Please help Axel, the dog that crawled out of HELL

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He had no name.

To his torturers he was just The Dog, and for years, he lived chained inside a basement in shack in the countryside. A dark wet hell where there was no difference between night and day.

His owners used to go there and drop some food every once in a while, just to keep him alive. To them, he was nothing but a living alarm that would scare intruders with his barks.

Neighbors had complained several times about this inhumane treatment but nothing had been done about it, and so it went on, and on, for years that may have seemed like an eternity to a dog that yearned for human contact and freedom.

And then, his captors stopped going to see their prisoner. There was no more water and food. His destiny had been sealed, he would die slowly, his body would shut down, and at the end of that dark corridor he would find peace. This was his destiny until a kind soul entered the house and found him chained, twisted, mangled and being consumed by a thousand larvae feasting upon his flesh.

He has arrived to us in a critical condition, dehydrated and unable to stand, whimpering, a bloody mass of hurt.

He is positive to Leishmania. His leg is twisted, we don’t know yet the extent of his injuries there.

Our initial protocole is to stabilize him with fluid therapy, clean and empty his wounds of larvae and other parasites, fully evaluate his leg injuries and start his Leishmania treatment.

After all treatment is over Axel will need a home, one that is willing to offer him the things he never had…

We know times are tough and many are struggling right now, if you are not in a position to contribute please, at least help us save Axel by SHARING this blog on Facebook, Twitter, you name it… anywhere you can… . Please help Axel today, because it’s important, because it will save his life and because it sends the world the message that we must not abandon the weakest, human or animal in their moment of need.

P.S… Many people needed to see a video of Axel to believe he is real… I have no idea how can people convince themselves something so obvious is not real but here it is:


Update June 10

Axel has been with us for six days. At some point, early in the week his condition was so weakened that we thought we would loose him. Luckily the blood transfusion performed  helped greatly and he bounced back.

The injuries all over his body were thoroughly cleaned and they are being treated. Our biggest concern in the past days has been to control his blood levels and his anemia and glad to say things seem much more under control.

However, this is just the beginning. Leishmania is a terrible disease, that although it has no cure it can be managed. We are working hard to control it’s evolution and get him strong enough so that slowly slowly his recovery becomes more apparent. We believe he will be as strong as Troy was…

UPDATE June 13

Axel’s mood continues improving and although he gets tired quite easily he enjoys his walks outside the clinic and interacting with people and other animals.

He is still weary and protective due to his weak condition, but I’m confident once his true   character comes out he will be a most magnificent dog…  what am I saying? he is THAT already!. The evolution of his injuries continues…

After we took these pictures we had a meeting with our veterinarian team, none of us is fully satisfied with the evolution of Axel’s injuries and lesions. We have given him a closer shave to allow a much deeper treatment. 



June 14…

Recording Alex on his morning walk… his mood is better but he’s obviously very worn out… Still… a reason for optimism..


UPDATE June 17

Axel’s evolution is positive, but it will take time. Our doctors are surprised he managed to  come out of his seclusion without further damage. Leishmania is being treated with Leisguard and Alopurinol and his mange is being treated with Moxydectine and Clyndamicine, we are also added Ketoconazol for a bad case of Malassezia.

Poor Axel… he’s figthing..

UPDATE June 21

Little by little… Axel is changing. 

His mood is different, his attitude is transformind due to the gradual improvement in his skin. He’s eating great, every few hours he looks like us like saying: What about a steak?

He’s a great dog… we are so happy not to have listened to the naysayers that wanted to euthanize him… look at him.. look at that face of pleasure when he gets his cures!!!

Axel has become addicted to the park. It’s impossible to be in the clinic without his eyes meeting yours and asking you to take him for a walk and a lay on the sun…

I want to go to the park.. I want to go to the park his eyes seem to be saying..


Alex has completely recovered the joy of life. He is totally out of his shell now, he’s making friends, learning and experiencing life as he never before did.

One day at a time, the journey is slow, and hard, but it is worthy…

Update July 14

What I’m going to show you is the real, living proof of the recovery power of animals. You all remember how Axel was when we rescued him.. Now, you need to see this and experience the joy Axel is experiencing right now. The joy of painless living…  Inspiration.. The work of Let’s Adopt!


Axel is, without any doubt, enjoying life for the very first time. He’s like a young puppy playing and discovering everything. He has build trust with people, he knows nothing bad is going to come from there. He now understands that food will come regularly and that those plastic things are not sources of pain but of fun and play!

And he loves water… oh boy he loves water!!!!


Update August 8

My name is Axel… and for the first time in my life, I HAVE FRIENDS…


UPDATE August 19

With every day that passes Axel makes new progress.. He has now made friends, he is also learning how to play with Toys.

Toys… we take them for granted, we have them everywhere. Axel never had any before today. He spent his life chained to a wall with a short chain.. but look at him now!!

and of course.. being summer Axel is also learning how to enjoy THE POOL!!!!

Look at this.. look at Axel’s face… he can’t understand what he’s doing there. He must think he’s died and gone to heaven..

UPDATE 6 September

He grew up without freedom, in darkness, without contact with other animals or people. A life of loneliness, pain and despair.
He was nothing… NOW HE IS SOMEONE.

UPDATE 10 March..

Axel has long forgotten his former life of suffering and neglect. He remains with us while waiting for the perfect family to appear. He is an extraordinary dog. He is big, powerful, incredibly playful… he is going to need an incredible home, one that understand him perfectly, that can handle a dog of his size and strength and that never, ever gives him up.. Are you that family? Write to me on

Have a look.. this is Axel today.. :-)

Update 22 of July.. 

In all these years of rescue we have never had such an spectacular recovery. Axel is a totally incredible dog and his zest for life is absolutely unbelievable…. Have a look at this… THIS IS AXEL FOR YOU!!!


photo-63 copy 2


AXEL has been with us for over a year now and the ideal family hasn´t been found yet. In the meantime he´s having an spectacular time, of course, but we really need to find a home for him…


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  1. The poor baby. I hope the torturers receive just punishment. And thank you to the angels who have saved this blessed beast.

  2. Rev. Renee L TenEyck says:

    where is this poor baby-what country?

  3. that poor baby i am praying for him

  4. Laurie McKay says:

    Just sent a donation…where is this poor baby located?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Laurie,
      he is in Spain… lovely place but unfortunately, it has got its fair share of animal abuse

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will pray for this poor dog, cant believe how disgusted and angry i am at rreading this, I so hope he can be saved and learn that us humans are not all like this!! please let him recover and live out the rest of his life with some love xxx

    1. Ingrid Maier says:

      You don´t really name those monsters ‘humans’?? To be honest, even monster is too good for them; they are less worth than the poop the dog makes when he goes out on the street.

  6. Where is this sweetheart now? what state?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      HE is in Valencia, Spain…
      Please check the blog, there is a new video of him..

  7. Ingeborg de Jong says:

    Some people are really mentally ill to be soo cruel …

  8. mary ann manthorne says:

    serious about adopting alex!!!!!

  9. I wish they would catch these monsters who did this to this poor dog.
    This is so heartbreaking looking at the suffering this poor dog endured.
    Thank you and Bless you for taking care of this dog and getting him/her back to health.

  10. mary ann manthorne says:

    axel would have a real good home here. please think about it!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    what is being done to the monsters that did this?

  12. Janeen Fannin says:

    If he survives I’ll take him he can have a loving home in Chatsworth NJ

  13. poor dog!!!why somme bads peoples can make that ???poor poor dog!!!i hope realy a happy end for him!

  14. Satish Raj says:

    Dear Viktor, I have done my part, a small amount though however I certainly hope it will help with Axel’s reconditioning and my prayers are for him. I’m from Malaysia and would certainly like to adopt Axel if possible, he will have a pleasant life & all that he can wish for with my 7 other dogs that I have.

    Ur doing a great work and god bless you my friend!


    K. Satish Raj

  15. This picture speaks a thousand words… my god why do humans do this why??? i cant under stand why would some one get a dog to abuse them it kills me every time i see or read these horror stories,, the love a dog gives is like no other love i have ever experienced,, dog’s are my life i own two and i cant imagine my life with out them they sleep with us they eat with us they are my babies,,,, so sad i pray that Axel recovers so he can be treated like a king as he deserves my god he is a German Shepard…. and i hope his previous owners rot. i donated..

  16. That dog is in my prayers but I have 6 other dogs and I wouldnt be able to take care of it :(

    1. He is not an IT. Axel has been an IT long enough in his short life! HE’S Axel now!

  17. Please tell me the”owners” we’re prosecuted ??

  18. Jenny Brewster says:

    I am sure you probably already have hundreds of inquiries about adoption so here is one more. Where is Axel located? We can help by donating and we would love to help by adopting him. We are HUGE dog lovers, we just had Bailey our Basset Hound in our wedding, that is how much our furry child means to us. We would LOVE to be an option for Axel when it comes to his forever home. The only thing that can be held against us is loving our pets and spoiling them too much! Please let us know if it is possible to look into adoption further with Axel. We understand that he has a long road to recovery and can patiently wait. We aren’t going anywhere so if he needs a home we would LOVE to have him. Thank you!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Jenny… pls drop me an email on and well take it from there.
      Love, and thank you for being there.

  19. Alixandria Andrews says:

    His story is too vague. What happened to the “people” who used to own him? How was it that he was finally found? I would like to know more than the small amount given.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      The people left him in a shack… I really have no idea what happened to them, they just didn’t show up again.
      We were alerted by the owner of a plot nearby that heard his barks
      We rescued the dog. He is fine, on treatment.
      The city, Valencia, Spain.
      NAme of the street.. no street, it was a country side location..
      don’t know what else you need to know but feel free to ask if it helps you with something

  20. How do we know this is legit?
    Where is this dog located?
    How does one go about adopting him?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Please check the latest update and Axel video.
      How do you know Axel is legit and real? I don’t know.. just watch the video.
      He is in Spain. To adopt him write to me on and well take it from there.
      We charge no adoption fee and we pay for all transport costs, but you must be exactly what we are looking for in a home for him.

  21. Can you please tell me where Axel is?

  22. Darlene Rossini-Santos says:

    I just want to thank LAG for all the wonderful work they do! I have donated… It’s not much but I hope it will help you reach the amount you need to heal this precious dog! I pray he’ll get better soon and that he will find a beautiful home that will give him the respect and love he deserves! For all you’re doing, THANK YOU LAG! Keep on doing your good work, it’s very encouraging! Sending you courage, strength, patience and lots of love from Luxembourg :)

  23. Marta Falco Ainley says:

    where did this go on? what is happening to the horrific abusers?

  24. can’t believe what I’m seeing :'( …. I sat here and cried reading this ! I dread to think how many years exactly this poor baby was living in that place, but a day in that condition is bad enough !! it’s times like this that humans scare me with the extent of their cruel hearts ! I hope whoever did this will be paying for what they did with their own lives inside a living hell ! no animal deserves to suffer this kind if cruelty and torture !!
    my own dog, my Akita, has licked my tears away while I was reading this, I can’t imagine what kind of people did this. the words I just can’t seem to find to describe how angry I am. do we have a name for this boy yet ? will look forward to hearing his progress !! this baby has suffered enough, MORE than enough and now it’s time for that tail of his to wag :) good luck ! Xxxxxxxx <3

  25. Donna Wall says:

    If you can not find him a home I am in montana and have a home for him with me I love animales and My mom used to raise German Shepherds He looks like one she had with my grandpa his name was King again if you need a home for him please let me know I will find a way to come get him or have him brought to me
    Thank you and god bless you

  26. daniel corral jr says:

    all pets have a right to be happy and be in a good home! we have to talk for them. help them when they look at us and ask for help! i love animals more than people!

  27. We will take Axel. says:

    How is Axel? Is he healing? We will take him. We want a dog and Axel will get so much love! Animals give us so much of themselves and it’s the least we can do but to love them and care for them!

    Catherine Alsup

  28. Pero como esta ahora este perrito, va mejorando? se que ahora esta a salvo pero quisiera saber si pasa todo el tiempo metido en esa jaula o quien lo tiene? pienso que la mejor manera de recuperarse es estar al lado de un humano que le de amor y este al pendiente de él… Yo rescaté a un perro que estaba en huesos muy mal a punto de morir y lo rehabilité yo misma en casa, pero bueno no se, quisiera saber más de como está Axel… por desgracia hoy en dia pasan cosas tan nefastas de gente que pide ayuda para animales que tienen en malas condiciones y lucran con eso, no digo que este es el caso pero si pasan ese tipo de cosas.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Avellana… lleva dos dias con nosotros.. hay que darle tiempo.
      Tranquila, en unos dias lo veras corriendo…

  29. Phil Webster says:

    I don’t suppose you could let me know who treated the shepherd like this?? Please!!

  30. Val Hermsen says:

    These people need to be treated like they treated him! This make me sick!! Poor Axel! I hope he finds a loving home, that gives him love and extra treats daily!

  31. I hope that my donation can help. I hope that the scumbags that did this to him rot in hell. Or better, chain them up and leave them. How do they get away with this? Sickening.

  32. Victoria Barbosa says:

    I sent a donation from France, hope it works. Prayers for that little angel, knowing that people like that exist just make me sick, he deserves a real life full of love and loving people taking good care of this little love. And a thought for of those animals who went/go/will go through the same unfair treatment :'(

  33. How can people be this cruel and aweful without one ounce of care!!!! This makes me so sad and mad. An animal is to me like a child and abuse, neglect is unacceptable in any form. Why is animal abuse still not considered not as bad. To me it is on the same level, if not worse. Animals dont ask for anything but love, and care, domestic animals don’t speak our language an rely soley on humans for Food, shelter, love. It’s disgusting there are people like this in the world. How would this feel if this were done to you? Inconsiderate, ingnotant A**holes, we don’t need you in this world!!!!! Karma comes back around.

  34. Dear Axel I read your story and I knew directly that was not a Hoax… U see where I live bad things happen to cats dogs and many other pets…. It is disgusting and horrible…. What happened to u is really awful! But now u r in good hands and we will all try to help u through this rough patch! U hanged in there bravely and now u can let ur guards down and trust the good people who are taking care of you! I wish u a quick recovery and a happy happy life from now on!

  35. HIS owners should be killed…….Screw justice.

  36. Dan Catania says:

    Where is he now.. I may want to give him a great home..

  37. I hope the prior owner is found that he, she or they see what it was like what Axel went through. But then yet an abuser would never realize that is what a victim felt. God bless Axel , the ones who rescued him,you Viktorand your team. Please keep me posted. Thank you

  38. Anonymous says:

    the person that did this need to be punished a big time!!!!!

  39. Julia Whitelegg says:

    Poor poor darling :( here’s to a full physical recovery, the mental recovery will take much longer :( Please let us find this angel a kind, loving home & family :) bless his heart <3 xxxxxx

  40. Julia Whitelegg says:


  41. Reading this story about this poor dog makes me want to hunt down the abusers and do the same to them as they did to this dog it’s cruel. How can people be so cruel to animals HOW? if you don’t want the animal give it to someone who does I could never imagine doing that to my animals.

  42. Conny Conway says:

    How is he today? I was so shocked yesterday when I read about him first

  43. Anonymous says:

    I hope like Hades that the people that did this rot in jail for the rest of their lives, poor baby!!!!

  44. I will offer him a good loving furever home when he is ready

  45. Michael Torres says:

    Viktor, God Bless you and Axel!!! Praying for a speedy recovery for him, take care, sir.

  46. Theresa X says:

    I was very interested in a huge dog lover and lost my dog this past november..but i see you are in spain and im in New York..he is very special dog that would get all the love and care he deserves, just wish it was closer then i would be for sure to take him..;let me know of any options..ty so much

  47. Christina M says:

    Do you have a name and number for the vet’s office? Maybe posting the name of the vet office and a direct number for donations would stop people from talking.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes, of course we do, but no, over the years we have made a point of never disclose the details of our vets. Every hater in the world would harrass them… sorry, can’t do it. Please don’t donate. Follow Axl evolution in this blog..

  48. Just when I thought I have seen it all. Good for you for saving him. Just horrible.

  49. Shared, with friends also sharing. Donation made… wish I could do more! This breaks my heart. Bless whoever rescued Axel and for all who show him not all people are completely heartless.

  50. Fuerza Axel!!! sos un angelito de dios, no sabes la tristeza que me da verte asi , yo vivo con un perro de tu raza y la verdad que es lo que mas amo en el mundo ojala la vida ponga en tu camino alguien bueno que te ame como yo amo a “couper” y por la gente que te hiso eso dejalos!!! que en la vida todo cae por su propio peso.
    Lamentablemente no tengo los medios para ir a Valencia a buscarte si no te traeria a casa con nosotros. Fuerza mi negro ojala tenga pronto buenas noticias tuyas..

  51. It would help those who are untrusting to publish what vet this baby is at. Not all people have or use Paypal or trust it. Just a suggestion as you want all the donations you can get for this pps well being.

  52. From Wikipedia, Treatment for canine leishmaniasis: Currently, no cure exists for canine leishmaniasis … the CDC (Centre for Disease Controls) recommends euthanasia of infected dogs due to their concerns of spreading the disease and its zoonotic nature.

  53. Tim Hancock says:

    Hi Viktor,
    Just wanted to say thank you for the work your doing. It looks like there are many people out there all over the world who would give Axel a wonderful home. I am very encouraged by the response to help him…Peace be with you my brother, and with our friend Axel…keep us updated on his progress, we are cheering for him…

  54. Leslene Dunn says:

    Oh dear God, I am so so angry at the majority of the human race, believe me they are top of my hate list for the horrendous atrocities the inflict upon defenceless, voiceless and innocent animals. Find the bastard rubbishes and break every bone in their body and leave them to rot. This is absolutely heartless and unforgivable – I pray he heals quickly and finds the forever home he deserves with loads of hugs, pats, walks and kisses. Poor poor animal – what did he do to deserve this much cruelty. May they rot and burn in hell for what they did. I am sending a donation now.

  55. I love you Axel. You are safe now, and will never be hurt again .I hope you are given all the love and acceptance you never knew of all those years you spent in hell. The people who did this to you will be in hell eventually. You are a beautiful boy and a blessing for anyone to have around!

  56. Who ever had this poor dog needs 2 rot in hell & get treated the way they treated that dog

  57. Bettina klootwijk says:

    Dear Viktor first let me thank you for all you do for this beautiful dog! He reminds me of my Sheperd that I adopted from Spain too, he died almost two years ago and I still miss him, I’ll send you a email this evening because I would very much love to give Axel all the tcl he needs and adopt him. Thank you for rescueing him!!!

  58. poor baby I would have him, why can people be so cruel poor dog hasn’t hurt anyone. hope they rott like they left him

  59. Brooke Sterling says:


    There is absolutely no information on how to go about adopting this dog if a person were interested. What is the protocol? contact info. ? What state is this dog geographically located in ? ie. CA, NM ? ?????
    THank you.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Brooke, he is in Valencia, Spain…
      The protocole is you write to me telling me all about you and your animals, and we take it from there.
      International adoptions work different than adopting from a local shelter. We don’t have adoption fees, we don’t even ask for money for transport, BUT we create a personal relationship before agreeing to anything. My email:

  60. No comment ;(

  61. Lorna lake says:

    Dear Viktor
    Thank you with all my heart for what you and LAG do for animals every time – time and again, you help when no-one else can. And I’m truly shocked that yet again you’ve had to deal with abuse. It’s obvious that if these people would direct their energies into preventing animal abuse or simply helping animals who are abused, the world would be a better place. Please know that while I always watch your videos and read every word you write, I never, never need to read to prove anything – I believe in you with all my heart and will always donate at least something.
    Love + hugs to you all, Lorna x

  62. Viktor – i dont understand your last post?! why do you wrote: “Pls dont donate?!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I said don’t donate to someone that wasn’t sure if she should or shouldn’t.. in those case I always tell people to wait and see …

  63. Awwwww so sad. Axel is a beautiful boy. I hope he gets a new home soon. I know several people on Facebook were ready offer him a new home aaah. People who treat animals like that make me so angry grrrrrrrr

  64. I’ve just watched Axel on the video and I see his eyes are now alive , whereas in the 1st horrendous photos his eyes were dull .
    I think you Victor and your team are such wonderful people who deserve all the help it’s possible to give .
    Unfortunately I live on a tiny pension and am sadly unable to donate at this time .
    I pray that your work will continue for ever , and feel so sad that so many animals are suffering in the world .. I am sending all my love to Axel for his full recovery and his good future xxx

  65. Poor Axel, hope you get wel soon. I donated $20.00.

  66. Munna Mukherjee says:

    Axel darling…i love gsd s specially….hv 4 at home in Delhi…wishing u all d best…u will find a life and god cant b so cruel…u are a darling…i wd hv adopted u if u were in india….and tho i am not a rich prsn…we cd hv shared a bread between u axel..with all my heart and u will be fine…may god add to u a year of my life…love u…get well soon..:)))

  67. Ira Kroll says:

    Viktor don’t let anyone abuse you. That’s the answer of careless people who close their eyes. You open yours and so do we. thanx for all you’re doing.

  68. Why the hell has he a collar on does not make sense . So bloody cruell

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      That’s the collar we have placed to be able to walk him out. He was wearing a very different one when we rescued him..

  69. carmen zamora says:

    esto no se puede …que crueldad, dios quiera le saqueis adelante, t sobre todo denuncies a eso malnacidos, que maltrataron a este pobrecito perro

  70. Anonymous says:

    I hope the “owners” got punished and fined for it

  71. This photo is so sad. I wish someone would explain to me how anyone could treat any animal like this. I don’t know the answer. These people are sick disgusting SOB’S. I pray for this sweet dog. I can barely look at the pic. May GOD help him and bless the people taking care of him.

  72. Victor,

    I cried my eyes out when I saw and read about Axel… I’ve shared the story of this incredible baby with everyone… I contributed what I could and I have my mother willing to do the same… God bless u and ur kind hearts 4 saving this sweet baby… Plz remind Axel daily that he is very loved… Please provide me the address if the blog so that I can continue to check on Axel… (I found his story through a friend on Facebook)…

    Please keep us posted… Love u Axel… You can rest easy u sweet angelic baby…


  73. That poor thing I don’t now nor will I ever understand how people can abuse animals like that I have cats and dogs and would never dream of it they r like kids to me and even though people abuse kids too its sickening and sad hope he finds a home when he gets all better

  74. Joëlle, from Brussels says:

    Made a small donation to help this “little” boy, Viktor… It was about time you could get him out of his hell… Good luck to him and you all… He’ll make it allright… Bless you!

  75. Where is he located? He would have a wonderful home and get plenty of love at my house when he’s ready.. I have 4 dogs and they are all very well taken care if and rescues. They have free run if the house and even sleep in my bed with me.. I will donate what I can to help this poor baby.. I will pray for him..

  76. it’s just horrible to do this to an animal ….. people are juste bad.
    thanks you for help him..
    axel is so cute he’s a beautiful dog!!!

  77. Please I sent a Donation if there is anything else I could do for him please Email me, My heart is aching for this boy, God I hope the people that did this is brutally punish.

  78. Poor baby, it just brings tears to my eyes to see something like this. My dogs are my babies they are just like my kids! So when I see that some person can do this to an animal that is ment to love u is down right wrong, and he needs to be off the streets!
    I have read all the comments so I know u have a lot of offers for people wanting to take him in, but if u are still looking I wouldnt mind taking the poor guy in. I do have 2 other dogs and 2 kids and I am a stay at home mom who has acerage for him to run in.
    I hope the best for this lil guy

  79. pierrette xhonneux says:

    Moi je n’ai pas une grande maison à offrir à Axel mais un coeur immense et une montagne d’amour, de soins et de tendresse !
    J’adore les chiens, j’en ai 2 et ils sont TOUT pour moi

  80. June Sleater says:

    I will take him if someone does not I would love to show him the world is not filled with evil assholes and the only requirement is he do nothing just enjoy love and companionship.
    He deserves all the love and hugs and safety from monsters that could do this

  81. Kenzi Eversole says:

    I love this so much that you have rescued this poor baby. I couldn’t even imagine seeing a fur baby in that condition, I would lose it. I’m glad and thankful he is in your hands now.

  82. I can’t believe that humans behave like this! I would like to have the owners chained up and treated like this poor boy was! They don’t deserve anything better other than what they gave! Speedy recovery axel and I wish I live in Spain and i would have you in a heartbeat.

  83. Thank you Viktor for all that you are doing for Axel – bless his precious soul. I will NEVER, EVER understand how people can be so cruel to such a precious, innocent soul. Domesticated animals depend on us for love, protection, food, shelter, you name it – and all they want to do it be loyal and love you back. People who abuse animals are the lowest form of scum in my opinion. There is a special place in Hell for the people who did this to Axel. I am SO grateful that he was rescued and is on his way to healing and finding love and happiness. I am in Texas, and would take him in a heartbeat if I could. I did make a donation and look forward to following his updates and progress. God bless you Viktor – and bless you too sweet Axel – you are in my prayers and I love you precious angel! You are safe now! xo

  84. Nancy Bagley says:

    The people who did this should be mangled. This is absolutely a horrible way to treat any living thing, especially such a beautiful dog.

  85. Terry Jungen says:

    How people can be that horrible to another living thing is just amazing to me…especially an animal that has nothing to give in return but love and loyalty.My wife and i are members of a rescue where i live and my heart breaks every time i see a tragedy like this.The people that did this are complete scum!!!

  86. Thank you for saving Axel. Is it possible for him to be in a bigger cage and some kind of soft bed for him? He’s hurting.

  87. These people should be shot.

  88. that is SICK, the poor dog didn’t deserve that, hes so beautiful. I hope the monsters who did this pay for it…..

  89. I hope the people who was treating him this way is being punished for hurting him and wanting to kill him. Poor Poor poor Baby. Go to Hell people who did this to him!

  90. Where is this Dog? I have two GS and I would love another one. Please let me know as I am in S. California!

  91. I donated :) hope it helps.. and sorry its so little.. i will donate more again later after i get paid

  92. Johannie Anderson says:

    Bonjour,Jaimerais beaucoup savoir si Axel est adopter et comment il va.Merci est boone journée.

  93. i hope that Axel finds a good caring loving home

    when will he be up for adoption?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi… we are currently screening some families.. He will have to be brought back to health before he can home.. we are working on it..

  94. This is sad as hell but why can’t we have the same level of compassion for the victims, women and children, in all of our unconstitutional wars?

  95. Diana Collings says:

    What abeautiful dog, how can anybody treat a pet in this way. It makes me sick to the stomach. I hope he Axel makes a full recovery and finds a kind loving home. As for the owners, lock them in a room and throw away, even that is too good for them!!!

  96. I pray to God I face these people some day and know who they are. Hopefully I will read they died a horrible and slow death, and if there’s justice in the world, it will be at the fangs of a pack of rabid dogs. People are a virus. Every day I’m reminded of this.

  97. This is so disturbing best be punishment to the evil freaks that this. Laws need to be more on animal cruelty this is beyond disgusting and an absolute disgrace to humans. How Can anyone treat animals like this? Do something about this bs government or else we can just start going crazy on these people find them ourselves and make them pay for this!!! I pray this sweet dog finds a loving home and karma
    Pays a visit to the scum suckers who did this unthinkable crime

  98. Alice Teague says:

    I am heart broken to see this lovely dog in such horrendous condition. God bless you for taking care of this poor creature. I will pray for his recovery and for you and your work. Prays to you both.

  99. We have already shared your post on our page. We hope n pray that this poor soul finds the right home where he’ll be showered with love and best of everything that he really deserves. We were really devastated when we read your blog and saw the snap of Axel’s horrible condition. We urge you to file a petition against those who have done this. Those heartless bastards n maniacs deserve severe punishment and heavy fine to pay for all the expenses og Axel’s treatment.
    By reading few of the encouraging comments here(those who are readily willing to adopt Axel) gives me a hope that humanity can still prevail as long some good people with noble souls are alive in this world.
    Plz keep us posted about Axel’s present condition.
    regards n best wishes
    Shehryar Kureshi
    Founder of PACT (People’s Animal Care Trust)

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Shehryar…
      Thanks for your help, I’m sure everything will be ok..

  100. Damien O'Brien says:

    Hello Viktor, I’ve just donated what I can, I wish it could be more. Keep up the great work you are doing and I hope Axel finds a good home, he deserves it. Best regards.

  101. I donated! Can’t get this sweetie out of my head please post updates of the recovery I can’t wait to see him happy and healed, shame on whoever did this!

  102. May god bless this beautiful dog. Get well soon love<3

  103. Danell Tomasella says:

    I just posted on the Humane Society Facebook page. Anyone who has any information about WHO did this, please contact law enforcement and post to ASPCA, etc. facebook pages.

  104. Mike Plisko says:

    God bless this poor dog and the people that found him and to the people that did this i hope the same thing is done to you and may god have mercy on you. Please someone adopt this poor dog and give him lots of love take him for walks play ball with him and show him a life he never knew existed i would adopt him if i could i live in the united states. I take my two dogs and play ball with them everyday spend as much time outside with them as i can and would do the same for this poor dog.

  105. I feel so bad for that dog….he never deserved that…who ever did that should pay for his mistake…..a dog is not just a dog ….he is a family member…a friend… a companion….he has rights too,,, he deserves better than that…..I feel so bad for him

  106. I live in Chicago! I want to help Axel! Please let me know what I can do. Where do I send a donation for Axel’s care?? Thank u for helipng this sweet baby..

  107. There should be criminal charges against the people. They should have to pay all the expenses!!!

  108. I sent as much as I could. Thank you for helping this poor baby. I pray he recovers and has a wonderful new start at life. Xo

  109. Maureen Glenn says:

    I want to donate to the care of Axel but can’t until I get my social security check on the 20th…….can I donate then ? I can’t adopt because I already have 5 dogs but it sounds as if there are plenty of people who would love him & give him a good home.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Maureen,
      Viktor here… whilst Axel’s condition is terrible and he is going to need a long treatment and constant attention I would ask you to please take care of your dogs and yourself first. The Let’s Adopt! community will take care of Axel, by all means, if at some point you can help please do, but don’t do overstretch yourself.
      Love, and thank you for being there.

  110. Mairi Brown says:

    OMG! How could anyone do this to this poor dog. So glad he has a fighting chance to eventually have the loving, caring home that he should have had !!
    Hearing him whine brought tears to my eyes.

    Keep fighting Axel !! x

  111. Doreen Marcrom says:

    It just makes me sick the way some ppl can be so cruel to animals.I’m so happy that Axel was rescued and I hope that he gets a loving home soon.To a speedy recovery Axel..Bless You.

  112. Thank you for all the wonderful work you and your team are doing. I wish I had a large place and the money, and I would adopt them all. I’m such a huge animal lover with so much love and spoiling to give to all, when allowed. …. I pray for Axel for a speedy and full recovery. And a very loving forever home. ….. I would like to hope there are leads to find and prosecute whoever did these cruel acts, to the fullest extent of the law and then some. I think someone, who ever initial reports were made to, that did nothing, should be held accountable for negligence also.

  113. Debbie L. says:

    If all the people in the U.S. would write, call, email, drive crazy all our politicians, perhaps they could do one thing right this year…. change all the laws regarding animal abuse and make the punishment fit the crime… at the very least do what Michael Vick had to go through — put them in jail for a couple of years for each and every violation. As it is in the present, misdemeanors get a slap on the hand and a very small fine, and felonies get a bigger fine and may have to do some community service. Let’s change the laws politicians!!!

  114. Donated

  115. Elaine Mariani says:

    Not sure what happened but the video of Axel that was there earlier has been replaced by some moron playing a video game!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      AHAHAHAH… :)

  116. Axel, the humans who held and abused you are not humans at all, they are not even worthy of the title animals, please know that not all humans are so very cruel and inhuman and that you are in the arms of angels that will nurse you back to health and allow you to find a home that is loving and fulfilling so you may live out the rest of your days being loved and cared for and given the respect that any creature of gods so surely deserves. I have posted your story on my Facebook and will keep it updated so that your story goes out to as many as possible in hopes that no other animal ever faces the indignity that you have, the pain you have or the cruelty you faced. You are an inspiration to the spirit of life and I pray that the rest of your is filled with running freely, barking boldly, and a happiness that returns to your so very saddened eyes, god blesses the children and the beast so I’m sure the many prayers that go out for you are being heard. I cry at your pain and I cry for your pain and I shed tears of joy at your rescue. May you know happiness and good health all the rest of the days of your life!

  117. Kelly Killeen says:

    Bless his heart…at least he was wagging his tail. OMG…I wish I can help every one of these animals. You guys do such a terrific job with these animals and they have so much to live for and you give them every chance at that happiness. You guys are truly angels. God’s speed to Axel’s healing, I hope he feels better each and every day. I look forward to his updates and will donate when I can.

  118. Thanks for the chit chat Viktor last week…. we support Lets Adopt Global and always will ~ Blessings to all the animals, you, your team, and of course Axel!~

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      You are welcome Nancy… thank you for being there, wait.. Axel has a loooong life ahead of him…

  119. so good to see beautiful Axel starting to live . Am sending him and all the wonderful people caring for him and others ALL my love .
    Axel is in my thoughts every day xxxxxxx

  120. Jean Stewart, Scotland says:

    I was so horrified to see Axel when this story first appeared on your Facebook page that I had to send a small donation & prayed others would do the same. I’ve just been looking at the videos that you posted today and my heart is warmed to see, even in the short space of time since you rescued him, that he is so much brighter and even wagging his tail. God love him, such a gentle soul. Thank you for helping him Viktor. So glad that there are quite a few people willing and able to adopt him. Bless you all. x

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you for your help Jean… we are going to save this boy… xxx

  121. Heather Hayes says:

    Viktor I wish you could be cloned because we need more men like you! Ignore those who disbelieve, we know the truth and the truth has set us free. Alexel deserves the best home ever….I could not believe watching the video that he was still wagging his tail. What a wonderful, forgiving animal he is. I wish I could take him but I have a rescue dog and foster others to give them a chance at a new life. Never give up Viktor, those who matter are all behind you in all you do for animals….God bless you.


  123. Hi..i just send a donation for this poor babie.Hope he will be fully alright as soon as possible.


  125. Axel looks better. GOD bless everyone taking care of this precious dog.

  126. Harry West says:

    You are doing great work for Axel, God bless you all

  127. Laura Perkinson says:

    The ones who never came after they had been called over and over should be punished an in the very least lose their jobs! Do they think people complain for nothing? So lock up the owners and the people who Should have helped this poor dog. Who in the end still wags his tail after all the crap he has been through. He will be a beautiful dog some day

  128. Laurie McKay says:

    Thank you for the update! It makes my heart happy knowing that you are doing everything possible to help Axel.

  129. I wish the people that did this would have to have the same treatment that they did to this dog. Dogs are so loyal and loving. It saddens me so bad to see a dog that is abused and mistreated. I so wish i could help but I cant right now. I do so hope he makes it. But like I said his owners that did this to him would be treated the same way.

  130. Nelda Percival says:

    I am going to rant some….I keep seeing people say they own pets, they are family members…
    First animals not just pets are sentient beings. They think, they feel, they hurt, get depressed, get happy.. THEY COMMUNICATE with each other. It is not their fault, we don’t know their languages.

    They are not owned, they share their lives with us. They have rights even if no human government in any country acknowledges them.

    They have a right to life! Would you be happy if you were sick and the Dr. told your family … YOU NEED TO PUT HIM DOWN, it will be to costly take to long and he will feel pain while he heals…as the excuse for ending your life? Animals have a RIGHT to life, and we have an obligation to help them get well.

    Viktor and the people he works with, take animals others would tell you to kill..But I tell you they have a right to the best medical care you can find! AND the group Viktor works with are the very best.

    Where are they? In Spain… Do I support them, when ever I can manage a few dollars to help I do…

    All the animals in Viktor’s care, receive the very best in all aspects of healing from medical to just loving them. What heals the heart heals the body.

    Thank you Viktor I donated.. only a little but what I could.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Nelda… YOU are Axel’s angels..

  131. lori reinhard says:

    this makes me sick. so beautiful and regal. i would love to visit axel, if i get there. all my love.

  132. Good luck with his progress. I hope they KILL who ever left this poor guy like this!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Donated!

  134. I have a German shepherd named Tex that I got when he was 1.5 with me being his third owner…I love the shepherds and can’t imagine how a human being can do this to an animal that can’t defend itself. if they can only talk, I can’t imagine what they would say, we migh beable to find the people who did this. thank you for your caring soul Viktor.

  135. Thank you for the update! This poor baby!

  136. If he survives , I want him . He’ll have a lovely home and two other dogs to play with plus my undivided attention . I hope the people who did this to him are being punished accordingly.

  137. Ruthie Hulbert says:

    Poor thing!!! So sad. Why do people like this even have a animal!!!!?!!! -_- if I had money I would totally get this dog & give give him all the love I could offer him. So sad. I teared up as I read this.

  138. Thank you Viktor, it is nice to know that beautiful creature has a protector like you. All my thoughts are with Axel’s speedy recovery… I want to adopt him so bad… he would have a big family of other recued and well loved (formally mistreated) creatures that he would find comfort and love with even if most are kitties and reptiles! I know no matter who you chose they will be perfect and he will be well loved from now on… much love and respect to you and your team…

  139. Brandon Hunt says:

    I want to adopt Him please!!!!!!

  140. Becky Radatz says:

    OMG! Can I say a prayer, Dear GOD, please ease this poor dog’s suffering. I am crying as I write this. The sick monsters that tortured him, should have the exact same treatment done to them!!!!! IT IS SICK how people can treat animals. Why?????? It makes no sense, to let another being suffer like this. It is an outrage!!

  141. Esther Lopez. says:

    OMG, these people ARE NOT HUMAN that did this to this innocent life. I am so glad someone saved him from this EXTREME torture. I just donated for Axel. Not much, but every little bit helps.

  142. God bless him!

  143. natasha valentine says:

    Thanks sooooo much @ victor and lets adopt for doing an amazing job!!!! hats off to you!! Im glad he getter better bit by bit everday. love and kisses to Axel xxxxx

  144. Omg… I want this puppy to love, honor and respect for the rest of his life. I can’t believe how cruel this world can be!!!

  145. dear Viktor, I just saw this on some ones face book page and want lie..I cried like a baby then got angry, I had so much anger and hate in my heart for the people who did this to axel,, I just don’t understand why our lord allows his beautiful animals to be treated this way,, wish someone could explain it to my heart.. poor Alex hes so beautiful.. I am so thankful someone rescued him and he is now in your care..i donated to his care, and will donate again when the next payday rolls around.. I will pray for this baby that he gets a chance to know what its like to be loved as he deserves to be treated like a king for all those years of torture.. I sent you a personal email as words don’t come so easy right now as all I want to do is cry …omg why do people have to be so cruel.. I have more respect for animals especially dogs because of they way they treat us than I do humans. i have 4 babies 2 were rescues one is the daughter to one of my rescues and another my husband bought for me cause I couldn’t stand the way they were treating her..shes my one year old..i love them like they are my kids they eat with us and sleep with us and go out with us a lot.. to leave them is hard and something we rarely do..if you want to see me I come as a package hubbie and 4 dogs.. they are 12 , 9, 6 and 1 yr old…I would die if anything happened to them. I almost lost my one year old she cost 2000 to save her life.. id do it over and over again to not loose any of them if I had to.. like I said they are the love of my life.. people say we have them to spoiled, but I don’t care there mine and hubbies and they make us happy.. thank you again for taking care of axel..i will pray for him night and day and come back every day to check on his progress.. I want him so bad but hes so far away could never afford to fly him here..i pray who ever gets him spoils him with love, but gives him space and lets him come to them when hes ready.. he has to learn to trust people again and I know he will.. thank you and god bless you and your people. please tell axel I send a million kisses and hugs to him… love to you axel always,,,linda

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Linda… thank you . I got your email, I will reply shortly.

  146. James Meny says:

    So, why is this owner not in jail? and the people who said nothing could be done about it? …were they cops? How is it that “nothing could be done about it?” If it was authorities, why are they not in jail?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      You would be surprised what authorities are for usually…

  147. Gary Simpson says:

    Well done to the team and Axel :) his tail is wagging so he knows he is in safe hands :)

  148. Madelon Michel says:

    What a wonderful animal this is; even maimed and sick he is wagging his tail – so friendly! Why can’t humans behave like dogs and be trustful and friendly to their fellow creatures?
    I am very happy is in in LAG’s hands now!

  149. Jasmine Fanning says:

    I sincerely hope Axel’s ex-owners are receiving a significant punishment!!! They should be put in jail to rot forever because they are clearly twisted, sick people who shouldn’t be let out into society.

  150. Enayet Chowdhury & Sharmin Chowdhury says:

    Viktor Please have our name up on the list for adopting Axel. We also sent you an email yesterday.

  151. Todd Carpenter says:

    At least he now has a chance at life.

  152. i dont get paid till friday I will donate some then poor baby Get well soon axel

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Amy.. thanks for your help.. xx

  153. God bless you angels who saved this baby’s life and are working so hard to make him better. I pray for your strength as well as Axel’s. xoxo

  154. Gina Goren says:

    I am so saddened for Axel, utterly horrified at his treatment – the ppl. Who did this should be condemned to the same fate!! Animal cruelty in the extreme!!

  155. I am so disgusted right now I feel I want to vomit!!!!!! May those people burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. I donated some, I hope it will help…

  157. deb geary says:

    Why is there a nylon and a chain collar around his neck? Looks painful. :(

  158. I’m truly appalled. You have to be sincerely sick in the mind to do such a thing to any living animal. My prayers are being sent to Axel & a smooth recovery. I could never imagine hurting or neglecting my babies this way.

  159. sue cooper says:

    He looked so sad when you first found him. Now he looks brighter and even wags his tail. Bless him. Hope he finds a lovely home. x

  160. Ruby Downs says:

    I hope his ex owners get the same treatment they gave him! This makes me sick….No wonder I like my babies more than I like most people! <3

  161. Jane Dora says:

    If anything strikes me in this story apart from the subject at hand, it is the Positive mental generous attitude of this vet. Is it Viktor? I can’t wait to see more updates on this poor dog. I know he is in good hands and Viktor is adamant he will get him back to excellent health.

    Axel is a big baby and he is also fighting to combat his skin disorder. I’m so glad he was found, saved and receiving treatment and the help will pour in because the intention is real and compassionate enough for our donations.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Jane…
      Our vet is amazing.. and I’m far too motivated to give up so easily…
      But nothing would happen without our community.
      Thank you for being there.. you are Axel’s heros..

  162. Dennis scanlon says:

    What happened to the monsters that left him?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No idea… vanished.

  163. Aweee that’s sad I wanna adopt axel beautiful dog why do people do this it’s horable I wanna help but I cant donate money because my father thinks that its for something else and he won’t believe me but I will try and help I will share this with everyone I no! :)

  164. Marie Giovetsis says:

    The owners should be hunted down and dealt with the same way they dealt with THE DOG. How HEARTLESS can people be? I Pray that they have NO CHILDREN and NEVER NEVER be allowed a Pet of ANY KIND..

  165. Viktor, Glad to see a dim light start to show in Axels eyes and a little wag in his tail. He still come a long ways from just a few days concidering from the years of such neglect that he went through. Please give Axel lots of hugs and kisses for me. Thank you and God bless you and your team. Barbara P

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Will do Barbara.. will do. xx

  166. Sandra Menjivar says:

    Please let me know what state and where axel is located.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      He is in Valencia, Spain…

  167. You guys are doing great. I don’t see why someone would do that to such a poor helpless animal. I don’t have any money to donate but I added a link to this website on every blog and website that I can think of. I hope it helps.

    Best Regards,
    Brian Stoinski

  168. Anonymous says:

    The people that owned him should be punished for what they did yo that poor dog and I’m a little girl and I’m crying right now because of what they did and I would do anything to help him I would even kill my self to save him:(

  169. looking forward to all updates, viktor, you are an angel among us. i donated (only a wee bit) last night, but will donate again as soon as i can. thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you for being there Heather. I’m giving Axel a kiss from you.

  170. Anonymous says:

    This makes me sick. My dog was also a rescue. She was starved and beaten and shot and thrown in the snow on the side of the highway like trash. She is the most wonderful dog. So I donated from my Mika to Axel. I hope he finds a wonderful home full of love. As for his owners who did that I hope someone throws gasoline on them and lights a match!

  171. Jools Farrell says:

    Thank you Viktor so very much for what you are doing for this gorgeous dog, Axel, I am sure he will find a loving forever home which he so very much deserves can you please do every thing you can to make sure his previous owners get everything they deserve for the despicable treatment they gave to this precious dog.

  172. Amy Van Hagen says:

    Axel I send so much love to you from the bottom of my soul. I see you healthy, happy, running, smiling, eating, whole and confident, loving and secure with your new forever family when Viktor finds the right people. May you find the world a bright, kind, beautiful, loving joyful place from this point on. On behalf of mankind, I am so sorry for the abuse you have suffered. Better days are ahead dear one, you will NEVER have to suffer like this again. God Bless you Viktor for pulling him out. God Bless you for the work you are doing. I have donated and will again when I get some more in :-) Angels arms around you both Viktor and Axel…Blessings of Love

  173. Amy Van Hagen says:

    PS: Viktor, at this stage in Axel’s healing, would it be possible to find him something softer to lay on? I don’t know anything other than what you have told us, but I’m wondering if I sent some more money, if it could be used to buy some soft fleece (probably not fleece at this stage due to his woulds) but something that is soft, waterproof and antibacterial?? Just to soften his floor a little bit. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thank you for all that you are doing…God Bless you and angels surround you. Peace

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Amy, yes… during the first few days we kept him on a surface that could be cleaned much easier. He’s got a big comfy bed now.. Ill update a picture later.. .

  174. If Axel was found at a house/shack, couldn’t tax records or the like be used to track down the owners and put them in a cold wet basement for the rest of their miserable lives?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Frank, it’s a shack in the fields… is not even registered as a proper construction… :(
      I wished.. I really wished..

  175. Charmaine says:

    The Persons that did this I want you to Know there is a “SPECIAL PLACE” for you in “HELL” !!!! This is HORRIFIC and CRIMINAL and MUST be Punished by the Strickest of Laws for ANIMAL ABUSE!! Thank-YOU to the person who found him and to ALL OTHERS that are involved in his Care!! Prayers for you DEAR AXEL for a SPEEDY Recovery and a Furever Loving Home!! YOU Deserve the VERY BEST BIG GUY….xo xo xo xo

  176. dear axel I came by again today hoping for some update.. I want and need to know how you are everyday. I wish that were possible… I pray for you as you inter my mind so often throughout the day.. I love you axel..i wish I could throw my arms around you and whisper that everything will be ok for you now, and tell you that so many people have prayed for you and still are.. your my hero for coming back from the brinks of hell.. I cry every time I think of you alone down there,, if you were mine id spend my life making it up to you.. here’s a million kisses and hugs for you axel. may you know that who ever gets you, I pray they make a page so we can see you always..,,i love you axel and always will where ever you may go my heart will be with you…linda,,,

  177. Wow, very sad that people could do such a horrible thing to a beautiful creature such as Axel. This is shameful. Sadly I cannot donate, but I will send my thoughts and prayers to him. He is trying his very best to pull through, a true fighter, you can see it by all of the pictures posted. May he heal well, and bless those who found him. XX

  178. This is a perfect example of why animal abuse should be a felony!!!! how many times does this need to happen before something is done. As far as I am concerned the only ones answering to the abuse would be the abused.

  179. betsy stahlman says:

    poor baby, i will take him home if he needs a home, we are in montana and have another gsd…i would be honered to take him, xxo

  180. Lady Carole McLean-Smith says:

    sending healing prayers and my love.

  181. hey! i want that dog, i could take care of it, i would just have to find a way to get it to missouri, i live in lebanon and i want axel so badly, i already have 4 dogs, we used to have 5 but my brothers pasted away, he wants another one and we would take such good care of him!! please viktor, if you can, get back to me, im sure we can work something out, i just want to love on that poor baby!!

  182. Apparently this is a hoax and this poor poor dog died.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Pretty much alive Suzanne…
      Please stop watching the Simpsons..

  183. Poor baby! I only wish to get better soon. And for their last owners….I only wish an slow and painful death to them.
    Regards from Argentina!!

  184. Is there a way to adopt him? My wife and I already have a german shepherd, we own our own home in long island new york, so there is property for it to run around and grow healthy

  185. Our family loves all dogs but German shepherds have always been close to our hearts. I would love to meet this brave guy.

  186. Anonymous says:

    Please let me have a shot at the people who did this!!! I hope you drop dead for this i would feel nothing if you did you sick bastards.

  187. Nicole Riley says:

    Viktor i want to thank you for helping a poor unfortunate soul it is good people like you are real i will share as many times as i need to my god bless your soul

  188. Shari Wright says:

    This is beyond tolerable, excusable not to mention totally unacceptable. Were it in my personal power, I would see to it that the ‘things’ ..will NOT call them people, as they are obviously inhuman… were castrated slowly with a dull spoon, and thrown in a dark basement, with only moldy bread, and tainted water…..there is simply just NO forgiveness in me for this one.

  189. Please keep me informed on Axel’s condition. I am praying for his recovery.

  190. Anonymous says:

    Beings tears to my eyes, I wish I could take him

  191. That is such a beautiful dog and seems to have such a great demeanor.
    I can only hope he is adopted to a loving family. I just hope everyone that sees this dog in need realizes there are tens of thousands of beautiful children in need of a loving home as well. Please open your hearts and homes if your are able and if not spread the word. CHILDREN need homes too. Positive and loving ones too. More often than not it is not the case. Open your hearts beyond animals if you are able you will be rewarded beyond belief.

  192. Thank God for the person who had the guts to rescue him, the Vet and the staff havimg the patiemce & compassion to save Axel. I hope all that hear this can contribute to such a great cause.

  193. Munna Mukherjee says:

    I am 52 +…female and indian…hv 4 gsd z at home in delhi….they are my ribs and i love them to bits…i dont hold a card and cant understand hw i cd help axel….i want to…he looks like my Rusty….i dont hv any card…can i help with cash or smthing ? Can u inbox or email me & let me know plz ? My blessings to Axel…and u all who rescued him…..waiting eagerly fr ur response…thanx..bbye.

  194. Awwww what a fab job you & team at Let’s Adopt Global do. He is such a wonderful dog. Please give him hug from me (when his wounds have healed abit more & he can tolerate it) aaaaaah poor baby ♥ ♥

  195. Please keep us informed about Axel I’d like to see him getting better. This is our Facebook page :
    I’m helping stray dogs in Turkey. I will share this page on my Facebook paws on the street page to make people informed about Axel. If need any helps please tell.

  196. There is no excuse for this horrid inhumane treatment of this poor animal. May those that did this rot in hell where they belong.

  197. I am speechless. And sick of what people do to animals let alone each other.

  198. Anonymous says:

    I pray Axel well be OK. The bastards who did this to this dog i hope they rot in hell can anyone be so heartless to treat a dog this way ..why couldn’t they just bring him to a adoption place so he wouldn’t have to go through the hell he went through …I really hope and pray he well become strong and enjoy a healthy normal life. Thank you for all the care he receiving to bring him back to health. Bless all of you.


  200. Axel is in MA.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Michelle… whilst we are based in Massachussets, we rescue internationally.. Axel is in Valencia, Spain.. :-)

  201. The ones who have done this need to be treated in the same manner….with out any help…. only they should not survive.
    there is no excuse for this to have happened when their are people would have gladly taken him… With the care Axel is getting and the prayers for hom …he will find a good loving home.

  202. Roger Coffey says:

    I have tears running down my face while I am typing. This I hope who ever injured this dog rots in hell. Please tell me the police have them in custody and charges are filed and they are going to jail or prison. I will donate as soon as I get a job..AXEL hang in there you are in good hands. God Bless this beautiful dog

  203. cris and linda purviance says:

    IWe been thinking about a german shepard for a while since we are retired and was thinking of a older one that we can give the love and attention it will give us in return. we have room we have older dogs 3 Alaskan Malamute boys but up in age and been with us since they were born……………….They are our babies and family. If this baby needs a loving home and can be adopted with arrangements then we are open for talks……….Thank You

  204. DARR DEMLOW says:


  205. I hope those sons of bitches have been dropped into a hellhole befitting their cruelty.

  206. I am beyond willing to give him a loving home!!!!!!! I have 1 dog I rescued already. But there’s always room in my heart and life for another 1!!!! I’ve been rescuing abused animals for over 20 years. I live on a fixed income. So I will need help with the vet bills if possible. If not I’ll figure something out. But I would love to give him a loving home! Also, my other dog needs a friend to play with & snuggle to. Please let me know either way. Thank you.

  207. Gina Gusti says:

    This disgusts me and saddens me beyond words. I am so sick and tired of humans feeling it is ok to abuse an innocent animal. I am grateful that there are organizations such as this that step in and save animals. Now if only the laws would get stricter and make all forms of animal abuse and neglect a felony!

  208. Audie Barger says:

    Prayers to the pup and everyone helping him. What also can help him in healing….2 tbls. pumpkin pie mix in his food for 6 weeks. After that 8-10oz. of cottage cheese mixed with 1 tbls. flax seed oil for 6 weeks. Best wishes.Be praying daily……………..

  209. msry myers says:

    Hi Viktor, you guys have done an amazing job with Axel.. Is Florida, U.S too far away? I have two strong ( and loving sons), two kitties and a Lhasa Apso and plenty of love to give, including a fenced in yard where he can hang out when he wishes… lots of room <3

  210. Melissa H says:

    Viktor.. I think you and the people that help you are angels sent from heaven. You are a very special person and so are the people helping you. Thank you for having the compassion and heart to do the special work that you do. I only wish there were more of you around this earth to help these defenseless creatures. You are doing God’s work and I personally thank you for that. There is a VERY special place in Hell for scum that treat animals like this so Karma WILL catch up to them sometime.

    Keep on keeping on Viktor! You are a hero to me but more so to these animals! Thank you!

    All the best,

  211. David Duncan says:

    Prayer’s are nice but I’m sure donations are needed more.

  212. the people that did this should be sentenced to a slow death.
    I say take them out to the scoching hot desert, poor molaaes on them
    after they are stripped naked, and walk away!! They deserve NOTHING!!

  213. Donna Holt says:

    Would LOVE to adopt Axel. Have a small poodle/Pomeranian. She is spoiled rotten by me and my husband. Our kids are grown and no longer living at home. We have a large fenced backyard. Lots of love to give—and food, water, bed, attention, and lots of special treats. I stay at home all day-could closely watch Axel, and love him. Our Vet is: Graham Animal Hospital, Dr. Michelle Morris and Dr. Kate Wilder, South Main Street, Graham, NC 27253.
    Phone # for Donna : (336) 227-1303
    Worked in the hospital for 28 years-experienced in wound care and general caring for the sick.

  214. Kelly Cole says:

    I am interested in adopting Axel, I’d like to know, when you can what if any special care he wool need other than lots of love… He would live inside with me and my other small dog, we live on 10 ac. Thank you

  215. I live in the United States, In Ohio, and will adopt Axel. I have 4 other rescues with me now. He can be my forever baby if you should so choose. He will be extremely loved, fed, respected and honored in our home.
    Should you decide, please contact me.
    Made donation. Lots and lots of prayers and a prayer chain for Axel. Keep us posted

  216. I bet Axel would like a nice home in Portland Maine. Nice, Quiet, and Peaceful. Good luck Buddy, you’re doing fine!

  217. people that treat animals like this should be treated the same if you cant take care of your animals then find them a home i had a dog that look like this dog i came home to find that my nieghbor had shot him in my driveway i was devastated and so was my daughter he was only 9 months old but he was a big dog never hurt anyone but i guess he was scared of him n came to my house n shot him ill never understand people like this i wish i could donate to help him but im on a limited income n as soon as my ck comes the 1st i will donate what i can for him

  218. Ruth McDonald says:

    Please tell me the bastards that did this to that beautiful dog are in jail!!!

  219. Nancy She Wolf Lewison says:

    People that do this to animals should have the same done to them. The majority of the abused animals are the cause to teens with nothing Good to do.

  220. I feel so bad for this baby. Since my hubby retired, there is no money to give. The trailer park I live in won’t allow us to have big dogs. In the past, I owned…loved, two Shepard/wolves. I sure pray for this beautiful boy. I also pray that some day, our laws will change when it comes to animal abuse. Who ever did this needs to pay for this. Maybe 25-life would make them think!

  221. Anonymous says:

    I do not have a credit card-where can I send a money order-where is this poor dog-I would love to have him!!!! What a shame that anything human would do this to a poor animal!!!! This breaks my heart and I hope the SOB’s that did this suffer!!

  222. what in the he’ll is wrong with people, I know tons of people looking for a beautiful dog like this, where we’re the authorities, they don’t care if it hasn’t anything to do with humans the he’ll with everything else…I think k they should be fined just like the no good evil people that had the poor baby….did they ever find the owners and prosecute them? God bless the people that found him and God bless axle, God has his hand on him he will be fine.

  223. Dear Viktor, you all are angels to have rescued this poor baby!!! I have a passion for gods animals and have rescued many having eight dogs of my own and have fostered for a no kill shelter. I would give this pup a wonderful loving home where he would live out his life with love and plenty of play with all my other babies!! In a fenced in yard and never spend a night out of the home for all if mine sleep with us or in their baby mattresses and plenty of homemade food and only the best of dry food. God bless you and god bless Alex !!!!!!!!

  224. Tod Waller says:

    Can’t we just find the people that did this and put them to death? I’ll do it myself for free! We really don’t need them in the gene pool. Please!

  225. Gloria Harrison says:

    Dear Viktor, I am not in a financial position to donate but I want you to know that I am praying for Axle to have a speedy recovery so that he may get a loving forever home. I cried when I saw the pictures and read his story, I will never understand such cruelty. I have always been an animal lover and rescued strays as a child. I once rescued and had an adopted dog who had been abused. The teenagers who had him threw him down stairs, etc. Unfortunately I was living in an apartment that did not allow pets so, had to find him a loving home…which I did. I would have loved to adopt Axle but I have a dog and cat already and can not afford another pet at this time, Praying Axle gets a loving home. Bless you and your vet for taking care of this dog.Am surprised that after being so abused that Axle seems to not show any aggression to people. This dog must have a very sweet disposition. Please keep me posted as to his progress. Thank you, Oh, what is that disease that he has…I have never heard of it.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Gloria… thank you.. Viktor

  226. Ralph Layton says:

    I want this dog

  227. Anonymous says:

    I so wish i could take him poor baby i cant afford the adopation or vet bills it breaks my heart i cant help

  228. maryann cahoon says:

    Dear Victor:

    My heart aches for this dog, my two doggies are my world and I am sick to think there are humans that would do this to a defenseless dog. But it shouldn’t surprise me there are angels in this world (YOU) and evil people like the people who did this to poor Alex. I will Donate please keep us posted god bless.

  229. This precious baby should be in Heaven where there is no pain and there is lots of love for him. It is a beautiful place that he has ever seen. I am not sorry I feel this way. This fur baby is in pain everyday. To go to Heaven would be the greatest gift ♥ Prayers for Axel

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      You should feel sorry… specially you will when he’s totally healed and running.

  230. Barbara Robinson says:

    Thank you for doing what you can. I know nothing of the disease but I pray something can be done to heal Axel. The abusers should be punished and made to pay. I have 2 cat and don’t think they would take to a dog. Very high strung. Will pray he finds a good home and learns there are some good humans out there.

  231. Axel is in my thoughts and prayers. Extra funds for me are hard to come by as I am caring for a number of stray and feral cats in my neighborhood as well as three of my own.

  232. Kimberley George says:

    Thank you all for the ones who found precious Axel and brought him to Viktor who is and will continue to do the absolute best to restore him fully with God’s blessings!! I too feel these preious animals are our family members and I treat mine highly for sure, yes they do have feelings and I am thankful God created them for us to love and cherish. Thankful for loving, caring animal doctors who aren’t afraid to share in restoration. Much shame on the idiots who would do such a thing!! I do hope they can be found and if the government does, hope they are punished for such a crime, Dogs, mans best friend!!!!!

  233. I will take him in a heartbeat

  234. The SnyderCook Family says:

    This family of ours has had as many as a dozen dogs and cats at one time and never were any miss-treated. The people who did this to this fellow should be punished the same way and for double the time. We have out own home in upstate New York and would love a boy like Axel. God bless all of you who have brought him this far. Keep up the good work.

  235. I have hour little fogs 1to 12 yrs! I would take him in a minute when he’d well enough to travel ! How could anyone go this!!! God bless u GOR helping him!!!

  236. OMG!!!! That is really horrible. I am such an animal lover I could not even imagine the pain that dog went through. I would love to adopt him. I would love to help out any way I can. Please contact me and let me know. I have a German Shephard at home named Haunz and I couldn’t imagine something like tha happenig to him.

  237. How could anyone do this to a beautiful animal such as Axel. I sincerely hope that the owners are brought to justice and do some jail time or a heavy fine for animal cruelty.

  238. Brandie Roberts says:

    I wish I could help I love animals so much

  239. Jamie Lynn Nelson says:

    I would love to have Axle when he gets to the point of being able to go to a forever home! I’m sure you have 100’s of people willing to take him, but you’re more than welcome to contact me at any time. My phone # is 865-758-5909 or you can contact me by email. Thank you and I hope he makes rapid progress in his healing! -Jamie

  240. Vickie Vila says:

    I will adopt Axel! Precious creation of our Lord. Tell me how to make this happen, please!

  241. George A Guevara says:

    I will take him please contact me , I can afford to take good cars of him

  242. Rod Parsons says:

    Whoever did these horrible things to this dog should, imo, be whipped till near death, and then thrown in a cage and displayed to the dog loving public until he dies of starvation. And the dead body should be thrown into a wood chipping machine and then used for fertilizer.. And that would still be way too good for him..

  243. gaetoothaker says:

    this made me throw is so sad.. i want to know why when it was reported why nothing was done.. shame on the authorities that ignored this.. but to axel get well soon baby i love you god bless the ones that are helping him now

  244. Ware is Axel he will fit right in with my family and will be loved always. Very interested

  245. We would absolutely love to take this poor baby into my home!! I have had Germans in the past, so I am familiar with their temperment. And I have also worked with abused animals in the past.
    We also have pet insurance and a Vet.

  246. oldfoxbob says:

    Pentavalent antimonial compounds such as sodium stibogluconate and meglumine antimoniate are the traditional treatments for leishmaniasis.[11] Among all of the computationally screened compounds, pentamidine, 1,3-dinitroadamantane, acyclovir and analogs of acyclovir had higher binding affinities than the real substrate (guanosine monophosphate). Amino acids of HGPRT that are frequently involved in the binding of these compounds are Lys 66, Asp 74, Arg 77, Asp 81, Val 88, Tyr 182, Arg 192 and Arg 194. It is predicted that patients suffering from both HIV and visceral leishmaniasis (VL) may benefit if they are treated with acyclovir or pentamidine in conjunction with first-line antileishmanial therapies such as miltefosine and AmBisome.Ansari ”et al.”[12] Resistance to the antimonials is prevalent in some parts of the world, and the most common alternative is amphotericin B[13] (see leishmaniasis for other treatment options). Paromomycin is an inexpensive alternative with fewer side effects than amphotericin that The Institute for OneWorld Health has funded for production as an orphan drug for use in treatment of leishmaniasis, starting in India.

    New research in the Netherlands on a cancer drug called Miltefosine has shown promising results in treating Leishmaniasis. Miltefosine is the first effective oral treatment for leishmaniasis and is currently undergoing human trials. On its own it has an 88.2% success rate in curing Leishmania but when paired with antimonials the success rate jumps to near 100%.

  247. Axel is in my prayers, Where is he? I will most certainly adopt him.I have a big yard and lots of love.

  248. What has been done to this dog is horrendous. However, do not send out hate to those that did it, it will come back to you. Rather let the Universe take care of the perpetrators they will get much more than any human being can do. A more effective and helpful way to help the animal is to sit quietly and direct Healing to the dog. Spend an hour or so directing a beautiful White Light of Divine Healing to fill and surround the Axel, see it saturating him and his wounds and affirm that his pain is lessened and he will make a full recovery. You could also print a copy of his picture from the Internet and sit with it with your hand on the photo whilst directing this brilliant white light. Much more effective for all concerned than sending out hatred and abuse to the perpetrators.

  249. I am following Axel’s progress and am sending him love and very heartfelt wishes for his good progress to wonderful good health, and also to his wonderful carers lots of love . I will give some money next time I’m paid though am not sure when that will be .
    I love you Axel xox

  250. terjen russell says:

    Omg this is just insaine. I feel horrible for this poor poor little. Guy. Where is he located and would you be willing to ship him if need be. I would gladly take him and give him the nurturing he needs. I am an animal lover and I always have been since I was a little girl. And this just breaks my heart. My email address is ttuss0225@ please contact me. I would absolutely love to have him.

  251. I’m sure I’ve only left 2 messages for dear beautiful Axel , who is making progress I see though it’s really difficult for him . he is a brave dog and will win through with all your help .
    I will be able to give a small amount next time i’m paid . I don’t have much money at all but want to help

  252. Where is he! If he is in the UK, I would love to see him but either way will help anyway we can. It makes me sick to see this. Sophi Stewart

  253. Michelle Bigley says:

    I would really love to adopt him.

  254. Jennifer Fuss says:

    This made me cry. I wish I could take him, but, I cannot. I will share on FB. Maybe someone will see this who can adopt him.

  255. disgusting- I wish he had been rescued sooner- Put the owners in the basement chained with no food and water- see how long it takes them to die.

  256. Mustangusa says:

    I donated to Axel’s cause I hope and pray he recovers from this awful abuse. I have two G.S. dogs and have always had G.S. I love them more than life it self.. Anyone who does something like this should have the same treatment, I hope they track down the owners (must be registered as being owner or renter of the location) and tie them with chains and never feed them

  257. Just sent a donation, I hope it helps to heal this poor animal and get him to a home that will love him like he deserves!

  258. omg this just broke my heart I cried and my old rescue dogs couldn’t understand why.. they came and tried to comfort me.. I wish I could find the ones who did this.. I would chain them in a basement and forget them..i am not able to contribute but I truly hope this precious baby is able to heal and someone give him a good loving home…my tears just wont stop flowing….

  259. Marilyn Capps says:

    I will adopt this Alex today, where is he?

  260. jodee wilson says:

    Is it possible to get an address that a check could be mailed to?

  261. Jerry Gillaspie says:

    Our hearts and prayers go out to you Axel. The “people” who did this to you are not considered human they are like the larvae that was found on you and deserve nothing less than other bugs do. DIE! We will keep you in our prayers and when our money comes on the 1st we will then be able to help you as well. Your loving friends in Copemish,MI USA.

  262. Rose Henderson says:

    Where are you guys located? How long will Axel be in the hospital?

  263. I wish I could take him. I love shepards. It breaks my heart. :(

  264. My heart hurts like its being pulled out! Heavenly Father plz help this baby. Why and how can people be so mean. Their day is coming!!! Where is he at and how do you go about adopting? Besides meds that baby needs soooo much love.

  265. God bless all of you, who do this important work. My heart is heavy and I can barely see thru my tears. How humans can be so cruel, is something I don’t understand.

  266. Ruth McCurry says:

    I’ll take Axel. I have almost a half an acre of fenced yard 8 feet high, and I have one female doberman, who’s been neutered. Axel would be what I call an inside outside dog, as is Piper. He would also be allowed to sleep in my bed along with Piper.

    Someone would just have to bring him to me, as I have no transportation, save once a month, I’m taken shopping. I can afford to feed him, if he’ll eat Kibbles and Bits Country Style (or what ever it’s called), as that’s the only think Piper will eat.

    I’m 65 years old and there are no children of any age close, nor any other dogs, just a stray cat or two, that Piper runs off.

  267. So sad to see Axel is this state, I have a German shepherd myself and its heartbreaking to see. I’m a reiki practitioner so I have sent Axel some healing and will continue to send more in the coming days. Maybe it will help :)

  268. never cried so hard for a dog before. my heart hurts for this little fellow. this is absolutely unacceptable. as my grandmother says, those responsible should be stripped naked, drenched in honey and buried in an ant bed. i can’t even bring myself to yell at my zoe so how could anyone be this cruel. god is definitely going to take care of the abusers.

  269. CJ Robinson says:

    It was my pleasure to donate to help this poor German Shepard. The doctors who are saving him are angels. I hope the criminals that did this to him get what is coming to them. Have a wonderful renewed life AXEL!

  270. timothy hall says:

    He is WECOME TO MY LOVING HOME AT ANYTIME. He is also in my thoughts and prayers.

  271. The proper name for the disease is leishmaniasis, commonly found in the Mediteranean area. Because it is incurable, I doubt the CDC-which recommends euthanasia to avoid the spread of the disease-would allow him to be imported to the U.S..

  272. I cant help to think how much pain axel went through it hurts my heart &I got up set to c this cuz I had a shepard too people r mean I hope to GOD the personor people who did this gets top punishment for what they done to axel I believe in my heart that GODS going to make axel better cuz GOD can do any thing hes a strong dog he will make it through this GOD BLESS U ALL FOR HELPING AXEL GET BETTER

  273. I am just feeling sick with what those ‘monsters’ put this dog through :( They should be in jail, and exposed for the scum that they truly are! I am praying that Axel recovers and that you keep us all updated :) You guys rock!! I would love to give him a home!! We live on a ranch in Idaho….no basement……just a home filled with love :)

  274. Anita Solomon says:

    Where is por Axel now? God bess you all for saving thisgirgeius GSD. How did he come into contact with sandflys locjed in a basement? I hope the owners will be charged with felony anumal abuse. Such a good dog, obviously in pain and allowing you to work on him. This made me cry and I would like to help.

  275. I am in Michigan – I will take him

  276. I guess spain may be a little far for me – I am so sorry to see this happen to any animal. I recently adopted a 10 year old dog that had been taken to the pound – why would anyone do that ?

  277. I will donate a minute..but i will donate even more, if you can tell me, the owner is in jail for a year and not got out just paying 1000 dollars fine…even better….I want to see the bastard behind the bar with no food and water and chained to his cell…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I wish I could tell you that Neelima.. but no… unfortunately I can’t.

  278. normajean says:

    I am heartbroken and outraged. May the villains that put Axel in this state of misery, be punish at the full extent of the law. My prayers are with you Axel, for a fully recovery and that you can live a happy and healthy life after this terrible ordeal. And thanks to Viktor and the crew that are taking care of Axel. I would love to adopt! Big fenced yard, beach, and lots of love! God bless all of you, Viktor!. I have faith ! Axel will recover! My love to all!

  279. i have been following Axel’s story, how very heartbreaking it is to see such an animal in this condition. I can see the light slowly coming back to his eyes, he is becoming brighter everyday. Thank you for saving him, it will be along road to recovery for him for sure. GSD are my favorite breed. Could you please keep updating his progress as time permits? There is such an outpouring of love and prayers for him i see through the comments. There is such power in group prayers, as i believe that is what saved my life when i had a critical illness so i encourage everyone to keeping praying for Axel’s recovery as it will nothing short of miraculous. God bless Axel and all that are involved in his care, for you are his Angels. Perhaps Axel could use his own facebook page for all to keep up on his progress. thank you

  280. Vicki Thomas says:

    Where does this dog live, which state?

  281. I am praying for Axel… I would love to adopt him…

  282. lori carroll says:

    I am so thankful to the person who finally got him from that horrific situation and to those trusting the rest of us to help financially wth this massive undertaking. I can only hope, someone please tell me, the assholes that did this to this innocent loving compassionate living breathing animal is going to b prosecuted….please….they cannot be allowed to do this to another animal. The next may not b so lucky to hav a human to rescue him

  283. christina card says:

    i hope the people who did this get the same thing done to them. give them no mercy!

  284. Poor Axel I pray dog need heal soon and hope vet help axel getting better soon amen and hugs and kiss bless axel relax amen

  285. Deborah Ellington says:

    Where is this dog, I would love to have him.

  286. kathy jones says:

    i would love to have this angel. i have 4 other dogs all rescued. everyone of them have given me back so much love i could not imagine life without them my daughter in law is a vet and would be able to help me with health issues
    . god will remember these cruel people and they will be judged

  287. I would love to adopt him if you were in Oregon. I would do it with out the free dog food because I believe animals have just as much right as people to be treated well and loved. you did not say what happened to the #$(@@ that did this to him.

  288. Tambi Trenary says:

    I’m so totally in tears right now. I wish I could take him in and give him a forever home, but I live in an apt. All I can do is pray for Axel and God, please find him a home!

  289. SallyAnne says:

    This Baby is a Beauty, I hope she pulls through i would take her in a second, Praying for her she deserves it..Beautiful Dog, Just like My lady.

  290. I have to say my heart goes out to this poor dog, I sit here watching these videos crying wondering how anyone could be so cruel… , I pray he recovers from the terrible injuries.. ones he did not deserve… Thank god for the ones who found him and brought him for treatment .. God bless those of you who are treating him and giving him the love and attention any animal deserves.. I will look for updates on his recovery… I will also post this many times for others to see and hope it will help.. GOD BLESS !!!!

  291. Sarah Amos says:

    I will take Axel and provide a loving home for him 302-480-2702. 983 Bison Rd Dover De 19904

  292. There is special corner DEEP in hell for someone who would do this…

  293. lisa slocum says:

    I made myself watch the videos of axal and cryed as they shaved him . my heart goes out to him. i am a dog rescuer that have saved many and if i could i would take him in as my own. please kiss him for me and my prayers r with all of u hard workers who have the heart to save this little man. god bless u all . and WHEN he gets ready for a loving home please keep me in mind

  294. Can you take his collar off? Give him a soft bed to sleep on? And give him something for his pain?? Your doing a great job..but a few more loving gestures would be even better!!! He deserves endless amounts of comfort!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Jill… what makes you think he is not getting that already? . don’t worry.. he’s being treated the best possible way.

  295. id like five minutes with Axel’s owners please.

  296. Lavada Brooks says:

    I would like to give him a home, please contact me at 21424xxxx

  297. Sandra holgate says:

    Viktor I am from America and we are having the same problem here tell axel Arizona in the Americas are pulling for him and please send me update pics please I have two dogs my self one is a boxer and one is a recuse which I recued him from being put down

  298. Liz Cravens says:

    I pray to God that Axel will be cured and that a good forever home will be found for him. It’s totally beyond my realm of comprehension how anyone could abuse an animal at all, much less to the extent they did Axel. He’s a beautiful dog and will be a beautiful companion/playmate for some lucky person/people. I love you Axel…get well soon!
    The person or people who did this to him should be punished to the full extent of the law, and I agree that laws should be stronger. We need to love and protect our furry friends. I will also pray for the person/people who did this horrible thing. My believe is that anyone who would do this to any animal is staring into the gates of Hell!

  299. Lucy Irvin says:

    Just donated. Thank you. Love to you Axel.

  300. I will gladly take this beautiful baby. I have an 11 week old female German Shepard who would have to be spayed (I think poor Axel has been through enough so I won’t have him neutered unless I’m 150% sure that nothing will happen to him. I think he’s been through enough. I am not rich, but Axel will be loved and adored by many. He will have a good home where he is an active member of our family. Bella would love to have a playmate and I think she would be good be Axel. If necessary, I will pay all costs to have him brought to us!!!!

  301. Tanya Rafajlovski says:

    I would be more than happy to give that little boy a loving home! Where is he???

  302. Danhy Drago says:


    Gracias por ayudar a Axel a revivir y a sanar no solo sus heridas fisicas pero tambien las que lleva por dentro. Esa gente malvada que lo sometio a semejante tortura le quebrantaron el espiritu pero con tus cuidados y con el amor de personas buenas que ahora tiene al lado ese espiritu tambien sanara y Axel volvera a levantarse y por fin conocera lo que es tener una vida digna y sin dolor!

    Muchas bendiciones para Axel y para ti Viktor…

  303. I will take him. Let me know what I need to do.

  304. Can I adopt him

  305. David Knight says:

    first the animal control should be sent to jail,the the ex-owners should be left in the same condition,till worse than axel see how they like being abused. If axel is close to tennessee i would be happy to give him all the love he missed

  306. wendy parks says:

    I would love to adopt him. Can u tell me where he is! And how much to adopt him. He needs LOTS of LOVE

  307. Stephanie Eaton says:

    People who treat animals like this are animals themselves. They need 2 B PUNISHED 2 THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!

  308. The person and/or persons that are responsible for this terrible crime should be tortured, imprisoned then left at the gates of hell where they belong! How could anyone be so violently cruel and be able to sleep at night or even look I the mirror at themselves?

    Thank you to the humans that made the difference and stepped in and to the vet staff that is helping this pore soul heal. God bless. Hugs to Axel from Alaska. Pets are my passion and my heart is very heavy seeing this and knowing that this type of thing goes on every single day. Step up and protect the magnificent animals of this planet.

  309. Marilyn Carnes says:

    Bless you all for what you are doing for this precious dog, I wish I could adopt him myself as I would have the time and patients, but, unfortunately I already have 5 dogs, and 7 cats, and 2 horses. I dont understand people who can do such a thing to an animal, I dont think they are in there right mind!! I would like to help as I can!!!!

  310. mel labar says:

    The way I feel right now, if I saw the aholes that did this to that beautiful boy they wouldn’t have a chance in hell. people that abuse children and animals or any living thing has no conscience. I don’t know how they handle this sort of thing over there in Spain but I know here in the USA their cracking down more but still do not get enough of a punishment ,.they need to really hit them harder!

  311. MY GOD !!!! How could anyone be so cruel as to do something to a poor animal that only wants love and wants to give love. Ihope these people are found and severely severely punished !!! Whomever they are they better hope they never cross my path or my husbands path, it will be the last they cross… Thank you so much for taking care of Axel

  312. I pray everyday for all animals to be safe and children,to me a person that harms a animal or child is heartless they do not have a heart,
    The Lord put these Beautiful creations on this earth to be loved. My thoughts and prayers go out to this Beautiful creation and God Bless everyone that is helping and praying.

  313. Marcella Lee Corley says:

    May I have a address, where I can mail a donation for Axel. Praying for you Axel.

  314. Marcella Lee Corley says:

    May I have a address, where I can mail a donation for Axel. Praying for you Axel.

  315. Marcella Lee Corley says:

    May I have a address, where I can mail a donation for Axel. Praying for you Axel.

  316. Im a prior service veteran. I had a german shepard save my life in afghanistan. Myself my wife and daughters are all dog lovers. We would love to offer axel a permanent home. Please email me directly with his updates.


  317. Kelley Johnson says:

    I would love to have this dog i love him already how can i get him 321 746 xxx ,·he would b very spoiled as my puppy now

  318. Nancy Harless says:

    I would like to send $ to help but only have a checking account. for Axel.

  319. What happened too the owners who did this? It said neighbors complained about them for years about their treatment of this dog so they should have no problem finding them and arresting them.

  320. Sharon C. Golden says:

    how could a human with any heart do this to one of God’s creation. I wish we had the money to rescue him but with me on a fixed income and my husband on half time we barely have the funds for our bills. hope those humans will get “just” punishment for this terrible deed. please keep me posted on progress

  321. Anonymous says:

    It is so sad how cruel some people can be. Bless Axel’s heart and the angels taking care of him. I hope his abusers get what is coming to them.

  322. Cynthia Everett says:

    Once Axel’s treatment is completed, I would like to adopt him! He’ll have a loving home with me, a warm bed, plenty of food & all the cuddling & playtime he can stand! :-)

  323. Thank you for taking care of this dog !!!!

  324. Axel please get better I just sent a donation and I hope you get better. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am thankful for the beautiful souls out there, making the impossible possible, be strong Axel! I am sending you lots of love, hugs and kisses
    Love: Violeta and puppies (Taina, Laika, Taichi and Luna)

  325. thank you for the update on axel.. this poor baby, seeing him like this breaks my heart, but I know he on the road to recovery.. what I wouldn’t do if I could to help him in every way possible..sending you my love axel,,millions of kisses and hugs to you my precious boy. love you ,,,linda

  326. Sheryl emerich says:

    Poor baby I hope you can give him love as well as medical he needs attention. Poor baby.

  327. cynthia donaldson says:

    Has he been adopted? If not call me 916- 2xxxxx.

  328. i am unable to donate because i am on a fixed income right now. but my thoughts and prayers go out to this handsom boy who did not deserve this. and when he is ready for a forever home i will gladly take him into my home and my heart with my family. i had a female shepard who was my best friend and part of my family she is no longer with me and i would love to show this very deserving boy how people can love him and take care of him the way he deserves.

  329. Barbie Rodriguez says:

    Where was the law then?? the person/s that had torture poor Axel are 1000% savage/s, jail is a picnic, they deserve a severe punishment, glad someone took kindness to help on Axel & save him, thanks. God always repay double any deed!! I wish I could adopt but I already have 3, one small dog is getting better, PLSSSSSS give him lots of love, he never new or felt that!!,

  330. Anonymous says:

    I would love to have axle! I love german shepards. It breaks my heart knowing some one would do such a thing to a sweet dog. What can i do to take ownership of him? Hr would be a great addition to my family and a companion.

  331. Anonymous says:


  332. Ingrid Housego says:

    I am so glad you help this poor angel and try to heal him!!! Thank you and God bless you!!!! But is there no police and no laws which sentence these wicked creatures, scum which belong to hell and much torture ????!!!!!!!! Why is there nothing being done????!!!!!!!! These wicked bastards deserve the worst for this, at least some sentence on earth as it is for sure that they will be in hell one day – I VERY MUCH HOPE STILL LILVING ON EARTH – HELL ON EARTH TO THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  333. I would love to have Axel to love him and take care of him. We have a good area for him to run in. We have an underground fence to keep him safe. It would be an honor to have him in our family. He would be indoors except to go potty or just to run a bit. We love our animals as though they were our children. They ARE our children. We live in Ny. in the country.

  334. Marsha Chambers says:

    Where is Axel located? I would be interested in adopting but distance is a factor. Thank you.

  335. Carolyn Troxel says:

    Hello; My name is Carolyn, and I wont to adopt Alex. I know he’s been though a lot but he is one beautiful dog right now. I live out in the county so he would have a lot of room and it is all fence in. I live in Florida and he would be living inside with me and my husband, so let me know if I can adopt him.
    Think you

  336. Is Axel still alive?

  337. I would like to mail a check to help Axel. Where would I send it? Thanks, Darlene

  338. normajean says:

    I would like 5 minutes with the person who did this to this beautiful GODS creature,i hope something is being done to the abuser its not fair it breakes my heart..

  339. Brought tears to my eyes. The monsters that did this to him should pay dearly for this. They don’t even deserve to be here on earth in my opinion. God Bless you for the rescue. Be strong Axel. If you can live through what you came through you can handle the recovery you so deserve a good life.

  340. RAY HEBERT says:


  341. Anonymous says:

    Where is he from ?

  342. I hope the Hell there get that SOB

  343. If u guys can’t find a family to adopt him let me know, I’ll take him.

  344. Leesa Hughes says:

    Makes me sad and mad, hope he will be ok, will watch updates,, and see if he gets a home, if he doesn’t I really can’t afford another animal, but will take him, the owners need done to them such things I can’t say,

  345. I would take him. Poor baby, i don’t know how anyone could mistreat an animal like that, especially a German Shepherd. I love that breed more than any other dog breed. It breaks my heart to see him like that </3

  346. Axel, I am sending you lots of love, hugs and kisses. I made a donation to your cause, and I hope you are given the treatment you deserve, I hope you feel better, and I am very thankful to the beautiful souls that are out there helping you our 4 legged friends. I will keep you in my thoughts and in my prayers. Mucho Amor chiquito: VIoleta and puppies (Taina, Laika, Taichi and Luna)

  347. I will absolutely take him. I am in NY on Long Island. I have a German Shep mix 3 year old male, 3 yr old female chihuahua a parrot a cockatiel bearded dragon and fish. My house isn’t big but it’s filled with pets and lots of love. Please consider me. I can’t believe how cruel people can be. My ph # is 631-920-2225. My vet will give you a reference and so will the rescue group I got my Shep mix from.

  348. gladys morrw says:

    please tell me something is being done to the people who did this!!

  349. Kelley Johnson says:

    And if i can get that poor dog, i will donate that food back to u or the vilalobos pit bull rescue in new orleans i can feed him again my number is 3217467396 im in florida and will travel to come get him

  350. How could someone do this to a animal that gives unconditional LOVE. Shame on them. Will Pray For A Speedy Recovery. Good Luck Axel

  351. Diana Thompson says:

    Please forgive me for saying this, but would this not be a time to actually put an animal down due to its condition? This dog is in such poor shape and so depressed. I mean when does one draw the line. Its so awful what this dog had to go through. If they do work on this dog and I know it will cost a whole lot, I would really like to see the transformation. I suppose a dog like this, as long as it shows a desire to live then everything possible to get him better will happen, right. So with that said, I pray and hope that he gets a second chance at a good life and he gets better each day. Praying for you Axel.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      You are forgiven but no… this is the time to use modern medecine to cure.
      Killing is too easy.

  352. I wish I could take Axel, but just can’t! So God Bless those who have volunteered to love and nourish him! And may God always protect him and his new family. To the Angels who rescued him and those who are caring for him – you deserve more thanks than words can say. I know your reward will be when he is healthy again and in a loving home. :)

  353. Okay so where is this dog and if I want to adopt him how would I go about doing that?

  354. I will take him and love him the rest of his life #xxxxxxx

  355. Crystal Estrada says:

    I wish I could afford money or even a place for him. He would be spoiled rotten. But live in Arizona in a small trailer with my mother in law and family. But will differently pass this on. And pray for him, he is beautiful. I can’t understand why somebody would due this, I pray God will let them be pushed to the fullness of our law too. God Bless you all for all you due for him.

  356. No judicial punishment will be good enough for the chicken shit bastards that did this to this precious life. Our laws are not strict enough for inhumane cruelty to an animal. These laws have to change and they have to become more strict. And I feel that the punishment must fit the crime. I say chain these low lifes to a wall or the bottom of a well and let them know how it feels… Let them fight off the larvae and worms sleep in their own urine and feces. Treat them as the low life chicken shit bastards they are….

  357. Debra Gavin Neal says:

    It really does not matter if they catch and punish the monsters who did this. They have already made their reservations in HELL! Bless all of the people involved in his rescue and treatment, and all of the loving, concerned angels who sent contributions to help pay for his care, and all of those who are offering him a safe and loving home in which to live out his life.

  358. Akilah Al-Zayan says:

    This unfortunate dog was rescued and helped by a very kind human being.It is a grave sin to harm a helpless animal and may those who did harm him,go to hell for all eternity!

  359. Linda Bourque says:

    I hope someone is looking for these BASTARDS that did this to AXEL so they face justice. What part of the country is Axel in? GET WELL AXEL. Good things in life are ahead.

  360. I hink that the person who found this poor baby should be rewarded andthe people that owned this baby should have done to them what they did to this poor baby and eye for an eye!!!!!!!!!!! poor thing I wish that I could take him

  361. Nancy Marcum says:

    God Bless all of you in your work and dedication to the animals that need people like you. Please keep me up dated on Axel’s progress. I will send what I can as I can for his up keep so please let me know where to send what donation I can as I can afford to. GOD be with you in your continued work.

  362. anita halsey says:

    praying for axel’s full recovery…and god bless the people who are helping him recover..

  363. How my eye fill with tears when i see such abhorrent treatment of animals. I live in Australia and believe that HEMP OIL may help Axel with his skin and medical condition, and i am more than happy to send some with a donation to to aid his recovery. Please contact me so i can send it straight to you… God Bless you Axel you are now safe.

  364. Tonni Brende says:

    Axel, I am so very sorry. I pray you find that forever home w/ a quickness.

  365. Marilyn Stauffer says:

    Please try treating his wounds with Dermacton it works! It helps his hair to grow back again and heals the wounds…. Here is the website

    I have used it twice with my Golden Retriever and this works like magic. Hope this helps please take care of him and this breaks my heart and I wish I could have the money to have him with me I hope he can find a home….

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks.. well look into it.. xx

  366. Sarah Stigers says:

    The owners of this dog will only get a $1,000.00 fine and a slap on the hand, watch the judge on Animal cops in ALL states and you will see what the law gives people like this. That is why people continue to abuse animals, the only way to stop animal abuse is to let the owners know how it feels physically treat them the same way, I cannot even describe how MAD I am right now!

  367. I just hope karma is in the works for the torturers with no respect for life. maybe they will run into somone feeling the same as them!!!

  368. This dog is one of God’s creatures. All that he’s been through he has the will to live and lots of love to give. I so wish I could take him. I am so sad over this. I can’t thank the people that got him out and the ones that are helping him through all this pain. I know he is thankful and will show his thanks in the form of showing love, The person/s that is lucky enough to get to have him will be so blessed and have nothing but love from him. Dear God, please take care of him.
    I am so ashamed to believe a human can do something like this. This dog had nothing to give but love. He received nothing but hate. We know who the people are that did this. They should to be prosecuted to the fullest thrown in jail for that’s what they did to him. Please Lord, protect him.

  369. What I want to know – re: Axel – have the people who did this been brought to justice? No human – two legged or four – should be treated in such a manner. With the exception of doing the same to those that have no sense in pet ownership. They should be thrown into the same situation as they put Axel in and see how they fair. “An eye for an eye”! My prayers are with Axel and hopefully … another true success story.
    God bless you all.

  370. I cannot believe that there is people so cruel to animals. they need to be found and punished. poor axel my prayers are with you thank goodness he was found and now getting treatment. god bless the ones who are helping axel to get well

  371. Samantha Steiner says:

    I would love to adopt Axel. Wish I had money to give, but I don’t have a job right now. All I can give are my prayers. I have 3 dogs. 2 Jack Russells and a Pit Bull. I couldn’t imagine that happening to my dogs. I got my pit bull from a lady on Craigslist who was going to have him put to sleep. He was only 4 months old at the time. He’ll be a year old on Sunday, June 16. I hope whoever adopts Axel gives him all the love and care that poor dog needs. God Bless ❤

  372. How can U do this to any animal, there should be justice. Will the owner go to jail?? They should unbelievable!!!

  373. Is Leishmania curable?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      It’s manageable.. it’s a chronic disease but they can have perfectly normal lives under supervision

  374. Joan Mcdonald says:

    I had tried to contact whomever is in overseeing Axels adoption and subsquent care. I would like to vouche and support a man who has the means and patients necessary in such an adoption.please feel free to contact me if I may be of help. My friend has already contacted you and I will refer to him only as George. I assure you a better home and a more loving person will be hard to find. Sincerely, Joan McDonald

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Joan, I will be in touch with all applicants during the weekend.
      Many many thanks

  375. the absence of empathy is one nauseating evil. those without it do this to animals AND humans of all ages too. those evil submerged people will always be with us. one reversal at a time ends progression of suffering at a time, begins a healing process one at a time. but those evil in life will NEVER receive relief, their suffering will be progressive even if we don’t get to see, i trust the Creator to make good use of vengeance judged called for. jail cell is not punishment enough and they will harm again the innocent.

  376. Dave Toft says:

    I would be willing to adopt Axel when he is well enough to leave the doctors office.

  377. I agree to adopt this dog. What the procedure ?

  378. danielle lewis says:

    i would love to adopt axel i love dogs got 13 of them already 140 acers of and to walk on and he would be to be around other dogs and humans to. we have three horses out here too i think it would be a good place for him to come

  379. danielle lewis says:

    u can text me on facebook my facebook name is danielle lewis

  380. Just donated for Axel. Viktor – thank you and the rest of your team & much love & respect from Germany.

  381. Lucy Johnson says:

    Please give Axel a big, gentle kiss for me. I will send as much as I can, in a few weeks. But know Viktor, that you are blessed for helping these lost souls……thank you for what you do.

  382. Where is this dog? I am in SE Louisiana if that helps and my daughter is a surgical vet tech Have had three GS in the past. And have three dachshunds now. Please advise!

  383. Sandy and Onne says:

    So happy for Axel to be walking on that sore foot and running in the excitement of smells. His energy is fantastic. Thank you for taking such care with him. So excited for his new life. <3

  384. thank you again for the update on axel,,every moment I see him makes me so very happy…he looks stronger today.. thank u god for answering our prayers for him…I love you axel, more than you ever have the chance to know…your mine forever already in my heart…

  385. Please save this abused dog, axel. NO ANIMAL SHOULD EVER BE TREATED LIKE THIS!

  386. Please keep me updated I am not working right now so have time

  387. Leslie Gerbetz says:

    Dogs are amazing creatures. This beautiful german shepherd will need a while to recover. Thank God he is now in the care of people who will take care of him. It gives me hope that so many people have offered there assistsants and are willing to adopt Alex. He deserves to live the rest of his life in a loving home where he is safe, and has food and water, never to see a dark damp basement again. Those former owners will have to answer to there actions on judgement day. It would be my guess that they will get what they deserve. It is so painful to think of what this dog has endured that I am going to focus on the angles that recued him. Thank you for saving this beautiful german shepherd. He was worth it. He will make someone a very special friend and will be forever grateful to his new owners and to those of you who helped recue him and care for him as he recovers. Thank you all who have prayed, doniated, and even those who just took the time to comment and let others know there are good people out there and hopfully this makes others aware of the kind of abuse that animals can suffer in the care of the wrong people . Always keep and eye out for and animal in need they are a blessing from God!

  388. Patra Madden says:

    Like so many others, my limited income does not allow me to donate, but I share your updates for each dog rescue on the internet with my FaceBook friends, and pray for them and for your organization. My daughter, granddaughter and I volunteer regularly for dog rescues and are striving for a NO Kill San Antonio Texas USA. We have a long way to go. Almost everyday, here in this large city, there is dog after dog that has been treated as badly as you see with poor Axel. Dogs have few rights, they are just property of their owners, under the law. As sadly, perfectly beautiful healthy dogs are killed ( euthanized) on a daily basis here : about 52,000 each year. Yes, about 1,000 healthy beautiful,dogs, able to love and trust and with so much of themselves to give, are killed each week . It is heart wrenching. All of my dogs have been rescued dogs. My dogs send their love to Axel and I send my love and prayers for all of you, man and fur-children.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many many thanks Patra…
      it’s the effort that counts…
      Thank you for being there.

  389. I would take him home in a heartbeat!

  390. i hope Axel survives this terrible time.I am thinking about adoption but he is in Spain and i am in oxford, UK he is the smartest dog i have ever seen, two years ago maybe three my parents gave my dog away because she bit my friends brother and they were scared that she will bite us too.. but i didn’t believe them, she was all my life and they just took her away like that! that’s why i want to give Axel another chance and let him start a new life

    Best wishes and kisses to Axel.

  391. Karla Lukey says:

    God Bless you, Viktor, and those of your team who are treating Axel and giving him a chance!! Praying that you will find him a home where he will get so much love, that it will cancel out any effects of the abuse he suffered. Please keep us posted on Axel’s recovery, and his adoption into his furever home!!

  392. Bless the poor soul =( great job on your work Viktor, it is my dream to do smth similar once the circumstances are correct. I donated for Axel and my thoughts are with him, pls keep us updated on his progress, he looks like a true survivor.

  393. First of all, I hope with all of my heart, that this poor dog will get better and heal!!! Where are the owners? I hope they are in jail for animal cruelty!!! They are not humans, they are monsters and should be treated exactly the same way !!!!
    And what’s going on with the neighbors, if they would have contacted the authorities a long time ago, this could have been prevented!
    I am ashamed, that people like this exist!!! I pray for Axel, God bless this innocent, poor soul!!!!
    I will donate for his recovery and share this sad, sad story………

  394. Thanks to the wonderful people who rescued and treated this beautiful German shepherd. He is a beauty. Yes there is much evil in this world but I want to focus on the good honest and compassionate people today. Thank you to all the people around the world who are helping animals. People who rescue,foster and make donations. I believe there are more good people in this world. Monsters and abusers beware !! You are out numbered and WE SHALL OVERCOME !!!!

  395. DEBRA HARROWER says:

    Main article: Leishmaniasis

    Pentavalent antimonial compounds such as sodium stibogluconate and meglumine antimoniate are the traditional treatments for leishmaniasis.[11] Among all of the computationally screened compounds, pentamidine, 1,3-dinitroadamantane, acyclovir and analogs of acyclovir had higher binding affinities than the real substrate (guanosine monophosphate). Amino acids of HGPRT that are frequently involved in the binding of these compounds are Lys 66, Asp 74, Arg 77, Asp 81, Val 88, Tyr 182, Arg 192 and Arg 194. It is predicted that patients suffering from both HIV and visceral leishmaniasis (VL) may benefit if they are treated with acyclovir or pentamidine in conjunction with first-line antileishmanial therapies such as miltefosine and AmBisome.Ansari ”et al.”[12] Resistance to the antimonials is prevalent in some parts of the world, and the most common alternative is amphotericin B[13] (see leishmaniasis for other treatment options). Paromomycin is an inexpensive alternative with fewer side effects than amphotericin that The Institute for OneWorld Health has funded for production as an orphan drug for use in treatment of leishmaniasis, starting in India.

    New research in the Netherlands on a cancer drug called Miltefosine has shown promising results in treating Leishmaniasis. Miltefosine is the first effective oral treatment for leishmaniasis and is currently undergoing human trials. On its own it has an 88.2% success rate in curing Leishmania but when paired with antimonials the success rate jumps to near 100%.

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  396. renee ewing says:

    Wut will it take to adopt axel?

  397. I am mortified by this. I really wish I could contribute to the recovery,. but am barely supporting myself and my husband on one paycheck. I despise anyone who would treat any living being this way. I am bawling my eyes out over this outrage and BEG all of you that are in a position to help. please do! I would take him in a red hot minute if I could.

  398. Connie Brown says:

    I’m truly speechless, this poor sweet beautiful lil soul! Thank you for saving him & helping him & giving him a chance! I just don’t get why his owners would do that to him…why not let him go free if they were not going to go there anymore…ugh, I hate most humans..damn the town for not doing a damn thing when people contacted them about it…They are just as much to blame as the owners!! I hope to god the owners are found & charged with abandonment & animal cruelty…pathetic dirty rotten pos bastards!!

  399. Jude thompson says:

    I always thought that i wasnt capable of killing someone, but now i’m not so sure. Poor dog. Well done to you all for what you are doing for Axel and others.

  400. jane davis says:

    I have donated… sorry it’s not more but every little helps =D. Thank you for saving this beautiful’s so good to know that he is going to have the life he deserves when his injuries heal. I am ashamed to be a member of the human race when I see stories of such terrible cruelty :( but thank god there are more good guys in this world than bad. xxx

  401. sandy dee says:

    Just wanted to tell every one again that Viktor Larkhill is not only helping Axel BUT there are many dogs his group is helping .There are many dogs & cats that need your donations & help & new homes that are just like Axel .You can adopt from any where in the world & a lot of these animals are from other countrys

  402. thanks again for the new update on axel.,,there isn’t a day that goes by that i’m not thinging of him…love you axel so much. i’m praying for you my baby..linda

  403. How can anyone call themselves human and do this to a beautiful animal. They themselves are not animals but monsters.

  404. Tariah Moondragon says:

    Axel’s pictures and the cruelty and stupidity of my species breaks my heart. I have a good friend that runs a rescue in AZ and I marvel constantly at the strength of her generous heart to do what she does and I see the same in you. A question I have not heard addressed — What emotional and behavioral issues is Axel likely to have? Dogs get PTSD too. Will his adopter have to have particular skills to avoid further inadvertent trauma? How old is he? Thank you for what you do, and all the other people behind the scenes.

  405. I’m praying for Axel! From here that is all I can do … one of my FB-friends shared it with me and I’ve passed it on.

  406. Christina C. says:

    Still praying & keeping Axel in my thoughts on a daily! Thank you for your continued love & affection towards this wonderful & brave dog..i look forward to seeing more footage on his recovery! <3

  407. i will donate some money for axel and other angels as soon as i get my credit card. love animals and children and sometimes i care about them more then other people because both of them are helpless against the cruelty of human. Especially considering that we are occupying animal’s environment and leaving them with nothing but a struggle to survive with eating garbages in big city streets. I feel responsible. And there are people like this, who does this kind of cruelty to them, using them for economic profit, running puppy mills and ignorant people who still think that buying a puppy from a pet shop is a good idea just because that puppy will belong to a special race. I also read the story about Totty the black puppy and i cried. Because i know people are not only discriminating black animals they are racist in all aspects. It makes me sick. I even heard one of my own friends asked which brand where the puppies i found were? Brand?? These people see pets as tradeable goods!! That’s why im so glad to find out that there are people who actually think like me, love and care about these angels. Hope Axel’s injured body and soul will be healed soon and he will be happy for the rest of his life. Im not a religious person but i feel like him and all others are the true meaning of the word angel. Pure and unpaid love, trust and kindness..

  408. Courage AXEL…10 € c’est pas grand chose mais à tous on va te sortir de là.
    Certains humains sont totalement débiles et sans coeur, ne nous en tiens pas rigueur .. Nous ne sommes pas tous comme ces enfoirés. (pour rester polie)
    Je te souhaite de te rétablir très vite et trouver une vraie famille avec un gros coeur qui saura t’aimer comme tu le mérites.
    Un grand bravo et toute ma reconnaissance à ton sauveur et aux personnes qui s’occupent de toi.
    Pleins de calins mon pépère.

  409. Jackie young says:

    Not a criticism, merely an observation. Why does Axel need such a severe collar. He doesn’t look like he’s going to be pulling you for awhile.
    You’re doing a fantastic job with him, and I would love to have a conversation with you re aloe products that I think could help all your rescues. Xx

  410. I made a donation to his care. So happy to see that he is progressing! Keep up the good work and *thank you* for making a difference.
    Melissa in Texas

  411. I would love to adopt axel what must I do I live in South Africa and axel grabbed my heart

  412. Natalie Henricks says:

    I recently donated to Axel’s recovery, and am very happy to see he’s on such a positive path. I am, however, disappointed in the choice of restraint – a harness is always the best choice. If for healing purposes he cannot wear one, than there are much more humane leash / collar options than the uncomfortable metal link style as worn in the video. All the little things count, thank you!

  413. I love you Axel, please get better soon! He’s looking better already. MUCH LOVE, from California.

  414. Gail Hall says:

    Please don’t let stupid people frustrate you and all your efforts!

  415. I just donated 35, I wish I could afford more next week I hope to donate again.

  416. Yvonne Parkins says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing this beautiful dog from a life of Hell..

    Special Dog

    Special You

    Have donated – please let us know if more money is needed to give this boy the life he has been denied all those terrible years

  417. Yvonne Parkins says:

    Has anything happened to the conos that did this to him ?

  418. God Bless you Axel and those who are caring for you. I contimue to pray. I donated once and will again. You are the rainbow amidst all of the suffering you endured. It is over. Be well, smell the grass, the fresh air. Take a walk and heal Axel. You inspire us! Again, God has blessed and will comtinue to bless you.

  419. So glad I donated & that he is getting better slowly & surely!!!

  420. Gitte Loeyche says:

    Bless you for all you do for Axel

  421. Jean Stewart, Scotland says:

    Just watched your latest video of Axel and I am heartened to see that although his skin still looks very raw & sore it makes me very happy to see the tiny improvements that he is making. Trying his very best to play with the helper…..aww, bless him. Sent another small donation. Keep up the good work Viktor & team. He’s going to make someone a very special addition to their family. xx

  422. hey axel.. i’m hear again as I am everyday, with this big lump in my throat seeing if there is news of you and yes there was.. I pray for you and think about you daily ..I cant look at your pictures without crying and wanting to hold you and comfort u. I also want to see so bad justice for you, so help me god if I lived their no stone would go unturned till I found who did this to u ..someone somewhere knows where your owners are,, I want to see them thrown in jail, or worse done to them what they did to you.. I love you axel..i tell my babies about you when I lay in bed at night and tell them mommy will never ever leave unless god takes me..i would whisper this in your ear to if you were mine.. I got to go now axel and as always crying like a baby…know that I love you and feel as if I know you as well as I do my own dogs.. god bless you . viktor and all involved in your care and to those who donated to help you.. you will make someone one hell of a dog.. I wish it were possible to be me, but I know it can’t happen, I can only to u always my baby axel..your internet mom

  423. Nelda Percival says:

    I have followed your postings and work with the animals that all have lost hope on, for a full year. I have seen some, in fact most saved. Others have left us. But you and the team of assistants, the Vets, everyone who you involve with, give 100% of their capabilities to give the animal a chance to survive. Some do, some do not…but every animal that is treated there know they are loved. Love is a great healer. Axel knows you love him, so it is no surprise that he in his learning to accept you as his friend and to be affectionate with you.

    Not every country in the world has laws that protect animals. The European Union has basic animal protection and care laws that members are supposed to enact within their countries…. But this does not happen in some .. I’d say most countries. We in the united States seem to think we are the end all – of animal protection laws – Yea right… we still have animal testing, we have government supported (Funding) for all sorts of animal abuse..We have states that still use gas chambers to “Kill” un-wanted the shelters..

    What is needed is the laws that are in effect to actually be enforced and then have education about what is a sentient being.. teach children what is acceptable treatment.. Until there are generations of people educated about animals until attitudes are changed there will always be abuse. But, there is hope one animal, one donation, one heart changed at a time.
    You can’t hate the abuser – you have to show them how to change..teach them the value of love and kindness!

    Oh but that is so hard to do.. At times I hate so hard I’d destroy the world totally if it ever manifested.. and that is wrong too..

  424. I wish I was in a position to adopt but no pets are allowed where I live. I would also be delighted if I could have a chat with his last owners, just to “educate” them, preferably in a dark street with no one else around.

  425. Betsy O'Neill says:

    Oh my his legs look much better! I will continue to support this handsome boy! Thanks for all that you are doing for him…..he is one lucky boy to have you guys and gals! Hugs and love to Axel from CT! Keep healing baby!

  426. My heartfelt thanks to everyone that is working so hard to help Axel get well – you are heros !! He looks to be improving tremendously, Yay, Axel!!

  427. cecilia holman says:

    Dear God why didnt you put him to sleep?The suffering is too much for that dog..

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I don’t know why you call me dear God.. my name is Viktor and no, I’m not killing this dog, we are saving him.
      You should reevaluate your understanding of the Bible.

  428. Allison Anderson says:

    Although his body is looking better, his face still looks bad, and it appears to be bothering him quite a bit. I feel so sorry for this precious boy and all that he is having to go through, but I am glad that he is getting treatment and love. I was just wondering about the chain you guys are using as part of a leash….is it necessary to have the chain as part of it? It just looks like it would irritate Axel’s skin.

  429. Satish Raj says:

    It is very comforting to see Axel’s condition improving by each day and I certainly hope and will see him in a full healthy condition soonest! Good job Viktor! U have our support anytime! My prayers are for Axel!

  430. Warrior Bride says:

    that is so SILLY ! that people don’t BELIEVE your pictures ok and also WHY don’t you PUT AXEL TO SLEEP when cleaning his sores, it must BE SO PAINFUL to him, much like a BURN VICTIM, I don’t understand or WHY you don’t just numb the area so that he doesn’t have to feel pain, are you giving him strong pain meds ? poor baby !!! AM PRAYING FOR HIM

    1. Dear Warrior Bride, yes, it is silly that people are idiots and can’t believe their own eyes. Not much we can do about stupidity. Axel was on very strong painkillers. Pain management is one of the first things we deal with. But NO WAY we would anesthetize him to do injury treatment like this. Anesthesia carries an inherit risk of death each time. That is a risk we would never take with just cleaning wounds that are not life threatening. Hope you understand and thanks for the support.

  431. I would like to share something that helped my sweet girl Kel Liev we saved from a high kill shelter in Texas. She was so severe that we werent sure she would male it. It is called NUSTOCK. You can only order this through GREAT STUFF FOR ALL SKIN ISSUES. It cant hurt to try on Axel. So glad he has yall. Bless him. You can see Kel Liev at her worst and her sweet beautiful self today if you go to KEL LIEVS JOURNEY ON FACEBOOK. Please let me know you visited AND share her siccess story with everyone you know. She is a TRUE MIRACLE

  432. Dear God !!!!HOW can anyone do this to a helpless creature!. Poor poor Axel, the pain, the hopelessness shows in his sweet innocent face, I wish those responsible could themselves be chained up and literaly left to die!!, someone MUST know who lived at the property? and where they went……. surly this must not go by the wayside…..cruelty at its very very worst, may they be damned !!!

  433. bunu kim yada kimler yaptıysa Allah hesabını verecektir böyle bir şeyi daha önce hiç görmedim inşallah iyileşir :( :( :(

  434. Natalie davenport says:

    Poor baby:( please tell me the people who treated him badly are being punished?!.

    I’m praying for this dog!
    he’s so beautifull!

  435. Hi Viktor! I cried when I read this. God bless you and your team for your selfless actions. My family and I pray for Axel’s full recovery! Hang in there, Axel! You’ll fully recover soon enough. Please give him a hug for me. :) I have donated although it isn’t much. I hope it will help him one way or another. With love, gratitude and prayers from the Philippines :)

  436. My 7 year old grandson just found this story. I lied to him, I said the poor thing had been hit by a car, I don’t want him to know about horrors like this just yet, he’s still a baby. He wants to come get the dog. Our dog just died, poisoned with anti-freeze. I tried to explain, but, he’s got such a soft heart. Please keep us updated on this brave baby. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Bea… my regards to your little guy..

  437. HEARTBREAKING!! How could someone do this to a precious living breathing thing! What was in that house that they were hiding!!! I pray Axel recovers an lives out the rest of his life loved and taken care of! Bless his beautiful heart!

  438. ne kadar soyu bozuk şerefsiz insanlar var dünyamız da. dur afedersiniz yanlış oldu bunlar insan dahi olamazlar…

  439. Savita patel says:

    Make me cry y those people do this

  440. David Michael says:

    Lord, please show this beautiful creature the love & stamina he needs from you to sustain his body, heart & soul. Please see to it that his torturers receive the punishment they deserve, but also the spiritual healing to atone for this horrendous & inhumane treatment of one of God’s most loving, forgiving & (ultimately) defenseless creatures.

    Although it is hideous & incomprehensible, I can’t help but wonder from what dark & twisted hell these people come from, which could elicit such shocking cruelty.

    I unfortunately, am disabled so it is difficult especially financially, to adopt at this time. It is the first time in my life that I have not had a Dog-& every one was an adoptee, either my puppy, from the NSAL (on Long Island, NY), or the three grown Dogs I actually found abandoned in the streets! I am miserable without one & if you were able to find someone to see to his needs financially, I might just consider taking him in & seeing to the love & care that he so badly needs.

    Thank you for all you do!

    David L

  441. Gmail down right now. But I have mailed checks to others. I’ll send what I can if you give me an address. This poor baby. I would shoot these people…I really would. I just hate people anymore. God I send prayers,too. Send me N add.. Do what you can…you’re Angels. God Bless You.

  442. would you be so kind as to email me and let me know how my family can adopt this beautiful angel of a dog we would give this dog a home that they have never imagined possible I beg you please I live in South Carolina and I will personally come and get that beautiful dog these people that did this to this dog needs to be beaten and tortured them self please I beg you email me as soon as possible I would love to have this dog we will donate money is well weekly

  443. C’est horrible, j’espère de tout coeur qu’il est sauvé et a trouvé un foyer aimant, sinon je le prends, contactez-moi!!

  444. Darren Hainey says:

    Donation made, sorry it can be more I’m unemployed and paying a massive vets bill for my dog Jenny who I rescued also. I hope it helps in some way, good luck axle! I hope the bastards who did this to suffer 10 times worse.

  445. Darren Hainey says:

    Come on guys, I’m unemployed due to a broken back, am severely over drawn but even I can donate £3 odd that makes five dollars. Miss that packet of cigggs or that one bottle of fizzy drink and donates £3!!! It will all add up!

  446. With Love to Axel and all those who are doing this WONDERFUL work! God bless all of you!
    We donated last week and again this week. I know the recovery will be long I hope to be able to donate every week to helping him get better. Thanks for sharing his progress, I hope he begins to feel better, and becomes happier. Bless you all for your head work, you are all very special.

    Luke 12:6 Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated. Gandhi

  447. I can’t say wot I would like to on here so I’ll just say good luck axel and god bless u ur beautiful XX

  448. Eric Lavoie says:

    Hang in there Axel, i sent 20 $$ yesterday from Beloeil, Qc, Canada, prayers and thoughts with you so you get better !!!!!

  449. Im a 30 year old tattooed man… this made me cry….. I hate humans for this type of shit, ugh. poor dog omg…!!!!!!! how can you do this to an ANIMAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. Hi I would love to give this beautiful boi a good home… We would him forever xxxx please contact me xxx

  451. Lisa Reedy says:

    Just sent my donation…didn’t have to think for an extra second about it once I saw the ‘donate’ button. I’m so baffled by the need for the first video to be posted to confirm that indeed this wasn’t a hoax. As if the fact that Axel had to live in the conditions that he did isn’t bad enough, then it has to be video taped to confirm truth? People of all kinds I suppose. I am just thankful for the people who rescued him from his hell and those that continue to care for him. My prayers go out to all of you, Axel especially, for a speedy recovery with as few bumps as possible. Additional prayers go out to the people who did this…I pray the remainder of your life is lived out in the conditions that Axel was left to die. My prayers also go out to the other Axel’s of the world that you too will soon be found and able to experience love…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Lisa.. thank you
      yes.. people of all kinds.. :-(
      Alex thanks you and sends you kisses.

  452. Can I say he is obviously improving greatly and we all can see that that’s lovely to see him,however having a large check chain round his neck on his skin and on a flex lead is not really what is the kindest thing. He has a collar on him can I suggest you clip the lead to that. It would be much kinder on his sore skin too. He obviously is no threat and doesn’t pull so why use the choker chain, this is just my thoughts….keep up the great work..I am sure he will have a hugely deserving forever home in the end…lets all hope so….

  453. oh and thank you for the updates too..

  454. Gwen J. Morell says:

    Dear Viktor, I am checking daily to keep updated on Axel’s progress. I will continue to make contributions for his care, God bless you and all that are helping to heal him and show him that not all people are monsters. Please continue to post pictures and videos of his progress. I love the GSD and have one now who is my love. She has her own issues but she is loved and cared for. Thank you for being there for so many needy animals. You and all those that work with you are Angels from God. OXOX

  455. I love you Axel! Viktor you are a real live angel, thank you!

  456. I am so glad you’re feeling and looking better, Axel. You hang in there buddy and know we’re all pulling for you. *Hugs Axel* Love ya Lil’ man :)

  457. thank you so much for helping this amazing dog! I will send you my donation tonight when I´m home from work :-)
    People like you and dogs like him make this world beautiful :-)

  458. wonderful wonderful news, i keep an eye on all the updates of all the dogs and cats.what a gentle big boy axel is, he is so big and could hurt a person easily but he suffers silently and thats what breaks my heart. what a wonderful dog,hang in there axel and a blessing on all your compassionate men and women,you are kind beyond words, thank you

  459. Annette Chapman says:

    Dear Axel, it is heartbreaking seeing how you have suffered. Thank God, you were found. I hope and pray that you have a full recovery. I have lots of dogs (all rescues) but have always had a special place in my heart for german sheperds. May you found the perfect home – kind loving and caring. The type of home that surely every animal on this earth deserves to have. And now, a plea to all of those who want to adopt Axel – there are millions of other Axels out there (Axel, I am by no means diminishing what you have been through), Axel can only be adopted by ONE family. In his honour, please think of adopting another rescue who has suffered greatly. With kindest love and hugs to Axel – a very special boy. xoxo

  460. Why does he have a choke collar and flexi? He has a normal collar so why have a choke collar too?

    Hope he will fully recover soon!

  461. Eric Lavoie says:

    So happy to have helped and to see him recover, keep it up Axel !!!!

  462. Racheal Tycoles says:

    Dear Viktor
    The video made my day!! We love you Axel!! Nobody will ever hurt you again. You are in for a life of love and things you never experienced before, like a soft bed to sleep in, good food, play, rolling in the grass and being a cherished and being a loved family member who sees you as a gift. Thank you Viktor!!!!

  463. I saw this today believe me it made me cried, God bless u always for what u are doing with him. I would like to know if the idiots or so called human beings that made this will be penalized because the should be. I would love to do the very same thing to them, with no regrets at all!!! No animal deserves this!!!

  464. Annette Cahapman says:

    PS. I know that Axel is received the best possible medical care and being care (and given lots of love) by his vets / nurses. Just a suggestion, in conjunction with conventional meds, what about a natural raw food diet? My one boy had such bad demodetic mange (I know it is different) and the vet suggested I put him to sleep as nothing was helping. After 6 months on a raw food diet, with lots of vitamins and supplements together with conventional treatment, he remains mange free.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Annette.. he is being fed raw, prey model.. :-)

  465. Viktor,
    Kudos to you and the team looking after Axel – you’re obviously doing a sterling job. May I ask though, why the area around his right eye seems to be worsening in this latest video?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi..that area is healing properly but he has a thing for scratching it with the paw.. it will be ok..

  466. Valerie Tomasevic says:

    Hi Viktor,
    I live in Long island NY an have a huge heart for dogs in need. My family and I adore dogs and can promise a life sheltered with love and kisses 24 hours a day for Axel. We have a rat terrier-basenji mix rescue puppy who is 8 months old and he is the friendliest, most affectionate dog ever. My parents are elderly and need a dog that needs them too. I am fit and active and can provide whatever physical exercise and love Axel needs and my parents can provide the calmness and reassurance of unconditional love. I think that our love and our puppy’s affection can help Axel emotionally and physically. I network dogs daily on Facebook and support rescues in their life-saving wonderful work. Thank you for helping Axel and please consider us. We can supply whatever you need to prove we are the most loving home. Our vets can prove that we spent a fortune to keep our miniature pinscher, Jerry in good health throughout his battle with Diabetes, Pancreatitis and Cushings Disease. Our Belgian Shepherd was an adoption, and we have raised 2 Cocker Spaniels. We adore dogs!

  467. Gwen J. Morell says:

    Hi Viktor,
    Thank you so much for the latest video. It warms my heart to see how well Axel is doing. All the care and obvious love he is receiving will help him to become the wonderful, loyal dog he was meant to be. Thank you again for your love for these forgotten ones.

  468. I’m so glad to see axle is doing so well after his horrific story. I couldn’t help but to donate a little money towards his care and you guys have done him proud keep us up to date and keep up the great work. Thanks.

  469. Dawn Welch says:

    Thank you for the photos, videos and updates on the details of Axel’s care. I thank the heavens for the animal lovers, protectors, and rescuers in this world. You are so needed, and all appreciated.

    I am so so thrilled to see the progress with Axel. Shaving him closer was obviously a winning strategy, good job! I can’t believe he let you do that…looks unbearably painful.

    I worry about his collar and leash…do they irritate his lesions? Do they have collars with a felt or soft lining? This poor sweet boy. I’m so glad he is experiencing love, care, and affection. What a shame it came to this for that to happen.

    Axel – keep up the good fight! And make sure buddy, if you meet someone you don’t like let your caretakers know !!!! We don’t want you going home with anyone but the best for you, so let us know!

    Love and peace to us all, and especially Axel

  470. How I wish I could help out financially but I can’t. All I can do is send out healing thoughts for Axel. I look at my beautiful German Shepherd (rescued from wicked people and adopted by me) and my heart bleeds for Axel. I ask WHY can someone do this to such a beautiful dog? I hope and pray that Axel makes a full recovery and is adopted by someone who will LOVE and CARE for him for the rest of his life. What they will get in return – pure, unconditional love and loyalty – all the gold in the universe could never buy.

  471. dear axel I came today to see if t here was an update on you and yes there was.. I am over joyed at how well your wounds are healing.. so many people have prayed for you ..god bless them.. I just want you to know I think of you daily and your always in my prayers. I love you axel.. your mine in my heart and i’m your internet mom…love you…always and forever.. you will always hold a special place in my heart.. thanks to all the people who helped in saving your life , my god bless them for having such a wonderful heart.. bye my baby ..will look tomorrow for a new linda

  472. Axel looks good I know he has a long way to go but you guys are awesome for not giving up on him here in spoksne they would of just gave up like they did on Jackson a pit bull that was so under fed they figured Jackson would be better off that’s how the spokane humane society or spokanimal does it THANK GOD FOR YOU GUYS YOUR VERY SPECIAL ALL OF YOU

  473. Wow…he looks so much better. He knows that he is in good hands. Axel seems to LOVE the attention and it is so deserved. Just watching the video and seeing him losing every minute of it says so much! God bless you guys…..hugs to Axel for a speedy recovery!

  474. You are doing a lovely job helping this poor beautiful dog. Keep up the good work guys. Much love and respect for you all.

  475. Where is he so I can contact my team and see if anyone is in the area. we can get some medical grade 2.5 pH water to clean his wounds and feed him ionized Kangen water to heal faster. This is what the wound care center uses in Oklahoma I know the doctor there if you need credentials about the water.
    Please call me 512-667-0492

  476. Viktor…

    Thank you so much for what you have done for Axel. I saw the original post on FB asking for donations to help him, and after reading the story, I just couldn’t imagine not helping. I got another email today on Wolfie (my next contribution), and it reminded me about Axel. After reading all of the posts and watching the video’s (which are great!), I am overwhelmed on the outpouring of love and hope for Axel’s recovery. It sounds like he will find a wonderful home with a loving family, which he needs and deserves.

    Thank you so very much for what you are doing to help God’s creatures that cannot help themselves. You have provided a worldwide support group for all animal lovers. Thank you again! Expect another small donation for Wolfie. He is so cute and so young. I’m sure he, and all of your projects, will live in comfort.


  477. Keep up your incredible rescue work Viktor, your a Hero.
    God bless Axel.What a wonderfull dog. Cannot believe how
    good Axel looks now, specially his legs. Your a Saint Viktor.

  478. Jewel Rainbow (host of Friends Of Lennox dog rescue crossposting network via Facebook) says:

    OMG! Thank God Axel was rescued from the terrible people that kept him in such inhumane conditions. Please help find and punish the perpetrators and $upport Axel’s recovery. His health issues need vet care and Axel is looking for a very kind and affectionate new owner who will take him to the beach or river to swim and give him treats and a good furever home. Please share Axel’s story and donate to this genuine good cause.

  479. DELACOUDRE says:


  480. love you viktor

  481. I sure hope they arrested the person/people that did this to this sweetheart! You can only image what horrible ordeal Axel went through! So glad he is getting better by the day. :)

  482. If you need a good home for him let me know have two labs–retired cop lots of time to take care of him

  483. God bless you all for saving this dog, he is awesome

  484. awwwwwww how happy does he look to be running in the park now! Love it :)

  485. If this is what we have learned being human? :(

  486. Beryl Sanders says:

    This poor baby most definitely has a strong will to live and thank God you and your magical team were there to give him a second chance of a good life. Every time I check Axel out he is looking so much better and his tail is up and he is happy to be feeling so much better and exercising in the park….he is finally starting to look healthy and I am so happy for him. God Bless you sweet Axel….

  487. I only can look at the pictures, I don’t even dare to watch the Axel video. Even I’m a grow man, I worry I could cry when I watch the video. I don’t believe human can be so cold to animals!

    1. But you must see how wonderful his progress is in the videos. If you cry, they will be tears of joy, DragonBoyz.

  488. catherine walker says:

    Absolute admiration and respect for Viktor & wonderful team.

  489. Laurie Rose says:

    Just want to say you and your team are my new heros! Awesome changes in Axel. Keep us posted on how he is doing. God Bless you for all you do.

  490. So happy Axle is doing better,thank you guys you do wonderfull work

  491. so many many friends you have Axel ! ! All wishing you the best of everything . You are looking so great now , running to and fro , what a difference from your 1st arrival .
    I’m keeping you and all the other animals in Victor’s care in my thoughts every day and sending love and wishing the best for you all .
    Brave Axel xoxoxoxoxox and to all the team xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  492. Viktor, What a fantastic job you and your team are doing for Axel. How anyone would think this was not real? The videos of Axel made me cry, no human being would ever treat an animal in this way. They need us to survive, my dogs life consists of food, walks and play. In this order, we are low on the list for fuss. But, I enjoy her and just can’t imagine her not making me laugh at some point during the day. I hope Axel finds a home which will just let him be him and enjoy his quirks and personality. I am so sorry I am unable to offer him a home, I wish I could. x

  493. Marty Weintraub says:

    I must say, I have followed his progress from the beginning.
    You guys are the very best there is as far as I an concerned.

  494. Thank you, Viktor and LAG! Another dog given a second chance in life, thanks to you!

    IMO, one can either donate to a cause here on LAG, or chose not to donate. Stop slandering LAG for their choices – they do so much good for our animals, where others do not!

  495. Villa in San Francisco says:

    Donated $25 to help with Axel’s continued care. Your team has done a great job, as always, Viktor.

  496. You are angels, I am donating, I hope the person responsible burns in hell

  497. I am so thrilled he is doing so much better! I really wanted to take him. I wish I had the money to care for him. I pray for him. I feel I understand him and what he went through. God bless you for helping him.


  498. Fantastic to see the change, the wounds healed & a dog no longer depressed but enjoying himself instead. Well done..bravo.

  499. I am so glad he is slowly recovering from his terrible ordeal. I have read so many posts saying they want to adopt Axel. I’m sure you will find a perfect home for him. To the others who want to adopt him, there are hundreds of Axel’s in shelters everywhere and a lot are in kill shelters. Please consider saving another life for Axel.

  500. I thank you guys for caring and helping axel it takes love and dedication to help another life and axel truly needed both!! Blessings to you all!!!

  501. cant believe how well axel looks..i’m so happy..i love you axel..

  502. It would be best if Axel could stay with his vet. He has already bonded with her. They obviously get on very well together, and he is going to bond even more strongly during his long-term treatment. There are many kind, caring people who could give him a loving home, but Axel will be distressed to leave and may never trust again if he is removed from this place where he has learned to feel safe at last, and his heart could break if he is suddenly taken away from the person he now loves. He has already suffered too much.

  503. I can see there are many people interested in Axel he has been blessed and I feel he will make some lucky person a good companion, you go Axel God is With YOU, Wish you were closer to where I am so could visit you and hug you Axel.

  504. <3

  505. How is Axel doing? There has not been an update video this week.

    Wonderful to see how well Joy is doing after her op! Looking forward to seeing how well they both get on,
    Keep up the good work! God bless you all :)

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Kira.. Axel is amazing!.. we have moved him out of the clinic to be socialized with other dogies.. Ill show a video tomorrow.. you are going to love this

  506. Helene Kaminsky says:

    Please give the names, address, phone number etc….. all information regarding the owners of this poor being. I want to take the case to court. Thank you

  507. Cindy Laidlaw says:

    You guys have done such a marvelous job. If not for you and the person who saved him, I am sure he would have just given up on life,,,even if he was treated. It,s your love and caring that has brought the life to him. Bless you

  508. Béatrice says:

    chaque fois que je regarde le blog d’Axel, cela me fait pleurer (pour lui et pour Arak qu’on n’a pas pu sauver). Comment peux-t’on torturer pareillement un être vivant ?

    Viktor gracias por lo que haces y lo que eres!


  509. That was a brilliant vid. Axle looks so much better and so much happier. Running around with his tail in the air what a heart lifting thing to see.

  510. Goodness how wonderful to see Axel running around doing normal doggy things ! He is a handsome guy and will look superb once his coat is grown .

    Thank you for all the incredible work you do for these poor animals who, once they find you are saved and find wonderful new lives .

    I hope little America is also on the way to recovery now , also Wolfie – + all of the others . I send my love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  511. It is so sad what people will do. Thank you to the person that saved Alex from that hell. I am so glad to see he is loved and cared for as he so deseringly should be. Thank God he is recovering to know love. :)

  512. je souhaiterai l’adopter!

  513. Bridget Savage says:

    Oh how wonderful to see his body transformed and his zest for life restored to him! Such a brilliant success story of a remarkable dog. Well done to all involved in saving this beautiful majestic boy!!!! xxx

  514. Wow what a fab dog -he looks amazing! What a transformation! Brilliant work LAG! I’ve followed Axel since the start & its great to see him doing soo well awwww. Love him. Welk done team! Xx

  515. Racheal Tycoles says:

    I just started to cry watching his last video! Viktor you are the best!!!

  516. Margie lindsey says:

    I know Karma will take care of the Bastard’s that did this . Thank you for all you’ve done ,and are still doing . You are “Angel’s’ !

  517. I’m extremely interested in inquiring about adopting Axel the German Sheppard!

  518. Bless you and everyone who is helping Axel ♥

  519. Eman Asaad says:

    you are angels among us, thank you guys for the great effort, may god bless you all & reward you just as beautifully as you deserve. hats off.

  520. martha keenan says:

    Pls sens an address, not on Paypal.

  521. martha keenan says:

    I am praying for Axel’s complete recovery. God bless all of you.

  522. sandra sexton says:

    i too rescue dogs ,i have nursed back to health some really poorly babies, but never in my life have i seen anything so bad as these dogs that you bring back to life,i cry my eyes out everytime i read your stories, well done and keep up all the good work that you do, where wouls these dogs be without you .

  523. Super maintenant Axel, je suis si contente…
    il ne faut pas hésiter à participer si tout le monde comme pour lui le faisait ça irait super vite pour tous les frais vetérinaire…

  524. Gwen J. Morell says:

    Dear Viktor,
    Such a joy to see Axel doing so well. He has such a wonderful spirit and I’m sure he is showing the joy he feels and love he is getting after all those horrible years he suffered. You and all your staff, vets and assistants are angels to these wonderful animals you rescue and care for. God Bless all of you!
    P.S. I have fallen in love with Axel.

  525. I find it a travesty any health organization would advocate euthanasia for any animal diagnosed with canine leishmaniasis, unless in absolute dire need from the acute suffering from the severity and progressiveness of the sickness.

    I agree with Viktor and have seen with my own eyes many dogs live long lives with this disease. Fols- don’t let this deter you from adoptions!
    I can’t stress enough that with some medical treatment/drug therapy (not permanently) they can live very happy lives with the disease in remission and no signs of sickness. The medical therapy is not as expensive as one might think, regardless there is always a solution or help to cover costs if need be….
    Viktor, cheers! the world needs more like you. xox

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks CM!!!.. :-)

  526. mo swatek says:

    siempre casos tan graves para pedir donaciones, y los demas, los que no tienen 3patas cortadas y mitad quemados tb merecen ayuda!

    as usual severe always severe cruelty cases to ask for donation and how about all the other dogs that do not have 3 legs cut off or are half burned, they also need help!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      True… we save many of those, they are usually portraid on our pages, not in this blog.
      I encourage you to continue doing your best, for injured, not injured, whatever, you have my applause and encouragement.

  527. He is looking absolutely wonderful, considering the shape he came to you in! Please keep up the wonderful work, I donated to him, and I can see it really went to him, thank you for taking care of Axel, and thank you for continuing to keep us informed of his condition! I can’t wait to see the last pictures of him, with him going to his forever home with his new family.

  528. Miss Julie bird says:

    If only you were in England Birmingham theres a loving home waiting for a shepherd just like axel he’d get all the love comfort an food he’s so desperately missed out on in his years of bein abused
    It’s lovely to see the progress you guys have done to see a once scared lonely depressed dog coming back to life an beginning to trust an enjoy life
    You guys have done a tremendous job an deserve a bloody medal for all you’ve done for Axel you truly are amazing
    Please keep me updated on his future progress an hopefully he’ll find his forever home full of love
    You guys have done a tremendous an ardous task in bringing such a majestic dog back to health xx

  529. This made my day! The miraculous work you have done and continue to do is inspiring. You have beautiful souls :)

  530. You guys are awesome.

  531. I’ll take him. Illinois

  532. It was great to watch the video’s of Axel and see the improvement, just heartwarming, love and hugs to him, and hope he finds a wonderful forever home, and the people who hurt him, karma will come to them, not sure why people are saying this is fake, looks pretty real to me, lou in Australia

  533. So happy to see you are improving, Praying for you and the wonderful people taking care of you. GOD BLESS you and your caregivers. I hope you find a loving home….

  534. flyboyeda says:

    amazing job, god bless you for this :)

  535. He looks amazing and very very happy. God Bless for all you do for these animals.

  536. Hello Victor, hello team,
    I saw Axel for the first time shortly after he was rescued. He looked really terrible.
    I myself have 2 dogs from Spain and I know by the animal welfare terrible fates which the animals have and had.
    Axel has developed wonderfully thanks to your love and care and he looks really great.
    If I did not have 2 dogs …. he is a soooo beautyful dog.
    I wish Axel all love of the world, and i hoped that he find soon
    a loving and caring home place so that he final forget his
    terrible life.
    I thank you all for your great work and your love for animals.
    Best regards

  537. Jean Stewart, Scotland says:

    WOW ~ Just amazing. From the first pictures we saw of Axel, a broken dog in body & spirit to the amazing transformation of this latest happy soul enjoying the water and the company of other dogs, you’ve performed yet another miracle Viktor & team. Will send a small donation for his ongoing care. Wish it was more but I’m also helping Tula now. You must feel it’s overwhelming Viktor but I’m so glad for people like you. It’s the least I can do to help. x

  538. Hi,
    The work Viktor and the group of people he works with is outstanding. Spain is a country that does not treat dogs well.. Most European Countries are part of the European Union, but few follow the rules/laws set up for Animal Protection. Most governments are filled with Graft and money does not trickle down to the local governments who are supposed to prosecute and defend the animals. Thank God for People Like Viktor.

    But this type of action is not restricted to Spain (Viktor’s clinic) there are groups all over Europe trying to help feed, rescue, adopt, sponsor, or get medical treatment for the abandoned and deserted.

    Please visit my website: which trys to make available a listing of the different groups going such outstanding work!

    These groups (My let’s adopt global listed First) must have your donations to survive. The level of income for individuals in Europe is below even the poverty level in the United States. But many spend what little they have supporting street animals, or share what little they do have with the animals.

    You can make the difference. The Reason is love – why you help.
    and The answer is Love.

    Give what you can… Please help Viktor and Let’s adopt Global – I do..
    Nelda Percival

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for your words Nelda.. thank you.. check for the latest update, it will make your day.. :-)

  539. juli braunel says:

    I cant thank u enough for all u did to save this dog i hope justice is served & these people have
    to answer for what they did i think the judgement should be the same as if this were a person
    There is absolutly no excuse for this treatment i would seriouly be interested in adopting this beautifu
    dog. we have 13 1/2 acres where he would be very happy. I lost my husband just 3 yrs ago & am
    still greiving. We would be able to help ea other & I would spend alot of time w him.
    I went to a shelter here & adopted a sweet collie 12 1/2 yrs old about a yr & 1/2 ago, that someone just
    leftin the country to die When they found the owners they said they didnt want the dog anymore
    Unfortunateky the dog only lived for a yr, had a stroe & passed away. I’d like to think that maybe his
    last yr was a good one.
    Please consider me, I have alot of love & no one to give it to.

  540. I don’t understand how a person could treat a beautiful dog like that. Thank goodness you are helping him!

  541. thank you Viktor for taking Axel under your wing. He’s a true inspiration of how love and compassion can transform… i donated what I could. Bless you and all that have helped bring Axel back.

  542. Robin Hall says:

    What a great ending to a horrible story . Thank you for sharing ? We’re the people who abused him charged with a crime ? I sure hope so !!

  543. Nothing but love is shown here…
    I know Axel’s heart is bursting with happiness.

  544. You guys did an awesome job. You be proud.

  545. I just don’t understand why humans are heartless. We need to take a lesson from animals they know how to care and love unconditionally. Prayers are going out to Axel.

  546. I want axel. I am in california. My son has type 1 diabetes, diagnnosed at 4 he is 12 now. We are looking for a service dog however after viewing this story I am convinced this was meant to be.
    I am also a CNA and have so much compassion for the ones “left behind”…I know Axel will continue to thrive in our home with love, compassion, and a true appreciation of what it means to “Thrive & Survive”. Please let me know if he still available. Thank you.

  547. Sadly, it seems a lot of Spaniards mistreat animals. I live in Spain and some of the animal abuse I have witnessed has been horrendous. It’s usually the British who intervene when there is a stray animal. It is commonplace in Spain to see stray dogs.

    It makes me happy to see what these people are doing to save a very special dog but there are thousands more like Axel in Spain.

    There needs to be more education on the subject at an early age in school.

  548. Carol Porcaro says:

    I would like to know what’s being done with the previous owners? Can’t u find them and let them be punished?

  549. Alison Hill says:

    I love this dog … he is beautiful inside and out … Thank you Viktor for saving him!!

  550. Sent a little help for this beautiful and sweet puppy. God bless you and him!

  551. I would like to adopt him where are you located I live in Ohio Its time to bring Alex home with me.

  552. Cheryl Sheppard says:

    Its not much but I sent in a donation. What an amazing boy.

  553. Stacy Hacket says:

    This story absolutely broke my heart. How people can be so cruel and thoughtless and torture such a beautiful creature defies belief!
    What a strong pup Axel is and what an amazing team you must have at Let’s Adopt.
    Please keep us all updated on Axel, his transformation and I hope ultimately his new loving home and family.
    This and many other stories like it are such a wake up call that laws and punishment for animal cruelty need to be re- addressed worldwide.
    Sending you and your caregivers much love Axel from Australia x

  554. Where is Axel located? How can I follow his story? Also, when will he be ready for adoption?

  555. I’ve been waiting to see his progress and I am soooo happy to see that he is normal and doing GREAT. Thank you for all that you have done for this poor tortured animal, he will have a good life now.

  556. Hi Viktor,

    I have just read this heartbreaking story and I am appalled by what happened to this dog and like you say to many other dogs in Spain – I love Spain as a country and have visited 3 times, would you be interested in having your link put up on my training page, I have various charities and other friends of our business that we like to promote and help get the word out where possible. I have a Shephard myself, she is turning 13 this October, she has had an amazing life since I got her at 10 weeks old after she was cruelly treated. Shephards are my weakness. I would love to be affiliated with your rescue group and would be quite happy to feature this story and others you have to share on my website. Please let me know if you are interested and I will discuss further with you. There are no charges, it’s purely to make sure you are happy that you are linked on my website here in Australia. Look forward to hearing from you, Kind Regards, Nicola.

  557. Please if anyone knows of this kind of abuse in the Washington County Pennsylvania please contact me and I will handle it personally

  558. What an overwhelmingly heartbreaking yet, ultimately, heartwarming story. You guys are utterly amazing and Axel, well, he’s an absolute star. What an horrendous thing to do to an animal (it never ceases to amaze me, the disgusting cruelty some humans inflict on these gorgeous creatures) but for people like you these animals have a chance. Thank you xxx
    Ps please don’t be offended when people ask if something is real, the Internet, unfortunately, is a hive of lies and deceit so it’s just that people need more proof and in doing so I hope more people will donate to Axel. I will be xxx

  559. Joy Buglass says:

    I have been looking through the profile of Axel. Such a horrible story of an existence for any animal that could not help himself, turned out, with your help, to be a loving success for Axel. So pleased he has found a better life. Also hope it will give him confidence with others.
    Such a lovely dog. With a lot of love to give.
    God Bless Him. For a long and happy life. xx

  560. We have shared AXEL`s horrific story on our page and would be most grateful if someone would let us know where this horrendous act of animal cruelty took place – Country etc. Thanks, Sam.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Samantha… this happened in Valencia, Spain… and yes.. it was really horrible but look at him now :-). Viktor

  561. Anne Lewis says:

    Well done Viktor – as always you come up trumps. The depths to which mankind will sink to never ceases to amaze me but equally the lengths some people will go to to put it right never cease to amaze me also. Evil is counterbalanced by good. I hope that Axel finds exactly the right home and that the rest of his life is full of happiness.

  562. Now you know why I am on my second Rescue Dog.

  563. Stephanie H says:

    I hope very bad things happen to the people who abused that sweet dog for so long. It brought tears of joy to my eyes watching the video clip of him running around and being playful. I hope he is able to find a wonderful forever home…he deserves it!

  564. Amazing recovery… I love the look in his eyes these days, it says it all… When he was first brought to you, his eyes looked as if he has almost given up hope, but with each passing day and update his eyes got happier and happier, now I see his inner puppy… Priceless, bet he’s never ever had the chance to be a real pup, he’s got a lot of making up to do… God bless you Viktor and your staff, I truly believe you all are angels here on earth… Love and prayers for all the fur-babies you have in your care and will have in your care in the fugure, from Nova Scotia Canada…

  565. Kim Worthington says:

    The work youve done with this dog is nothing short of miraculous. So much love and commitment. This makes a better world. Thank you is not enough. But thank you.

  566. Thank you for all your kindness to this poor animal. Unbelievable. The people who did this to him need to punished severly

    1) A number of people have asked where he is located and many have said they want to adopt. Hopefully you have replied to them, this pup needs a good home and lots of love

    2) For those who say the laws are not strong enough to punish criminals like this-what have YOU done to change the laws?
    Here is one suggestion-write to your congressman and ask that the laws be changed. Also you can start a petition to get the number of signatures to present to them to change the laws. Only WE can change laws, that is our power. Find out who your congressman is and then work for change

  567. Diane Render says:

    Thank God there are people who care out there in the cruel world, God Bless you for rescuing him and all the other poor creatures you have helped, and thank goodness for the person who heard Axels barks for help. Please keep up the work you do, And Gos Bless you all.

  568. The SMILE on Axel’s face says it all. God love him xxx. German Shepherds are simply THE BEST dogs there are. I know, I’ve got one – also a rescue from a dreadful situation. My best friend, companion and much loved family member. My dog will always bear the scars from his previous “owners” (for that read torturers) who thought it great fun to cut part of his ears off – he looks like a teddybear. Initially frightened of strangers, now he meets people with no fear and is so very gentle, especially with young children. I hope Axel is as loved now as I love my dog. Please give Axel a cuddle from me and my Buddy, I only wish I was in a financial position to donate to the fine work you do. Maybe sometime in the not too distant future.

  569. Eliza Normann says:

    Hi Victor! I am soooo happy to see the devellopment for Axel! He is a wonderful boy. And I hope he will have a bright future with a loving family.
    I just want to say this:
    LEISCHMANIA CAN BE CURED! I see that he is not getting MILTEFORAN! That is the only medicine which will cure it. After 28 days, it is gone, and the dog needs a piull of Allupurinol every day for the rest of his life. He will be fine, just like any other dog. I know this, because there are a lot of Leischmania in Spain, and we arte curing it. I have a dog myself with Leish.

  570. Janine Henschel says:

    SO HAPPY FOR AXEL !! YOU DID A GREAT JOB GUYS !! and so GLAD that you are NOT USING PROFANITY anymore, I APPRECIATE it ! thank you, I don’t have any money but JUST MY PRAYERS but I have prayed for AXEL’S healing and complete process to be FINISHED and that he will get strong and grow his hair back and so REJOICING THAT YOU DID A GOOD THING HERE, keep up the good work I will pray that you continue to get the finances to HELP OTHER DOGS AND YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS GOD BLESS AND SHALOM !

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Profanity is used sometimes… as it should be, because there are situations where all the prayers in the world cant control the anger and frustration.

  571. Viktor,

    You are right. This is the best e-mail of the day. God bless you for all you do.


  572. Robin Kerns says:

    So happy to see Axel doing so well now! :) Thank you for all you do for him and for all the animals. It’s nice to know there are still some decent people in the world. God Bless!

  573. Rose Kusterbeck says:

    Dear Viktor,
    I just watched the latest video update on Axel….and he looks AMAZING!! You are an angel here on earth. It is very sad that so much abuse exists everywhere in the world towards these innocent animals. I pray especially for the ones that were not as fortunate as Axel to be found and healed and given a second chance at life. I did donate to Axel and I wanted to thank you for the work that you do. I live on Long Island in New York and own a Llasa Apso. My dog is our world to me and my family. I know when you are ready to put Axel up for adoption, he will be placed in the best home. Once again, I wanted to thank you for all you do and hope that God sends many many blessings to you, your family and all the animals you care for!

  574. Anonymous says:

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart for saving this sweet angel. He is such a sweet baby, I cry everytime I watch him. I cry for the years of Hell he went through. Please tell the person who rescued him he is an angel, too. I love Axel. I love all of you who helped him. Thanks be to God for Axel’s rescue. Please, Dear God, please help others who are suffering today. Thank You, God for giving us these wonderful animals and Thank You for the People who work to rescue animals.

  575. Why did Daisy go to heaven?

  576. Kathy Lemke says:

    I am so happy to see that Axel is recovering so nicely and that he is surrounded by both two and four-footed friends. Unlike earlier, Axel eyes have brightened up and he has a wonderful future ahead of him. I am so glad knowing that my contribution helped toward his recovery.

  577. I am so happy to see you doing so well. I have kept up with your progress. You are looking good and happy. GOD bless everyone who has taken such good care of you Praying for a good home for you, Axel………..

  578. Axel the dog that emerged from hell and after many weeks of loving care and tenderness he’s obviously starting to blossom . I am so so happy for him and so grateful to you and your team Victor . The thought that from now on his life will always be pleasant , that he will be loved , makes me feel happy and so relieved . May Love walk with you for ever Axel xxxxxxxxxxxx

  579. and also Love to all the beautiful courageous animals in your care xxxxxxxxxx

  580. Hope smith says:

    Can I just call the vet taking care of this baby and make a payment to them to help with his bills. Thank you.

  581. Lynn McDonald says:

    This broke my heart. I hope he recovers and sees true love and companionship in his life. Please tell me that the people that did this to him were persecuted to the full extent of the law. Perhaps you should publish their names if you know them. Seriously, if they would do this to a dog … god forbid they have children as well. I hope he finds a loving home. God knows if I didn’t have three rescue dogs already I would adopt him. I pray for this dog.

  582. I donated $20. Wish I could do more.

  583. That’s amazing, so good to see that some people still have a heart, why nothin was done on the first cries for help is beyond me, great work, people like u are heroes in my eyes

  584. erika brunson says:

    i will donate 200

  585. Axel, you are looking good. GOD bless you and all the wonderful angels taking care of you. Praying you find a loving home…..

  586. Kris Wagner says:

    When will there be information about adopting Axel. I want to give this baby more love than he has ever known

  587. Anonymous says:

    dear viktor today is the first time i got to know about axel story and ii have been deeply saddened and traumatised by axel ‘s story and cd’nt stop crying but i just thank u and people that have helped him to get where he is today . i cant thanku enough for angels like yrself in this world. i pray for him you and your team but most of all for the animals that endure cruelty from their owners who are nothing but scum . i hope that the guilty inhumane receive what they give to these poor innocent creatures. likewise to the ones who abuse children,elderly and whomever crosses their way . there is too much cruelty out there i cannot bare to hear and see what see. I have currently a dog and before him i had one little princess for 15 years . stilll miss her. i now a have a gorgeous and sweet little prince i would’nt be without him. i pray for people like you i hope to hear many more success stories like this one. i know you probably have had so many offers to adopt axel but I WOULD BE SO HAPPY TO ADOPT AND JOIN THE REST OF MY FAMILY . I live in southeast of england Surrey to be exact .God bless u all and Axel xxx

  588. enza piazza says:

    so sorry forgot to give my email adress . i sent you an email about 2 minutes ago sorry

  589. ok i dont know where my last comment/email went to. Today was the first time i learned about axel and i was very traumatised and deeply affected by his story and you and your team for savung him Victor. i can’t thanku enough for saving him. knowing that there are people like you in this world makes me so happy god bless you and your team . i had a dog for 15 years and she was our princess children grew up with her and we adored and loved her. when i lost her i was devastated , my whole family was. we now have a beautiful prince and i would’nt have it any other way . they are and have been our babies and will continue to be. my heart reaches out to these poor creatures and children and elderly who are abused and defendless. I would like to know that these perpetrators get back what they do to people and animals who have no harm in them whatsoever. I pity these indignant and ignorant harmful species . they deserve a lot worse ………why do they even exist?? anyways dear Victor god bless you for all you do and your team . i’m jus so happy that there is a happy ending for some of these poor animals. i know u may have plenty of offers for adoption for axel but i am also putting myself forward for adoption. i live in the southeast of england . god bless you all and freedom and axel and all the dogs out there that may not be as lucky as the ones ypu have rescued. Thanku……… enza

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Enza… thank you. He’s totally recovered, well decide on a final family soon. I will be in touch.

  590. jonathan no one says:

    he is so sweet and cool I would want to have him as a pet above all other animals in the hole world and I hope you get better

  591. This made me weep! People are so hideous. Spain huh? Must be lousy Muslims, they hate dogs.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Spain is a catholic country Michelle.
      Please dont ever make another racist comment in this blog.
      Thank you

  592. Tiffany Johnston says:

    Hello I would love to adopt axel we are absolute dog lovers and we have a beagle/Eskimo thats our baby but we want to expand our family how would I be able to do that

  593. Racheal Tycoles says:

    Are there any new pictures of Axel??? Thanks Viktor!

  594. Verophise says:

    Que sont devenus ses tortionnaires ?

  595. Votre travail est remarquable ! La transformation d’Axel est extraordinaire. Il est splendide, heureux…………Bravo à vous tous !!!.

  596. Bettina Scheffel says:

    Where is Axel, in what country ? Thanks

    1. Hello Bettina Scheffel – Axel is being rehabilitate in Spain. He has recovered beautifully and is now a magnificent dog.

  597. Hardly a day passes that I don’t think about Axel . He was the 1st of your animals that I saw and I was so horrified by this poor dog’s suffering .
    His recovery has been miraculous , of course it has taken time . I really love Axel and I’m sure you will find him THE place which is waiting for him . I have shared the post asking for adopters .
    Will love you all my life Axel , be happy for all of your life in your new loving home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  598. Natalie Bierman says:

    My prayer tonight is for all who lie down in chains or cages.
    Alone and afraid on concrete floors.
    Soundless screams behind metal.
    Locked in rooms, forever.

    I feel their fear arise in my soul. Ancient yet new…
    A primal flame burning against the walls of my heart.
    I want to scream an endless note, loud and true:
    Clubbed. Forgotten.
    Dismembered. Forgotten.
    Gassed. Forgotten.
    Beaten. Forgotten.
    Burned. Forgotten.
    Electrocuted. Forgotten.
    Abandoned. Forgotten.
    Poisoned. Forgotten.
    Skinned. Forgotten.
    Shot. Forgotten.
    Caged. Forgotten.
    Shackled. Forgotten.
    Murdered. Forgotten.
    With my eyes, they will be seen.
    With my voice, they will be heard.
    With my hands, they will know comfort.
    With my action, they will be free.
    Dear God, fill their oppressors with mercy and empathy.
    Dear God, instill compassion where there is apathy.
    Replace horror with grace. Bloodshed with healing.
    Restore humans and animals to their natural place.
    Liberate humans and animals from
    greed, violence and hate.
    So that tonight and evermore, ALL may lie down to sleep
    Thank you Viktor and for all that helped Axel, you are truly Angels, xo

  599. God bless you Viktor.. eres un angel

  600. Carol Alaire says:

    I have been on here many times when our Animals need our help, and when I see one of them who is feeling pain, I give a Donation to help with the treatments..I must say Dr. Viktor and his Staff are Remarkable..They see what is wrong, and go to the right treatments what the suffering animals need to make them well..I give these Doctors a round of applause, because THEY REALLY DO CARE..If it takes however long it may be, they never give up, and in my Book, they are 500% in my friendship, and Love….I Love taking care of sick animals in need, and I am grateful to see Dr. Viktor and his Staff with both of us all the way..I said to my Son, Axel looked just like my Lily, and even tho she has left to go to the Rainbow Bridge, she and all my other animals are always on my mind..We will see them, but sometimes I can’t wait..I dream of them, and by seeing them, I feel so good inside, and I know they are there with me all the time..And the Dear Lord has them by his side just caring for them the Best he knows how..Yes the Doggies and Kitties and Bunnies, and Goats, and Lizards, and of coarse the Snakes are on our minds, if they need help, we can give to them..I follow Dr. Viktor, because he knows what’s right, and we follow him just the same when we help our friends..I give all people in view of the animals 100% when they give all they can..I see many feel the same, and we watch out for the ones that don’t..We nudge them so we can get them on the right pan, and they will come around..Let’s keep praying for God’s grace and Goodness, so all animals get better, and be right with themselves and they start being themselves..They are just like us, just a few things changed around, but the same..Stick to your guns, and when we need to help–WE WILL, and to the BEST of our Ability..Thank You Dr. Viktor, Things do get better, because of US, Staff, and all of the people for the Love and understanding we have in this World..Let’s all be together and DO OUR WORK !!!!

  601. Anonymous says:

    Contente de voir kil va bocou mieux….j’espère pour lui kil trouvera une famille aimante car après tout ce kil a vécu il le mérite…..

  602. therese andrews says:

    I just found this on pinterest. The work you’ve done with AXEL IS AMAZING

    and I think probably an example of many success stories. Please tell me about your organization as I would very much like to help but don’t want to be crammed either. I would be happy to contribute to your work. Please send me an update on your current work and what kind of help including donations would be beneficial to your efforts.
    Thank you

  603. Chelleigh Edelweiss says:

    Thank you for allowing God to use you as His instrument of kindness. You are a true blessing to these animals.

  604. Lisa Pearce says:

    Wonderful Job Viktor. Thanks to your team. Axel looks so well. Wish I could have him here in the UK. I’ve got 8 cats though!!!!!

  605. Those people who abused Alex need their ass kicked in the next century, I would be more than willing to do it. It is sickening that there is so little regard for a life!

  606. He looks AMAZING now! What a beautiful boy!

  607. Thank you.iam so tired and hurt by all the awful pics i see every day and it gives me hope to see stories like this.i cant donate as i support so many and foster and adopt myself but i wanted to thank you x

  608. Beryl E. Sanders says:

    When I look at Axel today, it is so hard to believe that he was in such a dire situation and with your help, love, medication and excellent care, he has become one of the most beautiful German Shepherds that I have seen. He went from being on deaths door all alone without ever knowing the love and companionship of a loving person, playing with toys, running in the grass and being happy as a young dog and now….he is living the good life…I am so happy for this wonderful dog and I pray that he will have a wonderful fun filled and loving rest of his life with is new owner in his Forever Home. Many thanks to you Viktor and your wonderful team.

  609. Virginia Stewart Carton says:

    Let’s Adopt…you are nothing short of being ‘miracle workers’…I will continue to support you with my limited means…my house is full of adopted babies who were discharged by their former “humans’ with absolute disregard…each one is precious and NOW they all know Axel and all the other animals I have been fortunate enough to watch you help LIVE!!

  610. Great job!!!!lucky the dog is saved now !! He s a great dog!!! Thanx

  611. Dana Schäfer says:

    Dear Viktor,

    I donated a few time and for him specially. You did a great job. You are fantastic. I wish Axel a beautiful life.!!!!

  612. I love Axel – what a nice dog, and so great to see his progress!

  613. Axel is a good sight to see…. I love animals.. I love dogs .. I love shepards.. Axel is awesome!!!!! I’m so glad he was rescued! This is a rescue story! The good people who did this are to be praised for the work they did with him. I’ve seen it so wrong so much that this is a salve for my heart. Truely.. I thank you. Have a good life now Axel. No more pain for you buddy!!!!! Amen!

  614. Racheal Tycoles says:

    What’s happening with Axel?

  615. Words can’t express the joy it brings me to see Axel happy & pain free!! Living life to the fullest now, handsome! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible – you are all rescue Angels!

  616. Janice Davis says:

    Bless his heart what a fighter
    wood love to have this angle

  617. Anonymous says:

    Have these motherfucking bastards been tracked down & tortured to death yet?? If not I volunteer to do it. And enjoy every bloody, painful second of it. Barbarians like that deserve absolutely NO MERCY!!!

  618. I am so happy Axel has recovered & found his forever home, once again you have done a wonderful job. I had expressed an interest in Axel myself but received no reply, however & at the end of the day, all that really matters is that Axel has found the right home for him. Since Axel will be in England I would love to be able to see Axel & speak to his new home if they would permit so please pass on my contact details to them and I wish them all a fabulous future together. Thank you all

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Raine,
      When Axel was rescued there were many people that wrote to us expressing their intention of adopting him. We told everyone to wait until his treatment finished. By then they were either not interested or Axel proved to be too much for them.
      I don´t erase the emails I receive, ever, and I don´t have a single email from you, not one applying for Axel. You may have left a comment here at the blog, or at our Facebook page, but that´s not something we can consider a serious application.
      My email is it´s all over this blog. Should you ever want to apply for our one of our rescues please write to me…

  619. Gayle Collier says:

    Michelle what a HORRID thing to say on so many levels! Educate yourself before posting ignorant statements! Actually DO NOT post ANY ignorant statements!

  620. I came across the link to Axels story and my heart aches for the pain and suffering he experienced. I believe in Karma and his “owners” will get what is coming to them!!
    I wish him a very successful, happy, healthy and bright future ahead.

  621. What amazing people you are to help Axel back to health….we will never understand the people who do this to our beautiful dogs but I believe in Karma & one day they will find themselves in maybe the same situation that Axel was in… are Angels in disguise I just couldn’t believe the way he healed after coming into you with his injuries….you are wonderful all of you…..I live in Australia & have had Shepherds for over 36 years….they are an beautiful dog & Axel has shown what strength & will power these shepherds have….but without your help he would have died in the dreadful hole that those people left him in…..i enjoyed watching the videos to see his continuous recovery…..I hope he gets his furever home….I am sure you will make sure of that… of luck Axel…xoxoxo

  622. He looks like my baby, a Shepherd/Akita cross. Absolutely AMAZING intelligence and softness. It breaks my heart to see this beautiful boy being treated like that. I don’t understand, and don’t think I ever will, cruelty to animals and I look forward to the day it is easier to exact revenge on those who do. I would love to throw these people down a dark damp well and just leave them there to rot, even better, sit at the top and watch! while eating and drinking above them!

  623. Remco Coenen says:

    Dear peeps who saved axel,

    I saw a friend from canada post this artikel, when i read it and saw the pictures i started crying. I live in the Netherlands and also have a militairy background with dogs… im so grateful that he was saved !!! Im so grateful that there still good people who save these abused animals.. im sorry to say but im to make a deposit due to financial reasons…

    I pray that axel and other animals you safe get a good stable live with people who love animals …

    with my reagards and respect to you all !!

    If i had the cash for trip to get axel i would fly tomorrow.

    Keep up this awsome work..


    Remco Coenen
    from the Netherlands

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks for your wonderful words Remco… thank you

  624. He is so beautiful and thank you for saving him………..I believe in Karma.

  625. Viktor thank you for all you do. I’m sorry you have to deal with not only the abuse you see but also the people on here who question every little thing when clearly you have more important things to do. Pictures and videos I guess arent enough which is sad. I get there are scams but you can usually spot that easy enough when there aren’t follow up pics, updates etc.

  626. marion crist says:

    thank you Viktor for all that you have done for Alex he is an beautiful dog you have done an great job he looks great thank you for all that you have done for these brillient animals you and your team are angels viktor love the way you help these beautiful animals xxxx

  627. God bless you Axel, we pray you find the loving home you deserve, we volunteer for German Shepherd Rescues here in the UK and have seen some of the dogs from Spain and other countries, we have managed to bring many over, I am so glad you were saved by those who really care and have truly saved you both in body, mind and spirit, we salute you, well done. It is a sad fact that some countries feel the need to impose their religious ideas on their pets and many go un castrated or spade, this leads to a massive over population of unwanted animals not to mention the health issues, it is not to say that Spain has this problem, but many do.
    To the people who have saved Axel, we thank you x

  628. Aileen O'Dea says:

    OMG-this poor baby and the NEEDLESS suffering he had to endure-the FBI has made animal cruelty a grade”A” felony-please please report these AWFUL monsters

  629. john perez says:

    in a way you have to feel sorry for these people , because they will never know or have a connection with with a dog ,or any animal for that fact and that is very sad . i had a shepard that looked just like axle i loved him like my son and think about him every day and i try to be a better person because of him . people like the ones that had him will never experience this and that is sad

  630. Anonymous says:

    This is a miracle dog . I am in floods of tears for him. I wish I could have 10 mins with whoever did this ………You are Angels and I thank you and have enormous respect for the work you do . This is one beautiful , forgiving , wonderful soul and I pray he has a long , happy , healthy life , full of love and fin and comfort (You don’t want to know what I wish for his abusers, I am not a forgiving soul..) I have made a small donation to help with his care and please hug him from me in the UK. Thank you for what you have done for him . xxxx

  631. Anonymous says:

    What????? This is wrong. Who treats animals like this? Those people should be treated how that dog was treated. I will keep Axel in my prayers and hope to God that no other dog will be treated like this again.

  632. This is a story of both the best and worst of human beings. Thank you for being the best. You are an inspiration to me to be a better person.

  633. U did a fabulous job he looks very happy

  634. Debra Love says:

    Beautiful,has he been adopted,he deserves it!

  635. I wouldn’t have given this dog one chance in a hundred to survive. I’m absolutely amazed at what those many months of dedication did for him….total transformation! What a beautiful, happy and healthy dog. Alex deserves all the happiness and love he can get. Congratulations to the team that saved him…and thank you!

  636. Blazenka Krizan says:

    God bless all of you!!! Thanks for saving him!!! Lots of love for Axel!!!
    A monster who treated him such horrible way sholud be put in prison for ever; in darkness, no food, no water…

  637. susan amerise says:

    what a joy to read about this angel’s transformation and love for humanity!!! he found his perfect heaven with those who saved him and cared so tenderly and wisely for him. I pray now in Jesus’ Name for the most perfect family to come at this anointed time….when he is ready to be taken from his little bit of heaven to his future family. Lord You allowed him to be found and You healed him…now we know you will bring him his forever ever home!!!! Amen!!

  638. Michelle Lacombe says:

    I want him.

  639. God bless the beautiful people who have helped him and hopefully the evil will burn in hell.

  640. I believe the last update was last year? Not really sure. I’m trying to see what the current status is on Mr. Alex today is August 15 2015. Does he have a home or still need of one. Thanks for all your work Mr. Viktor

  641. Barbara Voelker says:

    I really pray he finds his forever home. I wish I could take him. He isn’t in USA. Or I would. Prayers are with him

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hello, Barbara,

      Axel can fly to the US. Please send us an email on if you would like to talk to us about him.

  642. Thank you for helping Axel! Such people should have the same treatment as they are doing to this poor dog! I couldn’t stop crying while I was reading his stories! I hope he now has a good family, and he can forgive to humans.

  643. That is so sad for Axel. He’s very handsome and I am so happy and glad that he’s been in your care and he is happy and healthy now. He sure turned out to be a real nice looker. What city and state are you at where Axel is at? I have a German Shepherd and a small pit bull and another I believe is a mix pit bull and Boston terrier. Germans are very awesome dogs. Mine is just like they say about these dogs, they will follow you like a puppy. I love mine to death and he’s not my dog, he’s my family and best friend. If I had to I would give my life up for him. Thank you.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Axel is currently in Valencia, Spain. Thank you for your kind comments.

  644. Rosemary Hugharts says:

    What hell that poor dog endured.I marvel at the spirit of animals to come back and live after going through that.I hope those depraved people have had to face the full arm of the law for their brutality.

  645. Thank god. Bless those angels who saved this god. May god give the torturers the same level of pain so they can understand how it feels to be so badly tortured. Bless you guys.

  646. Vanessa Rabb says:

    I would love to love to him. I was a Vet Tech for 10 years, all of my dogs have been rescued from terrible situations. As i said, i would love to love him.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi, unfortunately our Spanish partners have stopped updating us on the situation of Axel. We are also worried and have done everything in our power to help him. We can now only hope his current carers care as much.

  647. If Axel is still up for adoption, We’ll gladly take him! We have two other German Shepherds and two beagles, so he’d be around other dogs, and we always take them on walks or to pet stores so they can meet people. We also have plenty of land where he would get proper exercise. We love and care for animals because they’re family. Axel is truly adorable and needs the perfect family…I hope it’s us!

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Carly, we have sent you an email. Thank you for wanting to help Axel!

  648. If I were in Spain and not America I would adopt this adorable dog in a heartbeat!

  649. Just found this story on Pinterest. How is Axle doing? Has he been adopted yet? Please let me know.
    I have a Shelter Rescue already and her name is Princess Pepper Pud Paws. She is Border Collie, Springer Spaniel, Chihuahua and Daschund and 300% loved.
    I am praying for all of you . Thank you all for not giving up on Axle {{{hugz}}}.
    I live in Washington State and Axle would love the mountains and the snow I am sure.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi, unfortunately our Spanish partners have stopped updating us on the situation of Axel. We are also worried and have done everything in our power to help him. We can now only hope his current carers care as much.

  650. How old is he? Is he still in need of a home?

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Yes, Axel still needs a home. We have emailed you. Thank you for caring!

  651. ”We have to start taking these scum, that hurt animals, and find the people who have what it takes to find these scum and give it back to them, double fold,,, I will give finances for that,”

  652. You did an absolutely fantastic job, the people who hurt him will have no luck in this world. Just hope their not doing it to some other dog.

  653. Elizabeth says:

    What a horrible, beautiful story!
    Horrible in extreme cruelty, beautiful in redemption, recovery process!
    Axel reminds me soo much of my last German Shepherd, Harley. We adopted him from a Humane Shelter in Kentucky, where they were getting ready to put him to sleep. He was barely a year old, when we got him, an was almost 18-1/2 years old when he died. I miss him terribly!! We live on six acres in farming country in Indiana in the U.S. An we would love to include him in our family!!

  654. Axel, I am so happy that you made such a remarkable recovery. I hope that your torturers have been found and charged with the maximum allowable by law (which as far as I am concerned would never be enough). Bless you sweet baby and I love you.

  655. Bruce Kain says:

    Just wish I could win the Euro-lottery, maybe €50,000,000, I’d help every animal rescue I could find, I’d make sure however I’d got at least €7 of it in my back pocket, enough to buy 5litres of petrol so I could ……

    Burn down the house where Axel came from !!

  656. I am sitting at work when I happened on this story about Axel. Needless to say, I am bawling my eyes out! This is so so sad. But the more I read, the happier I became. He is really incredible! Well done Axel! You showed us “humans” what it is to never lose hope and never give up. You taught me a valuable lesson today. Oh my word! Crying again!
    To the people who saved him! God bless you all! You really did a miraculous job! May you find a fantastic happy home for Axel and for all the other animals in your care.
    To his previous “owners” – his torturers – may you get your punishment in triplicate! Not even animals are so cruel to each other.

  657. Well, if it wasn’t for our liberal justice system we would kill the bastards that do this to dogs. Bring back the death penalty.