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We will never know how this wonderful german shepherd mix found himself about to be dropped in the forest by the Istanbul Municipality. We got there in time to rescue him and give him a temporary home at SHKD, the

Kaju… the not-so-ferocious Rotweiller

A beautiful Rotweiller puppy … abandoned at a cemetery.. Why would anyone abandon a four month old puppy like this? We know what they did it.. the doggie was not ferocious and scary.. she would not attack.. she would not

Bamby… chance of a lifetime. Adopted in Istanbul

Bamby was found in a municipal shelter. The way puppies are kept in those places defies description but in this case it was more tragic due to the fact that the pup was blind. Her condition is a death sentence

Zoe… just a dog

She left us too soon… There are those who think we tried to hard.. that she should have been put to sleep earlier, that there were better ways to spend the money or, my favourite, why doing all this for

Hunter… the old pointer from Beykoz

Fast forward a few months and we have the fantastic story of Hunter, the old pointer that was dropped at the doors of the Beykoz shelter, emaciated, body covered in injuries and skin reflecting years of neglect and abuse. From