming, but as you can see nothing is clear at the moment. The treatment of both his knees, burnt by the fire, will be a challenge, one that has worried us since day one and that it is giving us sleepless nights.  We need to be sure we will be able to face whatever procedure or challenge we are presented with.

Update December 12

What two weeks ago seemed impossible today it seems a bit closer to reality. The regeneration of Tidus skin is continuing at at incredible rhythm. In these two pictures you can see the speed of creation of new tissue that has everyone astonished.. Anyone with a medical background will marvel at the two images below…

The speed and level of regeneration is just unbelieveble… unbelieveble…

Tomorrow, Tidus is going to face a big challenge. We are going to perform a procedure that hasn’t been attempted before, a world’s first carrying incredible complications and challenges.  We are going to do a transplant of soft tissues, muscle and skin on Tidus Knees. As far as we know this is the first time this procedure is done on a living patient!

In this video, our surgeons Juan Arguelles and Alvaro Chasan explain the procedure Tidus is about to endure to save his knees and with it the possibility of a wonderful life after he is fully recovered…


Update 16 December:

This has been an extremely important week for Tidus. On one side the recuperation of his skin continues at an accelerated rhythm that is marveling everyone that meets him, on the other the condition of his knees had become a big problem that we had to solve.

To do this, and thanks to the wonderful work of Tisulab, the Spanish Biotech company that from the beginning of this rescue has been providing us with amazing scientific support, we have performed an operation that, to our knowledge is pioneering, a knee transplant of skin, muscle and connective tissue. The operation was a success and we are keeping a close eye on the evolution of the knee…

I leave you with some images taken during this week… GO TIDUS!!!!

We want to thank to the 1.427 donors that, with their contributions are making this incredible rescue possible.  As days pass and things are getting more and more complicated we wonder how far this will take us.


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  1. karen gerald says:

    Why in the world did the owner NOT take Tidus to at least a Vet right away?! Money? What kind of Vet would not help in this case? That poor dog suffered two whole weeks! And……was it the group of kids that did this? Did they catch ANYONE? The criminals should not only be charged with animal cruelty (which I do not think is enough), if they are teens this should stay on their record forever (not just drop when they become 18). This is a serious sickness…..and these kids, their parents should PAY for all the care for this dog if it means selling their homes, etc or make the kids work to pay for this! I just hope Tidus still will have the faith and love in humans after this if he survives!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes Karen… money. She doesn’t have any.
      She went to several vets who told her to do home cures, including applying oxygenated water. A completely disaster.
      Anyway it’s not an issue now.. he’s in the best possible hands, pain is being managed, he’s receiving IV and antibiotics, he’s eating very well, I am very confident he will pull through…

  2. whut are their names

  3. This is shocking
    These kids should be severely punished
    Years of work in animal care would be my suggestion
    They must fit the bills aswell
    So start working in every minute of free time to pay for this shocking ordeal
    This could have been your dog!

  4. I live in The Netherlands, far away. I’ve chipped in for many animals around the world. But please, please, please, do not let Tidus suffer longer than necessary. And isn’t that long enough already. It makes me sick to think about his pain and bewilderment. Please, think of him. Of course we want to do good, and heal, but prolonging suffering….please not!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Renee, we are not in the business of prolonging suffering. We are a group that takes the kind of rescues everyone else kills, AND turn them around.
      If you check this link and see the kind of cases we take and how they end up you will understand..
      Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/LetsAdoptGlobal/photos_albums
      The vast majority of those cases survived and thrived… in the vast majority of occasions people asked us to kill the animal…

  5. OMG!! this is y i prefer animals over people! I will be sending positive vibes and good mojo his way! Thank you so much for helping him and his owner!

  6. james varden says:

    i vote wholeheartedly for the death penalty for perpetrators of animal cruelty……or at least a minimum 10 year sentence with NO option for appeal or sentence leniency. cruelty MUST NOT be tolerated in any society.

  7. Olga Vanholland says:

    this is so sad, what kind of people would be able to do such a thing, makes the world a sad place, hope they get jail time!Olga Vanholland

  8. Get well soon Tidus, my eyes were full of tears, donated.

  9. Viktor Larkhill, what wonderful people you are to help the animals that need it the most. Thank you. I hope that Tidus recovers, and with your assistance he stands a good chance. If only there were more people like you as these animals certainly deserve the very best. My thoughts are with Tidus and his owner as he starts his recovery.

  10. Rebecca Blubaugh says:

    I am so thankful Let’s Adopt was there to help, even though it did take two, long weeks. That this little dog was able to survive is enough testament to his fight for life. It is truly a miracle he did not die from shock or massive infection.

    I was very discouraged by the Veterinarians little Tidus was taken to that they didn’t at least offer to release him from the unbelievable pain he was in, Here in the USA that is the least that would have been done. Plus we do have so many other organizations that would at least try to help this poor dog. Of course this is also another reason I am so thankful LAG is there.

    For myself I can not donate at this time but I will make sure this poor babies plight is shared on my Facebook pages and see to it that anyone and everyone who can help financially will be able to. Tidus will also be on many Prayer Lists as well as his caregivers who are doing the best they can to restore him to a quality life.

    I will be watching your Facebook page for up-dates on Tidus and when I do have a little extra money I will try to send part of it to you to support your cause, for if it doesn’t go for Tidus’ care it will be for another animal who has suffered at the hands of some other inhumane human.

    Blessing and Healing Powers to all Caregivers in your Organization.

  11. I am thankful that God has given me the means to give. I have prayed that God, the Great Physician, will touch his body and heal him. I should pray for the souls of the people who did this, but y human nature would rather see them experience what what they did to Tidus for all eternity, without being extinguished, with no relief or healing. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells us plainly that what we have done or not done to/for the least of these, we have done or not done to/for him. That means that those who did this might as well have been doing it to Jesus, and those who are helping might as well be helping Him. He also said in the same chapter that those who help “the least of these” are counted among the sheep and enter heaven, while those who did nothing for “the least of these” are counted among the goats and enter hell for eternity. So let them answer for it when “the books [are] opened and “the dead [are] judged according to their works.” Hope I get to watch. Most importantly, I have shared this so that others can give and help and have an opportunity to be among the sheep as well.

  12. Those vets should be boiled in oil!! One look at this dog should have set the wheels in motion. What’s wrong with them! Sorry, but being a vet is not always about the money. I am sooo pleased that Tidus has received the help he needs and will recover. As for those punks who did this…I hope someone will turn them in. Idiots who commit these sorts of horrible crİmes cannot resist bragging about it at some point. They are a disgrace. Good vibes coming your way from Turkey!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    In which land is it happened ? and what about the young people ? Are they in prison ? I hope so……. Sorry, my english is not so good…..

  14. Where did this happen? Thank you for taking care of Tidus. I hope with all my heart that he survives.
    The ethical vegan mother-artist

  15. omg this is so sad poor dog. I don’t know why would anyone want to hurts animals. it’s so wrong and so sad. feel so sorry for the dog:(

  16. Joan Burr Salzman says:

    Where can anyone chip in? I’m so sorry, poor baby! I’ve had a second degree burn and still can not imagine it’s suffering. I love animals but I’m not sure I could to let it suffer.

  17. The minute I saw his picture I HURT all over for him.

    The should be severely punished along with the parents.

    Paying the bills for the dog should be only the beginning.

  18. PJ Shifflett says:

    What cowards….to pick on something that can’t fight back, they should be greatly punished for this. They will get paid back someday. I will put Titus in my prayers and hope this world will be a better place for God’s creatures.

  19. Viktor, were the kids found? I hope so, to watch and enjoy something like that is satans work. They have no soul and only God knows what they are capable of, personally I can not think if anything worse. I will pray for this beautiful puppy, but I will also ask everyone to pray for those kids. I know it is hard to pray for people like that but if we do not ask God to touch their hearts and change them then they may do this to another innocent victim. Do it for these previous babies that are at their mercy.

  20. Sam Stiling says:

    OMG this poor poor baby and poor owner. My heart goes out to her … the fact that Tidus survive for 2 weeks without veterinary assistance with only his owner to tend to him shows that she has looked after him to the best of her ability. Will he be returned to his owner when he recovers?

  21. ranee decker says:

    I’m a 35+ year veteran of rescue…and I have to ask…who is it benefitting to keep this poor baby alive to suffer through what will be months–years even–of agony? I learned the hard way about spending resources on animals that are so badly injured –it means not being able to help several others who also need help. The kindest thing for this dear baby would be to put him gently to sleep in someone’s caring arms. (And then pursue the animals that did this to him to the fullest extent of the law–or more. My vote would be on private justice, personally.)

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Ranee…
      Your vote would be on private justice, hunting down the kids that did this and made them pay.
      My vote is to heal Tidus and give him back the life that was taken away from him.
      We do things differently, that’s all..


  22. Those little ghetto hood rats ought to get whats coming to them. This is unacceptable.

  23. Please update on this precious soul, I’am very moved for what you have done, every little bit can help

  24. sharon harper says:

    Tidus — may God place his healing hands on you and may karma pay a visit to those who chose to do this. Soft hugs from me..

  25. I donated. Once he has healed, his owner will never let him out of her sight again…poor, little, trusting pup. Those teenagers must have something terribly wrong in their psyche to do this, and I don’t doubt they’d do it again. So very heartbreaking. Thank you for doing your best to save him. I hope he’s finding some relief from the pain now.

  26. Gene Collier says:

    My heart goes out to the owner during this time and even more so to Tidus.
    I hope that the person/s (kid or not) are found and brought to justice!
    My heart hurts for this situation.


  28. casperpal says:

    Vicktor, I am so saddened that kids do this first…then medical vets would think burn care of such an extreme case could be cared for like she was told…where does this dog live?? If I had a small burn as bad as this dog I would be screaming in pain let alone to this extent…but to survive 2 weeks without careI’d mind

  29. Irene Slack says:

    This made me sick.. no telling what the ones who did this will do… They should be put in jail and see how they will be treated there.. My husband and I went to a garbage dump in Nevada one day several years ago. Some one had set a dog on fire and you could see where it had ran around in circles for a long time. All the fur and meat were gone… This has haunted me for a long time… and when I saw this poor Titus I could cry for the suffering she is going through… I don’t know what URL means above but I want to make a donation for the care.. May God bless her or him…
    Irene Slack


  31. This makes me cry! How can human beings be so cruel? I really hope that the poor soul can recover, physically and mentaly. It is a shame and i am kind of speechless.
    Even if its a little, but i would like to help, how can i do?

  32. I’m saddened that cases like this are becoming more and more common and the hood rats without souls are walking among us and going to be wandering around society until they kill each other or end up in prison where they can only be a danger to a population of other killers and empty excuses for human life. I am seeing video and reading about teenagers doing this all the time. What is WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? Thank you for your efforts, but I have to agree with most of the sentiments in this thread….is this really helping this poor dog? it is heartbreaking and wrenching, but as a dog lover and rescuer you have to think of the pain this poor baby has already endured. Why could the owner not take him to the humane society or a shelter or anywhere? What kind of person or vet could watch or allow this suffering without euthanizing this poor baby. This whole story makes me NEVER want to click on these links again. If there is a God in this world, then let there be some justice for this dog and to the pieces of shit that did this – burn little hood rats!!!

  33. What happened to the Kids who did this to this poor pup. Are they in YDC or a mentally insane jail. These kids should be on a Police watch list because they will continue to do this. I do think they should be liable for the Vet Cost. I do think a Judge in a Court of Law should make an example of these Teenagers.

  34. He would benefit from some cold laser therapy. I would love to donate this service.Where is the dog located?

  35. Ranee.. I strongly disagree… you dont punish someone who was tortured. That is like saying you go off with a guy all happy and he burns you and then we put you to sleep. You help, would putting you to sleep be helpful to you? You have faith and you try … and you help all you can until every last avenue was tried.. then you try again.

    As for these kids… well lets get pup all better.. then, I personally would do the same to these kids and I would spit on them as they sit there screaming on fire and I would walk away with a smile on my face. I truly would. These kids are 20x worse than any peiphile in my book.

    Get well soon pup… I am really praying for you…

  36. Viktor, I hope those kids where caught. They should have to pay for Tidus medical care. The vets that the owner took him to should have helped her if not with care but with at least giving her medication for him. That is the least they could have done. The owner I feel bad for her to have no one that would help her and have to try to take care of Tidus and see him go thur all of that pain and feel so helpless. I hope that she is still in his life. It would be ashame that he went thur all of that and that she tried her best to care for him that he would lose his mommy and her furbaby. I dont have any money either but I can at least say one thimg is that I love my furbabies vet. Dr. Thomas Wiles he has gone to bat for us.Sometimes treating withput cost or to give us a payment plam for high bills. 12 years ago he fought hard for my pug Tia she had CHF and could hardly breathe. He gentlely told me that he could do no more and she fought the good figjt for 2 years but her heart and lungs just couldnt go anymore she was almost 12 years old. Je came into the room personnely and put her to sleep and he cried for her as we did then he gave us a moment alone and said we could take her home now. He said after hours and did not charge us for anything and sent us a sympathy letter. That is a true vet. O have never left him and je has been are vet for 20 years.

    Love to Tidus and his mommy.

  37. I love animals and to see this is sickening but I think this poor baby is being made to suffer now @ the hands of the humans who I know are trying to help. He is freezing and as you all can see in the videos cannot even find a way to be comfortable and sleep. Please let him go to dog heaven with his owner holding him and feel love, It is clear she didn’t know how to care for him after he was burned but she loved him and he should NOT be made to suffer needlessly. They put burn victims in coma’s and medicate them heavily so they will not be in pain why do we as humans think its okay to treat an aminal while awake and CLEARLY uncomfortable and suffering.
    I don’t believe in killing animals in shelters or anywhere else but if you are such good humans then stop making this poor baby SUFFER let him sleep.
    If you feel you MUST continue to save him then medicate him so he doesn’t feel the pain and for gods sake keep him comfortable and warm.
    The animals that did this make me sick and I hope someday they get theirs because what goes arond comes around.

  38. Rick Coyne says:

    I hope my $5.00 helps, thats the best I can do. Out of work right now..
    Good Luck….

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Rick.. of course it helps..
      thank you..

  39. This poor dog. I’ve had the tiniest of burns and found them unbearable. Thank you for helping Tidus find relief from the pain, although, having known someone who received severe burns over 50% of his body, he said that even with the pain medication he was given, he had no relief from the excruciating pain except when he was able to sleep. I hope Tidus is not suffering too much. Maybe dogs are able to withstand more pain than humans. I surely hope so for Tidus’ sake.

  40. DaVina Rhode says:

    Viktor…..I would like to say that you are an extrodianary person!!!! I would like to say thank you for what you and your organization is doing for animals everywhere!!! you are truly a HERO!!! XO

  41. Crystal Davis says:

    To the teens that did this to Tidus u will get caught and i hope that u get jail time and the judge makes u work in a place that u put Tidus in and make u help with animals like Tidus and see what u put that dog through because what did atidus do to u. We all want to know why all U teens would do something so damn evil to animal that cant defend themselves.I can’t wait to u all get caught.Shame Shame I’m glad I don’t know u because u would me behind bars right now.

  42. Chris Alford says:

    Hello where is he being cared for? Which nation is Tidus receiving medical care from? Someone from twitter who is concerned was asking me.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Chris…
      He is in Spain, in a city called Valencia..

  43. pat harris says:

    I pray to God this dog survives! Those kids should be hunted down and slaughtered for this!

  44. Viktor..all I can say is Thank You for Being and thank you to your team..Thank You for not hating but instead focusing on Love and Healing…Tidus is trying to stay alive because of your love..he couldv’e have chosen to die ,but he doesnt want to as he knows hope and he knows this is only temporary. I became aware of him through an earth angel group, so you know where I am coming from….stay strong and positive around Tidus as he understands every word you say..so tell him how handsome he is becoming and how great his life is going to be..He will understand and this will help him…God Bless you and strengthen you in your work with all the animals. Gail xxxx

  45. kathy landry says:

    i cant believe the evil that does this is the dog going to be ok

  46. Janey Tranqe says:

    I hope they find those kids, burn them alive, and make their parents pay for the vet bill for raising such socially worthless and antisocial kids.

  47. kathy landry says:

    and actually alot of so called vets want there money up front before they will help with any dog and my son can vouch for that with a dog that has cronic ear infections and no every month in a half he cannot afford a 160 dollar bill just to get her medicine the vet wont give him the script without chargting hin that sorry thats how alot of your animnal lover vets operate

  48. Sandra Moran says:

    all I can say is Thank you for existing
    and for helping those who can’t help them self
    God bless you guys!!!

  49. Donna griffen says:

    Who but the devil brings this behavior out of people. This is unacceptable to me . Things like this r what keep me awake at nite. I know that children an animals are abused horribly all the time. This is very hard to think about happening but it does. I hope this puppy makes it. It certainly make me think twice about taking my dogs to open areas.

  50. What the hell is happening to our world? How is it that these young teenagers were brought up to think that this was ok? I guess that’s the real question here. Those who have been tortured, torture. This is horrible, I feel so bad for this poor dog.

  51. terry franconi says:

    There was no reason for the owners to put this dog thru so much pain!!! It’s just not fair. They should have taken him to a vet asap!!! They would not have been turned down. Unreal!!!! What is WRONG with some people? This is a case of animal abuse no doubt!

  52. Anonymous says:

    where did this happen to tidus? i donated too-there was no way i couldn’t help that poor baby-

  53. stephanie says:

    where did this happen?
    GOD love & watch over you Tidus-you are being prayed for.

  54. There are so many things wrong with this story. I hope that since Tidus is now in the care of a vet he will remain comfortable on his journey to heal.

  55. Stefania Bianchini (South Africa) says:

    The human race never ceases to amaze me! Shocking what some people are capable of…thanks for all that you are doing to save Tidus, the little guy clearly has a fighting spirit and does not want to give up,.let’s show him the love and want to make him pull through and that he sooo deserves…

  56. How absolutely heartbreaking <3 What a fighter Tidus is, he's got more conviction and will to live than most people….I cannot even begin to imagine the extent of his suffering. Of course I will donate to help, and spread his story as far as I can so that others will help, as well. To those of you who are helping him, and easing his suffering through medical treatment: BLESS YOU. It is beyond my scope of understanding that his owner did not demand treatment for him immediately….and I will NEVER be able to fathom why anyone would hurt a defenseless animal…however, what is important, now, is that he continues to receive optimal care!!!!!

  57. Thank you for not giving up on Titus, it would have been so easy to do for some.. If he is eating and the infections can be managed he will pull through, such suffering, after this this pup deserves only the best he should be treated like a king for the rest of his life♥ Keep up the good work you’re compassion and love will save him as much as medical treatment will

  58. This is truly a heart breaking story. I am so sad that people have such hatred and savage cruelty in their hearts. I am sad that some vets had what it takes to refuse to help Tidus. Most of all, I am so sad for the pain this dog suffered.

    But I am touched by this organization, and all these caring people who help.It gives me hope to see such love.

    I pitched in a little and I can’t stop thinking about Tidus. I keep coming back to this site to find out how he is doing. Thank you for keeping us updated.


    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Gandhi

  59. I cant believe someone could be so cruel and evil. them kids should be made to pay for it and they work in the shelter to shovel p the your know what all day long until its paided off, they probably were on drugs, if not so evil, or Do what they did to the dog.. all i could say when i see the picture was wow poor baby. Titus is in my prayers, i love aniamls and nobody deserves this. What is this world coming too, very scarey. to the vet tysvm for being so caring to Titus. i cant beleive the others vet just blow this poor baby off. ohmgish. and prayers go out to the owner.. them kids will get there ,they are still young.they may live a long hard life for doing this.

  60. Where did this happen?

  61. where did this happen and has them mother fucking punk ass kids been caught yet. Please tell me they have…..I do so pray for this little pup and hope he makes it but those burns are soooo bad…..like someone else said, please think of the pup, he has been in pain for a long time already so why make him suffer anymore….im sure the vet staff is doing all they can to manage the pain and all but he is in bad shape……if it was me, i think id put him to sleep…..so sad for this pup….

  62. Dear Viktor.. To see all those pictures are really heartbreaking, i really hope that what you are doing can help him heal well.. I can feel all the pain that he is suffering.. I really2 doesnt want him to go through all of those agonizing pain anymore but if he really eats well and he has the spirit to win this battle, let s help him through all of this difficult times.. Please Viktor give him the best that you can do.. Healing Tidus is the 1st priority at this moment and punishing all those kids is also important so they wont repeat this stupid act anymore to other living creature.

    To all parents, please educate your children to be a kind and loving human being not only toward humans but to all God creation.

  63. Viktor – you and your organization are incredible saviors for the animals and although the biggest thanks you can get is from seeing the animals you save survive and thrive, all of us who support you say THANK YOU. Also, how you are able to focus your energies on the recovery of these poor babies like Tidus definitely makes you a better man than most of us, because I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I cannot help but focus on my anger toward the disgusting creatures who did this to him. I know that many of us would very much appreciate an update on whether any of those horrible kids were caught or if at least a formal investigation has been launched. Where did this happen and, obviously, someone was able to put out the fire before Tidus was burned to death, which would mean that hopefully someone saw those monsters do this or at least standing by afterwards.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many many thanks for your kind words…
      really appreciated…
      For Tidus.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I dont know what is wrong with people these days, I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Where are the parents of these people and how where they brought up? This kind of act makes me sick, and actually I cant stand looking at these pictures. If I could I would adopt him myself. May “excuse me” they burn in hell themselves.

  65. Pauli O'Donnell says:

    Please, please let me know where there is a chip-on link, or some other way that I can contribute to Tidus.

  66. My heart and world revolves around all animals. I’m sorry, but this is a case where I feel he should be put to sleep. Has he not suffered enough? This is terrible!

  67. This makes me so sick to my stomach , this poor poor innocent dog , I pray that he is no longer suffering in pain and hope he heals fast and for the EVIL beings that did this I hope and pray that karma finds a way to make them feel the same gut wrenching pain they but this poor animal through before they burn in hell where they belong !

  68. Chances are that these kids, the ring leaders, are being abused right now by their adults. This must stop, non of the people involved should be protected from publicity.

  69. It is so hard not to be angry about these crooks wrongdoings. This is something I constantly question God about..why God??? why do this happen to the innocent animals? why are ‘human beings’ so cruel to them? I know it is not God who causes this to happen, it is US, people. I wish for this world to come to an end, no more disfunctional, cruel people on earth! and start a new world where ALL lives be appreciated, loved and cared for. I am struggling financially myself but will make a small donation for lil Tidus. And not all the vets truly care to save an animals’ life, I’ve experienced that myself with my senior pet, all they truly care for is money…greed! I’ve also reached out to help lovers and found ‘silence’, backs turned on my dying pet who thank God survived. You can read our story on http://www.PortosCaninePack.com I love my pet, he is my Divine Love.

  70. Where did this happen? What country? What authorities are investigating this crime? Who is the owner? Where is she? Are there any leads on who committed this crime? What is the name of the vet clinic treating Tidus, and where is the clinic located? Can you please provide a mailing address so people can send money directly to the vet for the expenses? Does the owner of the dog want him back? Will he be available for adoption? Has there been any report of this incident in the news? If so, what agency has detailed this story, and where and when was it published?

  71. What sort of upbringing have these kids had to turn out like this? Poor dog. It will be a long and painful road for him, and I really hope he makes it.

  72. I agree with Z…

    What are their names?

  73. Of course Viktor, we all want and i especially as the father of a beautiful dog want him to heal.

    But that does not mean that the creatures that did this to him should not pay for their actions.

    There is only one way that creatures that do these horrendous crimes should be treated, they do not understand justice.

    The justice system especially here in the UK is not geared to dealing with this sort of crime in the right way.

    It makes me physically sick, and if you want to see a 250lb 6ft 3 ” tall man cry then all you have to do is send me more pictures like this.

    Words for the first time in a long time actually fail me……………..

  74. Max "Pac Man" McGavin says:

    The ONLY punishment for an act of senseless cruelty like this is DEATH. THESE WASTES OF LIFE PUNK KIDS DESERVE TO DIE. I don’t care their ages or social upbringing, animal cruelty will STOP if we EXECUTE the monsters who perpetuate it. Jail time and community service as punishment does NOTHING. DEATH PENALTY FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY. END OF STORY.

  75. Connie Brown says:

    I’m just mortified as I just don’t get why anyone would do this….I guess I could say welcome 2 the next serial killer(s) in this world! This just breaks my heart:(((…I’m sending lots of prayers & luv to him & his mommy! What is the exact chipin or can u call vet 2 pay via cc! Lmk asap as I would like 2 help & share that info as well!!!

  76. Americans have got to learn the following the country is full of insane violent devils raised on violence and as a world travelor never do i here such stories of evil upon the helpless as I do in the US, Because the justice systom is so week on the death penelty and their are not enought jails to hold monsters so it is up to you, put cammers everywhere, lock up children and pets America is no longer free only free to evil proformers . violent and idiotic tv and drug infested mutated devils, a nation of rertared imbasalls and people who do not want to get involved, so sad, that a one time beautiful country went sour and lustfull for MATERIAL THINGS that its jaring to a sane person. Personally I perfer the eye for an eye as justice GIVE THESE MONSTERS THE CHAIR, IT WORKS.

  77. Anonymous says:

    That is the sads thing ever it makes me think of what if it was my dog makes me want to cry

  78. Hi I really want this poor baby, please keep me informed.

  79. pati colorado says:

    I’m thankful the dog is in better care-I pray he will make full recovery– I do hope that you or the owner of the dog will seek justice!….I know that the most important thing right now is that this doggy makes it past any infections- but the next responsiblility to everyone –the doggy, the owners and the donors is to set up a reward for the teenagers who did this– please advise where this happened. Thank you ( P/S -sorry but that vet who sent her home sucks big time!!!)

  80. Please tell me they caught the pieces of trach that did this??!! Please please please put me in a room with them for 10 minutes!!!

  81. I mean seriously. What is this world coming to? I hear so many terrible stories like this now. Seems like it happens more and more. There needs to be a much larger punishment for things like this. Something to make these godless idiots think twice about doing something like this. This drives me up a wall to think they could get away with this!! Sorry useless pieces of trash.

  82. Attention all Gamers ! You can help Tidus in a Quantum way. Run the Heal My Pet orb on Urthgame.com. Many are doing it now for him. Check it out on the Prosperity Path Facebook Forum page where the folks there have already been alerted.

    Here is what the creator of the Heal My Pet orb has to say about it :
    Designed and launched the day after Stormie died, this Orb is intended for healing or for running a pet through the 49 Days. It’s helping greatly that Shakti is being run by friends for his terrible leg accident, and he’s getting better all the time.

    It’s safe, it’s instant and it’s easy. All you do is run as your pet through the Labyrinth, taking the healing indications as they come. No experience necessary. Let me know how you do with this. If you’re inclined to do so, you could run through as “Storm” . he’s the little guy in the video. Merely press “P” to enter the name of the pet you’re running. Those who knew Stormie will readily recognize his funny run, which took four hours to get just exactly right in the model. I might be able to do a custom model and game for your pet, if wanted. The level has been tested and will be posted sometime in the next few hours.

    Since the sudden passing yesterday at noon of our beloved little terrier, Stormie, I’ve been working to complete the Heal my Pet level as well as working to get the finished Hadron Voyager Dimensional Explorer uploaded. Now with my Hadron Voyager finally launched, I had the opportunity to delve more deeply into pet healing orb, asking Stormie what he would want, at every juncture — and he had plenty to say about what went into the Heal My Pet orb. It’s not just about treats; it’s also about wind, warmth, interesting smells, chasing squirrels and, of course, food opportunities. When Jeff, the God of Biscuits comes by — in whatever form — Stormie is ever-hopeful that a biscuit is in the offing. It’s interesting that Stormie’s untimely death at 4 years from a choking accident inspired me to make him the Star of his new orb, Heal My Pet. He will, in the form of a 3-D model that sits waiting for you to take him through the Bardos, lead a lot of his brothers and sisters through the Bardos in months and years to come. He always was an explorer, a dedicated scout. Stormie and I both hope you like his Heal My Pet orb, downloadable in just a few hours from now — they’re prepping it for download as we speak. One interesting incident; at the time of his death, a car drove by, license # K9LRS. Storm the Wonder Dog, famous on youtube, was buried with his little bunny, July 3, 2012.

    The significance of the car plate reference has to do with the fact that the man who created the orb also wrote The American Book of the Dead which in turn set up a Labyrinth Readers Society ( LRS ) to help folks who wanted to learn to work with the book.

  83. I would think the owner needs to be brought up on charges for cruelty as well for letting this poor dog suffer for 2 weeks with no care !!!! Absolutely unforgivable !!!!

  84. Here is a testimonial from the person in Cork, Ireland who alerted us to the fact that Tidus needs help:

    I sometimes get emails from an animal shelter asking for a paypal donation for a specific dog that needs an urgent treatment (usually horrible neglect – starvation and all kinds of diseases). Well, I don’t have any money to send them, but I realized I can run an orb for the animal… Was wondering what orb to run – prosperity, love etc?… and then remembered one called ‘Heal Your Pet’ :) Perfect.

    — G.W. Ireland

    Thanks Gearoid !

  85. Liz Casey says:

    I want to know where this dog is–the name of the Vet-and the address of the Vet—and the phone number of the Vet also…………….it has come to my attention that this may be a scam—and you had better pray that this is not a scam—–because you will be hunted down by TRUE ANIMAL LOVERS. I am looking forward to a response………………

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Liz.. please watch this video and tell me.. in which way could this be a scam?
      Tell me please… I don’t understand, I just know that I have a very badly burned dog and that we are desperately trying to improve his situation.

      Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf-0veQZVjQ


  86. rachael beal says:

    The name tidus is Latin in origin it’s meaning is “defender” I am sure he tried so very hard to defend himself from these evil people!! and in the end he did defend him self with his strong will to live. For those that believe that he should be put to sleep , if this was your child would you not have the doctors do all that they could to help him survive and heal.Our animals are our children members of our families, and must be treated that way.You would never have your child put to death if he suffer such horrid burns and abuse !
    My prayers go out to Tidus and his owner.

  87. sheila williams says:

    They are very sick and should be treated in some mental hospital before they do this to a humane being.,every one is in danger until these teenagers are caught.I pray the poor dog makes it.

  88. Ranee,

    Just as if a human being was burnt alive and still living, would we not as a race do our best to help him or her to the resources we have available? Yes, they are and will be in pain and suffering but they’re still alive. Should we just put them to sleep as well? They want to live. Who is to say, then, that a pet or animal does not deserve the same treatment as a human being?

    The only reasons we often think about putting an animal to rest is because we think them to be unable to communicate their wishes/desires or that they are unable to take care of themselves. Just seeing the pictures makes me wish his suffering would end too, honestly, but I know that pup is fighting and he deserves as much care and love as a human would get in the same situation.

  89. oh my god you fucking asshole.. i just looked up your name on the internet.. i can’t believe you purposely burned a dog to get money from people. you can hear in in your voice on the video that you are full of shit. how dare you hurt a poor dog for your own benefit.. look at your pictures.. they are fake.. that blood transfusion thing looks totally photoshopped. the ‘VET” office looks fake.. HOW DARE YOU…. I tried to contact you.. your contact info didn’t work so I looked you up… Please put that dog to sleep .. please have a heart…. Here is what I saw on the internet…. Let’s Adopt SCAM ~ Viktor Larkhill is a Scammer Stealing Innocent People’s Money for his own Pockets!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I burned a dog to get money from people…


      the world is really full of idiots, what I didn’t know is how full it really is.

      Please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf-0veQZVjQ


  90. It is so sad, it is so painful to see him like this. I do not have the Money to help, but believe me, if i could i would. I will pray for Tidus, i already did. I hope they find the Kids who did this, and put them away forever. I wish these Kids the worst things to happen to them. Sorry, but i cant see Animals suffer. It hurts me to much.

  91. Matthew Williams says:

    I think when people think about the best way to act they should look at the photo of Tidus and think that after this traumatic time he will once again be able to play his dog friends in the park. People undergoe painful surgeries and burns victims get better. Its worth making the effort for a beloved animal. We wouldnt give up on a human getting better… so too for this dog.

  92. Where and how can I donate? Didn’t see a way to? (Mobile phone). Those beasts should be branded with ANIMAL ABUSER on their bodies to show the world forever their crime!

  93. Anonymous says:

    I hate to know something like this happened. I have two dogs I would not want nothing bad to happen to them. Who ever did this to the dog needs to be put in jail for a long time. I wish the best out come of this. I hope the dog heals. Thanks to the doctors who are helping him.

  94. God have mercy and help this little Angel, let him be healed and have a life free of pain. Is anyone looking for these little bastards!!!! The Polive need to be involved. A warrant for their arrest, and if you don’t watch the news and programs, guess what their next move is ??? Human, these people are the evil on earth!! May Karma get even!

  95. Can you give me the name of the hospital he is at? I do not do chipin or paypal. If you can give me an address or a phone number I can send money order or call with my card.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Adrienne, the vet is in Spain, I discussed this with him and due to their accountancy systems they cannot accept donations. Let’s Adopt! settles all bills with them. Many thanks for your help, if you cannot help then don’t worry, please follow this blog or our FB page for more updates on Tidus condition..

  96. I am praying for this dog and I hope the people that hurt her get their a** beat. I am a little confused by the chip in. Are you trying to get to $20,664 or is that what you have raised? I could never imagine hurting an animal. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. If anyone hurt my babies I would probably go to jail. Who could be so EVIL? I will be donating on the 3rd when I get paid. Good luck with her and give her lots of TLC.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi…. no.. not trying to reach anywhere… we had a tentative goal, the goal was met, reality is that Tidus treatment will be extremely expensive, we don’t know how much at this stage. So people are free to contribute in any way they wish… updates will be provided on a constant basis.

  97. tracy dreyer says:

    my heart goes out to the poor dog who once had so some much love and trust to go with these teens who did this to him how sad to know how much pain he went through i really hope they go through the same pain little bastards is putting it very mild something has to be done to them so so sad good luck to him wish him the best quick recovery

  98. jean laperle says:

    This doesn’t make sense to me. When someone owns an animal he should have some MONEY for medical cares!!!!!! What the heck is this???? Leaving an animal in pain for 2 WEEKS???!!! BURNT!!!!!!

    The youngsters who commit such a vile act are to be punished, but the owner is really bad!!!!! Paink killers should have been administrated right away to this dog and if the owner could NOT afford medical cares right away, well, he should have asked the vet to put him out of his misery, NOT letting the dog living in hell and litterally decomposing for 2 weeks!!!!! This is so so unbelievable. I am besides myself and i am NOT wealthy but I do and WOULD do anything that is necessary for my pets and if it means putting out of his misery, I WOULD!!!!! Burnt victims (humans) are put in an artificial coma for weeks in order to treat them and avoid excruciating pain.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      With the current crisis sadly that’s not always the case.
      You can call ANY vet office and they will tell you the problems they are facing now…

  99. carrie moore says:

    I am pro animal in every respect, but I have to echo some of Ranee’s words. I am rarely pro- euthanasia, except when it is meant in its kindest terms. And I cannot honestly say with all my heart that putting this dog through months, if not years of recovery, is fair to him. You have to think about it on his terms – on the minute upon minute, hour upon hour of discomfort and pain and torture that this gentle creature is going through. There is much merit in giving back a life, in saving a life, in improving a life, but sometimes the best kindness comes in a form which seems the most ugliest to us. Sometimes we’re so hellbent on saving animals’ lives that we make it a point of principle, rather than admitting that sometimes we need to just do the kindest thing. I would not want to live had I gone through this. Had my animal gone through this, I would most certainly have him put out of his enduring, 24-7 pain, no doubt about it, and it would have nothing to do about money. All you people who think that to keep him alive is somehow to conquer or defy those that inflicted this cruelty, or to prove that we can overcome and rescue beings from such cruelty just by keeping them alive, think about had you been covered in those burns. Think about what that dog has already suffered, what you would have suffered, in those two weeks. Burns are some of the worst injuries any living thing can endure. I can’t even begin to think what this poor tot has gone through. I admire those who seek to keep him alive and care for and love him. I know he is now on painkillers, but he is still in pain, and not just a little bit of pain, in that he cannot move well, or lay well, and that he has been traumatised beyond what most of us would consider to be bearable; and if he were in pain from cancer or illness, or anything else, we would probably concur that the kindest thing would be to send him over the ‘rainbow bridge’ and let him be in peace. I really really hope that now he is being encouraged to live, that he lives, and goes on to be cared for, but I cannot bear to think of the discomfort and pain, not only physically but psychologically, that he is in.

  100. mary ellen meyer says:

    these kids should be shot how can any one do this to a poor animal who cant defend its self give than prison time for a couple years sorry to see this happen in this world may God help this dog get better soon Mary

  101. Cat Robinson says:

    I am so saddened and sickened by this story. Thank you so much for what you are doing for Tidus. That said, for the love of every “Tidus,” of the future, what is being done to punish those who did this? Tidus is in good hands and is protected from the evil of the world, but what can we do to protect the next Tidus? In reality, our world is not safe when we walk the streets with monsters who can do this, and frankly, I don’t think there is any hope at all for the souls of the barbarians who did this to this poor dog. Their souls are empty, and the hearts full of hate. They must be stopped before they burn another creature, or God forbid, a human being.

  102. samantha west says:

    While I am horrified by this, I woud like some additional information before I blindly give money to anyone. Please tell where this happened and the name of the hospital where he is being treated. No offense, but I’m suspicious that there is no actual information (time, location, etc) listed so that a person could verify before they donate. By law, most veterinarians have an obligation in an emergency to at least stabilze an animal. No veterinarian would turn this animal away without at a minimum providing some pain management, so that alone makes me a little skeptical here…. If someone can provide the information, I would be happy to donate….

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Samantha,

      The dog is in Spain, in a city called Valencia. The vet is called Juan, and he is here in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf-0veQZVjQ

      Now look at Tidus before, look at Tidus today and tell me what it is here that make you so suspicious? I don’t understand..

      Please don’t donate, come to this blog, follow the updates and Tidus evolution and maybe one day you will trust our work enough to understand what we do.



  103. Donna Gillis says:

    I am praying for this baby and his Mama I would want my dog to live if he could be mostly pain free during his healing and I would love to see the same pain inflicted on the ones that done this to him jail would be to good for them I think they will burn in hell for this and that is the only justice as I see it

  104. Starr Kiele K says:

    hello, i really hope they find these TEENAGER PUNKS..ANY ONE who would do something LIKE THIS NEEDS TO BE “EXTERMINATED””” THEY will do this again and again, THIS SWEET DOG WILL HEAL!!! AND THE PAIN WILL GO AWAY just as BURN victim humas!! HE DESERVES LIFE!!! THANK YOU FOR HEALING OUR BEST FRIEND!! PRAYERS!!

  105. How can I help? I will take care of him and find him a home

  106. This is so sad and heartbreaking again.. ..God bless the people taking care of this poor precious dog..i hope they caught the pathetic teens that did this..nice parenting that’s al li have to say.. i live in Buffalo NY and we have a dog that was burned by some pathetic scums also..on Oct 29th of this year.. they were caught!! :) Thank God!!..maybe all the praying for this dog who got named Phoenix <3 and the great job the police did pursuing to find the scums who did this. i hope the town has a reward out there for information for the arrest of the scums whoever did this to Tidus?Our town did! i'm sure it will come out soon when they confess this to someone who will notify the authorities..if they were not caught? I will keep this dog in my prayers and hope he comes through like our sweetheart here Phoenix :) he's been improving everyday with the wonderful care & treatments he has been getting. Tidus is in good hands also..God bless you people trying to save him and giving him the chance to have a second life..if he wants to live he will fight..if he don't wanna live..he will give up..so hang in there Tidus <3 you have alot of people cheering for you and love you<3 wishing you a speedy recovery..Hugs and Kisses to you Tidus XOXO

  107. C. Hornberger DVM says:

    I am so sorry for what has happened to this dog. I at times put animals down that I feel might have a fighting chance, but I have to honor the decision of the owners. I’ve also kept animals alive and suffering because I have to honor the decision of the owners. The last act of love and human kindness you could show this animal would be to end his suffering. I dare anybody to put their hand into a fire until their skin literally melts off their fingers then describe the agony they feel, keeping in mind that you’ve burned only less than 5% of the human body. Now imagine 75% of your body. The pain would be undescribable. There is no amount of pain medication that could possibly relieve his pain without putting him into respiratory distress, which means this poor dog is in a living hell. I would be begging to be put out of my misery, but he has no voice, therefore one should truly attempt to imagine his agony minute by minute. This certainly isnt benefiting the dog to keep him suffering. So who is it benefiting?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi… Please watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf-0veQZVjQ

      In a couple of weeks I will personally send you an update, we will then read your words together and you will hopefully understand that to treat animals in this conditions you must look at the medium to long term, not just at the inmediacy of the problem.


  108. This is horrible! and the guys that did must have some mental problem, what they did was just sick.

    but i must agree to what Renee from Netherlands said: why not taken the dog immediately to a vet? well, this is too late now but considering the injuries i really really have doubt that it will be healed completely.

    so would it not be the best not to make it suffer anymore? I know this might sound cruel, but it is just what I thought when reading this story.

    I am so sorry for Tidus, And let the kids pay for it or their parent because no animal is born aggressive and neither no child. it is the fault of the owner in case of dogs and the parents in case of kids!

  109. Have they found SATANS CHILDREN who did this to this poor dog? NO NORMAL PERSON could possibly do this to an animals. The kids who did this should get the death penalty and I dont care how old they are they new how to light a match and poor flamable liqued on the dog so they can learn how to DIE for what they did. unbelievable. my prayers go out to the dog and the people helping him. I am on disability, not much I can do financialy but will do what I can. God Bless you.

  110. I commend you for taking on cases others would give up on!! Thank you!

  111. Anna-Lena says:

    Thats sooo sad :(
    I hope that this cute dog will be healthy again…

    The people who are so inhumane they should be pay for what they did !!!
    your absolutely pathetic !!!

    I pray for you Tidus <3
    so much love for you from Germany <3

  112. Words cannot express the gratitude for what you are doing for Tidus. I hav workd in many animal hosps & hav gotten angry at more than one practice owner who wouldnt treat due to money…i paid for lotsssss of ppl vet bills from my own paycheck..(i called it job security..they had to keep me around to get their money so i kept payn ppls bills) its sad cuz a hosp does hav to be run as a business or it goes under…its a double edged sword. but no vet i ever worked for would have turned this dog away…I wish i could help but a lil over a yr ago i lost everything going thru cancer. job, house, vehicle evrything… if i can i will borrow money to donate… Please keep fighting for this dog as long as hes willing to keep fighting for himself… God bless you and your team….

  113. It is animal cruelty keeping this dog alive. PUT IT DOWN.



    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Well… you are always welcome to come and try I guess. :-)

  115. Poor boy :( I wish i could give him every cent i have but unfortunatly i can barley afford to feed my own family. When i have some money i will definatly give it to you, you brave brave boy. Please give him a big kiss and a scratch where it dosnt hurt for me. I will pray for you Tidus xoxox

  116. Cheryl Moser says:

    This is heartbreaking I’m in tears knowing how young kids could do something like this, what in the hell are they learning?!! I hope and pray they catch the little bastards who did this to this puppy and punish them to the max!! My heart and prayers are going out to Tidus hoping he has a full recovery

  117. de buyst yolande says:

    i cannot believe this the childeren who did this must be in jail and being beaten up every day and still it would not be enough as a punishment

  118. Viktor Larkhill says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    I think you need to relax a bit. Please leave the computer and go for a run. You’ll feel better.


  119. I hope this sweet little dog can pull through. Issuing positive thoughts and prayers his way. Someone should set a trap for the sick POSs that did this, gain info from the likely bragging, whatever it takes to catch them…then…private justice all the way…no court, no trial no lawyers, no way out for them….justice here would be chairs, rope, gasoline, and matches…….yes that would be as wrong as what they did and I am not about that…..the universe shall deal out true justice to them ……Prayers to Tidus, all my love and good thoughts…..

  120. Adryana Adyslik says:

    May Goog God help this dog and may that teenage die burning!

  121. gaby bunting says:

    The world can be thankfull for people like you!!!!! To me you are heroes!!!!
    Get well soon, Tidus.

  122. Ruth Smith says:

    Well done all of you, this is brilliant progress! He still had quite a way to go but as long as the infections stay out I think he’ll make it. Brilliant work, his owner must be relieved!

  123. Viktor thank you and everyone else for helping this beautiful boy. What happened to him is tragic and unthinkable. I live in the US… the reason so many people want the teens responsible for this to be punished, is so that they don’t think they can get away with it. Unfortunately research shows that if they’re not held accountable, they will do this again. But I understand your focus is on healing Tidus. I can see he is already doing better. I just hope these kids don’t keep committing these kind of horrific crimes against innocent animals. Thank you for all you do for animals and specifically Tidus right now!

  124. this is what life is all about. I have a horse rescue and often feel overwhelmed but stories like this one rejuvenate my spirit .!Titus is a miracle and his story will inspire others in his honor to help those on need … ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  125. AT LAST! VETS WHO DO WHAT THEY TRAINED TO DO, TO TRY TO SAVE THE LIVES OF ANIMALS! I love these people :) :) :) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    All those people who think its cruel to treat an animal thats desperate to live , just ask yourself, should we put humans to sleep if they have been burnt or run over etc and have multiple life threatening injuries? Just because its an animal and they whimper , doesn’t mean they want you to kill them, they want help. Its awful seeing anything suffering and in distress and if you dont like to see it, I think thats a good thing, it shows you have empathy and thats wonderful but please dont think “not giving up trying to save a life” is cruel , its not, because speaking from experience myself,going through months of pain in order to save my life was well worth it, it was terrible but now I have my future and my life back,as too will these animals :)
    As for the vile people who did this they obviously come from disgusting parents who have neglected them and made them in to monsters, either that or they’re on drugs and will hopefully take a nice big overdose or be battered senseless by animal lovers :)

  126. I’m from Spain and I’ve been following this case from the very first day. I need to say some things:
    1.- The case is real and if you look through facebook you will find all the information, even the name of the owner.

    2.- It’s absolutely false that this woman, the owner, hadn’t receive help … a lot of people around the world would send her money, and the answer of this woman was always NO. She only demand for medications and a lot of people was organized to send her what she was asking for.

    3.- A lot of people, around the world, was saying that the treatment was wrong, even writing the right treatment: morphine for the pain, IV fluids, etc, etc, etc…

    4.- Thanks God, Tidus is now in good hands, but to me, the owner needs to be brought up on charges for cruelty as well for letting this poor dog suffer for 2 weeks with no care !

    5.- I pray and I wish that Tidus get well and please, don’t return this poor doog to her “owner” ..Tidus deserves the best !

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Gracias Ana…

      True… she was adamant she would only receive help in the form of bandages and serum… obviously that wasn’t going to work.
      As you can see Tidus is doing much better now… please keep on following the case either here at the blog or through our page.
      Glad to have you with us..

  127. My respect to the doctors who are fighting for the dog. I have a lot of dogs on my own, and if i see this than i cry, because what on earth want to heart an animal i dont understand people.
    I hope that Titus will be adopt if everything is oke with him. It will be a long way but he is a fighter i see that on the video. I dont hope he go back to his boss because the story is not oke. I know people here who dont have money but all the love the have put into there dogs.
    I know a woman who is always woriking with trauma dogs and what she is doing is amazing. She dont have a penny and she dont want money for helping but the love for her dogs is amazing. I hope that sometime when Titus is oke his home whit a person like the woman i know and understand dogs can live.

    My big compliments for the work you are doing there. Keep it up …… with a lot of other people whe now how great you all are.

    Thank you for saving


    Exuse my english it is not good 😉

  128. BIg D in KC says:

    Viktor Thank you for Caring ! I see that He is eating and drinking , as long as the infection can be managed he will get better in time , Time heals most wounds , Ok so The next phase is the Purps (kids that did this to him ) Have they been caught ? Witnesses to the Burning ? Please fill us in VERY INTERESTED IN KANSAS CITY < USA

  129. I made a small donation for Tidus. I don’t have much money at the moment but I will pray for him.

  130. Es ist empörend,dass die Tierärzte wegen Geld ein Tier in solchen Zustand nicht ausreichen behandeln wollten.Nur weil die Dame kein Geld hatte,haben den armen Hund leiden lassen .Die werden nicht gleich arm,wenn einmal eine Behandlung kostenlos machten. Scharlatanen!

  131. Thank god he is doing better..I am hoping that the teens that did this to this poor little soul gets caught, punished, pays for ALL care of this poor dog, and is PROSECUTED to the fullest extent! THIS IS HORRIFIC, AND JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE DONE! My hopes and prayers goes out to Tidus and family..GET WELL BABY!~! We all want to see more “getting better” pictures! <3

  132. Anonymous says:

    And we humans arrogantly think we are better than animals… This act shows our real dark side. We practice this darkness everyday in our attitude, thoughts, acts towards other humans & anything living on the face of this world, making it a sad sad place to be. Get well soon little hero Tidus.

  133. Dear Viktor,
    Once again, You and Your TEAM Aspire to do what most people wont….you are right in saying that most people give up too easily on themselves as well as on their pets..:)
    I know God’d Hands Has Already Touched Tidus when he got you involved..
    99% of the animals you and your team Allow to Heal with Love and the finest Medical Care have been 110% Success Stories….
    No matter what industry you are in, I am in the Online Marketing Industry , you will always have Haters…Just shows YOU are doing Something Right….Thanks Viktor…Once again!! YOU are One BADASS Loving Human Being…:) http://www.empowernetwork.com/pmckeon126/

  134. karin (Netherland) says:

    This makes m’he feeling very sad. How could they do this !!! And why so so late too a vet! I feel pitty for the dog i hope get well a bit. Give him hug from me and my 2 dogs

    Karin, Storm and Hummer

  135. Viktor, I couldn’t understand though…. The very bad story about Tidus (for which I cried and lost sleep since the beginning, and for which I’m very glad for your help…) happened in Valencia, right? And you are in Turkey… correct?
    But how could Tidus’ owner come to you?… Maybe I missed something….
    Althought .. I was also thinking, at the beginning, that maybe it was not worth to suffer so much for this brave little puppy… but now that I’ve seen him eating and drinking on his own… well guys…. great job indeed!… I feel almost ashamed to have thought if it was worth it….
    Please keep us update… I will keep following his improvements… (I’m sure he will improve!… 😀 )

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Michela…
      I’m Spanish, I live in Turkey but I’m in Spain visiting my family right now..
      Tidus was very lucky :)

  136. Dena Rogers says:

    I am so so happy to see Tidus doing better. He may have fallen but he will rise again and be better then ever. I can see he has great people helping him an it warms my heart to see that. God bless Tidus. He will be a happy dog again. :) and god bless those helping him.

  137. You guys do AMAZING work. Thanks for every animal you have saved from the abyss. My mother and I donated. Will continue to do so.


  138. Dena Rogers says:

    That is outrageous to say he should be put down. This dog deserves to live! And Vicktor you are amazing god is watching over you and tidus. Because Tidus is alive right is all the more reason we should fight for him and others animals. Sick people need to get help and leave my animals a lone.

  139. Laurie Preiss says:

    put the dog down … the injuries are too severe

    you people who keep him alive are bastards

  140. Kelly Smith says:

    Way to go Tidus!!!! We are all proud of you baby boy! You keep fighting baby!

  141. Laurie Preiss says:

    my comments are waiting for moderation ?!

    more of your scam …

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Everyone’s comments await for moderation Laurie Preiss.. did you do what I advice you to?

  142. Angel Mariani says:

    Shring this on my fb page and just shared it with over 100 people pleading for donations….I hope some funds start pouring in. I am more than heartbroken over this story, tears and many, many PRAYERS that this sweet pup pulls through and gets a 2nd chance and to know ….not all humans are cruel. This is un-imanginable to say the least! PRAY EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY AND MAKE A DONATION NO MATTER WHAT AMOUNT. IT ALL ADDS UP. LET’S ALL HELP THIS BABY!

  143. Hi Viktor and The Rest of the WONDERFUL GOOD SAMARITIANS

    I posted my tearful and devastated email above 2 days ago. I just came back to the site and watched the video of Tidus drinking an entire bowl of water and standing without shaking. I am one of the people who agree to have kept Tidus alive and give him a chance to survive. I am soo happy this was done. Some people feel that euthanthansia was the best route to take, but I never believe that was the best solution. I guess the worst I felt for he and his Mom, was the 2 weeks that NOONE would help — 3 different vets — who gave the owner, some minor treatments. His pain was soo horrific – I don’t see how he lived with the angony soo terrible. And he probably was just keeping the pain to himself, not screaming out, or moaning uncontrollably. How could he manage this? Thanks soo much to Viktor and everyone who works at the clinic, where Tidus is now. I will keep praying and hoping he will have some peace soon. I am looking forward to the day when the horrible murderers (and this is what I call them) are caught and punished for a lifetime. PLEASE let’s fight for the rights of these poor victims such as Tidus. Bless his heart.

  144. rob vermunt says:

    It is amazing that this little dog is still fighting so hard to live, many people would have thrown in the towel and choose to end the suffering.
    I hope this little hero will survive and thereafter will have the chance to be adopted in a loving family.
    For now all we can do is pray and hope for him and that those animal abusers will burn forever.
    Tidus please keep your head up little boy, you are in the best hands there are.

  145. crystal nails says:

    He’s looking much better. Keep up the fight, Tidus!
    I agree that he deserves a chance to live as much as any human who’d been attacked so brutally. If you asked him if he wanted to be put out of his misery or worked on, what do you think he’d answer?
    Probably “SAVE ME!’
    I wonder about his skin afterward and what precautions will need to be taken to protect it as doubtfully the fur will grow back. Also it may be hard for him to wrestle with other dogs, but still he can have a great loving life.
    I think putting him “out of his misery” rather than saving him from misery would be a win for the evil scumbags who did this to him.
    By surviving and thriving Tidus will have beat them.
    Karma will catch those horrible assholes. They have to live forever with what they have done and the pain will pass for Tidus.

  146. I would like to know where the owner is. Was she forced to give him up so he can have vet care? That is a shame if that is indeed the case. Where is Tidus located? I will help

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No Donna… we didn’t force the owner to give him up. That’s not the way we operate.
      The owner comes to see him twice a day… she’s a good woman, did all she could..

  147. LISA LUCCHETTI says:


  148. I didn’t understand why no one vet took care of Tidus, and he stayed suffering for two long weeks. And I don’t know what that people who did this cruel and terrible crime to Tidus, have in their hearts and minds. That kids (?) have only hate and evil and their families and the government needs to make them be transformed in real persons, brothers of the whole mother nature, sons of God, part of the world.

  149. Gina Simone says:

    I’m so happy to see Tidus doing so much better. I’m so glad no one put him down. God Bless everyone who is helping Tidus through this painful time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  150. Linda Hemingbrough Emerson says:

    Yayyyyyyy way to go Titus and well said Victor!

  151. Anonymous says:

    Amazing!!! Lets Adopt Global is on my Christmas list this year. Titus is very fortunate to have you on his side. I have been following his story. I am a volunteer and foster for the HSCC in my area and its amazing how so many people of different race, religion, ethnic background, ect come together to help these dogs and cats. I only wish we could do more. I can see in Titus’s eyes how badly he wants to live. The fact that you did not give up on this poor dog says so much. Now he is eating and drinking and has hope in his eyes. I will never understand why some people are so cruel. It breaks my heart. But for every cruel person there are many caring loving people like you. Thank you so much for saving his life, for helping him heal, helping him with his pain and most of all, thank you for loving him and giving him a reason to fight to survive. God Bless!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for your kind words…
      thank you…

  152. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Thanks for helping this dog. You have a kind heart. Hope those evil teenagers are caught.

  153. Jack Forster says:

    TORCH THESE TEENS, THEN GIVE THEM A LEMON BATH………..then sit down and talk with them, just to find if they see things in a little different way..

  154. Horrible…
    How can people do such a horrible thing with a living creature?
    When I saw the pictures, I began to cry. What a poor boy!
    14 days with such extensive burns, without any painkiller, that´s incredible!
    It´s good to see, that he´s feeling better and it seemed to me that he is a strong boy and he will live!
    But please think over it… if the injuries are too bad, isn´t it better to euthanise him?
    I´m Nala adopted by my new family in germany. When I was young I lived in Malta.
    All my good hopes to Titus to get well and find also such a good family where he will be loved untill his dying day!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Nala.. check our page and you will see how much better he is doing..

  155. CISKA GLACHANT says:


  156. Viktor, thank you for your kind heart and love for all animals. Tidus still looks pretty rough, but I have faith that he can be restored to health with your close watch over him. In the video I noticed that was looking around for more water to drink after he emptied the bowl. I’m not sure that anybody noticed. I will be happy to get updates from you to see how he progresses. I hope they catch the kids that did this to him. I’d like to see them doused in lighter fluid and set on fire….they deserve that and more. The parents of these kids need to understand that kids that abuse animals are potential serial killers. They need to put them away for intense psychological treatment and hope it works. The kids also should serve prison time for this horrible crime, and should be made to work in a rescue shelter cleaning poop and pee from the cages for at least 6 months. Even this is too light on them. They don’t even deserve to breathe the same air we do.

  157. CISKA GLACHANT says:

    Dear Viktor,
    People do have difficulties to understand the goals, since there is money involved. I am a dog groomer in France and with the on going crisis I’m am often confronted to customers, dog owners who have difficulties paying the vet’s bills when their dog gets ill or accidented, since it is so expensive ! But they do, even if they have to eat less themselves.
    They rarely choose euthanasie, only when the disease is terminal and the dog suffers.
    For as in Spain, it is horrible over there, this can happen to all of us. Look at Greece, where the hospitals cannot take care of people who cannot pay and where they do not even have gloves and other basic stuff to do their work.
    Keep up the good work !!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Ciska… Amities..

  158. Andy and Julie says:

    I just want yall to know that my son and I have been following this story of Tidus; we have dogs of our own and hes a dog lover as am I. Hes seen alot of stories on FB about dogs in the same shape as Tidus and have been put to sleep but you have come along,rescued him and hes getting better and were soo happy. My son is very passionate about Tidus and would updates on him as much as possible. He wishes we could of won the huge lottery cuz he has told me..he would of paid his whole bill off. My doesnt get passionate about alot of things but Tidus has touched his heart,as well as mine. So please will update us? Thank You, Andy and Julie

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Andy, thanks for your note, give a hug to your sun and please keep on playing the lottery :-))
      Please go to our FB page, I will provide updates there, don’t forget to Like our page ok?

  159. Julie Ontiveros says:

    I am a Vet Tech and I applaud all that is being done for Titus! Animal lovers are special people :)

  160. Viktor, where is his raw diet you feeding him out of a can!! I am so happy to see him improving, it is a very long road for this poor bubba but eating and drinking are always promising signs… Hope he keeps improving and I will check back often to see what is happening to the gorgeous Tidus…Viktor I didn’t see what country this occurred in?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      We took care of that. he’s on filet mignon diet now :-)

  161. I can not believe a few of the comments I see here. Yes sure the easiest way would be to put him to sleep but if a life an be saved and most importantly he will have a good life afterwards then why not do it? He has been fighting and hanging on for 2 weeks so he is a true fighter and deserves the chance.
    I mean he went through pure hell for 2 weeks, (I am gonna keep my comments about the owner to myself) he endured pain that no human would be able to do so as soon as he came in to the clinic his pain was lessened.
    If you don’t want to donate, fine then don’t!!
    But help out by sharing on facebook and twitter so those who wants to help out can. Remember we all want the same thing and we are on the same side.

    Thank you.

  162. Madelene Alvarez says:

    You are all angels sent from up above! Thank you for helping and saving animals. God bless you baby keep strong and fighting! Hope karma gets those bastards soon!!!!!

  163. Have they caught the perpetrator? Whoever did this must pay for their cruel and disgusting actions. I am horrified that someone would do this to an animal. Praying for your recovery Tidus.

  164. As a nurse seeing humans burnt like this I can only say it is agony not only to the body but to the mind. There is no realistic treatment that this dog can have that will not force him to endure constant pain and discomfort for the rest of his life. The act of burning alive a living creature is beyond cruel but to prolong the pain and suffering for promotion of animal cruelty is granduous narcissism. I doubt your intent.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      And you have every right to doubt it..
      I sure hope you won’t work at a unit for Burn Patients…

  165. Jackie T. says:

    Who in their right mind would do this to a defenseless animal? I want these pieces of shit arrested and sent away for life. No animal deserves this.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Bless you for helping this dog you are angels

  167. Anonymous says:

    that is sick i would never let any dog go though that pain


  169. Laura Horner says:

    I’ve been keeping up with Tidus’s story. Viktor you are a hero to this dog and many others. Thank you for the love in your heart and soul. I can see Tidus has a will to live…if he didn’t, I believe he would have never made it those first two weeks. I know he is grateful to you and all those that are caring for him. The look in his eyes is beautiful. Thank you!!

  170. Lisa Taylor says:

    “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man”!!

    Please let the work know if these criminals are found and maybe before someone douses them with alcohol and lights them on fire!

    God bless you all for helping!

  171. Seriously there are very few vet’s who would help! I can’t ever take my dog’s to the vet without paying @ the time of service even if it’s just $20 I owe. I would have to leave it there & they charge $35 a day to keep him! So, maybe the reason WHY the owner didn’t take him to a vet Is because she TRIED everyone wanted to put him down!!! Thank GOD ALMIGHTY for Let’s ADOPT GLOBAL for their love, compassion & understanding of All animal’s! My hat goes off to everyone single one of you:)

  172. Rick Conye, your $5 is worth the world. It’s more than many others have given. God bless you.

  173. Lorna Walmsley says:

    I am so thankful for organizations like your around the world. I know some should think his best would to be put down, but my question to that vet who said she personally though he should be put down….what if it were a HUMAN? would you put them down cause of burns like that? Every animal has just as much rights as a human does for survival in any way shape or form. As for the people who did it, should suffer just as bad..as they say an eye for an eye.
    I know Titus has the will to live and will ..sending prayers. Again thank you for such wonderful organizations and people such as yourself!

  174. Kathy Bigenho says:

    God bless you for doing what you are doing and looking forward to more updates on Titus, I have never seen such a will to survive as what I see in Titus, than god for people like you who can and do go the extra mile to give them the chance at survival and to return to a happy life once again.

    Hang in there Titus, I know you can do this.

  175. Louise Tessier says:

    My heart aches not only for Tidus but because we humans are capable of such cruelty….I sent a donation.I pray Tidus will recover and that the monsters who did this will pay…Another dog named Phoenix in Buffalo has had a similar experience Halloween night.Makes me very very sad

  176. Viktor:

    I will be sending in some money to help in the support of Tidus as soon as I can get to my bank here. I want you to keep me posted on his care.
    I will get some of this printed if I can and leave this information at my bank and hopefully we can get you more supporters for him.
    Please kiss him for me and let him know I am thinking of him and will light a very special candle for him at church.
    Many special blessings,

    <3 <3

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many many thanks.. please check our FB page, I’m providing regular updates there, that’s the best way..
      Once again, thank you on Tidus name…

  177. Cyndi Hower says:

    The sick kids who did this to tidus should be in jail and their parents should pay for the treatment. Who would teach their kids to be mean to an innocence animal. They disgust me. I hope they get caught.

  178. Jeanne Jonckheere says:

    I am so relieved about tidus. i just cant understand why at first no one would help him. that is very sad, i am glad he has the care he needs but it disturbs me that it took so long for him to get help. the pain he felt must have been just horrible . I will do what I can to help further. Get well tidus, I know you will make it.

  179. Ana or Viktor – why has there been no mention of whether the law enforcement in Valencia have caught these teenagers who did this or if at least they are actively investigating this case in order to find and bring those demonic teens to justice? Those teens pose a serious threat to not only other animals in the city/country, but also to other humans since it’s a proven fact that those who abuse animals are more than likely to graduate to abusing/killing humans if they aren’t caught and stopped.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      They haven’t been caught yet… I hope they are soon.. I really hope..

  180. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with Karen Gerald (comment above)! Well said!

  181. Viktor, you, your team and the babies you rescue are all miracles. And what I just saw in Tidus’ video was pure strength and will to survive. I believe he will make it, because he has you guys. Fingers crossed!

  182. Why did the owners NOT bring this poor dog to a veterinary clinic???
    I can’t understand why they waited and let him suffer!

  183. Viktor

    I’m from Spain, this story is true, Tidus is in a vet clinic in Valencia, Spain, it has appeared in the tv news and local newspapers…
    the thing that I find strange as an animal lover is that the owner is a bullfighting lover and she evens get fire to bulls horns in the “toro embolado” I don’t understand Viktor do you know that??

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes Laura, ya me di cuenta y de verdad que lo flipe cuando lo vi.. enfin…
      Un beso

  184. Jan Cafferty says:

    Does Tidus have a wish list? Is there something i could get sent to him via Amazon for example? Something that would help lift his spirits! I’m sending a huge virtual hug and lots of love in the meantime :-)

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Ummm…. good idea.. let me ask him, Ill get back to you, a very nice detail…

  185. Would poor Tidus recover better with food that has better nutritional value than canned stuff? I realise fresh meats and veges etc are probably expensive, but can’t help wonder if it would aid his recovery. I feed my dogs only raw fresh lean meat and chicken not canned stuff, and you can see the difference it makes to their skin, coats and general health.. Tidus is very lucky to have you on his side Viktor.

    Thank you

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Lyn… thats not normal canned food.. it’s top of the line AD, he loves the taste..
      but don’t worry, he’s changed the diet now.. he’s on filet mignon and Sirloin steak (no kidding )))

  186. ann-marie says:

    Itz me again, I’ve been reading more into Tidis’s case n i agree that he should not go back to his owner. Why would she not except help in the form of currency n allow him to suffer for 2 long weeks?? This makes no sense at all!!!!!!!! If that was me, I would have done ANYTHING I HAD TO, to get him medical help. What was this woman thinking? Just for her irresponsible actions Tidus should not be released back into her care, I am sorry but to me sheis

  187. Peter Jones says:

    What kind of sicko’s are these teenagers, if they will do this to a poor defenceless animal, the next step will be a child ( Jamie Bulger was an example ). If they catch whoever did this , all they will get will be a slap on the wrist. Theyn want a good thrashing and see how they like pain !!

  188. i wish i can adopt the poor tidos but i am so far in the middle east i am in eygpt and i love dogs so much my heart is broken to see how the animals can suffer from human i wish tidos and all dogs a good luck

  189. Phillippa Hilsden says:

    If I could get my hands on the satanic scum, no matter what their age, gender etc etc I would do EXACTLY the same to them & let the filth die in agony.

  190. We see dogs like this abused, neglected, burned and ran over everyday here in the States. I appreciate the efforts of my fellow rescuers overseas! To euthanize a dog should be one’s last resort after all has been done to try to fix the problem.

    We don’t euthanize people when they are suffering! Why should we euthanize the animals? This barbaric mentality needs to change!

    One last thing, is this dog in Portugal? I hear Portuguese on the video.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Juliana… thanks..
      Hes in Spain, sounds familiar right?

  191. Antoinette Pangarao says:

    I am astounded that there are people out there that cannot comprehend what you are trying to do. Keep up the fight and continue to educate these misguided morons. God bless you and Tidus and all the people that come together to fight for and heal all of gods creatures.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Antoinette…. thanks…
      he’ll be fine.. :-)

  192. Anonymous says:


  193. Hell,is the only place,for the perpetrators’of this evil crime.

  194. Brenda Comeaux=Billiot says:

    Can they not use maggots to remove dead tissue?

  195. I know that there are angels walking the earth among us and Viktor, I truly, truly believe that you and your staff are angels. Animals love unconditionally, and no one has the right to judge this poor pup’s mama for what she did or didn’t do. They were not in her place and cannot possibly know what she went through along with Tidus. The fact that he even survived those two weeks tells me how deeply he is loved by his owner and how that love served to give him the will to survive. As for the monsters that did the unthinkable to Tidus, it breaks my heart, however only God can truly judge them. I do agree that both they and their parents should be held fully accountable for their heinous actions and pray that God touches their hearts so they can grasp how horrid and evil their deeds were and that it brings them to their knees asking for forgiveness. God bless you and thank you for standing up for what is right no matter what anyone has to say about it. If anything like this ever happened to any of my four legged children I would want to know that there are people (angels) like you that are willing to help. I will be contributing whatever I can and will be watching Tidus’ progress and checking your website. Thank you, thank you and God bless!!!

  196. Estella Tennyson says:

    Viktor, You are so right. This wonderful little pup deserves to keep on living. You can see by your most recent video that he has the will to live and it is a blessing that your organization stepped in to help him. It is unbelieveable that he survived 2 weeks with no professional care. A lot of people don’t understand that most vets are only worried about money and not the life of animals. I have had experience with vets who would not help when I did not have the money for helping a dying pet. Someone in another comment said that the money being spent on this pup could save so many others. That is not true because most people who are contributing for Tidus probably help contribute to others. This pup was surely being watched over by someone up above. Bless you and all that are helping Tidus.

  197. Laura Mitchell says:

    I’d like updates on his condition, if possible. He’s looking better and seems to have tolerated the debridement.

  198. Kathy Jones says:

    Some of these messages are crazy… When a furbaby has the will to live then I will/would do anything in my power to help them. Heck, Tidus made it 2 weeks with next to no help and that tells me that he wants to live… Will he be returned to his owner when he is no longer so medically needy???

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes Kathy… unless there are some serious medical impediments he will go back to his owner. We didn’t seized the dog, we are providing assistance to a dog and his human that doesn’t happen to have the kind of money needed at hand..

  199. why would someone ask you to put him to sleep it would be better.thats crazy! do we put people to sleep? this angel deserves to live and the bastard that burnt this baby deserves to die!

  200. Matty Rondon says:

    You are awesome!!! Thank you for helping him through all this and not to give up and to give Tidus a chance to a long life. I believe no matter what we must fight for life. I know is painful and we may feel powerless if our loved pet is in this situation, but if it would be your child would you put him to sleep? No right? You will endure and let you child endure the skin grafts, the cleaning, the pain and long months of treatments. Why the different treatment with our pets!

  201. I have notified the authorities of the scam that you have perpetrated. Shame on you! I hope you see prison “Victor”. See you in hell.

  202. Jeanne Jonckheere says:

    I feel so bad for him. Focus can mm and it I know he can. Did they catch the scum bags yet? Talk about worthless pieces of garbage. I wish what was done to poor focus should be done to those involved.

  203. Jeunesse Global on fb….. this company has produced a skin cream that works with stem cells…. supposed to be brilliant for burns. maybe worth a try. :)

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      MAny thanks Sue… well check them out

  204. Find the bastards that did this and have them put under the death penalty. Good job for tidus.

  205. Hi Viktor, You’re. doing a great job with Tidus. How does the vet plan on restoring his skin? Is it the same as humans? Will cadaver skin be considered? I’m assuming there is a treatment available, otherwise you would not have saved him. Can you elaborate for mypeace. of. mind? Th you.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes Lena of course.. if there was no possible treatment Tidus wouldn’t be in the condition he is right now.. please have a look at his latest picture and video



      We are looking at several options right now.. from cadaver skin to create our own.. Please follow our Page, I will be updating on this matter in the next few days..


  206. Maisie Jordan says:

    Viktor… you are sent from god to help these poor suffering animals.
    Never stop your work and never kill the animal,where there is hope there is life.
    I have never met you but i love you all the same,god bless you forever, for all the good you do in such evil in this cruel world.
    I will pray for tidus and all animals who suffer.x

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Maisie… I have never met you but I love you too… :)
      Many thanks and welcome to Let’s Adopt Global..

  207. anabelocampo@yahoo.com says:

    hi viktor, keep up the good work please…. i hope you will not be intimidated by those negative comments.. there are many people w/ you.. keep safe always..

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks.. no.. I can’t be intimidated.. frustrated by sharing the same air than some people yes, absolutely, but intimidated, no, how could I ? look at Tidus.. he will be intimidated the moment he stops fighting, not before. xxx

  208. anabelocampo@yahoo.com says:

    i’ve watch most of your vidoes .. i feel happy to see they are ok .. i cannot utter words but to thanks GOD for your life & your good deeds i hope to see more people like you .. keep safe always..!

  209. Gina Lombardi says:

    I am horrified by what happened to Tidus. I don’t know how anyone could hurt an innocent animal. Tidus is absolutely gorgeous and he seems to have an unbelievably brave spirit. Thank you so much for helping him and for posting his progress. I felt very sad when I initially read about him last Wed and it really lifts my spirits to see him improving and getting the love and attention he deserves. :)

  210. Viktor, Viktor, Viktor!!!!!! I am so happy to see Tidus doing so well, eating and drinking <3 He is so strong and such a fighter. Thank you for all you and the people that are helping him have done. You are all a blessing!!!

  211. Hello Victor ! Do not listen to those idiots who think Tidus has to be put on sleep.. Tell them : would you put on sleep one of your kinds if he were burned ? I’ve already donated this month so I wait january to give again. Together we will raid the amount !!!!

  212. I love animals and Tidus is not an exception, I feel happy to notice he is better. He is so brave and strong. I love you Tidus, you are the best! And don’t worry that people who huerts you will be punished and you’ll be getting better

  213. hi dear Victor,

    this is my second sending, how can i help Tidus from Egypt? any ideas for me to transfer the money for you coz my country is not listed :(
    please please please don’t ignor my message.

    Sylvia from Egypt

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Sylvia, I’m sorry, I didn’t see your first note…
      Well.. as far as I understand as long as you have a credit card you could chip in for Tidus care, regardless of your location, but I may be wrong..
      I don’t know really as I don’t know if you have a credit card or paypal account. I’m sorry, but don’t worry, even if you cannot help for logistical reasons is wonderful to know the intention is there and you truly care.

  214. Luwetta Hoff says:

    This is so cruel what us humans are capable of. The individuals who caused ths should receive the exact same treatment bestowed upon them. We as a country must stop the few months jail time, probation, release of these people. Start by having the individuals responsible have the EXTACT treatment bestowed upon them. If in this world we start treating criminals like criminals and locking them up and not releasing them ever would stop a lot of hurt. Everyone EYE for an EYE.



    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Barbara…
      Well… the thing is, I’m not a vet, but I’m in the very privileged position to work with a number of vets all over the world and to help them tackle medical problems from a different perspective…
      Many many thanks for being there for us..

  216. Maria Gauguin says:

    A nation is measured in how they treath their animals. When so many animalabusers around the planet turns up, something is rotten in the world. People have lost their connection to them self and their inner beauty, in order to rush around to get a lot of material crab. They eat meat from animal treathed like KZprisoners, you are what you eat. When you eat meat from unhappy creatures you put this into your system. This is Orwellsk.Then end has been reached, when kids, who suppose to be on the same frekvens as animals, can get this terrible idea of putting fire to an innocent dog.The society who raised such kids is unhealthy, and it it all over the world :-(

  217. Jenny Tanner says:

    I have to admit when I saw this first I was thinking this dog is in so much pain is it right to keep him alive?……then I see the amazing love, care and integrity of everyone all fighting along with him and giving him the chance not just to live but to be alive and I know you are doing the right thing. When I saw what had happened to this gorgeous boy I felt ashamed to be a human, but then you and your amazing team came along who are all truly human beings and I felt proud to hold my head up again! Thank you all for everything. I hope Tidus makes it and has the best life ever.xxx

  218. ı send him positive energy and ı pray for him. you look amazing tidus you can do it. ı know that. ı have my own baby dog -he is 4 years old and ı carry his name on my body. ı cant understand those people who hurt animals. they. when ı saw something like that ı always think my dog in that condition. it hurts so much even to think of that. ı know he is going to be okay with your help. thank you for helping him Viktor.

  219. Anonymous says:

    I want the ??$:”-?’vm#%^~> to suffer as this poor dog has. I hope they find them and burn alive too. I know there is not enough justice and I would want those criminals put to death.

  220. Dear Victor,

    Being the animal lover that I am, I was physically ill when I
    heard of Tidus’ ordeal. My first impulse was to cry out “what
    is wrong with people today!” “Why do such atrosities exist?”
    Of course Tidus’ story was the SECOND story about a dog being
    set on fire that I heard about this month! Phoenix was a little
    puppy that was set on fire by teenagers, and this was done in
    the good old USA!!


    The City of Buffalo Animal Shelter is handeling his case.

    Add to these, the stories about 2 Human children being abused,
    and the Animal Control Officer being killed for trying to help
    abandoned animals, and you have a very bad week for Humanity.

    James Linscott:

    SOURCE: http://www.wmur.com/news/nh-news/Wanted-couple-from-

    WATCH VIDEO AT: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/11/19/police-



    SOURCE: http://www.wkyc.com/news/article/270891/45/Police-

    SOURCE: http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2012/11/

    Officer Roy Marcum:


    And then there is this story:


    which restores my faith in Humanity.

    I am a 64yr old senior, living on a limited income, but give
    when I can and always share the Animal Shelter’s notifications
    and the missing person’s alerts as MY contribution to helping.
    If they are not in my area, perhaps one of my friends knows
    of them or their friends know, but I try to keep a line of
    comunication going for these animals and missing people. I wish
    more people would do that, then maybe there wouldn’t be so
    many animals needing homes or so many missing people.

    Thank you for all you do for these animals, for without you,
    many of them would not have a chance.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for the info Sandy… it’s very appreciated.. thank you..

  221. Elaine (Canada) says:

    Laurie Preiss and Andie, I think you should go crawl under a rock and leave Viktor alone so that he can conserve his energy for these dogs. Viktor focus on the good you’re doing rather than what these two morons are saying. It’s amazing the improvement you can see in Tidus’s face since his treatment started. Can’t wait to see what another week will do for him. Hang in there Tidus and Viktor!!!

  222. GOD BLESS YOU!!! For not giving up on him and for bringing him back to life. I would like to know if the SOB’s that did this have been caught and punished so they can NEVER do this again?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      MAny thanks PAtricia… not giving up…

  223. Viktor, I replied to your site several days ago. I do not see my message. :((

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:


  224. Kat Laskey says:

    Go Tidus!! You can do it buddy!!!!!

  225. These are the type of kids that end up hurting people. They need to be judged as an adult, and their parents need to be charged as well. I don’t care if the parents don’t condone this they are responsible when their kids are underage and apparently they didn’t raise these kids right. Too much free time, they need to do something constructive….

  226. what ass holes!! says:

    Sadie (my golden) believes in you Tidus!!

  227. sorry it went on twice. I meant to say have they caught anyone yet for what happened? :)

  228. I don’t see where this happened anywhere. Was this in the States?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Lisa.. no.. in Spain, in a city called Valencia

  229. Its a terrible thing what happen to this dog but they dog would have been better to have been put to sleep. It is still an animal not a human being. I have a dog and love her dearly. Animals are not humans God made them separate. Now there are many children who are burned like this too! where is the consideration for them? we have a story here of a terrible act of crudity probably by some young foolish boys. They need to be found and corrected. but to let a animal suffer like that! Its a choice and i would not. Why do we fear death? My hope is that people begin to advocate for human beings. we need the help more than the animals look around us look at the work that is yet to be done.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Sorry Peggy… to us animals deserve the same treatments than humans.
      There is no difference for us.
      And please don’t bring me God here..

  230. CISKA GLACHANT says:

    How’sTidus doing now, is his fever gone ? I’m looking out for updates !
    And great job for Truffles & Ayten ! Thanks

  231. Jennifer McCauley says:

    What a beauitfull tough warrior Tidus is, it makes me sick that people could hurt a beauitfull dog like Tidus!!. The people in this video who are helping this brave dog are heroes and I am so proud to live in a world with people who love and take care of animals like Tidus!! You guys are amazeing and thank you for fighting for dogs like Tidus, I am so proud of you heroes!!

  232. Hi Viktor,
    Hoping tidus is ok, and improving…
    My comment above – (awaiting moderation) can you explain why/what this refers to….No worries, just curious.
    Has the article been in newspaper yet, and have you got any leads on the criminals.?
    Thank you. Angela x

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      The comment means that it has waited to be published until I approved it.
      Approved now..
      no.. no news on who did it yet, but I’m sure theyll be found.

  233. Maeya Vivo says:

    Thank you Viktor and Let’s Adopt Global for helping Tidus. You are really a blessing not only to these animals but to their owners as well. I’m uncomfortable to say animals, those that burned Tidus are the animals. I hope they get caught regardless of what their ages are.

    And for Tidus’ owner, thank you as well, for not giving up. People may judge you for “prolonging his suffering” but I understand and feel your pain. God forbid it were any of my dogs, I will do the same. They are family and we simply cannot give up on a family, specially the ones who give you immeasurable love and happiness.

  234. Barbara Van Patten says:

    Viktor, I have been living in Istanbul for 2 years now, I am back at my home in New York for my son’s wedding and staying for the holidays, but when I return to Turkey, I would love to meet you and become involved with your organization, If this is possible please let me know, then I will send you my phone number in Istanbul. If you make it here to the states, please let me know I have family and friends that maybe be able to help here. If I can be of any help Email me and I will send phone numbers for Turkey and New York.

  235. A type of plant call “Aloe Vera ” Good for skin Can it help ?

  236. Hello good heart people!

    I just can say that i really have respect from you guys! One day all the good thing you do will return to your life! I hope Tidus will getting better soon and he will have a beautiful life!

    Hope this ppl which burn Tidus will get paid baack for what they did!

  237. why did you remove my question?
    you said you used your own dog to give a blood tranfussion in your blog to Tidus but the clinic is in Vallencia and your in Turkey? so you live in Vallencia not Turkey? I just wondered as I know people there 😉

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Your question wasn’t removed Laura… I just didn’t have the chance to approve it.
      The answer is very simple.. my family lives in Valencia. As a family we have animals both in Valencia and Turkey.
      See? not so difficult.

  238. Those teenagers need to have their asses light on fire as well!
    Like I’ve said for years because I do animal rescue is that most humans are the cancer of the world & need to die!

    But what disturbs me even more is why did the owner let her dog get out of her sight at the park?

    If she has children I hope he doesn’t take them to the park!

  239. we can only thank God for people like you in this inhumane crazy world!! I’m sending best wishes and all my love to Tidus and to poor animals like him :(
    i just hope he will fight untill the end! we are going to be with you in spirit every day!!! <3

  240. Our prayer for you Tidus, all the way from Indonesia. And of course, not forgetting the LAG team, Viktor, the vets, and everyone who participate in this cause.
    Tidus, if only you understand what i’m writing, i would like to thank you for being such an inspirational icon. Please do not give up on hope, as we never give up on ours too. Get well soon!

  241. Maree Caplin says:

    I have cried so many tears for the babies you care for, if tears could repair the broken bodies they would all be so healthy.I want to say to the people who keep insisting that it is kinder to kill , ask yourselves for whom is it kinder. We do not live in a world where we can avoid seeing suffering simply by ending it. Obviously I am human and we don’t put humans down because of damaged bodies, when I was 15 I was in an accident and broke my back in three places (no cord damage), and all major bones on my left side, my leg was nearly torn off at the knee. By the reckoning of the people who prefer to kill to prevent suffering, if I had been an animal they would have gently laid me to rest in loving arms. I healed as will Tidus I hope, and who knows what good Tidus will bring into the world because he survives. If I had not, then my two sons would have never been born and so many other wonderful achievements would have never taken place. Death is never a solution, it is defeat at its very worst. If all you have to say is that any animal should be given up on, then I personally wish that this opinion be kept secret. Viktor doesnt need to read it, neither do any other readers. Lets send love and positive wishes. And pray, for recovery instead.

  242. Hi Viktor,
    You are an angel and so are all people who work at animal shelters, we have some real angels in South Africa who work with abused animals, one that comes to mind a Richell and Andre from Luck Lucy Foundation and they are constantly saving animals indire straits, I will tell their story, maybe you can make contact with them. A few years ago they rescued a dog that was tied to a railway line,(sadly also by youngsters) and three trains had passed over this poor animal, they rescued it and like you they believe in fighting for the animal’s life. It is living and very happy today, the dog’s name is Lucy, hence the name Luck Lucy Foundation, she is the mascot of this shelter. They rely purely on donations to sustain the shelter. May be you can be of some help to them.

    I think you are doing a great job with Tidus, keep us updated!

  243. Hello Viktor
    I live in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.åpnet facebook got to see this horrific story today. I have no words! How is it possible to be as evil as these teens …
    I’ve seen horrific cases in Turkey in the past, also dogs that are set on fire, but this case is extremely serious when damage is so extensive. How is it possible for Tidus to get a good life after this?
    I hope to pray that it’s possible, but he has no skin again and bone jutting out from the knee of his leg
    What is the prognosis? do you really think he will get a new skin, and it is possible to save Tidus leg?
    I want to help with money, is hard to transfer here, I can send through western unien to you?
    God Bless Tidus and all his helpers
    And good luck to advanced
    Best regards Angelina

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Angelina, I will be providing an update on the knee situation tomorrow..
      pls follow our page on FB, I am doing my best to update through there: https://www.facebook.com/LetsAdoptGlobal

      Many thanks for your support. Best wishes to Egypt..

  244. I was wondering if you have seen the use of potato skins used as a bandage. i know that I saw this one and it was a miracle for the burned skin. They dipped the potato skin in something and put it on the burn. They made like a collage out of the potato skin. They said it healed amazingly. I wonder if you could do the same for this dog. Also, for his knees- Baxyl- I would call this company. I think they would donate some for this dog. This might be a good place to start. I cried as I watched your videos. You are an angel. This dog can teach us all about fighting when life is rough. I see a future of charity for this dog! Thank you for helping this dog- all of you.

    As for the boys, one of the restitution’s should be that they be required to do charity for the rest of their lives. They should also have to volunteer at a burn unit to see what this kind of suffering is like. I know that some would like to do the same to them, but humans are not supposed to behave this way. When they cross over to the other side, they review their lives, but from everyone else’s perspective including this dog’s perspective. They will know…..

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      We haven’t tried Diana..
      We are using a special honey, Hanuka Honey from New Zealand, Growth Factor specially synthesized from Tidus, on top we place aposits, and then a bandage. The bandage is changed twice daily and so far is working great..
      The biggest problem here right now are the knees…. they are destroyed..

  245. Just chipin; get well soon sweetie.
    Many thanks to you Viktor; God bless you.

  246. Jim Frageman says:

    Viktor i have been following Tidus Story for quite a while your doing one hell of a great job thank you for all the things your doing to keep him
    alive by the way where is he, keep the updates coming thanks again.

  247. Glad to read that there r some people who r really sincere with this creature bit update what happened to those who did this?

  248. Many many THANKS to each and everyone of you that is helping and treating our Tidus. I pray every night hoping that everyday he feels and gets stronger and makes a full recovery in time. I hope $50.00 helps Tidus and his medical bills. My daughter and I think about his progress everyday. She’s my little girl and had asked me, “Why mommy would anyone hurt such a playful and beautiful dog, they must be mean boys who are very sick.” I replied back to my daughter and said, “yes sweetheart they must be very sick boys doing such a horricic and senseless crime lighting Tidus on fire.” She asked me if they will be put away if they get caught and I said, ‘ I hope so for a long long time too.” Please if you can Victor, my daughter and I would love to have someone give Tidus a big kiss n’ hug from her and tell him that Angela and mommy are praying for him everyday and that we pray he starts feeling alot better in time. Our thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS with him! Good Luck Tidus and God Bless! Everyone is snding you lots of love to you Tidus and hopefully someday soon you will reunite with your owner. You will always be in a special place in all our hearts handsome boy. (((((((((((Big Hugs n’ kisses!!!!))))))))))……XOXO

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Diedra, I will be the one kissing Tidus for you and your daughter today….
      many many thanks… xxx

  249. I am thinking of Tidus hoping that he is healing as expected and feeling better. When you can, please update us on his progress.

  250. thank you viktor for stepping in to help Tidus. I was a bit sad that the owner took a bit to long to get him the much needed help right away..but now he is there and all the care and love you and your staff have giving him is so much more. As i watch the video and read the stories for the first time i sad and cried.I live in BC Canada and we don’t have that much here. Are animal shelters don’t step up what is needed for the dog,cats and other animals..they are called the SPCA an it took some people weeks to get them to force next door to find a home for a lama and still the pony still is here in there field and is not looked after..well..all the SPCA told the owner it looks fat and did nothing after that..so it still stands in the cold..so im happy to see that some states do thing for the animals. I wish now that tius is on the road of healing that some people now need to find the kids that did this to him and have them pay for the vet bill and what they did to this poor dog as he didn’t ask for this kind of cruel life to live. It’s good people like you who care and I truly wish it was this way up in Canada..

    thank you and please keep up all your hard wrtk for Tidus and all the other animals that come your way

  251. Lizet Bernburg says:

    Dear Viktor
    Just donated this evening – It is impossible to thank you enough for what you do – and your team of vets. I know you are giving Tidus the best possible treatment, and I hope that it will be possible to find a good solution regarding the critical situation with his knees. Viktor – you are simply the best! Love Lizet

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Not the best Lizet, just trying to do what is right…
      not easy, believe me, not easy…

  252. marlene Dinkins says:

    dearest victor i had many nights without sleep, just thinking what happen to tidus!!!!!! it ws horrendouse!!!! i think who did this , just need to die!!!!!! who ever did , just need the death penalty!!!! i think you all great!!!!! just pure angels!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD bless you all!!! do not pay attention of this disgusting !!!conments i believe people around the world are appreciating what you doing !!!!!! in special tidus!!!!! my heart goes for him, my prayers, toda mia oraciones para DIO.!!!!! plese let us know how this angel keep going!!!!! the lord will recompesate your kindness with him and all the animals!!!!! for now iam sending you thnks for all. ciao ciao .

  253. Thank you for your efforts to help this precious pup. As you progress with his care, please be guided by the Universe, so that he may improve…if his suffering is so very much for him to bear please honor him by peacefully allowing him to cross over. Thank you and God bless.

  254. Dear Victor,

    Thank you for being such an Angel to this poor animal …
    I hope that Tidus can be healthy & is able to forget this trauma …. One day ….
    Please let me/us where can we donate?


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for your kind words… if you wish to join the many people that have contributed to save Tidus life so far this is the Chipin link where you will be able to do so…
      Many thanks for your help… it’s highly appreciated..

  255. Viktor, What you are doing is absolutely selfless!!! You are giving this dog a chance to live out his life. He doesn’t want to die and as long as he continue to grow and improve everyday then fighting for him is priceless!!! I hope you get all of the funding that you need to save this poor little guy! Furbabies are family just like human family members!! Tidus will live and it will be because of people like you who never give up!!!!!

  256. You and your staff are awesome. Keep up the good work. Tidus will pull through will great strides.

  257. tweetie m. celestino says:

    Those barbaric teenagers should be caught and imprisoned! Their parents shd be held accountable for the costs and criminal actions of their children!
    I pray that Tides shall still have the courage to live! I also offer prayers and strength to the doctors and donors who has unconditional love and dedication to help animals in danger like Tidus. May they be blessed more! Tidus hang in there a lot of people around the world Will wish you speedy recovery!

  258. As a paramedic, I am extremely surprised that this dog even survived the first two weeks without dying from Sepsis due to severe infection! A human would not have survived with 75 % burnt and NO treatment for two weeks. That really has me wondering.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Amazing right? the strongest dog I’ve ever seen…

  259. Oh, what I was going to suggest is a hyperbaric chamber. That’s the most important thing he would need to completely heal his skin. I’ve seen it work on humans. Hyperbaric chambers provide 100% oxygen treatment to the skin and it grows back surprisingly fast and brandnew.

  260. Dear Viktor,
    I’m feel very glad that u helping tidus. I keep waiting for your post updated about tidus. I know he’s suffering n pain,but he need to be alive, he deserve to be alive. And i know for sure even after he recover 100% for his skin,but he still got trauma that haunted him until the end. I hope i can visit tidus,but i’m staying in singapore far far away from u’re place. And thank you for give everything the best for tidus. GBU viktor :)

  261. The Good 1st, thankful for this wonderful vet office who took Tidus in and helped his God awful injuries. Thankful for all the comments here showing how many people care about this fur soul. I am gonna send a fee in soon. This has totally touched me . I pray for this beautiful Tidus to flourish and come back strong from this horrific act.
    Now the bad, shame on the vets who would not help Tidus, I would totally take my business somewhere else never to let these vets touch my dogs, shame on the kids who did this and yes they should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law including some jailtime and to work at a rescue the REST OF THEIR LIFE! This horrible act will come back to them , I believe unless they truly ask for forgiveness they will be in hell the rest of eternity and rightfully so. If they don’t get their punishment here on earth they will get it from God.
    As a nurse I do understand that the owner may have been in shock or uneducated but to just accept this from the vets to take this poor animal home and try to treat this on her own , sorry but that was totally stupid or she was totally in shock , i would never accept this from the vets that refused to treat Tidus and I would have make a stink to make sure Tidus was treated even if I didn’t have money , this was plain cruelity from the vets. Sometimes an owner has to be an advocate and I would have screamed bloody murder if a vet didn’t take my dog in to care for his horrific injuries. Yes maybe the best for Tidus would have been to put him to sleep so he wouldn’t have to suffer but if he is fighting then give him a chance and if he doesn’t want to fight he would let the vet know by not fighting and then humanely put this poor soul to sleep but give him a fighting chance is my opinion, pain meds can be given to help him through his pain. God bless you Tidus and I pray God will wrap his loving arms around you and keep you from pain, help you to heal physically and mentally. Much love to you Tidus!!!!!

  262. Enough!!!!! This animal is sufffering unimaginable pain!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes if you love something enough, you have to let it go !!! He should have gone to Doggie Heaven from the very beginning. The ones that want to keep this dog alive; have you really looked at his pictures????
    How can you save something that is so burned???? And I can’t beleive that the treatments are being done while this animal is awake. Do you have any idea what kind of pain he is enduring???? This is looking like a bad lab experiment gone wrong more and more everyday. I am with the ones who want to put this poor animal out of his misery!!!!! PETA. Where are you and please step in and put an end to this sweet little guys’ suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  263. Melissa Jarrett says:

    PLEASE GOD let him survive! Please! I cant stop crying! and one more thing god, make these ****ing kids suffer one day the same way this poor soul has had to! If this was my kid Id BEAT the crap out of him, right before I packed his bags and threw him on the street!

  264. bhupesh kekre says:

    god i pray , make him more strong and same as he was cute before….. i wish he will get back soon to his playing life

  265. Blessings on you, all of you, for what you are doing and have done to reconstruct this sad soul, to bring life back into his very being. The message is very poignant, touching, no “f” words required however – doesn’t add anything to the story or the appeal for help. People prefer a positive word to a dirty cheap word. Just sayin’. Not judging here, could never do what you all do, and yes you must get so angry/frustrated @ inhumane behaviours and nasty unhelpful comments/advice to euthanise!

  266. Rachel Connor says:

    I don’t have much to give but I had to contribute to this poor little dog’s recovery. I can’t believe that people can be so cruel to something so innocent and loving as Tidus. His injuries have broken my heart. I’m eternally grateful he is getting the help he so desperately needs.

    Lots of love and best wishes to you all. Get well soon, baby!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Rachel… thank you… everything counts..

  267. i think that eye for eye should be back….

  268. Alexandra says:

    I’m shocked and my eyes full of tears… This innocent soul just like any other dog, cat or non-human person has done nothing to deserve this.
    On the contrary the ones that did this deserve the same or even worse. The ones that exploit, hurt or make animals suffer should not go to jail, they should be made suffer the same as what they practise. And as for those suggestions that they should work in animal shelters, I am completely opposed to them. They would only make the lives of the animals there more miserable than what they already are.
    I wish and pray to God that He will care for Tidus and all other innocent creatures that suffer because of the actions of mankind…
    But wishing and praying is not enough, ACTION IS WHAT IS NEEDED…!!!

  269. God bless you people! Love the videos & the commentator!!

  270. I pray and wish for the best for Tidus. Such an angel. I will try to chipin if I can cause I’m just a student :(
    Please take good care of him and thank you so so much Viktor and team!

  271. How do we chipin? The contact link is nonexistent :( and I can’t find any other related links (sorry I’m bad at this)
    Please send me an email at krystalsee66@hotmail.com !
    Thank you!

  272. Karin Bauer says:

    Dearest Viktor,
    I’ve been following this heartbreaking story about Tidus since you first posted it in FB and have just made my second contribution towards Tidus’s treatment. I have also shared his story with my FB friends in the hopes that they will be similarly so moved. You are an amazing man and I am so grateful to you and your team for the fierce compassion you show in your work with these darling animals in desperate need. I pray every day for Tidus (and I’m not even a religious person!! But I hope that it still counts … :-) ) and I also pray for you, that the operation goes well, and Tidus continues to fight for his life AND that he receives a Christmas healing miracle!

    Sending Tidus and you and your team much love, support and encouragement from San Francisco, California!


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Karin.. thank you.. tomorrow is a crucial day.. fingers crossed…


  274. Becki Kinsella says:

    Hi Viktor, I just wanted to say it is amazing what you are doing for this beautiful animal. He is going to survive, thanks to people like you. This story has truly touched me like no story ever has before. I have done my best trying to netwok this today for you, and I hope I have helped to raise the donations. I know the amount has been rapidly increasing since I started networking. I like to think that it was me that helped. Honestly, he is the most amazing dog, and I am so happy that he is being given a second chance at life, thanks to guys like you. Please give him a kiss for me

  275. Stewart Power says:

    So good to see him eating well. Hope he is doing ok.

  276. Whoever said these kids need to be punished…. are you kidding? These kids need to be beaten to near death with a hammer, left to suffer in agony for weeks, then beaten again, over and over for months on end until they die or kill themselves.

    Unfortunately too many vets WOULD turn a person away that doesn’t have the money to help their pet, or they would euthanize without regard for the owners feelings towards their pet. There are not many that would go out of their way, emotionally and financially, to help an animal like this.

  277. Viktor Larkhill says:

    Please Mary-Ann.. don’t donate.. just look at things from outside, see the treatment we are doing and the kind of surgery we are about to do tomorrow..
    Many thanks, for looking. :-)

  278. Bless this little guy u would love to follow his progress, so heartbreaking :(

  279. Jerri Sandman says:

    The subhuman teenagers planned maliciously did this horrific act to Tidus need to be tried as adults. I hope wherever they are, this crime is considered a felony and they are sentenced to the max possible. With their lack of conscience, I’m assured they’ll do themselves in during the interim of their sentence.

  280. Tidus will give you his heart one day soon, hes made it this far and will keep on doing so, those kids need not be arrested. it will not teach them a lesson, they need their hair lit on fire as i’m sure myself and every person here would gladly do so, Steroids and synthetic human growth hormone do have many medical benefits aside from the negative abuse we hear publicly as they do speed up recovery, anabolic activity, and tissue regeneration, i once had my dog on his death bed and the Vet made it clear he needed $2000 right then just to attempt to keep him alive, blood transfusions, medications, ultrasounds, laser treatment etc,,, how can you say no and say just inject him hes better off? well we paid and he didnt make it thru the night, still kept all the money so they are about biz not saving lives, my recent pitbull was wrongfully shot by cops as well as many others in FL and nobody has the balls and funds to sue them but i did and next month finally Justice will be served as i loved my boy so much i had no chance to revive him or they could have brought him to a nearbye vet but took pride watching him die. if i was home to witness this shooting in my yard i’d be the one in jail im sure. in his memory i started pet health products since i do it for humans, email me so i can donate some nutritional health products that will really help his healing and well being, and collagen type ingredients for his hip, leg, skin, coat. Cissus has been used in Asia for healing broken bones so it does wonders on soft tissue with my research. Great Job and dont quit your beliefs. Russ Greenberg

  281. i need to know that the teens were caught and punished for such a horrible crime

  282. this is amazing, I’m so happy to see his skin regenrrating, I didn’t think it was possibl, bravo Viktor and the wonderful team of doctors and medical staff! I pray for the success of this new treatment, and credit you for your intiative, passion to save poor Tidus. Just one question, how is his appetite, is he still consuming solids? I know it is difficult, but he still looks very thin. Thank you!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Lena, he eats like a tiger.. the skin regeneration process consumes as much calories as he eats… besides, he has no fat cells… but he’s ok, give him a few weeks and you won’t recognize him..

  283. kara mcgrady says:

    Everyone’s bashing the owner but do any of u think mabey she did go to vets/or called them and all they would say is to put him to sleep..people need to stop assuming the worst she obviously tried and asked for help I know when my dog had a vet bill of 1000 as a single mom it was hard and if it wasn’t for my family I dont know where’d id be so plz stop bashing ppl till u know all the facts bash the kids who did it

  284. ursula foster says:

    viktor you all are amazing and so is tidus!

  285. Kristy Foubert says:

    I am praying for a full recovery and thinking about him all the time. I’m in love with him! Xo

  286. Michelle Schuman says:

    I found out about Tidus through a friend posting about what had happened to this dog via Facebook. I know $10 isn’t much, but perhaps it will keep him with pain meds for a bit longer or something towards his care. Please keep us posted on his surgery tomorrow and how he is recovering and thanks for being an amazing hero to Tidus! Viktor and team, you are amazing, thanks for being the voice in which they need, and giving them the love and care that every dog and cat deserves.

  287. This makes me feel sick how anyone could do this is bloody beyond me they will one day pay for this act of cruelty and I hope they one day suffer as much as this baby has even though he some how still shows love for the human race id put this little man out of his misery the pain he will go through is unfair I wouldn’t put my dogs through this let him finally be pain free

  288. I can’t stop crying. Bless you. And Bless Tidus. I don’t know if it’s right to allow him to suffer so much, when he can’t understand why, but I thank you for your loving kindness. I so hope he will be ok…..

  289. Tanya Lee says:

    Thank you guys for everything . thank you Viktor for believing in Tidus! its amazing what you guys have done so far. my prayers are with Tidus. <3

  290. Hello Viktor, I’ve been following and want to thank you so much for all the updates. I’ll be sending positive thoughts for his surgery, it’s pretty incredible what you and you’re team are doing. Just a question.. I can imagine Tidus is on pain meds but what does he shake so much? Good luck tomorrow : )

  291. To those who have thought that Titus should have been put to sleep, try to think of it this way………..there are burn victims (adults and children) all over the world, if it was your family member could you put them to sleep?
    NO the doctors give them pain meds and try to heal them when they are in so much pain. Those victims are in pain, and we do not give up on them, RIGHT? We are their voice, and we have to be the animals voice
    I dont have kids, but I have a dog that is the best thing that has ever happened to me, in my eyes he IS MY CHILD and if something like this happened, I would be in turmoil what to do, you have no right to ridicule the owner, or doctors that are saving his life for not putting him to sleep
    Our pets are our children, our family members and some foolish heartless kids tried to take Tituses life away…he deserves a chance at the life he had taken away from him and to be put back with his owner who loves him
    He is healing, give him a chance he has proved to me he WANTS to live.
    if he didnt have the will to live he would have died long time ago
    I pray those who did this to Titus are found and get whats coming to them, karma will prevail. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will
    HUGS Titus and keep fighting, Bless your heart!!! You have a lot of people rooting for you!!! Thank you Victor and your staff for caring so wonderfully for him!!! You are his Angels!!

  292. Stephanie Dougherty says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH VIKTOR! I’ve heard Tidus’s story as well as millions of others over facebook and i cannot believe my eyes when i look at his updates because he is ALIVE! IF this poor baby didn’t have the strength he would have gladly let go and gave up the fight the moment those pathetic, sad excuses for human beings set him on fire, but instead, he actually fought on…for two weeks! Until real help arrived and you know what? I LOVE the part where you told everyone that wanted to have him put down “fuck you” hahaha! This dog deserves a second chance at life and you have given that fully and completely to him! To those of you who say that absolute crock of crap that “it’s in the best interest of this dog…” or “it’s the kindest thing to do to…” SHUT UP because your negativety is discouraging and makes me want to punch you people in the face. It makes me even more sick to think half of you who are all for killing the animal “humanely” are probably dog owners yourselves! Thats PATHETIC, and it’s honestly as pathetic and downright disgusting as the bastards who set this poor puppy on fire! SHAME on all of you for doubting and even more shame that you would publicly show your stupidity when we can all see the miracle happening before our very eyes and yet all you people have to do is accuse and doubt. I have always hated people for choosing to put an animal to sleep before even atleast TRYING to save it or help it in any way! In my eyes and also in many others you people are NO BETTER than the abusers! In this world sadly it is suvival of the fittest but you know what? This dog is the FITTEST! Since we are humans we believe we are higher up and so naturally only think of ourselves(atleast most of you do) so the ones who say euthenization i can understand your ignorance for this dogs innocent life. When a human has cancer they undergo radiation and chemotherapy, many times they are bed ridden, cannot eat or sleep, and throwing up all the time because they are in so much pain. Now would you still say “humane” euthenization for this dog? As Viktor said FUCK YOU because there is never any “kind” or “humane” way to willingly kill an innocent animal who cannot speak for itself. Makes me sick to think most of you are dog owners, i feel bad for your animals and pray for them. Viktor keep doing what you do, you have truely inspired me to be a better human being as well as a better dog owner. I am opening up a new rescue in the US in the state of New Hampshire and it is called S.T.A.R.S Rescue or (Sanctuary To All Rescued Souls) where our mission and motto is that no animal is ever left behind or turned away for inability to pay. I do hope that you hold faith and stay strong not only for us but for Tidus. Seeing such negativety from people would only make my intent and determination stronger and one day i really would love to meet you. Be strong, stay stronger Tidus! <3

  293. Dawn Anderson says:

    There are not enough words to describe how amazingly wonderful you Viktor, and your staff are! Tidus looks fantastic and he is certainly loved worldwide! Thank you so much, and I support all efforts for recovery!

  294. Anonymous says:

    These look like third degree burns. In that case, if it were a person, they would be put into a coma until it healed because the nerves growing back would be so painful that they wouldn’t be able to stand it. The dog shouldn’t be euthanized but it should at least be induced into a coma and given IV fluids/food until it recovers. Surprisingly it was probably not in that much pain when it was first brought in because, if it’s a third degree burn, the nerves are gone so the dog feels nothing. But as they grow back and heal, it’s excruciating pain.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi… it’s not possible to keep a dog in a coma for a extended period of time. It would require the kind of equipment only present in human hospitals, including multimillion dollar life support systems..
      Veterinary medecine is not there yet..

  295. Marina Brown says:

    I’ve been following “Tidus’s” story, I am truly amazed at your dedication Viktor and all your staff, your all true angels and I admire you all. I myself do voluntary rescue for the Bull Terriers, all these animals deserve a right to live, they are strong souls with a will to live, they just need LOVE and CARE, it’s just a shame the whole of the human race don’t class animals as living souls that belong here and treat them so… to many people with their negative energy, don’t need it, POSITIVE energy breeds positive things. Good luck with the surgery today, lots of POSITIVE LOVE, LIGHT AND HEALING THOUGHTS be with you all, love you guys and big hugs to Tidus… don’t give up xxxx (“”) (“”) xxx

  296. Tidus is in very good hands.
    The attending veterinarian with my dog ​​Bruc.
    I’m going to see Tidus almost every day.
    This greatly improving ……: o)
    Today had surgery and is very well.
    Tidus is a champion!
    Many help you recover soon.

    Let’s Adopt thank you very much and also to Viktor Larkhill


    Rafa Martin.
    Use Google translator, I do not know how to speak English.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Gracias Rafa!!!

  297. Margaret Morton says:

    Much as I want Tidus to live,,,and I donated to save him…I am totally against any dog being euthanazed to provide tissue for Tidus.

    If a dog was euthanased to donate tissue for Tidus…count me out of here!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Margaret, please… we are not that kind of people..
      Come on Margaret please…
      I don’t know what else to say… it’s a crazy suggestion.

  298. Viktor,
    I am all for not judging. However, the individuals that tortured this soul cast their own shadow. We are not judging the brutality as they put it in our faces. I would like to offer them the same humanity and compassion they provided for Tidus.

  299. These people who did this need to be caught and burned alive themselves, left for several weeks before anyone helps them… and then shot in the head at the 1st sign someone is going to offer them help. If they’ll do this to a poor, defenseless, innocent dog “for fun”, they’ll do it to another person given a chance. Let’s start taking back our society!

  300. Lisbeth Ismael says:

    To Viktor and staff,

    This is the worst case of animal abuse I have ever seen. I have just finished crying for over several minutes now. All I know is that Tidius is in the best of hands, and without he would not have made it. You and your team are all angels sent down from heaven. God bless you all!

  301. Amos Elroy says:

    The law isn’t sufficiently strict. Even if this kids were caught they would still not be severely punished. The problem is our society does not value non-human lives. Just look at the atrocities of the meat industry to get an idea about our kind.

    The truth of the matter, even if one did not care about any other living creature, just the selfish concern with human well being should be enough to convince people to root such cruelty out, because there is proven connection between cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans. It is all on a continuum. People who commit atrocities against dogs and cats are likely to graduate onto humans eventually.

  302. I’m just wondering “where” the doner tissues and knees came from? Another dog? Didn’t the other dog need to be “euthanized” to obtain these?? Can you tell us where you got them from?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Kris,

      Euthanizing a dog for tissue to save another one would be something out of a horrible crime novel.. No.. that’s not something we would approve.
      The tissue came from an anonymous donor, as far as I know it was a traffic accident. The dog died of pneumotorax, fluid in the lungs..

  303. luiz braga neto says:

    People, pls, forget thise toungsters for a moment and lets focus to the healing of this poor animal. He doesn’t need a needle in the vein or even to fight back those hooligans. All Tidus want is to live and live well and far away from those who hurt him so badly. So, let’s hope and wish him the best. By the way, “remember, remember” to keep up the good job ” and for sure Tidus and all the others animals you have been rescued will thank U forever and ever “Mr. V”.

  304. Tomas Talbot says:

    Si pudiera ayudar Tidus, lo haria. Gracias a Dios Tidus tuvo la suerte de encontrarles a Uds. Yo tenia tres perros envenenados y aunque sufrieron mucho, encontre la manera pagar a los veterinarios. En mi area se encuentra mas el abuso de abandonamiento de perros, y ya he rescatado 21, con un gato tambien. Con amor se hace todo. Espero que iba muy bien la sirugia de Tidus hoy, y que pueda caminar pronto y por vida. Espero con afan el proximo video. Disculpe mi espanol…estoy aprendiendo y mi computadora no hace bien los acentos. Dios te bendiga.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Muchas gracias Thomas… gracias..

  305. Shirley Collins says:

    Viktor, I want to start by saying Thank You to you and everyone there who has a hand in the healing of Tidus!!! God Bless You All!!! What a cruel and inhumane thing to do!!! It makes me sick and touches my heart!!! I have followed you from the beginning and would like to be kept updated on Tidus. Your pictures are great, please continue to show us on his recovery. I pray for his full recovery, which will come in time!!! Give my love, hugs and kisses to Tidus from a sad, crying, 76 yr. old woman from the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Shirley…
      Don’t cry… I’m very sure everything will be ok for Tidus very soon.. he’s so strong!
      All will be well… have faith.

  306. You guys are amazing…i realy admire you. Keep on fighting Tidus

  307. A truly amazing story and a truly amazing, gorgeous, brave dog……..as for the teenagers who did this there is no punishment bad enough Claire UK

  308. Please catch who ever was responsible for this terrible crime

  309. Erin McKenney says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Titus. I am sending so much positive energy in his direction and I hope the people that did this to him get what they deserve. I hope there is an investigation and consequences….I don’t understand how he went two weeks without medical attention :( I can’t believe that a veterinarian would turn away any creature in that much agony.

  310. I can’ t believe that ppl. could be so cruel to do what they have done to this beautiful creature
    I’m so thankful for ppl. such as yourselves on our earth.
    I’m on disability an not able to give much .But i am willing if i could onoy understand where n how to do so ? I’ve watched n try to be a voice for cruelty towards all our animals .
    But i must say as much of distubing vidoes n pictures n stories i’ve read n wittnessed.
    This is the most disturbing cruelty i’ve honestly seen.
    I’ve cryed so hard that i had to stop reading n watching until i cleared my eyes to see .
    For the horriable ppl. out there that said to just plainly kill him After two weeks before they even found Tidus chained to a fence.Fuck you ALL.
    If this dog was supposed to have died then within that two week course there after this awful crime of setting him on fire took place,he would have then.
    Spell God backwards you self rightous slobs. Thank you for sharing allow me to do the same.
    Tell my sweet angel i love him. And if i could i’d kiss him on his eyes, because hes an inspiration to know what real love n strenth n willpower is all about .Much more than that. I know . But this isn’t fair that there are ppl. out there still walking around possiably continuing this with other animals.
    Wish the best please continue to update his accomplishments of well being .

  311. Every day I look for news of Titus and I´m very happy to sea the great progress of his recovery! Thank you Victor and to your team for rescue Titus!

  312. Hi Viktor, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the updates on Tidus. I think you & the people that work there with you have the heart of angels & the courage of 100 people! I watch the way you fight for animals lives and think ~You make the world a better place! Some people don’t understand how much work it is to raise awareness, (how disheartening it can be) and to try to raise money to be able to do the things that you do. I wish there were more people like you and your rescue group in the world to perform miracles. Please never lose hope or the will and energy to fight animal cruelty! You kick ass & save lives – you are our hero. <3

  313. HeatherHelps says:

    HI Viktor, FIRSTOF ALL, thanks for helping Titus. Secondly, Many, many, people here have asked numerous times, WHERE DID THIS HAPPEN. PLEASE TELL US! We would appreciate a response to the question. WHERE DID THIS HAPPEN. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Heather… the event happened in Valencia, Spain…

  314. this brought so many tears into my eyes. i am SO GLAD that he is slowly getting better and so, so, so sorry for all the animals out there who have been or are being hurt by our kind. i am so, so sorry. i love every single one of you out there.

  315. also, you guys are angels. i send your heart a lot of hugs. also, a huge smooch for Tidus!

  316. really, why noone deals with those teenagers? today it is this poor dog, tomorrow it could be some other kid, in the future they are possible murderers!
    and i agree -how come the owner doesnt take this dog to vet? no money`? – is that really an excuse?? try the first vet you’ll see and if they say NO, then try another one – i doubt many vets would turn away from this case! this just shows lack of knowledge and ignorance!

  317. That’s amazing, guys, awesome work! Hope this little guy recovers completely soon! A long way to go but he’s definitely in very good hands!

  318. Tiffany Rupp says:

    Dearest Viktor,

    Without even seeing your face I SEE through to ALL of your beauty!
    Your voice captures your soul perfectly & all that you say in defense of this desperate animal becomes as soothing as your care has been for this precious animal. I find peace just within you that is so so RARE!
    You are so very special, how fortunate this world is to have you in it – TRULY! Thank you for being YOU! And .., as for the “Mental Midget” that accused you of burning the dog for $MONEY$ … publicity or whatever, we should all feel pity for this person because they, unlike the dog, well never heal – which is as sad, sad thing! They obviously have a mental illness that will never be cured! They are truly a very sick, sick person!

    I am so taken by you, you have touched my LIFE forever & I will always think of you & know now that there is an amazing individual out there that was able to renew my faith in mankind! Thank you VIKTOR! You are BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Tiffany…. don’t know what to say..
      Humbled.. :-(
      many thanks..

  319. Michelle Schuman says:

    Hi Viktor – how’s Tidus? :) update often, I check daily for his progress muchas gracias para ti!

  320. good jobs for tidus and the rescue tim………..

  321. Brooke Anderson says:

    Hi Viktor and your amazing team,
    A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do for saving the lives of all these precious furbabies. For not giving up where many would. For restoring my faith in human beings.
    Tidus is a fighter, he will live a long and wonderful life and bring much joy and love to the very lucky person that gets to take him home.
    I have shed many tears reading his story and your other saved furbabies.
    Love and support from Australia. And once again THANK YOU.

  322. I have followed Tidus’ story from the beginning and it is incredible what you have done for him. I am in awe of your kindness towards him and the top quality care for him. I sincerely hope that you Viktor will keep him when everything is finished because he will be safe with you and nobody will hurt him again. Thank you for all you have done and God bless you.

  323. Isabel Carvalho says:

    If Margaret Morton is still here to read this, I know you were on a hate page where they spread the horrible accusation that we kill dogs to give their tissue to Tidus. I commented and got banned of course and because of that, Margaret, I send you my comment in a FB message. Please go and check that if you will. Thank you very much.

  324. I’m glad to receive an update on Tidus. I’m praying for his full recovery and that he’s not suffering too much with his operations.

  325. Béatrice says:

    Dear Viktor

    The Tidus “face” look so sweet… I have no word to explain what I feel in front of souch cruaulty…

    Thank you for what you do for the “lowest that we don’t ask their opinion”.

    If you didn’t exist… the world will miss someone…


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      … the world will miss a real pain in the ass.. you are right.. :-)
      Thanks for your note Beatrice.. Merci beaucoup..

  326. Dierenvriend says:

    I am very happy with the updates, I am very happy for Tidus you all exist, I am very thankful for all the donors, I have no words enough to thank everybody to give Tidus a chance in life.
    For all the negative responses, can’t you all see that Tidus is fighting for his life? Can’t you all see he would like to live?
    Watch the video clips, when they rub the ointment on his body, if he would be in pain he would scream!!
    Hang in there Tidus, a big hug from a former Vet. Assistant to all!!

  327. I believe with my heart that Tidus should have been put to sleep rather than put though all the pain he has suffered and will continue to suffer.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Some people have the heart in the right place…
      others don’t.
      If you can say that now that he is well on his way to be healed then I’m sorry but..

  328. Viki eredia says:

    Not sure I no where to start, THANK YOU is about the best way for me, I am at loss of words except Thank You, your wonderful human beings. May God Bless You All, i seriously dont no what else to say, Thank You from the top to the bottom of my heart



  330. The speed of recovery of this doggie is truly amazing and inspiring, thanks to you because you made it possible and you give strengh to Tidus for having hope and because he wants to live! Inspiring!!!

  331. Gabriella Sloot says:

    I do not have any words left………..so sad ))))))))); Wish him the bast future ever!!! <3

  332. I have been following this story and what you people do is absolutely wonderful and amazing. I tried donating but the chip system doesn’t seem to work from Italy. Is there another way I cannot donate? Keep up the good work so far it has been a great success.

  333. can i adopt tidus ? am in indonesia . am looking forward . its really heart breaking me .

  334. Maria mack says:

    Hi Viktor
    Firsty thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the work you do. Do you have any more news on Tidus please.

  335. rita ferlazzo says:

    vorrei entrare nella testa di questi teppisti delinquenti che hanno avuto il coraggio di bruciare vivo un angelo! sono certa che vi troverei il vuoto assoluto, l’oscurità più totale. che l’inferno li bruci per l’eternità!!! siete stati meravigliosi. grazie di tutto. gli angeli sono loro, le creature che ci stanno accanto e sanno dare solo amore. A NOI!! che li ricambiamo così. e poi ci siete voi, stupendi e tanti altri, stupendi come voi. per favore DATEMI NOTIZIE DI TIDUS PIU’ RECENTI, se possibile. grazie.

  336. Fernando Mendonca says:

    Margaret Morton, you are one very strange lady, how dare you say crap like that on here.

  337. Charge the people who did this Why? So they can pay a fine or maybe serve a week in the county jail before doing it again? It’s a waste of time and money and does nothing to protect other animals (and humans) from the evil, sadistic b*stard(s) who did this. Put them to death or you are just encouraging them to do it again.

  338. Howe can do the young crimenels doing this to hurt this lovely dog Tidus wy.Tidus diddend ask for this but if wi do the same whit the crimenels wil see howe the feel.But GOD send good people to help the lovely dog tidus and THANKS THANKS THANKS that Tidus make good and servivle his live.TİDUS İ LOVE YOU you are a strong dog.

  339. Angie Pelonis says:

    How can I donate?



  340. What those animals did to this dog, is beyond disgusting..THEY NEED TO HAVE DONE TO THEM WHAT THEY DID TO THE DOG!!!! If anyone disagrees don’t bother leaving a comment, I will not respond..What’s next after animals, that will be humans, just like other sick twisted murderers, they all started off with doing things to animals as burning, killing you name it they did it!!!!! These punks need to be taught a lesson, and let me be the teacher, I’ll show them what it feels like to be hurt, just like they hurt this dog!!! I hope they all go straight to hell!!!!!!

  341. Paris Thalheimer says:

    the kind of people it must be a psychological evaluation and be put in jail I don’t human Evil

  342. Thank you so much for your efforts and progress reports! The strength of Tidus is amazing. Thank you for reporting in English! Your loving kindness inspires us all and will comfort those who do not understand your vision and the incredible strength inside Tidus. Honey: brilliant! Skin grafting: Inspired! I’ve fallen in love with Tidus and you all. Villa from San Francisc, California, USA.

  343. Gina Lombardi says:

    Can you please give an update on how Tidus is doing when you have a chance? Thanks so much.

  344. Viktor and those who work with him have done a wonderful job caring for poor Tidus, if only there where more people in this world like him and those he works with. All those who are accusing him of scamming people need to think before they accuse 1) how can it be a scam they even have a wikipedia page about them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let's_Adopt 2) there are videos of poor Tidus being treated (if it were a scam how would they have videos) and 3) there would not be so much coverage about this and people woud not know and people from spain would be saying he was lying witch there not so back off and stop with the threats.

    This is also not the first time i have heard of this happened to a dog this year that i have heard of a border collie called codie in northern Ireland was burnt alive her owners and the vets did all the could for her but unfortunately codie had to be put to sleep….even then there where haters and non believers just because they hand heard about it on the news or they thought the charities where trying to scam people.

    In all honesty if some thing bad happend to my huskey who is also Called Codie (god forbid )i would hope there was some one like Viktor Larkhill to help bring her to health again as i would never give up on her as long as she has some fight left.

    And as for people who are thinking bad of Tidus owner WE DO NOT KNOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES FULLY and if it wasn’t for the owner Tidus WOULD NOT BE in the care of Viktor

    Well done to Viktor and the team at Let’s Adopt!, also known as Sahip Çıkalım! in Turkey for being so vigilant with Tidus and being there to care a cater to his every need. you are a God send to her/him. And in my eyes a animal hero. I hope these monster who did this get caught and punished serviarly.

    To those saying all Viktor care about is the money and praise his organisation is Non Profit go look up the meaning

    I completely understand where Viktor was coming from when he said his priority was Healing and caring for Tidus, if i was in his position i would be saying exactly the same as guess what people its not his job it is the job of the Guardia Civil ( the spanish police) to catch these criminals. it does not mean he dosnt care if they get caught it.

    Kim H

  345. You are doing such amazing work. It warms my heart to know there are literally people all over the world helping animals. Tidus has a desire to live. No one can take that from him. You saw that. These stupid people who say he should have been euthanized, I don’t understand. If Tidus hasn’t given up then neither should we.

  346. I praise Go from this little angel I cry when I see his eyes .. they said what they meant for evil God turned around for good please let him rest & sleep & eat… let him be able to relax & you guys too…. God is good. .Love how all of you angels have love this hurt doggy who i did nothing but one more thing .. how i you find those teen evils? who are they .. are they in jail ? hello. GBY all.

  347. Jan hughes says:

    Its beyond belief what any person can do this to a dog,what sort of joy would anyone get from it ,the agon the dog as gone through,for what?i hope with all my heart he recovers and if they cath the b….. Who done they should be made a example of,and let people know we wont except this cruelity

  348. Oh my goodness- poor dog and i am glad that vets can fix this dog.

  349. What is Tidus welfare at the moment?

  350. donnez nous des nouvelles de tidus svp merci

  351. Kathy Jones says:

    Tidus and the entire group of people and organizations that are helping to give Tidus back his life are my HERO’S!!! As long as Tidus is fighting to live I am %100 in support of every thing that you are doing/trying to do for him… Every new picture of him I look into his eyes first and he wants his life!!! Thank you all for seeing that spark and doing something about it!

  352. Wendy Davies says:

    It is now Dac 20 and there hasnt been an update in 3 days please can we hear how Tidus is getting on and mabe have a picture as there hasnt been anything new since Dec 12. Thankyou..

  353. I have been following Tidus’ story since the beginning – what an inspiration this little pup has been! Admittedly, I’m having difficulty udnerstanding the owner’s situation (what would she have done if your crew hadn’t stepped in and performed nothing short of magic?!). Will Tidus be returned to this owner when he is 100% or will he go to a home that is better prepared to care for him?

  354. Brenda Wescott says:

    How does one contribute to this dog? Has there been punishment of the perpetrators?

  355. Laura Horton says:

    In what country is this taking place? I am very surprised that any vet would look at a dog in that condition (immediately after the crime) and suggest the owner try home cures and take the dog home.
    I have many pets and visit MANY vets and know of none that would send that dog away. I know that many would suggest euthanasia due to the severity of the injuries and the owner’s inability to pay for immediate treatment or the likely future medical care required. But no vet would suggest the owner take a suffering pet home to “treat”.

    The people responsible for this crime should be removed from civilized society forever, no matter what the age. Anyone who can subject another living thing to this kind of torture and agony is a danger to people. They have no soul, no conscience, no moral compass. They are dead inside and should not be allowed to walk free among us.

  356. You would be surprised at how many vets will not help you if you dont have the money up front. Its very sad. We have an emergency vet here where I live, but unless you have 300 or more upfront, they wont even look at you, and normal vets, most would have seen him and said, well its going to cost thousand and if you dont have it, we will charge you 150 to kill him. That would have been your only option. Most vets are in it for the money Im sad to say.

  357. Laurie Sumner says:

    I am soooooo glad Tidas has a Savior in Viktor to show him that not all of us are evil and that so many of us love all animals and despise the evil that some humans do…it is beyond my comprehension. Im always amazed at how strong a dog’s will to live is and how easily they forgive…its truly amazing a dog’s love is so strong and their capacity to forgive is astounding. We humans could learn alot from dogs..and to the perpetrators of this horrendous act they need to be locked up for life. Not only are these very sick individuals but what they did is a sign of sociopathy and they are a danger to everyone they come in contact with….human and animal. When people finally realize this maybe these people will be punished accordingly. Viktor you are in my prayers for what you are doing…and it goes without saying Tidas is also.

  358. Jennifer Kerrine says:

    Have been so inspired by this story and following closely. Thank you Viktor for making the decision to save this beautiful puppy. I worry tho that his owner does not have the resources for his continuing care and that those kids are still lurking around…are there any plans after his recovery to return him to owner or will you be finding him a new home?

  359. Jill & Judy says:


    I agree with Amanda, I am concerned over where he will go when he is all better and I believe he will be as I think he is a fighter and has a strong spirit. THANK YOU for all those who have cared for and love him. THANK YOU VIKTOR for being a voice for the voiceless and for being a CHAMPION for these creatures God made. Sending prayers and love and have been from the beginning of the this story from a small town in Maryland, USA! Jill

  360. If someone doesnt have the money to take his/her dog to the vet, I believe its doctor’s duty to take care of the dog! I find it very disturbing for the vet doctor to ask for so much money to treat an animal in need.

    Morever, what happened to the dog is a crime! Those children much be found and get punished! They are not childran they are murderers! Some people saw what happened. They must do something!

  361. Is Victor Larkhill a bit of a con-man? I think yes, probably. But I also think this… A man can begin an action only to benefit himself using victims as a means to raise money, but if he has a heart, he begins to find those victims working their way into his heart. His motives begin to change. He changes. I suspect this is the journey that Victor is on. Or perhaps he has reached the destination already. Heaven has one big gate that most use… but it also has many smaller gates for the use of those whose path is unorthodox.
    Should Victor use the resources of his group to help such an extreme case, because it is true that many other animals would be helped with the funds required to save this one creature? Hard to say, but there are benefits here as well. Importantly, Tidus does appear to have a good appetite, he is cooperative with staff, but does not seem withdrawn into his fear and pain. It is likely that the mass destruction of skin destroyed nerves and he doesn’t feel as much pain as we assume. And it has been stated that pain remediation is part of his treatment. Tidus’ severe wounds allow doctors and medical tech companies to try new techniques that may go on to benefit many humans as well as other animals, without having to do experiments on otherwise well animals. If otherwise well animals were used in an experiment for these cures they would probably be destroyed following the procedures, Tidus will no doubt be reunited with his owner or adopted out to some other loving home to live the remainder of his life as a beloved pet. If I were Tidus, I would want Victor to find me. Good luck Victor, Good luck Tidus!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I don’t know what to make of your note.
      What on earth compells you to write that I’m a bit of a con man!! :-)… That’s crazy… seriously… after seeing what you have seen in this blog, is this your conclusion?
      My god… anyway…
      Merry Christmas.

  362. Tell me is the police looking for these cruel criminal kids? They need punishment but also working with harmless individuals so they can develop empathy.
    I love your decision to cure and help this og. Never euthanise an animal that still has the power and the will of surviving! Bravo.
    The honey works unexpectable fine. Why is this stuff not using for burning wounds all overthe world or is it?

  363. Heather 'Red' Remaly says:

    It’s pathetic that everyone is saying “Kill him, put him down”. That’s absolutely the weakest, most spineless approach to take when dealing with a situation like this. Look at that dog’s eyes!!! Watch those videos!!! My God, I have never seen an animal who so desperately wanted to LIVE! He’s being brave. The least we could do is be brave with him, root for his life and cheer on the brave veterinarians who are doing a dang hard job and doing it with all of their hearts.
    You bet I’ll donate. I haven’t got a lot of money, I barely make rent. But every nickel I can spare, you’re getting it. I believe in Tidus!! Keep fighting, honey!

  364. First off I want to send you warm hugs for fighting for a precious baby like tidus. i looked into his big eyes and just started crying over the cruelty that was done to him. You and your group are true angels! for those that believe that he should have been put down… you would not do that to your child and to a lot of us our animals are our children!! I am unable to have a child of my own so my 2 dogs and my cat are my babies!!! In fact they are sitting right here beside me on the couch!!! if anything ever happened to them i would be devastated!! my oldest even saved my life!! no she did not pull me from a burning house or anything like that but she kept me from taking my own life!! i would do anything and everything in my power to save her life if anything happened to her!!!
    Too many people treat dogs and cats and other animals for that matter as disposable items that can be thrown away and they are not. they are gods creatures that are the purest of hearts! they love unconditionally and will protect us with their lives!
    Yes Tidus might be hurting but it is the kind of pain that is healing. when we are hurt the healing process is hurtful! But tidus is loved and cared for.
    As for the kids that did this… yes it makes me made.. God will have his judgement but as for here on earth.. i think that they need to work there at helping heal tidus.. they will get a good look at what their actions have caused. they need to look at all the pictures and video. They need that weight on their hearts for a very long time. if tidus is healed by the time they are sentenced then they need to help other animals that have been harmed. Their families need to help pay for the treatment of tidus and those kids need mental help…
    I pray for tidus and his owner… i know how it feels not having the money to get help. I hope yall are reunited and live a long happy and healthy life together.
    i pray for viktor and your group.. may god bless you and yall families as yall help tidus and other animals harmed by cruelty.
    i pray for the kids that did this and their families. i hope that yall find the convection to change and to accept responsibility of your actions and to do what is right.

    i will be donating on payday but in the mean time i will be posting this on my facebook page and with you permission i would like to make fliers and take them to my local pet store and hopefully get others aware and to hopefully donate.
    is there an address that we can send a care package for tidus and any other animals you are helping with stuff like toys in it???

    i hope that this Christmas brings you many blessings and many improvements in tidus condition!!!

    sending yall much love!


  365. My heart screams with pain for Tidus and other animals like him knowing this kind of evil is out there hurting innocent animals that deserve far better than this evil. I can’t imagine what kind of human waste would commit such a heinous crime against a beautiful loving animal. Animals can teach these monsters a lot about unconditional love, empathy, compassion, strength, decency and forgiveness. If this does not scream tougher penalties for animals abusers nothing will. Tidus is so very lucky to have you in his corner Viktor. You and your crew are angels.

  366. i seen the other video and thank you so much for helping that sweet dog, he did not deserve to be hurt like that. and the doc is a great person. THANK YOU

  367. Just wondering how tidus is doing hope he is gettin better all the time. Keep up the good work Viktor and team

  368. Hello Viktor, THANK YOU for being who you are. You are a true Angel for helping dogs like Tidus. We are a small/new magazine that can only afford to donate some money. So, here is to you Tidus. Get well soon. Lots of love to Tidus, Viktor, and all that are animal lovers.
    Eva Space, CEO.

  369. Maria mack says:

    Hi Viktor, I hope you have a peaceful xmas, can you tell us how Tidus is doing please x

  370. I am just as annoyed with Tidus’ owners for this. First of all, if you don’t have enough funds to anticipate some needed emergency vet visits don’t get an animal. Emergencies happen! Second of all, I believe it is a crime not to seek medical attention for an animal. There are alot of low cost animals clinics that could have at least given him some pain meds. I don’t know animal law, but Animal Cops claim it is a crime not to seek vetinary care. Their owners are to blame for taking on an animal when they did not have some emergency funds or at least try to get him some relief- even if it was to be put down. No animal should have suffered like that. I am sure some will hate me for thinking an animal should be put down rather than suffer, -that is fine with me.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Lila, please read the story again. She did just that. Two vets turned her away and gave her Betadine.
      Tell me.. do you have at hand a reserve of 20 to 30.000 USD just in case someone decides to have a bit of fun with your dog? I tell, I don’t.. does this make me a bad owner for my animals.. I hope not.

    2. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Lila.. she seeked veterinary care but it was refused.
      Please read what I wrote.

  371. Debra Ann says:

    Delighted to hear Tidus is making great progress in recovering. Thank you Viktor and LAG team that is caring for the poor Dog. I appreciate dogs and other pets, they are so loving. Merry Christmas Tidus and friends.

  372. i’m glad people are stepping up if i had a dollar it would go to tidus i can not believe the owner or the vet wouldn’t treat this dog without $$$$$……………………….

  373. and i hope those who did this get their just deserts !

  374. Vets do not have unlimited resources to treat all the animals that are dumped on them by irresponsible owners and cruel evil acts such as this one. Viktor has donated much of his time and effort to try and make this dog whole again and has no duty to lose his home and food over evil acts of others. It costs money to rehabilitate and treat animals. I commend all the people who have donated money to help tidus and others all over this planet. Many would have given up on Tidus but Viktor did not and for that I feel much gratitude and warm heartfelt feelings for him.

  375. sarah L robinson says:

    I literally cried my eyes out when I saw this, this is unacceptable please update if they catch the kids that did this! My blesssings and prayers with you Tidus!~

  376. Kay Cochrane says:

    I hope the people that did this are caught, punished and made to pay for the treatment this poor dog is receiving and then they can rot in hell!

  377. Today was the first I saw of poor Tidus.My heart is aching for him.How could some teenagers SOB’s do such a thing to a poor dog who was out with his owner for a F$W#@%&g walk get taken & burned to the bone.,I’m in the US if I could get these little punks I’d set them on fire without hesitation,My dog is my life literally.I would do anything to save him.I had a beagle who had cancer I borrowed over $5000,00 US dollars to let him get surgery.It was a gamble but I took a chance.He lived 12 weeks after the surgery,but in my heart I know I tried my best.,So please I know you all are doing your best for “TIDUS” save him.He deserves to live,not die.Thank you Viktor and your team of angels.God Bless you all.

  378. Mikki & Butch Jaeger says:

    We strongly hope the teens who did this horrendous and cruel thing to this lovely dog are totally held responsible and given the toughest judgement possible. It scares us to think there are teens this cruel that they would ever do something like this to an innocent and obviously a very gentle animal…. Please tell us they were found and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent… We pray; Heavenly Father if it is your will Tidas will heal completely, that you will find these criminals and direct the police where to get them picked up. Surely he like the Bird, who worries not for cover, or food or shelter that you clothe them, feed them and keep the safely warm on this earth. Father if it is your will we will find enough money to donate to help this precious dog to be able to come back to full health and Lord may he lead the right people to the depraved teens who left him clinging to life. Give him mercy Father, let him make a miracle recovery and may he bite those who hurt him so much. In your Son Jesus’ name, AMEN..

    Please keep us posted, we will pray every single day for this precious animal.

  379. Kathy Jones says:

    Viktor, your rescue and you personally are some of my biggest hero’s… Anyone that says any different is just mentally challenged… I have been wwatching several of your rescues go from OMG can they even make it all the way to OMG they are ready for FurEver homes… I was hoping for a Christmas update on Tidus and your other rescues… I guess you guys all deserve a day off too! Thank you from all of the furbabies you have helped and from me, for all that you do!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Katy…
      We didn’t stop working on Christmas let me tell you..
      Please check our FB page… I’m trying to provide daily updates on Tidus and all the others on a daily basis..



      Happy New Year!

  380. I am praying for him, I don’t have money to donate but he is in my prayers

  381. timothy wiley says:

    the little bastards that did this should be held accountable, and anyone who thinks the dog should be put to sleep should be smacked in the face with a baseball bat.

  382. Maria mack says:

    In stead of wasting this forum for tittle tattle, can we just talk about the good work that is being done to help Tidus.
    Viktor, please let me know how Tidus is doing, thank you. God Bess


  383. You guys are just awesome to save and help this dog, he’s just a pup and has a full life ahead of him, god bless u for saving him, he is just adorable and good natured, I hope that whom ever did this to him will rot in hell……I do believe in karma…..keep fighting tidus…..

  384. Michelle Schuman says:

    Hi Viktor, I am just checking in on Tidus :) I check often to see his progress. You and many others who are so dedicated to rescue and saving animals, truly give me hope for this world when I otherwise almost had lost it. Thank you for that, and for updating us often on the animals that you rescue.

  385. Gina Lombardi says:

    Can you please let us know how Tidus is doing when you can? Thanks.

  386. I am very sad about this story and to think that such atrocities happen all around the world and sometimes I think we are all to blame because we have let it happen for too long and so many people have closed their eyes to violence, towards human beings, animals and the entire environment!
    We blame the children/teenagers for what they did, for sure they are to blame, but what kind of moral values and teachings do their parents pass on to them if they can not even respect a helpless animals like this loving dog! I ask myself what goes on in peoples minds? Do they not respect or value life of other beings? If I saw such a cute loving dog I would want to play and cuddle him and not one thought of violence or hurting an animal would ever pass through my mind!
    We really have to thank Viktor and his team and all those who are helping this poor soul to survive and fight for his life, he is full of life and for sure he wants to live, he even still trusts a human being, even though this kind nearly killed him! We have to pray for him and that he will recover fully to return to his owner or a loving family that will take good care of him; we have to pray for Viktor and his team and to all peole around the world that care and are trying more and more to protect animals and fight for their rights; animals do not have a voice so we do have to speak for them! We have to pray for people and their families who do not respect life and are capable of practicing such violence, may they be punished and learn that they do not have the right to destroy God’s creation!
    Sometimes I think we have to recover the lost moral values and re-learn what respect and compassion means! We have to learn how to love one another and respect each other and respect all forms of life on Earth! That is what Jesus taught us! Is that really so difficult to practice?! I still hope the world will change one day, before it is too late!
    May God bless Tidus and help him recover, may Viktor and his team also be blessed and have all our support to carry on fighting and helping all these inocent animals around the world!
    Blessed be and may the New Year bring us peace and love in mind and heart so we can help ourselves become more compassionate and help others in need!

  387. Hi Viktor,

    How’s Tidus doing after his second surgery?

  388. Karin Bauer says:

    Dear Viktor,

    I’ve been leaving comments on the FB page too and I just wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you from the bottom of my heart for advocating so strongly on Tidus’s (and other suffering animals’) behalf. I pray for you too and beg you PLEASE don’t be bothered by the negative comments of those people who do not believe in you and the goodness of your heart and nature. I’ve been following Tidus’s story since you posted it on FB and I know you are a good and caring man and a strong defender of animals. I deeply respect you and your mission. I know that the majority of us who are in love with Tidus and praying for his recovery feel as I do – that you are an integral leader in this this whole dynamic team of heroes who are helping Tidus and we are incredibly grateful to you for reaching out and making it possible for us community members to help Tidus from all corners of the earth. Thank you so very much and I will continue to support you, LAG and the incredible work that you do – and of course I will continue to pray for Tidus and await every update you can provide as to his healing and recovery. God bless our little Tidus and God bless you!! xo

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Karin.. thank you….

  389. Hi victor and tidus, I hope you are both ok. I cannot find any updates for tidus, please can you help me. I donated and hope all is well? thank you please give me a link….Happy 2013. from angela egan uk xxx

  390. lynda chabane says:

    Praying with all my heart for our dear Tidus tonight…….Please let us have an update as soon as you can Viktor……Be strong Tidus, so many are willing you to pull through darling xxxxxxx

  391. How i Tidus? I can not find any news about him. I hope the little soul will make ist back to life in a normal way.. god bless you for helping him.. <3

  392. How is Tidus? I can not find any news about him. I hope the little soul will make ist back to life in a normal way.. god bless you for helping him.. <3

  393. Responding to Mary-who said that Viktor is a con man….First of all, how dare you state that dishonorable response. Viktor and his team are helping Tidus and other animals, What are you doing?…sitting by your computer and bitching… I am sorry Viktor that u had to read such message from Mary, please just brush it off and keep saving animals like Tidus. May GOD bless your heart, your teams and most def Tidus’s.

  394. alison baker says:

    Viktor – the work you do is fantastic. Well done to you, and everyone who works with you. please keep us posted with updates on Tidus and the others.
    with best wishes

  395. If Tidus wants to fight and live……that is a good enough reason for me to understand and although i do not have much money, i will be making a donation for him as soon as i can.

  396. Nicole Stroop says:

    I cannot imagine the absolute agony this poor baby has had to endure… my heart weeps thinking about it.
    SO glad he is in such capable, loving hands.:) Have the vile little bastards been caught?
    In Mozambique, the animal welfare organization I was involved with (MAPS) had a similar case, with mange and starvation thrown in for fun.
    The vet working tirelessly for MAPS had done her thesis on just this- using honey to heal wounds of all types. Wallace’s recovery and healing was incredible using just the honey.
    Am so glad he is recovering. Keep fighting Super Pooper Dog! You have a lot of love and good vibes coming at you.
    All the best to you and your team of angels!

  397. Lynda O'Neill says:

    Viktor you are an angel in disguise. Thank you for helping Tidus and so many others.

    Merry Christmas

  398. I couldn’t even finish watching the video of Tidus….my heart is shattered. Where is Tidus currently being treated (country and medical facility)? Please let me know.

    Thank you

  399. Great job Viktor. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and Tidus.



    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Kiko….
      Your help and assistance is received with heartfelt thanks..
      Thank you Kiko… please check our Facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/LetsAdoptGlobal

      Wonderful to have you with us..

  401. CamilleRM says:

    I am very grateful that Tidus was not put down. You don’t put down an animal just because it was born weird ot has had something happen to it. You give an animals love and you take care of it. If a vet won’t take it in, then you find a place like this. A place that dedicates itself to helping animals that can’t get help. Not every pet owner is rich and not every person has enough money to get care for an animal. Something like this cost alot more then a vet check up. Every creature has a right to live, no matter what you think. No matter what, there is a home somewhere for animals. People that will take in animals even if you think that there’s not a chance in hell that it will happen. I am one of those people. I am accepting of all animals. I am thankful everyday that a place like this exists. As you can see, animals do not give up. If I could, i would be a vet, but i can’t. My heart is so big, that if an animal died on my watch (even if there was nothing more i could do for it) my heart would break. I am thankful that the owner did not have Tidus put down. Look how hard he is fighting! I hope he knows how much people are rooting for him. I pray for him and all the other animals, and I love them, I don’t even have to meet them to know that. I thank you all, everyone helping with the money, and everyone that will help with the money in the future. I don’t have even a penny at the moment, but once i do it is all going to the animals that need help.

    By the way, please update on here about how Tidus is doing. I check this page everyday just in case there’s an update. Whoever can go to see Tidus, please give my love. Let him know there are people like me playing rooting for him.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Camille,
      Thanks for your kind words… we are providing daily updates on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LetsAdoptGlobal

      Thank you for your support to Tidus… thank you, from the heart.

  402. Viktor, I have to say I am so very touched by this story of pain,sadness yet hope & faith.I know you are for real & care about animals & Tidus.I cryed my heart out in the beginning of these posts & videos..but my gosh,what all of you have done for this poor little guy is so incredible.You were put on this earth to do Gods work,that I believe in my heart.God Bless you & Tidus ♥

  403. I cannot express. This should never happen. Now that it has, though, I am overjoyed at your management of the situation. Praise be to God for making it possible for this lovely dog to be saved. And praise be to God for giving him you and your organization. I would like, in my very human weakness, to see the perpetrators get some well-deserved punishment fitting the crime here on earth. When they depart the earth, which should be the end result (there goes my Celtic heritage speaking….), God can judge them there too. But I agree that Tidus should be the first priority. Looks like the ones who can do that are doing a stupendous job. Why not pass along the case of the evil ones who caused the suffering to the sort of people who are good at dealing with THEM? There must be some unofficial channels for dealing with them. I know plenty of big strong men who are appalled by this wanton horror. Give the case to a few of them. I’m sure some “connections would be made to deal with the problem. Meanwhile, Tidus has his revenge by living well again!!!!! Thank you a million times, and ten million thanks to God (who will probably speak very sternly to me for my sentiments).

  404. First of all , thank you all for what you have done for this beautiful , loving animal. I pray that Tidus makes a full recovery. The good lord will take care of the evil souls that did this to his creations. We can live in a very sick society at times. Again , Thank You , for caring for Tidus.

  405. Viktor , I just saw the updated pic of Tidus…….you are a god send ! Truley , you are. Thank-you sir.

  406. Nancy Watts says:

    First, Viktor, thank you for helping this poor defenseless little dog. Don’t listen to all those stupid people, they are idots!! If I could get to Spain, I would hunt down those little bastards who did this and hang them up to a pole, strip them naked and pour gas on them and light them on fire!! They do not deserve to go to jail, where they would have 3 meals a day, and games to play, and tv to watch, they deserve the same treatment this poor dog recieved!! The laws need to get stricter for this type of abuse of animals. There is too much of it, and these little pricks know they can get away with it!! God, I wish I could get my hands on them, they would beg for mercy, but not get it from me!!!!

  407. Kelly Ann says:

    RIP sweet Tidus… RIP. You are an Angel now and free of pain. I am so sad about this but Tidus put up the good fight for long enough and he decided it was time for him to go, but he touched so many hearts around the world. Blessed be to all that were involved in helping this beautiful baby.

  408. Merce Palao Ganga says:


  409. TIDUS HAS DIED!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
    Tidus, the hero, Tidus, the beautiful, Tidus, the dog that inspired the world and showed us all the true value of life passed away yesterday in the loving arms of his owner and surrounded by us that came to love him.
    His sweetness, courage, and strength in the face of a fate that many a human would consider worst than death gained him the support and admiration of millions, not only in Spain, but around the world. At a time when people strive to find signs of humanity around them and don’t find it, Tidus plea provided us both hope and it made us reflect about who we really are, and where we are going, as individuals and a society.

  410. I was devastated when I read about Tidus through a friends facebook post. My thoughts, prayers & love are sent to him and his owner. I hope the knee surgery is still working. The work you guys are doing to enable Tidus to recover is astounding and humbling. I must touch on these vets who didn’t help. This seems to be a common occurrence in many a country.. Recently my cat was hit by a car.. it was late at night, so we took her to emergency vet.. I had very little money and if it wasn’t for the fact that i was able to take out a ‘vetpay loan’ they would not have treated her at all. She was kept overnight, and it was believed she would make it. Sadly she didn’t and we said goodbye to her the next evening.. I fully understand the owners angst, frustration and desperation at not getting appropriate treatment from local vets due to lack of funds. I am now in serious financial hardship because of the $1000 vet bill. Thank God someone listened, told her & Tidus’ story in a paper and that Lets Adopt! Global heard and answered the call… Every being has a right to life and the right to be fight for it. xoxoxo thank you and Good Luck Tidus

  411. J. Rose Barlow says:

    Thank You Viktor, your team & all of the veterinary staff who tried to help Tidus survive.
    How & why did Tidus die? Infection? Organ shut down?
    He was eating & drinking so well. What happened?
    Please tell us, those who have followed this story from the beginning & put so much hope, prayers & positive thoughts into Tidus’ recovery, not to mention the donations, why & how he died. We want to know the reason…
    Thank You. J.Rose

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Rose,
      He was in a catabolic state, no matter how much we fed him his body was breaking down.. in the end he developed meningitis. That was the point of no return.

  412. Michelle Purdom says:

    I wou;d be honored to host this pup while he recovers, however, I annot keep him long term as I am at the limit of my counties dogies. But I would really like to help this [poor dog.

  413. Eve Louise says:

    I am absolutely OUTRAGED that these pathetic fks did this to Tidus. They are lucky I and all of the people who feel the same as me were not there because they would be on the receiving end not Tidus. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Cowards. Make sure I dont find you bastards. Was this aired on Commercial TV like a currant affairs program the news even??? It should be! and if not put it on NOW! Have a WARRANT OUT SEARCHING FOR THESE SCUM BAGS. OFFER A REWARD ALSO TO THE SCUM BAGS TO TURN ON ONE ANOTHER….SCUM ALWAYS CHEATS!
    Also the Veterinarians who ‘declined treating Tidus’ must be prosecuted because they intentionally violated the ‘act of duty’ (how on earth any vet said no is beyond me) also her so-called friends are WORTHLESS and dont deserve her friendship EVER. I am sickened and discraced by the evil ‘men’ dish out. It’s PEOPLE LIKE US AND TIDUS’S CARERS THAT DESERVE HEROIC MEDALS AND RECOGNITION OF SAVIOUR!!! BRAVO!
    It would have been a great idea to also include HOMEOPATHIC AND FLOWER ESSENCES into Tidus’s healing program. PLEASE CONSIDER USING THESE ALONGSIDE WITH ORTHODOX MEDICINE as I know these have remarkable positive healing powers with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS and can be used in conjunction with orthodox medicine. Herbal mixture of nettle, calendula and hypericum f. and tissue salts, would have made a significant painFREE healing process. I’ve witnessed these remedies over 20yrs healing wild and domestic animals – along with myself. They are cheaper than orthodox medcine too. Dear Tidus Forever will you be remembered with Global Compassion and Love. See You at Rainbow Bridge my friend! xxxxxxxxxx

  414. This sickens me, those youths I hope and pray are caught and severly punished, just because they are young don’t mean they should be spared severe punishment because they will grow to adults and no telling what atrocities they will do. Poor Tidus did nothing to deserve the horrindous pain and terrible suffering he went thru. He put up a brave fight but I am aware he lost. I hope the ones that did this lose too, what they did I pray haunts them day and night for the rest of their miserable lives, may they never find peace or joy or laughter ever again in their lives, may they be followed by grief, loose and proverty and visions of what they did play over and over in their minds until they beg for mercy from The Lord above

  415. I can’t believe that people can be so cruel. The world needs a wake up call – those poor animals. Hopefully the teenagers who burnt Tidus will be caught and dealt too!!!

  416. Albert Pappalardi says:

    Very sad this dog died. To the people that suggest putting the dog down? Shame on you! Animals have a will to live. I had a cat that had a problem with his blood regeneration. He was 10 years old at the time he got sick.. I brought him to countless doctors that almost killed him. I was told about the biggest hospital in the USA. The Animal medical center in NYC. I brought the cat there and they saved his life. He remained on steroids which helped him for a few years. Eventually the steroids damaged him. The doctor took his spleen out and the cat lived another 3 years without medication at all! So I basically got an extra 5 years out of a cat that was my favorite cat of all time. In the end we had to put him down at age 16. But those doctors saved him and he was so happy all those extra years. I I spent well over 100 thousand dollars in medical bills on him over the 5 year period. People think I was insane to spend that money on an animal. I thought It was the best money I ever spent. If I had to do it all again, I wouldnt change a thing. He was cremated after he was put down. I have his remains that will be buried with me when I die. Animals are family! Mans best friends!

  417. Arvina Copeland says:

    I just need to know that they have the kids in jail who did this. They, and their parents, need to be burnt alive! Clear out the evil from your midst!

  418. Robert Joros says:

    Please punish these kids and make them watch the video that I just looked at. These kids are ion there way to becoming criminals. Anyone who can look at this and think justice should not be served has lost touch with reality.

  419. To see such torture makes your heart cry for the poor dog. All i can say is the person that did this certainly deserves to feel the same pain that Tidus has been through.

  420. Robert Rigos says:

    This is heartbreaking. Hope the kids that do this are found and severely punished

  421. Molly D Kittie says:

    RIP Tidus…. we are all hoping you didn’t suffer too much. I pray that the ones who did this are still made to pay for the awful things they did to you. Just because you are gone, doesn’t mean we should forget. People who can’t feel for a screaming animal, a starving animal, a suffering animal; need to be put away or at the very least, need therapy and a record that stays for life. They should never be allowed to own a pet or raise children. God help us all should they get away with this.
    You are in a better place now, buddy…. RIP<3

  422. My dog and I understand the pain Tidus and his owner are going through. In December my neighbors shot my dog twice and while he was still living doused him in diesel fuel and lit him on fire. He luckily was able to get away and ran home and we were able to rush him into the vet for treatment. A burn is an exceptionally difficult road of recovery to bear witness to but be with your dog. Even when he smells of rotten flesh and you can only touch the top of his head, don’t leave his side. He needs you! Best wishes and hang in there!

  423. Momma Bear says:

    OMG—so they poked and prodded and experimented on this dog for how long???? Tidus NEVER saw another pain free or carefree day in his life. My goodness…..that sickens me as bad as the teenagers

  424. Dr. Lisa Lees says:

    What happened to Tidus??? The updates say he is improving but the picture in “justice for Tidus” says RIP with the rainbow bridge. I went to the website but still no mention.

  425. OMG, I am so upset, my heart is breaking over the lost of poor Tidus. You put up such a good fight only to die, only wish his owner could have gotten the help she needed right away in the first place for her sweet angel. This makes me sick knowing he didn’t make it. God bless his sweet heart… RIP Tidus, you’ll never be forgotten by the people all over the world who loved and shared your sad story. Your in a much better place now, no longer enduring the suffering you incurred while here on earth. Please make sure those teenagers are caught and punished to the fullest for taking one of God’s innocent animals life. My condolence goes out to Tidus owner and gratitude of thanks to Tidus caregivers who so tirelessly tried giving him a second chance at life. So so so very sad, such a sad ending for a special precious young puppy who didn’t hurt anyone and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn’t deserve type of treatment in the least by anyone.. a beautiful loving soul who lost his life (for what reason)? I’m in tears over this terrible news, can’t stop crying for Tidus. : (

  426. Did you perform a skin graft on his knee? If you did, I’m wondering after watching the video’s if it was performed soon enough. Most likely that’s where the infection endered into the blood stream. Please don’t take this as a insult, only wish he could have come to the United States. We have many animals here that have been burnt over a great percentage of their body, though it appears that there’s slightly a much higher survival rating for them.

  427. yvette desroches says:

    I hope they catch these persons who is responsable and who did this terrible thing to Tidus…and i hope they pay for what they did poor dog…

  428. My heart, soul, and prayers go out to Tidus & his many doctors & caretakers. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I will never understand why humans could do these horrible things to animals. When the time comes, I hope these people will rot in Hell. I’m happy that GOD put enough good people on this Earth to do his work. Thank you for sharing this story.

  429. Jane Kapitan says:

    This is horrible beyond words. May the wrath of God be on your sorry asses. What pain this poor baby must have been in. I love animals so much, I’d rather live in their world than in a human’s world. People are so cruel, not caring how the animal suffered. I hate to say it but he might have been better off put out of his misery, than put through more trying to fix so much wrong. God Bless his little heart, what a fighter. Love you Tidus

  430. Poor Tidus learned that people are cruel and sadistic, EVIL! He has this expression of the eyes that tells he lost his complete confidence in human beings… Horrible. Personally I’d find those bastards and set them on fire, just to let them feel the same as Tidus did because of the way they understand the term “fun”… This kind of “human beings” should be killed – because is the most dangerous kind of “kids” – they enjoy doing harm, torturing. Sorry, I might seem harsh, but I’d give death penalty for these cases. The “human being” doing such things is living not only for nothing, but is a real danger to any living being…

  431. Jennifer R. Eubank says:

    I am so thankful for this team that has taken on this enormous responsibility!! I wish I could help financially, but please know that there are countless appreciative people cheering you on!! I hope they catch these cruel people so that they can be punished!!

  432. Rob joros says:

    I am a 47
    Year old man and saw these pictures and read the story and broke down crying….what is wrong with us. Why would children do this. Where were the parents!! My god. Lord Jesus help us all …..and to all the little angels crossing the rainbow bridge….I love you and see you someday soon. Can’t wait…;):):):):):):):):)

  433. Malditos niños!! Ojalá que paguen lo que hicieron sufrir a este enano.

  434. Casey ware says:

    I feel so sorry for the owner, I know when in crisis people sometimes really are just interested in promising help and walking away without a care, vets like victor deserve thx not questions from people not invilved acting like they know better…I’d rather a vet like victor who is doing not just talking try and even make a mistake on one dog, so he learns and saves the next one, what a fighter of a dog. Well done to everyone who actually helped and rest in peace to a dog with character most humans should try to have. Jar as a bitch and to the teenages who did this…do the world a favour…go kill yourselves

  435. You must catch the kids that did this and make them pay for it not just till they are 21 either they took a life and a life they owe in return .Please lock them up and never let them out they are very dangerous a very real danger they are sociapaths they cannot be rehabilatated or re trained they should be locked up in an ayslum for the crimnally insane,anyone that hurts ananimal oughtr to have the same fate.

  436. Ben Coates says:

    Don’t people realize that things like this happen because of a resentment kids (and some adults) build up for dogs? This is not justified by any stretch, but many parents go out and buy a dog without consulting with the family first. The perverted parent ends up loving the dog more than the kids and then turn around and demand the kids love the dog and even care for the dog. And having an unwanted dog around is not unlike living with a smoker. It affects the quality of your life. Noise from incessant yipping. Depositing around the house of blood, feces, urine, dander, saliva, and mucous. Yuck!

  437. I cannot stop sobbing even though this happened a year or so ago..Did they ever catch who did this to that poor dog? my feelings, an eye for an eye..let whoever did this feel what that poor dog had to endure, but no we can’t do that because two wrongs don’t make it right…well, I disagree..I hope they found who did this and I hope they were locked up, beaten and the key thrown away…I am sicken by this…God Bless all who helped this poor dog!!!

    1. They have not been found. We continue to offer a 2500 euro award for information leading to their arrest and conviction, but nothing has come through. It continues to sadden us as well.

  438. This is a tually amazing.If I was there at the day when Tidus got burned,I would had been there to help.I’m only a 16 year old girl who actually support dogs as a family.Because dogs isn’t just some wild animals.Their special beings like us.
    This is actually sweet that you save Tidus.I’m proud that he’s such a amazing,brave dog.I hope you tell Tidus this because I know he’s part of your family too ^-^.I’m not like one of those people who just want to let an animal there to rot and die.No.I would actually save it.Just like you saving Tidus.
    I was heartwarmed viewing this.
    May you and Tidu live a very happy live~~!

  439. please i hope you can provide an update…i hope u say that this dog made it.

  440. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding
    your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to
    new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group.
    Talk soon!

  441. Poor sweet angel.So sorry this evil,cruel horror happening to you..There are so many heartless ,cruel,sadtistisk people in this world..I hope they find this monsters how did this..Bless you heart sweet angel..

  442. James Vulcan says:

    This makes me very angry, those kids wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. This is sick, who and why? How could you attempt to burn a dog alive knowing they would suffer immense pain. If I was in a room with the people who did this the floor would soon be covered in a red liquid. And I also hate the fact the dog then had to suffer for 2 weeks, but I am really grateful to the men and women who have nursed Tidus back to health. It is amazing how they didn’t put Tidus to sleep, but I wouldn’t mind them putting the people who did this to sleep…a very long sleep in which results in there death.

  443. This is an amazing story of how Tidus survived a terrible time of pain and made it through. I am also glad you didn’t put him down. That would have been cruel and dumb when you could have saved him like you did. I am so happy for him and hope he can heal completely. I wish you the best and thank you for being able to cure the cute little guy.

  444. Amazing! Its truly awesome paragraph, I have got much clear idea on the topic of from this post.

  445. Anonymous says:

    I have just read the story of Tidus,it reduced me to tears,how cruel those bastards were to do that to a poor defensive animal,and probably trusted them..he’s been through a hell of a journey,i would love to see how he’s doing know,one brave dog. obviousley braver than the teenagers that did it…..it makes me so angry..

  446. Anna Yurick says:

    I first read about Tidus in January & it broke my heart! I went back & read his story again & still cried for the super brave dog was such an angel. Thanks to all for your valiant effort in trying to save him.

  447. this is really mean what the teenagers did i hope Tidus will be back to his self soon he looks really cute in his original pic xxx

  448. rebecca ryan says:


  449. This is just horrible. Can’t believe that there are kids capable of doings such horrible acts. I literally cried when I saw what happened to Tidus. I’ve grown up with dogs since I was a little kid and it breaks my heart to see how some people treat canines.

  450. These young men should be punish cause they have no reson to this dog. Parents should be held in account as well.

  451. I wish this dog and his owner all the luck very sorry

  452. My brother showed me the video of a dog on fire,(they where laughing) .I’m not sure if it was the same dog as these photos.I am pretty sure they are going to hell.I showed them this and i don’t know if they think it is funny anymore

  453. Omg I can’t stop cryjng but happy that he is healing please let me know who this dog is

  454. Anonymous says:

    I know this story is old, but I have just discovered it. Is there an update on him? Did he make it? I certainly hope so. So sad to think people can be so cruel

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi.. please look at the bottom of the post… he passed away on the 31st of December two years ago :-(.
      It was a terrible time for all of us..

  455. Maureen Foster says:

    Someone saw these teenagers walking with Tidus, did the police get a description of them? Would this person recognise them if he/she saw them again? Those teengers have to be found, it is a well known fact that many people who abuse animals go on to abuse vulnerable children and adults later. These sadistic, cruel excuses for human beings have to be found before they carry out this kind of an attack on a human being so that they can hear how they scream in comparison to an animal.