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Can you hear The Squeak?

Monday morning, busy street, offices, shops. She is late for a meeting and rings the door bell, stepping over a dirty rag on the pavement. The rag moves – it’s a skinny cat, covered in matted dirt and soil. These

Extreme cruelty case: Owner feeds garbage to his dog for 15 years!

Yes… sorry guys… I know you won’t like to read this but if you are feeding commercial food to your animal that person responsible for extreme cruelty is no other than YOU. Here is what some of the best vets

Miyu and Piyu, their paths will cross

Miyu and Piyu started life in the same way, but in their short existence their path has taken a completely different road. Miyu: The first kitty, Miyu, was rescued by me. She was stuck under heavy machinery, we got her

In the name of God

Dear Friends, Whilst here in Turkey the authorities and the vast majority of the public choose to ignore the terrible reality in Germany our community grows every day. Here is a fantastic article published in the Magazine “Dogs”. We cannot

This nerd saves lives!

Sometimes we come across the craziest stuff ( and people!). A few days ago Fulya sent me a link to a bare-bones website. When I entered I was faced by a gang of designer toys with a crazy brand name:

Chabal: saving a saviour

Of all our rescues, we feel specially happy and proud when we place a Senior. Have a look at this video. If it doesn’t warm your heart nothing ever will.. HD Version For HD version click HERE Please consider adopting

Overseas adoptions: Quick answers

Dear friends, They say an image is worth a thousand words… In any case, a quick clarification on some issues: 1. Let’s Adopt! main focus is to organize and empower networks of LOCAL rescuers. Still, there are some cases where

I’m going to miss you

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. Lao Tzu From Monday the 14 th of June my Facebook Profile will be completely

Five Things to do in Paradise

In a world that has completely been shaken up by the arrival of digital photography Manuel Librodo Jr. is a superstar. His pictures have been viewed millions of times by people from all over the world, his work has been

No Hero left behind

A few days ago I heard the story of a young soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan. With the incredible support of his girlfriend back home he is trying to coordinate the rescue of five dogs that, unless we do something