The Simba Fund: How to make a difference

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Simba Fund
Simba Fund

Dear Friends,

You are all aware of our plea last month on behalf of Pipas and Hope, the two puppies severely injured we rescued at Hasdal.

From this blog we made an appeal, 20 liras to help us save the lives of those two puppies.

The response was overwhelming, in a matter of hours tens of members wrote to us and offered their help.

The final amount raised? Close to 2000 Turkish Liras. The vast majority of it coming from contributions no bigger than 20 liras, most of it coming from Turkey.

What have we done with this money?  We have saved the lives of four animals: Hope, Pipas, Bertha AND Lucy

So, from now on you can look at those pictures and feel proud that, with your small contribution, you saved four lives.

There is a staggering number of animals suffering terrible injuries that die in the streets of Turkey due to lack of treatment.. Most animal welfare organizations are too engrossed in internet bickering and slander will do absolutely nothing. At times, they will go as far as stopping any rescue operation or intervention harboring so-called nationalistic reasons.

Over the last two years I, together with a very small number of volunteers (you know who you are), have financed countless of operations and rescues. We intend to continue fulfilling this role, offering a last golden chance to those who, simply, have no hope.

Last week’s experience fills us with hope that the Let’s Adopt! community has finally realized that; together we can achieve so much more; that together we can become a true force for change in this country; that together we will be able to save the lives of those who really have no hope and to become a example for other animal organizations to follow.

In order to continue, and expand the experience, we have re-launched the Simba Fund for The Strays of Turkey.

The Fund will be raised EXCLUSIVELY through the Paypal contributions of our members. Small or large, those contributions will be used entirely to finance life saving operations as well as post-op treatment and expenses like the ones you see below..

The holiday Season is about to begin, we will all be receiving presents from our friends and family.. What better present than to save a life? Please click on any of the pictures below and it will take you to the Simba Fund…  Please help us spread the word, talk to your networks and let us make a difference together.

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  1. Hi Burcu..
    Nope.. the software doesn't allow and to be honest I think is better this way.. last thing I want if I am donating is everyone to know I am doing so…
    The software allows to see the numbers.. so far is 10 people… :-)
    They know.. that's what matters..

  2. Burcu Alkan says:

    You got an important point there, I agree. It's just that from my previous fundraising activities, I've observed that the "visibility" works as an encouragement not to the ones who're prepared to donate anyway, but to those who are undecided. Anyway, just a thought. I'm spreading the word as best I can. Good luck!