Jackie needs your help

Jackie – 8 Hours in a Pool of Blood

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Do you know what traumatic shock is? The body’s response to a massive injury, accompanied by heavy bleeding and unbearable pain. It is triggered by life-threatening trauma, which the body can only survive with emergency treatment in an intensive care unit.

The state of traumatic shock kept Jackie alive during the 8 hours she spent agonizing in a pool of her own blood after a heavy blow to the head.

Jackie is in grave danger, friends..

The impact fractured the roof of Jackie’s mouth, and broke both her upper and lower jaws. Her eyes are heavily swollen and the retinas may have detached. The skull at the back of her head is cracked.

Our priority right now is keeping Jackie alive, performing emergency surgery to fix the broken skull and jaws, and providing the intensive care she will need in the coming weeks.

UPDATE | February 25, 2016

Jackie is still with us.

During a several-hours-long surgery session, the vet team evaluated the damage, caused by the impact Jackie suffered, and worked on putting the pieces back together.


The roof of her mouth is split in two and a necrotic process had already started in the crevice. Jackie’s skull, as well as her jaws, was badly damaged and special plate implants were required to fixated the bones from the upper and lower parts of the head.


Jackie is not able to open her mouth at the moment because despite the implants her jaws don’t yet match properly. She is disoriented and scared, and the road to her recovery will be long.




The blow to Jackie’s head was so severe that the retinas of both eyes have detached, and Jackie will remain blind.

No, this is no reason for euthanasia. If Jackie survives there are many happy years ahead of her, which she can spend being cuddled by loving hands, lazying in afternoon sun rays, smelling the rain, listening to birds and enjoying tasty food. A blind animal has every right to live and we will never take it away.

UPDATE | February 29, 2016

At the end of last week Jackie underwent follow-up surgery, during which an implant plate was readjusted in continuation of the efforts to align her upper and lower jaw. The vet team was also planning to insert feeding tubes during this second surgical session, however Jackie surprised us all when she started to eat on her own!

Ultrasound examination has confirmed that both retinas have become detached and the damage is not reversible.

Our local volunteer team visited Jackie and shot this amazing video below! Jackie is a true survivor and appears to absolutely love human contact. She cuddled up to our volunteers, allowed them to stroke and pet her, and even asked for a belly rub!

Dear friends, Jackie has only you and her will to live. Please stand by her and donate for her treatment and care.


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  1. Jill Salinas says:

    Poor kitty, please save her. Thank you for the work you do.

  2. Annette Benton says:

    I’m so sad for her but so grateful someone found her! I don’t want to know what awful thing a human being did to her, I just hope is gets better and feels love. I have donated!

  3. Any other way to donate ? Paypal not working.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Please email us on theteam@myletsadopt.com so we can suggest alternative ways to donate. Paypal should be the easiest, we are sorry it is giving you hassle.

  4. What happened to her?! Who did such evil act?! Poor babe, i hope God save you and gives to you a better live with a good family.

  5. That poor baby…she wants to live .. she needs as much help as she can get

  6. Maritza Sahlin says:

    Poor little friend. ❤ Give her a big hug from me and tell her I thinking of her❤

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      We will, thank you for caring!

  7. Lisa-Marie Laurin says:

    Thank you for the update. Already donated what I could. Prayers Jackie

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Thank you for your support!

  8. Amreen Veriah says:

    This breaks my heart and I was cryi g when I heard that she will now be blind..may God punish the person who did this to her. Thank you for your help and assistance to Jackie and God bless you all.

  9. :'(

  10. Come on Jackie, you call pull through 🙏
    You stole my heart already, and I’m praying hard for your recovery 😘😘😘

  11. Nancy mcgowan says:

    God bless her!!!

  12. I can’t donate because i’m don’t have a VISA, but I hope Jackie can recover is body and in the future a very good family make her life better than the past.

    Love you Jackie!!!

  13. Charlee Talor says:

    Oh I want this kitty!!!!

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Please email us on adoptions@myletsadopt.com so we can tell you more about our adoption procedures. Thank you!

  14. Where is Jackie located? Poor little girl.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Jackie is in Bulgaria, and she is improving. Thank you for caring!

  15. Please keep us updated on Jackie, my heart breaks for her and the other kitties you’ve saved, but so much more for the ones you and we never even heard about and didn’t get saved. Bless you all at LAG.