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Five Things to do in Paradise

In a world that has completely been shaken up by the arrival of digital photography Manuel Librodo Jr. is a superstar. His pictures have been viewed millions of times by people from all over the world, his work has been featured by UNICEF, his workshops are a raving success all over the world. Manuel portraits are timeless images that transport you to the very essence of beauty.

Manuel’s work is, much like ours, driven by passion and a quest for excellence.

We HAD to work with Manuel!.

“Five things to do in paradise” is surely the most beautiful video we have ever produced. It reflects the beauty of a country, Thailand, and a particular island, Phuket, the base of operations of our partner organization, Soi Dog.

We are looking for flight volunteers willing to take our dogs from Phuket to their families in the USA and Europe. We couldn’t imagine a most beautiful way to invite them to do so that through the images of Manuel Librodo Jr. Let’s Adopt! wants to thank Manuel for his contribution to our cause and we look forward to continue working with him on a variety of projects.

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For a High Definition version of “Five Things to do in Paradise” click HERE