Ayten Hope

The rescue of Ayten Hope

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We only know bits and pieces of this story, as days pass by we are putting the whole horror puzzle together. Please read and SHARE this post, in the hope that this horrific case, and they way we are going to completely turn around the life of this dog, helps increase awareness about animal abuse and about animal rescue.

This is what we know…

Marmaris, Turkey, just outside the city limits in a forested area away from sight someone shoots three Dobermann dogs.

It must have been an execution, the dogs didn’t even try to run away. Two of the bodies were found together, a third dog, a female, was found like a broken toy by a nearby river. She was still breathing. She must have been the third on line to die, and the only one that managed escape.

This dog was Ayten Hope. Ayten means Shiny like the Moon in Turkish. It’s a beautiful name.

Someone found the barely breathing dog and took her to a local vet whose name. Sadly, we can’t provide you here with the vet’s name and personal telephone number, but as you will understand God knows that’s exactly what I would like to do.

Over the course of two months, this veterinarian proceeded to operate the dog twice, but the result of the operations are something that could have been done by any street butcher. You could safely say she experimented on the dog. After keeping Ayten Hope for two months in a total state of neglect, the veterinarian dumped her at the city pound, by now near paralyzed, barely able to stand, unable to walk properly due to excruciating pain.

The vet just dumped the dog and walked away.

Shot, trying to survive in a pound, experimented upon by a butcher with a veterinary degree, nearly paralyzed, a group of shelter volunteers of the Marmaris Animal Welfare Group spotted her, trying to crawl her way among hundreds of other dogs. Ayten Hope was taken to the safety of a foster home.  From that moment on, the shelter volunteers searched all over for someone able to handle this case… and then, just when they were about to give up, they found us.

Anyone that has ever worked with us will be familiar with what follows next, because it is our usual procedure… within days Ayten Hope was on board on a Turkish Airlines heading to Istanbul. Upon landing Ayten Hope was picked up at the airport and rushed to our vets for an initial assessment.

X-rays were taken, and what those X-rays revealed tell a story of appalling brutality and veterinary malpractice.

You don’t have to be proficient in veterinary medicine to understand this image, but here I am going to reproduce what one of the leading trauma experts in Turkey told me today:

“The bone has reproduced itself and set wrongly. There is bone loss and infection in both legs. Both legs are affected by necrosis due to the inadequacy flow of blood caused by the botched operations. The current pins will be removed as they are positioned in a totally useless way. There is nothing that can be done to improve the condition of the second leg as the second pin has also been placed in a completely crazy and useless way.
I believe Ayten Hope had any chance of walking and recovering after the shooting if that so-called-vet hadn’t sabotaged her like this. I don’t advice amputation because she is young and strong and can walk for little stretches at the time whenever she manages to stand up, but as she gets older and heavier she will stop walking altogether and probably remain paralyzed.”

Very disheartening… but … then, whilst the conversation with our surgeon was taking place I was already with someone on the phone. After listening to the entire story and looking at the pictures and the X-rays the person at the other side of the line said the following: “Bring her to me”.

That’s all I needed, a glimmer of HOPE in the darkness …

In coming days Ayten Hope will fly to one of the world’s leading specialists in orthopedics and neurosurgery. He is someone I have worked with in the past and with reputation of a mad genius  he is precisely what Ayten Hope needs today, someone that pushes the boundaries of possibility and surgical endeavor.

This is Ayten Hope asking you:  please, come in, help us, join me in my rescue, I’m just a dog, but I matter too.

This won’t be easy, this won’t be cheap, but seeing Ayten Hope running again one day will be something you will never forget, and you’ll be proud to say: I was part of the team that saved Ayten Hope.

Update October 31

As promised, last week was an amazing week for Ayten Hope.

On Thursday the 25th Ayten Hope boarded a Turkish Airlines plane that safely transported her to the country that will be her home for the next two months whilst she goes generic xanax price walmart through the operations that will fix her legs and give her back the quality of life that she lost when shot by her owner and experimented on by someone that more than a vet is a butcher.

The following pictures describe what this amazing week has been for Ayten Hope…

Ayten Hope’s journey is not over yet, as a matter of fact, it has just began. Over the following months she will go through two, possibly three operations to fully restore the use of her legs.


Update: November 5

Because of the nature of our mission at Let’s Adopt! we regularly meet animals whose internal strength and capacity to overcome all difficulties leave us dumbfounded, at times as shocked as the cruelty that got them to us…

If you are reading this you are probably familiar with the story of Ayten Hope, there is quite a chance that you have been one of the 245 people that have joined forces to make this little miracle happen.

On Friday Ayten Hope was operated. We had to break the leg again, figure out the best way to take out the metal piece inserted by that criminal vet in Marmaris, eliminate all the bad bone formation that Ayten’s body had created and create a supportive structure that allows the formation of new bone. We had an added challenge. As Ayten’s other leg is not fully functional we needed to make sure that she would be able to use this operated leg from day one.

To do this we used two surgical steel plates, from the world’s leading manufacturers. The plates alone cost over 1000 USD… and that was just the plates!

There are many ways to do a surgery like this one, but there is only one way to maximize the chance of a positive outcome, and that is to use exclusively the best equipment and professionals available.

It was a long surgery, close to four hours. We used the most sophisticated equipment and we took every precaution to prevent the onset of infection, the biggest enemy in this kind of procedure.

When it comes to an animal’s life, for us, there are no shortcuts…

I have prepared a video that takes you to place very few people ever get to see, the inside of an operation room. I want you to see this, so that you understand the extent we go in each and every case. I never showed this before, instead just published the before and after pictures, but I feel everyone needs to see this to understand… Please Watch this video…

Update November 8, six days after the operation:

The improvement is astonishing… Ayten Hope’s operated leg is progressing extremely well, there is no infection and the implants are doing their function wonderfully well…

UPDATE November 22

Ayten’s continues progressing wonderfully, she walks with ease, wants to run, she’s full of energy, she’s in love with life and life loves her… Here is a video of her:


Our mission is not over yet. In a few days Ayten left leg will be operated, and that’s going to be a much more complicated operation as chances are the muscle is contractured (muscle mixes with bone matter and becomes solid).. That leg cannot remain in the condition it is right now. As it is it’s doing nothing but hurting Ayten and stopping her from having a decent life..


Update January 31st

The second operation took place… and it was hard.. very very hard… but Ayten went through it like a brave, and she fought, and she healed….
Here are some of the incredible pictures of her second surgery and at the end… a surprise.

And this is it!!!!… this is how Ayten Hope looks today!!!!!!

We made a promise.. we would completely change the life of this dog, transform it radically and absolutely, so that she could live the life she deserves.

That was our promise, we fulfill our promises… and this is Ayten Hope today…


Update June 11

Ayten Hope has closed the circle… she is finally home.

What an incredible rescue this was… from Marmaris in the South of Turkey to Istanbul, to Valencia to be operated and rehabilitated and finally, adopted in Germany, where she will spend the rest of her long and prosperous life… :-)

Here are some images of Ayten Hope today… what else can I say? 


UPDATE August 28

Ayten Hope’s family just sent us a few pictures of her.

She is doing amazing, she has lots of friends and even a boyfriend, Pedro, a Three Legged Turkish Rotweiller that we rescued a few years ago… so there she is, living in absolute bliss, safe and knowing that she will never… never.. never ever, experience horror again. 

Never… Never…


Ayten Hope was treated and rehabilitated thanks to the amazing support of our incredible community to the Simba Fund. Please, should you wish to support our work so that we can continue saving animals in the same desperate circumstance as Ayten Hope was, please contribute to our working Fund today…



Many thanks!…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I made a donation of $ 7.00 i know its not much but its all i can spare.
    God bless this poor dog and all who help.xx

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks… this is a community effort, every little helps…
      Once again, thanks!!!!!

  2. selina swaim says:

    so sorry for what this baby is going through and hate that the other two died…somehow and someway this baby was led to you and the help that is needed……thoughts and best to all who are in this endever…xoxoxo

  3. thank you for saving her, if i can help i will xx

  4. Barbara Badum says:

    I am so sorry that I cannot give any money to help with her care. I will pray for this precious creature. I hope she is able to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

    Best of luck,

  5. That first vet “butcher” should have her licence revoked! I could do a better job than that just winging it! This precious soul deserves so much better. God Bless her & take good care of her. Xoxo

  6. Lynda Jeffries says:

    Viktor….I will take this dog in a heartbeat! Please let me know if I can come get this baby! How horrific that someone would do this.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Lynda,
      First we are going to fix her… once she is ok, up and running we’ll organize her adoption. Drop me an email on viktor@myletsadopt.com xxx

  7. God Bless You for taking this sweet baby in and working so hard to help her get her life back, i wished there was more wonderful caring people like ya’ll out there in this evil world who would step up to help a very sweet girl like her. i wished i had the money to help pay for her treatment but i can’t afford it because i actually run a rescue out of my home plus we foster for our shelter but i will share this with my fb friends and ask everyone i know to please if they can help ya’ll pay for her treatment but i am sending ya’ll and that sweet poor girl my prayers. please let us on facebook know how she is doing . Thank God for You sweet people

  8. hi i can only donate $10 but i hope it helps. we have two dobermans here in new zealand we are moving to melbourne next week.they are coming too of course :) we love our 2 and this made me cry. how anyone could do this is crazy! i wish you the best of luck and if i had the money i would fly over and visit Ayten hope god bless xxxxxx

  9. Lisa Johnson says:

    Not all Doctors are Surgeons, yet in the Vet world it is not regulated.

  10. Rachel Navaro says:

    As part of the small army of people who initially cared for Ayten Hope in Marmaris, Turkey it has been an incredible story of tradegy, hope and pure love. She was found in a terrible state and was fostered by one very special person, who knew as soon as setting eyes on Ayten Hope that she would not make it amongst the hundreds of dogs in our local shelter and would be going home with her that instant. She was cared for and above all else totally loved and adored by all who came into contact with her loved and adored by many many others who did not have the chance. This baby of all of ours is really the most special dog that I have ever had the priviledge to meet. She, despite her trauma, mistreatment and total lack of human respect..NEVER lost her faith! She has given her trust and love to those that helped her and we have been truly rewarded and our lives enriched as a result. I for one have been so deeply effected by her that my life has changed for the better, she opened my eyes. I will NEVER let her down and in her honour I will always be there for the next poor victim of our society’s cruelty. I love you Ayten and your cuddles, kisses and love will stay in my heart forever. Take care of ‘Bunny’ and always remember he is a symbol of all our love here in Marmaris. You are a long way from your home but you will have a new one soon and be cherished as the angel you truly are my darling. We love you! xxx

  11. Wowwwww, thought i cried enough tears from the start i saw Ayten hope in the pound…………..but still i have some left. A horror story that WİLL end in a beautifull love story.
    İt is heartwarming to see many people DO care, and god knows she deserves it! Keep up the good job, love you all for saving her!

    Give her a big hug from me, i really do miss her.

  12. Linda Somers says:

    I simply cannot understand how someone could torture an animal. I hope the”Vet” who did this is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Thank god you are saving her.

  13. Dear Ayten Hope
    I was one of the people in Marmaris who was privileged to meet you as I am a volunteer at the dog pound. You are such a beautiful young lady with your quiet dignity and the way you trusted us all to help look after you. How could you still love and trust after what had happened to you – but you did? All of us who met you are richer for the experience of having met you.
    Love and hope to you in your life which I hope is pain free and with a very loving family – from my dog Scruff and me – Georgina xxxx

  14. Dawn Miles says:

    God bless you Ayten and all those caring for you.I have donated and am willing you through what is to come. I know in my heart that for the rest of your life you will know only love and compassion, but am so sad that you had to suffer so much to get to this point.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Dawn… thank you

  15. hi Viktor ,
    where’s the treatment ??

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Halil, right now she is in Istanbul. Once she has been moved I will disclose the location of her treatment and procedures… right now it’s kind of sensitive information. Trust me please..

  16. Kling on Hope – show us the way – have donated $20, knowing this will help together with all the other good people!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Wendie!

  17. patricia emin says:

    hi people I am on a pension and I felt so sad for this poor dog lets give it some help for once in stead of hurt. I cant aford much so I have given $25usa please help its only once. She needs it.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you Patricia… your gift means the world to us…

  18. Ingelin Simonsen says:

    Donated! Bless you Ayten, and all of you who are trying to save her!
    Love from Norwy

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Ingelin.. update coming soon.. xxx

  19. Thank you Viktor for this Angel.
    I don’t understand human, this is shocking.
    I hope a long and wonderful life and a lot of walks all over her life for brave Ayten Hope.
    Viktor I will help her asap.

  20. mrs Helen Kingman says:

    Ayten hope , story has left a huge hole in all our heart ,that will remain with all us that cared and loved her ,and all those who never gave up on her and turned their backs and i and David dunn and others in england were i live have followed her story every day thanks to all the fantastic ladys from marmaris animal welfare that kept me up to date ,and that’s what i call community effort , wonderful team, And i would like to thank you Viktor with all my heart for saving our very special Ayten hope , in mending this special girl with more love and treatment that she deserves , And giving her back a doggy life that she needs , And as for this Evil vet that done this to Ayten ,she has to be closed down ,and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, no one should ever get away with this ,the agony and damaged soul that they have done to Ayten its to heart braking for words , i will follow her allways in thoughts and in my heart ,please give her a kiss and cuddle from England , i would like to give some thing towards her treatment i know its not much but every little helps so i send £40 to you asap ,

  21. so sad if i could do something for herplease tell me god blesses her so that she can live happy live

  22. Karen Hall says:

    Get well soon baby girl. I have no doubt with the care and love LAG provides that she will walk again. That piece of shit who butchered her has no right calling themselves a vet, pity you cant give the name to prevent anyone else ever taking there animals to them. Looking forward to the updates. All the best x.

  23. Viktor your are a God sent to these animals.
    May your strength to endure what you see be passed on to them to survive the unimaginable.
    God bless you and all of the animals you touch!

    My heart breaks seeing so many animals get to this point in there lives. May they all survive and end up in loving, caring, forever homes!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Nick… check the page… we are going to completely turn around the life of this poor girl….

  24. Sharol Ewers says:

    Thank God there is still a little humanity left in this dark a dreary world.! All of you involved are truely angels and I thank the lord for you. God bless Sharing and Caring pplease keep us updated Victor she will weigh heavy on my mind now . Thank You

  25. Ayten is beautiful. She looks just like my doberman, Lilly. I would love to hold her in my arms and feed her so many wonderful things and help her recover.. Thank you for taking such good care of her, I wish her the best. I am sure you will get many offers to adopt her, but if you have trouble finding her a home, let me know. She can have a few of Lilly’s beds. 😉

  26. Prosecute “veterinarian”! I dearly hope Ayten makes a full recovery! Shared

  27. NOTE: Posted Oct 17, 2012 at 5:52 am EST (East coast USA). For info.

  28. Thank you Viktor for sharing this story, it is horrible, but I pray the vet you have her at now will work a miracle & she will live a good life in a good furever home!! That is what I hope for for all the abused, neglected, poor animals out there that don’t deserve all this cruelty! The vet who butchered her & made things worse should never be able to touch another animal, I hope they aren’t. Should be in jail too. Thank you again for sharing. I will chip in, not much but every little bit helps if you get enough caring people to donate!

  29. Hi, will donate asap. Good, healing, encouraging and many positive vibes to Ayten Hope and her rescue group form Germany! Ever heard of the sanctuary “Gut Aiderbichl” in Salzburg/Austria? They are true human angels and maybe she can spend her rest of her hopefully painfree and joyful life there – just contact them. I will put her story on ther fb page.

  30. Lisa Keser says:

    God Bless you Ayten Hope! Made a small donation to help. Praying for you and the wonderful people who are helping you. I can’t wait until you feel better and are able to enjoy the love of your permanent family that you so much deserve! xoxoxo

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Lisa…

  31. John Meranda says:

    I donated what I could as well, but I also shared the link on Facebook and asked all my friends to donate if they could, and for ALL OF THEM to share the link far and wide!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      many thanks John… thanks for the help…

  32. Maggie Cassidy says:

    If I hear one more sad dog story I swear I’ll go bankrupt – but what the hell, here’s £50 for lovely Ayten.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      THANK YOU Maggie… update coming today…

  33. God Bless You Ayten Hope God Bless You Viktor and everyone at Lets Adopt for helping Ayten Hope. Keep Us updated I know you will 😀 XO HUGS n Snuggle for Ayten Hope. Also I am sharing of facebook for her

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Karolina.. we are going to expose the vet on Monday… hold on tight…

  34. RemysMommy says:

    What an incredible story. A horrifying beginning and I am anxious to see how it ends for her. Please update us on any potential prosecution of the so-called vet. Sending a donation on behalf of my dober-girl Remy to Ayten Hope. Hugs and hope from the US, sweet girl. You deserve a beautiful life. :)

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Hilary.. .give a kiss to Remy from me…

  35. Sherif El Kady says:

    Is there any other way to donate than through Paypal..?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Sheriff, I’m affraid not.. the vast majority of contributions to our fund are micropayments, very small amounts. Having said that, please drop me a quick note on viktor@myletsadopt.com and tell me where you are based, if in the USA then we may be able to do a bank transfer.
      Many thanks for your help Sherif.. thank you

  36. When Ayten Hope gets to a point where she is doing better, as I know you need to focus all your energy on that, you need to NAME THIS VET. I started the Veterinary Abuse Network in 2000 to expose these so-called “doctors” who get away with murder, torture, and abuse because they have a license and a white coat. Every country has at least a semblance of a vet board that licenses and regulates the practice of veterinary medicine. Please get in touch with me and I will help you with the process of filing a complaint. I am not afraid of any of these butchers. We have a duty to NOT walk away from veterinary malpractice no matter where it takes place. My best to you and this precious, miracle dog. SHE SURVIVED SO THAT THIS MONSTROUS VET COULD BE EXPOSED. The truth is on your side, plus the second opinion of the vet who treated her afterwards. I hope to hear from you. Julie C. – Founder, Veterinary Abuse Network.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Julie…
      I will drop you a mail, absolutely.
      The problem is that in Turkey the veterinary college is there more to protect the vets in cases like this than anything else.
      We are going to release the name on Monday… I can assure you one thing, she’s going to learn the lesson..

  37. Eva Wiater says:

    We see awful examples of human cruelty at Marmaris Dog Shelter on a daily basis but the day we arrived to find Ayten Hope dumped there will forever stick in our minds. We took her straight to a GOOD private vet here in Marmaris & the x-rays reduced us to further floods of tears. I was privileged to spend 9 days with Ayten, she was so loving & trusting but unable to meet my eyes….was this because she looked down the barrels of a gun? Viktor has come to her rescue for which we are incredibly grateful, as a group of volunteers, we were truly out of our depth regarding the specialist treatment she requires. Thank you Viktor & your team from the bottom of my soul.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      You are very welcome Eva… Ayten has a wonderful life ahead of her… and what we are going to do to ensure she is happy is going to surprise you.. wait, you’ll see… xx Viktor

  38. Anna Lodi says:

    This is one of the scariest things I have ever heard!! Now the vets are torturing dogs??!! I’m in the USA crying a river of tears for this gentle soul. Ayten Hope.. you are in my prayers. I’m so sorry that you had to experience the worst of humanity. Now you are clearly with the best. Thank you to her rescuers and for going the extra several miles to give her the life and love she deserves. This story will stay with me. :’)

  39. Mae Garnett (facebook) says:

    Would like to help this dog. Had a dog that had broken leg from being hit by car. Got it running on the leg. Newborn puppy attacked by another dog, brothers and sisters were killed. 6 weeks later, puppys leg was turned completely backwards. got it turned back around, and after about 4 weeks working with it, leg got straightend up. Puppy now 3 yrs. old and runs all the time. Prefers running over walking. Another dog (dashound) had arthritis. Belong to a lady. The cream I used, she put on the dogs back 3 times. The dog started jumping up and down off the couch. Vet wanted 1200 dollars for surgery she couldn’t afford. If you are interested, please send me a message.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Mae, I have just seen this.. I will be in touch with you tomorrow..
      Many thanks… thanks..

  40. Viktor,
    I would have loved to have given more to Ayten Hope’s fund but I gave what I could. I am sending lots of prayers to her and the Doctor that is going to perform her surgery. I ask the good Lord to be with him that day and send a miracle through his hands so that she can walk once again.

    I pray then that she finds a good loving safe home where she can be queen of the house and truly live the life she deserves. Please keep us informed of how she is doing.

  41. Will never be able to thank you enough Viktor and team for what you have done for Ayten Hope. Plus the incentive it’s given my friends to show the good fight is indeed worth fighting for . xx

  42. We recently dealt with a dog with an injury much like this. In California, at Davis Veterinary Small Animal hospital they are doing innovitive work with biomedical departments – they can regrow bone! She should see them. Go to my site and read about Snoopy. Akk the info is there and the vets names. Maybe even a consult could be arranged. They are doing cutting edge work and she needs to be seen there.

  43. Mark Upton says:

    A very touching story, even though I’ve just lost my job I had to make a small donation. It’s not much but every bit counts, bless her & the people are now giving her the care Ayten need. I will re-post this story.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Mark… hope all will be well with you soon. I will be sending an update on Ayten Hope this morning..

  44. Hello viktor! I’ve been following your page since i saw pooh! I am a pro animal lover. Even when i i watch tv and seeing animals eating each other…i can’t stand stand watching it. My heart falls when i see those kind of actions. Although its natural for animals to be carnivorous in wilds. I really wanted to help but the only thing i can extend is prayers. Keep up the good work. I wish more like you would come out. God bless.

  45. hi i donated 10.00 every little helps, good luck ayten hope god bless you xx

  46. RemysMommy says:

    Beautiful pictures and a heart warming update!!! Will she be placed for adoption after her procedures are finished? Or will one of her amazing caretakers keep her for good (I hope) :) ? What has happened with this evil vet?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes Remy… she is going to need a final home.. she is AMAZING…

  47. I simply cannot understand how someone could torture an animal. I hope the”Vet” who did this is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Thank god you are saving her.

  48. Patricia Montgomery says:

    ok tried to donate today and chipin doesn’t seem to be responding properly. also no updates for a long time…..did something bad happen?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Patricia… everything went well, I’ve just been totally overwhelmed. I’m going to make an update today with pictures of the operation and her present condition. She’s amazing let me tell you.. amazing..
      IF you wish to help, this is the link: http://simbafund.chipin.com/the-second-operation-of-ayten-hope

      Many thanks Patricia…

  49. Darla Neitzel says:

    I thank God for people like you and the help that you give to these poor animals. How anyone could even think of harming a poor defenseless loving animal is beyond me. It just sickens me to see it or to hear about it. The laws on animal cruelty are not harsh enough. People kill or attempt to kill people and get life in prison. And I ask why should it be any different if it’s an animal as they breath, have feelings and feel pain as we do the only difference between them and us is that they are helpless in defending themselves. At the very least these sick individuals should get life in prison and in my opinion even that is to good for them. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll pray for Ayten and for poor little Tidus this is so sad and heartbreaking thank you and God Bless each and everyone of you ! You are angels sent by God !

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Darla… thank you…

  50. Thank you for giving this animal another chance at life. You do most noble work!

  51. Please, please, if there are sufficient funds donated, prosecute the vet and go after the barbarian who shot these three!

  52. Thank you for helping Ayton. It’s easy to say stay away from countries that abuse animals but let’s face it, abuse happens all over the world and we wouldn’t go anywhere if that were the case. I think that Social Media has a great place in our future to help charities like yours and thank goodness word travels fast with Facebook. I hope that you get many donations and are able to mend many animals although you shouldn’t have to do any. Thank God for you!

  53. Paula Domzalski says:

    You are just absolutely marvellous. I support you wholeheartedly in your great work. You are absolute role models for everyone to understand that if we don’t treat our animals with respect we have lost respect for everything and for our own race. I can only donate a little…..

  54. Trung Phuoc Nguyen says:

    I think the most importance for Ayten Hope was the right medicines for her surgery, It must be asked from Qualified-Doctor-Police like Moise character in Rex Inspector when he had to save Rex’s life was being bitten from the tiger-snake, etc.

  55. Hi, I’d like to contribute to Ayten Hope’s recovery but I can’t find how to donate on this page. Can you please let me know how I can do so. Thanks, S.

  56. Hi,

    I tried to get the the chipin link but Google Chrome can’t find it.
    Could you tell me if the link I have is right? what I have is:




  58. Paula Murasso-Courchaine says:

    Viktor – what you did and tried to do for our Biscuit showed me what kind of soul you have, and I knew you would honor your promise to him and the other “throw-aways”. Maybe one day mankind will get it. Maybe. Meanwhile, the animals and those of us who love them unconditionally have you. Thank you.

    PS: the ChipIn web site isn’t working.

  59. One of the links worked and I was able to donate $5.
    Sorry I cannot do more at the moment.

  60. Tamara Rohlin says:

    I donated $5. Its not much, but I’ll be glad to know I contributed to her rehab.

  61. Oh the tears and hurt I felt while reading this story and then to think that she will be ok! All I have to say to you is AWESOME… But for the love of a dog! Always loving always forgiving, they give you there hearts and expect nothing in return. But when it’s returned the love in their eyes.. Nothing I MEAN NOTHING can top that! I live on food stamps and a place to live with “my best friend” and don’t money but I give you my heart as you have given yours! Thank You. Dawn Housley & Tumble

  62. If everyone donates 1-5 dollars we can save her.

  63. Candie Barnett says:

    Does the sweet girl have people who are going to adopt her and are you getting close to the amount of donations you need GOD BLESS you all

  64. This just saddens me to think someone would do such a heartless act to these three dogs :,(. I hope that one person is found and has a horrible even miserable life

  65. Courtney nebraska says:

    Thank you a million times for taking this sweet sweet animal soul into your care and giving her a chance at life! I wish I could jump into the screen and giving a big big hug and tell her she will never be hurt by anyone again and she will have a very good life! Where do you make donations at? I can’t spare a lot by I’d at least like to make a donation as I’m such an animal lover and wish I could rescue every animal from bad situations like this! Thank you for helping her!!! :-)

  66. Michelle Reichmann says:

    Can we please have an update on Ayten Hope’s second surgery?

    Thank you!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Michelle… the operation went well, I will be updating this evening… please come back to this blog bit later today..

  67. I am not able to give anything at this stage but congratulations on all of you that helped this wonderful dog who does deserve a second chance in life. That poor creature did no harm to anyone and I hope they find that ‘butcher’ that nearly destroyed her young life. God Bless you Ayten and you will make it. From my dogs and me lost of kisses & hungs xxx

  68. Donated! Keep up the excellent work! I’m a huge animal lover/activist but I have even more empathy for those animals in certain foreign countries that have little, if any animal welfare laws. While here in the U.S. we still have work to do, there are some countries who have yet to begin. Even if I can’t be in those places, it warms my heart to know there are people like this who step up!! THANK YOU!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      There are many people like us… it’s totally heartwarming, a broad community of good…

  69. Buzz Buzaglo says:

    Viktor. From the bottom of my heart i thank you & your wonderful team for all you have done for dear Ayten Hope.You & your team deserve many Kudos for being there for her & all the other Animals you have given a future & a brand new life full of joy & love. All i can afford at present is $20. toward her 2nd operation. God bless you all from Australia.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      MAny thanks Buzz… thank you… will be making an update in the evening..
      Thanks for your help.

  70. helga guillen says:

    Plese the vet butcher ,his vet licence has to be take from him, he is cruel, barbaric, brutal without compassion for animals, he can’t keep working as a vet, how many more animals he is going to torture if he keep working? please don’ alow him to do more torture in animals.

  71. Mary Ingram says:

    I wish I could give money, but my prayers are there for her. My heart broke when I saw the videos and wish that whoever did this to her will suffer for what they did.

  72. We love you Ayten!…<3

  73. so happy to hear that ayten hope is well,she is so beautiful . i hope she finds a good home and people that will love her. i would also like to say how sorry i was to hear about tidus, i was so shocked to hear that he past away, when i thought he was doing well.

  74. So glad to see Ayten walking and healthy. God Bless you Viktor and staff, you are a true humanitarian.
    It disheartens me rose all these poor animals when they come in to your clinic BUT there is always a happy ending.

  75. TM Mahlum says:

    Viktor – Another amazing rescue story. I wish that more people in this world had your compassion for animals and the drive to save them.

  76. Lena Diana says:

    God bless you sir for all you do…you are truly a hero in the lives of the countless animals you save when others would only give up….

  77. wendy perry says:

    sending big big loving hugs to Ayten :) today reading Ayten story tears flow down my face but happy tears to see Ayten glowing in health and most of all the LOVE thanks to dear viktor and all the amazing staff and team and everyone for your great work and LOVE :) Thank you for not giving up on our furry friends and giving them the second chance in life and love..our hearts are truly greatful for all the great work and love you all do!!!! Thank you from Australia..big loving hugs to Ayten and all precious furry friends x wendy



  79. It is amazing. I was thinking of Ayten Hope today and was wondering what has happened to her. She seems terrific. thank you Victor for everything that you have been doing for these innocent creatures.

  80. Viktor,So glad to see Ayten Hope is doing so well and has a loving home to go to.God bless to you and your team. Barbara P.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Viktor, even though we will never meet. You have become such an integral part of my spirit! You give me, and so many others, HOPE. Thank you for all that you and your team give to these sweethearts!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Wow… many many thanks!


  83. God Bless AtenHope what a remarkable dog,she was the lucky one who was saved and helped many are not.I hope God will repay this so called vet for what she has done.
    It appears she was also meant to have neutored many cats in Marmaris but has not performed the full operation ,only taking away one ovary.Tha cats are now pregnant or have again given birt to many unwanted kittens and increasing the number of strays on the strees.God bless them all..

  84. I am actually crying this has hurt me like hell for gods sake how much more could this dog have taken, the vet should be shot I am devastated to learn there are so called vets out there like that! I have donated and shared, but i wish there was some vigilanties around to get revenge on them parasites who did this to her xxxxx

  85. Lynn Myer says:

    Did Ayten find her forever home????

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes, she did Lynn, in Germany… she’s about to fly there.. :-)

  86. God blees you Victor.

  87. Invisible Girl says:

    Every story of your rescues that I read brings me to tears. The utter devotion and passion you show is inspiring. You will change the world Viktor, one life at a time, through the lives you save and the lives of the people who are inspired to action through your efforts.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thank you for your kind words… passion is indeed what drive us…..

  88. Joan Sessions says:

    I am so happy happy

  89. Tanx dr this is really worth all the effort. Miracles do happen and this is one of them.

  90. What an awesome and fab ending. Well done to LAG & Viktor xx

  91. Alison Hill says:

    It has done my heart good to see the final pictures of Ayten Hope – my God what a difference … she is a really happy dog and I hope and pray she will remain so until the end of her days. God bless you all for doing what you did for her xxx

  92. Heather Hayes says:

    Bless you yet again Viktor and your team. Bless the vet and bless this dog who will once again will enjoy running and playing as a dog should.

  93. Jan Scott says:

    Well done keep up your amazing work, sometimes I think I am alone in my sometimes ridiculed idea’s, but that does not stop my rescue efforts or my saying what I no is right. It is just good to know I am not alone.! I am sending a small donation and wish i could send more. God Bless You!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      As long as you are around you’ll never be alone Jan..

  94. Sorry I cannot donate but I would love to know the name of the veterinarian that did this. Would love to see this monster go through the EXACT same pain that she/he put this innocent dog through. See how he/she likes to be butchered,neglected and dumped. Thoughts and prayers are with you guys, I think it is amazing what you have done and achieved. Fantastic!

  95. Janice Nolan says:

    While reading this l have done nothing but cry, so happy for Ayten that she will now know love not torture, and bless you Viktor and everybody else involved with her, l only hope that Vet will get the punishment she deserves xx

  96. I….. haven’t words for all you donne….Sorry my english.Nao há palavras para descrever o que fizeram por este ser humano é lindo o que fizeram todos os intervenientes têm que ter um grande canto no Céu. Bem hajam. PARABÉNS

  97. thank you for this beautiful pictures :)
    Nice and long life for Ayten Hope and her family;
    Thank you for this good work.

  98. At first it was a very sad story…. It make me cried …but at end am so thankful to you for helping thispoor dog . You really is an angel …..like you am animal lovers. I rescued stray dogs and cats in my place. I adopt them……even though we are miles apart but i believe there is no boundary between animla lovers. Together we will fithe for them… We will served as their voice…… Let all join together to fight for this cause … To stop animlals cruelty in this whole world. Let all them live in peace and co exist with human in harmony because they are all created with a purpose to be our loyal… Friend……

  99. would you mind adding PayPal to donating methods?

  100. PerPer Lundberg says:

    Awesome! Love you guys at LAG!!! <3

  101. How anyone could purposely do such horrible things to a beautiful animal like Ayten is mind blowing! God bless you, your organization, and all you help rescue these poor defenseless yet still so loving creatures! The world sure could use more people like you!

  102. Eva Wiater says:

    I was one of the volunteers at Marmaris dog pound that fateful day that Ayten was dumped there. We are a small group of unpaid dog lovers in Marmaris that try to improve the lives of the 230+ dogs that are dumped here. To say we were out of our depths regarding the treatment that Ayten needed is an understatement! Luckily someone had heard of Myletsadopt & the fantastic work they do, so we contacted them & held our collective breath. We’re so grateful to all involved who helped her on her long journey to a happy life. Seeing these last pictures is…is…beyond words! Ayten Hope is a legend here in Marmaris now & forever. Here’s hoping for another 1000000 success stories! Ivan – you rock! ( Nearly as much as Ayten! ).

  103. I thank God for wonderful organizations like this one that has helped Ayten Hope!!! She is such a beautiful dog!!! I wish that I could donate money to help the Simba Fund, but am financially unable. However, I will share this link on Facebook. I hope that it will help to get the word out about the incredible work that the Simba Fund does to help animals in need. May God richly bless people like you!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Lola… thanks for your help.. xx Viktor


  105. Syndarellie says:

    Thank God for organizations like yours that go above and beyond. I cried for her and the horrible treatment Ayten Hope received from everyone before you. You are truly the Angels she needed to save her. Please post us on her continued progress. I am making a donation so that you can continue to save animals that need you desperately. God Bless you Ayten Hope!

  106. Daniele Halle says:

    I can’t send money, but, I shared and shared, maybe somebody else will. All my love for the fur baby and for you guys for the beautiful job you are doing <3

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Daniele…

  107. Greetings Viktor,
    Ever since Axel, I’ve been donating a small amount every month & checked the use it where needed box, if more humans were like us, the animal lovers, the world would be a much better place & horror stories like Axel, Gala, & Ayten Hope, would never happen, you’re an angel in disguise Viktor.
    Much respect & gratitude,
    Phyllis Travis

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Not an angel Phyllis… just someone that can’t stand still in front of injustice .. :-(

  108. Gerrie Zettel says:

    I have been following you since Tidus who absolutely broke my heart I have three dogs, one bird and two guinea pigs When I read one of these stories I cry like a baby I can’t believe human beings would do these things to animals I would love to be their judge and jury And to Viktor and all the people who help these animals words can’t even be expressed about how I feel Your group is so fantastic and wonderful that there really aren’t the words to express how I feel You all have been sent from heaven How wonderful to have something good in this world of darkness God bless you all

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      MAny thanks Gerrie. We did try to do something different, we are very glad people have noticed it..

  109. This is one of the most amazing stories of.an animal rescue Ive ever read!! Everyone who helped in this dogs recovery are truely amazeing! Praise the lord for having such a skilled passion for life…esp animal life! I will be making donations regular donations to thisfoudatio!

  110. clara black says:

    This story had me balling. How can anyone do this to a living creature? Such an amazing story and the greatest ending. U did an amazing thing with the rescue and she deserves all she has now:)

  111. Jenny Richardson says:

    There is no God. How can there be a God worthy of the name, when there are so many monsters walking this good green earth that can do this kind of thing to either animals or children? A God worthy of that name would not suffer them to live.

    It breaks my heart every time I read about this kind of cruelty and if I had the name an address of that vet, I’d be on a plane to Turkey in the near future.
    Donated and wish I had more to give but on a pension and in debt myself.
    Hugs to this beautiful animal – I hope she, and the other animals you so heroically look after, find peace and love.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks for your help Jen… it’s specially appreciated as it obviously comes from the heart.

  112. Sandy Klo says:

    I can’t wait to get my next job so I can start helping monetarily. It kills me that I can’t right now, but soon I promise. I did however, ask my friends to take a look at your page, the stories warm the heart.

    It makes me so happy so her face in the video when you ask her if she’s happy. She’s like “Yes, I’m happy! What else are you wanting? Oh are you wanting to play? Look how cute I am with my waggly tail, I bet you want to play!” I hope you two romped a bit!

  113. Hey she looks so happy!! God bless you Ayten and your family and your rescuers as well! <3 xo xo

  114. Victoria Livingston says:

    I am donating $25 to help with the rescues you do. Wonderful job!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Many thanks Victoria…
      thank you for your help…xxxx

  115. Viktor you guys are “Angels of the Earth”