Queen, abused and discarded, left to die on the fields

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I have spent a large part of my life away from my country, Spain. I left as a young teenager, although we always had adopted animals I wasn’t an animal activist then. It hasn’t been until my return, 20 years after I left that I found about the reality of the animals here…

I wish I never knew.

Meet Queen.. she belongs to one of the world’s most unique breeds, the Ibizan Hound, a dog descending of ancient breed. One of the most majestic animals, funny, loyal, energetic, a joyful marvelous dog…

Look at Queen… a young female dog that has been used, abused, exploited in every single way a dog could ever be… and when she couldn’t be used anymore she was discarded, like a old rag. Queen was brought to us by a small group of rescuers that felt couldn’t do anything for her.

We took the case… rushed Queen to our clinic and started performing a full range of tests, from scratch, real detective work to find out what had reduced her to this pitiful state.

We did a full radiological study and a mielography, there was no fracture in her back.

But what we found was an extremely high level of Leishmania that at the last stage has developed into Polyneuropathy… This is why she couldn’t stand up!!!!. The hunters used her, worked her to death and when she fell sick they dumped her on the fields to die… 

The spinal cord is intact, she’s in good spirits, she’s very alert, she’s eating ravenously… I’m confident with the right treatment, and lots of time and patience we can save her life.

Before Queen arrived to us two vets suggested euthanasia… we intend to show them, and eveyrone that there is another way to deal with a case like Queen… a harder way perhaps, but the right way.

Before you turn the page and move on with your life and obligations please give Queen one last look… She’s is everything we fight for, the very reason for Let’s Adopt! existence..

The treatment will be hard, difficult and extremely long… but we are committed to save Queen’s life and to fight for her all the way.

Would you help her?

Please, if you can, help us save Queen today…


Many thanks!

We know times are tough and many are struggling right now, if you are not in a position to contribute please, at least help us save Queen’s life by SHARING this blog on Facebook, Twitter, you name it… anywhere you can… please.

Many many thanks… as usual we will provide personal updates to our donors as well as through our Facebook Page, Let’s Adopt! Global


UPDATE February 10

Good morning..

Need to send you an update on Queen’s condition..
Her situation is grave. Her worn out body hasn’t been reacting to the treatment. Her albumina levels are extremely low and nothing we’ve done so far seems to be working. She’s crashing.
Her owner allowed her to decay to the point of no return. I can’t possibly understand how someone can watch a dog crumble to this point without doing anything about it, but that’s what they did.
We are doing all we can to save her life, but sometimes, all we can, is not enough. We got her too late.
In a few minutes we will be carrying out a blood transfusion and give her body a few hours to react to it.
If you pray, this is the time to pray. If you don’t, please at least keep Queen in your thoughts this morning.

Many thanks for being there for Queen… How I wish she could know we are not the only ones here with her. How I wish she could know you…

Update February 10 21.30 hrs

Queen has left us.

She now runs in fields of gold…

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in fields of gold

So she took her love
For to gaze awhile
Upon the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
Among the fields of gold

Will you stay with me, will you be my love
Among the fields of barley
We’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we lie in fields of gold

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  1. Catharina says:

    Thank you for the good work you do! I hope Queen will get better in your loving care…
    All the best wishes to you and your people xxx

  2. Kat Jones says:

    OMG this one is a hard one… With as emaciated at she is this is going to be touch and go for a while…

    “But what we found was an extremely high level of Leishmania that at the last stage has developed into Polyneuropathy…” I am not quite sure what this means could you give me a quick break down?

    I have been bedridden for a couple of days with an illness and probably shouldn’t even be at my computer desk yet… Otherwise I would look this up myself and not ask…

    My prayers are with her. I am one of your biggest fans…

    Losing Tidus still has me down…

  3. Jay Moore says:

    I have donated a little, I wish it was more, why is this happening it just gets worse, what is wrong with these people, they do not deserve life themselves, I hope there is a hell and they rot there forever.

  4. Colleen Allen says:

    I have given as much as I can afford and send my love and support to this beautiful girl, what can I say that hasn’t been said to extend my disgust at such treatment Be happy Queen xxx Colleen & Lee

  5. Patra Madden says:

    I don’t often cry any more over the ravages and monstrous treatment I see so many dogs having endured. BUT this poor dog makes me cry with sadness, horror and anger at the evil-doers of the world. Please save her. Sending love, sending prayers.

  6. thank you for all you do for that baby. you guys re great. <3 <3 <3

  7. Nancy smith says:

    I have never seen a dog look that bad I thought it was a picture of a dead dog how can that poor dog still be alive .Who could do such a thing, hang who ever. I have no way of helping just my prayers but will pass this on …………..

  8. Teresa & Michael Maston says:

    onfirmation number: 9AG237412C277145Y GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND MAY SHE HEAL AND HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE!!

  9. I am unable to give a big sumn, hope it will help to give her a little bit of surgery…. Please try your best for this wonderful Galgo/Podenco-Girl!!! She earns so much love and a lovely home….. <3

  10. donna hess says:

    thats so sad it just makes me sick to my stomach who could be so cruel and mean my prayers go out to her i hope she makes a complete recovery something needs to be done with these people who mistreat these beautiful animals

  11. Laurentia McIntosh says:

    What, in the name of everything that is holy, have people done to this poor girl?! My gut clenches at the thought of her pain and helplessness. I cannot even fathom what has happened to the other dogs picture, here. Queen, you are about to become the beautiful face of compassion and hope for so many dogs suffering at the hands of man. May all of the healing powers in the Universe sooth your body and your spirit, dear girl. You are loved.

  12. God bless her and you too. Reading the story was deeply shocking. How can men be so cruel..well it goes past this….into evil. Hope Queen can find health, kindness and love as she deserves as all animals do.

  13. god bless for all you do for these poor animalsthat you find or someone brings to yo to help, i’m having a rough time living from paycheck to paycheck but,i’m praying for this baby recovery,even though it looks bleak, my god bless this animal and you again

  14. oohh my god Victor god bless you.. so sorry for us human to be so cruelty.. i would drive crazy seing these thing in person hope you can help Queen.. Please give us update.. i cant stop crying for this .. this is evil.. malditos sean those who do that.

  15. Felizitas Schepull says:

    hello saviors for the dogs,
    I really want to help with little money, and so I want to recruit many people to do that too, please tell me the Account number and data so that I can transfer some,
    in love for animals from Felizitas

  16. Melli Jürgens says:

    unbelievable!!!!! I hate these torturing bastard hunters!!!! They have no heart!

  17. Viktor, I don’t know how you do it. Your a stronger person then I’am I cried when I saw her the first time I had to look away. It makes me sick that a so called human could do this to a beautiful animal like her. Please keep me posted on her health. If I can do anything forster her if needed please let me know. I live on disablity and have my own kitties to tak ecare of know my prayers are with her an d,my God give her peace and no pain anymore. My prayers are also with you and all the great work you do with all of God creatures. Your truely blessed sir Thank you I will repost this many times for her on facebook ok?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I don’t know how to do it either… Im lucky to work with an incredible team of people.. without them nothing would happen..

  18. I literally bombarded internet world with Queen’s case. I shared it on my personal as well on my official page concerning animal rights and send her case and video to other animal lovers in Greece and Spain. Wish for the best. She’s a soul in pain but with much love and a lot of effort I am sure she will start a new life. Keep up with the good work!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Marlene.. thank you…

  19. serenity crossings says:

    Hello i run a facebook page called serenity crossings i am sharing this story of queen in the hopes of getting her much needed help maybe a foster or perminent home this is a real shame people do this to animals please allow me to share her story i hope it will help her <3 keep fighting queen <3

  20. My heart brakes at this pictures. I wish you success and for Queen, that she will become healthy again, atleast, to live a beloved life. Last but not least: I wish the guilty person on Queens fate a miserable painful life with an end, like he prepared for dogs. Not the dogs are useless, this person is, and I wish him what he planned for the dogs. They are the disgrace of a society calls itself “human” :-(

  21. JENNI AMBLER says:

    Thank you, may God Bless you and keep you safe in His arms of love.
    Hello Queen you beautiful ladyxx

  22. Dorothy Pipher says:

    I could not click the like button! I hate this deep in my soul. I did share on both of my FB pages~

  23. I love her!. and wish her well.

  24. the first picture, was that how she was found? geez, i want those bastards found, tortured, and hung!

  25. such a sad story. I foster animals, and all I ever say is that “God knows when every sparrow falls”!!!! God help these people who do this.

  26. I am so terribly sad….please save this beautiful girl….the people responsible for this should be hung. I will donate tomorrow when I get paid. God Bless you Viktor!

  27. What kind of culture burns dogs alive like Tidus, and breaks the legs of dogs and leave them to die a slow painful death in a field? I’d like to take these f-era out and use them for target practice.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      A culture that it’s on the way somewhere but hasn’t really got quite there..
      We are trying though..

  28. Jean Foreman says:

    How can people be so cruel, it broke my heart to see her like this, but I am so happy that you are trying to bring her back so that she can live a happy life with somebody who will love her. I only wish I could help financially but unfortunately I can’t but if my circumstances ever change you will be the first person I would help so you can save all these unfortunate animals, Thank you for being there for them xx

  29. i hope this lovely dog to find the happiness….to feel great the soonest possible…thank u for helping her…i love this dog…i hope she ll have the best life from now on..and for the psychos who done this to her…they will definitely pay for this…i am so sure…

  30. patti ann oaks says:

    that is sad I hope she gets alot better I will pray for queen

  31. Sharon Christian says:

    I pray that any and all who are able to help this special animal will do so!! This type of situation is a worldwide tragedy. So thankful to those who will help and do everything possible to provide for her needs.

  32. Jackie Ressler says:

    OMG how can people be so cruel. Queen will be in my prayers and thoughts. Viktor what you do for these furbabies I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I get pd on the 22nd I will donate then. Please keep us informed about Queen. God Bless.

  33. I am not sure how I found you (or you found me), but I read all your stories and want you to know there are people out here who truly appreciate your efforts to save our these amazing creatures. I made a small donation and hope it will help. Thank you for everything you do for the animals!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Tina… we found each other..

  34. I will never stop crying for Queen, I think my heart is shattered…. Thank you for saving her.

  35. Missichrissi says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! All the best to Queen, she´s a strong lady! :-)

  36. Darlene Simmons says:

    THANK YOU for what you are doing for Queen! and all the others you will and have saved. May God Bless You :)

  37. jackie baur says:

    is it possible to pay via paypal ??
    kindest regards

  38. prayers with you sweet girl, hang in there, you are in good hands and loved and help you back to health. This is so sad that peopple can do this … I’m praying very hard for sweet girl xoxoxoxo hugs (“”) (“”)

  39. Sally Rickerson says:

    OMG!!! OMG!! Thank you so much!!!! I have almost 1300 Facebook friends!! I will post her on my wall to help!!!THANK YOU for taking care of her. Please share with us her progress!

  40. I think who ever has done this should have the same done to them, I hate people who take it out on Animals want to be shot and I am the one to do it.

  41. Jackie Gaffey says:

    I am unable to help right now financially however I am so hurt inside and I just wanted to send lots of love and hugs and positive energies to this beautiful pup.. I am so disgusted and hurt my heart aches I wish I could just hold her in my arms and cuddle her and sing to her and let her know love is around her and she is safe now and life will be better soon . I am sooo sooo sorry for her plight I am actually crying over her. wow . I have posted and reposted and everyday will repost on facebook . People need to see really what is happening beyond their rose colored glasses of make believe

  42. edalyn levy says:

    please email me address where to sent money I can only send cash or money order this damn thing make me cry I hope she make it and please find person who this this go jail for life

  43. Sarah Jne Newbury says:

    Thanks for what you do to help animals and I will help.

  44. Thank you for not giving up on this beautiful animal

  45. I remember visiting family in Fuertaventura when I was young, and seeing about 20 ibizan hounds stuffed into a tiny cage in the heat with ticks in their ears and I couldn’t believe that the animals were treated so badly there. There was a stray who followed me back to the house one day and I gave her some food and water and named her Sahara. My uncle then adopted her when I left the country and she lived a long happy life with them.

  46. Nancy Mattingly says:

    saying prayers for you little so sorry little one…many hugs that you recover!

  47. Janice Berwick says:

    For this poor soul I just have no words, I’ve seen so much suffering on this page and I’ve seen much success. But this poor girl, I don’t know what to say, I have tears as I type these words but wow the depths that humans will go scares me to the bone. I will pray for Queen like I’ve never prayed before, and if she makes it I know that there is hope…I’m sorry Viktor, I just have no words…

  48. Ana Chavez says:

    Tears flowing down my face, there are no words for this cruelty. Oh my Queen,prayers for you to live a beautiful life. Thank you Viktor…..

  49. Thankyou!

  50. Marsha Kaehler says:

    I would be willing to donate but I would have to mail out a check

  51. Todd Carpenter says:

    I’m sending some more tomorrow buddy. I recrntly gave up smoking and a few other bad habbits and now I want my money to do something possitive, Someday this won’t be necessary, but until that day arrives you can count on me.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Stop smoking… best thing you ever did… thank you Todd.. thank you

  52. Noel Kinsey says:

    I want to adopt Queen or another dog in need. Please send information to the email address above or call at 240.405.6117. Thank you,

    Noel Kinsey
    Frederick, MD

  53. W. Lee Smith says:

    Where are you from …I just came across Queen…Is she o.k.

  54. lisa lackey says:

    I am so sad to see this..I think she is a stunningly beautiful girl……Is she wild or tame or? Do you think she will make it? Do you ever send dogs to the USA for adoption after they recover? Thank you for your hard work. Ill male a donation for her in memorial of Tidus Lisa

  55. Heartbroken doesn’t come close to describing how I feel about this, once beautiful furbub…Praying she pulls through…unbelievable cruelty!!!

  56. keyko yen says:

    Get well soon Queen we pray to you from indonesia,keep spirit,you will be the beautifull one,someday,

  57. Merci de tout coeur Viktor et votre equipe ce que vous faites pour les animaux

  58. Donated. Dear Victor,as you said I cried when I saw Queen’s picture and who wouldn’t cry to see a lovely dog be abused and used and left to die like that?How cruel world we are living and how cruel people living in this world?Dogs always show their unconditional love to the people.But unfortunately they couldn’t get same return from the people…Save Queen,I know you and your team will do everything possible to save her and the other dogs or cats else well…Thank you for what you are doing…I pray…

  59. STOP TO KILL THE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Thank you for helping this beautiful dog!! All the best for Queen and I hope she will find a very good home soon!!

  61. I was so teary eyed when i saw this!!I wish i could help but im not working right now!!Im so happy to see she is pulling through!!!sorry i couldnt help~

  62. Kristy O'Neill says:

    I wish I could donate more. I hope i helps. I think you guys are amazing!! Queens story is heartbreaking. She is in the best hands now. I strongly believe there are angels among us! You guys are living proof. God Bless

  63. Nicole Norloch says:

    My Heart is broken as i see the cruelty Photos from Dog they are die and then from Queen. They arent Humans they are Bastards and Evil!!! They havent a Heart they have a Stone. I hate these Humans and i wish them the Hell!!!! Sorry!

  64. Nicole Norloch says:

    Thank you for your big Helping!!!! ♡

  65. Linda Dunkin says:

    I think any one that could do these things to animals…should be shot !!! My heart goes out to all of them and to all the wonderful amazing big hearted people that have a heart for these animals that are abused…Noel Kinsey from frederick if you do adopt Queen, plese let us know and see how she is doing…GOD bless you all

  66. Do I want a Queen, but I am in Montevideo, Uruguay… no way to shipping? can you travel? by the State of her health.

  67. farima smth says:

    Thank you so much for not giving up on her…she’s amazing I’m so glad she’s getting better & eating well too. Shame on the people that this to her, heartless cowards. Thank you again for your amazing work & compassion.

  68. Helen Marsh says:

    I have shared this on my timeline, I have kept dogs most of my life and always done the best I can for them, have had my fair share of rescue dogs too, I hope this poor girl makes it

  69. Kevin Conroy says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this horror to light. You are to be blessed for your caring devotion to animals in such dire need of help. My heart goes out to Queen and you and your organization. I wish her a recovery, if that is possible. I believe she will triumph! Sending love and prayers your way. Shared on Facebook for exposure and support!

  70. this is my first time on your site Victor and it has me cring like baby.theres just no excuse on Gods green Earth for a humen to do such awfull things to a animal when all they wantis smeone to love them.what you are doing as help and voice for all this animals is a Blessing ,thankyou,

  71. Tracy Lanning says:

    I wish for a miracle she deserves to be treated like a “Queen” for the rest of her days. Thank you to Vets & everyone who is helping her back on her feet. I worked for Animal Hospital of Whitfield Co. For many years @ seen alot of lives saved. Vets do not enough recognition for what they do. Cudos to your “other family doctor”. Bless y’all for what y’all do.

  72. Cindy Wylde says:

    Praying she makes it. So sad there are ppl out there that do this to sweet animals. God Bless You!! :)

  73. I would like to give more
    But money is tight for me this month

    5 dollar paid via paypal

  74. i am gob smacked that the country allows this to happen , they ought to hang there heads in shame , how can anyone thats got a heart beating in there body condone let alone do this to an animal that has worked diligently for them , asking only for love and respect , but getting neither , they aught to be hung up like they do there dogs , see how they feel , thankyou for giving your all to save this lovely dog ,and give her hugs and kisses from me , come on queenie sending healing thoughts your way xxx

  75. Working with the fate of grey/galgo and podenco’s since 1999, it still shocks me to see the horror man inflicts on animals that can not defend themselves. FIght Queen so you will know that there are good people that will show you love and affection. Betty, ‘mom’ of 20 old, ill and handicapped dogs (of which many greys and podencos).

  76. God please bless her and Viktor and all the other living creatures suffering animal cruelty in this world.

  77. Sandra Williams says:

    I,m crying so hard .I hope and pray that you can do everything for her. I don,t understand why people do this to animals. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs of my own and if any body would hurt them i guess i would just pay them back for the pain the inflected on my babys. I pray for you every day that god gave you a great heart for what your doing for these animals. Thank you so much for the greatest and biggest heart god has gave you.Sandra

  78. Frauke Petereit says:

    20 $ sind über paypal raus , Gott schütze Euch und all die armen Seelen !!!!!!

  79. Thank You for all you do for the animals..Sending God your way!! (Prayers). If I had money, I would send it your way!! Some day hopefully I will!!

  80. So sad to think that humans can be so cruel, but it’s true. We need to stop the criminals and negligent humans that use and abuse the defenseless animals. I pray that she get well and can live a happy life. God bless you for helping her and so many.

  81. This poor baby. People can be so cruel. I am so happy to see she is eating and has a fighting chance. I hope she finds a wonderful loving home. I have definitely donated.

  82. Werner ALEX says:

    I can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable

  83. Please find the people that did this, post their name, and let someone find and kill them. Every day I see things like this and all I hope for is the abusers die a slow, painful and torturous death.

  84. To our four legged friends I apologize for two leggeds brutality she did not deserve that suffering. May the Great Spirit keep and heal Queen.

  85. How old is the photo of the two dogs seen hanging? When or how long ago did this happen to the dog known as Queen? What was the outcome for Queen?

  86. Irene Vogel says:

    I wish the best for queen. You have a very kind heart. I had heard that Spain had a bad reputation for this reason. Please continue to make the world aware of this .They need to be held accountable. Loosing tourist $$$ may be one way to get their attention.

  87. who did this and what puni
    shment will they receive? i want to witness thier punish
    ent!!! what is your website i would rather donate ther thank for being queen’s angels God will bless you!!!!

  88. walter williams says:

    I hope and pray she will make a recovery! It breaks my hear and soul to see this horrific abuse. How anyone can or could do this to an innocent animal is so horrific. I am sickened by the amount of abuse any innocent animal suffers. I pray she will make it

  89. who did this and what puni
    shment will they receive? i want to witness thier punish
    ent!!! what is your website i would rather donate ther thank for being queen’s angels God will bless you!!!!

  90. Jay Moore says:

    I know a lot of you say you cannot afford to donate, but just $1 or 1 Euro or £1, it just means going without one small thing and all the $ and £ do mount up, we just have to keep this rescue going, no one else takes dogs on in these conditions, so have a little think please could you just make a small donation, I live on state pension, and have managed, told my dogs they have to have less treats for a while.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Just as I thought I’ve heard the worse case of animal cruelty another case appears, being an animal lover it makes me sick to the stomach that humans can treat animals like this how can they sleep at night, thank god queenie was saved just in time and appears to be doing well this little lady is a fighter as she shows us, dear dear queenie I pray that u continue your fight to survive xxxxx

  92. I sent 20 wish i could send more maybe next pay check thank you for helping her

  93. Anonymous says:

    It is tragic and painful. This ordinary fascism.

  94. give me name and adress of those guy’s, trust me they are dead ! ! ! !

  95. Incredibly sad but also wonderful!! Fast healing for Queen and lots of pledges…I’ll send mine now! God Bless You!!

  96. I just cannot understand this kind of thing? So sorry.Thankfull there are people like you , with a heart for animals.It gets to me to see pictures.
    I try not to look.

  97. Anonymous says:

    God Bless you for helping this poor baby!! Sending love & prayers!

  98. Dawn Mello says:

    What in holy hell is wrong with these scumbags that hurt these animals. I would like to be alone in a room with them, a bat and 15 minutes. I know it doesn’t solve anything, well yes it does. One less abuser.

  99. jana dodge says:

    Thank god she has been rescued…God must have been looking out for her.WHY people choose to be so cruel to animals is beyond me. I wish we could have harsher laws for this and also I would wish for an eye for an eye punishment. People that abuse animals should stand in front of a firing squad!! I would love to pull the trigger!!! I pray she lives a long life and goes to a loving home.., thank you for saving her.

  100. Sharon Knauer says:

    SHARED but i cannot comment. i cannot stop crying when i look at her photo. no words
    there are NO WORDS for this.

  101. I am sickened by the treatment of these dogs. Is this torture and abandonment not illegal? What do Spaniards think of this brutality against these dogs? The photo of the hanging dogs is straight from the middle ages. I have contributed to Queen’s rehabilitation, but I am also disgusted at this sort of institionalized cruelty in a country that is supposedly civilized. I have infinite admiration for Victor and his colleagues who face the daily nightmare of their compatriots’ barbarism. Here’s to Queen’s survival and placement with loving owners.

  102. I have heard that spain is one of the worst countries for animal abuse and cruelty. Even at religious festivals, some poor critter will be sure to suffer horribly. But, sadly, I have seen dogs in this condition right here in the USA. My brother adopted a dumped hunting dog.

    I am so glad for Queen’s soft pillow to lay her head on, and for the love and care that I know she is now getting. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

  103. sick to my stomach at such bastards

  104. So very sorry for this poor girl but thank you for all your hard work – so sorry but the only thing for it is hang the bastards that do this

  105. I’m shocked… And happy that Queen is in good hands now. Donated and sent prayers!

  106. Sherry Jones says:

    This evil is every where. I cry so much and I pray, too. I wish we could save all of them. I hate thinking of the hurt and torture they go through. Government treats murderers better!!! I wish I could do more than pray and share. Hoping to be financially better soon so I can donate.


  108. Morrigan Black says:

    How can you hang those two dogs? oh god – that just hit me so hard and then came the picture of Queenie – I hope with everything I got that she will survive –

    What is wrong with the “Human” Race – they are no longer humane – so we need a new name for people like that – they surely do not belong on this Earth

  109. I could gleefully kill the piece of crap that did this.

  110. I donnot understand this horrible treatment of this poor sweet baby, I do understand how kind you are and I donated some money; wish it was more. You know you are wonderful and I wish I could be like you.

  111. thank you for help to QUEEN!! for you’re humanity!!! i hope, you can save QUEEN and she’s fine now! sincerely, congradulation for everything you can make for animals

  112. what a horrible story and what a very beautiful girl queen is. how could her owner do such a horrible thing. queen must of worked very hard for her owners and inreturn she gets abused badly. then dumped in a field to die. god bless everyone of you for saving her. now she will get alittle better and stronger with each day. never to be abused again but loved.

  113. Did she was hanging on the tree?horror!

  114. Rhonda Mengarelli says:

    Is there any way we can find updates on Queen??? She really should have a facebook page so we can ALL keep up on her

  115. God is watching over you Queen. My hopes and prayers for a full recovery. I know you have a long road ahead of you but I truly believe you have the will to live. What happened to you is disgusting and the guilty should be given the same treatment you were.

  116. Indeed a very sad case, unfortunately, more will suffer :(

  117. andy fortnum says:

    You are doing a wonderful job. I support you 100% and wish you the very best. It just shows that there are good people out there!!

  118. Please show this girl that there are good people in the world. And may the subhumans that did this die a slow painful death.

  119. this is where an eye for an eye needs to come in. lock them up, throw away they key and let those bastards rot in hell!!

  120. Gail Oldfield says:

    As with all cruel, sardistic, inhumane abuse it is at human hands, it makes me feel ashamed . I have adopted and support my local dogs home and will continue, thank goodness Queen found kind caring people to save her from what can only be imminent death

  121. Sending good vibes and prayers for strength and healing. I am praying so hard for you to make it through the night and strength for living in the days going forward. You are in great hands now, loved and away from harm, so fight with all you’ve got for the will to live. The team will elp you thru this awful time and it will be a memory as so many are praying for you. Rest now with Viktor — you are loved!!! <3

  122. Anonymous says:

    i just saw queen i hope to god she makes it she looks a lovely dog bless her please update us on how she gets on xxx

  123. The Rescuers Truly Are Angles and if those poor abused animals speak I am sure they are saying words of love … My heart breaks when I see needless abuse when it is easy to call a rescue society to pickup their unwanted innocent pets, I wish their was some way to expose these evil people to give them shame!!! I must say ” what goes around comes around ” they will get their pain when they lest expect it, that is the way of the world!!! You do good you will get good back, vica versa!!!! I pray a lot for all the abused animals there seems to be all over the world God will be busy!!!

  124. Marvin Lumanglas says:

    The first pic, its spain’s most cruel kind of animal abuse, its called “PIANO PLAYING” i have already signed a hundreds of petition just to stop that cruelty. they hang up the dog in a tree, and the dog will reach for the ground that will looked like a dog playing a piano. For Queen, Thanks for saving her ;D

  125. This made my stomach hurt when i saw this-I tried to save a cat a couple weeks ago that got hit. It was in the middle of the road so i got a towel from my car and picked him out of the road-he was still alive but breathing heavy. The people just blew by me yelling and beeping for me to get out of their way and some kids shouted “meow meow, roadkill” I was so pissed I yelled back that I wished it was them lying half-dead in the road. Not sure if the kitty made it but animal control took it an emergency clinic. I am still appalled by people who don’t have any compassion for animals. I am donating to Queen right now. I hope she recovers and has a great life-she certainly deserves it!!!!

  126. Debra Smith says:

    I am unfortunately and continually dismayed and disgusted by the depths people go to – animal abuse is a sure sign things are drastically wrong with us as humans. I am in despair at the suffering and so sad by what I see. I have such empathy for the animals and none for the people so much so that I worried about the person I will end up. A true animal lover and so glad there are many more of us out there. Bless you and I pray Queen will survive and find some enjoyment from life. ( and they call it the gift of the gods ) x

  127. Emily Campbell says:

    I am so appalled at the thought of someone doing this horrible thing to one of GODS creatures. They are put on this earth to love ,not to be used and thrown out like garbage. I only hope this terrible treatment of these beautiful animals will stop!! Please keep me updated on Queens condition . My heart goes out to her. Thank you Viktor you genuinely are an angel of mercy.Thank you for what you are doing . May GOD bless you

  128. I hate abuser people. God don’t like ugly Who ever hurting the animals it hurting GOD! I would like give this dog a home.

  129. christine says:

    I just want to know WHY some people have so much compassion for animals and others don’t have any at all????? :'( WHY, DEAR LORD, WHY? :'(

  130. Jacqueline Mann says:

    I cannot describe how I am feeling seeing this beautiful creature like this, those resposable must be found and hurt in some way a huge fine would be best as obviously they only care about money. Like someone else pointed out dogs give us unconditional love it’s a shame humans can’t treat dogs with the same respect . I can only afford a small donation but if it helps Queen that’s all that matters … thankyou Viktor for doing this I wish there were more people like you in this cruel world.

  131. Even in her present condition, Queen is beautiful! Bless you Viktor and your wonderful team for having the compassion to give these forgotten babies another chance when so many would not bother.

  132. I would love to give her a home!!!

  133. I was laid off so am unemployed right now but as soon as I have anything at all, I will donate. Until then you have my prayers and love.

  134. Sharon Seremek says:

    Just know this sweet, sweet girl will pull through this. You can see the hope and faith in her beautiful eyes. She knows she is at last in loving hands and safe for once in her life.

  135. Sharon Seremek says:

    Just know this sweet, sweet girl will pull through this. There is so much hope and faith in her beautiful eyes.

  136. andrew stevens says:

    god bless her :) i shared on facebook :)

  137. Patricia moore says:

    I would love to give her a loving home she deserves to be cherished and loved all animals do.
    I think you are doing a wonderfull job I would like to help if I can.

  138. Kat Jones says:

    Well Queen, you made it the first night??? I am praying with all of my heart and soul for you to pull through this…

  139. Bless you and Queen. I am sending all my prayers to you for her .

  140. I have prayed very hard that Queen will make it thru the night.

  141. clare neal says:

    My heart broke in half reading this lasses story, how could mankind be so cruel to these poor animals. I am ashamed to be part of a so called civilisation that still lets this sort of thing go on in 2013. when will mankind ever learn the compassion and unconditional love of a dog is not there to be used as a means to torture any dog. To you wonderful people who have taken Queen on to help her rebuild a life I cannot thank you or praise you enough,you truely re remarkable people.To Queen, you poor sweetheart im sorry for how mankind has treated you sweetheart, you get well and stay strong and I wish for you a very happy outcome and a forever home that will give you all the love care and attention you deserve. You NEVER gave up neither will all those helping any dogs in need of help. You are a testament to courage,strength and hope. bless you little one xx

  142. Jill Gilfillan says:

    Where is the petition for people to sign to protest to the Spanish government? World wide condemnation and public outcry will affect their coffers and be far more powerful than anything else. A petition please.

  143. Peggy Kirk says:

    We are requesting 2 American dollars from as many of our Facebook contacts and friends as we can over the next 7 days to donate to Queen’s recovery as well as to your mission of stopping this horrific crime form happening again. GOOD JOB!! Over the last 36 hours, since we first saw Queens story we have asked over 2800 people to chip in 2 dollars as well as to share same request along with the story of Queen and her videos to all of their friends and contacts, we hope to have reached at least 15,000 separate folks with this request by Monday the 11th with a final goal of raising a minimum of 10,000 American dollars for you by Valentines day, the 14th.

  144. Lyn İnce says:

    İ would love 10 seconds in a room with the person who did this…With the love and compasion that My lets adopt have this poor baby will recover. She looks like a fighter. Just lıke Aytem Hope !!! Bless you xx

  145. Francisco says:

    I worked as a tour manager for years and when we would come to the French Spanish border, dogs would come up to the bus, one came on board in the back and my teenagers went crazy….I told them to get the dog off the bus and they did and the dog realized I was the boss and laid on the ground giving its belly to me in complete submission. I almost cried realizing the plight but this was not just one dog. In Italy the strays are there, they are not given shots etc, but people feed them at least and there is enough they can live on, I am visiting Turkey and the strays have a great life as they are happy healthy fed by the city and people and all have a chip attached to their ears, I offered on a treat the other day and he was not much interested that is how well off they are. I cannot believe this nonsense is still going on in Spain.

  146. Words cannot express my outrage re: The abuse, cruelty of these animals.. To string up, burn…. Are we still living in the stone age?? Spain needs to clean up their act!!!!! Give Queen plenty of love, care; keep her warm. God is watching over her.

  147. Jay Jameson says:

    I am in the USA & live on disability but will send you $5 in US money so how that equates to you i don’t know, but i know every little bit helps. This picture of her was so shocking i literally got sick to my stomach. My heart goes out to Queenie & i agree with everyone, would be nice to catch these people & do the eye for an eye punishment. Also agree with the person who said everyone could donate even $1!! I will just do without something this month, my 3 animals will not miss any food or nothing, & i certainly can do w/o to feel my $5 may have helped in a very, very small way..keep us posted on Facebook…i am not even shocked anymore at the cruelty & evil in men’s hearts….

  148. ELA KNIAZ says:


  149. ELA KNIAZ says:


  150. I have no words, only tears and anger. This makes me more determined to highlight these disgusting people who call themselves human.

  151. Is there a paypal account or a chip in link? The scum who do this sort of thing to our animals do not deserve to be members of the human race – not sure where they belong. They are certainly not animals as animals are far better than them.

  152. Hard to believe that people are this cruel…we have a man up here in North Dakota who had 101 horses die out in the fields because he couldn’t feed or water them and another 120 taken by the Sheriff to other ranchers who could care for them…the prosecuting attorney for the county still has not charged the man.

  153. Going home to hug my Beezer. Best of luck to this poor girl.

  154. how anyone can do this is beond me,i love dogs and could never do this it makes me sick.i hppe she makes it

  155. Riesa Larson says:

    I hope the scum that did this to her meet a fate 100 times worse. That poor baby. God Bless all who are helping Sweet Queen. I pray for her and only hope she is given LOVE for the rest of her life which I hope by God’s grace she is given. I pray for a miracle. God Love and Bless you Sweet baby.

  156. Hello sweet and cuty Quenn,
    If I could i would adopt you . . . but i have cats …..i send you all my LOVE an REIKI…maybe it helps . . . . be sure REALLY i would love to give you a loving home . . .but my husband is sitting in a wheelxhair (multiple sclerosis) aand we are not able to give you the “action” you need :( My heart is with you, poor little girl :-(

  157. Hi to everyone,what lovely remarks for this little dog as always on this page which shows that apart from these horrendous people who do these unforgivable things we are many that love and care for animals. I hope she gets through well and finds a wonderful home.Maybe it can even be here in Spain where by someone she has been so badly treated.Believe me she is just one in a long list of many,some they dont even give the chance to survive(as the photo shows)Good luck Queen,Im sure you will find a fantastic home and a family who will love you as you deserve.

  158. Denise Franklin says:

    There must be a lot of reservation set aside for a lot of people to go to purgatory . They have set that reservation in stone and the bodies of animals they have destroyed so horrifically.

  159. Clare Earl says:

    I will never ever understand the depravity that man can inflict on poor defenceless creatures. If only the world felt the same compassion as me, you and the lovely people who are commenting. It rips my heart out every time I see cases like beautiful Queen and there are too many and you feel so helpless that you cannot help every single creature. If we can all help and all make donations the little we feel like we can do will amount to a lot. Please do everything that you can to help Queen, she certainly is a little fighter. I want her to live so that she can see that we are not all monsters in this world. I would do anything I could to take away her pain and suffering as in any animal. These disgusting bastards should be shot or burnt alive themselves, let them know how much suffering they have inflicted. You do an amazing job and thank god there are people like you around. My prayers are with Queen and all of the other beautiful suffering animals in the world xxxx

  160. elizabeth tully says:

    I can hardly write this as my eyes are welling up. This beggars belief It is very hard for me to take this in, Man is so cruel not just to animals but also to his fellow men

  161. Line Belanger says:

    Tidus legacy….the puppy burned alived by teenagers in Spain……wish her better karma then Tidus ….he. Died.Good luck Queen the beautiful one

  162. Des Hacker says:

    By the look in her eyes , Queen knows she is now safe. How amazing that after all this neglect and cruelty she wags her tail in the presence of humans.Wishing her a speedy recovery and a loving home to go to where she is treated with the compassion and kindness she deserves.

  163. Ian Tasker says:

    they people who did this are not human they should be hung i have put it on my f/b page even if we get one person to help thats a start to get this cruelty stopped

  164. i would give her a home if i could but im only 13,,,, whoever done this to her i will kill the bastard,,,,,bless her she must be in so much pain xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  165. Dear Queen..Stay strong we are all behind you.Waiting and sending strength and love love love to keep you going.Eddie says keep strong there is a wonderful life waiting for you.You have a name to live up to!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  166. All my love and prayers!

  167. God… do anything to save her…and if you don’t really see any chance for her, just be with her in the last moments of her life… don’t let her feel alone…

  168. Ewa Skarin says:

    Dear god please help this sweet angel of yours she is fighting for her life and they try to save her the best they can but they need your help.Please god don’t let this sweet angel go without experienced true love and tenderness,she will come to you some day but that day isin’t now we need here here for a while so we can show her that not all humans are bad.
    We trust you to do the right thing and we hope Queen will live many years from now. Amen.

  169. Maya North says:

    I have my own little rescue guy tucked in my shirt right now and I think of Queen, trying to wrap my love around her from afar even as I wrap my arms around my little Papi and weep for them both–for her that life has been such a ravagement and for him that he is safe. Prayers for the beautiful Queen, thanks beyond rubies to you who try so hard…

  170. mrs m campbell says:

    i have rescued all my life and have seen some awful cruelty to animals , i have 3 dogs at the moment with theyre own sad tales to tell but queens story and photos are the saddest iv seen, these people are the scum of the earth and i would love to give them the same treatment they have given to
    her . i prey she recovers my heart is full and aches for her. bless you all for your efforts xxx come on queen you can do it angel xxxxxxxxxxxx

  171. I am a dog owner and I would NEVER mistreat my animals like that how anyone could is beyond me i feel bad when i have to tell my dogs no and they give me their puppy eye look. Just wish the people who harm animals could get caught far too many sick people in this world.

  172. My prayers go to you my little girl. I pray God to heal you and give you health. My heart is broken, but I hope and pray that you will be better, Keep fighting Queen, we all are with you girl….

  173. tess winter says:

    thank you for all you are doing for Queenie and all the others

    I dont believe in god but I believe in energy and I am praying for her

  174. Alison Hill says:

    I have just prayed and cried very hard for her – please God let her live!!! Tidus was taken away from us, this time please, please, please let Queen live. God bless you little girl and allow you to stay with us – I cannot bear another heartbreak …

  175. God bless Queen my prayers are for you girl if your poor body cannot take the pain may your soul play in gods gardens

  176. Carol Neto says:

    Praying for Queen she is gorgeous and precious thank you for helping her and not giving up, now she finally knows that not all humans are I humane ! Blessings to continue you valiant work

  177. I have seen some awful things and cruelty but this is just so bad that i have no words…thank you for helping Queen. Bless her and all of you working so hard for her and others. I can only wish that who did this will get what they deserve !!!

  178. Jayne Barrett-Williams says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Queen today, and I hope for a miracle!

  179. Sandeep Kumar says:

    The angel has all our best wishes and she is in our prayers…. Hope she gets well and is up and about soon.

  180. andrew stevens says:

    thinking of her :) bless her :)

  181. Dear God, please keep Queen in the palm of your hand this morning. She needs one of Your mighty miracles today. Please guide the hands of her care team and be with them throughout her procedure. If she passes over the rainbow please let her know she was loved by many and give her eternal happiness in Your garden. Amen.

  182. Sweet innocent fur-child of God, sending you loving thoughts and prayers for strength and healing and calm and comfort and gentle gentle love

  183. Come on sweetheart fight. There are good people out there who will love you xx

  184. Karen Marsland says:

    I am crying and my heart aches for this poor beautiful girl… I am sad to belong to the Same race as her abusers… I’m praying for you darling Queen, I am glad u have experienced some love in your precious life <3

  185. David Zichy says:

    I have prayed for her, I am touching wood, i touching my head, i am crossing my fingers….Sending lots of love.

  186. I am hoping that I am praying correctly for Queen.She is so beautiful.NO animal deserves to die so horriablly. Please give her a hug and kiss for me. thank you to you and your team. Barb

  187. Marina Brown says:

    OMG, poor, poor Queen, when will people stop all cruelty to animals, I hate some to the human race I really do, my heart breaks for Queen and all the animals that fall prey to the cruel, human scum bags that commit such things to these poor souls… I’m praying desperately for you Queen, sending lots of love, healing energy and light, please fight girlie, we love and care xxxxx (“”) (“”) xxxxx

  188. Lucinda Hare says:

    God rot them to hell for these scum who are apologies for human beings. They are soulless and heartless…Queen, one of so so many, fight girl, fight and many love you

  189. christine Robinson says:

    You are wonderful people doing a wonderful job. My husband and myself will be praying all day for Queen. God bless Queen and all of you xxx

  190. I woke up thinking about Queen and saw your update. So many tears. I hope she can pull through – the transfusion may give her a boost to help her fight back. But if it is not to be – just keep in mind that she only had a chance because of you guys and she has known more kindness in the last few days than at any time in her life. She has truly enjoyed those dishes of food brought to her and she has known true love. L x

  191. anonomous says:

    please hold on baby girl and get well , praying for you as i type xx

  192. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be part of the human race. How can people be so cruel I just can’t understand. I’m sending all my positive thoughts and prayers to beautiful Queen. Would love to sit by her side to comfort her. She is just beautiful and you are beautiful too taking such good care of her and giving her a chance. I hope she recovers and my thought are with her!

  193. Tina Goacher says:

    It’s so sad to see such a bueatiful dog in this condition i can never understand why people do this i will be thinking of queen and hope to god that she will pull through, did you ever find the culprits who let this lovely little lady suffer like this.. my thoughts are with your lovely team good luck please please give queen a big cuddle when you are able to thankyou xxxxxxx

  194. Francesca says:

    Prayers, Prayers, Prayers for Queen

  195. Josep Ramon says:

    So sorry, i´d like donate but i am unemployed and i haven´t money. But i wish better for her.
    sorry for my poor english.
    From Barcelona. Spain

  196. janet donoghue says:

    have notcried so much i have a rescue dog my prayer sre with her if she makes it she will have lots of lovely homes to go to where is god? when these things are happenning?

  197. Tanya Muttitt says:

    please keep us informed of her progress please

  198. Annabelle Franklin says:

    I’m praying for Queen now and sending healing. I hope so much that she recovers to live a healthy and happy life

  199. Jamie Tarbet Miller says:

    Sending prayers and hugs for Queen. She is so beautiful. Will pray for the day she is better so she may experience love and kindness.
    Thank you for all you are doing for her.

  200. Maria Staples says:

    Please God give this baby the strength to heal and survive. Donation made, don’t know how anyone could leave their pet in this state, I would rather die than do that. Come on Queen you can do it xxxxxxxx

  201. Praying for Queen, please pull through, sweet dog

  202. Thank you for helping Queen~thinking about her and keeping everything crossed for her recovery.

  203. So sorry Queen is not responding well. Praying for her in NJ. Stay strong sweetie!!!

  204. I am so sorry for her! She is in my prayers and I hope she starts to respond to treatment. It is hard to believe that there are people out there that would do such a thing to such an innocent animal. I would take her in a heartbeat. Please Lord help Queen to survive and know there are people out there that would love her like she should be loved! Amen

  205. Laurie Rose says:

    I will never and can never understand how people can treat any animal in this manner. To all of you who are on the team of helping to rescue these helpless babies, may God bless you richly. You are in my thoughts and prayers this morning dear Queen.

  206. tracey skeggs says:

    i send lots of healing love and hugs for this lovely dog.xxxxxxxxx

  207. carol fowler says:

    Who did this , does anyone know? This persons ( if they have them) children should be taken away from them, after all anyone who could do this to an animal, what is he doing to his children? The children are in danger.

  208. i am praying and the only comfort if there is any!!!! is that at least now maybe for the first time she feels loved and cared for. this is heartbreaking and sooo so sad.thank you once again for caring, words are not enough to express how much i appreciate what you are doing.x

  209. Anonymous says:

    May people who treat any animal this way meet the karma they deserve – i am truly speechless with anger & disgust!!

  210. carole stone says:

    queen please stay strong and don’t give up you have come this far god is with you please fight to get better you deserve a good life i will be praying for you and know so many love you and will never let anyone hurt you again get better so you can find your forever home with love god bless you queen

  211. sharman woll says:

    i lighted a candle for queem on friday, at the light a virtual candle web site. i am praying for queen an will continue till she is well. i believe in miracles an i am asking god for a miracle for queen today. i know you say shan e isnt doing well…………….but god is bigger than any problem on earth an queen deserves his loove too. gpd please give queen a chance to live, a chance for a loving home, a chance to have a loving child in her life. g
    ive this poor baby whatever she needs to live. swork with the doctors to help them save her, .please god. please please god. i ask in Jesus name. amen

  212. Tuuli Tuovinen says:

    Horrible, the state she’s in… Thank you, for taking her in and giving her a chance at life. Everybody deserves a second chance, every single person and animal.

  213. Bernie Bentley says:

    Hi – so impressed with the work you do and I would like to thank you for that.

    So sorry about Queen – I pray she will be on the mend and react well to the blood transfustion.

    Don’t be disheartened – you are showing her love and perhaps that is for the first time in her life. She loves you for that.

    Take care and give her a hugg from me, xxx

    Much love, prayers and blessings.

    Bernie xxxxxx

  214. Heartbreaking. She is so beautiful and so sweet, who could do such a disgusting evil thing to such a creature. I just want to take her my arms and into my heart. Her eyes have such depth of sorrow but its people like you who are angels on earth and will get her back to health. I have given as much as I can but will give more next month, hoping that she is still with us. There are more kind people in the world than bad and we must stand together to stop this. Thank you for saving her. What happened to the other poor dog on the picture?

  215. You’ve done your best to save her and should the transfusion fail, know this one thing…..You gave her love and comfort….something she has never ;had in her life.

    Bless you :-)

  216. Sandie Stone says:

    Praying that she will pull through. How do those who inflict such cruelty sleep at night? So glad that there are people like you in this world!

  217. Queen is in my prayers and thoughts. I pray that she will recover but if she passes, then at least, for a short time I’m sure that somehow she knows she’s been loved and cared for. Such a beautiful dog. How could anyone have been so cruel? Heartbreaking :(

  218. Sandra Williams says:

    I,m praying for her .I,m so sorry there are people who do this kinds of things to these poor animals. I,m glad that god gave you such a big heart to help these animals. My heart gos out to you and all the animals you have helped and will help. I just pray that she gets better but if she doesnt that when she gets to heaven that she runs in the tall grass and has fun with God. God Bless you for all that you do. Hugs to you and your Staff. Sandra

  219. Praying for Queen…..<3

  220. I’m sitting here stunned–how can humans do this to another living thing. To watch it suffer is beyond words.I’M THANKFUL THERE ARE CLINICS LIKE YOURS TO TRY AND HELP.

  221. I fully believe in Karma…I can’t wait for them to get theres.

  222. Please. Keep fighting beautiful girl, you’re in the best hands and loved and well cared for xx

  223. My fingers are crossed for Queen. Why do we as a human race do this I am appalled what we can do…………..

  224. I hope and pray Queen make it I have 11 rescue dogs and 130 ferrets if I lived nearer I would love to adopt her as I have two lurchers and one is called Queeny these dogs all started off life bad but now they are my happy children. Please God give Queen the strenght to live and shame and beat her tormenters and may they rot in hell.

  225. I am so sadden to read what people do to their dogs without having a feeling or care. I am so sorry for her. I too would love to have her. Blessings on her way.

  226. Catherine says:

    Thank you for being there and being able to help her whatever the outcome. Will donate what I can. Prayers and love coming Queens way in huge loads.

  227. Lisa Foley says:

    I’m saying a pray right now for Queen. Hold on Queenie, you deserve to live. Now what to do with her owner!?!?

  228. Is she still alive ? The poor Little Sweet Baby…?

  229. I’m sorry Queen that bad people disrespected you, abused you and were in any way possible bad towards you. You did your best.

    But now you’re in the kinder hands of humans who really do care. You have to try your best again, to come back with their help. Come back to good health so someone can take you home and love you..

    Try Queen, try very hard and you will be rewarded with a real loving home to call your own.

  230. Dierenvriend says:

    There is so much “evil” on this world, it hurts! We have to keep fighting against this, and keep standing up for the poor animals.
    Thank you for being there and trying to do anything to save a life. Even is Queen does not make it, like Tidus, they know you all are trying, they appreciated your loving touch and your friendly voices.
    Thank you!

  231. How could anyone do this to a dog or any soul.I am just crying so hard..Please save her..

  232. Ellen Webster says:

    Praying for this beautiful and brave dog. We know you have done everything you can to save her life and she knows too.

  233. Anonymous says:

    Dear God in heaven! All I am able to do for you is send you love and the energy that flows through us. I have all my thoughts at this moment in time helping, willing, her to hang on xx

  234. This is so sad that anyone could treat an helpless animal this way, surely they will answer to God almight at the judgement day for this. i am praying that YAHWEH will give her a miracle healing for HIS glory. In Yeshua’s mighty name. God bless her little body and soul. Please place more information about the organization doing these treatments so we know a little more about who is soliciting donations. Thanks so much and God bless.

  235. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness how can anyone treat a animal like that, well the punishment the people who did this to Queen should be the same as they gave that poor dog only ten times worse, i know what i would do to them,i only can pray so hard that the poor thing pulls through, well done to those trying to save her they have my highest regards

  236. Roberta Decker says:

    My donation is small but I pray that it helps in some way. I pray they find the “scum” that did this to this precious animal. Please hang in there Queen. Not all people are like those that hurt you. There are people out there who love and are praying for you. There is a good life out there waiting for you Queen. Please fight girl.

  237. Sennar Karu says:

    Light and Love to Queen.. i hope you can save her…

  238. I have never seen a ything so cruel. We are praying for her xxx

  239. I am praying for her.

  240. The people who did this to this poor baby are disgraceful. I’m lost for words, but it has to be stopped.

  241. I am ashamed to be part of the human race after seeing what was done or not done to this dog. Whoever did this will one day face his maker and need to explain his actions and I wonder if God will have mercy on him…..the way he did NOT for this poor girl. I pray God will do His will for her……even if it is not what I want to hear. She is beautiful and it so hurts my heart to know she is hurting. Thank you for not turning your back on her :)

  242. Did you actually find these dogs yourself? Chances are the people who are doing this to these poor dogs are more than likely living not far from where they are being found. Investigation is needed into this, even if it’s goin door to door round local houses asking about this. Poor girl I hope she gets through this, you have a good heart to help. It’s a shame more people aren’t in the sad world to help rather than be cruel.

  243. Oh my God such cruelty bless you all for your hard and sad work x

  244. i pray queen will be ok what a sad sad story people that abuse animals need to be brought to justice its awful behaving in such a cruel and nasty way how can they live with themselves

  245. Keep fighting Queen, we haven’t given up hope yet beautiful girl X

  246. Deborah in Essex UK. says:

    God bless you Queen. You are in my thoughts and prayers right now. The owners that did this to you should be treated in exactly the same way and see how they like it. It is so cruel and unecessary. BIG hugs and kisses to you from me. <3 <3 <3 xxxx

  247. Just made a donation to help this beautiful girl’s recovery…I wish I could send more, but I am praying so hard she will heal, and then know the love of a forever home. God bless, Queen…

  248. Pam Rimmer says:

    I’d hang the people that did this – the same way they hang their dogs.

  249. If only this poor little creature has only one week of love, food, devotion an painfree hugs that will mean so much to her at least she will know there are real caring animal lovers out there and she will have felt the love she damn right deserves xxxxxx

  250. Rhonda Mengarelli says:

    R.I.P Sweet Queen :'(

  251. Edna Wharton says:

    At least this little girl died surrounded by love, God Bless you for trying and not giving up on her..

  252. Thank you for trying to help her, I am saddened by her passing but glad to know she was comforted in her last few days and that someone at least tried to help her……..

  253. Oh bless this poor sweet baby, your pain is no more & you knew love & care at the end. I wish so much you could have pulled through. Run fast & free Queen <3

  254. farima smith says:

    So so sad to hear Queen didn’t make it. She’s in a much better place now & free from pain. As you said you got to her too late to save her, but you did your best. Thanks for giving her final days lots of love & compassion, I’m sure she appreciated that.

  255. Dee Scherzer says:

    I would love this dog’s owner to feel the pain they allowed this poor animal to endure!!! Poor Queen just wanted love, affection & care but oh no, her owners let her rot like garbage instead. May they rot in hell for what they have done!

  256. RIP good and sweet girl. Thanks to those who showed her kindness.

  257. RIP Beautiful Angel. You will be missed from all your fans. Run Free and have fun where ever you are.

  258. what monster can do this!

  259. Carol-Ann Barden says:

    So, so sad to hear that Queen has passed away especially as it was at the hands of such cruelty – poor dear dog, she probably spent her life working so hard to please the b…..d’s that let her down so horribly. R.I.P. Queen, your work is over.

  260. Carrigan reed says:

    That’s a cute dog who ever did this to her should go to jail

  261. ELA.KNIAZ says:


  262. God bless you Queen, may finally find Peace in God’s arms. At least in her final hours she knew love and comfort and didn’t die alone xxx

  263. As I read her story I was hopeful…. ty for all of your efforts to save her.. she is playing with my sasha now on the rainbow bridge. Fly free Queen!

  264. Julie miller says:

    I now understand why I have always got on better with animals and feel better around them they are always there for you and treat you right
    I hope the people that did that to this beautiful animal get what they deserve and at least the beautiful dog can now run free of pain with her pals in doggy heaven over the rainbow

  265. teaes now..No words..At least she knew love at the end of her earthly life <3

  266. poor queen… :(
    rest in peace
    hope you are now in a better place

  267. marie demian says:

    i have given up on human’s animals are beautiful this case should never of happened

  268. She left us. Sad! So sad! Another angel in heaven…

  269. Someone got it wrong, humans are the animals, I hate people that treat animals like a piece of rotten meat.

  270. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I am so sorry that you lost Queen. She was a beautiful girl inside and out and did not deserve the life that was dealt to her. BUT now she is running and playing with Tidus and all the others that have gone before her. I wish you could have gotten to her sooner. Is there a chance that the people that treated her like this could be prosecuted for animal cruelty? If stricter laws were implemented maybe something would change. Also is there any preventative medicine for leishmania since there seems to be so many cases in your part of the world? I had never heard of this disease in the USA.

  271. Poor sweet angel. May you be reborn in the Pure Land and never suffer another moment of suffering ever again. Buddha bless you.

  272. Anonymous says:

    Bless queen!!!!! She is beautiful

  273. Jeffrey Vaughn says:

    I just learned that Queen has died. My partner and I fund and operate a rescue facility in Glendale Ky USA. We have 30 to 40 animals a year come to us most of which are healthy and are simply rescued from kill shelters but there have been those few that suffered from such horrible neglect and abuse that I literally cry as I lift their beaten and starved bodies into my truck. Fortunately most survive but … I have never seen such an intentionally abused and tortured animal as Queen. God bless her sweet soul. … and God damn her torturers. Just because an act is a part of an ancient culture doesn’t mean it’s not also a part of a more ancient evil.

  274. Christine Nisbet - London, UK says:

    “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man” ~ M. Gandhi (1869-1948)

    I hold that of all the beasts that roam the earth, the most savage is man – Christine Nisbet

  275. Christine Nisbet - London, UK says:

    RIP Queen. In death you have the peace that life could not afford you.

  276. RIP Queen.
    you may be gone but your legacy lives on for all of us and you have not died in vein. You were loved and are truly missed. run free girl with no pain and nothing but love in your heart..<3

  277. Rest easy now little Queen. May you know the sunlight on your face and euphoria in your heart for all eternity!

  278. RIP Queen

  279. Theresa Garbatino says:

    I pray this precious girl fights hard through thus critical time and is blessed with amazing days to come

  280. Mazie McNeal says:

    This is such sad news. You both tries so hard. I was so hopeful she would live to know love. Thank you for all you did. I am unable to get over such cruelty and such a fantastic beauty is gone.

  281. christine says:

    This should NOT go unpunished!!! Owners need to be set an example!!!! :'( RIP angel! We failed you! :'(

  282. So sorry that Queen didn’t make it. After the horrible life she had I am so glad she. Knew love and kindness before she passed. The person who did that to her should be put in jail!

  283. Bobby Clark says:

    Many thanks for the showing her love and compassion before she crossed the bridge. Damn, makes me so sad.

  284. oMG…what a horror those evil morons do in Spain????the first picture about the reality what they did to animals rrrrreeeeeaaaalllyy make me so MAD….i wish i have the power to make them pay for what they have done…i will drag those morons to HELLL

  285. Allo Viktor je suis vraiment désolé pour Queen…..Merci d’avoir été la pour elle.

  286. wendy cornah says:

    shame I am so sorry

  287. Christine says:

    So sad to hear that Queen has died. I was praying for her all day yesterday. God bless you all for giving Queen the love and kindness she so richly deserved in her final days xxx

  288. Anonymous says:


  289. Alida du Preez (South Africa) says:

    DEAR GOD, I shouted it out: HELP QUEEN PLEASE…….BUT IN VAIN….God decided to take this broken body to him…He came to fetch His creation….she is much better off to be free of pain now, to be with her Master…run free Queen!!!!…the human race FAIL you…Killed you!!!….THANKS to the caring team who did what the could!!!!

  290. Andrea Orzesek says:

    Goodbye, Queen ! :-( We will never forget you….<3

  291. Anonymous says:

    bless you,we rescue animals over here,but that is really tough to do the work you do….

  292. Tracyanne Meloy says:

    This story made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach but I know this and other terrible things go on with poor helpless animals around the world. I only wish she could have survived to have been shown that someone would have loved and cared for her. My heart bleeds for her but at least she is now at peace. Poor little darling.

  293. Words cannot express the anger that I feel towards the people that did this and the sadness that I feel for Queen having to go through it. If I could, I would give $20,000 to help save her. However, at this time I only have a whole lot of strong prayers to send her way. There’s strength in prayers and sometimes that’s all it takes. It’s called a Miracle 😉

  294. Simon Gliddon says:

    Vegetarianism is a good starting point…..

  295. Poor baby, thank goodness she experienced kindness and love in her final hours. Keep up the great work. X

  296. So sad, so sorry. RIP sweetheart. Know that in those last moments you were loved. Run free!

  297. What can you say, the first is I pray this Queen lives on. To the most horrible animals in the world the human who done this I hope you get what you deserve for harming such a beautiful Lady. Hope all is going well for Queen. God willing.

  298. by beautiful queen,
    i feel sad to know you are not longer on our planet.

  299. So so sad..a candle burns for Queen. thank you for all you did for her. Run free at the Bridge sweet Angel free from pain and feeling only love. You where so special and will never be forgotten xxxx

  300. Run free over the rainbow, sweet girl. I will never forget you and I gonna spread your message out. I promise.

  301. MY angels are with her, at least she had some care in her last hours. The Ba—–ds will get their come upanse s they go through their lives, one day god will punish them as well, and they will have poor health in old age and may reflect on why they have the illness and bad fortune they will get. Karma is giong to get to them. xx god and the Angels be with her now.

  302. As this been posted to Green Peace for their support???

  303. John Kelly says:

    Want to do her justice and honor her passing? Do something good today for an animal. Donate food or a toy to your local animal shelter. Feed a stray cat. Put out some bird seed. Open your heart to a stray. Do for another animal what nobody bothered to do for her.

  304. Annabelle Franklin says:

    So sorry you lost her after all your hard work, but at least she is out of pain now and safe where no cruelty can touch her. The work you’re doing with these dogs is wonderful.

  305. Hi, this story just broke my heart ! How can humans treat animals so badly ? I really want to adopt an Ibizan Hound but I’m in Mauritius..

  306. I sobbed this morning…I don’t know this dog or these wonderful people that comforted her in her last days. All I know is that my heart just hurt looking at her and knowing what she had to endure in her short life. It made me cry, really cry. Bless you for giving Queen the only love she had ever felt. She didn’t die alone and that brings me some peace. Please continue your wonderful work. May Queen’s abuser and all other abusers rot in Hell where they belong!

  307. Kwang murphy says:

    Dogs are one of the most beautiful creature on this earth regardless what breed they are and yet some people that call themselves a humans being such a heartless, careless and being a human less about them…..some people!!

  308. I hope there is some justice somewhere, and this person will be held accountable for this cruelty.

  309. TheWolvessyster says:

    What can I say I was 24 the first time I collected signatures agaist

    I never loved that country and that people, are bloody humans, this is
    their cultural heritage.

    In the past Spain was a country governed by dictature……..

    Damned humans are they


  310. in tears; whats up with part of the humanrace? do they really think they can do this without have to answer for it……. someday it’s what you reap is what you sow rip you deserved so much better in this life <3

  311. Jackie Davis says:

    I know that in her heart, she knew that someone tried to help her. I hope in that moment that she knew, that not all humans are like her abusers. I thank you for taking the time for her. She was a magnificent animal. Now she runs free and I cry my tears for her. Her abusers are despicable people, void of humanity.

  312. In all my years of helping the galgos and podencos, it was obvious to me this dog would have been better pts, she would not survive as she was too far gone. So what has happened to the money which was donated for her care? Surely the vet knew any treatment would only prolong her suffering. I am disgusted that this dog was made to suffer longer than necessary, to my mind just for publicity and to get money.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      To your mind Beryl… to your mind.
      She was treated for three days. That’s not prolong anyone’s suffering it’s called give a dog a fighting chance.
      I hope you don’t run a rescue, I hope you are not a vet.

  313. eve jones says:

    R.I.P Queen….so sad at least she is at peace now no more pain….i can`t understand how anyone can do this to nay animal…

  314. My god just read this story about queen I still can’t believe what some human being could be so cruel to a poor dog she looked very beautiful and gourgous dog what a waste. The story has brought me to tears and I don’t cry easily my thoughts are to the person who found her to have had whatch die must have been horrendous my thought to you again. Regards Paul glover

  315. I was desperate to see what somenody did to lovely Queen….. I cryed all day for her.. I wonder if somenody knows who is so vicious and cruel and mean that he must be’ denunciated to the protection of animals as such a criminal mind should be’ Put IN PRISON or done same things to him …… And the person Who hang the two poor dogs to die same treatment. World is really not worth to live when you find out there is such cruelty on poor animals tha cannot defend themselves…. Please find out Who did this because we all can denunciate …..

  316. Please Who knows the author of this criminal act, should denunciate him so as to save other poor inerm and indefended animals.

  317. Anonymous says:

    It is disgusting to see how cruel men can be……please stop this criminal mind. If need money please publish on FB where we can send . Cristina & Peppino Franchini

  318. Scott Hillen says:

    Thank you for all you did for Queenie.. am so sorry that the human race failed you.. no more suffering now

  319. Jessica Rath says:

    I just read that this sweet girl passed away. I want you to know how much I appreciate that you didn’t listen to the vets’ advice and euthanize her right after she was found. She was able to experience love and care, if only for a day or two. The many people who read about her and sent their compassion, I’m sure they alleviated her pain a bit. This way she could die with dignity. Thank you with all my heart. If I didn’t believe in Karma, I’d go crazy…

  320. Christine V says:

    I only hope that she knew she was loved and was being treated the best in the end……

  321. Queen at least knew in the end that there were still good people out there and that cared about her. That means a lot. I would have been wonderful for her to have made a full recovery but apparently God needed her upstairs.

    On another case a puppy had been put in a garbage sack and then in a discarded refrigerator, the puppy was found by the police during a drug raid and the police found that dog fighting was also going on, the puppy survived. The puppy showed to have all the proper temperament for being a drug dog and was trained to patrol the Mexican/American border. This puppy, at this point dog, made one of the biggest drug busts on that border. Never underestimate a dog or a person.

  322. Nicky Vines says:

    So very very sad, bless you all for trying xx

  323. Fantastic effort, sorry to read that she couldnt make it. :(

  324. Ana Chavez says:

    I know how much she meant to you Viktor, as do all the animals. I am sorry for our loss and yours. Such a beauty, such a waste….. tears flowing……

  325. What is with the pictures of the two dogs hanging in the trees. It doesn’t sound like one of them is Queen.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Of course is not.. if one had been queen she wouldn’t have been with us in the first place, those two dogs were already dead. That first picture is an example of what is done with dogs here.. dogs like Queen. Read the story please.

  326. Thank you Viktor for letting Queenie know some peace and kindness in her sad life. I sent what I could.

  327. Chris Clark says:

    My heart goes out to this poor dog I hope who did this will suffer a long and painful death! I know that Queen has! gone on to a better place. She will not feel pain or suffer anymore God bless this poor animal. The idots who did this will pay

  328. Brenda Lunceford says:

    Seeing Queen’s abuse and knowing that she has passed on has taken me into an uncontrollable crying fit… I cannot believe the cruelty that is inflicted on animals in this world. They have hearts and feelings. They feel, think, grieve, and love just the same as you and I, yet we discard them as if they were a piece of paper, throwing them away in the trash, or worse.

    My soul grieves for Queen and hope that she is at peace now. Many, many THANKS to Viktor and the entire team that worked so hard to save her. I know animals enough to know that she knew and appreciated what you were doing for her.

    I am distraught at the amount of animal abuse posted everywhere, compared to the amounts of cases solved. It seems that once a rescue is made and a little newspaper, tv news, internet, and/or Facebook publicity, the cases seem to be forgotten, swept under the rug. We, as a society, (and all the little ones that have been abused), need to feel that there is an ongoing effort to hunt down these heartless criminals and give them the gift of punishment that is deserved.

    Many thanks to all of you that made donations, as well.

  329. Run Free….little angel….You will be in my toughts …..

  330. Madeline Walters says:

    Thank you for helping Queen and showing her compassion in her last moments…Thank You…

  331. If people can’t or don’t want to take care of a pet, then why do they take them in? Do they get some sort of enjoyment out of torturing a living, breathing creature? It’s sickening! People who do this, should be arrested & prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! They’re taking in a pet, making it a part of a family & then they do something like this? This is why I’ve lost faith in mankind. All’s they want to do is kill.

  332. Viktor – May I give some unsolicited advice? If the answer is no, please do not read on. 😉

    I admire that you post comments that are not always flattering. I admire your social media prowess. And most importantly, I admire your compassion and tenacity.

    But as someone in PR and marketing, I have to say that your message would probably reach more people if you took the high road more often.

    I’m sure this is a difficult ask. I can’t imagine the emotional roller coaster ride you are on when you devote your life to such a worthy cause and yet have to deal with a plethora of armchair critics with a grade 8 education. (Did I say that out loud?)

    Thank you for your work.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Nancy… I read the advice and believe me I try to take it… every day..
      must be my spanish character, in the end I always get down to the mud to roll with the pigs :))))
      Thanks for being there for us..

  333. Thank you so very much Viktor, for the best days of her life that you have give her. I have so much respect for your good work.
    I wish all people on the world were like you, then there wouldn`t be so much pain and suffer.
    I will always remember queen.

  334. Geraldine says:

    This is so incredibly sad, what a beautiful girl, We only live one live and to the point that was made earlier, yes there is every reason to give these animals a chance at LIFE and to be LOVED, money is not the point in this, doing theh right thing is, saving even just one life after trying so hard with so many is worth it, these beloved animals deserve far more than mankind seems capable of,they give unconditional love and trust.Give as many as possible a chance at life.How do you choose who to try and save and who to just put down. They all deserve to live. Love them all dearly and could give up on people far easier.

  335. Nora Rudd says:

    My daughter have wqnted to start a animal rescue but new that when the time was right we would know..One Saturday we recieved a call about a very skinny dog that could barely stand up. We raced to the location and what we found was almost too much to bear..We foung
    d a yellow lab believed to be 6-7 years old. We named her Sunshine..My daughter is a ICU,CCU,Internal Medicine. We took her to my daughters work and they immediatly started to work on her. She was very sweet & was even wagging her tail. SHE WEIGHED IN AT A SHOCKING 22lbs..She crossed the Rainbow Bridge later that night..She was atleast dry, warm & had food on her last day.

  336. Nora Rudd says:

    When we get our web site up I will post the pictures of her. She was only bones with skin on them. This took many many months to do to this sweet dog.Although we will never know who did this to her I know for sure that Karma is a bitch..

  337. Nora Rudd says:

    Sorry for the mispelling..And I left out that my daughter is a vet tech in a specialized field. Thank God for everyone that worked on Sunshine that day they were so compassinate and loving to her.

  338. She died warm, with a full tummy, and knowing that someone cared for her, thank you for giving her that. I have seen animals come back from this stage with careful proper care, maybe a little less than half pull through, but that’s more than enough to give one a chance, and the fact she was still aware, alert, bright eyed AND EVEN EATING shows was definately the right decision. I can’t believe people are so quick to put an animal who’s ill down. EACH one is a UNIQUE life, just like we are, with feelings, and a right to life. They can’t just be put down so you can move on to the next one w a better shot-anyone who thinks that way has NO BUSINESS in rescue!

  339. Sue Swattz says:

    I am sitting in my Dr’s waiting room weeping over Queen’s story. I had never read it before. I thank The Lord for you all@ LAG every time I read your correspondence. I live in the USA and am able to donate, but my heart wishes I could be more involved….hands on with these precious animals that society has discarded in the most Inhumane ways! May God continue to bless the works of your hands & heart!

  340. somehow this story reminds me of my younger self..
    back then i was still young, still at primary grade 2.. i used to play with a dog that lives near my school. her name is cecil and she’s so friendly, she didn’t even bite me when i first saw her, instead she ask me to hug her :) i play together with cecil everyday.. it was so fun.. until one day, there’s a bad guys(older than me) that were abusing her.. i was to scared to stop them, all i can do is just staring from behind, seeing cecil being abused.. i wanted to help her, but if i do then i might get hit too, so i hurried and call cecil’s owner.. when cecil’s owner come, all the bad guys ran away and i hurried to cecil. she was badly hurt, she’s bleeding and she’s not able to stand. i got scared, and ask her owner to bring her to a vet. when we arrived to the vet, she was immediately brought to the room, being checked, and getting intensive care. they said we should come again tomorrow to check her. after that i went home, thinking what will happen to cecil and cried. and the next day i went to the vet again. i saw cecil still lying down in the room. as i ran to her she moves a bit and lick my hand. i stay there for around 10-15 minutes and suddenly i hear the vet calling me saying that cecil is on critical condition. i was to young that i still doesn’t understand what critical condition means, and i just walking casually to cecil. and then i saw cecil doesn’t move much, i ran to her and panicked. i pet her head slowly, then she licked my fingers a little.. and then she stopped moving. she’s gone :'( i cried so much.. and the next day i ask her owner to bury her near my school, so i can visit her everyday :(
    until now i still regret, why i didn’t come and save her back then :(

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for your heartfelt story Miyuu… I´m very sorry…
      Never forget her… she lives in your memories.

  341. Lisa Philip says:

    Human beings are the most dangerous species on Earth.
    They are cruel, greedy, sadistic, and remorseless.
    Stories like this make me ashamed to belong to the human race.