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Can you hear The Squeak?

Squeak today

Monday morning, busy street, offices, shops. She is late for a meeting and rings the door bell, stepping over a dirty rag on the pavement. The rag moves – it’s a skinny cat, covered in matted dirt and soil.

These are memories from Squeak ‘s last day on the streets.

Two girls stand nearby smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee: “Oh, this cat’s been here for days..” Squeak cannot walk, there is a gaping wound on his hip, and he is so dehydrated his voice is the squeak of old hinges. It’s a work day, a busy Monday awaits her. She makes a decision, picks up the cat and walks into the meeting, asking if he can wait in the bathroom.

Squeak turns out to be an 8yr-old tomcat with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), very sick and bitten by a dog. The wound is now healed, he is neutered, has put on lots of weight and is in perfect condition. He is in a foster home spending his days at the window, waiting for his human to walk past. Squeak has many happy years ahead of him, all he needs is a safe home, so his damaged immune system is not under attack.

Squeak is a temperamental sweet buddy, has his opinion but is very obedient – keeps to himself, sitting at the window or on his favourite spot on top of the microwave from where he observes the world. He loves being cuddled and waits for permission to jump on your lap. He loved food, sleep and being groomed. His fur is curly!

Conditions for adoption:
– The family must have AT LEAST ONE OTHER ANIMAL at present. We want to make sure the family understand the responsibility of having an animal.
– The family must have AT LEAST ONE OTHER FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) positive cat.
– Squeak will be an indoor cat. Access to garden is a plus, of course.
– Squeak will be fed a raw diet (

Extreme cruelty case: Owner feeds garbage to his dog for 15 years!

Yes… sorry guys… I know you won’t like to read this but if you are feeding commercial food to your animal that person responsible for extreme cruelty is no other than YOU.

Here is what some of the best vets in the world have to say:

Dr. Ian Billinhurst B.V.Sc.(Hons), BSc.Agr., Dip.Ed.

“The sad truth is that prepared pet foods help provide patients for vets.”

“Raw chicken does of course carry bacteria, E.g. Salmonella. These are of absolutely no consequence to a healthy dog.”

“As a veterinary student in the early seventies, I found it hard to understand why Aussie vets had fewer and simpler dog and cat diseases to deal with than the Americans. It seemed to make the Aussie vet somehow inferior. We did not need to be trained to the same high degree of complexity and sophistication. There was a simple explanation. At that time, more than seventy percent of Aussie dogs were still fed raw bones and scrapes. They were still pretty healthy. American dogs had been eating processed food and no bones for decades. They had developed a wide range of problems. Their vets had been forced to develop a complex set of diagnostic and therapeutic tools to deal with them. I need not have worried. Our dogs’ disease problems are increasing on a par with their increasing consumption of processed and cooked foods. We Aussie vets now have to be as good as our American counterparts to deal with them. There are many reasons why the commercial pet foods have never been close to a dog’s natural diet. Those reasons include the fact that they are based on grain, and that they are cooked.”

Dr. Richard Pitcairn  DVM

“Although we have come to accept commercial foods as being normal or natural ways to feed animals (and indeed ourselves), in fact they are not. They are simply what we’ve gotten used to in the last few decades. But nothing we can produce commercially ever can rival those mysteriously complex foods manufactured for eons by nature itself.”

“All processed pet foods – whether sold in cans, bags, or frozen packages, in either giant supermarket chains or local health food stores – are missing something that seems to me to be one of the most important “nutrients” of all. This key ingredient is something nutritional scientists have practically ignored. But when it’s there, you and I can know it and feel it. It is a quality found only in freshly grown, uncooked whole foods. It’s life energy.”

Dr. Charles E. Loops  DVM

“The best diet is a raw food diet.”

“Science Diet & Hill’s dog & cat food products are not good diets. They use chemical preservatives that have been shown to cause problems in some animals & they use by-products, which are words on the ingredient label that need to be avoided at all costs. This generally means food not utilized for human consumption.”

And now that you have read what some of the best vets in the world have to say, let me show you how to do it:

It is time to stop the abuse.  Do you love your animals? Really? So how long will you keep on feeding them garbage for?

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Miyu and Piyu, their paths will cross

Miyu and Piyu started life in the same way, but in their short existence their path has taken a completely different road.


The first kitty, Miyu, was rescued by me. She was stuck under heavy machinery, we got her out and took her home, to be fostered together with our 18 cats.

That was the right thing to do.

In our home Miyu is having a great time, eating raw meat and chicken and playing with the others whilst waiting for me to find her a home.


Piyu was also rescued by an “animal lover”, but instead of taking him home that person took him to one of the most infamous municipal shelters in Turkey, the torture chambers of HASDAL.

That was the wrong thing to do. That “animal lover” should have left the cat on the streets.

At the shelter Piyu was left in a closed box where he remained, bathing in his own urine and excrement for weeks. The result? massive general infection and the loss of both his eyes. Today Piyu is fighting for his life. If he survives he will be blind for life.

Miyu has been here with us for over a week now. I know her well and have developed a bond. I want the best possible home for her. Piyu is fighting for his life right now, and she is going to need an exceptional home too. I want both kitties to go to be rehomed together in the best home in the world. A home where their very different paths will join and become one.

Help me find a home for Miyu and Piyu.

Click here for High-Definition Video

Conditions for adoption, as usual.

1. Family MUST have AT LEAST one other animal.
2. Both cats will be indoor cats, access to garden a bonus.
3. Both cats will be fed a raw diet ( No Raw = No cat.


This nerd saves lives!

Sometimes we come across the craziest stuff ( and people!).

A few days ago Fulya sent me a link to a bare-bones website. When I entered I was faced by a gang of designer toys with a crazy brand name: Inner Nerd Plush

The urge to get one was irresistible. The inner nerd in me wanted a friend.

I forwarded the site to a few people and they all agreed… it was funky, cute, fresh, and above all, fun.

Animal lovers need some fun in their lives which is why I immediately reached out and asked them to design a Nerd inspired by Let’s Adopt! (and its members).

This is how the Let’s Adopt! Nerd was born: I love my human.

Inner Nerd Plush will donate all proceeds of the Let’s Adopt! Nerd to the Simba Fund. Let’s Adopt! does not apply rehoming fees, the Simba Fund is what enables to save lives, every day, around the clock, all over the world.

It is Father’s Day this Sunday. What better gift to give your husband, boyfriend, your kids, or even better, YOURSELF!, than a Life-Saving Nerd?

Can a Nerd save lives? this Nerd does.

Take  (another)  nerd home. Order one today:

To know more:

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Overseas adoptions: Quick answers

Dear friends,

They say an image is worth a thousand words… In any case, a quick clarification on some issues:

1. Let’s Adopt! main focus is to organize and empower networks of LOCAL rescuers. Still, there are some cases where international adoptions are the only solution for animals that nobody wants in their countries of origin. This is specially so in the case of handicapped and blind animals.

2. Let’s Adopt! handles ALL transportation issues of the animal to its new family overseas. Every single detail, vaccination tests and certificates, export permits, flight volunteers. Everything is organized by us.

3. Let’s Adopt! DOES NOT apply adoption fees. Ever. Furthermore, we do not require any kind of contribution from the adoptant. However, although no compulsory in any way, we really appreciate the cases when the adoptant offers to contribute towards the costs of the animal trip. These costs vary depending on the destination and the size of the animal, of course.

4. All our dogs are fully vaccinated, with a clean bill of health (except when indicated otherwise). All our animals are sterilized previous traveling, except when indicated otherwise due to special health reasons.

We hope that this quick video will entice you to join Let’s Adopt! and offer a home to one of our animals.

I’m going to miss you

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
Lao Tzu

From Monday the 14 th of June my Facebook Profile will be completely closed.

From that moment all interactions with Let’s Adopt! will take place through the wall of Let’s Adopt! Global .

Why am I doing this? No..  I haven’t gone mad, or anything like it.  The truth is, Let’s Adopt! is not about me, but about the community.  I need to find a way for this community to truly become something much larger and far reaching that it currently is.

Don’t get me wrong,  I will still be there, but hopefully the attention will be diverted from me and put back into the Group, which is where it should have always been.

Building Viktor Larkhill as a “personal brand” has been great for Let’s Adopt!, it showed everybody that there were people out there who truly cared, and that would go the extra mile for them and their animals. It also showed people that one person alone could begin something far bigger that himself,  that there is no excuse for inaction.

I encourage our Team Leaders to continue embodying the principles of this group and to build their own personal networks, because those networks and how we rally them on behalf of the animals will be the secret of the future success of Let’s Adopt!, and a lifeline to the life of so many animals.

The groups and the blogs will continue operating as usual, but the Page of Let’s Adopt! Global should become the center of interaction of the members of this group.  It is from there that the group will continue spreading.

From now on, the success (or the failure) of Let’s Adopt Global is entirely in your hands.

Please join Let’s Adopt! Global and invite all your contacts to do the same… and as ever… share!

I’m going to miss you…

y un bonus para mis amigos espanoles… un beso

Five Things to do in Paradise

In a world that has completely been shaken up by the arrival of digital photography Manuel Librodo Jr. is a superstar. His pictures have been viewed millions of times by people from all over the world, his work has been featured by UNICEF, his workshops are a raving success all over the world. Manuel portraits are timeless images that transport you to the very essence of beauty.

Manuel’s work is, much like ours, driven by passion and a quest for excellence.

We HAD to work with Manuel!.

“Five things to do in paradise” is surely the most beautiful video we have ever produced. It reflects the beauty of a country, Thailand, and a particular island, Phuket, the base of operations of our partner organization, Soi Dog.

We are looking for flight volunteers willing to take our dogs from Phuket to their families in the USA and Europe. We couldn’t imagine a most beautiful way to invite them to do so that through the images of Manuel Librodo Jr. Let’s Adopt! wants to thank Manuel for his contribution to our cause and we look forward to continue working with him on a variety of projects.

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For a High Definition version of “Five Things to do in Paradise” click HERE

No Hero left behind

A few days ago I heard the story of a young soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan.

With the incredible support of his girlfriend back home he is trying to coordinate the rescue of five dogs that, unless we do something about it, will have to stay behind in the most inhospitable land in this world.

This is a very heartwarming story of courage, heroism (the mother of the pups died whilst stopping a suicide bombing), tenacity and compassion.

To most this is an impossible mission. We are going to give a push to this campaign and show the world that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

How to do this? I have prepared this video..

Please click on this link

At the end of the video there is a call to action. Please contribute to this very special fund. Any amount, no matter how small, will be helping to bring those young lives home.

If you cannot contribute then please Share this post in your profiles. This is one of the most beautiful stories we have encountered, we must absolutely make it happen.

Now please watch this video… and share…

Many thanks