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Vanilla: an unfinished story

This is an unfinished story. Vanilla was rescued from the infamous Bolluca forest in Istanbul. For those who don’t know what Bolluca is, imagine this, a massive open air semi-forested extension outside of Istanbul where Municipality headed by Kadir Topbas

Simba’s birthday: Let’s empty the gas chamber today

Today is not my birthday. Today I am giving my birthday to Simba. Two and a half years ago we started a life changing project. Life changing because it gave us a completely new perspective on what really matters. It

Akmerkez / PetWorld: The Little Shop of Horrors

Akmerkez / Pet World… a Husky puppy turns in desperation inside its cage. The lights directly on top of his head make the heat unbearable. He is thirsty. There is no water. Showing evident signs of distress the puppy eats

Wanted: Turkish animal lover with a heart. URGENT

I need ONE turkish animal lover with a heart to foster a blind kitty. Are you based in Istanbul? do you have a heart or are you one of those fake  animal lovers who only love ONE animal, theirs. Prove

Help us save Nokta and Apricot

This week we are showing you some of the cases we are currently working on at Let’s Adopt!. Below is a quick movie we have made about the rescue of Nokta and Apricot. Both dogs were dumped at the forest

Your matching gift will save MANY lives this summer. UPDATED!

In this email I’m going to make a plea for financial assistance to the Simba Fund. If you barely have enough money to feed you and your animals, if you have no job, no home, if you are bankrupt by

The rescue of Ivan the dog

On the 29 of June I received this letter on my inbox. I was on that last village on the Bosphorus cruise. I saw this sick old dog and blind kitten. I want to take them back to the U.S.

Latte and Bitter are dead

UPDATE:   Bitter is DEAD . It was a frantic afternoon. In a space of few hours we found a good home for Bitter in the USA and we secured a safe location for her in Istanbul. Then, as we

Little Lucky, the blind kitten

14.07.10 “My name is Little Lucky. My life started in a dark and dirty basement. I got sick and my eyes became infected, so I never could see. I could hear my brothers and mom around me. One day I

The death of a puppy

I’m writing this at 5 in the morning. This post is going to be one of those where I point fingers, so if you are going to take offense please feel free not to continue reading. Actually, if you are