Hunter… the old pointer from Beykoz

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Fast forward a few months and we have the fantastic story of Hunter, the old pointer that was dropped at the doors of the Beykoz shelter, emaciated, body covered in injuries and skin reflecting years of neglect and abuse.

From the beginning Yasemin took a special liking to this old dog. He was shy, guarded and reserved. This would be no easy task. His general physical condition was also quite poor.

Think about it.. for most of his life Hunter was used as an instrument for the hunt, a brutal act. When age caught up with him he was discarded and dropped. It took months of hard work to make Hunter trust people again. Hunters future life would depend on the success of his rehabilitation.

After the outset of the events of the Beykoz shelter ( Hunter was one of the few lucky dogs that we could rescue. He was very lucky. The Beykoz Municipality started an extermination campaign and surely he would have been one of the very first ones to die. From Beykoz Hunter went into the home of our of our volonteers where, for 10 days, he enjoyed a warm home, a comfortable bed and as much delicious food as he could eat!

Hunters new life had begun…

We needed to find a good family for Hunter, and we needed to do so fast. A message to the 1500 members of our Facebook group yield inmediate results. Serhat, one of our members was offering him Hunter a final home in the coastal resort of Bodrum. It only took a brief conversation with our new friend to realize that Hunter luck had just changed.

Now it was a question of flying him there… another quick message to members and a few hours later we had 5 different flight volonteers to fly Hunter to his new home by the sea.

This time it was Nilay and her friends the ones who saved the day…

Saturday, May 4th on the first flight from Istanbul Hunter started the journey to his new life..

Today we received some pics of Hunter in Bodrum… here is the old boy.. having a great life!!!! go Hunter!!! Go!!!!!

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  1. Ka Haldan says:

    What a beautiful story – brought tears to my eyes. I wish all the dogs could be so lucky.

  2. We have a dog and a cat at my home in London, Ontario, Canada.
    I would be happy to accept a new family member at our home.
    If it could be flown here I would be more than happy to accept a “Smaller Breed as our family is big,” it would be a hard and heartbreaking struggle to help him/her come through the former life but I would be sucessful I do ask that we aren’t sent a biting dog as we have many small children around who love to hug and pet, dogs and cats.

    Please feel free to email me with more details if you like.

  3. I am glad over and over again so much if an animal gets a good home! There makes the heart warm to me and is me the strength to support You after my possibilities. I to thanks to You for your everyday work for these maltreated souls whose mistake only consists in having been born in a wrong land! I embrace to You everything!

  4. Conny Krieger says:

    So soll es sein !!!
    Hunter wird es gut haben und es mögen noch andere Menschen den Schritt wagen und einen Eurer Schützlinge zu sich holen.
    Ich bewundere Euch sehr und wünsche Euch,
    dass Ihr bald Eure Arbeit unter würdigen Bedingungen fortsetzen könnt !!
    Alles Liebe für Euch und Eure Hunde,

  5. To whom ever adopted Hunter – Thank you so much may you always have good health and happiness. To those of you who made it possible for Hunter to get to his new home – bless you.
    Wonderful ending.

  6. Geli Beil says:

    Hunter, I am very very happy for you!!!
    This is how it should be…
    Thanx to all of the people who helped Hunter to find a good, new home, thanx to the people who took him over there and thanx to the family who gives Hunter the love he deserves.
    At least I won’t forget to say THANK YOU, Yasemin!!
    Wishing you and your new family the very very best, good luck and a loooong life;
    huggs and a big kiss on your cute rubber nose,

  7. Susanna Benn says:

    I’ve been thinking about this dog ever since I read his story. So so happy for him! He looks just like my pointer from Turkey, so handsome!

  8. Hunter you are so lucky…I saw your pics with your new family :) You should be so comfy there :)))

  9. inanilmaz guzel bir hikaye..yapilanlari gozumde gozlerim sevincten yasardi, tuylerim diken diken oldu..kisacasi cok duygulandim…
    bir hayvansever olarak sizleri tebrik ediyorum..
    auf deutsch

    du bist ein grossartig mench yasemin!..das ist eine wundabere geschichte…von istanbul bis bodrum…alles, die ganze gechichte, druckt ein meiner alle fuhle ich mich wohl! weil man zieht, ,dass er (hunter ) schaut serh glucklich aus….
    als einer tiere lieberin, gratulieire dich!

  10. ayşe arzık says:

    Almanya,Hollanda,İngiltere…Türkiye ne fark eder ki!!!
    Nerede sevilecek ve gerçek bir aileye kavuşacaklarsa oraya gitsinler…Canları çıksa da bizim yurdumuzda kalmalılar ve buraya GÖMÜLMELİLER mi isteniyor yani…
    Bende evden atılmış yaşlı bir köpeğe uzun süre yer aramıştım.Bu yerler arasında Hollanda da vardı.Uzun süre ilanı çıkmasına rağmen (Hollanda sitesinde)hiç talibi olmamıştı ve neticede Lets Adopt sayesinde Zonguldakta sıcak bir aileye kavuştu…Hollandadanbir aile kabul etseydi oraya gidecekti…kabul ve sevgi dünyanın neresinden gelirse,dostlarımız için cennet orası olmamalı mı??

  11. Dirk Müller says:

    Well Done! It looks as if Hunter has a lot of “Stress” 😉
    Thank you very much for adopting this cool dog! Cok Tesekur ederim!

  12. harika…cok tesekkurler…

  13. Christine says:

    What I love most about these pics is even when Hunter was sick, weak and covered in skin sores, still the hands reached out to touch him, face to face love! It is so hard here to have a dog how needs to be nursed back to health, people are very ignorant of knowing that a healing dog is not contagious and will not hurt them if they touch them. Lucky hunter and the best part… rescued by kind and loving turkish people, restores my faith for the moment.

  14. :=) sizinle gercekten cok eglenıyorum devam edın lutfen