GRAPHIC IMAGES: Hutch, in a critical condition due to neglect

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A lifeline for Hutch

Since our inception most of our work has been to provide assistance to rescuers that for one reason or another found themselves with far more than they could handle.
The rescue of Hutch is one of these cases. Please read on ….

Hutch has been rescued in Spain. He is a podenco, one of the most abused and neglected breeds in the world. Dogs of his breed are used for hunting and usually discarded at the end of the season, sometimes dumped, others tortured to death. You all remember Queen’s case. Hutch belongs to this very special breed.

He’s just a puppy, can’t be more than five months old, as sweet as honey. A couple of days ago his rescuer wrote to us desperately asking for help. His condition was critical. His intestines were full of parasites that had evolved into cysts and this had created a blockage of sorts. For reasons we don’t really know he was operated in a village, which left him in an even more weakened state.

Hutch has arrived to us in a critical condition approaching systemic failure. His kidneys don’t seem to be working correctly, he barely has enough energy to hold his head upright. He’s receiving Fluid therapy while we conduct some vital tests that will lead us to the cause of his condition.

We can’t elaborate more, because right now we don’t know what is Hutch precise condition, right now we are focusing on stabilizing him and keep him alive. He’s extremely weak and unless we do something NOW we may loose him.


Please, follow this post… we are going to be updating it regularly with Hutch’s condition. He’s just a baby, his life has just begun… Please help us save his life… he deserves so much more. He deserves a family, he deserves to know that there is more to life than just suffering.

Update November 6

Since Sunday we are placing all our efforts in saving the life of this little guy. His blood levels are monitored constantly, and so is the performance of his kidneys.
Right now our biggest concern is keeping Hutch’s kidneys functioning and avoiding a possible kidney failure. That would be the end.
We are fighting with all we’ve got….

P.S. His condition is critical right now, but with the right treatment we can save him. If he makes it he will need a home, for life. Should you wish to adopt him please write to me telling me everything about you and your family:

Update 11 November


This is what greeted me this afternoon when I went to the clinic to check up on our little guy…

Please help us continue with Hutch’s treatment. His life has been saved but he now has a kidney condition that we will have to keep under surveillance.

He’s just a puppy… Hutch. Help us save him….




  1. A. Collins

    Poor baby!. He reminds me of my own Podenco, Curro.
    Curro was rescued from Malaga, he’s sitting next to me as I write this.
    Donated to Hutch on Curro’s name!
    Please let me know how you get on.

  2. Volpina bianca e nikka

    make a little donation for Hutch….with my best wishes for getting well soon

  3. Maria Leo

    And how pretty is him!!! I can’t believe how cruel are people there…I used to think that Spain is a 1st world country…I was wrong!

  4. shelly

    I just donated, please keep us up to date on this sweet baby. Thank you for all you do.

  5. barbara wsterberg

    Please save Hutch for a beautiful family who can give him the love he deserves.

  6. H. VanMeter

    Awww….sweet baby boy! Stay strong little one.

    Keep an eye on his left front foot…starting to get “fat foot” from IV bandages being too tight b/c of how he is bending his foot.

  7. Deidra

    Hi Victor….I’m praying for this sweetheart to pull through with the grace of God and with your help to save our Hutch. Please Victor, I always have faith in someone like you because you have a ‘Heart of Gold’ for these animals so that is why I am going to donate like I always do because like you Victor, I care very much! I know his condition is critical like you say but what are his chances? I will continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep me updated on him. Thank you! Greatly appreciated! Deidra

  8. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi.. it’s the perspective of the picture added to the close shave to open the way..
    He’s ok in that regard, don’t worry..

  9. Viktor Larkhill

    When it comes to treatment to animals there is no 1st world, believe me.

  10. Gail Day

    So hope and pray this sweet baby makes it and thank you for helping him

  11. Maureen Trant

    Hi,Praying with all my heart and soul for this precious baby’s to be saved,how could any humane be so evil to have done this to this innocent baby.Please keep fighting baby,sending Loving Kiss’es for you.Please post up dates.

  12. Jean Stewart, Scotland

    Have sent a small donation Viktor……poor Hutch looks so tired and sad. Please do your best to save this beautiful soul. x

  13. Sue Tait

    Please let us know how Hutch is doing today… Poor Baby!
    Thank you Viktor for all you and your team do.

  14. Sue Fry

    Donated to save Hutch awwww what a gorgeous little puupy sooo cute

  15. Maureen Trant

    Dear God,Please I beg watch over him and keep him safe please don’t take him he’s only a precious baby,let him live and be loved the way he so deserves here on earth,please wrap your arm’s around him hold him oh so tight and let him live,Everyone is praying with all their hearts and soul to let him have a Loving life.Dear God I beg don’t take him PLEASE!!!

  16. Nancy Keak

    God bless you Hutch you didn’t deserve what has happened to you but the Drs are doing all they can to help you –you just hang in there as God has sent His angles to watch over you♥

  17. Lizet Bernburg

    Dearest Viktor – just donated – I know you are doing everything you can to save sweet Hutch’s life – I am deeply concerned. Love Lizet

  18. Kim Worthington

    Donated Ivan. Give Hutch a kiss for me. I have everything crossed for his recovery. He looks like a sweetheart.

  19. Kim Smith

    Hi viktor, I will be moving to a 40 acre estate in january. Ill take him and pay for all his care bills. No animal deserves to suffer, this is just cruelty.

  20. sheila

    Yay perfect!! Thank you very much!

  21. Michelle

    He looks fantastic! Thank you!

  22. I am overjoyed to see Hutch recovering! The email that you sent out saying it was the BEST email I’d ever read…well, it was :) So happy to hear that Hutch has been saved!

  23. catherine howell

    You are so correct when you say that there is no first world country when it comes to the treatment of animals. Great job, let’s adopt and viktor.

  24. So much suffering all over the world. I have two rescue dogs in the UK, and am now involved with AWABosnia: horrendous dog horrors there. I am rescuing Alexia in December, at a cost for transport etc. I donate there when I can, so-sorry- would like to help but my finances ARE finite.

  25. Madelon Michel

    Donated a little via PayPal – I hope it helps for this brave little boy. He’s got such a beautiful face! I have this great Saint Bernard that takes all my energy otherwise I would try to adopt. But with this great monstertank it is impossible for me. I admire your work and hope you will be able to go on with it!. Luckily you’re a bit younger than I am ;-)

  26. Sue Tait

    Such Wonderful news! Thank you for posting, and keep taking care of this sweet baby… I send a little donation to you every month and I hope you will use it for Whatever animal needs it at the time. Thank you for all your good work!

  27. dda

    Viktor, many thanks for angel Hutch :)

  28. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks Sue.. you make it happen…

  29. Viktor Larkhill

    Madelon.. with a Saint Bernard at home I think you have enough dog to last a lifetime :) ))
    Best… and thank you for being here.

  30. Viktor Larkhill

    Best EVER in the history of all emails… at least that how Hutch felt yesterday :-)

  31. jackie

    What a fantastic result! I’m so happy to read this. He’s a little champ :) XX

  32. Connie

    What kind of dog is Hutch? He’s really beautiful. I’d love to know more about him.

  33. what a turn around?! What great treatment and love can do.

  34. Diana

    Hutch seems to be really close to the other dog he was playing with,why not offer them for adoption together? I would love to take them both but for now I can only make small donations here and there.
    What breed is Hutch and his buddy,they look like the same breed,and what is the other dog’s story (male or female?) Once again,I hope you can find one home for them both,I think they would like that :)

  35. Viktor Larkhill

    The other dog is his brother… we don´t promote them together because it´s extremely difficult to find a home for two dogs at the same time. Boarding facilities around the world are full of paired animals whose rescuers try to find them homes together but they don´t manage. Don´t worry, well do what is best for them. Updates coming soon…

  36. Jessa

    Hi Viktor,
    You truly are an inspiration I will donate where I can as I also support other groups. Breaks my heart reading these stories as animals truly love unconditionally and the confusion they feel when it isn’t returned is devastating. I am wondering is there a shift of focus in Spain towards this beautiful breed? Are people outraged and are there help groups’ focused on the breed? I can only hope the public of Spain and other countries are fighting against this treatment and in time this breed is treated with the dignity they deserve being the loyal loving creatures they are

  37. Viktor Larkhill

    Well.. Little by little you see more podencos and galgos living in homes.. little by little..

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