Success Stories

The rescue of the Mystery Cat, a real story

It was a Monday morning and my email inbox was boiling hot with people asking me to please help a cat whose four paws had somehow been amputated by some unknown criminal.
The poor cat was living on the streets, in a garden being fed by an “animal-lover”. He was in a terrible condition crawling on the floor and screaming for help.

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Saving Monica

Bella and Maxy are gone, most probably forever. Onur Salih Karadag at Cizmeli Kedi, the vet who committed this atrocity will pay, in a way he has already begun to pay as nobody in its right state of mind will

Jumpy goes home

Jumpy was found thrown like garbage in a field in Ankara. A pure breed golden retriever that obviously lost its appeal when his leg had to be amputated.. so what did they do? they threw him away… When we saw


Sookie was a shelter dog. A tiny black thing trying to survive in a putrid shelter. And the floods changed everything. Hundreds died. Sookie survived. International adoptions are, to most, a terrible waste of time and resources. Well… not to

Goodbye Abuse

International adoptions are, to most, a terrible waste of time and resources. Well… not to our hundreds of rescues. To them WE are the chance to a life that was denied in their country of origin. Please share it on

In memory of Keci

Keci was one of our very special dogs. She was brought to the Sariyer Shelter from the district of Beykoz in 2001… Thanks to our friend Lale, Keci became a new member of an amazing German family in 2002. That

20 Dogs rescued

These are the stories of 20 Turkish dogs, rescued by our friends Lale, Melek and Bilge. They all left behind a sad story and started new lives overseas. Two years ago the organizations saving those animals had to operate hiding

Coco’s luck

Dear Friends, Most of you remember Coco… She was found paralyzed by the side of the road. We looked for the reason and found out she had a bullet lodged in her spine. Most people would have either dumped her

Are you a real animal lover?

Today Kont was adopted by an extraordinary person. We solved this case using our own private network. But now.. have a look at this pictures and let me ask you a question. Would you have considered fostering or adopting this