EMERGENCY! Archie Has No Time Left!

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The start of a new year is a time of resolutions and plans. Resolutions to eat healthy, to workout more, to stay in touch with loved ones. Plans to redecorate the living room, create a wildlife garden and learn to Scuba dive.

What if all you could hope for the new year was to survive?

What if your new year’s resolution was to be strong enough to just walk?

Meet Archie. He is living a life of danger on the merciless streets of beautiful Jakarta. A life with no plans and no hopes. A life of constant struggle and hunger.

Archie needs urgent help

We don’t know what happened to Archie. We do know however that we will not let it carry on happening.

Please help us save Archie!

We have no idea what we are up against. The little cat has severe diarrhea and is very weak. So weak that we cannot even start tending to or examining his damaged legs before we stop the diarrhea. Because of his tiny size Archie can easily dehydrate.

Help us give Archie hope. Help us give Archie life.
Please donate to his rescue fund today!

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Or become a sustaining member

Stay with us as we fight for Archie.  Please share Archie’s story, comment and follow updates at our Facebook page, Let´s Adopt Global.


** Let’s Adopt! Global is a 501c3 charity and your donation is tax deductible. All funds will go towards Pamela’s care. Any remaining funds will go to support our other rescues and mission.

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  1. Praying for the little guy

  2. Thank you for saving this little guy. I have sent a small donation. Wish it could be more. I know it is hard for animals all over, but where I am the shelters are like paradise compared to the shelters over there and in other countries and we have a fraction of this type of thing. I am so glad for people such as Adopt Global. The sad fact is that while thank goodness little Archie has been saved, how many more like him are out there suffering?

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Thank you for your support!

      1. Is there an update on Archie please ?? Where is he now ??

  3. Kathy Bolles says:

    Please keep us updated on Archie’s condition! Cooked canned pumpkin is good for diarrhea. I donated $100 for Archie – poor baby. Wish I could be there to talk to the little guy. Praying for you little Archie!!!

  4. I have donated to you in the past, but you never show the animals after treatment.
    Even now, you take pictures of the kitten on the street.
    As far as I know – you didn’t pick him up and brought him to the vet.
    I will not be sending you money until you start showing some “before” and “after” photographs.

  5. Michelle Garrett-Martin says:

    Donated – poor baby Archie, hope you can help this wee little sweetie, my heart breaks for him. Sending all positive thoughts, and thank you for all you do for all fur babies xx

  6. Nancy Robison says:

    small donation to this baby. please save him. thank you…

  7. Donated. Thank you for helping him. I hope he can be nursed back to health.

  8. Einit Borowsky says:

    This kitten needs to be humanely euthanized asap and not dragged around the internet for a photo op to beg for donations. You can’t save them all. He is suffering. Do the right thing.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Humane euthanasia is just another word for killing. We will not let Archie down and kill him while he is fighting for his life. Please stay with our Facebook page:, and follow updates on him. We are about to share some.

  9. Praying little Archie can be saved & helped! No animal should have to have this kind of damage & pain,especially little babies! Please Archie,don’t give up we wont!

  10. I hope Archie can make it through these hard times. It is the biggest act of kindness from your organization to help little fellas just like him. Although my donation was not so huge, I hope it can help even if it’s a little.
    God Bless all our animals on this earth.
    Much love from Petaluma, CA

  11. Made a donation. Hope this little guy is ok. Keep up the great work.

  12. Mary-Ann Holm says:

    Which veterinary hospital will be looking after Archie and in what city? Is he in your possession now? I would like a few more details before I donate. Thank you.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Archie is in Jakarta in the possession of our local volunteer team. Please send us an email to so we can answer more questions you may have.

  13. Debbie Whitemore says:

    My heart bleeds for Archie and I would love to adopt him and give him a loving home. If he is available for adoption, please could you advise me on how to begin the process. Many thanks. Debbie

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Debbie, please email us on so we can tell you more about the process. We would love to get in touch!

      1. Hi..I live in jakarta..sometimes I met injured stray cat on the street but the vet in jakarta are very you know where I can find cheap vet in jakarta ?and does it any shelter for ?tray cat in jakarta?

        1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

          We have forwarded your question to our Indonesian volunteer team. Hope they can help!

  14. Save him!

  15. Lauralee Blair says:

    I wish tht I could give more. I wish tht we could save them all & tht they all would be blessed with loving, caring,& nurturing furever homes & families. I hope this will help in some small way.

  16. Daniel Speed says:

    Im a sustaining member but had to donate an extra $10 this month after seeing that poor cat. How he managed to stay alive at all is amazing due to those horrific injuries. I hope you can help him, if not please make sure he dies peacefully and without pain. Please keep up the amazing work you do.

  17. sherri f. says:

    Donated and praying for little Archie. being a rescue mom myself I try to save as many as I can

  18. Michelle C. says:

    Feed him raw eggs, it will stop the diarrhea, and massive doses of Vitamin C…

  19. Vicki fischer says:

    Lord please help them rescue and save Archie. May he be one of the lucky ones to find love and a forever home. Prayers

  20. hi

    can we get him to germany? what would be the costs for it?
    maybe i would aadopt him?


    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi, Bastian, we have sent you an email. Thank you for caring!

  21. Catherine Alexander says:

    Bless you for helping this baby!!! Will send donation tomorrow. There is no way it’s “humane” to take an animals life away. He is fighting, we will help him fight!! No less than would be done for a human baby. Praying that he will get the life he deserves full of love! Bless you kind people!!!

  22. Hope this little amount contributes to the treatment of Archie. Are there any updates? The last update about him on your Facebook page was 3 days ago?

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      He is doing great, we will share new updates soon!

  23. Hello,
    Thank you for all you do. I applaud your efforts am a frequent contributor, particularly to your kitties. I help to sustain many here in my city. Can you give me an update on Archie? I read the Facebook post on Jan 8…any news since then? I donated $100 for him on 1/5/16. You may email me a response if you prefer. Thank you again for all your efforts.

  24. Can you please send an update on Archie? I have donated for him and many others in the past. If you like, please email me.

  25. I have not one of this creditcards-how can I help then?There is another war?Omg I hope he can be healed…..he is a baby😢

  26. I have not one of this creditcards-how can I help then?There is another way?Omg I hope he can be healed…..he is a baby😢

  27. I live near jakarta, i wish i could help archie and bring him home. I also have a cat at home. God bless you little one 😢😘