The rescue of the Nashville Nine

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9 dogs rescued in extremis from the ever hungry Gas Chamber of Nashville, North Carolina.
9 dogs that would have ended their lives scratching a glass wall in desperation, gasping for air whilst their lungs filled with burning gas.
9 dogs that, thanks to this amazing group of people are not rotting in a shallow grave, but sleeping in beds, running around beautiful fields, watching the turning of the leaves in beautiful Canada.
This video is an homage to them, to the dogs, and to the wonderful people that made this possible.
To each one of them, thank you.
This could only take place thanks to the combined efforts of a lot of people. Most importantly, it happened thanks for the contributions of our members to the Simba Fund.
Please, if you can, contribute to the Gas Chamber Chipin… this is the only way we have to continue saving animals in death row…

Many thanks