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PLEASE HELP! They tried to Hack Patrick to Death with a Cleaver!

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Where there is much light, the shadow is deep.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When we are faced with such horrors done upon an innocent soul it shakes us, it kicks the very earth out from under our feet.  Even the most seasoned rescuer looks at these pictures and can’t feel but heart-wrenched and defeated.

Is there no hope in the world?  Is this what we do as a species to our fellow companions?


The following is the eye-witness account from Patrick’s rescue.

Patrick story began when he was dumped by someone into a Jakarta neighborhood.  Residents said that he used to be fat and healthy, obviously someone’s companion that was abandoned.  Since he was such a friendly dog, the people in the neighborhood didn’t mind having him around.

Except for this one man — The shadow over the neighborhood.

FullSizeRender (1)
The man has a son and a dog of his own. When they walked the dog the friendly Patrick was always following, looking for company. The man didn’t like it and he and his son would beat up Patrick using heavy objects and sticks. Patrick stopped following them, he started avoiding them, but this wasn’t enough and they continued abusing him. One day Patrick was left with no choice and he defended himself – Patrick bit the son and what followed was a revenge of a monster… The father gathered a mob to chase Patrick.  When they cornered Patrick they beat him and hacked him using a CLEAVER. Patrick was left for dead.

A group of good people that cherished Patrick’s kindness and friendship immediately brought Patrick to the hospital in the middle of the night. These are the people that give us hope when faced with such despair.

And so Patrick’s life will now change. We’ll make sure he is helped to heal and then is taken far away to a place with less shadows and darkness.

His face is almost unrecognizable. Split in half through the bone.


We are repairing his shocking injuries.  He will most likely need several surgeries to reconstruct his face. He is also now malnourished and in need of intensive care. The next several days are critical for him.

UPDATE, September 8 2015

Patrick has forgiven & forgotten the people who hacked his face with a cleaver and is looking forward to flying to the US on September 14th for reconstructive surgery. A hole in Patrick’s upper jaw is preventing him from eating properly. Everything is arranged, a lovely foster family is expecting him, we now just need to get him there.

Will you stand in the light with Patrick? Please donate so we can cover his travel and medical bills. Help pull him out of the shadows :

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Or become a sustaining member

UPDATE May 17, 2015:


The first emergency surgery went well. He’s already drinking, trying to eat, and dealing well with the pain. However, Patrick must still be stabilized. When he arrived he was already showing signs of an infection. His biggest battle now will be fighting off from having the infection spread. If he makes it, he’ll be airlifted to another hospital for reconstructive surgery. We wait, pray, and hope now. Come on, Patrick! We’re all with you, boy!

UPDATE May 21, 2015:

PATRICK IS DOING BETTER! Changes were made to his antibiotics and he is responding well. A piece of his nose and upper jaw had to be removed after the surgery because they were becoming necrotic, but at least things are now hopeful.

We have never met a dog that has suffered so much at the hands of a monster, yet is still friendly and loving and seeks the comfort of people. Patrick truly was tortured for being a good soul. When he is better he will need a home worthy of his love.


Patrick continues to desperately need our help.  Please join us in putting Patrick’s life back together again:


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UPDATE November 2, 2015

On October 28th Patrick had his long-awaited CT scan at the state-of-the-art facilities of Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group of Orange County, in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Patrick’s doctor Marcos Unis, Medical Director of the clinic, operated the famous pelican Nigel, pioneering a break-through procedure after Nigel’s beak was damaged by fishing hooks.

Patrick’s doctor is demonstrating the CT scan capabilities – full 3D images
Starting Patrick's anesthesia preparations
Starting Patrick’s anesthesia preparations

The scan took 45 minutes during which Patrick’s body was re-positioned several times to obtain a variety of angles and views. We filmed the procedure from an observation deck, with Patrick’s surgeon discussing the images with us in real time.

Patrick CT scan
The medical team adjusting Patrick’s position
Patrick CT scan
Patrick is ready

We were shocked to finally see the full extent of the raw injuries that remain inside Patrick’s mouth. We saw much more damage than we had hoped for.

There is no bone left in the front of Patrick’s upper jaw. All teeth in that section are gone and there is major soft tissue damage. One nostril and nasal passage are completely gone and the other is sliced right open. The interior of the nasal cavities are clearly visible in that sliced section.  Despite all efforts to close this during his first surgeries, they remain exposed.

Several of Patrick’s teeth have major issues and are probably causing extreme pain. One has been cut open from the attack and has an exposed nerve.    He’ll have several tooth extractions and some repairs will be made to his gums.

Patrick’s nasal passages will need skin grafting and significant reconstruction. Dr. Unis is not sure if there is enough tissue available to reconstruct everything; this will be determined during surgery.


A still from the video above, showing Patrick's slashed palate and nasal passages.
A still from the video above, showing Patrick’s slashed palate and nasal passages.

An attempt will be made to reconstruct as much internal structures as possible. As much tissue as possible will be grafted in order to salvage the one remaining nasal passage, but the other one is completely gone and will be closed. Patrick’s nose and lips will be pulled together to create a nose with one nostril. This will be done to protect his nasal passages because right now they are completely exposed. If that fails, later on Patrick may need his nose removed to create a clear opening for the functional nasal passage.

The biggest risk Patrick has right now is of an upper respiratory infection that can lead to serious pneumonia and death.  Patrick has had the best care so far so he hasn’t gotten sick, but it’s a serious risk.

Pre-anesthesia blood work showed an active or past infection usually associated with parasites or tick borne diseases. We tested all possibilities and results came back negative, so the infection will be treated with medications. Before surgery Patrick will be tested again.  Currently his platelette levels are too low for a safe surgery so we are working on getting his blood parameters to acceptable levels.

Despite all these terrible discoveries, which took several paragraphs to describe, and the fact that he is most likely in constant pain, Patrick is stoic, not showing any outward signs of pain and presenting a sweet, happy, and loving personality to the world. He adjust really well to any environment and situation and is nothing short of amazing, actually.

Please help us give Patrick’s his life back, donate today for his surgery, scheduled for the end of this week.

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Or become a sustaining member

UPDATE November 19, 2015


As you probably already know Patrick had his surgery and it was a complete success! As a result of the cleaver attach Patrick had suffered massive facial trauma with multiple fractures to the skull, maxilla and mandible. His nose was separated bilaterally at the level of the lateral nostril margin with loss of the 2/3 of the incisive bone and exposure of the nasal cavity.

Due to the extreme loss of tissue after careful planning the surgical team opted for creating a single nasal stoma — a procedure which provides Patrick with one working nostril. If that hadn’t worked, the surgeon was going to have to completely remove Patrick’s nose but thankfully there was enough tissue available.

Patrick getting prepped
Patrick getting prepped
Patrick on the operating table
Patrick on the operating table

The surgery lasted 5 hours despite it being expected to require only two. During the operation Dr. Marcos Unis connected blood vessels and grafted tissue, taking from some areas and reconstructing others. Tissue was taken from the mangled nasal passage to salvage the remaining one, closing he large oronasal fistula.  The right maxillary canine, left 2nd maxillary incisor, right maxillary PM4 and left mandibular canine teeth have been removed. Patrick’s nose and lips were pulled together to create a one-nostril nose. Patrick’s nasal passages are now protected from being completely exposed, like they have been since his horrific injury.

The magic of Dr. Marcos Unis
The magic of Dr. Marcos Unis
Making magic
Making magic

Patrick spent a day under close observation in the clinic, and was then discharged home where he is recovering well. Because skin was stretched to its limits Patrick’s new face will need time to settle and adjust, and for the swelling to go down. Now the main concern is that he doesn’t do damage to himself — to prevent him from chewing at his lips and nose Patrick has been fitted with a cone.

Patrick BEFORE

Patrick before
Patrick before

Patrick AFTER

Patrick after
Patrick after

Thank you for staying with Patrick along his journey. Please wish him lots of happiness on our Facebook page.


* We are trying to see if anything can be done about this abuse with the authorities.  Unfortunately, Patrick is in a country where animal abuse is not taken seriously and in many cases is laughed at by the police, or the rescuers are then attacked.

**  Please follow Patrick’s updates at our page, Let´s Adopt Global

*** Let’s Adopt! Global is a 501c3 charity and your donation is tax deductible. All funds will go towards Patrick’s care. Any remaining funds will go to support our other rescues and mission.

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  1. To think that this was happened in my own country, i feel so ashamed by our people :'( i don’t believe how come a person can did such a cruel thing like this… And Let’s Adopt, please please take that man’s dog as well. He don’t deserve to have a dog after all stuffs he did to patrick. Ill make a donation through the LAI. Get well soon, Patrick. My pray and heart goes to you :'(

    1. what do you think they’er going to do with the right side of his nose

  2. nelly Scorbiac says:

    Merci d’aider ce pauvre toutou. Et c’est parce que ça se passe à Djakarta qu’il fait pas en effet porter plainte contre le type qui a fait ça. C’est trop facile et il risque de recommencer !!

  3. Disgusting… humans are definitely the inferior species

    1. I agree and i Hope that the person who did this gets the same with a CLEAVER

  4. Lesley Billis says:

    I dont even know what to say, i cannot imagine the pain this poor dog must be in, these people are monsters to attack any animal in such a way. Heal baby x

  5. I am in a state of perpetual disgust at the levels of inhumane sickening acts people descend to in relation to the pain and suffering they inflict on animals. And, I am not talking about simple cruelty ( although there is nothing simple about cruelty ) I am talking about vicious, barbaric, depths which are a good representative snapshot of their make-up, their personality and their lack of empathy. It is these types of people who will go through life, pretending to fit in with society YET when the mask slips, we rarely see them facing the full force of the law. When oh when will people see these monsters for what they are and stand up against them. Lock them up and see them face the consequences of their actions.

    1. Debra – I so agree with you. What I find most disturbing as when they are caught or when this is brought to the public – most turn a blind eye or worse, the abuse gets worse. Day in – day out – the atrocities are gut wrenching.
      Altho I don’t agree to lock them up – this sort of person will never change – death is the only sentence with the proper outcome.

    2. Colette Fontaine says:

      I’m absolutely in agreement with you. Cowardly bastards. I hope the get the shit beat out of them sometime soon.

    3. Hello,
      I just wanted to thank you for what I could not have put into words myself on how I felt about the cruel animal acts that are allowed to continue. No punishment except for a slap on the hands (maybe) in these countries. I love all animals and respect them I try with all that I am to support whether through petitions, letter, etc.

      The picture here of Patrick make me so angry.
      What good does it do to be angry? Action is the only answer, possible education on the young. I did want to take the life of this person who inflicted this horrible horrible pain on this beautiful soul and God knows my heart, because I would have done it. I am over the crying and now I will get an up to date post as to how Patrick is. This is my first time seeing this so I am now going to check on the latest post and see if the money has been collected. I will send this out to my twitter and facebook family. God Bless Thank you for loving these souls

  6. Elizabeth Thomas says:

    Am speechless how would they like it if someone hurt their dog and why didn’t anyone report Patrick to the authorities

  7. OMG, I just donated. Please save him. My heart hurts looking at what was done to him.


  9. The people that did this need to have a lynch mob sent after them!

  10. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Dear God, why are people becoming so cruel and evil! I will never understand torturing an innocent animal. This is heart breaking! I will pray for Patrick, and I have made a donation for him. God bless you all who are helping him!

  11. Where is the dog treated? I would like to visit the dog and donate , and may god saves the dog’s life

    1. At animal hospital South Jakarta.

  12. Debra Perry says:

    This is DISGUSTING!!!! These humans are a waste of oxygen!!!! They need to have the same thing done to them!!!!
    Thank you for your compassion!

  13. It is inconceivable to me that humans can sink so low to harm another living creature and in such a horrific way. Donating what I can so that you can help Patrick and find him a home with loving people. Thank you so much for reaching out to heal this sweet boy.

  14. Karen Zarinsky says:

    I would kill the bastard myself if I could. I am sick and enraged to imagine such horror. Hard to believe Patrick is still alive. Sending some $$ work your magic with this angel. Bless you

  15. This just breaks my heart I just can not believe that this world is so cruel….. that man does not deserve to live. And those cops that laugh about animal abuse do not deserve a badge. You are put there to protect and serve. People are not better then animals and anyone who thinks they are do not deserve to call themselves police officers. Because they are NOT doing there jobs

  16. Minna Antila says:

    Just horrible! Scum human beings!! :( get well soon innocent sweetie!

  17. Hi guys, I just donated for Patrick.
    How is he now? where is he exactly? can he survive?
    and how do you find out about him?
    I’m sorry for all the questions because I’m extremely sad about this.

    1. Christina Brown says:

      This is the most horrendous thing I have ever seen done to a lovely dog. This’s breaks my heart I just can not believe that this was happen in my own country I feel so ashame.
      These people are MONSTERS!! DISGUSTING HUMAN !!!. Jail time for those MONSTERS.
      Pls take care of lovely PATRICK, bless you. Donation will be sent.

  18. Ingy guerg says:

    I am praying for poor Patrick. I come from a country where animals right is zero too. But lately we the animal lovers start to press on this subject and lately one man who brutally killed 6 puppies went to jail. Don’t lose hope and God bless you

  19. james knoblock says:

    i hope they get theses two & hang them put them in jail & throw away the key id love to have 10 mins. with each one

  20. Those people should be hacked with a cleaver. Poor baby I hope he is going to be ok. Donation will be sent. Take care of him please.

  21. Alison Macpherson says:

    jail time for those monsters

  22. Amy Piotrowski says:

    This makes me sick. Thanks you for helping Patrick. Can’t wait yo see his road to recovery.

  23. Jennifer Gyory says:

    Poor little dog – I have just donated a small amount to help a tiny bit. So sorry it is so little; I have 7 dogs of my own and am anything but rich!

  24. Susan Englebry says:

    Grateful to be able to help counter this hideous cruelty. Best to Patrick and the Let’s Adopt team.


  25. Patrick, be strong, my poor little one. Will donate for your quick recovery. May those who did this to you be punished.

  26. maria lange says:

    no cruelty animals

  27. This is absolutely horrific! I feel sick. My mind does not comprehend this kind of evil. But I do understand and appreciate your heart(s) for animals.
    Until sin is eradicated, the whole earth groans for His return.
    May God bless you abundantly for the love you give and the sacrifice’s you make to help these precious animals.

  28. Maggie Bowen says:

    This poor animal only wanted love and affection. What he got instead was the horror of physical abuse and mutilation and torture. Thank you for helping Patrick, I hope you’re able to help him through this and into recovery where he can hopefully get a second chance at being a normal dog. :'(

  29. María Corbacho says:

    It’s terrible. Justice for Patrick

  30. im from jakarta, can i donate directly to person who owned patrick now ?
    does somebody do something to person who did this to him ?

      1. Do you know if this dog will be up for adoption? Or where I
        Can follow up?

  31. bruggeman says:

    This is horror. How is it possible dat such people can excist. Karma will get to them. Thanks to the good people who saved that poor thing. I hate those who have no heart for animals. If you don’t love them than leave them alone. You bastards.

  32. Mia Vandeput says:


  33. Many prayers, love & good thoughts for darling Patrick! To the monsters that did this, I HOPE YOU BOTH ROT IN HELL. MAY YOUR PROSECUTION BE SWIFT & MIRROR YOUR CRIME YOU POS’S!!!!!!!!

  34. shirley boyce says:

    If they do this to an innocent animal, they will do it to a person. Stop them now.

  35. I hope the person who try to kill this dog will be but in jail and their dog is take of them. Dogs look for love and friendship not hate all animals should be care for not being abuse if the people who abusing this dog is not put in jail the law is not working for animals but for the abuser.

  36. I may not have funds to donate at this time, but just reading this story has me heartbroken…all that poor pup wanted was love…I am praying for him and a fast recovery. Hang in there Lil one! <3

  37. Sybil Sykes says:

    This is the most horrendous thing I have ever seen done to a precious dog. Please punish the people responsible for this.

  38. Pavlina Oravcová says:

    strašně krute :-(

  39. Anastasia/U.S.A./Florida says:

    Sending angelz wiyh prayers & this gift to watch over Patrick & make him well, keep him safe, healthy, happy and with a family that will love him forever.

  40. April Solensky says:

    WTF? This needs to happen to the fuck who did this. I hope he will be OK.

  41. Can I donate through PayPal with English pounds?

  42. April Martin says:

    Omg poor Patrick! Those ppl r sicko!! I would donate but not enough money :( sigh hope Patrick gets more help and heal ASAP

  43. Stephen Cook says:

    These ppl that do this shit I loathe with a passion! I want to chop them up with a cleaver!

  44. Stephen Cook says:

    I hate scumbag animal murderers and abusers! They’re really very lucky I’m not in charge! I would order the cleaver used on him or them!

  45. Karen murray says:

    Someone should take a meat cleaner to the father and son & c how the like it….it’s what I would do if I lived there

  46. ChristineBlack-Reimel says:

    I just donated… I hope the scum who did this to this poor animal is found and brought to justice…. Somehow someway.

  47. Sheila Kaye says:

    Praying for you Angel you deserve so much better than this horrific act inflicted on you by monsters

  48. Oh how my heart breaks for that poor baby I so wish I could adopt him I have 4 already.

  49. Leyla Rattray says:

    I haven’t been able to stop crying since seeing this. I hope his attackers are caught and jailed with hard labour. They should be financially penalized that would hurt people in that country probably more. God please help Patrick please take away his pain and heal him quickly I beg if you.

  50. audrey wronka says:

    praying for justice for this poor pup..also praying against animal abuse..so sick..praying for Patrick..so sorry little guy

  51. Nancy Stonebraker says:

    I hope the people who hurt Patrick get punished the same way they hurt Patrick. This poor innocent dog did not deserve the act of violence that was used on him. He just wanted a friend. I pray that justice is served and that Patrick goes to a loving home. God, please lay a healing hand on Patrick and please let him go to a loving home.

  52. allison taylor says:

    we need the name, address and phone number, of the man and his son who used to abuse this dog and went after him with a cleaver, along with any names and addresses of the “mob” he put together to kill this dog. we are going to kill this man and his son and his mob – all others involved. please forward said information immediately. thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. an eye for an eye.

  53. please send me an update. did they charge the two idiots who did this?

  54. please send me an update. was there any justice done to those cruel men?

  55. WTFace is wrong with people. An innocent baby. Someone needs to do the same to those people.

  56. Sofia Goncalves says:

    Thank you for all your good work. The planet is very sick… I have donate for sweet Patrick. Thank you again.

  57. Poor beautiful Patrick did nothing to deserve this, all he wanted was a little bit of company.
    These people must not get away with this. Patrick’s life matters.

  58. Judy Anderson says:

    Please do all you can to help this poor angel. It just sickens me that human beings can be so mean and heartless. They should be locked up for a very long time. I wish my donation could have been more but I also rescue animals. I have 5 dogs and 33 cats that I have taken from abusers. I work 2 jobs just to take care of them all. They are all mending well and are happy. Please do the same for Patrick. I will send more when I can. Thank you for all your hard work. You are truly a blessing.

  59. anyone that would do this to a friendly, trusting animal is lower than a snakes belly; and should be horse whipped. If I could I would bring him to Canada and show him all the love and affection to last him for the rest of his life.

  60. There are no words for such violence. Nothing anyone can say will ever make sense of the actions of such monsters. I wish Patrick much love and healing and that he lives out the rest of his days surrounded by loving friends and compassionate hearts. As for the monsters that did this to him…

  61. Guadalupe Espinoza says:

    Why is it that those neighbors didn’t do anything prior to the attack if they knew that asshole was vicious and was attacking the innocent dog when he was just looking for company that asshole should have been reported. Vicious people like that one need to be stopped before the attack hope he gets punished n encounters hell which it’s what he deserves , evil people don’t deserve to have a life!!

  62. This is horrible horrible You people should be ashamed of who you are.. Where are your morals? Great father model. Your mother would be embarrassed to call you her son.

  63. I am a total animal lover, especially dogs. I donate as much as I am able to as many good causes as I can. Now even though I believe in trying to help every animal that is found abused or neglected, when I see a case this severe … it makes me wonder if “Patrick” would be better off going to doggie heaven, being euthanized. The time & money that it will take to heal him & the long term pain & deformaties he may have to live with just doesnt seem right to me. There are THOUSANDS of other animals in need of veterinary care, food & human love that monies donated may be better spent on more hopeful animal cases. This is just my opinion that I thought I would share. Thank you.

    1. It is a horrible thing that’s happened to him. He has suffered but he looks at us and is fighting to live. His pain is being managed with strong pain medication. We’ve repaired his injuries. If he continues to get better we will give him a chance. If there is no hope, we will let him go.

    2. Patricia Masters says:

      I have to call bull shit, Patrick is a living breathing animal and he deserves a chance to live a full and happy life. If Lets Adopt just helped animals that they were positive of the outcome, look how many poor animals would not have lived. They take all animals that are abused and give them a chance, is that not what rescue is about, not just taking the cases that you know for sure are going to live. If Let’s Adopt did this than a lot of animals would have died that are living a happy healthy life now.

  64. pegah donna says:

    Please I beg of you to take care of him amd love him. Give him the best you can give him. He deserves a happy life and a healthy one. Let him live a natural life. He’s going to need therapy as well. I’m so sorry he had to go through this. People involved should receive maximum penalty.

  65. Margaret Conner says:

    Put this man behind the bars forever

  66. Kay Holton says:

    I hope this poor baby gets better and someone adopts him and loves him..

  67. Susan Manley says:

    That should be done to them.no need in that.get well.

  68. amanda miller says:

    is patrick going to be put up for adoption if so i would love to give him a perfect home

  69. Horrible human being!

  70. Wendy Potvin says:

    I hope Patrick pulls through and the evil disgusting people who did this pay no animal deserves this treatment all he wanted was love!

  71. Stephanie May says:

    I’m from America. I would GLADLY take a vacation to the country where the dad and son are from and go hack them both to death, and smile about it while I do it! There’s 2 seats reserved in hell for both these POS.

    1. Stephanie, we understand everyone’s rage with what happened to Patrick. But there is so much violence and hatred in the world. More violence will only make the world darker. Let’s help Patrick with love. We are pushing the authorities to respond. Animal abuse is ignored in Indonesia but we have amazing people saving lives there.

  72. Tessa Davis says:

    Poor pup I wish I could adopt Patrick. I’d love him and give him a good life. I hope he has a full and speedy recovery. Those bastards who did this can rot in hell!!

  73. marlena tzakis says:

    What is wrong with these people?!!! Please help save these sweet innocent babies!!!

  74. Way too many f-‘ed up people in the world. They all need to be held fully accountable. No excuses.

  75. this is wrong


  77. Rochelle Lawrence says:

    I’m sorry sweet baby, I hope you will be ok and find a home to care for you for the rest of this life.

  78. Lisa Brannan says:

    please help stop animal cruelty this has got to end and if we should start making the penalties stronger and stiffer this would slow down extremely I know it won’t ever end but it would slow down

  79. ester silva says:

    Please help

  80. Sulzer Anna says:

    Maximum penalty, samt cruel treatment to this monsters! Karma will return to you! Thank you you good people who helped and saved this precious dog!

  81. This is terrible and the fact that animal abuse is taken lightly in that country sucks. Those responsible should suffer the way Patrick is and will be for quite a while. He didn’t ask to be abandoned and only wanted some attention, mean people SUCK! I hope they pay for what they did but if not they will when they meet the almighty!!!

  82. rita delaruelle says:

    dit is horror.deze man moet zwaar gestraft worden

  83. Marina Brown says:

    This person or persons are pure evil scum bags. They have no respect for any living soul. They should be euthanized so they can’t commit such abuse to any living soul . Evil bastards. ..

  84. Miriam Grove says:

    this is so wrong in every way! This man needs to be locked away!!! What is going to happen to him? He is sick in the head!!!

  85. SO SAD SO CRUEL POOR DOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  86. Keith Elliot says:

    please capture the perpetrators & jail them, they are very sick people who I worry will go on to try the same with humans

  87. Angela Dench says:

    monsters like this should not be free to walk amongst us – they are seriously deranged and need to be incarcerated for life with the key thrown away !

    1. James Sica says:

      The TRASH that did this to poor Patrick should be imprisoned for the rest of their EVIL lives ! They won’t live long when their fellow inmates find out what they are imprisoned for ! I hope they take severe beatings every day from their fellow inmates !………

  88. Lets do the same to him. Yeah right as if just a good punishment will do i feel bad for his own dof

  89. Marcos López says:

    Here you are a little donation for him …..I hope good news in the following days …..


  90. nicole de paepe says:


  91. Patti Mackie says:

    It’s people like that that gives people like us a bad name, poor Patrick never asked for this sick just sick.

  92. Edward Straughn says:

    A precious beautiful soul…I hope he soon gets to experience the love, kindness and companionship he deserves following this horror. This world has no place for humans who can commit such evil acts…. Let’s hope Karma acts swiftly….

  93. ilona biewald says:

    Was ist das für ein idiotisches Arschloch, das so etwas einem wehrlosen Hund antut?

  94. Thank you so much for saving his life … All I can say is Karma is a B-t-h

  95. Harris Wheeler says:

    Disgusting barbarians need to be put down

  96. porco lili says:

    il mérite d etre condamné c est honteux

  97. Connie Lewis says:

    this sick they are heartless soulless scums

  98. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

  99. Janice Buckler says:

    Put these sub-humans away!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. This is incredibly sad. I despair of the human race.

  101. Mary Edgerton says:

    Please help save this sweet dog

  102. Jacqueline Alcaraz says:

    Prosecute to the fullest degree. We much stop cruelty .

  103. David reynolds says:

    Only ‘GUTLESS WRONG UNs’ hurt women children or animals . That’s a line real men won’t cross . These human filth need stringing up. WE AINT HAVING IT. FULL STOP

  104. These cruel idiots need yo get locked ip for life.

  105. Hello :) I donated 200rb yesterday with the remark “Please save Patrick”. May I know in which neighborhood he was attacked?

  106. Nanette Schlarb says:


  107. OPEL WOOD says:


  108. Stephanie Morascyzk says:

    Disgusting act of Cruelty, & the people responsible need to be held accountable for their actions!!!

  109. Susie Stanley says:

    I don’t know how anyone could be this spiteful and mean, but apparently there are many that are like this. Hell is just waiting for people like this and I take comfort that they will get “theirs” for eternity. There will never be any help or break for them. This is horrible and how anyone could do this is beyond what any normal person could fathom. This brought tears to my eyes reading it. I hope this man and his hateful son are brought to justice and made to pay some sort of restitution for their heinous act. They deserve no less and Patrick deserves justice.

  110. Darlene Norman says:

    This is a horrible crime , treat it that way . It takes a seriously messed up person to hurt an innocent animal . Get them off the street and stop laughing like it’s nothing !!!!!!!

  111. Torturing and abusing an animal is a felony and criminal act. Justice for Patrick. Charge and prosecute these despicable people!

  112. Save him. Find the ones responsible for this .

  113. candy daugherty says:

    I hope n pray this pooch makes it god bless u all if i had it to give i would i dont right now

  114. Those people need to be charged. If they can do this to a animal that can’t talk -imagine a baby or child?

  115. Jennifer Cassill says:

    How can anyone possibly do this to an innocent animal???? I cannot understand what possesses some people to be so damn evil!!!!! Please help this poor baby to heal and be normal again..this is just so far beyond horrible and devastating!!!!!

  116. Wishing for more justice against the perpetrator than this poor dog has seen, so far…if he had been mine, I’d have been able to defend him, or go down trying.

  117. Rajashree Prabhakar says:

    Hang the bastards.

  118. starla taylor says:

    no animal should be treated like this and who ever did this to the dog should be sentenced to jail with no chance of getting out on bail

  119. Donna Truesdale says:

    They need to all pay for this terrible act

  120. JOY SLAYBAUGH says:


  121. jolanda bruse says:

    Stop this !!!

  122. astrid verkaik says:

    please stop abusing animals…

  123. im sorry this happened to him. Humans disgust me. I honestly feel he should be PTS and end his suffering. Poor boy shouldn’t have to bear such pain. I’m sorry. I think that would be best. Bless those who sought help for him. Unfortunately… To little to late…. Poor boy needed help way before this.

  124. Linda Mariscal says:

    Hack those who did this see how it feels!!

  125. where can I visit him? And who on earth did this to him? I am willing to visit the culprt as well.

  126. Heart aches…

  127. people that do these horrific acts deserve to have the same done to them!!

  128. Where is Patrick located?

  129. Nikki patton says:

    Please tell me that this monster amd his monster in training have been prosecuted for doing this? What do they do to there own dog??

  130. We as humans should be good stewards to the lives around us. This poor sweet animal being beaten and abused is such a horror to all the kind people who are trying to save him. But it should be a horror to every human heart.
    Dogs have such kind hearts & just want to be loved. If this sweet dog had been a member of a human family it must have only known kindness. Please do all you can to make this horrible act against the law.

  131. Katrice Large says:

    The word “hate” rarely will ever cross my lips. However, today I will say that I HATE THE MAN RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS HORRIBLE ACT!!!!!!!

    I have a special message for this awful man. “You are a waste of biology that is taking up space on our beautiful planet. You deserve only the worst! I hope the rest of your life is as painful as what this innocent dog is forced to endure”.

  132. Joy Yeates says:

    Poor baby! Humans are the cruellest beings on this planet, and sadder still, abused dogs are often so forgiving :(

    Animal abuse IS a crime, and it’s about time authorities took it seriously!!

  133. Maggie Robinson says:

    I am so sick that any ‘human’ being could actually do this to an innocent animal who only wanted friendship. I wish I had the money to pay for his operations but unfortunately I don’t. I do however, pray that the money is raised and he is made better……………………..he never deserved this.


    I will send some money in tge next few days, when get paid. I pray Patrick heals quickly. May the Lord meet all of your needs so you can continue to help the defenseless and your mission to grow.

  135. T`Challa N`Da says:

    please know the differnce from guilting others into help and then its time to put the dog down.

    I AM Aborignal AmErican or Black
    I AM Indigenous AmErican or Indian
    I AM Caucasian AmErican or White of English Decent
    and MUUR

    I LOVE dogs and have experienced ENOUGH TRAMA WITH THEM and I DONT NEED TO SEE A HATCHED FACE UN BANDAGED and neither do any of the dogs..

    ur 1st reaction was_____”we need a photo”


  136. please help this poor sweet angel!!

  137. Dranda DeLeon says:

    The people who did this should be brought to punishment. There is nothing this dog did that these inhumane human didn’t cause. If you hit any of us with a pole, stick or pipe would you strike back. Especially when you tried to stay clear of them.
    This dog had every right to protect it self from these evil men. Please set the example that we no longer will tolerate inhumane actions towards animals and humans by making their punishment harsh.

  138. Claudia Lange says:

    They torture a dog and then try to kill him as he defends himself in the only way they know how. Even more distressing than this, perhaps, is that a child was involved, who participated in this violence of first torturing the dog at his father’s direction, and then possibly in the attempted murder of an innocent. What has this done to the child’s mind? He is probably warped already. My GOD.

  139. shauna albert says:

    The monsters who did this to this precious, innocent dog MUST be punished! !! This type of cruelty and abuse MUST NOT be tolerated or taken lightly!! Animals have NO voice, we MUST be the voice for them!! Abuse and torture MUST STOP NOW! !!!!!!!!

  140. Barbara Cagle says:

    I have never seen such a grusome picture of abuse in my entire life. I love dogs and
    DONE TO THEM AND LEAVE THEM FOR DEAD. I have 2 small dogs and they are a
    pleasure and I would love to adopt Patrick. I am a single mom with a special needs son who is great with my dogs. Please keep us updated on his condition. He is such a beautiful dog. This makes me cry and very angry, too. Thank You.

  141. kizzy Jimenez says:

    There is laws again cruelty against humans so there need 2 b laws against cruelty 2 animals they r living breathing and have a heartbeat and feel pain and love just like we do and should b protected as such anything less is inhumane

  142. Stephanie Marsala says:

    Find the asshole that did this and hurt them bad

  143. Annie lubold says:

    This is horrific. I will share it on facebook. Please keep us updated.

  144. This poor baby he was just a friendly dog that wasn’t bothering anyone. I hate peop that treat animals thus way.

  145. Patrick, please get better !!!! I am praying for you !

  146. justicia

  147. Kim quade says:

    Doies not. Matter what country this is in..its uncalled for..this man should pay!! Police need a backbone..and stand up for this poor pup!! Sure hope he heals..i dont see how people can just. Leave their animals and not care!! Id be lost without my baby bulldog!!

  148. Margo Nelson says:

    Who ever did this should rot in hell

  149. can tufekcioglu says:

    Donated some money towards his treatment. I hope you guys can work your magic and get this poor little thing back to its health in no time. (Confirmation no:70C84553MY460761Y)

  150. carina west says:

    These sick so-called humans must be help accountable for their actions.

  151. Derek Alder says:

    for Gods sake we are living in a so called modern society and yet this barbarism continues to defenceless animals. These scumbags need to be destroyed from the human race. They are not worthy to be on Gods earth and should be banished to hell where they will get their just desserts. This poor defenceless dog has done nothing wrong, he just wanted to be friends and this happens, it makes me feel ashamed to be human. God will bless Patrick and make him safe now

  152. judith nunn says:

    What a horrific act of brutality. What does this say about the people of Jakarta? Why did these
    ‘good citizens” not take this poor dog in before this tragedy? There are many guilty parties in this act of abuse!

  153. judith nunn says:

    help these poor animals

  154. maria elena gimenez santamaria says:

    esto es un horror, ya esta bien

  155. Linda Mahoney says:

    These people should and will burn in hell! Why hurt an innocent friendly animal I hope people that know this monster take the law into their own hands and hack him to death!

  156. Viktória Molnár says:


  157. stop this horrible thing! For the animals right!

  158. Kathleen Shotz says:


  159. Theresa carvello says:

    This is beyond sadness. What this poor baby is going through is so horrible. But….The reason this and all animal abuse is happening is because animal abuse laws are not strict!!!!! These selfish money hungry politicians NEED to change these laws…and put these animal abusers in prison for a very long time..and life for killing! And never be able to own an animal,EVER! That will slow down the abuse! Praying for this poor dog!!!!!!!

  160. what is wrong with these dirty no good for nothing so called people. this poor baby had a right to take up for him self

  161. People are so cruel stop hurting our animals I’m so sick of seeing these poor babies hurt my heart hurts they just want to be loved

  162. Iola Morgan says:

    This is unbelievably sick. Human beings r the worst creatures on this planet and for no good reason either.

  163. This is horrific and absolutely shocking abuse which this poor dog has suffered. I cannot understand how any human can corner and attack a defenseless living creature of any species…too awful for words and breaks my heart.

  164. April Delia says:

    Felony charges needed!

  165. Carole davies says:

    What rotten and cold hearted people they are who did this

  166. Hi, I was wondering if this baby, once it’s helped if it’s available to be adopted by someone like myself, who will love and take care of him, I can’t stand seeing this, I’d love to help the little baby out. My email is katana.rei.t@gmail.com. Please let me know!

  167. Tracy Tice says:

    patrick could get much more help if u started a facebook page or set up a youcaring.com acct. please post updates. This breaks my heart to see what people are capable of. God bless u for helping

  168. Hört endlich auf die armen Tiere zu quälen und zu töten,es sind Lebewesen und haben ein Recht auf ein schönes Leben,Tiere haben auch Gefühle und Schmerzen,wir leben ja nicht mehr im Mittelalter!!!!Also hört auf damit!!!!

  169. diane Thompson says:

    People need to stop living in the dark ages. Take abuse seriously. If just keeps escalating. People who abuse are not good members if society if you treat an animal poorly you will do the same to a human. Must stop.

  170. This is horrific!!!! The POS that did this needs the very same done to him…no questions asked. Throw away the key!!! Period!!! Prayers ti you precious Patrick for a quick recovery❤️❤️❤️

  171. Amanda Batten Pepevnik says:

    I can not believe there are no comments about this post ! What the hell is wrong with people ? Why would someone do such a horrible thing to such an innocent creature ? I pray that they put the basturds in jail and let them root for what they did to this poor dog ! I doubt he will ,but may God have mercy on their souls !!!
    And the people that abandoned him !!! I’m so sorry Patrick ,wish you were mine ,so then this wouldn’t have happened to you !!!

  172. M.J. Berling says:

    this is one of the worst cases I have seen..poor baby..he had to defend himself & this is what they did…MONSTERS did this & will not be punished for it?
    I am praying for this boy to survive & taken to a loving home to be healed in body & mind..God bless all who are saving him!

  173. The person responsible for this should have the same done to him!!! What an evil monster he is.

  174. We must stop this genocide against animals

  175. Lori Scheeler says:

    I am surprised that he has not beaten his boy. Maybe he has. I will never understand how or why people do this to helpless animals and to other people. It just blows my mind. I am praying for you to recover Patrick. I hope and pray that you find a beautiful fur ever home to spend the rest of you life in love. And learn you are safe and will not be beaten again.

  176. horrible, humain barbare.

  177. Janette hernandez says:

    this guy and hus son needs to be punish how inhumane can be a person to do this this to an animal


  179. April Klepper says:

    This is awful to read about a poor innocent dog that only wanted to be loved and have a loving forever home. God will be the judge of these horrible evil people that walk our earth. So much of animal abuse going on in our world today this brings tears to my eyes and I’m sure to our God in heaven he created these beautiful dogs and cats for us humans for companions to love them and take care of them. I hope and I pray this poor innocent dog gets justice the son and the father that did this to this dog are monsters and are pure evil.

  180. Flavia Vite Alarcon says:


  181. I would like to do this times 10 to the horrible person that did this to the doggie..

  182. The animal(man) that did this need to be shot!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Nicole Fowler says:

    I normally do not advocate for euthanasia, but I agree with Christine in this instance. He has experienced the worst of humankind. He should be given the gift of no more pain and suffering. Poor, beautiful soul. I will donate, but please don’t let him suffer anymore. My heart breaks for this baby.

  184. i hope the peaple that did this to this loving dog rot in hell

  185. CLAUDIA RACCA says:

    please help animals ..stop theses bastards..evil working

  186. JOCELYNE YOUNG says:


  187. por que le hicieron eso basurasssssssssssssssssss pobre como sigue???

  188. Padraigin says:

    I am sharing on my social network. I pray for God to bring Healing to Patrick. I wish I could be his person.

  189. Maria José Nia says:


  190. Help patrick,save patrick

  191. Brenda Gilliland says:

    Where did this happen? I thought it was another Houston abomination! What’s so maddening by this point is that we all know…we who care so much…..what it’s going to take to stop this horrific cruelty toward animals. Everyone knows it will take strong laws, swift and appropriate punishment (by appropriate, I mean something so dreadful that these crazy people will think twice before inflicting cruelty on any defenseless animal). The punishment has to be severe enough or it just won’t matter. Make it matter. If the monster knows there will be horrible consequences if he harms an animal, then these atrocities will end. So the most frustrating of all is that we do know what needs to be done, we do know what it will take, we do know what will end the needless suffering of so many animals. But most of us are helpless as we watch the powers-that-be DO NOTHING!!! People need to gang up on anyone known to have committed such cruelty as with Patrick’s case. Set some examples. If it has to be done in secrecy to protect those who are forced to do what law enforcement will not do, then so be it. Cover your face, go under the cloak of darkness, but please someone start getting together and doling out the appropriate punishment on behalf of these poor creatures. Only then will we see this nightmare start to taper to an end. Put some fear in these creeps!!! It’s time to stop talking about it, wishing it would end, crying over these photos & stories…. MAKE it end if the legal system will not. I am a disabled retired female or I would lead the way!!!

  192. If I ever met this person I would pray he was put in the same pain of this poor animal. People like tht dnt deserve to live and the world would b better without him. I’m sry I hve no money to don’t but I pray for u patrick and hope u get better ND find a wonderful home with people that love u. St strong little angle u can do this u are strong than the the of man. And the love of the real good people tht walk this earth will help u recover. Send my love

  193. Debra register says:

    This is horrible. They should all be charged with animal sbuse Full lenalty

  194. Shannon Cevolani says:

    They need to go to prison this is sickening

  195. Oh my gosh, so disturbing someone could do this, I actually am sick

  196. pam hallesy says:

    I can’t donate due to my income being so low but am praying he will bevok. Its going to he a long road. There has to be something can be done legally! Although even in the United States animal abusers don’t get what they should!

  197. Patrick,

    I hope my small donation will help save your precious soul…
    I am Praying for a FULL recovery & that your faith in humans have not diminished..I’m just heart-sickened over this…
    I also pray that the system will HUNT that Animal & his spawn & they get the justice/karma they deserve!!!.

  198. If I had ANY money, I would donate. I have a $0.00 balance right now. Hopefully in a few days when I get paid I will be able to donate then. Poor baby. My heart goes out to him.

  199. Unbelievable! Hoping Patrick will survive and thrive in a loving forever home. The people who did this should never be allowed to own an animal. What country on this earth would not prosecute someone who would do this??? “The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal.” (Pr 12:10) To the ones that did this-YOUR JUDGMENT IS COMING-BEWARE AND FEAR GOD!!!

  200. larry spizzirri says:

    What sick people. This Angel is now in good hands and will find a loving home

  201. Joyce Kandou says:

    I’m from Indonesia and would like to know where Patrick is being treated.
    Could LETS ADOPT tell me where it happened, the name of the street and which part of Jakarta?.
    Thank you

    1. Joyce…

      The incident happened in the Cawang area, East Jakarta.

  202. BRENDA IRELAN says:

    they need the same thing done to them,

  203. It is frightening to thing any country or government would think this is laughable. It’s a well known fact that a person that can commit such abuse on an animal (and often does) do the same to children. But then many countries/governments don’t think much of their own citizens either. The human race has definitely diminished in stature and integrity.

  204. Andrea ibrahim says:

    One word- Karma.

  205. someone please start a petition and I will sign I am so tired of people doing things like this to animals I wish I had the money to help but I don’t so I help by passing around and signing petitions so when you get a petition please repost this story and I will sign thank you to everyone who is helping out this dog

  206. I hope they do the same to them people who did this to patrick. That is a goddly shame what they did to a animal that only has unconditional love for the people that love him. I will pray for patrick and hope he recovers from this ordeal. The police needs to find them and lock them up and throw away the key.

  207. Bonnie Spielman says:

    “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Albert Einstein.

  208. Until we make it a real criminal offense for abusing and neglecting animals this horror will continue . To many kids today are not taught to care and respect animals and I do blame the parents . Compassion should be taught ,for any living breathing creature . So this disgusting man taught his son cruelty .


  210. Allison Clausen says:

    Is there a website where I can apply to adopt Patrick?

    1. Hello, Claudia! You can write to ADOPTIONS@MYLETSADOPT.COM and tell us about you, your family (both furry and non-furry). It helps if you can give us your FACEBOOK profile to get to know you. Also, please click on the ADOPTION CONDITIONS at the MENU on this page to read up on requirements. Thanks for thinking about opening up your home!

  211. Kimberly Young says:

    This vile nasty subhuman creature not only should be punished but “IT” shouldn’t be allowed to have a pet or a kid…..I HOPE HE AND HIS SON SUFFER THE SAME FATE AND PAIN AS POOR PATRICK DID. GOD BLESS YOU BABY BOY!!!

  212. Thank you so much for saving him. I donated and will donate more for him. I would like to see how he does and where he goes. I hope he gets out of the country and to a loving home. This is barbaric. I hope the man goes to jail.

  213. Carrie Khaddour says:

    I Read Patricks Story -It Breaks My Heart As these Things Are Increasing Abuse is Spreading And Such Cruelty Is Even Common – I Love Your Cause and I Have Done Rescue All My Adult Life I Shared Patricks Story And Asked OthersTo Share To Get Donations God Bless You God Bless Your Work -I Am A True Fan Of Lets Adopt Global And I Have Family In Syria The AnimalsAre Suffering So Bad All OverMy Brother in Law Is Trying To Adopt Now And Even That Is So Hard-Please Keep Me On Your List And I Will Post And Share To Try To Help Get Donations -I Know You Work On So Little Sincerely Carrie A Khaddour –

  214. zhanna smirnov says:


  215. Michael Franklin says:

    My partner and I have three dogs, and I would adopt this precious boy in a heartbeat!! I just want to hold him and snuggle with him to let him know he is loved. There is a space in our king sized bed for him…if he is able to be adopted. Thank God for the people who rescued him, and thank God for the amazing people helping him become better!

  216. Tisha Maguire says:

    Horrific. Period! Felony animal cruelty torture and abuse charges need to be filed. Now!! Max penalty served and these sadistic folks responsible need to be punished and removed from society if they are capable of this horrofic sadistic act. Period!

  217. buna sebep olanların hapis cezası ile cezalandırılmalarını istiyorum hayvan haklarının korunmasını ve bununla ilgili yasaların çıkartılmasını ve bu masum canlara zarar verilmemesini istiyorum.

  218. Pam Loken says:

    What a bunch of sick bastards….I will NEVER come to your country unless you start taking these criminals OFF the streets. You’ll NEVER get a cent of my *travel* money. I hope the people that did this to this poor dog SUFFER a very cruel existence, and a equally cruel death!

  219. Denise Babjack says:

    I’d like to hack that man with a clever,that SOB!!!!! I hope Karma gets him 100 x over. What a POS!!!!

  220. This POS should be named …he should not be able to walk the streets…he should not be allowed to own any animals or have children…. He needs to die the same way and I’d happily volunteer!…what happens if a dog attacks a human…it gets put down…we need to start eliminating the scum if this world

  221. I donated via BCA account and hope i can help a little for Patrick’s condition, get well soon Patrick boy,that monsters should be burn in hell

  222. how could that person do this horrible act…i have two dogs, a golden (jade) which is a rescued dog and a local dog. my local dog (maron) has a brother (roki) that is raised by my uncle and it always walking around in my neighborhood complex because my uncle has a store and his house doesn’t have any fence. i used to let roki play with my two dogs but after a while i prevent roki to play with my dogs bcs he has lots of fleas and my dogs caught them after playing with roki inside my house and also outside, on my front yard . my house has become fleas village bcs of roki. not only bcs of fleas, roki also got more annoying bcs he would whine and cried and then stand and put his paws to you and do it so many times even if you already told him not to do that. hahaha.
    long story short, even though i got annoyed by roki’s attitude but every time roki come in front of my house, out of our gate, i will shoo him to get back to his house by flicking a bit of water from my fingers and now he already understand it. i still play with him when i go to my uncle’s house. and he’s still annoying as usual hahahaha.
    dogs can understand, people don’t need to hurt them like this.

  223. I am praying for you Patrick! With Love, Ariel

  224. Is Patrick in USA now?? What city? I live in Los Angeles and would like to visit Patrick if he is near by. Thank you for saving him.

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi there, yes, Patrick is in the US. :) He needs to settle down in his new digs while he is evaluated by the veterinary hospital for surgery. It will be a busy time for him and his foster family for a while. When he’s ready to accept visitors, we will let you know. In the meantime, enjoy our updates on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/letsadoptglobal

  225. How is Patrick Now? I Was so upset to hear about this, it Was somewhere in the spring. I have a friend dog, that looks like Patrick . That’s Why it felt even more upsetting. I’m glad to read he has got help. THANK YOU and all the best for Patrick <3<3<3

    1. The Let's Adopt Global Team says:

      Hi, thank you for checking up on Patrick. Here is a recent photo of him: https://goo.gl/2gaXjk, he is doing great!

  226. I can’t take this anymore I have been wailing, bawling, crying and I can’t stop! This poor fur baby just wanted to be friends and some cruel man taught his son to beat on the dog why didn’t anyone intervene sooner when they saw the man and his son beating on the dog in the first place they should have taken the dog away to the hospital before they continued to harm the dog and long before this atrocity happened! The dog was getting beaten to the point it finally bit back to protect itself and these monsters attack the dog and try to kill it! And nothing will be done to the monster who did this, NOTHING and he is still allowed to keep his own dog! I pray Patrick will finally be pain free and will receive nothing but unconditional love for the rest of his life! I hate humans and love animals. It’s our job to protect God’s creatures and love them back just as they love us unconditionally. Patrick will suffer fear and nightmares the rest of his life from this. I just can’t watch these animal abuse videos anymore they cut to my soul and my dogs have to lay here and watch me cry and lick my tears. I will pray for Patrick!